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martes, 11 de febrero de 2014



By Ramvo
When Tammy entered the apartment she and her mother shared, the young princkazon was greeted by a very familiar sight.
Her mom was on top of an apparently unconscious man having her way with him. While the male was lying flat on his back the middle-aged princkazon was sitting comfortably on his chest. She was forcing her enormous shecock through his distended lips as she held him forcefully by the back of his head, and inch after inch of her love-stick entered his unwilling mouth.
“Come on take it all! I know you want it bitch”! She hissed as her princk disappeared through the man’s lips.
“Hi mom” Tammy said happily “who is this?” the teen princkazon asked getting closer to her mom and her new victim. Tammy’s mom had already half of her huge meat-stick inside the man making his neck bulge visibly. The man wasn’t unconscious, just beaten, as his eyes were bulging out too, while he noticed the presence of the other beautiful blonde princkazon in the apartment.
“Hi baby! This is Mr. Gore, our new neighbor. I’m getting him acquainted with my love-maker. His son is in your bedroom waiting for you” she said winking an eye at Tammy as she kept feeding her invading member inside Mr. Gore’s outstretched mouth. Mr. Gore looked completely helpless as the princkazon’s weight pinned him on the floor and her incredibly big member stuffed his face.
“He’s so cute… ” she sighed as she pressed Mr. Gore’s nose tightly against her flat belly.
“Oh mom you’re the best, thanks!” Tammy said, and proceeded to walk to her bedroom.
Tammy entered her room and found a young man lying on her bed. He seemed to be a few years older than her but she was considerably bigger. The horny teen shecock-goddess felt her own member twitch inside her tight underwear as she appreciated him.
“Hi! I’m Tammy, what’s your name?” the towering princkazon asked the young man who was now sitting on her ample bed.
“Hi, my name’s Jon” he answered “where’s my father?”
“Oh, he and my mom are getting to know each other better” she answered nonchalantly as she began to take off her tight blouse and skimpy mini-skirt.
Jon’s eyes were all over Tammy’s curvaceous body as she took off her clothes. She had huge boobs and wide appealing hips. Her legs were long and quite muscular but yet very feminine, and her perfectly rounded and massive asscheeks took his breathe away as he beheld them trembling and shaking while Tammy discarded her clothes. Although she was gorgeous and young, her towering frame was imposing, and Jon felt uneasy as she stood in front of her bed dwarfing him.
“How old are you?” she asked as she finished taking off her skirt.
“I’m 21” Jon answered looking up and down Tammy’s incredibly body. After a few moments, Jon noticed the huge bulge in her crotch and noticing this, Tammy giggled mischievously.
“Great! I’m only 15, but we can have lots of fun together. Have you ever been with a princkazon before?” she asked as she approached him walking seductively.
“N-no, never” Jon answered feeling uncomfortable. Tammy was standing in front of him, and he had to move his head up to look at her beautiful face framed by her humongous breasts. She was smirking mischievously and this made Jon felt like a mouse in front of a huge and hungry cat.
“Well… princkazons are just like any other woman, but we’re much bigger and stronger, and we have a special surprise for cute little men like you, Jon” she said grinning down on her new toyboy.
Tammy had her hands on her narrowish waist as she looked down at Jon dominantly, making him felt minuscule and helpless, and to his dismay, he could notice that the bulge in her crotch was getting bigger and bigger.
Her fresh and juvenile pillar-like legs were in front of his troubled face, and he realized that each of her alluring thighs looked bigger around than his own midsection.
“C’mon, you can touch my legs” she said excitedly “I can see how you’re looking at them…” she added and after a couple of seconds, Jon hesitantly began to rub and caress her mighty and appealing feminine thighs. He realized that, under a layer of baby fat, there were powerful muscles and he trembled in excitement and awe seeing how small his hands looked on her legs’ vast expense. Her smooth and tender skin was driving Jon crazy with desire as he kept stroking Tammy’s thighs fervently.
While Jon’s little hands worshipped her astounding thighs, Tammy smiled down at him satisfied. Her huge anaconda jolted inside its tight confinement, but she wanted to seduce Jon with her impressive and big body before turning him into her personal shecock worshipper.
“Do you like me?” Tammy asked after a few moments as she turned around and presented her magnificent bottom to Jon “do you like my booty?” Jon’s eyes got even wider as he beheld Tammy’s big and firm buttocks just inches from his face. Her underwear was just a tiny black thong, that was swallowed completely insider her deep ass-crack, and Jon felt the urge to kiss and fondle those remarkable flesh-orbs as well as to get his tongue deep inside her crevice.
Tammy began ondulating and shaking her wide hips from side to side seductively making Jon’s lust grow and grow.
“And well…” she said spanking one of her meaty moon-halves loudly.
