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martes, 16 de abril de 2013


By Ramvo

After exploring Africa for many years, the acclaimed british adventurer Sir William Blackmore thought that he knew the most scaring secrets of the black continent. However in his last trip, from which he never returned, he unveiled a mistery that would remain forever buried in the darkest jungles of central Africa after his demise. He was spending some time in his headquarters near the Kilimanjaro mountain when he heard from a native scout a peculiar tale: it was said that in the deepest of the Congo jungle lived a tribe of ferocious warriors and hunters, the “Kuungala”. This tribe used to raid the surrounding villages, but contrary to other tribes that practice slavery the Kuungala only took young men with them, leaving children, women and old people. Nobody knows the fate of the Kuungala slaves, but they are never seen again. It was possible that they were cannibals or that they practiced human sacrifices, but they have never been located by any european explorer, so their habits and rituals have stayed completely unknown for centuries.
Sir William got excited by this tale and started to prepare himself and his crew in order to go deep into the Congo jungle and find the misterious Kuungala. But it wasn’t easy to find a scout willing to go with him in this new adventure, everybody feared the Kuungala event though his scouts have never seen them before. After some weeks he finally found a scout called Baabela, this man showed no fear or emotion when the british revealed his purpose. Sir William thought that this was a very brave man, or that he had never heard about the Kuungala legend.
After three weeks of exhausting journeys, Sir William and his decreasing crew (most of them had already left him) reached a spot in the jungle that had never been seen by an european. It seemed that there was no civilization or tribe in the surroundings. However, Sir William noticed that there were many places in the jungle where the trees had been uprooted or squashed by an unknown and unmeasurable force. He didn’t know what to think about this, because there were no elephants or any other kind of animal capable of doing such thing.
After some days of exploring the surroundings looking for the Kuungala, Sir William and his crew started to prepare themselves in order to return to their camp base. But the night before leaving, dreadful drum beatings were heard coming across the jungle. All the remaining natives, scared to death, abandoned the camp running randomly. Meanwhile, Baabela and Sir William stayed in the centre of the camp near the bonfire. Baabela was very calm and Sir William was concerned about it, maybe he had been ambushed by Baabela or maybe the scout had no idea about the danger felt by the other natives.
Many hours passed by and the drum’s beatings increased. The brave adventurer held firmly his elephant shotgun always gazing at the somber jungle.
After dawn, Sir William noticed with concern that Baabela had left him too. He saw the scout running towards the place where the increasing drums‘ sound came from. The european was very tired for being in alert all night long, but he remained awake and brave, ready to face any danger. Suddenly the drums ceased their beating and he watched many shadows moving around the camp. He got ready to fight, but a poisoned dart hit his neck and left him totally unconscious. The last he saw were the Kuungala surrounding him, with them was Baabela.
When he got his senses back he found himself completely naked, with a terrible headache and tied to a huge stake in the middle of a village. The Kuungala were dancing around a big bonfire and Sir William heard the dreadfull drums again. Baabela got close to him with some others Kuungala. They began to talk to each other, it seemed that they were very pleased.
Sir William asked Baabela for an explanation for his treason.
“Sir William do not understand, Baabela is Kuungala” he said “Kuungala need..”
“Need what?” yelled the explorer “what the hell are you going to do with me? Are you going to eat me?”
“Sir William do not understand” Baabela said again “Kuungala give gift to Butala”.
“Oh! Now I see, you’re going to sacrifice me. You are going to kill me to honor some savage primitive god” said the furious british.
“No... Sir William live, if he is good he live for time” Baabela continued.
This sentence left Sir William intrigued. How was it possible that he was going to be sacrified but not killed? “Gift” he thought, what or who would this Butala be, what god doesn’t ask for blood for but a living slave. Maybe Butala was a man eating primitive wild beast, but... if he was good he will live?
All this had Sir William very confused, when he realized that there were no women, children or older people among the Kuungala. What a strange tribe he thought, if he could return to England this discovery would increase his already extended fame for sure. Some Kuungala aproached him and offered some food to the explorer. Sir William didn’t eat it because he thought that it was poisoned.
“Sir William eat” Baabela said, “Butala get mad”.
“I don’t give a bloody rat’s tail for what Butala does or says” the british barked “I don’t care if he is your god or your pet”.
“No god, Butala goddess, eat or not survive Butala” said the scout laughing.
Now the acclaimed british explorer was completely puzzled. At least, he thought, if it’s a woman it would be easier to escape and then return to destroy the Kuungala village with british troops.
