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lunes, 15 de julio de 2013

COMING TOGETHER (Commissioned story)

Jason couldn’t believe that his own mother had trusted Erica to take care of him for the week as the muscular giantess had wasted no time subduing him once her mother had taken off. The beautiful princkgiantess had placed him inside her tight g-string just below her huge testicles enjoying his feeble struggles as she chuckled and patted her crotch. She couldn’t tuck inside her huge erect shecock as it sprang free leaving Jason in deep contact with her shaved balls. “Welcome to your home for the week Jason” Erica giggled amusedly as the tiny boy fought against her testicles tickling her huge mistress. Jason couldn’t believe, as he fought trying to escape from under her balls, that her mother had trusted Erica to take care of him for the whole week! He couldn’t even mouth his protests as he was now buried under her warm big balls fighting to breathe. She pulled the skimpy piece of cloth upwards making her big sperm-filled balls show at its sides and trapping Jason even tighter against her giant nuts. She walked around her house casually for a several minutes, enjoying herself and acting nonchalantly as if she didn’t have a little boy struggling inside her g-string. After this, she took Jason from her scantly clad crotch and placed him on a table in front of her gargantuan body. She enjoyed herself burying the little man under her testicles as he fought with all his might trying to escape from her crushing balls but to no avail. Erica laughed cruelly at him looking how puny and helpless he was under her giant sized testicles. He kicked and punched desperately but the lusty princkgiantess only laughed at his scrawny efforts. She liked to lift her scrotum a few inches from her prisoner and then she’d let it fall on top of him making the little boy groan in pain over and over. Then, she began rubbing her colossal member as Jason’s struggles had excited her. He stared in awe at her incredibly huge meat-pole just inches above him as she pleasured herself and tiny drops of precum appeared on the engorged tip of her member. After only a couple of minutes, she couldn’t help cumming violently on top of the tiny boy, soaking him completely with her copious load. Erica moaned enjoying her climax while Jason was covered completely by her hot shecum under her testicles. He felt so humiliated and used, but he couldn’t even open his lips to protest as his entire face was drenched in cum. After relishing her orgasm for a few more minutes, Erica took Jason from under her balls and held him tightly inside her fist, licking her full sexy lips and looking at his naked cum-soaked body with hungry eyes. Jason immediately felt panic and tried to escape but he was unable to move inside her enveloping hand. His gigantic owner licked his entire body with her huge wet tongue cleaning her own shecum and began treating him like a toy in no time. “You look delicious Jason” Erica said at the terrified boy who, despite his fear, was able to admire Erica’s beauty. She was so different and much taller than his own gigantic mother: Erica’s hair was black and short, her face was gorgeous with classical features, full sexy lips, blue eyes and a cute upturned nose and high cheekbones. He could notice that she was in great physical shape as her abdomen muscles could be noticed under a light layer of feminine fat; her thighs and calves were massive and well toned. She had rather smallish boobs compared to her wide sexy hips and a perfectly rounded and muscular behind. Her marvelous swaying flesh-globes mesmerized and enthralled Jason as he always lost his breath beholding her amazing sexy body walk away moving and shaking her lavish and huge meat-hills rhythmically, always clad in tight fitting outfits. But he also knew very well that deep inside her alluring butt there could be one little man fighting for his life helplessly trapped inside her butthole. Jason also knew that Erica had an enormous shecock and that she liked to use little men to please her colossal love-stick as well. After soaking his smallish body with her saliva, the horny giantess took off her skimpy clothes and then she tied his tiny wrists with a thread, giggling mischievously as she instructed him “You’re gonna make such a nice toy, Jason” she said teasing him “I’m gonna use you and you must obey my every whim or I’ll punish you” she ended, looking intensely at his trembling face. “All my toys must learn to love my huge body” she said kissing his whole face with her lips almost drowning him with her warm saliva “if they’re good, I’ll let them rest for a day or two. But if they don’t do as I say, I