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martes, 16 de abril de 2013


Your love is more than a tease

And I’m gonna give it all of my heart

The situation is all wrapped up

No more need to be said, oh no

Forever my Queen by Pentagram



By Ramvo


I guess once I had another life. A different life far from here, probably in another planet. I only have foggy memories of that other life: faces of people I used to live with, but I can’t remember their names; some things I used to do, like driving a car, and so on. I think I met a lot of people... people the same size as me... However a long time has passed, more than I can remember, that I live this life now. My life now is much more simpler, and someone could say it’s even a happy life. I don’t have to worry about going to work or find a job, or get food and dress. My life is very simple, I don’t have to take any decision, I just obey. I’m healthy, even though I’m sometimes forced to perform an amazing physical effort, but the reward always worths it. I’m feed several times every day, I don’t have any clothes as I don’t need them anymore, the only thing that changes is the place where I have to spend the nights. I am taken care of, and even loved... somehow. But I always have to obey the commands quickly, I always try to do this but I don’t succeed everytime I’m requested to do something. I don’t get punished very often, but when I’m punished, it’s sure that I’ll learn the lesson and that I’ll never do the same mistake. Like in this very moment...

I’m underneath my owner. She’s sitting on a huge chair, with a very soft surface that keeps me from being totally crushed by her inmense weight. She placed me under her beautiful, naked and gigantic butt. The pressure exerted on me is almost unbearable, and I think I’m gonna pass out in any second, nevertheless this is the only place where I want to be. I know that when my ordeal is over, she’s gonna take care of me and feed me and use me anyway she wishes, again. She’s been my owner and mistress for so much time, that I don’t remember anyother woman and for sure, no woman as beautiful as her.

Her hair is black, shiny and very long, her eyes are blue and intense. Her beautiful lips are fleshy and red and seem to be always a little bit moisted. Her neck is long and fine like a swan’s. Her breasts are big as hills and crowned by her gorgeous dark pink coloured nipples. Her waist is narrow and compared to her ample hips and her inmense, swaying, muscled and perfectly rounded butt cheeks, it looks even narrower. Her legs are quite long and very well muscled too, with fleshy thighs and elegant calves.

Finally, after a long time of mercylessly crushing me, my owner lifts her gorgeous body from the chair and takes me with one of her delicate hands and gets me close to her angel face. She’s smiling and tells me that if I do the same thing again, she’ll sit on me twice the time she’s just spent flattening me with her ass. I nod to her and thank her for crushing me with her delicious ass. She laughs and gives me a big wet kiss. The she sits down again but this time she places me underneath one of her awesome thighs. Only me head can be seen as the rest of my body is being flattened by her huge fleshy thigh. I don’t know what she’s doing and I don’t think I can even understand it, after all I’m only an insignificant insect compared to her. Once in awhile she pets my head with the tip of her finger or sometimes she wets it and washes my face with her saliva. I thank her for doing this as soon as I can get some air from between her great legs.

After some time she lifts up again and walks away, leaving me almost breathless on the seat of the chair. I almost faint again. She returns and informs me that it’s time to sleep, so she prepares me to place me where I shall spend the night this time.

She rolls a long thread all over my body until only me head can be seen, I look like a tiny cocoon. She laughs as she says that I look like a little mummy and then she takes me with one of her hands and forces me in between her glorious and rounded mammoth buns. Then she puts on a tiny black thong and lays down to sleep on her bed.

I am in a very comfortable and warm place, much better than other places where I’ve been forced to spend other nights. Between her splendid muscled meat hills and in complete darkness I tell myself that I’m very lucky for having such a beautiful and giving mistress.

After a few minutes I can hear her lightly snoring, she turns around and I’m now under her body but in a safe spot. However I can feel the colossal power coming from her gigantic being. I fall sleep after some minutes.

Next morning she takes me out of her butt and showers with me. She makes my tiny body go through every crevice and hidden corner of her enormous and sexy body. She scrubbs me against her hard erect nipples, then she briefly devours me with her pussy lips, then she places me on her sphincter and squeezes me strongly making my bones ache as hell. I scream in agony while she laughs joyfully. She leaves me there, on her fragrant anus’ wrinkled and moist skin, while she gets dressed. I know that when I’m placed here I have to start inmediately caressing her, using my whole body to pleasure her warm butthole. She contracts her sphincter rythmically, squeezing me playfully as I started to kiss and massage the pink orifice fondly.

She lays down on her bed facedown as she continues enjoying my efforts a little bit more. Some minutes passed and I feel the world around me shaking and trembling as a ray of light gets in her crack.

She opens her mighty buttcheeks with both hands and relax her rear hole. I know exactly what to do. I start to tunnel through her tight pink orifice little by little. I can listen to her moaning as I struggle to get myself inside. I’m inside up to my waist then she lets her muscled buns go and she begins to squeeze me intensely. I feel one of her fingers pushing me from behind. Now just my feet can be seen, trapped helplessly in her distended hole. I listen her moans become pleasure screams as my surroundings quiver and shake powerfully. It is very hard to breath in here and the enviroment is too hot and humid. I’m completely devoured by her rectum and totally helpless. Then I feel her taking my feet with a couple of her huge fingers and she starts to move me in and out her body. She increases the speed and the strenght as she manipulates my outclassed body to pleasure her butthole ‘til I pass out.

Minutes later I wake up and still inside her rectum. But she starts to push me outside using her rectum muscles and intestines. I come out bit by bit and I’m find myself in a cold dry enviroment. She takes me with a tissue and takes me to the bathroom where she washes me tenderly.

