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miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013




By Ramvo

“Hello baby” said a sexy voice above me, and before I could react, a huge ebony rounded butt sat on my lap, almost knocking the air out of me.
“Hi Lucy” I gasped, answering to the black, enormous princkazon that had just sat on my lap. She giggled joyfully as she moved her enormous buttcheeks playfully, trying to accommodate better her gargantuan body on my much smaller one. She grinded my crotch with her ample butt as she smiled down at me dominantly. Her perfume was all around me, as she moved one of her long powerful arms behind me, embracing my shoulders tightly.
She was wearing only a tiny, crotchless, fluorescent pink thong that was completely buried inside her asscrack and, like all the other princkazons in this club, she was topless, displaying her magnificent turgent breasts to me.
She let me caress and rub the smooth, chocolate-colored skin of her mammoth asscheeks and luscious thighs as I stared mesmerized at her huge, swollen dark shecock. Lucy’s love stick had to be at least 15 inches long and a couple of inches thicker than a soda can!
She grabbed one of my hands and put it on her intimidating and engorged member making me give her a handjob. My puny smallish hand couldn’t encircle her thick shecock completely, but I enjoyed myself squeezing it and rubbing its smooth veiny surface. It felt as hard as steel and so hot and soft that I trembled in fear and excitement at the same time.
“Mmmmh… your tiny hand feels so good on my big black cock little man” Lucy said closing her eyes and licking her fleshy lips.
“Are you willing to worship some black anaconda tonight?” she asked looking down at me lustily and showing me the dog collar and leash she had in one of her hands. My mind struggled as I felt so small and helpless beneath her, but at the same time she was crushing my erect dick as I was so excited too, waiting for her to take complete control over my submissive being.
“I’ll sit on your puny face and I’ll make you kiss my booty and rim me too!” she added, whispering at my ear and winking an eye at my bewildered expression. She licked and bit my earlobe playfully too.
I gulped down and nodded, accepting her domination over me for the next couple of hours. I finished my drink and then I proceeded to put the dog collar she was handing me, keenly around my neck. She was looking at me with hungry eyes and a broad smile on her beautiful face while I maneuvered the collar around my neck adjusting it to my scrawny neck. I let it a little loose for my own sake, as I knew Lucy got carried away by her lust many times.
After I finished putting the collar around my neck, Lucy kissed me ardently on my trembling lips and standing up, she turned her huge body around pushing her ample rump against my surprised face.
She slapped my face with her amazonian ass giggling naughtily for several seconds. I enjoyed myself feeling the silky ebony surface of her mammoth well-muscled butt rubbing on my willing face and inhaling deeply the scent of her perfume.
Then, after beating my face with her mighty buttcheeks, she began walking pulling me behind her by the leash attached to the dog collar around my neck.
I always felt so minuscule standing next to this black shecock goddess, as my eyes were at the same level than her flat belly and her huge naked tits hanged above my head a couple of inches.
As I walked behind her, dwarfed by her huge frame and enjoying the view of her swaying, massive rounded buttcheeks that moved and trembled in front of me, I marveled myself that these glorious, succulent semi-spheres of muscle and a little fat were at the same height of my own chest!
All the princkazons that saw me walking behind Lucy, with the dog collar around my neck and the leash in her hands, looked disappointed, as there were always more girls than men inside the club. Tonight there were about 20 guys and more than 30 princkazons waiting anxiously to be selected…
Because, in this special club (the name of this club is “Anacondas”, by the way), although the princkazons are dominant and sexually aggressive by nature, they have to wait patiently until they are picked out by some submissive man willing to please their hung erect shecocks. The girls try to seduce the men shaking their big, rounded butts and rubbing their erect meaty cocks while dancing at the club’s stage. All of them join this club expecting to get blowjobs or, hopefully, an ass to fuck in a lucky night.
But they cannot force the men to serve them, because if they do so they would be banned from Anaconda’s permanently. So, the huge horny princkazons try their best to behave themselves and seduce submissive guys like me, with their astounding bodies and shecocks only. They are always almost completely naked showing their amazonian physical features, as all of them are towering, with big tits and vast, perfectly rounded butts, and huge erect cocks ready to be worshipped.
I was enjoying the show, watching about ten young huge princkazons of all races and colors, move and dance around the stage when Lucy sat on my lap surprising me.
