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martes, 16 de abril de 2013



By Ramvo


It was almost 11 O’clock pm and the young boys were restless. They were nine, including Mark the birthday boy. With several beers already in their systems, the boys were impacient as the strippers were running late.

Finally, the girls arrived as they knocked on the door of the apartment where party was taking place, a few minutes past 11 pm. As the boys opened the door they realized how lucky they were that night. The four exotic dancers were gorgeous: tall, narrow waists, big breasts, wide hips and well rounded firm butts. Their names were Niky, Lily, Joelle and Sasha. The two first ones were blonde beauties, while Joelle was a brunette with black hair and Sasha was black with long curled hair.

“Well” Sasha said “Who is the birthday boy?”

Marke raised his hand hesitantly.

“I see all of you are quite young” the black girl added “I wonder how you got the money to pay for our services”.

The boys giggled as they were minors indeed. Mark the youngest of them was 16, and the oldest was 18 years only

“It doesn’t matter how we got the money” one of the boys said “we only want to see if it will be well spent”

“Don’t worry” Niky said “you’ll not regret it”.

Next, they turned on the tapedeck they’d brought and began to dance and to take off the tight clothes they were wearing.

Their dancing was so erotic and inviting that the boys started to shout and some of them even grabbed the girls. The girls protested and complained inmediatly.

“Hey! Hands off” Lily screamed, but the boys didn’t stop and continued touching and grabbing the beautiful girls.

“That’s it, we’re out of here!” Joelle yelled now.

“No, you can’t go bitches” Mark said excited and angry at the same time “We paid for you and now you’re gonna please us”.

“O.k. o.k. we’re gonna give you everything you wish” Sasha said “just wait a minute”. After saying this she turned off the tapedeck. The boys calmed down for a moment watching the black girl movements.

The other dancers were scared and got close to Sasha while she took an object from her purse.

“What the fuck is that?” a boy asked.

“Now you’ll see” Sasha answered with an evil smile on her beautiful face. Next, she took an odd gadget and pointed it to the boys. “Now you’ll have it all...” she whispered as a strange blue light filled the room leaving the boys blind for a few seconds.

When they were able to see again, they just couldn’t believe their eyes. Their clothes were on the floor as their bodies had been shrunk to a doll-like size. And in front of them, the four dancers looked like gigantic monsters.

The nine teenagers shouted in horror as the girls walked forwards to catch them. They tried to run, but all of them were caught by the girls that laughed amusedly and mocked at the tiny toys in their hands.

Each dancer caught two boys, except Sasha who kept three of them, including Mark. She raised him to her face and said:

“You should be happy, now you’ll be able to enjoy our whole bodies, but, on second thought, We are gonna enjoy and you are gonna suffer”.

All the boys were screaming and struggling with all their might to free themselves from the girls’ huge hands, but to no avail. Their hopeless efforts were barely felt by the girls. The four exotic dancers started to ponder the best way to enjoy and torture their little toys.

“I see you boys like beer” Niky said to her two prisoners “I’m gonna give you a brand you’ve never tasted before for sure”. Next she placed them inside an empty glass and then she put the glass below her body, between her legs as she opened her pussy lips with her other hand

“Enjoy!” she said cheerfully and began to pee into the glass and covering the poor boys with her warm smelly urine.

The boys screamed terrified when the yellow and warm rain hit them, soaking’em completely. Niky kept peeing until only the two teens’ heads were outside the golden liquid.

Coughing and spitting they tried to wipe their eyes, the poor boys tried not to taste the awful liquid they were surrounded by. However Niky began to sink them in her urine using her fingerstips. Time after time the boys were forced into Niky’s pee a few seconds and then she’d release them to the surface. The boys breathed desperately, coughed and spitted the salty liquid.

While Niky had fun with her tiny pets, Joelle took hers and moved them towards her back as she said: “As you seem to like my ass so much, now you’re gonna be able to experience it wholly”. And with a boy in each hand she began to rub her buttcheeks in circles. They boys couldn’t scream as their faces and bodies were smashed against Joelle’s soft ass skin. Nevertheless, they weren’t suffering so much. After all, how many boys would be lucky enough to be in touch with such an attractive butt as Joelle’s, even when it was gigantic?

