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martes, 16 de abril de 2013


By Ramvo
“That’s the way he should be placed” –Miss Linda said while all the girls got closer to take a look.

“If you look carefully you’ll be able to notice his hopeless struggles to get out of his prison” –she continued as she stood lightly bent over and opening completly her ass with both hands. All the students watched amusedly the poor man inmersed in the outer ridges of Miss Linda’s anus.

“Once you’ve dropped him between your buns and you can feel that he’s placed in the right spot, you can low your hips and widen the space between your glutes, and then softly but firmly using two fingers push him a little inside your little hole. The natural viscosity of my hole besides the pressue applied by my ass over his little body will keep him in place”.

The one inch man was firmly compressed on a furrowed surface, lightly oily, hot and wet by the sweat of his gigantic owner. The pink anus’ texture of Miss Linda was soft, and it’s smell was strong but not unpleasant. However the poor being could barely move and breathing was too exhausting.

“Finally, so as not to let him stop moving and giving me pleasure, it’s necessary to squeeze his body once in a while” –and while saying this she proceeded to tighten her rectum and her tiny prisoner a little bit. The girls laughed mischievously at the sight of the poor man moving even more franticly than before.

“Look, he’s trying to kick” –one said.

“It seems that he can’t breath” –said another one.

“There’s nothing to worry about –answered miss Linda, he’s able to breath, but not so easily. You see, by being in his position every time he opens his mouth a tiny little portion of my anus fills his mouth, so in order to breath he only can use his nose”. Miss Linda continued opening her beautiful and plump butt cheeks a couple of more minutes to be sure that her friends would understand her explanation correctly.

Finally she let go her cheeks, and the poor guy in her butthole saw how darkness embraced him.

Turning around she continued: “If you follow my directions, I can assure you that you’ll have many hours of pleasure, and your toy won’t get too hurted. Furthermore, you’ll be able to do your daily activities without worrying that your slave would escape or die squashed”. And after saying this she put on her underwear which only consisted of a tiny pink thong.

“Now, it’s your turn”.

The girls were already wearing only their underwears. Every girl took a man between two fingers and started to drop them inside their colossal behinds.

Each girl felt how her toy went through her crack and fell in the bottom of their tiny panties and between their buttocks. Giggling, they started to low their hips widening the space between their buns, and using a finger they pushed their toys in their holes.

One by one the tiny beings fell inside the mighty cracks and felt surrounded by delicious feminine flesh. They slipped between the powerful buttocks and wedged exactly in the spot that they feared the most. After this, they felt how the cracks started to widen, so that their little bodies disappeared from sight, and were submerged even more between the gigantic meaty hills. When the girls stood up again, the poor men where pressed against the wrinkled, wet and warm surface of the girls’ buttholes, they were held imprisoned not being able to move and barely breathing. Later, and to make things even worse, a gigantic finger of the size of a tree pushed and forced them deeper inside the sphincters, until their weakened bodies were completely inmersed in the outer furrows of the smelly pink holes.

Screaming and fighting hopelessly, the tiny men struggled for their lives, each one buried beneath huge flesh layers.

Meanwhile, the girls started to feel the struggles of their toys. It was like a little tickling which excited and amused them at the same time.

The girls got dressed and sat in Miss Linda’s dinning room. They talked a couple of hours, each one enjoying the tiny toy trapped in the opening of their bowels. They squeezed and relaxed their anus muscles forcing their slave to defend and move. This reaction caused them a great pleasure, and a feeling of power and total control over the tiny toys. Some times, one of them moaned and sighed while feeling the little beats and kicks in their buttholes. They closed their eyes and got focused relishing the little defenseless being, fighting with all his strength while inmersed in their ass holes.

While the girls were sitting in Miss Linda’s dinning room, the unfortunate men were forced even deeper inside the girls’ rectums. The oily surface in which they were stucked made impossible any attempt to hold on and not being submerged more. They tried to shout begging for mercy, but it was useless because they couldn’t even open their mouths so inmersed they were inside the buttholes. The girls’ asses became their world, almost without air, and the little they could get was vital in order to continue alive.

Some girls were just about to climax due to the exquisite sensations coming from their behinds. They felt that in any moment they were going to reach an orgasm. The feeling of absolute power over their tiny toys excited and intoxicated them as much as the feeling of their struggles. They never imagined that they could have enough power to control a man using only their sphincters.

Between the girls’ mighty buttocks and completely sticked in the slimmy holes, the tiny men prayed for their torment to end. Slow and inexorably they were pushed deeper into the rectums, without knowing that their diminutive efforts caused only pleasure to the gigantic teenagers. The temperature was getting hotter and hotter and the little men were losing their strength and will to resist.

After almost two hours of chatting and torturing their unlucky slaves, Miss Linda and the girls decided that it was time to continue with the demonstration.

Most of the men were almost completely devoured by the lubricated holes. Only their heads and a leg or an arm were visible from the pink buttholes. Totally exhausted after two hours of fight, they were resigned to be inserted entirely inside the feminine bowels.

