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martes, 16 de abril de 2013





Vic was, as usually at that hour, in an overcrowded subway car. About an hour ago he had left his tedious job and was heading to his apartment. He was bored and tired and he was only thinking about going to sleep or maybe watch a porn flick. He was standing next to the entrance and he noticed that all the people in the subway looked equally tired and somehow absentminded. It was very strange, nobody was talking. It seemed that everybody except him was hypnotized. Vic smiled, maybe he could take the wallet from a nearby passenger or something else.

Suddenly he saw her. A young woman, a gorgeous and very tall girl. Her shiny black hair fell on her back down to her narrow waist, her skin was milky white. She was wearing a sleevless blue blouse, that barely held her huge tits. She also was wearing a black leather miniskirt so tight that it looked about to explode due to the perfect roundness and size of her ass. She had black sunglasses, a very strange thing because it was well past 9 PM and quite dark, he couldn’t see the color of her eyes but he was sure they must’ve been blue. Her nose was straight and almost perfect for Vic, a little bit too pointy he thought. Her fleshy wet lips were shiny red and looked quite seductive, a great sucker he thought smiling devilishly.

He couldn’t figure out how was it possible that that kind of women was travelling in the subway, but he was going to take advantage of it. He moved among the silent passengers trying to reach the mesmerizing woman. Getting closer to her he noticed her long meaty legs, her wide hips and incredible narrow waist. She had long black boots that reached her knees and the heels increased her height even more. He stood behind her and noticed amazedly that the top of his head barely reached her shoulders!!

“Well, this will be a worthy day after all” Vic thought as he moved one of his hands towards the voluptuous butt barely held by the black miniskirt. The subway car trembled and Vic withdrew his hand after feeling the roundness of the ass in front of him. The girl didn’t react and it seemed that she didn’t notice Vic’s hand. he was astounded by the firmness of her butt cheeks. He’d already touched many women in the subway, but he’d never felt such muscular tone in an ass!!

The rail car moved and trembled again and he put his hand on her big butt once more. This time he moved his hand softly up and down rubbing the leather surface carefully, and he noticed the pronounced curvature of her butt. The girl still didn’t react.

“This is great. Maybe she likes it or she can’t feel anything because of her skirt” he thought.

He moved his hand in circles on the rough surface a few more seconds and then he withdrew it. The girl didn’t do anything.

Lust and desire was taking over Vic’s mind, as he wanted to take full advantage of the silent beautiful woman and fondle her ass as long as he could.

Finally, he decided to take a chance and move his hand under the black leather miniskirt. Carefully and looking around to check if somebody was seeing him, he started to introduce his hand below the skirt and between the girl’s meaty thighs. Little by little his hand moved downwards first, and then slowly upwards. He sensed the warmth coming from the astonishing cheeks and the humidity caused by the contact betweent the leather and the girl’s skin. His fingertips grazed her butt’s smooth skin. Then, his fingers touched the lightly wet surface of one cheek, and then the other one. He perfectly sensed the place of her body where the gluteous began, in a very marked upwards curve, and the leg ended. Her miniskirt was so short that it only covered a couple inches below that curve, as he noticed the separation between her leg and her buttock.

Holding his breath with excitement he moved his hand towards her ass crack. The girl was motionless, she even seemed unconscious. Finally, he introduced one finger between the muscular rounded cheeks and explored her crack. It seemed that she was wearing a tiny g-string made of a very strange fabrique. It felt like if it was some kind of metal chain. Vic’s finger got wet with the sweat in her crack and he continued soft and carefully with his touching.

He was going mad with lust as he kept moving his finger and looking for her anus. It took him a few moments to find it, as the tiny orifice was well hidden between her huge and muscular hills. He didn’t care anymore if the girl reacted and slapped him, so he moved his finger inside a little bit more in order to stick it into her sphincter... but he felt something disturbin with his fingertip. It was something rounded, something rounded and very small that reacted and moved slightly when he touched it. Something was inserted inside the girl’s anus, something very strange, it seemed that the woman was holding a live being inserted in her rectum!!!

A sudden shinning blinded Vic and he fell into unconsciousness.


This was the last thing Vic knew. When he regained his senses he found himself naked, with his arms outstretched, and his feet tied together. His wrists were chained as well as his ankles. He was firmly held in place. He was in a very strange place, he was trapped in a very hot and dark place. The smell was strong and peculiar. From his feet up to his chest he was stuck between two mammoth rounded and strange spheres. He was very confused and had a strong headache. He was sweating profusedly and to his dismay, it seemed that the two huge things that held him were sweating too!!