After caressing her cheeks with her pets for some minutes, Joelle moved them towards her ass crack. One after the other, she inserted them between her awesome and inmense buttocks. One and then the other, the two boys were devoured by two huge and delicious meat hills. They got soaked by her ass crack’s sweat. And then Joelle told the two teens to kiss her tight fragrant anus.

The two boys refused to do it at first, but the dancer forced their faces one after another, into her lightly wet and tender sphincter for a few seconds. The tiny pets had no choice but to obey as they began to kiss and lick her anus’ wrinkled skin.

Lily took her helpless toys and without saying anything she put them in her thong, one in the front and the other in the back. She forced the boy in the front into her juicy pussy lips and told him to kiss and rub her clit, the other one was told to massage and caress her awesom buttcheeks.

A few minutes later she was moaning pleased and stimulated by her little toys’ administrations.

Sasha had placed Mark inside a jar, and he beheld terrified how his friends were used and abused by the beautiful and gigantic exotic dancers.

The black girl took the other two boys and squeezed a portion of lube from a tube, then she covered the boys from head to toes. The teenagers kept fighting and screaming while Sasha giggled and covered them completely with a sticky fluid. She made sure both of them were totally soaked in the lube and stepped in front of the jar where Mark was trapped. She winked an eye to him and turned around. She bent over and opened her astounding buttcheeks widely.

“Guess what?” the black giantess teased the two tiny boys, “there’s a party inside my ass and you two bugs are invited”.

Mark beheld his two friends been introduced mercylessly into the black girl’s tigh anus. The first one was pushed headfirst up to his calves without trouble. Mark saw his friend’s feet moving frantically, but then the giantess pushed him inside her loins completely using only one of her fingers. The second one was inserted feetfirst, and Mark was able to see his terror: he screamed in agony as he was devoured little by little by the giantess’ sphincter. Finally, only the poor boy’s head was outside her hole, his face was framed by the wrinkles and pleads of the black giant girl’s rear opening.

Always smiling, Sasha turned around to see Mark, and then in a very sexy way she put the tip of one of her fingers inside her mouth and soaked it with her own saliva, then she showed the finger to Mark and then she placed it on the top of the poor boy’s head trapped in her anus. She pushed effortlessly until he was gone and part of her finger too. Mark watched her moving out her finger and then her anus closed tightly leaving his two friends helplessly trapped inside Sasha’s intestines.

Sasha closed her eyes and focused on the pleasure she felt as the two tiny boys moved and struggled in her rectum. She could feel them kick and punch the walls of her intestines, and she even felt the eco of their voices screaming inside her. She felt a tiny bite too and this caused her a short but intense orgasm. After a few minutes she opened her eyes and saw Mark trapped inside the jar. Witha mischeavous look she approached the birthday boy and took him out from the jar. She lifted him and got him very close to her beautiful face.

“Now it’s time for you to join the party birthday boy” she said to Mark, “Don’t worry for your friends they’re alive, I can feel them. But now it’s your turn to know me very deeply...” she giggled.

She opened her pussy lips with her other hand and inserted the tiny yelling boy headfirst. Her pussy was already well lubricated as the boys in her rectum had got her very horny, so she was able to push Mark inside her body easily. She handled him with her long fingers and began to move him in and out of her vagina, she increased the speed as her excitement grew. She was moaning after a couple of minutes. She reached a huge orgasm. Mark, in the other hand, was fighting to breath and felt he was gonna die drowned in her pussy fluids. The boys in her ass were squeezed brutally  by her rectum walls and fainted.

Sasha was sitting on a couch and kept moving Mark in circles inside her dripping pussy, she squeezed her buns too, trying to feel the tiny beings in her rectum.

Niky had already taken her toys from her urine and she inserted them in her loins too. Her two tiny pets had been devoured by her pussy and they fought frantically to catch some air. Meanwhile, Niky rubbed her clit getting hornier and hornier.

Joelle had her slaves’ head inside her relaxed and excited anus. She walked around the appartment while the tiny boys hanged from her swaying and well rounded butt. She squeezed her buns to keep her slaves licking and kissing the inner part of her anal rim. Their minuscle bodies were shaken and pushed by her muscular ass cheeks as she walked and moved her hips.

Lily had her captives stuck in her rectum too, but they were placed together so that their tiny faces could be seen coming out from her anus. They opened their mouths as they tried to breath the air in Lily’s ass crack.





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