We entered the private rooms behind the club’s stage as the princkazon guardian greeted us. This particular princkazon was wearing a military-type uniform that showed her muscular looking arms and luscious mammoth thighs.
“Do you accept Lucy’s domination over you?” the huge princkazon asked me, looking down at me intensely.
“Yes” I answered her, trembling in anticipation.
“Very well… you may kiss your conqueror in order to show your willing submission” she ended.
Giggling satisfied, Lucy moved grabbed my head and moved it closer to the swollen tip of her hung shecock and waited for my sign of submission. As I pressed my lips against its soft, tender surface, the princkazon guardian handed Lucy a key.
After kissing her engorged cock’s head, I followed Lucy to the room where I’d spend the next couple of hours under her complete dominance. Inside the room was a huge bed, a Jacuzzi and a private bathroom. It also had vast mirrors upon all of its walls and on its ceiling too.
Once we were inside, Lucy wasted no time as she began to undress me roughly (she had already discarded her tiny thong). She kissed me ardently on my mouth as she handled my smallish body easily.
She placed my naked body sitting on the bed’s edge as she kept kissing me for a few seconds more. Then, noticing my erection she grinded her own, massive, black, erect shecock against my much smaller one playfully.
“This is a real cock boy” she said huskily as her hung member dominated my own puny dick. It looked so big compared to mine that I blushed in shame. It had to be at least three times longer and so much thicker than mine!
She slapped my cock and balls with her hard-as-steel black shecock a few times playfully, and giggled every time I winced in pain as her member felt so powerful and heavy smacking on my defeated dick and balls.
She held both of our cocks with one of her big hands and began rubbing them together. She looked down at me dominantly as I shivered under her. She pushed one of her big, erect nipples inside my mouth and I sucked it eagerly while she kept rubbing our cocks strongly.
Then, she removed my mouth from her nipple and putting one of her strong hands on my head, she guided me down to the tip her shecock. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, knowing that it was going to be filled completely by her hung, spongy cock head.
My lips were stretched out painfully as she filled my eager mouth with the tip of her big amazonian shecock to the max. I felt my eyes bulging out as she kept pressing the top of my head impaling me and stuffing my mouth and cheeks entirely. She told me to suck and swirl my tongue and I obeyed her subserviently.
Then, she grabbed both of my ears and held my head still as she began to pump her mighty shecock a few inches into my distended mouth. Tears began to flow from my eyes as she moved her hung member in and out of my mouth swiftly. She sighed and moaned enjoying my tight outstretched mouth as I placed my hands on the silky surface of her mammoth, luscious thighs caressing them.
But her huge shecock couldn’t pass through my throat in this position. She removed her black anaconda from my bulging mouth and ordered me to worship it.
As I complied, she enjoyed my ministrations on the surface of her twitching shecock looking down at me and smiling contentedly. I pressed my aching lips on the smooth, veiny surface of her amazonian member and covered it with my saliva as I tried to lick and kiss all of her hot, hard meat-stick. She made me look up at her as my tongue and lips went all over the surface of her erect swollen member, licking it from its base to the bulbous tip over and over. She told me to hold and massage her big shaved balls as well.
After enjoying my lips and tongue on her swollen member for several minutes, she ordered me to hold her mighty shecock with both of my smallish hands and give her a handjob while sucking the engorged tip. I obeyed her, rubbing her strong love-stick with both of my hands at the same time and putting only a part of her cock head inside my mouth and sucking it eagerly again.
While pleasing her meaty, black member, I looked up at my black amazonian mistress, she was staring at the mirrored ceiling smiling and holding both of her breasts with her hands, rubbing and pinching her erect dark nipples. As I moved my outmatched hands on her powerful shecock faster and faster and sucked and twirled my tongue around its swollen tip, I could notice that she was getting near an orgasm.
After only few seconds her excited hung member exploded, filling my mouth and covering my face and hair with her hot, viscous shecum. She screamed in sheer ecstasy holding my head in place and showering me with shot after shot of her thick, white load, I could only close my eyes as the long ropes of her shecum splashed on my face and head. She cummed for about two minutes and I ended up looking like a glazed donut as thick streams of her cum fell from my face and hair.
Lucy relished the last moments of her orgasm, sighing and moaning while I gulped down the cum that had filled my mouth and wiped my eyes trying to recover from her first orgasm.
Then, she told me to clean her spent semi erect member licking all her cum that was left on it. I lapped it submissively as she looked down at me smiling broadly.