“Sure I like it… I like I a lot” Jon finally answered.
“I knew you do… You can put your tiny hands on it too little man” Tammy said and Jon began rubbing and caressing her rounded buttcheeks in earnest. Jon was in heaven as he groped and massaged her well-muscled ass and he felt his own dick hard inside his pants.
Meanwhile, Tammy was giggling feeling pleased as she looked back and saw the little man enjoying her succulent bottom. His hands looked so small on her big and firm booty as he groped it, that Jon felt that each one was as big as a basketball!
“You can kiss it too…” she moaned and Jon began pressing his lips on the ample surface of her enticing asscheeks.
Jon took his time kissing and licking Tammy’s enticing buttcheeks passionately. The skin of Tammy’s ass felt so smooth and soft that his dick ached inside his underwear. He planted little kisses all over her rounded asscheeks and then, he used his hands to open them widely as he buried his face deep inside her crack. He inhaled deeply and began kissing her clothed sphincter lovingly.
Tammy giggled and sighed contentedly as her new toy worshipped her puckering anus. She wanted Jon to enjoy her amazing body before presenting him “her surprise”…. Her huge surprise!
Tammy let her toyboy kiss and massage her perfect derriere for some moments and then, she suddenly sat on his lap crushing him with her weight.
Jon was completely immobilized as Tammy began shaking her glorious bottom from side to side playfully, massaging his crotch giving him a hot but crushing lap-dance.
The towering princkazon rubbed Jon’s cock with her huge moon-halves over and over making him moan and shudder in pleasure.
“Give me your hands” Tammy said as she plastered her amazing ass on Jon’s chest. He complied obediently and Tammy, grabbing his hands strongly, stood up taking her toyboy with her.
Jon was astounded as he noticed that he couldn’t encircle Tammy’s appealing hips with his arms completely!
Meanwhile Tammy lifted his body easily and began moving him from side to side along with her alluring hips. Jon couldn’t believe the strength of the young girl as she swayed her ass from side to side and his body effortlessly. He felt like a rag-doll as she shook him playfully, keeping him on her curvy and succulent ass all the time.
Meanwhile, Tammy was giggling all the time as she handled Jon this way with her superior strength and outsized body.
“Do you like it little man?” Tammy asked him as she played with him “do you like being handled by a much younger girl?”
“Oh yesss!” Jon answered as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the contact of her succulent and lavish ass-flesh on his body.
“I knew it. All the little men like you like to be ruled by bigger and stronger girls” Tammy said as she kept bouncing Jon from side to side just by shaking her hips and muscled butt-cheeks.
After some minutes of toying with Jon this way, Tammy released his hands and turning around, she suddenly grabbed him by his armpits and lifted his body easily.
Jon was flabbergasted as Tammy put one foot on the bed and placed his body sitting on her huge and bare thigh. The young man was amazed by the girl’s strength as she easily maneuvered his body again. She held him on her thigh and her big tits were now in front of his astonished face.
“Wow!” Jon said taken aback “what are you doing?” he asked feeling like a little baby sitting on his mother’s leg.
Tammy giggled amusedly as she noticed his surprised face. Her big tits were so close to him that he got excited despite being handled so easily by a much younger girl.
“See, I told you that princkazons are quite strong. And I’m much stronger than you, little boy” she added smiling contentedly.
Then, Tammy moved his face up and kissed him passionately on his trembling lips. Tammy’s big tongue began probing inside Jon’s as she held his face forcefully. Meanwhile, she used her free hand to unbutton his shirt and unfasten his pants.
The horny teen princkazon got Jon nude easily, astounding him with her strength once more. His nude ass was now on the warm and smooth surface of her thigh as they kept making out for several minutes.
“Now I’ll show you my little surprise” she said parting her fleshy lips from Jon’s mouth, and began to free her huge and hard shecock from its tight confinement.
Jon couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked down and saw Tammy’s “surprise”. Her shecock was simply enormous, much longer than his own puny dick and much more thicker too. Jon was speechless as he couldn’t comprehend how such young and beautiful girl could also have this enormous and threatening cock!
As Jon gulped down in fear, Tammy made her shecock twitch a few times playfully, while she looked at Jon’s worried face, smiling and licking her lips naughtily.
“I have a big cock… right?” she asked him giggling and making him completely defeated.
Jon just nodded and trembled in fear.
“As you can see my shecock is much bigger than your tiny dickie” she said tormenting Jon, who could only nod in disbelief.
His mouth had gone dry as Tammy took her time presenting him her love-maker. She jerked her shecock with her free hand for a few seconds and then, she put it on his bare thighs.
Jon felt her huge member’s weight on his scrawny legs as she toyed with him. It looked so threatening and imposing, as he felt the heat emanating from it, and beheld its veiny surface and considerable girth. Jon also noticed that her engorged glans, thicker around than a can, was already shiny with her precum.
