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martes, 16 de abril de 2013


By Ramvo

It is a very secret and exclusive men’s club. It’s said that in this place all fantasies can be fulfilled. The few selected members enjoy a very diverse number of activities, and the women working in this place do their best to please them. For high amounts of money, the members are shrunk to a few inches and behold the beautiful dancers become huge giantesses.


The members can be used as toys by the dancers, or they just watch how the girls use other men as pets and dolls. Depending on the members’ fantasies they are used as lollipops after being covered by candy paste; sometimes they are flatened under the girls’ feet; some other times they are used as cushions under the girls’ enormous butts; they spend long minutes inside underwears and bikini bottoms while the girls dance or do some exercise; they become living dildoes, shoes and stickpins. Some of the members enjoy when the giantesses pee or shit over them, or when they are forced to worship their mistresses’ bodies, specially their feet, asses and boobs.
There are special times when, somehow, some death sentenced convicts are brought to the club, instead of being executed at prison. It’s said that and important person working at high levels in the government is member of the club, and he pays lots of money in order to fake these convicts’ death in prison. The convicts are shrunk and used by the girls as part of the show. In these few occasions, the members witness how the convicts are tortured and completely destroyed by the beautiful girls.
Some other times, the club is used for special bachelor parties. In these parties the groom is used as a sex toy by one or more girls.
And the girls, as I have mentioned before they all are very beautiful, and they had to complete and pass a special trainig course. All of them are already very tall and with great bodies: some of the girls are voluptuos, others are thin or athlets. There are bodybuilders and professional dominatrixes, some of them are college students who work in the club to pay for their studies and some others are housewives with lots of free time. There are latinas, blondes, blacks, redheads and some asian girls. Some of them prefer the violent fantasies and others are sweet and tender. Some of them humilliate, subdue and completely dominate their clients meanwhile others fulfill the member’s fantasies in a friendly way.
As you can realize, this club, from which I am a member, has many options to be explored and you can be sure that all your desires will be accomplished with utter discretion.
I’ve had the chance of being shrunk and used by some of the most charming girls. I’ve been used as a living dildo (vaginal and anal); I’ve spent long minutes struggling inside thongs, g-strings, spandex and bikini bottoms; I’ve been used as seat in a static bicycle; I’ve been inside bras and shoes; I’ve been flatened, squeezed, crushed, twisted, bruised, stompped and suffocated. My body has been soaked with saliva, lubricant oil, pussy fluids, ass fluids, chocolate, sweat and some times even urine. I’ve been forced to kiss, lick and worship lots of butt, boob, pussy and feet... I’ve had lots of terrific times!!!!

As all the members, I have my favorite girls: Nelly, a gorgeous green eyed athletic blonde who happens to be quite dominant; Rossy, a voluptuous latina chick with black hair, she is very sweet and friendly; and Kim, a japanese girl with a special preference for the fantasies involving her awesome ass.

Nelly, as I mentioned before, is a giantess who has a tendency to be very dominant and even violent. Her clients usually get bruised and sometimes they get a broken bone too. Her favorite activities include using her clients inside her snickers and high heel shoes, she also puts them inside her underwear while doing some exercise or when she dances for the other members. By the time she finishes her dancing or routine, the guy (or guys) trapped inside her panties is completely exhausted and wet, soaked in her sweat. Sometimes she would put him on the seat of a static bicycle and sits on him, devouring the member’s tiny body with her ass and suffocating him almost to death too. She also likes to force her tiny clients to lick the sweat of her feet after one of her dancing routines. I’ve been forced to clean, using my tongue, the sole of her feet and the space between the toes, she is very hard to satisfy. She also commands her tiny clients to clean her armpits in the same way and sometimes even her ass crack. When a client asks for a more sexual service, she puts him on a special cushion and, completely naked she covers him with her pussy and rubs him with her pussy lips. After a few minutes the client’s skin is red due to the friction, however Nelly gets very horny doing this, so she doesn’t free her client until she gets an orgasm. When she reaches an orgasm, her client is totally exhausted and almost drowned by her pussy fluids, sometimes the client ends inside her vulva. After a while, Nelly takes him out, or she plays with him using his tiny frame as a human dildo pushing him in and pulling him out over and over again until climaxing again. She has used me this way: grabbing my calves with her fingers and rubbing me against her clit, sometimes she orders me to kiss it and massage it. Some other times she simply inserts me inside her, and moves my sore body in circles until she starts moaning, and I start getting unconscious inside her pussy. Then, she just takes me out and sticks me in her mouth cleaning me with her saliva and rubbing me with her soft pink tongue. She likes to soak her clients with her urine sometimes too: she puts one or more tiny men inside a jar and then she lets fall a stream of golden warm liquid over them. The clients are forced to swim and sink for a few seconds in it, and if they don’t do it by their own will, she dunks them with her fingers, and she only takes them out when they’re almost drowned. They never disobey her again. Some other times she let her scared clients fall from a considerable height into the jar, and other times she forces them to drink her pee using and eyedropper, squeezing his tiny body in her fist unmercyfully until he opens his mouth and swallows a stream of her fragrant salty urine.

Rossy, on the other hand, likes to rub her clients all over her beautiful body while taking a bath: she places his tiny body inside a special designed bath sponge that leaves his face and front body barely out of it. So, while she lathers and rubs herself with this sponge, the lucky guy is massaged against her big full boobs, her meaty thighs, her flat belly and her wide perfectly rounded buns and between them too. She likes to clean her vagina with this sponge too and the client is lightly inserted in her pussy lips, which she seems to like a lot. As I said before, she is very sweet and tries to accomplish her clients’ desires carefully without hurting them. She also likes to put her clients in the back part of her very tight shorts that she wears when she dances for the rest of the members. So, if you see carefully you could notice a tiny littly lump barely moving on one of her awesome shaking butt cheeks while she’s dancing, moving her luscious wide hips. She usually has more than one of her clients against her ass trapped in her shorts this way. And in these times, one lucky tiny man could slip due to her sweat and get placed between her rounded muscular buns. I’ve had the luck to slip and fall between her buttocks and I could sense my whole body been squeezed and held rythmically by her two huge meat hills. She is one of the giantesses that like to cover her clients with candy or fudge and then lick them until they are completely clean. One time she covered my body with chocolate and she licked me for long minutes and then she introduced me completely in her mouth where she played with me using her warm tongue. She also likes to pour some candy on her and inside her pussy and then she enjoys how some of her clients clean her using their minuscle tongues. Some times she ties a man to one of her fingers and she inserts it deeply in her pussy giving her lots of pleasure. She likes to use her clients’ head to softly caress her clit too.

Kim loves all the fantasies involving her butt, which is very well rounded, with soft skin and quite muscular. She has a special appetite for introducing her clients in her anus and leaving them there for a lot of time while she enjoys some rectal orgasms. She moves them in circles softly caressing the walls of her rectum and sometimes she thrust them in and out rapidly until cumming. Although she is not as violent as Nelly, Kim delights herself squeezing her clients inside her intestines until they are almost crushed. She forces them to kiss and lick her hole, as well as squeezing them tightly between her buns, she loves to sit on her clients too. She covers her clients with a special lubricant oil and inserts them deeply in her ass and later with great pleasure she defecates them. After this, the little body is completely wet by her anal fluids and the special lubricant. Sometimes she introduced me and defecated me over and over again, always reaching an orgasm sensing my body being expelled out of her tight orifice. Some other times she opens her ass with one hand, and with the other she puts her client’s face against her wrinkled pink sphincter and pushing him with one finger she makes him smell it for long minutes. After a while she makes him kiss it, lick it and massage it. She also smears some chocolate on her anus and she has a great time feeling a little tiny tongue licking her anus clean. When she dances for the rest of the members, she usually has a client inside her rectum, only leaving his tiny head outside her body. While dancing she spread her butt cheeks leaning forward and showing the diminute tiny head trapped in her ass. She moves her hips so that her buns close and open rythmically hiding and exposing his client’s tiny face. When a client ask her to sit on him, she places him on a special chair and spreading wide open her buttocks so that her client gets caught deeply between her buns. Then she starts moving her ass in circles or lightly moving up and down on the seat of the chair, crushing and squahsing the tiny being until he is left completely exhausted and sweat covered. Her most radical clients are used as toilet paper too.