can make them suffer in so many ways that they will never dare to defy me again!” Erica ended as she maneuvered Jason moving him back to her vast perfectly rounded butt. Jason found himself rubbed and massaged on the ample expense of Erica’s firm nude behind. “I know your mom keeps you inside her huge bubblicious butt to protect you” Erica said as she fondled her ample buttcheeks with Jason “I bet you love being inside her giant booty. It looks so soft and big…” she continued licking her lips “but no you can’t hide inside her ass. You’re at my mercy little man, and I’m free to use as I chose for an entire week!” The dominant princkgiantess used Jason on her hot curvy ass for several minutes giving him a hard-on. She delighted herself feeling his tiny pecker on the skin of her vast muscular bottom as she giggled and kept moving Jason around in tight circles. She placed Jason between her huge moon-halves and let him there as her immense but tight flesh-spheres held him in place effortlessly. Placing a mirror behind her, Erica laughed watching Jason being enveloped alive by her massive sexy ass and her huge swollen shecock and testicles dangling below freely. “My booty is a very special place where I like to play with my toyboys” she said huskily as she shook her hips from side to side and Jason inside her buttcrack. “You can think of it as your huge meaty playground” she added giggling as her warm meat-hills contracted on his body squeezing him tightly and rhythmically. She slapped her buttocks loudly making her flesh jiggle a little as Jason beheld his tiny body helplessly trapped in Erica’s magnificent and gigantic bottom. He couldn’t help having an erection completely surrounded by her delicious meaty butt and feeling close to her hot anus. Then, Erica grabbed Jason by his tied wrists and ankles and turning him around she began rubbing him along her deep asscrack slowly, making sure that his face and tiny dick were kissed thoroughly by her scented sphincter and her huge hanging scrotum. Erica sighed as she felt Jason’s tiny face in deep contact with her tight sphincter and her big dangling balls. Meanwhile, Jason closed his eyes in shame as his face got plastered against the tender wrinkled surface of Erica’s fragrant butthole over and over, and he had no choice but to obey her as his gigantic mistress ordered him to start licking her rear entrance. “Show my butthole some love…” Erica moaned as she relished Jason’s minuscule face and tongue on her sensitive sphincter. Sticking out his tongue completely, Jason did his best to please Erica’s anus and to his dismay, he noticed that the more he worked his tiny tongue on its hot surface the more it began to relax and open accepting more and more of his wriggling tongue. Jason stopped his ministrations on Erica’s sphincter but the giantess put the tip of one finger on his head and smashed his face completely into her relaxing butthole. Erica moaned in ecstasy as she pushed more and more of Jason’s head into her gaping anus savoring his tiny, useless struggles on her muscle ring. She used her other hand on her erect massive member rubbing herself and to Jason’s terror he felt being pushed inside her tight rectum slowly and inexorably as Erica grabbed his ankles and shoved him forcefully deeper and deeper into her gargantuan body. He screamed in agony and fought with all his might but the insatiable princkgiantess kept pushing his little body into her ass enjoying every little part of his body being rubbed on the warm enveloping surface of her anus and rectum. Completely trapped in darkness Jason tried to move but Erica’s rectum’s walls kept squashing him mercilessly as the little man screamed and fought to breathe hopelessly. He felt his bones crushed under the excruciating pressure of Erica’s bowels and the air in his lungs was pushed outside rudely every time she contracted her living, clamping walls around him, and little by little he began to lose his senses falling into unconsciousness. As Erica had shoved all of Jason’s puny body inside her loins, the princkgiantess grabbed another of her living sextoys from one of her drawers, and placing him between her giant shecock and the palm of her sweaty hand, she used him to enhance her pleasure as she massaged the little man and her erect shecock frantically. Only Jason’s tiny wiggling feet could be seen outside Erica’s mammoth butt and while she kept jerking her imposing shecock with her other sextoy, she began pulling Jason out and shoving him deep inside again, fucking her asshole in earnest. Jason regained his senses roughly as he found himself being pulled out and pushed inside Erica’s consuming sphincter faster and faster. The young boy felt