“But don’t worry little man, you won’t be needing your puny dickie with me…” she added winking and eye at Jon making him shudder in anticipation. She put her tongue inside Jon’s ear, wiggling it around and bit his earlobe lustily.
“In short time, I’ll make you addicted to my huge flesh-stick” Tammy whispered into his ear “and all your dreams from now on will be about my mighty shecock filling and expanding your holes…” she added making Jon tremble in fear, “you’re gonna wet your pants thinking of my love-maker inside your mouth or inside your ass. And you’ll beg me to fill your belly or your bowels with my precious cum. And you’ll find yourself burping my cum every day and your cute butt will be leaking my cum too…”
“You’re gonna learn to love my shecock…” she added as she lapped one of his cheeks dominantly and she also began rubbing her glans all over Jon’s belly soaking it with her sticky precum.
After terrorizing Jon with her words, Tammy began rubbing her shecock all over his thighs covering them with precum.
“Why don’t you give it a squeeze? It won’t bite!” she said after a few moments, and holding one of Jon’s wrists strongly, the horny princkazon made her prey touch her tumescent meat-pole.
Jon tried to resist her but the younger girl was too strong for him. In short time he was forcefully rubbing Tammy’s one-eyed monster with his unwilling hand.
While she made Jon stroke her mighty shecock’s lenght with one of her big amazonian hands, Tammy used the other one to untie her top, and once her huge fleshy boobs were free, she plastered Jon’s face on one of them making him suck her fat nipple.
Tammy sighed and moaned as her toyboy pleased her. While she held his face on her tit, her hand was enclosed around his much smaller one making him reluctantly give her a handjob.
Her girth as just beyond words as Jon couldn’t believe that Tammy’s member was so thick around that he couldn’t encircle it completely with his hand.
After some minutes, Tammy released his head from her breast, but she kept his hand forcefully on her throbbing shecock.
“Let’s see if my cock will fit inside your mouth” she said giggling mischievously as she inserted a couple of fingers through Jon’s lips, parting them against his will.
While Jon gagged due to the sudden intrusion of Tammy’s fingers, she began pumping them in and out making his eyes teary.
“You’re gonna need lots of practice to take all of my princk” the horny teen said “but I’m gonna see that you get all the practice that you need… lots and lots of practice” she ended giggling as Jon closed his eyes in shame. She shoved her fingers deeper inside his mouth making him open it until his jaws ached.
“I can’t wait to have these cute lips of you tightly around my love-maker…” she sighed as her fingers methodically raped his mouth.
After humiliating Jon this way for a couple of minutes, Tammy got out her saliva-drenched fingers and kissed him again, plastering her sexy thick lips on his mouth for a few seconds.
“Time to start practicing!” Tammy said happily, after kissing her prey for a few moments. The gorgeous teen princkazon dismounted Jon from her thigh and placed him in front of her. As Jon stood in front of Tammy, her boobs hanging a few inches above his head, he knew that he was no match for her. She was way too big and too strong for him to handle. And as he felt her hands on the top of his head pushing him down powerfully on her bed, he closed his eyes and tried to brace himself to endure her assault.
“Open your eyes” Tammy said “I want you to look at the huge piece of meat that will rule your world from now on” she added and Jon obeyed her, staring mesmerized at her erect member.
The teen princkdomina got closer to Jon’s trembling body smiling down at him mischievously. Jon’s eyes seemed to pop out as he beheld Tammy’s shecock getting closer and closer to his sweaty face. Tammy put her hands on her waist and moved her hips from side to side, slapping Jon’s cheeks with her engorged shecock playfully, and leaving precum on them. Jon smelled the scent of Tammy’s cock as she beat his face with it naughtily for several seconds. He felt completely owned and defeated by the huge princkazon, as her scent filled his lungs and his face got coated with her viscous precum.
Jon realized that Tammy could use her mighty shecock to punish him beating his face harsher, and he was thankful that she still was in a playful mood.
After toying with his face this way for a couple of minutes, Tammy grabbed her immense meat-tool with one hand and rubbed his lips with her glans soaking his lips with precum.
“Kiss it!” she ordered and Jon, knowing that he couldn’t stop her, began to kiss her hot glans subserviently, tasting her salty precum. He planted several kisses on her huge tip before Tammy ordered him to stick out his tongue.
“Taste my candy-cane” she ordered as she rubbed her glans all over Jon’s tongue, “get used to the taste…” she added and she didn’t stop until she had covered all of his tongue with her abundant precum and then, she made him swallow it all.
After this, Tammy made Jon kiss and lick her glans and her length for some minutes more, guiding his head strongly with one of her big hands while holding her shecock with the other one.