I still remember how I got in touch with this exclusive club. One day at job I was surfing through the net when Larry, my boss, caught me checking a giant women japanese site. He asked me what I was doing and I only could babble a stupid answer while trying to get out of the net:
“Nnothing, I’m not doing anything” I said blushing.
“Well, well . It seems that somebody likes tall girls... maybe too tall” he said blinking an eye at me.
“No, no. I got in there by mistake” I said completely embarrassed.
“Don’t worry. I know what it feels like to be isolated, not being able to share your likes with somebody else. Look, I like this kind of stuff too and if you’re interested I know a place where you can experiment and fulfill all your craziest desires” Larry said.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Larry Schenker my supervisor shared my same taste for inmensely tall women.
“I am member of an exclusive club where men with tastes like us can interact with young women to fulfill their fantasies. If you want, we can meet at this place next friday around 10 pm. Go to this address” -he said handing me a small card. I read from the card:


“Wear comfy clothes” he added blinking an eye again and then he walked to his office.
I was quite intrigued and decided to give it a shot and go with Larry next friday night. My supervisor seemed to be a regular hard working guy. He is in his mid fifties, divorced, almost completely bald and owner of a prominent belly that makes him look even shorter than what he really is. Soon I would find out his weekend activities and the reason he always was very tired on mondays, and sometimes with bruises in his body, but with a great smile on his face.

I arrived to the address printed on the card half an hour before 10 pm. I was smoking nervously while waiting for Larry in a dark alley near the harbor. I was at the entrance of the alley under the weak street light when Larry arrived at 10:15 pm. He walked towards me smiling:
“Boy, you’re excited, aren’t you?” He said smiling “Don’t worry we’ll be inside in a moment”.
I walked next to him until we reached the end of the alley and I watched him knocking at an old rusty iron door. A small crevice opened and two eyes appeared. The eyes looked at Larry first and then they looked at me, watching me carefully. Larry talked for a moment to the owner of the eyes turning his face and pointing at me a couple of times.
Finally, the guard’s eyes disappeared and the door opened slowly. Larry told me to follow him inside. We entered a narrow aisle illuminated by a set of strange colored electric-light bulbs. The aisle was about 30 feet long, but while we were walking it seemed that it was never gonna end. I could hear music through the walls of the aisle. I never saw the guard again.
I hadn’t noticed that at the end of the alley there was no door or a room entrance, but only a tiny mouse sized hole. Larry saw my reaction:
“Not to worry, we’ll fit perfectly in there” he said smiling mischievously
After walking through the aisle for what seemed to be a very long time we got to the little hole. Larry explained to me that during our walking our bodies had been shrinking and that now we’re inches high midgets merely. The process involved the lights coming from the strange bulbs, but I didn’t understand it very well. Such bulbs looked like stars now due to our size, and the aisle was as big as a cathedral.
Larry knocked at the wood door in the mouse hole. Now it was big enough so that the two of us walked through it together without any problem. The music was much louder and I could hear voices, laughter and some shouts too.
The door opened and Larry and I entered walking together. We walked another couple of feet (or inches) in total darkness. My eyes got used to the obscurity slowly and I could notice some human figures moving far away.
We arrived at the entrance of the club and I just couldn’t believe what I saw: A dozen of gigantic semi naked girls dancing at the centre of a huge hall fillled with tiny little men!!!

Larry turned his face and looked at me smiling. I was completely astonished. Around the hall were many stairs and alleys where the men gathered to watch the girls. There were tiny tables and chairs too, and the men were drinking beer and cheering at the beautiful giant women. Some of the giantesses were close to the men talking with them and laughing. The girls danced at a football field sized floor and the men were placed around it in different levels with the stairs and alleys communicating all the club. Most of the levels were as high as the girls’ faces so that the members were able to talk with them. At the end of the hall were the special places where the members interacted with the girls in many ways.
Larry and I started to walk and go upside through the stairs and alleys close to the entrance. He explained to me the club’s rules: the members can not contact the girls outside the club; it’s prohibited to talk about the club to strangers unless a member would invite somebody to become a member too (like me), etc. He also told me that a member and a girl could share a whole weekend together, but they had to be inside the club’s accomodations all the time. There are over 20 girls from all races working at the club, all of them very beautiful and attractive.
He said to me that when a candidate gets to know the club, a girl shows him the accomodations and introduces him to some of the other girls too.
Finally we got to an empty table where we sat and started to drink some beer. The show was impressive, the girls were gorgeous and all the members had a great time. I asked Larry what happened if a man, after being inside the club, chose not to become a member.
“It has never happened” he said smiling joyfully.
Suddenly, Larry turned his head and stopped smiling. I turned my head too and saw a gigantic black woman walking towards us. Danielle, as later I knew was her name, kept walking in our direction slowly, pointing her eyes at Larry. She was wearing a very tight black leather bikini and mid-thigh boots of the same color. Her body was imposing and curvy and I noticed that Larry looked at her with utter fear and excitement at the same time.
“I’ve been waiting for you, insect!!!” her voice sounded like a thunder while the huge dominatrix moved her hand to grab Larry’s fat body.
“See you on monday at the office “ -he said while tree sized fingers closed around him, “your girl will be here any minute to show... aarghhh!!”
He couldn’t finish the sentence because Danielle was squeezing him in her fist and getting him close to her face.
“You’re late worm!!” -the impressive black giantess said while Larry tried to breath helplessly caught in her fist, “Next time I’m gonna eat you alive, got it!!?”.
“Yes my mistress” Larrry answered with a barely hearing voice.
“Well, now it’s time to put you where you belong” -Danielle said while moving her fist and my imprisoned supervisor to her back. With her other hand she removed her leather bikini bottom from her ass and without saying anything else, she let Larry fall in her butt through her crack. She fit her bottom while I watched fascinated and in awe at the same time. And then, she saw me for the first time.
“You’re the new guy?” she asked me getting her face close to me.
“Yyes” I babbled.
“Great!, Hi my name is Danielle” - she said smiling, “I got to go and punish this maggot. Hope you like here, see you around. “. Danielle turned her back at me and I was able to see a tiny lump moving. It was Larry trapped at the bottom of her magnificent bubble buns. She turned her head to watch me and blinking an eye at me she put a couple of fingers on her bottom pressing Larry. Licking her lips she started to push Larry forcing him through her butt cheeks. After a few seconds Larry’s little body was out of sight, completely inmersed in Danielle’s anus flesh. Danielle leaned over giving me a great view of her ass and she used a finger to check her crack moving it up and down several times. Once she was sure that Larry was safely trapped deeply inside her sphincter she got up and walked away. She moved her hips up and down sensually enjoying the tiny body inside her body.
I watched with my mouth open. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was in heaven!!!
But I started to feel nervous. What kind of girl would be the one that was going to be guide? Would she be as dominant and cruel as Danielle, or even worse?
I finished drinking my beer and started to smoke a cigarrette anxiously. Then a heard a voice speaking to me.
“Are you the new guy?”
I moved up my face in order to see the girl talking to me, and for a moment I got totally mute. In front of me was a beautiful blue eyed blonde girl with very short hair. She was wearing only a very tight pink colored thong (I noticed this later).
“Hi, I’m Inga” -she said to me. The astonishing well muscled nordic girl talked to me smiling and I just couldn’t say a word. “It seems that you are very shy” -she continued saying, “Nevermind. But now it’s time to start the tour around the club. I’m your guide”.
She moved her huge hand towards my petrified body. Holding me firmly in her fist she got me close to her face. She was smiling at me, amused at my reaction.
“I’m going to place you in a safe spot where you’ll be able to watch everyting”. And then she put me on one of her naked huge tits and spreading my legs with her tree trunk sized fingers she mounted me on her pink erected nipple.
“I put this on you so that you won’t fall” -she said while attaching a small piece of sticking tape to my chest and belly to her tit.
My limbs were free and I felt comfortable sitting on her soft nipple. I put my hands at the sides of my body and I felt the warm skin of her tit. I stroked her skin softly several times.
“It’s time to begin” -she said starting to walk while my tiny little body moved up and down rhythmically, attached to her beautiful breast like a sticky thing.