so soiled as his mother had never used him to please her butthole before, although she clearly enjoyed putting him inside her loins on a daily basis keeping him safe from sexual giant predators like Erica herself! While Erica moaned and panted getting more and more excited, Jason suffered between her massive asscheeks, as he was swallowed alive over and over by her hungry anus. He lost track of time as he was used by her mother’s “friend” as a living anal dildo for endless minutes soaked in his sweat and her fluids and feeling completely powerless and desperate. After several minutes of stimulating her butthole and her shecock at the same time, Erica reached a climax moaning loudly and splashing her shecum in powerful shots while Jason was shoved deeply inside her body, and he found himself squeezed mercilessly by her bowels as she shot her load for a couple of agonizing minutes. Erica relished her orgasm feeling and enjoying her friend’s son lodged inside her bowels and soaking her other living toy with her viscous plentiful load and finally, after almost losing his senses again, Jason was removed from Erica’s insides. He was now dangling from her fingers as she moved him to her beautiful sweaty face. He even couldn’t protest as he felt completely worn out after being used on Erica’s sphincter as a pleasure toy. “You’re my bitch now” Erica said lustily and smiling broadly to her tiny prey “We’re gonna have some much fun this week, you’ll see…” she added, licking her lips making him tremble in fear “but don’t worry, I’ll return you to your mother in one piece” she ended as she sat on her bed and moved Jason now down towards her crotch. To Jason’s surprise, Erica’s shecock was still erect and ready to be worshipped as the horny princkgiantess began using him on her enormous love-stick. “You’re gonna learn to worship my shecock properly too” she said “it will be your new master from now on” she ended looking down dominantly at the tiny boy. The cruel hung giantess made Jason kiss and lick her enormous member as she moved him along its considerably length over and over. She liked to push down his head forcefully on the veiny smooth surface of her cock to make sure that his mouth got pressed tightly on her cock for long minutes making her sigh and giggle getting more and more excited. She also rubbed his sweaty face on her meat-stick, specially her glans as he was forced to frenchkiss her wet slit. “Stick your tongue inside my cock!” Erica ordered him as Jason sobbed in silence while he was pushed against her huge glans and began licking her slit. He tasted her salty semen but Jason had no choice but to obey Erica as she moaned in pleasure feeling his minuscule tongue moving around her cock’s entrance. “Good boy, good boy” she whispered encouraging him while Jason smashed his lips on her slit and sticking his tongue deep inside and began wiggling it around. Closing her beautiful eyes, Erica petted his small head with one of her fingers as her new little toyboy got more and more acquainted with her monstrous love-stick. Erica moved Jason’s face around her glans making him suck and nibble its spongy hot flesh while she rubbed herself and drops of precum appeared at her cock’s slit. Jason was forced to swallow her precum as well as she smeared his face with it. The horny princkgiantess laughed amusedly beholding Jason’s shiny face as he got covered by her sticky precum. After this, Erica engulfed Jason’s whole head with her foreskin as he panicked surrounded by darkness and not able to breathe. “I can punish you this way if you disobey me” Erica said to the little boy holding him tightly inside her prepuce like a cocoon “while you suffer inside my cock I enjoy your puny attempts to escape” she added huskily holding him tightly inside her cock and her fist. Jason panicked trying to breathe unsuccessfully and after only a few agonizing minutes he felt lightheaded and began to fall into unconsciousness once more. Luckily, Erica, noticing his decreasing struggles, released his head from her fleshy prison and blowing her breath to his red face, the giantess made him regain his senses rudely. As she held her tiny prey inside her hand, Erica untied his wrists and producing more thread from one of her drawers she began tying him around her imposing shecock. First, she only tied his hands around her swollen cockhead making his body dangle helplessly from her colossal love-stick. “Awww you look so cute!” Erica said while Jason was tied tightly around her mighty giant shecock. She displayed his tiny body showing his reflection on the mirror. Jason’s minuscule naked body looked completely subdued as his wrists were tied around the vast girth of Erica’s engorged