Tammy moved Jon’s head all over her member plastering his mouth on its veiny surface for a few moments. She felt in complete control over him as she made him kiss and lick her shecock at her will and she wasn’t satisfied until it was shining with his spit.
Meanwhile, Jon felt his mouth going dry as he covered Tammy’s huge salami with his saliva. She handled him so easily that he felt completely helpless and at her mercy.
“Open up” the towering princkazon urged him after several minutes of making him worship her lollipop “open wide for my lollipop”. Tammy held Jon by the back of his head firmly with one hand while she used the other one to guide her glans through his parted lips.
“Open wider” she sighed as her shecock outstretched his lips painfully. Jon found his mouth getting filled with the spongy head of her meat-stick and tears filled his eyes. His jaws ached as his lips were stretched out more and more by Tammy’s invading member.
He looked up and saw no mercy in the beautiful blue eyes of the teen princkazon. She had a predatory smile on her face as she fed him her shecock mercilessly.
“Good… now suck it” she said once her glans was completely lodged inside his mouth, and Jon obeyed his teen mistress applying suction on her swollen glans. Jon had never sucked a cock before and he found that it was very hard to do it while having his mouth completely filled.
“Suck harder boy!” Tammy said as she pinched his nose painfully, making him renew his efforts.
“That’s better. Now move around your tongue” she added as her toyboy complied wriggling his tongue around the huge girth of her fleshy tip.
Tammy released his nose and his head as she began stroking and pinching her breasts. As the little man in front of her kept sucking her cock, she purred in satisfaction feeling a rush of lust and domination.
“Put your hands around it and jerk it!” she groaned after a few minutes, and Jon placed his smallish hands around her enormous anaconda and obeyed her submissively once more.
“Squeeze my cock… harder!” she roared as her little pleasure slave complied “you look so good with my shecock in your mouth and your tiny hands around it…” she sighed as she enjoyed wave after wave of sheer pleasure. Jon looked up to see her and she blew him a kiss from above.
“You’re doing fine little bitch… just keep sucking and jerking” she said while Jon tried his best to please his princkgoddess.
Jon was sweating profusely and tears filled his eyes as he worked Tammy’s shecock for long excruciating minutes. He felt a little relieved that Tammy didn’t want to go all the way down his throat, and he did his best to make her cum as soon as possible, as the pain in his jaws and lips was getting unbearable and besides this, he had to listen to Tammy’s sighs and moans of pleasure above him all the time.
Little by little Tammy felt her excitement grow inside her loins and after just a few moments, she felt the urge to cum.
“Mmmmhh, oh yeah! your mouth was made to suck, little man” she said as Jon kept pleasing her, “move your hands faster and suck harder” she moaned, getting more and more excited.
“Here it comes, take it all!” Tammy said loudly as she held his head still and began shooting her copious load. Jon was taken completely by surprise as Tammy began injecting her shecum through his mouth and down his gullet. He felt her shecock twitch between his hands powerfully as she injected shot after shot of her hot and salty cum.
“Oh yeah! yesss! Drink it all you cock-sucker!” Tammy moaned as her copious load filled Jon to the rim. He tried to swallow it all, but in short time her cum began to flow from his outstretched lips soaking his chin.
Tammy cummed for a long time and by the time she ended, Jon’s belly was bloating visibly.
Jon still had her glans inside his mouth as she purred and sighed contentedly. She told him to grab and caress her huge testicles and he complied making her shudder in pleasure. He took one big ball in each hand as he obeyed his mistress squeezing them lightly.
After this, she finally dislodged her glans from his abused mouth and told him to bath her balls with his tongue.
“Now lick my balls” Tammy said as she grabbed Jon by the back of his head and lifted her still hard shecock to allow her toyboy to lick her hairless testicles. But first, she plastered his face on her scrotum smothering him cruelly for a few moments.
“That was good little man” Tammy said after several minutes of enjoying her climax “but I want to get your cute nose pressed tightly against my tummy” she said to Jon’s terror.
The dominant princkgoddess took off her tiny underwear and handling her prey easily, she tied his hands together at his back. Then, she placed him on her bed and positioned his body between her long and meaty legs.
Tammy was lying on her side while keeping Jon firmly trapped between her thick thighs. His midsection and abdomen were crushed by her muscles while she plastered his face on her still hard shecock and balls.
Jon couldn’t breathe as his nose and mouth were smothered by her huge scrotum and her legs kept pressing turning his body into pulp. He felt like he was caught in a vice-flesh as the dominant teen played with his helpless body.
After some minutes, Tammy mercifully released his face but kept crushing his body with her clamping legs. When he opened his mouth to beg for mercy Tammy shoved her glans once more inside making him gag. After a few seconds of muffling his pleas of mercy, Tammy dislodged her glans and after crushing him again, and making him open his mouth, she forcefully pushed her cockhead inside silencing his complaining again.