I was very comfortable riding Inga’s nipple when she started to walk in order to show me the club’s installations. First she took me near the centre of the hall and the dancing area where eight curvaceous and gigantic girls danced sensually.
“Most of the members come here only to watch the girls dance, drink beer and have a good time with their peers” she said, “they are able to reserve tables accordingly to their membership’s antiquity. So, the guys owning the oldest memberships are the ones who are closer to the girls dancing.”
I was in ecstasy beholding the gorgeous dancers. Three of them were blond, two brunettes, two afroamerican and one asian. They were scanty dressed and it seemed that they were having a good time too.
“Some girls go to the members’ tables to chat a little while with them” Inga continued, “sometimes the girls take the men and put them inside their tops or bikinies or thongs for a while. And sometimes they keep the men inside their undies while dancing.”
I was able to see a gigantic dancer carefully taking a very drunk guy and put him in the front part of her tiny g-string. The girl spent some time placing the man inside her flesh, but he finally was completely inserted in her vagina and lost from sight. The girl turned around walking towards the other dancing girls and started to dance with the little body deeply lodged inside her pussy.
“There’s no better way to calm down a member when he gets too annoying than using him as a tampon for a couple of minutes” she said smiling at me, obviously referring to the scene I’ve just watched.
We spent ten more minutes watching the girls dancing in the centre of the hall and then we continued the tour. Inga walked towards the back part of the club where the “special areas” were, as Inga said a series of rooms were called. These rooms have different kinds of equipment, furniture and stuff and the members are free to use them with the giantess they choose.
“Inside these rooms the members can spent some time with the girls more intimately. Depending on which fantasy they prefer, the girls are able to interact with them in several ways.”
Inga and I went over the rooms one by one, and she explained to me the purpose of each one of them.
“In this room the girls use the members as a seat while doing some exercise” she said about a room where five static bicycles were placed. A couple of giantesses were exercising themselves and laughing at the same time. One of them was completely nude except of the sport sneakers and white socks she was using. The other one was wearing a very tight pink leotard. The two girls turned their heads and greeted Inga. She asked them to rise their asses a little and getting closer we were able to see two little men completely wet by butt sweat and caught between the girls’ huge buns. Both of them were motionless but they had a stupid smile on their faces.
“Sometimes the girls have a member inside their sneakers too” she said while turning around and continuing the tour.
“Here the girls can take a bubble bath” Inga said opening the door of a room that had a huge tube, “they do it while they use a lucky member to lather themselves or they can have fun with him in other ways”. A beautiful giant latina girl was using the tube at that moment. She had a tiny soap man in her hand and she was using him to massage her big breasts. The tiny man was literally devoured by her cleavege and she was laughing ‘cos she said he was tickling her.
We continued the tour visiting the rooms. We got to a room where a huge white toilet was placed.
“I don’t think I have to explain what happens here” Inga said lowering her face and smiling at me, “there are some members who are very radical and enjoy the most extreme fantasies”.
Despite the noise and music coming from the club’s dancing place I could hear a voice coming from the toilet. It was a tiny guy asking for help. I was going to ask Inga to get closer and see what was going on, but then Danielle suddenly appeared in front of us.
“Don’t worry” she said kindly, “I’ve got everything under control”. And smiling she closed the room’s door. It seemed that Larry was a radical member...
“Only the very dominating girls accept to fulfill this kind of fantasies” my gigantic guide said, “some others, like me, enjoy interacting with the members in other ways” she said smiling.
We continued the tour, Inga walking and I mounting her erected nipple. We arrived to a number of rooms where there was a bed, clean sheets and some pillows only  in each one of them.
“In these rooms the girls and the members get to know each other very deeply” Inga said, “they can be reserved for a whole weekend or for only a couple of hours. So, by using these rooms a girl and a member can enjoy a couple of days together, alone, safe and in completely privacy, because it is forbidden for the members to contact the girls outside the club”.
I didn’t understand quite well what she meant with “very deeply” but I nodded. Only one of the rooms was occupied at that time and through the closed door I could hear a girl moaning, it seemed that she was having an orgasm. I felt curious and wanted to know what the member was doing to the girl that she enjoyed so much. Later I would find out that the point is not what the member does, but what the giantess does “with” the client that can cause her so much pleasure.
“Some times the girls organize sessions of aerobic exercise, where each girl has one or more members inside with them” she said, “these exercise sessions can last up to two hours and they are scheduled on Sunday mornings. But the members have to make reservations a couple of weeks before, cos the girls are allowed to place only four guys in their clothes each session. After the exercise we go to the club’s sauna for a couple of hours too.”
After going over other rooms, some of them seemed to be medieval dungeons and jails filled with tiny torture instruments like very small iron maidens, and other had jacuzzies and champagne bottles in ice; finally we got to a room larger than the others. About a dozen tiny men were standing in hole walls dug in the top part of the room. They were smoking and very excited.
“In this room and from those holes, the voyeour members are able to watch the girls fulfilling their fantasies but using other men” Inga said, “their fantasies generally include pussy and ass insertion, stomping, sitting, fake eating, actual eating and some others. The men that are used in this room come from prisons from all over the world. All of them have been declared guilty of the most terrible, horrendous crimes and they have already sentenced to death. I don’t know how they get here, but it’s sure that they will never leave this place alive” Inga said with a stern face.
A huge asian girl entered the room holding a box with several of these men inside. The members in the hole walls came closer in order to see them. The show was about to begin. Two other girls entered the room, they were totally naked except of the red high heel shoes in their feet.
“There is special furniture in this room. It allows the members to watch the girls torturing the men. For instance, there are chairs built with a special transparent plastic substance, so the members can witness the men, from under the chairs, as they are crushed by the girls’ butts.”
“In order to be able to witness this kind of fantasies inside this room, the members have to sign a special agreement where they state that they will never reveal what’s going on in here” Inga said later. We exited the room and while Inga closed the door I was able to hear the thunderous laughters of the girls as well as the despair and pain cries of the unfortunate death sentenced men.
“The club’s accomodations also can be reserved for special events, like birthday parties, bachelor parties, etc.” Inga continued talking to me, “one or more girls can be hired for the special event. We have different fees so you can choose which is more convenient for you”.
“Some times the members like us to be disguised, like dominatrixes for example.” Inga said while she walked towards one of the empty bedrooms.
“So we’ve ended the tour. And as the final part of the introduction program we’ll get to know each other deeply...” the beautiful blonde girl said as she got on the bed and freed me from her huge tit.
Taking my tiny being carefully in her fingers, Inga started to undress me. I could notice that she had experience undressing tiny guys ‘cos she did it painlessly, and in less than one minute I found myself completely naked. Then she took both of my hands using her thumb and her index finger and got me close to her angel face. She smiled at me and then she proceeded to lick my body thoroughly with her big and warm pink tongue. After a few seconds my body was soaked in her saliva and dripping. Finally, she introduced my body in her mouth, leaving outside only my head and my arms, and started sucking on me as if I were a phallus. I cum inside her mouth in less than two minutes. She noticed it inmediately and giggling she took me out of her mouth.
“Now it’s my turn” she said blinking an eye, “one of the good things of this job is that we can get sexual pleasure from the members and get paid for it”.
She moved my diminute being on her skin towards her feet. I went over her huge breasts, her flat hard belly and finally her pink thong clothed vulva. She started inmediately to put me inside her thong and between her pussy lips. Her fragrant pussy was overwhelming and I just couldn’t believe what was happening. This giant beautiful women was using me to get pleasure as a living dildo!!!
Inga placed two fingers on me and started to push. Although her strenght was inmense compared to mine she didn’t squash me, but I was inserted softly in her vagina. Once I was completely inside her, Inga started to squeeze with her vaginal walls. Caught in a total scented darkness I tried to enjoy the moment. The pressure applied by her muscular walls was intense but bearable, however the level of her vaginal fluids started to increase little by little and I got affraid of dying inside her. Inga was using the fingers of one hand to stimulate her clit while squeezing and enjoying my little body’s movements. It seemed that she really loved me to put my arms against her walls trying to push them apart. Each time I did this she quivered and shook while increasing the pressure on me. Finally the pressure was so high that I ended with my arms pinned to my sides and without air in my lungs.
After many orgasms, Inga relaxed her pussy muscles and I exited her body dragged by a stream of her fluids. My body got caught between her vulva and her ping thong, but it didn’t pass many seconds before she took me again  and got me close to her beautiful face. She placed my exhausted body between her tits. I was thankful for the break because her pussy had been tough with me. Unfortunately for me, only a few minutes passed before she started manipulating me again to get pleasure, but in other way.
She started to cover my body thoroughly with a special kind of lubricant jelly. I was too tired and didn’t realize what she wanted to do with me. I was mesmerized by her beautiful blue eyes. She looked at me smiling mischievously and licking her lips, this made me feel uncomfortable. There I was, completely at the mercy of this gigantic blond who had already used me inside her pussy to reach several orgasms and now she was covering me with a kind of jelly that is generally used for.... oh nooo!!!!
“You know” she said smiling contentedly, “all the girls that work in this club loooove back door action. I mean, using you tiny guys as butt plugs is quite enjoyable. We just love to have you back there moving and thrashing around, it’s so much fun. There, your’re ready. Now its your turn to see what I mean. Be nice and wiggly”. And saying this she turned her body around on the bed, raised her hips and moved her hand and my trapped jelly covered body towards her magnificent ass.