cock. Giggling amusedly the giant princkazon made her shecock jolt shaking his helpless body along several times. She turned her big body making sure that Jason could see her huge erection and her tiny trapped body. She shook her ample hips from side to side making her cock and Jason move along. The little boy felt sick as his body was roughly shaken against his will but watching his reflection on the mirror astounded and aroused him. While he felt completely overwhelmed by Erica’s superior body he also was excited by being used by this gorgeous gigantic shecock goddess. After tying his legs around her girth, his tiny erection was rubbed against Erica’s hot meat mastil as he had never felt so used and horny at the same time! “You’re so small… my cock looks much bigger than your whole body” Erica continued teasing him cruelly while looking at their reflection in different angles. After enjoying herself for some more minutes looking and feeling Jason caught with his arms and legs tightly around her shecock, Erica began rubbing and massaging her enormous love-stick pressing Jason against the soft smooth surface of her hung erect member. Erica’s gigantic hand enclosed his body completely as she jerked her mammoth love-stick rhythmically. Surrounded in darkness Jason endured in silence as his mistress enjoyed her tiny body on her hot throbbing member. He was rubbed and massaged roughly on her imposing member as Erica pleased herself for long endless minutes. “Little bitch… you feel so good on my cock” the prickgiantess whispered as she jerked her dominant excited meat-pole using Jason to increase her pleasure. Feeling dominant and horny Erica enjoyed nothing more than having a tiny male subdued at her will. The giant princkazon delighted herself using her tiny men to please her mighty shecock in many different ways, but her favorites were using them on her giant member to rub and massage it or shoving them deeply inside her hot hungry anus. Enjoying Jason on the smooth surface of her giant shecock, Erica closed her eyes and licked her lips relishing the tiny boy’s body on her sensitive member. Her friend was so naïve… letting her take care of her only son. She wasn’t aware that Erica was a gigantic sexual predator that enjoyed nothing more than to subdue little helpless males and using them as sex toys to satisfy her huge libido. While she kept rubbing her hand on her hung meat-pole and Jason, she shoved a tiny older man inside her tight rectum. The living butt-plug had been told to move and fight inside her consuming bowels in order to make her enjoy his struggles in her loins while she focused her attention on Jason and her shecock. The little guy inside her rectum fought and wiggled around with all his might knowing very well that, if he ever stopped pleasing his gigantic princkazon mistress her living walls would squash him inexorably. Lying comfortably on her bed, Erica kept jerking her shecock swiftly making Jason groan in pain due to the friction and the lack of air until she exploded again, soaking Jason with her sticky load one more time. Erica held Jason making him dangle from her fingers. The poor boy was completely drenched in her cum fighting to breathe as his entire face was coated with her white viscous fluids. “You make such a nice toy” Erica purred looking at him with glowing eyes “I just don’t want this week to be over…” she ended as she began licking her thick shecum from her toy’s trembling body. A week had passed and Jason felt like he’d never be the same again. It was a week full of pain and degradation for him as Erica used his body in so many demeaning ways that he could no longer think of himself as a human being. Now, in his mind he was only Erica’s property for her to use and abuse as she fancied. The giant sexual predator played with him day and night: she used in on her huge shecock to rub herself and to swallow him alive inside its tight slit, she liked to tie him around her cock making him feel completely hopeless as he dangled from her swollen member, she showered him with her thick cum and with her warm, salty urine, she massaged her big tits and muscular ass with his body over and over, she liked to sit on his puny body almost squashing him with her colossal bottom as she wiggled her hips on top of him, she liked to bury him inside her asscrack as she casually walked on the streets or while doing some chores in her house, she used him to please her big testicles making him caress and worship her scrotum inside her tight g-strings all night long, and finally she enjoyed his tiny squirming body deep inside her rectum making him move at her will just by contracting her intestine’s walls on his helpless body. The worst