However, the girls stood up, and they felt how the pressure over their sored bodies shifted and decreased. But their luck wouldn’t change much.

Miss Linda continued with the instructions.

“When you feel that your toys are completely tired and exhausted by their diminute and useless efforts to get free, it would be much more easier to manipulate them. One of the best ways to control them is by inserting and pulling out them using only the muscles of your buttholes. It’s really fun and pleasant, but you have to practice in order to handle correctly the technique”.

Carefully, Miss Linda pull out the weakened men from her ass hole by using only two fingers. The girls followed her directions and put their toys in a safe place while Miss Linda continued with the instructions.

“In order to notice better the way you manipulate your toy, it’s necessary to see him and feel him”.

Miss Linda and the girls changed their clothes. Taking off their underwear, they put on very tight spandex shorts. Miss Linda took her slave and drop him inside her shorts until he hit against the bottom of her ass and between her well rounded mammoth buns.

“Using this kind of underwear you can see the diminute figure of your toy using a mirror, and later you can check that he’s been completely inserted in your body”.

Opening her buttocks and turning around, Miss Linda showed the trapped little man to the girls. He was only a very tiny lump barely noticeable under the surface of the fabrique. After doing this, Miss Linda turned around and squeezed powerfully her ass. Bending over and opening her butt, Miss Linda showed the girls that the tiny man had disappeared completely.

“As you can see, my toy has vanished from the real world and entered mine. To pull him out you just have to make a little effort”.

The amused girls watched how the little man springed forth suddenly and his little body was now hardly noticeable under the spandex. Miss Linda squeezed her buttocks once more, and the tiny being disappeared only to be pushed out again.

“Now you see him and now you don’t –she said, it’s very entertaining to play with your pets this way, and it keeps them always busy, moving and trying to avoid getting inserted again. However their struggles will be always useless”. And after saying this she contracted her ass again inserting her toy in her, and closed her buns.

The girls proceeded each one with her toyboy. They let them fall in their wonderful asses, and once they were sure that they hit the right place, meaning of course crushed against the opening of their sphincters, they followed Miss Linda’s instructions.

Bending over and getting closer to a mirror, the young girls barely noticed the little men under their shorts. It was fun to see these tiny being trapped and completely dominated. No matter how hard they tried to free themselves, their physical strength was nothing compared to the girls’ buttholes force exerted on them. A small contraction from their sphincters, a light squeeze from their asses was a power millions of times bigger than theirs.

It took the girls some time to handle the technique, however after 30 minutes the girls were able to put in and pull out their pets without much trouble. Watching the image of their asses in the mirrors they could check how the little guys exited and entered their ass holes. Their orifices were now very well lubricated so that their toys’ insertion could be as easy as possible.

The unfortunate little beings felt how their bodies were swallowed by the viscuous holes and then be expeled over and over again. Time after time they were forced inside the hot and suffocating rectums, later they were crushed and ejected outside, but they remained stuck in their mistresses’ buttholes.

Although they tried to resist, their diminute strength and the slippery surface in which they were stick made impossible any attempt to hold on and avoid being devoured. When they were expeled they hit the spandex and were stuck in the ass holes again.

Screaming in agony they fought for an instant, and then they were sucked into the furrowed holes once more. The girls’ mighty buttocks crushed them mercylessly and made them disappear leaving no trace.

Meanwhile the teenage girls enjoyed themselves getting in and out their little toys. Ignoring their suffering, the girls giggled when they realized how they could manipulate their pets almost without any effort. Their main pleasure was to watch the little lumps in their shorts appear and disappear again and again at their will.

After playing with their slaves in this way for some time, Miss Linda proceeded to end the session with the final lesson.

“Now that you know how to manipulate your pets and get pleasure from them, is convenient that they get used to live where they shall remain the rest of their lives”- and after saying this Miss Linda took her toy and bending over she started to do the final insertion.

Opening her ass with one hand and holding the unfortunate being with the other, she proceeded to insert him deeply in her bowels. Once that she felt the little man a few inches from the opening, she started to push him deeper with her fingertip. She inserted her finger inside her searching, and she was satisfied only when she didn’t find any trace of him. The poor guy was deeply placed in her bowel and just hoped to die a quick death, however due to his size and to increase his agony, Miss Linda’s rectum had enough breathable air for long time.

Again the girls followed her example and in a few minutes they had their slaves deeply inserted in their insides. Some of them were able to feel the tiny movements in their rectum walls because the men fought and kicked everything that surrounded them with their last energies.

“Don’t forget that it’s important to take out your toys before you go to the restroom, if you’re not careful enough you may lose them. Remember that men are getting more expensive and are hard to find in these days, so try to keep them alive for long time before eliminating them”.

This was the last words Miss Linda said to her pupils. After this all the girls got dressed and left the house where they were. Each girl went to her own place, keeping her slave inside her, and when they got home they inmediatly began to put in practice the wise lessons from Miss Linda.


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