“That was great… slut” she purred, looking down at me with glowing eyes “your mouth and my princk were made for each other… but I’m not over yet!”
After letting me lap at her shecock for a few moments she maneuvered my body again placing me on my back on the bed with my head resting on its edge. She turned around and sat on my cum-covered face, engulfing me completely with her perfectly rounded, meaty butt.
Lucy spread her big amazonian asscheeks using both of her hands and buried my face deep inside her warm sweaty asscrack.
“Time to worship some black amazonian ass” she said merrily as she made sure that her tender fragrant anus was tightly pressed on my mouth, but she lifted herself a little as my tongue began to lick and rim her tight sphincter. I placed my hands on the sides of her mammoth well-muscled butt and began rubbing and caressing it too, as my tongue moved around in tight circles and probed deeper and deeper inside her opening asshole.
Lucy began jerking her shecock as she enjoyed my tongue stimulating her anus moving deeper and deeper. I fought to breathe under her though, but as I was very excited too, feeling completely dominated and owned by this black towering princkazon on top of my outmatched body.
She lifted her big frame from my face a little more and to my surprise she began inserting one of her long fingers into her distended, wet anus. She sighed in pleasure as her finger moved in and out her sphincter for a few seconds and then, she shoved it inside my mouth giggling mischievously. Lucy moved her finger around inside my mouth, making sure that I licked it entirely and then shoved it inside her sphincter again. She kept toying with me in this way for several minutes, inserting her finger deep inside her anus and rectum and then making me lick it to her satisfaction. Some times she ordered me to stick out my tongue and she’d rub her finger on its surface cleaning it and giggling on top of me.
But Lucy’s hung shecock was erect and ready for action again. She lifted herself from my face and turning around she ordered me to open my mouth again. Then, she began to insert her swollen, mighty love-stick into my mouth. In this position, with my head hanging from the bed’s edge, it was easier for her to go past my mouth and into my throat.
The horny, black princkazon wasted no time and holding me in place firmly, she buried herself inside my overwhelmed body. Inch after inch of her invading hung member entered my mouth opening my jaws to the limit and expanding my throat relentlessly. I quivered and suffered beneath her, until her big rounded testicles finally smothered my nose and slapped against my forehead… she was all the way in!
This time tough, she enjoyed herself impaling me slowly and rhythmically, moving her wide appealing hips forward and backwards. She stared at our reflection on one of the big mirrors as my motionless body was being completely dominated by her. My eyes were teary as her big ball’s sack smacked against my nose and forehead over and over, but I was able to see her vast rounded butt on the mirror behind her, as she moved it rhythmically on me. It was such an erotic view seeing those huge semi-spheres of muscle and a little jiggling fat shake and tremble above my shecock-stuffed face. I felt so used and princk-owned that my own cock was erect again!
But I could only submit to her as she held both of my wrists with one of her amazonian ones and squeezing my throat she felt her own shecock moving inside!
She sighed in sheer pleasure as she moved her swollen member in and almost out of my mouth for long minutes while I had no choice but to remain still and wait for her to cum inside my loins. Her big, sperm-filled testicles slapped and rubbed on my forehead and nose as she enjoyed my wet mouth and tight throat time after time.
Finally, she cummed inside my throat, shooting her thick load deep into my esophagus.
“Take it, take it all you slut!!” she screamed in ecstasy as this time she filled me to the border and her sticky shecum began to fall from my outstretched lips on the room’s floor.
After enjoying her second orgasm for a few moments, Lucy dislodged her wet satisfied shecock from my aching jaws and handing the leash she moved me towards the jacuzzi. My belly bulged a little as my stomach was completely shecum-filled!
We entered the jacuzzi and turning around, Lucy rested her huge frame comfortably on her elbows on the jacuzzi’s edge, she ordered me to start worshipping her immense, glorious butt. Kneeling on the jacuzzi’s floor she lifted her wide hips and, shaking them from side to side invitingly, she looked back smiling naughtily at my bewildered face and waited for me to continue with my submission.
I was happy to oblige and wasted no time as I pressed my lips on the wet smooth surface of her ebony, massive ass. Lucy giggled and enjoyed herself as I kissed and licked her mammoth, perfectly rounded butt for several minutes. I tried to cover the whole silky surface of her black luscious moon-halves with my saliva but I couldn’t produce enough of it!