A sudden movement, upwards and downwards of the two spheres that held him captive, made him realize his terrible predicament.

The strong scent belonged to the leather of the girl’s black miniskirt!!!

Somehow he had been shrunk to a minuscle size and he was now chained with the g-string and trapped between her enormous buttcheeks.

The movement continued. It seemed that the girl was walking as she squeezed Vic rougly with her buttocks. He screamed asking for help but nobody would hear him. The noise from the people around the girl was too loud and nobody would ever notice a tiny squeal coming from the beautiful girl’s ass. He tried to move and escape but it was useless. He was helplessly chained with the g-string’s material. It was metallic indeed and quite resistant.

The gigantic butt, where he was captive, moved and shook from side to side and up and down continuously. The girl was walking swiftly.

Vic still couldn’t believe his situation. What could’ve happened? How was it possible that now his body was so tiny? The girl’s ass could swallow and eat him so easily now. He was nothing but a toy for her!! He fought with the g-string for long minutes, trying to free himself from his meaty prision but to no avail. Her huge cheeks kept squeezing and rubbing him as she walked. Vic felt with all his body the smoothness of the skin and the firmness of the girl’s muscular ass.

If his situation weren’t so awful and strange he’d have a rise for sure. The mammoth flesh hills were even more rounded and muscled than what he’d thought originally. It was indeed a delicious ass where he was imprisoned. The girl’s sweat was soaking his tiny body. Her white and soft as silk skin felt great but her powerful muscles kept giving him a rough ride.

He stopped struggling. It was useless anyway. It’s a damn nightmare for sure, he thought, a horrible nightmare. Everything was so strange and ridiculous that his average mind wasn’t able to understand it. However, the feelings his body sensed were quite real: the smell from the leather miniskirt, the noise from the subway, the crushing from the two inmense buttcheeks and the sweat flowing from the girl’s ass crack soaking him from head to toes... everything was a dream...wasn’t it?


Luna couldn’t be happier. She had just caught another one for her collection. This kind of men were perfect for her purposes: nobody would ever miss him and certainly he’d become a good slave, meek and submissive. She had already a large collection of tiny slaves, but she always liked to go out to town and hunt more of them in crowded places, and bring fresh flesh to her home from time to time.

The tall gorgeous woman started walking faster, she was anxious to get home and begin with the training of her new toy. She felt the tiny being between her marvelous buttcheeks, tied and helplessly trapped. The little worm kept moving and she loved it. The other one that was inside her rectum since that morning had already passed out and didn’t cause her any pleasure. But the one shoved inside her pussy was still moving around regularly, and her tiny struggles caused streams of pleasure that went all over her voluptuous body.

She kept walking and enjoying the figthing from Vic and the occasional movements from the one in her vagina.

“That’s it insect” Luna thought “keep fighting. You don’t know yet what I’ve got in store for you. In no time at all you will live for the only purpose of worshiping and obeying me. Every and each of my words will be a law for you, just like the other pets that are already under my power. And when I no longer find pleasure in tormenting you, I’ll just simply get rid of you, as I’ve already done so many times before.”

Luna giggled mischievously as she walked towards her house. Her perfectly rounded ass shaked and moved rhythmically from side to side in a very seductive manner, while her new slave was pushed and pulled by her amazonian flesh in her ass crack.

Lust was growing inside her loins and desire was consuming her mind, just like her buns were consuming her tiny prey, pulling him deeper and deeper between them. Vic was still alive because of the incredibly resistant metallic g-string. The strange material held him in place and didn’t let his body fall and be crushed to death by the inmense pressure and force of her buttcheeks.

Luna felt his minuscle struggles again. “This will be a perfect night for lust and domination” she said to herself smiling and licking her lips with her pink tongue.

Meanwhile, a full shining moon lighted the path Luna was walking heading to her home.