Once more she takes me to her bed and begins to play with me. She sits on her bed outstretching her long legs and places me between them. I inmediately get close to her pussy and start kissing and caressing the fleshy lips religiously. She giggles as she puts a hand behind me and pushes me further towards her opening. A few seconds later her vagina has devoured me whole and she starts to rub herself intensely. I try to move inside her to help her climax sooner while she touches her clit and screams in ecstasy. She leaves me inside her vulva several minutes while she recovers from the intense orgasm she’s just reached. I’m totally soaked, and almost drowned, in her juices and very happy for having pleased my mistress.

Later, she introduces a couple of fingers looking for me, I grab one of them and she withdraws me from her loins. She feeds me with some bread crumbs and some minced meat and she amuses herself watching me eat on one of her mammoth hands. She knows I’m thirsty now and to help me she thrusts my head inside her pussy and tells me to lick her dripping lips and drink her lubricant juices to sooth my thirst.

Then she leaves me inside a small box for some hours. I sleep all I can because I know I’ll be used again to satisfy her needs. After I’ve slept for a long time I heard some noises around as light enters through the roof of the box where I’m lodged.

She aproaches her smiling face to me and says that it’s time to do some exercise. So, she puts me inside a tight spandex, black colored short pants, that seems to be painted on her delicious flesh. She turns on the tv set and she starts to move with the music. My minuscle body is being shaken violently while attached to one of her mammoth buttcheeks. After a few minutes she begins to sweat and I find myself soaked by her fluids. However, she doesn’t decrease the intensity of her excercising as she continues to move around and shake me rythmically.

I feel one of her hands caressing me and her ass lightly. Her inmense butt moves from left to right, it flexes and stretches continously, meanwhile I try to breath and not get drowned in the rivers of sweat running on the soft skin of her ass. After what seemed to me a long long time, she turns the tv off and finishes her routine.

She takes my sweat soaked body from her behind and checks my condition. As she gets sure that I’m beaten but fine she puts me on the floor in front of her. I realize now that she’s taken off her snickers and I promptly begin to kiss and lick her huge sweaty feet fondly. She’s sitting on her bed and raises her feet and shows me her soles and then I begin to lick there too. Then I put my head between two of her wet toes and I lick there too. Finally she places me under one of her feet and crushes me against the floor while giggling mischievously.

She increases the pressure on me terribly, I feel like I’m gonna explode any second, and I listen to her saying sweet words and moaning. She’s rubbing herself again for sure while squashing me with her foot. She starts to roll my body forward and backwards playfully while she climaxes again. Little by little the pressure on me decreases, and I’m able to breath again when she lifts her huge foot from my almost flattened body. She lifts me from my neck using two of her toes and then she takes me with her hand and gets me close to her beautiful face.

She says that she’s gonna take a nap, but she wants me to clean all the sweat from her pussy and pubis. She puts me inside her tight pink panties and she lays down to sleep. I crawl inside, like a little worm inside a giant tree, and begin to pass through her black pubic hair jungle, then I begin my chore eagerly. I lick all the sweat in her rough pubic hair and then I slid between her pussy lips. I can listen to her giggling and moaning as I take care of her clit. Then she turns around and I find myself helplessly trapped against her huge vulva, unable to move so I take a nap as well.

Hours later my owner decides to go out and party tonight with some friends, and she decides to take me with her too.

After fixing her clothes and hair and making up, she puts me in the rear part of a tiny black g-string which she wears as underwear for tonight. The g-string is so thin that it can’t held me by itself, so she places me deeply between her mammoth buttcheeks against her silky and lightly moist sphincter. This time she orders me to stay still and not to pleasure her anus.

I find myself totally sank in her marvelous sweet scented flesh and her anus is starting to devour me bit by bit. I feel everything around me shaking and the temperature and humidity increase rapidly and relentlessly. I’m able to listen to the music in the outside world as I’m shaken powerfully as she dances and moves her inmense hips and ass. Little by little I’m being sucked into her rectum. My minuscle body is swallowed alive by the hungry orifice which opens wide to take me deep inside her loins. She’s gone to the restroom a few times and when she sits on the toilet I can watch the golden stream falling from her. Luckily she only pisses and then gets up adjusts her clothes and walks away shaking her butt and my imprisoned being with it. Once in awhile she caresses my head introducing one of her fingers between her fleshy buns, only to make sure I’m still helplessly trapped.

After a couple of hours only my torso and my right arm can be seen in the viscous orifice. The temperature is so hot that I’m gonna pass out in any moment, I have to lick the salty sweat from her enveloping anus to sooth my thirst. She feels my licking and she trembles lightly. Suddenly, her sphincter reacts to my stimulations and starts to contract strongly around me and I’m sucked deeper into her bowels. I scream and try to hold on to anything so as not to be devoured by her hole but it’s useless. The surface is to slippery and viscous, and her anus is too powerful for my tiny being. In a few minutes only my neck and head are outside her rectum. My arms beat everything around but this only stimulates her intestine walls even more. The dark pink orifice is too hungry and continues with its swallowing action. After a couple of minutes the inexorable has happened as I’m now wholly buried alive inside her rectum.

I’ve been devoured by her fragrant butthole once more and I’m surrounded by her tight intestine walls.

I’ve disappeared from the outside world and now I’m inside her own private universe. The soft wall around me squeeze me and hold me tightly, the moistures is unbearable but I can breath. Little by little I pass out.

Several hours have passed and I’m still inside her rectum, I’m sure that now she’s asleep now. Another typical day of my life has passed.





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