I rubbed, groped and massaged her muscled buttcheeks too, and I delighted and marveled myself feeling their immense size, smooth surface and the firmness beneath it. I nibbled her glorious ass playfully and it seemed that beneath a delicious fat layer it was sheer muscle and power.
I opened her mighty asscheeks widespread and licked her wet crack thoroughly with my eager tongue several times. I french-kissed her puckering, tender dark anus pressing my lips tightly against her sphincter and as my tongue probed deeper and deeper past her ring muscle and into her rectum I felt one of Lucy’s hand grabbing my hair. She pushed me strongly against her body making me fuck her opening anus with my tongue for long minutes. I enjoyed myself worshipping and rimming her butthole painstakingly as my own cock was erect once more. As her anus began to open more and more I moved my tongue inside it in circles making her moan and sigh in pleasure. I took hold of her hung erect shecock and began jerking it as my tongue swirled around inside her hot, gaping anus.
I was able to insert almost all of my tongue inside her expanded sphincter as my hand rubbed her engorged cock faster and faster. I delighted myself feeling my face trapped between her massive meat-balls and with my tongue moving around and pleasing her opened anus while my smallish hand rubbed and jerked her mighty shecock. Lucy began panting enjoying my hand on her hung member and my tongue deep inside her anus as she was getting closer and closer to another intense climax.
Finally, after several minutes of my ministrations on her cock and her butthole Lucy’s shecum began to erupt into the jacuzzi’s warm water. She screamed in sheer ecstasy pushing me roughly even deeper inside her rectum. She cummed for a couple of minutes holding my face tightly against her buttcrack, plastering my nose and mouth on her gaping rear entrance and, as her thick viscous load mixed with the jacuzzi’s water, I struggled to breathe smothered by her enveloping massive butt. My hand was still holding her mighty shecock as I felt how it shot several times powerfully into the Jacuzzi.
At last, Lucy released my head thankfully and I was able to breathe normally again. I looked at her pleased, closing anus as I noticed the dark pink color of her inner sphincter.
Lucy turned around sitting on the jacuzzi’s floor and stared at me with brightly eyes. She was smiling broadly as she felt completely satisfied now.
“You’re such a natural-born princk servant” she said to me licking her meaty sexy lips and looking down at me intensely. “I’m lucky you picked me tonight. There were many girls ready to have their shecocks worshipped by you” she added.
“By the way… there’s a new girl called Annie” she continued as she wrapped her strong amazonian arms around me dominantly. “She’s very young and she has never had her cock worshipped before. She’s my friend and she’s very sweet. We’ve talked about you many times before and she’d be very happy if you’re the first one to submit to her. Would you like to meet her tonight?” she asked looking down at me and holding me tightly in her dominant embrace.
I gulped down feeling exhausted but at the same time I was curious to meet a “virgin” princkazon. So, I nodded accepting her proposition and smiling broadly she kissed me on my lips for a few seconds.
Then, after releasing my smallish body from her embrace she lifted her huge frame from the jacuzzi and walked out the room happily.
After a couple of minutes, the guardian entered the room and behind her, Lucy and a towering, redhead princkazon followed. I was astounded by the beauty and youth of the new girl. She had to be in her teens yet but she was as tall as Lucy and her body was a perfect combination of feminine curves and sheer princk power. Her skin looked smooth and pale as milk. She had big, full breasts with dark pink areolas on top of them, a narrow waist, wide feminine hips and long, meaty, luscious teenage thighs. And there was a huge, erect meat-pole standing erect and powerful protruding from the black crotchless thong between her mammoth legs. Her red curly hair fell on her naked shoulders freely and as she smiled at me coyly I noticed her beautiful blue eyes, a small cute up-turned nose and red, full sexy lips.
“Are you willing to accept Annie’s domination over you too?” the guardian asked me nonchalantly. And following Lucy’s directions Annie turned around displaying her perfectly rounded, huge butt to me. I lost my breathe staring at those remarkable, succulent mammoth, pale asscheeks swallowing her tiny thong, that I had no choice but to accept her domination over me.
“I know you’re an assman Jack” Lucy said to me giggling mischievously and massaging one of the redhead’s meaty buttocks. Annie blushed as Lucy showed me the firmness of her muscled, vast bottom.
The guardian left us after I had accepted my new young mistress and as the two colossal princkazons entered the Jacuzzi, I prepared myself to submit and to be owned by this huge and fresh shecock goddess.



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