Inga didn’t waste any time and got me inside her rectum quickly. My tiny body was well lubricated, so after a few seconds I found myself trapped in a hot moist cave. First, Inga squeezed me for some minutes as if her rectum was probing and relishing me. I was unmercyfully compressed, her rectum walls exerted so much power over me that the air from my lungs was forced outside of my body, for a moment I fear the worst. Then she took my feet carefully and started to pulling me out and pushing me in inside her ass hole. Thanks to the jelly covering my skin I didn’t suffer too much, however her strenght was overwhelming. After five minutes, Inga reached an anal orgasm and moaning she stuck me deeply in her intestines using a huge finger.
The blond giantess spent a few minutes laying on the bed, getting herself together after the orgasm and enjoying my tiny being inside her body. Even though I was able to breath, the enviroment was too hot and wet and little by little I started to fall unconscious. However I noticed when Inga stuck a finger and started to look for me inside her rectum. It took her a few moments to find me, but finally she drew my sored body from her ass.
Inga let me rest some minutes laying on one of her awesome buttocks. The feeling of her warm skin helped me regaining my senses and I started to gentle stroke her fleshy hill using all my body, I started to kiss it and softly bite it too. Inga felt my tiny body moving on her bun and taking me with two fingers she started to move me in circles gently on her tanned skin. Feeling her soft skin and her firm young butt was great and I inmensely enjoyed her manipulating me in this way several minutes. I had an orgasm too due to this and when Inga noticed it she took me from her ass and turning around she got me close to her beautiful face.
“Well, it’s time to come back” she said “the tour is over”.
She put her pink tiny thong on and she placed me on one of her muscular buttocks again. She used another piece of sticking tape on me to make sure I wouldn’t fall.
The way back was quite shaking because my body went up and down constantly due to the movement of her ass as she walked. We went through all the special rooms, but this time Inga didn’t stop in any of them. In a few minutes we were back in the centre of the club and the dancing spot, where Inga started to dance still having me attached to her rear. I found myself coated in her sweat and a little dizzy due to her hips moving rhythmically with the music.
One time another giantess dancer got close to Inga and she carefully placed her ass next to Inga’s and me. The two giantesses got their butts together and I became the middle part of a gigantic butt flesh sandwich. They kept dancing and their sweat soaked me and some times made my breathing difficult. However I quite enjoyed being squashed by both giant asses. The girls danced for some more minutes stroking each other with each other’s rears while I got a few orgasms more. Finally, the other giantess walked away and the members watching us clapped and cheered at my completely sexually satisfied and exhausted face. Inga danced for about ten more minutes until she finally stepped out of the dancing place and unattached me from her bun. Then she took me to one empty table.
“That’s all for now. The application to become a member will be delivered personally to you by the member that brought you here. See you later”. Inga turned around and I beheld once more the delicious butt where I was inserted in and then attached to just a few seconds ago.
I spent the rest of the night drinking beer and watching the beautiful dancers. It felt like home to me, everybody there had the same taste for giantesses like me and in this place I wouldn’t feel aprehensive about sharing my inclinations that seemed so awkward to others.
I didn’t see Larry until next monday morning when he gave me the club’s application.
“So, what do you think?” he said with his known smile on his face even though I noticed some bruises on her face and arms, “are you ready to become a member of Giant Passions?
“Sure!!!” I answered “where do I sign?”.
And so, in this way I became a member of Giant Passions, where all dreams come true... and from that week on I went every friday to my date with the most beautiful and gigantic women in the whole world