The naughty princkazon kept toying with Jon as she shoved and withdrew her engorged glans from his mouth every time she crushed and squeezed his body with her alluring but dominant thighs.
“This is so much fun” she said giggling amusedly as she repeatedly pushed in and out the tip of her shecock from his abused mouth making a loud “plop” sound.
“I can keep doing this all day long” she added to Jon’s terror “I want to train your throat to lodge my shecock entirely” she added as she began inserting more and more inches of her member through Jon’s mouth every time she squeezed him.
After some minutes of conditioning Jon’s mouth and throat this way, Tammy was able to stick about half of her shecock inside him. Once in awhile she gave him a break but he had to thank her by lapping her balls or kissing them for several seconds.
She changed her position and Jon’s as she placed him in a reverse headscissors. She was on her side while her thighs devoured Jon. In this position Jon had the chance to look at Tammy’s glorious moon-halves, but the sudden intrusion of her member in his mouth made him quickly remember his predicament.
While she squeezed his neck powerfully, she shoved inch after inch of her monstrous shecock through his lips relentlessly. She grabbed him by his hair and pushed him forwards powerfully making him swallow more and more of her invading princk until his uvula got crushed, then, she pulled out her member and he coughed and breathe normally again for a few seconds, just to be squeezed and shecock-fed once more.
The next hour was a blur for Jon as Tammy kept playing and dominating him changing his position and hers over him over and over, but she kept him scissored by her mighty legs all the time as her shecock got deeper and deeper inside his aching mouth, muffling his screams and moans of agony. She had untied his hands but still he couldn’t stop her from abusing him in any way she fancied. She allowed him to rub and massage her enticing legs and alluring ass, but he had to thank her getting more and more inches of her meat-stick inside him.
Tammy began sitting on his face after scissoring his body or neck, smothering with her ample bottom and making him rim her anus for a few moments before shoving her anaconda inside his mouth again and again.
After making him worship her sphincter for a few minutes, Tammy found that in this position she could shove many more inches of her thick shecock inside Jon’s outstretched mouth, and she took her time impaling his face while her ass was hovering and trembling over his subdued face. She had her meaty legs at the sides of Jon’s face as she methodically impaled his face.
Jon beheld in sheer terror how inch after inch of Tammy’s member went through his parted lips and her perfectly rounded and massive butt got closer and closer to his face. She didn’t stop moving down until her big cannonballs rested on Jon’s nose and forehead.
“Oh yeahhh!” Tammy sighed in ecstasy as she felt her cock deeply inside Jon “I knew you could take it all. You just needed to practice” she moaned as she sat comfortably on Jon smothering him cruelly and making his neck bulge visibly.
She stayed on him this way for a few moments relishing the tight embrace of his throat as she squeezed his neck with one of her hands feeling her member buried completely inside. She didn’t care that Jon was getting out of air as he squirmed under her big butt helplessly.
Jon felt like he was going to pass in any moment as he couldn’t get any air and his lungs burned, but Tammy began moving up and down her hips, fucking his unwilling mouth, and he had the chance to take a gasp every time she pulled out a few inches.
Meanwhile Tammy was in heaven as she painstakingly grinded and expanded Jon’s throat with her shecock. She settled into a rhythm as she moved up and down her hips fucking Jon’s mouth in earnest for several minutes. Jon could only groan in discomfort and pain as Tammy delighted herself with his snug throat.
“Yes little man, swallow it all… take it all inside… mmmh your throat feels so tight that I’ll have to bury my princk inside it every day!” Tammy moaned excitedly while Jon squirmed under her.
After fucking his mouth this way, Tammy dislodged her member from Jon’s mouth and throat and turned around on his flattened body. She sat heavily on his chest and after pinching his nose, she shoved her mighty princk inside his mouth violently, and she didn’t stop until she got his nose plastered on her flat belly and her princk was completely buried inside him again.
Tammy released his nose as she held him by the back of his head using both hands, and she began thrusting her hips forwards and backwards rapidly, skull-fucking Jon relentlessly.
While Tammy groaned and moaned in satisfaction over him, Jon suffered as his head was kept firmly in place and Tammy’s shecock ravaged his throat. He couldn’t breathe normally as she kept his nose tightly on her soft tummy, while she pushed and pulled her love-stick inside his abused mouth. Her big balls kept smacking his chin for long minutes while his shecock-goddess got more and more excited.
For a change, she’d move his head in circles making her member move along inside him, or she’d push his head forwards and backwards powerfully making Jon swallow all of her shecock over and over repeatedly. Jon felt like he was taking a whole sword through his mouth as Tammy kept thrusting in and out her hard-as-steel member.