for him was when she used him to fuck her tight anus. Erica liked to spend the afternoons moving him in and out of her sphincter grabbing him by his flimsy ankles as her hungry anus opened to devour him over and over. The other thing he hated was when her monstrous cock ate him alive. Erica liked to put his feet inside her shecock’s slit and little by little he was taken inside her erect member against his will. She enjoyed rubbing her member with him deep inside her imposing love-stick and then she always laughed looking how he was powerfully pushed outside her when she cummed. The poor boy always landed completely covered in her load as the horny giantess shot her copious seed in mighty bursts. He also got no proper food during this hellish week as Erica only fed him her seed and her urine. At the end of the week he was too exhausted to even protest and he could only endure Erica’s debasing games one by one. When his mother arrived, Erica had Jason tucked inside her tight underwear as she was enjoying his struggles around her hung shecock. “Where’s Jason?” Mary asked worried as she only saw Erica comfortably lying on her bed only wearing her skimpy underwear. “Oh he’s fine, don’t worry” Erica said as he petted her bulging crotch. “What? I can’t believe it, have you been using my son as a sex toy Erica?” Jason’s angered mother asked. “We’re just having fun” the horny princkgiantess answered nonchalantly “he’s not harm and he likes it, believe me” Erica said as her member sprang free from her tight lacy panties pushing Jason out of her undies too. The boy landed on the bed’s surface as his mother looked at his naked trembling body in disbelief. Before Jason could react, Erica moved swiftly and kneeling in front of him, the giantess buried him under her hanging testicles muffling his words. Mary beheld her son’s tiny feet as the rest of his body was covered by Erica’s shaved scrotum. “He was born to serve us” Erica said to Mary who couldn’t believe that her best friend had just made Jason her sextoy “don’t tell me you don’t like it when you put him inside your butt to protect him. I bet you enjoy his tiny movements inside your loins as you walk around your house or on the streets” she said as Mary’s thinking began to change. It was possible that Jason enjoyed being dominated by a sex-driven princkgiantess, after all men in her world were only considered pets and toys and although not all of them liked this, there were many who liked to be subjugated by huge horny giantess and being treated like living sextoys. “I’d love if you, I and Jason get closer by sharing him” Erica said as she began rubbing her mighty shecock slowly keeping Jason trapped under her turgent balls. “You know I’ve always considered you as my best friend and now with Jason we can get even closer as we enjoy his tiny body together. After all, he can never be safer than being with you… or inside you” she ended as Mary looking at her son under her best friend’s balls agreed and began taking off her clothes. Mary took Jason from under Erica’s crotch and holding him tightly in her fist she talked to her battered son. “I know Erica can be a little too rough sometimes. But we’re gonna try something together and we’ll see if it works” Jason couldn’t believe his ears. His own mother was willing to use him as a toy too as Erica had just convinced her. Jason was too astounded to answer his mother and while he thought about his future as a living sextoy for Erica and his own mom, she got undressed and handled his body to the eager princkgiantess. Erica wasted no time and as soon as Mary got naked, she began rubbing her friend’s pussy using her son’s helpless body. The little boy got now in close contact with his mother vagina as he was rubbed and massaged by Erica on her moist, shaved pussy lips over and over. Mary was sighing and moaning softly as her son got coated with her thick pussy juices. Erica paid special attention to Mary’s swollen clit, as she rubbed jason’s face on it many times making Mary sigh louder and louder. When Erica noticed that her friend was aroused enough she proceeded to shove her son deep inside her pussy canal. Jason was squirming and began to fight as he realized where he was going, but Erica held his body tight inside her fist and despite his protests he was shoved inside his mother’s cunt feet-first relentlessly. Erica took her time and enjoyed herself watching Jason disappear between Mary’s engorged pussy lips as she rubbed her erect meat-pole and tiny drops of precum began to flow from the slit of her mighty shecock. The little boy got eaten alive by his own mother’s hungry and excited pussy as the princkgiantess handling him shoved him up to his