A few weeks after I became a member, I had the chance to witness a bachelor party set in the club’s accomodations. The friends of the groom hired the services of two beautiful black girls, Cindy and Trisha, both of them owners of wide hips and awesome butts. In this special events, only the friends of the groom are invited, however Larry was friend of the best man, so he got myself invited to the party too.
The party took place on one saturday night and there were only about twenty members in the club. The groom’s name was Mike Mustaine.
The girls started to dance as usual on the dancing place in the centre of the club. But a few minutes later they took Mike from his chair and began to play with him. One of them, Cindy, grabbed Mike and took of all his clothes and then she tied him to her hand. She started to stroke the other girl slowly, making Mike move all over her enormous body. The invited members clapped cheerfully while the lucky guy was massaged against the breasts and legs of Trisha. This took several minutes, and later Cindy untied Mike from her hand. She gave Mike to Trisha while she stripped completely. Cindy got on all four on the dancing place and turned around, showing her plump ass to the audience while Trisha held Mike in her fist. Trisha used Mike to caress Cindy’s rounded and meaty ass. Mike was literally swallowed alive by her huge buns while Trisha made him go through Cindy’s crack several times.
After this, Trisha got a dildo and tied Mike to it. The guests shouted gleefully when they saw Trisha using the dildo on Cindy, moving it in and out and with littly Mike attached to it.
Cindy moved her hips sensually while Trisha fucked her from behind with the dildo and once Mike was completely covered in Cindy’s juices, Trisha untied him from the dildo and laying face up she started to use him to please herself. Now, Mike’s tiny body was being manipulated by Trisha’s fingers in and out of her own pussy faster and faster. The members kept shouting and cheering the girls while enjoying the show.
Finally, Trisha drew Mike from her loins and taking him with two fingers she held him and showed him to the rest of the guests. Mike was hanging from the giantess’ fingers upside down completely soaked in her fluids. Many drops fell from his body to the dancing floor. Although he seemed very tired and a little bruised, Mike looked quite happy, although he didn’t expect what came next.
Trisha handed tiny lucky Mike to Cindy, and she started to coat him with the same lubricant jelly Inga had used on me before. Mike realized Cindy’s intentions quickly and started to protest by kicking and struggling with all his might. But his efforts were hardly noticed by the gigantic blakc girl who kept her task with a big smile on her face. Once she considered that Mike was ready, she handed him to Trisha. Trisha took him carefully and got him close to Cindy’s giant butt. Cindy had already turned around spread her buttcheeks and raised her hips in order to make Trisha’s task easier.
Mike kept struggling all the way while the guests cheered excitedly. Trisha didn’t seem to notice his efforts and started to insert him inside Cindy’s anus feetfirst. Trisha spent several minutes sticking Mike because she wanted to perform a good show to the guests and make Mike angrier. Meanwhile Cindy had her eyes closed and enjoyed the tiny being getting deeper and deeper in her rectum. With a final push, Trisha finished inserting Mike’s body inside Cindy’s intestines, leaving outside only his head. Spreading widely Cindy’s cheeks, Trisha showed to the guests Mike’s face framed by Cindy’s anus while Cindy smiled turning her head to the members.
When the invited members saw this they started to shout: All the way in! All the way in! And so, Trisha turned to see tiny Mike and with an amused expression on her face she stuck her lips to Cindy’s meaty ass. She had Mike’s head inside her mouth and she started to push him softly using her tongue deeper inside Cindy. Mike screamed when he found himself inside the gigantic mouth but his voice couldn’t be heard by anybody and Trisha’s giant pink tongue pushed him firmly deeper and deeper. He felt completely helpess. A few second later Mike was totally inserted in Cindy’s rectum. Trisha spread Cindy’s cheeks again in order to show that there was nothing left of Mike in Cindy’s anus. The guests cheered at the giantesses while drinking and partying in the name of their good friend Mike Mustaine who was helpessly trapped inside Cindy’s hot humid intestine.
I continued enjoying the party too, next to Larry who was already quite drunk and clapped and shouted loudly to the giant girls. One of the girls noticed noisy Larry and took him from our table while she talking to the other one.
“Hey Cindy isn’t this Danielle’s butt plug?” Trisha asked.
“Yeah, I think he is” Cindy answered “what are you thinking Trisha?” Cindy asked when she noticed Trisha mischievously smiling at Larry.
“I’m thinking about using this insect a little while. I want to know if Danielle was lying when she said that this fat guy was the best suppository she had ever used” she said licking her lips. And she moved Larry towards her ass using her other hand to open her buns not saying anything else. Poor Larry had no time to react and he found himself crushed between Trisha’s buttocks in a few seconds.
It seemed that Larry was a kind of butt magnet. Everytime I had being with him at the club, he had always ended between some giantess’ buns.
The time to get Mike outside arrived, and Cindy got in a squating position showing her ass to the audience. She opened her buns widely with both hands and started to push Mike outside her body. Littly by little his body started to appear at Cindy’s anus, first his head, then his shoulders and arms. Cindy let him hanging from her opening a few seconds and she started to move her hips when only his legs were left inside. His tiny body was moved rhythmically and pathetically as Cindy shook her hips from side to side. Cindy turned her face and smiled at the guests as she kept moving Mike using only her ass to manipulate him. Later only his feet remained inside her sphincter. Cindy closed her anus tightly so as not to let Mike fall and continued moving her hips. It seemed that Mike was a clock’s pendulum. The members clapped loudly and cheered at Cindy who kept smiling and controling Mike at will with her anus. Finally Cindy relaxed her sphincter and Mike got completely outside her body.
Trisha caught him with a tissue in her hand and took him to get clean.

This was the first bachelor party I went to as a Giant Passions’ member. Some weeks later a asked for an application in order to go to the so called “no return room”. I was intrigued about what was going on there and I wanted to know what was the fate of the poor bastards that were used by the giantesses in that room.



After fulfilling the requirements needed to behold a session in the “no return room”, I was informed that the activities in this place only took place once a month and that I should reserve a spot as soon as possible if I wanted to assist to the following week’s session. These sessions are in high demand, so I rushed to reserve my place.
The day of the session arrived and I was quite excited. I hadn’t been this nervous since Larry had introduced me to the club. I got to the club at 10 PM sharp and headed directly to the “no return room” where I would spend the rest of the night. I walked on the aisles around the dancing spot, where four beautiful girls danced showing their magnificent bodies to other members, then I ascended several feet through a few stairs and got to the darkest place of the club. This room was designed for the members in order to let them watch the action from a high spot. The sessions took place in the floor, where some tools and devices could be seen while the members were safely placed several feet above and around the centre of the room. Once I got to the “no return room” I was surprised that several members were already there. About 20 members had already arrived and they seemed as excited and jumpy as myself. They’re chatting, laughing and smoking while patiently waiting for the show to start.
I began to talk to a nice guy called Joe B. It was his first time in the “no return room” too. We talked about ten minutes cheerfully until a chime sounded: it was the indication that the show was about to start. All the members had arrived, about 40 of them. A giant iron door opened and a gorgeous giant girl with japanese features walked through it. The giantess called everyone’s attention by ringing a tiny bell.
“Welcome to one more session in the “no return room” she said “many of you already know me, for those of you who don’t, my name is Kim. Also, many of you have already been here before and know the rules and obligations that must be observed once you’ve been accepted to be in this room. However for the new ones, these are the rules...”