The horny princkazon lifted her amazing butt a little, and placed Jon’s hands under her massive asscheeks and then she sat back again, and continued skull-fucking her unwilling lover in earnest. Jon was completely immobilized now as Tammy’s full bottom crushed his hands and chest and she kept thrusting her hips violently.
As her excitement grew without control, Tammy grabbed Jon by his ears, twisting them painfully, while she kept thrusting in and out her throbbing shecock faster and faster. Jon knew that he was going to get another belly-full from his teen mistress in any time as her precum was already coating his throat and esophagus.
Finally, after long agonizing moments for Jon, Tammy began pouring her load inside him once more, filling him with shot after shot of her plentiful shecum.
“Oh yesss! Drink my shecum again!” Tammy roared as she plastered Jon’s face on her crotch making her shecock disappear completely through his aching mouth.
Tammy filled Jon’s stomach again as she shot her load for several moments. He’d taken so much shecum that he felt that he would never be hungry again!
While Jon was filled to the rim, Tammy sighed and moaned contentedly over him enjoying the aftermath of her intense orgasm. She still was holding him by his ears as her anaconda dripped the last drops of her abundant load deep inside him.
After some minutes, Tammy finally released Jon’s head and dislodged her wet member from his insides. While the amazon teen remained sitting on his chest, her still hard shecock lying on his sweaty face, Jon couldn’t believe that after two orgasms Tammy’s shecock was still hard as a rock!
She took his hands from under her big butt and moving forward Tammy buried Jon’s face under her big scrotum. She delighted herself for several minutes making Jon bath her balls with his tongue, and shoving them inside his mouth making his cheeks bulge painfully.
“From now on you’ll be my boyfriend little man” Tammy said happily as she looked down at Jon’s face between her thick thighs, “and I want you to realize that you’ll have to please and stimulate my shecock whenever I want you to” she said as her balls filled Jon’s mouth.
Jon nodded his acceptance and Tammy feeling satisfied, dislodged her balls from his abused mouth.
After this, the naughty princkazon finally lifted her big body from Jon, who was able to breathe normally again after many minutes, and lifting Jon from her bed, she made him kiss her shecock one last time.
“Come on Jon, let’s see what my mom is doing with your dad” Tammy said winking and eye at him and taking him by the hand she led her prey out of her bedroom.

Her mom and Jon’s father were now completely naked as the mature princkazon laid her big body between the legs of her new lover. She was fucking the man’s ass on the living room’s couch as her huge anaconda went in and out his outstretched anus rhytmically. While her shecock ravaged his insides, she was muffling his complaints and groans with her smothering tits.
Her big amazonian body kept him pinned along the couch’s surface as she kept her eyes closed and licked her lips. She was holding the couch’s arm with her hands tightly, while her ample hips moved forwards and backwards slowly as she fucked him against his will.
Jon beheld his father’s impalement in awe and lowered his head in shame. He knew that in short time he also would be stuck like a pig by a huge and erect shecock!
“Hi there!” Tammy’s mom said noticing her daughter and Jon “I see you’ve fed your new pet properly” she added merrily seeing Jon’s bulging belly.
“Oh yeah. Jon has a delicious mouth and snug throat” Tammy said looking down at him smirking “but I can’t wait to have a piece of his sweet ass too!” she ended spanking his butt and making Jon shudder in fear.
“That’s great” her mom said joyfully “here, Mr. Gore and I are getting our relationship to a new level… if you know what I mean” she said winking an eye at Jon’s terrified face.
Seeing her mom taking Jon’s father ass made Tammy felt naughty again, and after sitting her big rump on a chair, the towering princkazon grabbed Jon by his waist, encircling it with her big hands, and began to lower his ass on the tip of her mighty shecock.
“If your mouth was great, being inside your ass will be ten times better!” Tammy whispered into Jon’s ear as her member opened his cheeks and began pushing against his puckering sphincter.
Jon tried to move and escape, but Tammy held him strongly with her hands. While he squirmed trying to get free, Tammy grabbed his neck, crushing his throat lightly, but making him see that she could make him pass out easily.
“Don’t panic now, take it like a good whore” Tammy said as she proceeded to impale Jon, who after feeling her big hand compressing his throat stop thrashing, but still tried to shut his anus trying to avoid getting impaled.
But Tammy was determined to fill Jon with her mighty shecock, and she kept pushing him down forcefully distending his tiny sphincter against his will.
After a few tries, her engorged glans finally entered Jon’s anus making him howl in pain. Jon felt like he was being impaled by a baseball bat as he was strongly pushed down more and more on Tammy’s lap.
“Oh yeah! I knew it. I knew my cock and your ass were made for each other” Tammy said mischievously as she began shoving her thick member through Jon’s distended orifice.
“No please, stop! You’re gonna kill me!” Jon begged but Tammy just giggled at his puny complains.