shoulders. Mary was enjoying this experience as well as her fluids were almost drowning Jason. Erica told Mary to turn over and get on her hands and knees in order to push Jason even deeper into her wet vagina. Beholding Mary’s breath-taking bubble butt Erica got more excited and placing Jason along his mother’s sweaty asscrack, she began rubbing her hard-as-steel shecock along the Mary’s butt cleavage crushing Jason at the same time. Although Jason had spent a lot of his life-time between his mother’s rounded and muscled meat-hills before, he’d never been squashed between his mother’s delicious bottom and a huge erect cock. The young boy was too weak to fight Erica’s enormous love-stick and he could only endure this situation the best that he could knowing that the princkgiantess was using him again only for her pleasure. Sandwiched between his mother’s ass and Erica’s crushing shecock, Jason was desperately fighting to breath while the two giantesses giggled and moaned getting more and more excited. Erica grabbed Mary’s ample hips as she kept rubbing her cock faster and faster between her friend’s succulent meaty buttcheeks and squashing Jason at the same time for long excruciating minutes until she erupted shooting her load all over Mary’s back and soaking Jason in shecum too. “Yesss… so good” Erica moaned as the last drops of her load fell on Jason almost drowning him. “Is Jason ok?” Mary asked worried about Erica had been to rough on her little boy. “Oh he’s fine” Erica answered happily “he’s just had a great time in your booty” the princkgiantess ended as she let her spent member lay on top of Jason keeping him tightly in place. “I know why he loves to be in your ass” Erica said to Mary as she caressed and massaged the big fleshy moon-halves in front of her “your ass is so nice… big but firm” she continued as she kept playing with Mary’s buttcheeks. “Yeah, at first he didn’t like it but he got used to it very soon” Mary said giggling “I think my son is an assman” “Sure with an ass like this I’d like to spend lots of time in close contact with it too” Erica said and both giantesses laughed loudly while Jason tried to breath plastered between his mother’s enveloping ass and Erica’s bullying shecock. After a few more minutes Jason was set free and handled to his worried mom. Mary inspected his son and after making sure that he was ok, only a few bruises and completely coated in shecum, she returned him back to Erica to his horror. The still horny princkgiantess shoved the well-lubed little man inside Mary’s pussy again, but this time she didn’t stop until he was completely swallowed by his mother’s cunt and lodged deeply inside. Mary was very excited feeling the tiny struggles of her son on the sensitive walls of her pussy and then Erica began rimming her tight sphincter increasing her pleasure more and more. Erica plastered her lips on Mary’s puckering anus shoving her tongue deeper and deeper rubbing and relaxing her ring muscle little by little. Meanwhile Mary was moaning and sighing loudly enjoying Erica’s intruding tongue and Jason deeply trapped inside her loins. As she got more and more excited her living walls began squeezing and crushing Jason harder and harder making him scream in pain and fight with all his pitiful might trying to avoid getting squashed to pulp by his mother’s pussy muscles. He was drowning in her juices too as the contractions around him became stronger and more frequent. Suddenly, the helpless young boy got pushed roughly by something. At first he didn’t know what it was but then, he realized horrified that Erica had shoved her huge flesh-rod inside his mom and now she was fucking her and crushing his battered body at the same time. Erica’s swollen glans hit him so strongly almost knocking him out, causing him to see stars and pushing the air out of his lungs violently over and over. Despite all the movements and violence around him, Jason was able to hear his mom soft moans and Erica’s grunts outside his living prison. He began to lose consciousness little by little as his body could no longer resist Erica’s cock mighty pushes over and over and his mom’s juices were drowning him too. As darkness began to fog his mind he was roughly waken up by Erica’s powerful shots as he felt like he was showered and attacked by a mighty hose. The princkgiantess’ pulsating meat-stick shot her sticky viscous load for a couple of minutes as Jason had regained his senses rudely and now was fighting to stop being drowned in Erica’s copious semen. His mother had cummed too as he was squashed by her pussy walls and now the young boy found himself fighting against his mom’s crushing pussy canal and Erica’s smothering shecum. Finally, after