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martes, 16 de abril de 2013



Timmy’s mother was tired of her situation. She was divorced and had to take care of her only son who was an 18 year old disrespectful slacker, she decided to end her suffering. She just couldn’t take his rude manners and lack of activity anymore. He didn’t go to any college and after several months of his graduation he wasn’t looking for a job either. He spent every day listening to high volume music and smoking pot. She was sure that what she was about to do was for her son’s good as she didn’t want him to waste his entire life.
She dialed the phone number of a specialist, a trained psychologist in the fields of teenagers problems. She has also been her friend for several years and she was sure she would help her deal with the young man.
“Hello” came the voice from the line.
“Maggy? It’s me Lucy” said Timmy’s mother.
“Ah, Hi Lucy How are you?”
“Well, not so good actually. You know, I’ve been thinking about my son’s situation and I think I’d like to try this new special therapy you talked me about the other day”.
“Are you sure?”.
“Yes. I’ve been thinking about it for some time, and Timmy is a slacker, he has no respect for nobody. I’m affraid he would become a criminal or and addict shortly
“You’ve spolied him Lucy”.
“Yes I know, he’s my only son, and I think I’ve screwed his life...” said Lucy sobbing.
“Don’t worry, he’s still can be helped. If you wish you can bring him for a special session of therapy today”.
“Really? Oh Maggy you’re such a good friend. I still don’t know how I’m gonna convince him to come with me. He only gets out of the house to get his weed”.
“That’s awful Lucy. Try to persuade him to come anyway you can. The important thing is that he’s got to be here this afternoon.”
“O.k. I’ll do what I can, 5 o’clock is good?”.
“That’s perfect. At that hour I have no other appointment”.
“Great! I’ll see you at 5 o’clock, bye”.

Lucy convinced Timmy to join her for a car ride, but he said he’d go if his mother wouldn’t say a single word in the entire ride. When she parked the car in front of the therapist’s house, Timmy inmediatly began to protest in anger and threatend his mother to runaway from home. Lucy almost had to push him inside the house. An assistant opened the door and asked them to enter the living room while she called Dr. Kilmister. Timmy was very upset and was about to push his mother and escape when Dr. Kilmister entered the living room.
Timmy got amazed by Dr. Kilmister’s beauty inmediatly! He didn’t know her mother had such attractive friends. Dr. Margaret Kilmister was a mid-thirties woman, very tall, her hair and eyes were dark brown and she had the most wonderful body Timmy had ever seen!
She was dressed in a very sexy way too, as she had a tight black miniskirt and a blouse of the same color that showed a great deal of cleavage. She had a pair of red high heels shoes that made her look like she could touch the roof with one of her hands if she’d have wanted to! Timmy set his attention to the tight miniskirt. It seemed that it was painted on her skin as it moved and trembled with every of her movements. In fact, he was expecting it to get torn as soon as she sat down but it only strectched to unthinkable limits. Her glorious curvy behind was covered by her miniskirt but only for inches, Timmy thought he’d be able to see some ass, but he had no idea what was in store for him. The up and down movement of her cheeks made Timmy drool, her magnificent butt was well muscled but with the exact amount of fat to make it even more curvy and desirable!
Timmy held his breath while admiring the pronounced curves in her body. Without a doubt she was the most beautiful woman ever!! The glasses she was wearing made her look very intelligent and her fine facial features were breath-taking.
“Hi Lucy, hi Timmy, I’m so glad you came” she greeted them.
“I still don’t know what I’m doing here” Timmy protested.
“Oh Maggy, I’m very happy you can help me with him, I don’t know what to do anymore” said Timmy’s mother sobbing.
 “Well, before anything further I’d like to have a small chat with Timmy in my office” Lucy said.
“I still don’t know why I’m here” said Timmy again in a rude manner. However he accepted and went with Maggy to her private office. He realized that the Dr. Kilmister was at least a head taller than him, which excited him even more. Once Timmy had sat on a couch in Maggy’s office and she got herself at her chair behind her desk they started to talk.
“Timmy I want you to understand that this special therapy will be carried out because your mother is very worried about you. She’s very sad because you seem to have lost all control of your life and she’s affraid some day you’ll become a criminal”. Timmy said nothing and only looked at her in anger.
“Your mother has given her consent to execute this therapy. It will last the whole weekend and I can assure you that your life will change forever.”
“What do you mean? I like the life I have so far” he answered mocking her.
“Maybe you’re fine with your useless life but your mother’s had enough of your rude manners, disrespect and pot smoking, and as I said before she’s given her consent, so you have no choice but to comply”.
“Oh yeah?! Well just look at me leaving this place bitch” Timmy said as he got up and walked towards the office’s door. However he couldn’t walk more than 3 feet because a strange white light blinded him and left him unconscious.
He awaked after a few minutes and he realized that he was naked and laying on a warm soft surface.
He didn’t know where he was and he had a light headache. He tried to stand up but the surface he was on suddenly trembled and made him fall down again. He watched in awe the strange floor as he noticed that it had strange lines and furrows besides, its color was quite strange. Suddenly he realized his situation. He was laying on a gigantic hand. He rised his head and saw a huge face looking at him without emotion. It was Dr. Kilmister! It seemed that she had grown up 150 ft. Little Timmy started to scream and beg for help, but the inmense hand he was on closed stronly on him drawing all the air from his lungs.