“Shut up slut! You’re gonna ride my flesh-stick and there’s nothing you can do to stop me” she hissed as inch after inch of her monstrous shecock went through his anal ring causing him a level of pain he’d never felt before. She moved his butt in tight circles using both hands and making her anaconda enter him easier, but Jon had his eyes closed in shame and he grinded his teeth trying to withstand the pain in vain.
While Jon grunted in pain and humiliation, Tammy’s member began filling his bowels little by little. The horny teen moaned and sighed as she rubbed her big tits on Jon’s back lustily and her shecock expanded and grinded his insides mercilessly.
“Soon I’ll have your sweet ass sitting on my balls and you’ll be screaming like a stuck pig” Tammy said mocking him as more and more of her mighty meat-stick entered through his rectum.
Tammy dag her nails into Jon’s flesh as she relentlessly pushed more and more of her love-maker inside him. Not only Jon had to suffer the pain and the humiliation, but Tammy kept making remarks of how good his ass felt around her shecock or, that soon she’d make him cum against his will just by fucking his asshole.
“Mmmmh feels so good to be inside a virgin ass!” Tammy sighed “so tight and so sweet…” she purred as Jon’s eyes got filled with tears.
Finally, after long agonizing minutes, Tammy’s huge shecock was lodged deep inside Jon’s bowels. While the teen princkazon moaned and sighed contentedly, Jon was trying to cope with the unbearable pain and the pressure inside him.
Jon felt Tammy’s huge tits behind his shoulders as she rubbed them on his skin naughtily. She also bit his earlobe dominantly enjoying the tight embrace of his sore bowels around her invading member.
Tammy took her time relishing the first impalement of Jon. While she sighed behind him, she pinched his nipples and buttcheeks mischievously several times.
“Let me help you with your tiny dickie” Tammy whispered into his ear “you’ll see that having my big shecock inside you can cause you an intense orgasm too, and soon you won’t be able to cum unless you have my big love-maker deep inside you” she added as she held Jon’s cock and began jerking it slowly.
Despite the tearing pain inside him, Jon felt his own dick getting hard as Tammy pinched and rubbed his body excitedly. Tammy’s fingers were so big that she only used two of them to jerk him and Jon felt minuscule again, as his teen princk-mistress put him through his paces.
“Now, move your ass… that’s right, move it in tight circles around my cock. That’s good, move your ass like the submissive little bitch you are…” she whispered as she kept masturbating Jon who began to feel more and more excited.
Against his will, Jon began moaning in pleasure as he obeyed Tammy. He began bouncing up and down his ass on her throbbing member pleasing her as well as getting waves of pleasure from his aching butt.
Jon’s mind was in turmoil now as he couldn’t comprehend how Tammy had turned him into her willing cock-worshipper slut so easily. As he kept bouncing up and down on Tammy’s lap he found himself moaning in pain as well as in pleasure.
“See, now your dickie is hard and my cock is stimulating your prostate inside you at the same time…” Tammy said huskily. She grabbed him by his chin and turning his face, she forcefully kissed him on his lips, making him shudder in pleasure.
While Tammy’s tongue ravaged his mouth, Jon kept moving his impaled butt on her shecock, as the pain seemed to decrease a little and his dick began leaking more and more precum.
After a couple of minutes Jon cummed, soaking Tammy’s fingers. While the little man moaned Tammy giggled contentedly knowing that now it’d be her turn to cum inside him. She smeared his face with his own cum and bit his earlobe again.
Tammy let her prey enjoy his orgasm for a few moments and then, she moved him along with her on the floor.
“Now it’s my turn” Tammy said joyfully as she maneuvered Jon’s body effortlessly.
The teen princkazon put Jon on his hands and knees on the floor and after kneeling behind him, she began pounding his ass doggy-style enthusiastically.
As she thrusted her ample hips forwards and backwards powerfully, the only sound inside the department was Jon’s ass smacking against her pelvis and his grunts of pain.
Tammy placed her hands on his shoulders keeping him firmly in place while her huge anaconda went in and out his outstretched asshole violently. She began sighing and moaning as the loud clapping sound of his ass against her body kept filling the room.
Jon had his eyes closed in shame as he realized that he was enjoying his ordeal. Despite Tammy’s big balls were beating his much smaller ones painfully, he clearly enjoyed her thick salami going in and out his bowels rhythmically.
“How is it? how is it, bitch?” Tammy asked as her shecock bashed Jon’s insides painstakingly. While her thrusting hips kept pushing his small body forwards, Jon felt his knees burning as she easily kept him in place.
As her excitement grew, Tammy held Jon by his hips digging his nails into his flesh and adding a new pain into his sore body. She spanked his bare asscheeks a couple of times powerfully making him yelp in pain too.
“Such a sweet ass!” Tammy moaned as she felt her orgasm rising inside her loins, “you’re my bitch now!” she added as her invading flesh-stick grinded Jon’s intestines.