long endless moments Erica removed her cock from Mary’s pussy and Jason got pushed outside along with the two giantesses’ sticky hot fluids. He was panting visibly trying to catch his breath lying on the bed’s surface and between his mother’s knees. “These are only a few things we can do together” Erica said to Mary while grabbing Jason from the bed “we can have so much fun only the three of us… “ she ended as she rubbed her shecock using Jason’s sticky body. “Your boy likes to be shoved inside my cock” Erica lied as she began to insert Jason’s tiny feet through her member’s slit “I like to have him there too… he feels so good inside moving around and tickling me. I’m gonna show you how we can use him in this place too” she ended as she pointed her still erect cock into Mary’s back entrance. Jason was terrified. He was going deep into his mom’s bowels this time. Erica forced Jason into her swollen member little by little making sure that only his head stayed outside her love-stick. Mary turned her head to see her son and she giggled softly watching his puny body completely devoured by her friend’s shecock, and only his tiny head could be seen as it protruded from the princkgiantess’ glans and it was framed by her prepuce. Mary’s orifice was already relaxed when Erica parted her fleshy buttcheeks widely and began shoving her invading member using Jason’s head to open his mother’s butthole. The boy cried due to the pressure as his face got plastered against his mother’s hot tender anus but Erica kept pushing relentlessly making Mary yelp and moan in pain and pleasure. Once her glans and Jason’s head passed her ring muscle, Erica grabbed her friend by her hips and plunged her pelvis ramming herself inside Mary’s rectum. Jason was buried alive in a hot damp dark place but he was forced deeper and deeper into his mother’s bowels until Erica’s huge testicles slapped against his mother’s succulent bottom. Erica was all the way in inside Mary’s ass and she began pistoning her thick shecock in and out violently enjoying the tight embrace of her friend’s intestines and Jason’s trapped body inside her thrusting member. Erica fucked her friend’s butt for many minutes as both giantesses moaned and screamed enjoying themselves. Erica’s big balls slapped against Mary’s curvy behind making a loud sound expanding her bowels and getting Jason as deep as possible inside his mother’s loins. It was the lowest point in Jason’s ordeal. He had never felt so humiliated as he went through her mother’s bowels deeper and deeper. When Erica began pistoning her member, and his tiny body along, in and out of her mother’s intestines Jason felt like he was just another part of Erica’s huge body. He was not a separate person any more, he was just part of Erica’s giant shecock as he was roughly pushed and thrusted in and out her mother’s body. The little boy closed his eyes in shame while the two horny giantesses moaned enjoying their sexual intercourse for long excruciating minutes. When Erica finally cummed he was pushed so strongly outside her pulsating member that he got plastered against the living walls of her mother’s intestines. The multiple shots of Erica’s love-stick left him stunned and unable to defend himself from the copious amount of thick viscous semen that was drowning him. Mercifully, when Erica dislodged her meat-pole, his mother got up from the bed and squatting down she let all her princkazon friend’s cum fall from her gaping anus, and Jason fell down too, washed down in a white cascade, completely drenched in Erica’s shecum. Mary inspected her son and after making sure that he was still alive the two giantesses kept playing with Jason’s worn out body. Erica liked to shove the little boy inside her shecock and then Mary’d give her a blow job, savoring her meaty stick and her son’s head at the same time. They also liked to shove him deep inside their rectums, clamping their living walls on him, almost squashing his battered body, making him move and struggle inside and causing them great pleasure. Finally, Erica fucked Mary’s butthole again but this time with tiny Jason imprisoned inside her big hanging balls. When the princkgiantess cummed, Jason was ejected powerfully into his mother’s intestines once more. Mary left her son deep inside her loins this time, safely kept, as she thought he’d had enough for the day. The giantesses got dressed and kissed each other goodbye. Erica couldn’t help getting horny again, staring at Mary’s delicious big butt and picturing Jason trapped deep inside. She couldn’t wait to have another chance to play with her best friend’s son and her perfectly rounded meaty bottom! 

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