Sir William decided to eat some food and drink lots of water, his toungue felt like sandpaper. The Kuungala continued partying and dancing for a few more hours, it seemed that they were relieved of an inmense problem. The explorer was very tired, so he thought that it was better to try to take a nap and gain his strenght back to fight Butala.
He was rudely awaken. He didn’t know how many hours have passed, but it was very dark. The Kuungala lifted his body and the stake he was tied to, they carried him through the unfathomed jungle. They were very happy and joyful, once more Sir William felt that his presence pleased them a lot.
Finally they reached a clear spot in the jungle next to a ratherly small mountain. A lot of trees were ripped and unrooted. Sir William noticed that he was placed in front of a huge cave that was in the base of the mountain. The Kuungala started to make noises and play their drums, suddenly a light tremor was felt. When the Kuungala felt the earth movement they left Sir William and ran to the nearby jungle.
“Butala comes, Sir William be good or die” Baabela said to him and ran too towards the dark jungle.
Sir William began to feel worried. What kind of being was capable of causing a tremor? Soon his  doubts would be cleared.


By Ramvo

The explorer watched terrified a huge silhouette coming out from the cave. The horrible being was at last 90 feet tall and so heavy that made the ground shake and tremble under its feet. He noticed that the monster had a human shape, even though it was very dark. An inmense hand moved towards him and reached his body, lifting him easily from the ground including the stake. Sir William screamed frightened, but his voice was silenced when the monster put him inside what seemed a gigantic bag and got him into the cave where it had come from.
When he was able to see again, Sir William realized that he was inside the cave and trapped in a huge hand. There was a big bonfire in the cave, and thanks to its light he could behold Butala for the first time... he couldn’t believe his eyes!!!
The brave british explorer was prisoner of a gigantic black woman. Butala held him close to her face and she was watching him carefully. It was obvious that she had never seen a white man before, she seemed very intrigued looking at tiny Sir William. Even though he was scared to death, the british noticed that Butala was gorgeous: her face was oval shaped, with big fleshy lips, almond like brown eyes and short curly black hair. Butala untied him from the stake and began to explore his minuscle body. Dispite her tree sized fingers and long nails, she didn’t hurt him. However, Sir William tried to fight back and defend himself with all his might, but Butala never noticed his struggles.
She got him closer to her face. Using two fingers she lifted his arms and began to check his body, specially his penis. She turned him upside down, played with his body using her fingers, she separated his legs too and sniffed him, meanwhile Sir William shouted and yelled, fighting with all his force. Finally she put him upside down, holding him from his feet and with a finger nail, she began to caress his phallus. The explorer was terriefied, however when he felt the touch of her nail he started to get excited and soon he had a hard on. When she saw his tiny pecker erect, Butala smiled pleased and began to talk to him. The explorer had learnt many african languages, but he couldn’t understand a single word of what the giantess was saying. Soon he would find out her true intentions.
Next, Butala got the tiny being close to her mouth and began to lick and kiss him thoroughly. It seemed that she liked his taste, this alarmed Sir William who started to scream and fight with all the power left in his body again. The explorer was soaked in Butala’s saliva and was dripping lavishly. Then Butala held him gently and began tu rub him against his naked, full enormous breasts. Sir William hadn’t realized that Butala was completely naked, yet. She leant back in the cave’s ground close to the bonfire and kept massaging the white toy against her big tits. Her intense odor, though not unpleasant, filled Sir William’s lungs and brain, he still didn’t know what to expect from the black giantess. She placed the british between her tits and squashed him playfully using her hands to hold her huge mammaries. She held him compressed under many layers of flesh for some moments and then she would released him, meanwhile Sir William struggled to free himself, helplessly trapped between her two giant tits. His efforts amused Butala, who giggled watching his hopeless fight to spread her breasts. After some more minutes of toying with the british this way, Butala took him out and put him on her tits again, but now she drew up his tiny head to one of her hard erect nipples. Taking it like a small grape, she took Sir William’s head with two fingers and put it against the warm, black hard as rock nipple. In this moment Sir William realized how he was sacrified: he was a gift, a sex toy for Butala, who didn’t wait long to use him for her pleasure.