All the members were silent while they listened to Kim explain each of the no return room’s rules. She was dressed perfectly for the session: mid-thigh black leather boots with huge heels, a tiny two-piece bikini made of black leather too and a pair of very long gloves that covered her forearms and reached her elbows (they were black leather gloves of course). Her long black hair reached her waist and her beautifully traced face bewitched me inmediately. She had small perky breasts, a narrow waist and long, long well-toned legs. Lastly, her ass was astounding: perfectly rounded, very muscled but with the exactly amount of body fat that made it shake lightly whenever she moved and walked. Every time she turned around I got literally breathless. I was so mesmerized admiring her butt that I didn’t listen to the rules she was explaining: A mistake that almost caused my death later.
Once kim had finished with the rules I stood next to the other members in the aisles built in the higher parts of the room. I got next to Joe B. and waited nervously.
Two more giantesses entered. I recognized one of them: it was Danielle, Larry’s domina. The other one was a very attractive blond girl called Nelly. These girls were dressed like Kim, with black leather and scarcely. Danielle was carrying a box where the 20 bastards about to be sacrified in this session were trapped in.
The members held their breath when Danielle opened the box showing its contents. The poor men were totally naked and looked terrified. It was a pathetic vision. Danielle sauntered around the room smiling and showing the prisoners to the members above.
Kim got her hand into the box and took out a bald tiny guy with a prominent pot belly.
“This fellow used to rape and molest children before and after celebrating masses” Kim said to the members while holding the priest by one of his foot. “He’s here to pay for his terrible sins , right father?”. And without saying anything else she tied him to her gloved hand with a thin thread. Meanwhile, Danielle got herself close to Kim, turned around and bending down she presented her enormous and round butt to Kim. Kim began to gently whip Danielle’s ass using the hand where the terrified priest was tied to. She started very gently and softly, almost caressing the delicious meaty hills and then, little by little she increased the strength until the poor man was crushed over and over against Danielle’s mammoth behind. The child molester was crying his lungs out but after a while he was unconscious, but Kim kept spanking Danielle unmercyfully. After a few minutes he was nothing but a shapeless blody mass. Danielle’s right butt cheek was stained with his blood and part of his flesh but she didn’t seem to notice it. Kim untied the priest’s remainings and threw him in giant trash can placed in a corner of the room.
Many members were petrified and stood breathless not believing what just had happened before their eyes. Some were clapping, but others, like myself, just watched in silence.
Next, Danielle took out another guy from the box. He was bald and chunky too, but looked older than the murdered priest.
“This hateful bug is the bishop who didn’t listen to the complaints of the children raped by the worm who has just been crushed against my cute booty” said the black giantess.
This time Kim turned around and presented her awesome ass to Danielle. “It’s time to pay for your omission sins your grace”.
Danielle started to rub the fat guy against Kim’s delightful butt. After a few minutes Kim took down the tight bikini bottom and exposed her naked crack to the unfortunate bishop. Danielle put a finger tip on the back of his head and pushed it towards Kim’s anus.
“This is the only thing you’re gonna worship now worm” she said. The bishop’s tiny head disappeared inside Kim’s dark orifice while his body struggled frantically to get free. Danielle took out his tiny head from Kim’s sphincter and watched him amusedly. The miserable guy fought to breath and was sweatting considerably.
“Now you have to kiss it” said Danielle and got him close to the tight hole again.
Many members cheered loudly while the bishop licked and kissed the forrowed surface of Kim’s anus. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be crying, but neither Danielle nor Kim cared about it. One more time his head was thrusted inside the hole, but this time Danielle let his body hang from Kim’s ass freely. Kim walked around shaking her hips rhythmically and moving the bishop’s flabby body from side to side. The members shouted and clapped loudly again. Finally, Danielle took his head out of Kim’s butthole and got him close to her face. “It’s time to die your grace” she said and shoved his head into Kim’s ass hole again. This time Kim, squeezed her anular muscle so hard that she broke the bishop’s neck in a few seconds.
The members clapped again when they noticed that the tiny body didn’t move any more and hung lifelessly between Kim’s buns. She took him out and tossed him into the trash can too.
Now it was Nelly’s turn. While the members were watching Kim and Danielle, Nelly had taken two other fellows from the box and she tied them to a huge dildo. This dildo was attached to a chair close to where Joe B. and I were beholding the session.
“These scumbags are the terrorists who bombed several universities and labs” Nelly said while the two guys tied to the dildo trembled helplessly.
“They mutilated and killed many people” continued the blond giantess “Now it’s their time to pay”. Nelly got herself above the chair and opening widely her muscular legs she began to descend on the dildo and the terrified fundamentalists. The members held their breath and watched Nelly’s hungry pussy devouring slowly both guys. Nelly hold her pussy lips opened using two fingers and smiled contentedly as she saw their heads disappear and then their bodies inside herself. Soon their whole bodies had completely been swallowed by her vagina and Nelly began to move her inmense body up and down violently.
It was obvious that Nelly was enjoying her job because she started to moan and then to cry out loud while riding the dildo and both bastards. The members were shouting and cheering loudly, even I started to shout and whistle too. Nelly smiled and winked an eye to the members while kept tormenting the terrorists. Finally, Nelly reached a loud orgasm and then remained sat on the chair with the dildo stuffed completely inside her body. Afte a few moments she raised from the chair and we were able to watch the two exhausted and covered in pussy juice criminals. The friction had made great damage on their skins that now were red.
“Well, that was very nice” the blond giant girl said “but now it’s time for some back door action”. Not saying anything else she sat on the guys again, but this time she inserted them between her opened butt cheeks. The members held their breath and watched Nelly’s opened anus devour little by little, like a huge boa, the dildo with both tiny men. After a few moments, they were completely swallowed by her pink sphincter. All the members clapped loudly again when Nelly started to move up and down one more time.
Once more, Nelly reached an orgasm and when she raised from the chair we beheld the two guys, now dead but still tied to the dildo. Their bodies were broken and twisted in unnatural and ridiculous positions. Nelly’s powerful butt had proved to be an authentic chamber of death for these miserable bastards.
Both of them were tossed to the trash can too.
By this time, all the giantesses only kept their black leather boots and gloves put on. They had taken their tops, bikinis and thongs away in order to execute their punishments easier.
Now each of the girls took a man and began a strange and cruel game. Every giantess folded the tiny guy in their hands and slowly started to thrust them in their buttholes, so that the first part of the men’s bodies to enter their rectums was the men’s own asses.
The three of them got themselves on the floor, on their hands and knees with their astounding behinds raised and opened towards the members. In this way we were able to watch the diminute men trapped in their sphincters being swallowed inch by inch.
Little by little the poor miserable guys were inserted in the beautiful giantesses’ bowels. The three men were crying and begging for mercy but the giant girls laughed and ignored them. The winner of the game was the giantess who could insert the man in her rectum faster than the others. After a few minutes only the men’s tiny feet were seen on the girls’ buttholes, the men were fighting with all their might trying to survive. The winner was Danielle, but Nelly wanted a rematch. Three more men were removed from the box, they were folded and thrusted into the wrinkled orifices. Danielle won again but Nelly put a great fight. The six tiny unmercifully bent and cruelly squeezed corpses ended in the trash can too.
The members kept shouting and clapping all the time the game lasted. Now it was time for a brake. Every one of the members headed outside the room, but Joe B. and I went through a different aisle...