Tammy grabbed him by his hair dominantly making him grunt in pain as she increased the tempo. While his ass was burning, Jon felt his dick hard again as it was moved and shaken by Tammy’s powerful thrusts. He was leaking precum on the floor now, feeling even more soiled and princk-owned.
For a change, Tammy liked to place her hands on Jon’s, immobilizing him completely while she kept pistoning her shecock in and out of his bowels.
“Feel my big cannon-balls smacking your tiny ones?” Tammy whispered into his ear while rubbing her huge tits on his back and shoulders, “I’m gonna fill you again soon little man…” she said as she relished the friction between his expanded bowels and her shecock, “you’re such a sweet cock-sheathe” she moaned getting more and more excited.
After a few more moments, Tammy began shooting her load inside Jon’s ass filling him to the rim. Against his will, Jon cummed too making Tammy moan even louder feeling his anus close tighter around her imposing girth.
“Oh yesss! Yesss! I’m cumming, I’m cumming inside your ass…” Tammy screamed excitedly as she buried her whole shecock inside her prey’s butthole.
She let go of his hips and laid her body on his back crushing him down. Jon was too weak to withstand Tammy’s weight on him as the teen princkazon kept him under her, pouring her shecum deeply inside him.
As Jon was pinned on the floor by Tammy’s big body, she finished shooting her load as he felt her shecock twitch inside him.
Tammy savored her climax for several moments keeping her mighty member still deeply inside Jon’s butt. While she was in heaven, Jon suffered under her, trying to breathe and feeling torn by her princk.
After some minutes, Tammy finally lifted herself from Jon’s flattened body and dislodged her semi-spent shecock from his abused butt.
His anus was gaping and began leaking her shecum as Tammy noticed giggling mischievously.
“I told you I was gonna fill you” she said mocking him while he tried in vain to shut his asshole.
To his utter embarrassment, Tammy noticed too that he had cummed while she was keeping him flat on the floor.
“And you cummed too, without touching your dickie!” she said merrily noticing Jon’s wet abdomen and the whitish drops on the floor.

Meanwhile, her mom had already cummed inside Mr. Gore’s ass and was now kissing him sweetly on his trembling lips. She still had her shecock inside him while pinning him on the couch with her amazonian weight.
After fucking their new lovers, the princkazons took them to the bathroom and peed on their mouths. They giggled amusedly as the little men gargled and tried to drink down all their hot salty urine.
After filling their toyboys’ belies with their pee, the cruel princkazons tied the overwhelmed men to a couple of chairs, so that they could plant their alluring bottoms on their faces, smothering them deeply between their asscracks.
The dominant princkazons enjoyed their dinner sitting on their slaves’ faces, making them rim their buttholes the whole time. Jon and his father weren’t hungry at all as their bulging bellies were full of shecum. While the princk-mistresses took their time eating their dinner, each man suffered under a huge and meaty butt, with his head completely enveloped by amazonian and lavish ass-flesh.
After dinner, the two princkazons delighted themselves fucking their powerless toyboys anally in any position they could think of.
Jon and his father were fucked against the walls, on the floor, on the couch and on the princkazons’ beds, and they got filled with viscous shecum so many times during the night that they lost count. They were fucked with their hands tied on their backs and with their ankles tied behind their heads; they were powerfully fucked in so many mischievous ways that they passed out several times during their ordeal.
They changed partners as they changed positions, and Jon found himself being impaled by Tammy’s mom many times too. Tammy’s mom preferred to fuck Jon missionary style as she delighted herself making him suck her fat nipples while grinding his insides. And Tammy liked to make Jon’s father ride her erect shecock while sitting comfortably on the couch.
But the dominant princk-goddesses specially liked to fuck their unwilling lovers doggy-style putting them face to face, so they could watch their expressions while getting fucked in the ass by a huge and unyielding meat-rod. When the men didn’t have a shecock deeply lodged inside, they were forced to kiss and worship the princkazons’ alluring butts, or they had to lick and suck their princks getting them ready to get fucked by them again and again.
Finally, after long hours of emasculating their new neighbors, the horny princkazons were satisfied. But before letting them go, they gave the beaten men two dog collars and ordered them to put them on.
“These are our gifts to you” Tammy’s mom said “you have to wear them whenever you visit us, or when we visit you” she said enhancing their humiliation.
The men nodded their acceptance submissively and, after kissing their shecocks one last time, they headed outside the princkazons’ apartment. Not only their whole bodies ached, they were also soaked in shecum, and it leaked from their gaping and mistreated assholes as well.
They were aware that life as they knew it was over, as now they’re property of two huge and insatiable princkazons that were ready to fill their orifices with their imposing shecocks whenever they fancied!


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