He didn’t want to get the giantess mad, so Sir William began to lick the nipple that was put forcefully against his face. It was impossible to get its bulk in his mouth, because it was almost as big as his head, so he opened his mouth all he could and sucked all the flesh he was able to get inside his mouth, meanwhile his hands caressed parts of the warm flesh hill that was his ground for the moment. Butala had her eyes closed and enjoyed her new little pet, the minuscle mouth of the strange white insect caused her wave after wave of pleasure. After several minutes she changed her toy to her other nipple and made him do the same to it.
Satisfied with her pet’s performance, Butala took the british and brought him close to her face. She opened her mouth and put him inside feet first, almost completely, only his head could be seen projecting from her fleshy lips. Sir William started to scream in agony again when he found himself inside the black giantess’ cavernous mouth. She leant back and crossing her arms behind her head she closed her eyes and began to play with the tiny body in her mouth, manipulating him with her tongue. The explorer was not able to notice it, but Butala had a big smile on her face while her lips held him trapped and her tongue caressed him thoroughly. After tasting the british for some time, Butala took him out holding his head carefully with two fingers, but she kept her lips almost sealed, so that the explorer’s body was kissed and rubbed by them. Once he was outside her mouth, Butala tied him to her right hand. Carefully, using a thin but strong thread Butala held the british so that the back of his head was placed on one of her finger tips and the rest of his body on her hand’s palm. Once she was sure that her pet was firmly trapped she began her next game. She started to caress her body using her hand, but mainly using the explorer’s body. She began with her mammoth tits, she rubbed the european’s face over and aover against the nipples. Then she massaged him against her armpits and then her belly. In circles, slowly first and increasing the speed, Sir William was rubbed and scoured against the firm muscles of the black goddess’ abdomen. Then Butala passed him on her meaty thighs and calves. Sir William could notice that Butala was getting hornier and hornier, her breathing was louder, she was sweating lavishly and began to moan and sigh. Now Sir William was drenched in her sweat and when he was held in touch with the inner part of her thighs, he was able to behold the inmense black hole next to where her giant legs started, and he feared the worst. However, Butala only rubbed him rudely against her wet vagina. He was affraid of drowning in her fluids, her excitement had increased so much that now it seemed that lava rivers were coming from the inside of her pussy lips. Time after time Sir William was squeezed between her pussy lips, over and over he was forced to bear the heat emanating from inside her body. Finally, after several minutes Butala reached an orgasm and moaning and sighing loudly, she inserted some of her fingers in her vagina, including Sir William.
Sir William Blackmore’s body was in a awful situation, Butala’s pubic hair felt like sand paper to his skin, but at the same time her vaginal juices helped him to decrease the friction and the pain. After some seconds inside Butala’s vagina, Sir William was taken out, he was soaked and bruised, then she brought him near her face. Sir William noticed that the black goddess was very pleased with him, she said more incomprehensible words to the british and then she got him closer to her mouth and kissed him, covering his face completely. Following this, Butala stood up and bent over slightly, she raised her hips and got her right hand and her tiny white toy to her butt. Sir William got breathless at the sight of Butala’s inmense and awesome butt cheeks. The black goddess’ ass was really heavenly: two gigantic and perfect meat semi spheres, muscular and firm, lightly divided by an obscure crack that looked like a bottomless abyss to the european. Sir William was still in awe beholding Butala’s butt when he suddenly was crushed against the skin of this delicious rear. He was carefully rubbed against the warm and soft skin of Butala’s buttocks. Blackmore found himself in paradise and closing his eyes he enojoyed the feeling of these inmense butt cheeks caressing his naked body. Butala was smiling and turned her head, she watched her new pet being mesmerized and seduced by her greatest asset. She was able to notice that the tiny white being opened his mouth to lick and kiss the surface of her ass, leaving tiny saliva drops on her gigantic full cheeks. She also noticed his tiny penis erection, another evidence that her new toy was enjoying his mistress’ body. Then, with a mischievous look in her face, Butala began to get Sir William between her ass cheeks. He, at first, didn’t realize what was going on, until it was too late. The sweat in her crack covered him completely and he started to fight and struggle again, hopelessly trying to avoid being handled by the giantess. Opening her butt with the other hand, Butala moved Sir William’s face towards the entrance of her anus. The black orifice was gaping expecting Sir William’s face touch. He closed his eyes when he realized that his face was going to be pushed against it unmercyfully. He felt his face being covered by a wrinkled, hot and viscous surface. He opened his eyes but all he saw was fathomless darkness. Terrified, he tried to scream, but when he open his lips, a piece of pulpy, soft, and odorous anus flesh filled his mouth. When he realized that it was a tiny piece of Butala’s sphincter what he was tasting in his mouth, he tried to spit it and then to bite that minuscle piece of anus, but it was useless. Soon he felt that the air was decreasing, he could sense death coming. However, Butala pushed his face further and then his whole head had being devoured by the black goddess’ sphincter. Now his mouth was free form her anus flesh, he tried to scream again and this time he was able to listen to his own voice, but he also listened to the echo coming from the deepest part of an abyss. Terrified, he realized that the echo was caused by his voice and Butala’s intestine’s walls. He felt completely helpless and hopelessly he resigned himself, he couldn’t stop Butala and her wicked games at all... he had no choice. The giantess was taking her toy’s head in and out from her rear opening, and the excited anus answered to the stimulation by opening and closing around his neck. After playing with her pet this way for some minutes, Butala reached a violent anal orgasm, she closed her anular muscle so thigh that she almost decapitated Sir William. Finally and already satisfied, Butala took Blackmore’s head from her anus and untied him from her hand, then she washed him carefully.