By Ramvo

When Joe and I came back to the “No return room”, we entered an aisle that wasn’t the one intended to be used by the members. Soon we were lost, many different aisles and corridors went up and down, we felt like we were in a labyrinth!
We were completely lost and we didn’t know what to do, so we just keep on walking through the aisles and corridors until we found a small iron door. We struggled to open it but finally we did it, however we should’ve never done that. Before we could react many men attacked us. They punched and kicked us madly and they took our clothes off... We had arrived to one of the cells where the soon to be sacrificed men were kept!!!
Over a dozen of them beat the hell out of us until we lost our senses. However, before they could kill us an intense light from the top of the cell blinded them.
The men started to scream in agony. It was Kim who opened the roof of the cell and was taking all of us to the second part of the session in the No return room!
Joe and I were beat pretty bad and we couldn’t realize what was going on. Kim took the cell (or box) that kept us to the center of the room. She and the other two giantesses got ready to continue with the session of torture and killing.
This time, Kim took two unlucky guys and sticked them to a smooth and transparent plastic surface. She placed them, carefully measuring the distance that separated them. Next, she turned around and slowly sat on them. Each man got under one of her beautiful and soft buttcheeks. They were crushed to death very slowly. They fought and yelled at first, when Kim’s rear began its downward movement over them. Nevetheless, they were tightly sticked with a special viscous fluid to the smooth surface. Soon their screams were muffled by Kim’s delicious ass flesh. She giggled mischeavously while adjusting her butt on the plastic surface. First she moved her astounding butt in circles and then from right to left, and finally she moved her hips up and down vigorously. When she rised from her seat, the two guys were nothing but bloody spots on the pale surface of Kim’s bubble butt.
I was able to watch all of this, it was like a nightmare. I couldn’t believe that in a few minutes I was going to be tortured and slaughtered by one these magnificent giant girls.
While Kim took another couple of men and sticked them to the now clean transparent surface, Nelly and Danielle made up a new game. Each of them had a see-through tube inserted in their distended sphincters and they were having fun introducing little men into their rectums. Each of them was able to put five or six tiny men inside their intestines. However, they had to help each other to put their luckless pets inside their rear holes. They took turns, while one got on all fours on the room’s floor, the other one would step behind her and let the tiny men fall through the transparent tube. The miserably men would scream and beg for mercy until they’re swallowed alive by the girl’s relaxed anal orifice. One by one the minuscle pets fell and entered Danielle’s dark orifice or Nelly’s pink anus.
Once they were satisfied and their rectums stuffed with tiny men, they sat down casually and chit chatted for a few moments. They waited for their intestine walls to work on the unlucky anal toys.
Kim had already squashed another two prisoners and the box where we were kept began to get empty little by little.
After some minutes Nelly and Danielle squatted and began to defecate their tiny prisoners. One by one the tiny men fell on the room’s floor. They fell on each other making a little pile under each of the girls’ giant asses. None of them moved anymore.
Danielle kept her inmense ass wide open, holding her fleshy ass cheeks with both hands, she watched amusedly as the little corpses fell from her anus. Meanwhile Nelly kept her eyes closed and smiled contentedly as the dead tiny guys were pushed outside her body one by one.
Once they got the motionless men from their bodies, the giant executioners finished the job. Apparently the tiny men were only unconscious, so the girls decided to waste them swiftly by stepping on them. They trampled the piles of tiny guys until they were a shapeless mass of flesh and blood on the No return room’s floor.
All the members were cheering and clapping while the girls smiled and continued with their annhilation job.
Kim crushed another two guys using now her magnificent tits and her hard erected nipples were red-blood stained.
Nelly and Danielle picked another six men from the box and placed them in the middle of the room. Nelly took one man and put him inside her mouth, she got close to Danielle and kissed her. They kissed each other passionately as the members roared with excitement. The girls were holding and caressing each other, they shared the tiny guy as they played with him using their soft tongues. After awhile they put two other guys between their nipples and hold each other tightly squeezing them with their voluptuous turgent tits.
After suffocating them for some time, they put a new man inserted lightly inside their pussies. They shared him too as they put his head lightly in one pussy and the other one put his stretched out legs inside her opened lips too. With one single push the inserted him in their pussies, one half of his body inside each of the giant vaginas. They pleased each other and kept kissing and hugging, squeezing the other tiny men between their breasts.
Finally, they used the remaining prisoners on the floor to stimulate their rear holes. Each giantess rubbed a tiny guy in the other one’s butt. The poor men were mercylessly used to massage the huge buttcheeks time after time. They went through the girls’ wet asscracks countless times and they got soaked in the sweat flowing from the giantesses’ asscracks
Nelly began to introduce the guy on Danielle´s ass into her excited anus. With one hand she opened the black girl’s gigantic butt and with the other one she pumped in and out the tiny man out of the orifice increasing the pumping speed little by little.
Meanwhile Danielle began to please Nelly too, but she decided to insert the minuscle prisoner feet-first. Pushing him with one of her long fingers Danielle got him deeply inside Nelly’s ‘til he was out of sight. Danielle pushed her finger inside several times making sure that the tiny being was trapped as deep as possible into the blonde giantess’ rectum. Once she couldn’t find a trace of him in Nelly’s intestines she rubbed Nelly’s rear, softly and slowly caressing the white muscle hills. Nelly kept pumping in and out the little man from Danielle’s hole and began to move him around in circles slowly. They were kissing each other and pressing their breasts as well as sharing the little slave between their well lubricated vaginas and the one in their mouths too.
Finally, Nelly got the tiny toyman completely inside Danielle’s rectum, they kept kissing and rubbing each other while the excited crew clapped and cheered them loudly.
While all this was happening, Kim got horny too and got her hand inside the box where only Joe and I remained. She pulled out Joe. She began to rub him against her wet pubis and little by little she inserted him into her vagina. I was terrified and watched in horror how poor Joe was swallowed alive by the fleshy pussy lips of the gigantic and beautiful japanese girl. Kim moaned softly as she moved tiny Joe in and out of her pussy and the poor guy was now totally soaked in her lubricant fluids. He was coughing and spitting but Kim didn’t care about it.
After a few minutes I got really excited too as I watched Danielle and Nelly rubbing each other and Kim caressing herself using Joe.
Suddenly Kim turned around to the box, where I was the only tiny man imprisoned now. I almost pissed myself as I noticed her looking at me with a mischeavous and lusty smile. She moved her hand towards me as she licked her lips sensually. Sadly she didn’t realize that Joe and I were members and that we’d fallen into one of the No return room’s prison boxes by mistake!!
She took me with her long and fine fingers and moved me to the backside of her amazing body. For a few seconds I was able to admire the astounding view of her incredible bubble butt: two enormous and perfect spheres of firm muscle and light bodyfat, that caused the desire of all the members inside the No return room, these twin moons were slightly separated I noticed as I was inexorably moved towards them. She waisted no time as she started to rub me against and between them. After some minutes I was covered by her sweat and suffering from the rough way she used me to caress her ass.
And so it had to happen as Kim began to push me through her lightly moist anus a few minutes later. Head-first I was roughly forced into her fragrant sphincter. A few moments later I was half in her rectum when she held me by my ankles with a couple of fingers and moved my sore body in and out, slowly first and increasing the speed gradually later.
The force and pain on me was so intense that I began to lose my senses inexorably. My bruised body couldn’t take anymore as she kept using me to stimulate her sphincter for an eternity.
Finally she reached an intense anal orgasm. She pushed me deeper into her loins and I felt her intestine walls compressing me mercylessly pushing the air out of my lungs.
The hard breathing, the strenght odor as well as the heat were taking their toll on me as I was slowly choking inside Kim. It dawned on me that I was going to die, but I also thought that if dying was unavoidable, there could be no better place to die than inside the butt of this gorgeous giantess.
Slowly, I dazed off and with a smile on my face I gave up my fighting as I awaited for death to take me away...
But, I don’t know how long later I woke up in a cold and dry enviroment. My sight got clear and I was able to behold a beautiful and enormous face watching me with a worried expression. I’m in heaven I thought, but it was Kim who was holding me on the palm of her hand and looked at me with a face of worry and concern. She sighed relieved as she saw me regain my senses and began to move slowly.
“Are you alright?, I almost killed you” the beautiful giantess said to me.
“Ye-yes I think, I think I’m o.k.” I answered still tired and sore. I was happy of being alive, but my body was hurt and spent. Kim changed her look as she frowned upon me and scolded me.
“See? This happens when you don’t pay attention to my words. I clearly stated where were the room’s in and out doors!!
“Where is Joe?” I asked in great concern as I remembered that my friend had been through a lot of pain too!
“The other despicable worm was taken by Nelly. She’s taking care of him at this very moment. Don’t worry about him” Kim answered without changing her angry expression.
I was relieved and as I was very tired I fell asleep on Kim’s soft hand. I still listened to her scolding in my dreams.
From that day on, Kim and I became good friends. Every time I went to the club she came to see me. We talked for a while and then she’d take me with her for some giant pleasure. Sometimes she was very dominating and demanding, however I always feel comfortable with her as she’s not too mean with my minuscle body. I got to know that she’s a professional dominatrix and an amateur bodybuilder. She’s fond of bondage too.
Some months had passed since my near-death experience. I was comfortably placed between Kim’s delicious buns as she playfully squeezed me. She asked me if I knew that this year’s “Giant games’ weekend” was getting closer.
“Giant games?” I asked intrigued...

By Ramvo

The “Giant games” take place every year inside the club and they are a series of tests performed by couples (a giant girl and a member). At the end of the games, which last a whole weekend, the winning couple (the ones who score more points) are rewarded: the girl is given a nice amount of money, and the member gets the right to enjoy an entire (and frolicking) weekend with his giant partner inside the club, all expenses paid.
Kim was really excited about the games and she wanted me to be her partner, of course I accepted inmediately, even though I wasn’t sure what to expect. She said to me that this year she had prepared herself really well and that I had nothing to worry about.
“I just hope you’re in good shape” she said “some of the tests are hard for the members and I don’t want you to get hurt”.
“I’ve never been better” I answered, several months ago I had quit smoking and worked out regularly too, “I can handle all the tests” I added.
“O’right. The games will take place in a couple of weeks and you should arrive on time. I will handle the registration of our team. I’m sure we’ll win the first prize this year” she said smiling down on me. She was squeezing me in her fist with her long and fine fingers.
I smiled her back and asked “What are these tests about?”
“Some are skill tests, others are resistance tests and others are about creativity and imagination. These last ones are judged by a jury of 3 girls and 2 members” she informed me “I’m sure we’re gonna win but we have to make our best effort”.
“Do we have to practice before?”
No. It is not necessary. But you must sleep well the night before and be ready for anything” she said winking an eye at me.