BY Ramvo

Luna arrived to her elegant house, located in the oldest neighborhood in town, and inmediately she headed towards her bedroom. She left her purse on her bed and began to undress herself. First, she took off her blouse and then, slowly and trying to hold her lust, she removed her tight leather miniskirt from her wide hips.
The darkness in which Vic was surrounded disappeared suddenly as Luna took off her black miniskirt. Vic was exahusted and sweaty because of his struggling, and the first thing he saw after his eyes got used to the bright enviroment was a surrealistic scene: a tiny man was trapped, hanging from his wrists between two gigantic and appealing buttcheeks. His body was completely inmersed in a deep asscrack up to his chest, from his belly to his toes he had been completely devoured by the rounded ass.
It took him some time to realize that the tiny man was himself!!!
It was a mirror he was looking at. The two huge pale buttcheeks where he was caught, belonged to the beautiful girl, whose ass he had grabbed in the subway.
Then, a  tremble made him shiver. The ass and the rest of the gigantic body began to move and shake. He heard a sound, it was like a thunder soaring far away. For some seconds he couldn’t identify the source of the sound or its nature, but to his dismay he realized that it was a laughter... a thunderous laughter coming from the mammoth body that was his living prison. Once again he tried to free himself, he screamed in agony fighting with all his might. For the first time he understood the serious trouble he was in, it was not a nightmare, it was real and beyond all his fears.
“I can feel that you still don’t realize your situation, slave” said a roaring female voice. “From now on, you will forget who you were. You’ve just become my personal toy and slave”.
The voice, although terrifying and loud as a thunder, somehow captivated Vic who stopped fighting and listened.
“My name is Luna, but you must call me goddess or mistress. If you ever call me anything else, you’ll be punished, and I can assure you that you won’t like the way I'd punish you. I’m your owner from this day on. I’m the one who seduced you in the subway. I made you come close to me and touch me with your dirty greasy hands, and this way, I made you fall helplessly under my charm.”
The voice stopped for a brief moment and Vic felt he was moved from side to side rhythmically. He realized that the giantess was shaking her hips, and his minuscle body, slowly from left to right.
“The place where you are was the reason of your ruin and from now on it will be the reason of your existance. My body and specially my booty will be the place of worship for your pathetic being. You will worship me and obey me blindly. You must please me and I will use you in any way I wish. You no longer have a will. It’s me who decides about your life and death”.
Then, Luna carefully untied the flimsy chain she was using as g-string and removed Vic from her voluptuous rear. She got him close to her face and lifting the g-string she kept Vic hanging from his wrists in front of her eyes as she continued with her speech.
“You must realize that there is no choice. As a matter of fact, from the very first second you saw me, you were already doomed.” Then she moved him close to her pointy nose and she smelled him a couple of seconds. “Well, I can sense that you smell like ass. It will be better for you to get used to it, because this will be your smell from now on. You will have no personal smell anymore. The scent of my booty will be yours ‘til your death.”
Vic was terrified hanging helplessly from Luna’s huge fingers. But he noticed the great beauty of his captor. He had already marveled himself about her curvaceous body, but now the beauty of her face impressed him too. She had taken off her glasses and Vic admired her astonishing deep green eyes, her long eyelashes, her high cheekbones, her straight nose and her fleshy lips. Her oval face, framed by her long shiny black hair mesmerized him, and for a few moments he couldn’t listen to her words anymore, as his mind was focused on her fine features.
Luna shook the tiny chained man roughly.
“Are you listening worm?” she asked him angrily “speak only when I told you to do so. If you say a word when you’re not allowed to, you’ll be severely punished. Now, answer to me you insect, WHO IS YOUR OWNER AND MISTRESS?!” the beautiful giantess roared to the scared minuscle man hanging from her fingers.
“You- you are” stuttered Vic dizzy and terrified.
“Well, you almost did it correctly...” Luna said, pronouncing her words with  special evil joy.
Then she took Vic with her right hand and engulfed his tiny body in her fist and then she began to squeeze him.
Vic thought he would burst like a grape, he screamed in agony imploring her to stop but to no avail. The pain was unbearable, his ears were buzzing and he couldn’t breath at all. He felt his bones about to creak and his head about to explode. Meanwhile, Luna was watching him amusedly, smiling contentedly showing him her white perfect teeth, while she kept squeezing his helpless body tighter and tighter inside her fist.
Finally she stopped punishing him and she opened her fist slowly. Tiny Vic, still chained, was completely purple now, as he lay motionlessly on the palm of her hand panting loudly.
“You have another chance bug. If you do wrong, I won’t stopp squeezing until you become pureé in my fingers. Now answer, WHO IS YOUR OWNER?”