His face was soaked in her anal juices and through his hair ran drops of Butala’s anal fluids. The rest of his body was drenched in her sweat and the juices of her previous orgasm. Butala placed Blackmore inside a leather bag and closed it, this bag had small holes so that it was easy to breath for the black giantess’ white toy. She hanged the bag from a projecting stone in the roof of the cave. The british explorer fell asleep quickly and he wouldn’t wake up until the next day.

By Ramvo

Next morning Butala opened the bag and took the explorer out of it. She fix him to a leather belt she was wearing. This way, Blackmore was placed safely next to one of her gigantic butt cheeks. The explorer watched Butala get ready to go out to look for food, she took some nets and some other tools. Moving through the jungle with Sir William attached to her cheek, his body went up and down as she walked. Butala got to a river in the deepest part of a lost valley, never seen by a western before. Butala entered the flowing waters and using a giant net she fished for about one hour, she caught lots of fishes of many different species. Then, she collected fruits from the nearby trees and made a bonfire close to the river, later she cooked the fishes in this bonfire.
The explorer was impressed with her skills. All this time, Butala didn’t pay attention to her tiny pet as she focused only in catching and cooking her food. When breakfast was ready, the giantess sat next to the bonfire and placed Sir William between her outstretched legs. With a big smile on her face she fed him with fish while she ate it too in big amounts. Sir William ate a lot and left nothing, and Butala was pleased by this. After eating the fish, Butala took the fruits she had collected before and began to eat them too. She offered Sir William this food too, she handed him a fruit that looked incredible tiny in the tip of her giant finger. Blackmore took it and ate it too. Then Butala took a bunch of the same fruits and opening her pussy lips with one hand she stuck them inside her vagina. Sir William realized what she was doing and began to feel nervous, he understood that the black giantess wanted him to eat the fruits inside her vagina. Butala pushed him softly towards her opened vulva and encouraged him to eat the fruits. Blackmore introduced one of his arms to take one fruit out her body, but Butala didn’t want that. She took him carefully with two fingers and put his head inside her vagina. The european understood what the black giantess wanted, he was supposed to eat directly from her pussy, without taking the fruits outside.
The british ate the fruits inside Butala’s body, he tasted her vaginal fluids and drank them, at least this relieved his thirst. Finally, and not been able to eat anymore, Sir William began to draw from her pussy, but she was already very excited with his tiny movements and she wanted more. She took him again using a couple of fingers and began to insert him deeper and deeper in her dripping vulva. His arms were pinned to his sides and totally helpless, the british was used to relieve the giantess’ sex desires. Butala kept moving him in and out faster and faster for a while. She held him from his minuscle ankles and began to move him in circles slowly first but increasing the speed constantly. She raised her hips and kept them in the air while she thrusted in and pulled her living dildo out over and over. She inserted him completely in her loins and then she closed her legs tightly, so that the pressure exerted on the poor tiny toy was almost unbearable and made him kick and punch her vaginal walls, which caused Butala much pleasure.
Blackmore suffered inside Butala’s vagina. He was about to get drowned in her pussy juicies and the heat was increasing dangerously. Besides that, Butala was squashing him unmercyfully, squeezing him and taking out the air of his lungs, he screamed in agony but nobody heard his pleas. His body was shaken rudely, his legs and arms pinned by the muscular walls and the air was getting rare.