Two weeks later I arrived to the club, ready to participate in my first Giant games.
Inside the club there was a lot of noise and excitement. There were a lot of giantesses and the participating members were laughing and joking while admiring the beautiful girls.
All the girls registered for the games were dressed accordingly: they had a sport top and a tight thong of the same color, and instead of high heels they had sneakers and white hoses. The make-up on their faces was scarce and their hair was fixed in pony tails. They were ready for action. Some of them were stretching and some others were chatting excitedly.
“To all the participating girls: take your partners and come to the center of the club” said a female voice comming from the sound system of the club.
At that moment I noticed Danielle. She walked by my side carrying Larry inside her gigantic hand.
“What are you doing here boy? We’re gonna kick your ass” Larry yelled at me just before Danielle squeezed him tight and cut his voice. I found out later that Larry and Danielle were the champions of the last year’s giant games, and that they were tough to beat. I also saw Joe who was caught in Nelly’s fist, they were participants too.
A few seconds later Kim found me and smiling she took me in her fist and then she gave me a huge and wet kiss.
“Are you ready champ?” she asked
“Sure” I answered while my body was tightly enveloped by her warm and soft hand.
After the registration process, the first thing for the girls to do was to take off our clothes and then, they painted our naked bodies with the same color of their tops and thongs. In a couple of seconds Kim ripped all my clothes and then she painted me thoroughly with a brush. My skin was now dark blue. The substance used to paint the members was non-toxic and we were informed that we’re going to remain painted the whole time during the Giant games.
Of the same color of Kim’s thong and top was now my skin colored. So, all the couples could now be distinguised by the color of the members’ skin and the girls’ scarce clothes.
After this, Kim placed me in the front of her thong and told me to wait while she and the other giantesses were given some directions.
I enjoyed the touch Kim’s pussy lips for some minutes and then she took me out and instructed me that the Giant games were about to start in a few moments.
All the participating giantesses formed a single row and placed their tiny couples inside their tops. One of the founders of the club gave a brief speech and then the Giant games of the year began.
All the couples get themselves ready for the first test.
The first test was probably the one that the members would enjoy the most, at least I thought so. However, it turned out to be too tiring and exhausting!
The girls had to use their enormous mouths and tongues to make their partners cum several times. They had to perform giant blow jobs on their tiny couples and make them cum the more times within 20 minutes!!!
After every time the member would ejaculate inside their mouths, the giantesses had to show the judges their tongues’ tips to prove they had made their partners cum.
This test worthed 50 points for the first place and my oriental giantess was ready for it. Kim placed me in the palm of her right hand and got her mouth close to my naked body. The girls were told that it was forbidden to open their lips before the sign , so she kept her mouth closed until a little explosion was heard across the club.
She inmediately began to stimulate my cock using her pink giant tongue. She moved it in circles around my middle section and between my legs and she gave gentle tips directly to my balls. I cum in less than one minute and Kim ran to the judges table to show them her tongue. In the tip of her tongue was the evidence of my ejaculation. As the judges noticed the tiny drops of semen on her tongue, Kim returned to her position in line with the other girls, and then she began to stimulate me once more. Her soft tongue got me hard in a few seconds again as she caressed my torso and belly with it. I shot another load a few moments later. She rushed again to the judges table carrying me tightly in her hand. She showed them her tongue and returned to her place.
After my third ejaculation I got pretty dazed. Kim kept massaging my cock and balls with her tongue and making me cum again and again. The last few times I was almost unconscious. The friction was terrible and I felt my skin burn despite Kim’s skills. During the last minutes she just glued her lips to my exhausted cock and began to suck so hard that I thought she was going to suck my whole soul!
However, she made me cum more times than the other girls and so, Kim and I won the first test.
All the male participants were so tired that the girls had to let us rest a couple of hours before the next test. The giantesses layed their tiny couples in their bellys as they were resting on some mattresses (placed only for the games) as well.
The next text was very tough and complicated for the men. Now it was our turn to make our giantess cum in less than 15 minutes!!!
The evidence to show to the judges was our bodies soaked in the giantess’ pussy juices. It worthed 50 points as well.
Kim layed on her back on a mattress, she was completely naked. She spread her meaty thighs and got ready. The girls had to keep their hands behind their heads, they were only allowed to open their pussy for their partners but they couldn’t participate at all. The guys had to get inside their vaginas and stimulate them from within, trying to find their g-spot.
As the signal was heard, I rushed towards her opened pussy. Once inside I began to explore her tunnel trying to stimulate her. The girls had to moan (as they couldn’t talk to their partners either) to help their partners find their g-spot. After some minutes my tiny movements began to excite Kim as her fluids began to run through her tunnel. Caught inside her warm suffocating darkness, I moved my arms and legs doing my best to make her cum.
I was about to give up when I punched the roof of her tunnel in despair. She moaned loudly as I hit her pleasure center. Bingo! I said and began to punch, kick and beat that part of her body fast and with all my strenght.
Kim’s fluids were now dripping out of her opening . little by little her vagina got filled with her slimy and fragrant liquids.
However she hadn’t cum yet, although she was moaning louder and louder. I decided not to punch her anymore, but too keep a constant pressure on her g-spot. I put both of my fists over my head and against her flesh wall, then I began to move my arms in tight circles.
I kept moving my arms for some minutes until a huge wave of her lubricant fluids hit me by surprise. I was pushed outside her body.
I layed outside her pussy a couple of minutes, exhausted again I looked like a soggy rag doll sticked to Kim’s pussy hair, completely covered in her slippery fluids. The judges checked my body and the time: I made her cum in 13 minutes. It was a good start as we were leading the Giant Games with 100 points!!!
So, the first day of the Giant Games ended. The tired participants went to sleep in the mattresses placed in the centre of the club. The giantesses took their tiny couples with them, however as everybody was very tired there was no sexual activities during the night.

The next morning and after a hearty breakfast and a shower (every couple showered together), all of us headed towards the centre of the club to continue with the games.
The next test was of a kinkier nature. The tiny men had to fully insert a butt-string into the giantesses’ butthole. The one who could do it in less time would win 40 points.
The naked girls layed faced down on the mattresses, while we moved between their legs. All the giantesses were giggling mischievously. The butt-strings had 10 little balls, but to our size they were like basketballs.
We also had to stimulate their anal openings with a lubricant to ease the insertion of the butt-string. Once the sign was heard I ran swiftly towards Kim’s beautiful and opened rear. She held her huge mesmerizing cheeks wide open with both of her hands, that was all the girls could do to help their partners. I took the lube from a vessel and began to vigorously massage the wrinkled surface of Kim’s anus. Using both hands I soaked the orifice with the oil and then I moved my arms in circles trying to relax the tight sphincter.
Meanwhile, Kim encouraged me to do my best and to massage her anus faster.
“C’mon, do it stronger, I can barely feel you. You have to make it open to introduce the string easier. That’s better, yeah... mmhh” she said already excited by my caressing her delicate hole.
Little by little the tight orifice began to relax and open. Like a huge mouth, Kim’s anus began to contract itself. It opened and closed, sometimes catching my hands inside. I started to introduce my forearms and then my whole arms into the hot dark tunnel. I kept moving my arms in circles for a few more minutes, trying to expand her hot sphincter as much as possible. Finally I made it, the tight orifice was now fully opened. Kim moaned softly as she kept talking to me.
Kim’s sphincter was ready. I just had to get the ball inside one by one. However the sight of that dark, warm and inviting tunnel made me commit a big mistake.
It was me who start to get inside Kim’s rectum little by little. My arms were already in, so it was really easy to get myself further inside. First my head and shoulders and then up to my waist a few moments later, I crawled inside the fleshy tunnel enjoying every moment. A little while later I found myself inside Kim’s intestine up to my ankles.
I lost track of time as I simply let the pulsating walls embrace me and squeeze me at will for long minutes. Trapped inside the hot and warm darkness of Kim’s rectum I began to lose my senses, but I didn't care, cos I didn’t want to be anywhere else.
Finally, I was squeezed terribly, my bones were almost crushed and the air in my lungs was pushed outside mercylessly. I couldn’t realize what was going on until I heard loud moan echoing through Kim’s body. Then I found out that she had just had a great anal orgasm.
A little bit later I felt that my ankles were squeezed and then my whole body was pulled outwards roughly.
Kim held me upside down by my ankles using a couple of fingers. She looked at me with anger.
“What do you think you’re doing?” she said as she shooked me from side to side. “We lost all the points of this test because of you. Now we’ll have to fight harder to win the first prize”.
“I-I’m very sorry, I got carried away” I mumbled as she kept moving me rudely from left to right in front of her beautiful but angry face.
“Listen to me you insect, we had an excellent start, but you have to focus or we’ll never win. We still have advantage over the rest of the participants, but there will be harder tests. You have to do your best effort, understood?”
“Y-yes Kim, I’m sorry” I stuttered while she kept looking at me. I noticed that her face was sweaty, it was clear that she had enjoyed my little excursion into her rectum as well.
After the scolding she took me to the bathrooms and washed me, then she dried me with her thong. Later we headed towards the centre of the club with the other participants, waiting for the instructions for the next test of the Giant Games.


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