“You are my owner.... mistress” Vic said coughing and terrified.
“Good answer worm. Now it’s time to sleep, and while I sleep, you will get your first chance to worship me”.
Luna placed Vic on one of her pillows of her vast bed. Then, she began to take off her long black boots. She sat down on the bed, sinking a part of the mattress under her weight and causing a quake that pushed Vic upwards roughly and making him bounce on the pillow several times. He realized the huge size difference between him and the giantess. She could sit on him and kill him without noticing his tiny being at all!!!
After taking off her boots, Luna got up and admired herself a few instants on her bedroom’s mirror. Vic lost his breath again watching her huge rounded breasts, they looked like flesh hills to him, and specially her big, dark pointy nipples, proudly crowning her astounding tits.
Luna introduced a couple of fingers between her pussylips and took out a tiny unconscious man from deep inside her vagina. He was soaked in her fluids and barely breathing. Then, she bent over lightly and taking her inmense attractive buttcheeks with her hands, she spread her ass. Vic saw another tiny man coming out slowly from her rear opening. Little by little she pushed him outside her loins, first his head then his shoulders and finally the rest of his bruised body. The poor little man fell on Luna’s bed, he was unsconscious too and he bounced on her bed a couple of times.
Vic watched Luna, she was smiling and kept her eyes closed while she expelled the tiny man from her intestines. And when he finally came out completely and fell on her bed, she sighed loudly and contentedly.
Vic also noticed that the poor guy that had been inside Luna’s rectum was tied from head to toes, with his tiny arms attached to his sides making him completely motionless.
Luna took both tiny men, and let them fall in one of her drawers nonchalantly. Then, she pulled another drawer and took out a strange garment. It was some kind of thong, made of the same metallic fabrique of the g-string that held Vic prisoner.
She walked towards Vic and she showed him her thong, stretching it with her long fingers.
“This will be your prison for tonight slave. This garment is made of a special material that will allow me to enjoy your pathetic body without hurting you too much” she said winking an eye at him.
Next, she took Vic and carefully, she untied his wrists and ankles from her metallic g-string. Luna engulfed him with one of her huge fists and moved him close to her beautiful face.
“This will be your first lesson, you will have the great honour of spending the night pleasing me deep between my buns. You’ll have to worship my anus enthusiasticaly all night long. You must kiss it, lick it and stroke it properly. You must use all your tiny miserable being to please my delicate sphincter thoroughly. Otherwise, you will be punished mercylessly. DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR DUTIES PET?”
“Yes mistress” Vic answered scared and petrified inside Luna’s tight fist.
And without saying anything else, Luna moved Vic towards her magnificent butt. She slightly bent over and with her free hand she opened her rounded buttocks lightly. She got Vic inserted between her well muscled buttcheeks again, and her ass was so tight that her buttocks kept him firmly in place when she let him there, without having to squeeze him.
Vic was directly attached to her viscous anus and its strong characteric scent surrounded him completely, filling his nosetrils and intoxicating his brain. Engulfed in total darkness, Vic waited trembling and shaking with fear.
Luna took her thong and put it on slowly. She felt her tiny slave getting even tighter to her crack and speccially to her anus, as she placed her tiny thong, fitting it against her voluptuous rear. She smiled satisfied.
Luna turned off the lights of her bedroom and she lay down on her bed facedown. She inmediately began with the training of her new pleasure toy. She squeezed her buttocks intensely. She felt the tiny man between her buns being squashed and she giggled mischeavously. After some seconds she stopped squeezing and waited.
Vic was compressed so strongly that he felt his death nearby. Luna’s fist had been terrible, but the pressure of her buttcheeks was even worse. The air in his lungs was expelled violently and his bones creaked again. He screamed in pain and he thought he would faint in any moment, but luckily the giantess stopped squeezing him. Vic was panting after this terrible experience when he heard the giantess’ roaring voice.
“This is what will happen to you if you ever stop worshipping my delicate hole. Now it’s time for you to start, and do it right or you’ll be squashed until you burst like a cockroach”.
Vic inmediately began to kiss and lick Luna’s damp anus frantically. The wrinkled surface of her gigantic sphincter hurted his tiny tongue, but he kept worshipping and rimming for long time, scared to be flattened like a bug by the gigantic woman.
“Use your tiny hands to stroke it insect. STRONGER!! c’mon don’t be shy, it won’t eat you...” Luna said and closing her eyes she focused on the pleasant sensations coming from her rear opening. “At least it won’t eat you right now” she said to herself giggling maliciously.
Vic rubbed the viscous surface, and at the same time he kept kissing and licking it. Little by little the dark orifice began to open and relax.



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