Finally, a terribly loud scream roared through the jungle, Butala had reached a great orgasm. The walls that crushed Sir William unmercyfully started to relax little by little, at last he got some space to move and breath better. Butala was very pleased with her new pet and she wanted to enjoy him some more. The british was withdrown from her pussy and he heard Butala talking again, but as usual he couldn’t understand a single word of what she was saying. Then the giantess pulled out some rounded fruits from the trees around the bonfire, she smashed them using her fingers and began to smear Blackmore with an oily and smelly substance. From head to toes his body was covered in this strange fluid, and some big drops began to roll through his skin . The british had no idea what she had in mind, but he was thankful for being alive.
When he was completely soaked in this oily substance, Butala took him softly to her back, then she knelt down, bending over slightly. With a hand she held Blackmore and with the other she parted her inmense butt cheeks. Now Sir William realized what Butala had in store for him.
The giant black woman began to introduce the british explorer’s feet through her tight sphincter. At first she struggled a little bit, but then she was able to insert him deeper moving him around in circles, she thrusted him inside her rectum until his shoulders. The poor tiny man was in a more dangerous and humilliating situation now. The intestine walls squeezed him rudely, he was able to move his legs and he kicked the devouring sphincter with all the force left in him, but it was completely useless. The heat was suffocating and even covered in the oil, his skin felt like it was on fire.
Butala enjoyed inmensely with the minuscle being trapped in her rectum. His tiny movements caused her great pleasure and she felt another orgasm coming. Using only a finger tip she inserted him completely inside her rectum, then she focused in his tiny but enjoyable movements. This movements were Sir William’s helpless struggles to move apart the rectum walls and get outside her bowels, but her anus was sealed tightly. Butala contracted her anus on purpose, making all his efforts useless. The rare air in her rectum was wasting the tiny living dildo little by little, the heat and the humidity diminshed his strenght too, and he felt death approaching.
Blackmore prayed for his torment and his humilliation to end quickly. The enviroment inside Butala’s rectum made him feel dizzy and the crushing pulsating walls kept his body trapped hopelessly. Each time he tried to move was harder and harder and he expected only death, but suddenly the pressure surrounding him increased even more. He tried to scream but there was not enough air left in his lungs.
Butala had reached an anal orgasm, this caused the inmense pressure on the explorer, so that he almost died crushed. She moaned loudly, twisted her inmense body and writhed in ecstasy. After some more minutes of enjoying the tiny white being inside her loins, Butala began to push her muscles and got Blackmore outside herself. She squated and began to manipulate his body with her bowels. The giantess’ anus opened slowly, and a tiny motionless body came out from it. Covered with a thick layer of lubricant oil and Butala’s anal fluids, Blackmore was pushed outside painfully through her distented sphincter. Butala received him with a hand below her buttocks, and when he was completely expelled from her body, she took him carefully and washed his bruised spent body in the river.
Once she had washed him, Butala took the british and put him inside the special leather bag she used to carry him. Blackmore was semi unconscious and he only felt how he passed from a hot humid enviroment to another cold and dry. He wouldn’t know anything more for the rest of that day
Some days have passed and Butala began to use him to wipe her ass after taking a crap. She tied him strongly using some huge tree leaves, so that only his head was left outside the leaves cocoon and then she rubbed him against her anus several times, til she was sure it was perfectly clean. Poor Blackmore was completely subdued and forced to suffer an even worse humilliation, now he was nothing but a living object for her to use as she pleased. Next Butala would untie him and clean him in a nearby river and then she would began to use him in another way. Some other times she would tie his body in the same huge tree leaves and she inserted him face first deeply in her rectum. She tied her ankles too, to a long thread, which was left outside her ass to take him outside her bowels easily once she was satisfied. In this way she could get him outside by only pulling the long thread tied to his ankles.
So, days passed then weeks and even months. Blackmore had to get used to his new life. In order to survive he had to obey all of Butala’s commands, who kept feeding him and keeping him in the leather bag, hanging from the top of the cave. Nothing was heard of the british explorer again, he stayed like a toy for the black giantess for a long time. But after several months of being systematically subdued and forced to endure an excessive physical effort, he died inside Butala’s rectum, and then after taking him out and washed him, she swallowed him entirely. Next day, she removed his tiny bones from the rest of her feces. She took the minuscle skull and tied it to a necklace made of many other tiny skulls she already had. She kept his longer bones and used them to clean her teeth and make another personal ornaments. The Kuungala had to go and hunt a new slave, so that they wouldn’t become the personal toys and forced to satisfy the inmense sex desire, of her... the huge and insatiable goddess Butala.


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