“Listen carefully Timmy. You’re here because your mother loves you, but she doesn’t like your attitude and lack of respect towards her. You’ll be in therapy the whole weekend and there’s nothing you can do, got it?” as Timmy couldn’t answer Maggy shaked her hand and repeated the question, “Got it?!!”
“Yes” tiny Timmy mummbled.
“At the end of this therapy you’ll be a better person with your mother and you will never question her authority on you anymore” Maggy continued talking to the little guy imprisoned in her fist. “As a matter of fact you’ll learn to obey any thing any woman asks you to do. So you can forget about your past life as it’s time to begin”.
And after saying this she separated the front part of her tight miniskirt and panties with her free hand. Withouth saying anything further she let tiny Timmy fall. He went through her silk underwear and fell ‘til he reached her vulva. She watched her tiny pacient stumble and fight against her warm body. She used two of her fingers to open her pussy. She moved her hips to get Timmy close enought to her opening, and when she felt him between her opened lips, she withdraw her fingers and let the elastic band of her panties snap back. Poor tiny Timmy was caught tightly in her moist pussy, half of his body inside hers, and fighting helplessly to get free.
After having adjusted her miniskirt, Dr. Kilmister called Lucy to join her inside the office. They seated together in the same couch where Timmy had sat on before. They chatted for a little while about the therapy as the miserable insect struggled completely trapped in her fleshy lips and her pubic hair, and getting deeper and deeper as the fabric of her underwear was very tight and kept pushing him furhter inside hers.
Finally, they stood up and Dr. Kilmister lifted her miniskirt again and parting her sexy underwear from her pubis she showed Lucy the minuscle and terrified Timmy, he was only 2 in long. As soon as he recognized her mother’s face he began to cry pleading for her help. Lucy felt a great urge of helping her son but she was convinced that continuing with the therapy was the best thing to do. Following the instructions from Maggy, Lucy took Timmy carefully and withdrew him from Maggy’s pussy, the she moved him to her face.
“Son, you should know that this is for you own good. I know that this seems to be very unfair but you have left me no other choice”. Timmy kept screaming and begging to his mother to help him.
“Please mom, she’s crazy she’s gonna kill me!!!”. But his mother was determined to carry on.
Next, Maggy turned around and bending over lightly over her desk she waited for Lucy to carry on with her instructions. However Lucy hesitated for some seconds.
“You know there’s no choice, you’ve endured this situation for too much time. It is time for you to be strong and do the best for him” Maggy encouraged Timmy’s mom.
Lucy stopped having second thoughts and carried on. She parted her friend’s underwear from her bubble butt and with no more doubts in her mind she let her son fall headfirst down Maggy’s asscrack.
Poor Timmy fell down and hit the bottom of the tiny underwear. He tried to stand up, but her mother let the underwear go and he found himself once more trapped and helpless.
The giant therapist felt the tiny body placed in the exact spot, this means between her inmense curvy buttchecks and close to her anus. Nevertheless she used two finger to push the tiny teen closer to her rear opening, and making sure he’s totally tamed and unable to move at all.
Lucy beheld the tiny lump in her friend’s magnificent ass disappear between the two huge flesh hills. She sighed assuring herself there was no other way. After this, Maggy  adjusted her miniskirts and asked Lucy to drink a cup of tea with her in the livingroom. They were chatting cheerfully for an hour. Lucy could only imagine her son’s suffering, trapped and crushed inside that astounding and gigantic ass. However she said nothing and kept talking with Maggy joyfully.
Dr. Kilmister moved forwards lightly and putting both hands on the table in the middle of the livingroom, she closed her eyes. Lucy heard a loud fart escaping her friend’s butt. When Maggy opened her eyes she saw Lucy surprised face, but she convinced her that this was part of her son’s therapy too. Next Maggy lifted a little bit from the chair she was on, and moved one of her hand to her behind.
“He’s been moved a little” she said to Lucy “it usually happens”. Timmy’s tiny body had been shaken violently by Maggy’s smelly gas and he was pushed outside his prison a few inches. However, only seconds passed before he was forced against the wrinkled and viscuos surface of Maggy’s anus again. Once she got sure that her tiny pacient was in his place again, she continued talking with Lucy joyfully for long time.
Timmy was in hell. Caught in Dr. Kilmister’s moist sphincter, he was held captive by the viscous surface of the giant anus. It was like a giant dark mouth opening and closing rythmically around him. Sometimes the obscure hole squeezed him powerfully and made him cry in agony, some other times it just kept contracting on him, like if the gigantic orifice were tasting and savoring his little puny body. He tried beating it with all his strenght, but the excited hole kept pushing and squeezing him even harder.
After more than two hours, Lucy said goodbye to Maggy and asked her to take care of her son.
“Nothing to worry as he will not suffer any permanent injury. When you pick him up next Monday morning I’m sure you’ll not recognize him” said the therapist.
Once Timmy’s mother had left her house, Dr. Kilmister walked towards her office enjoying the tiny struggles of her pacient deeply lodged between her mammoth buns and half-eaten by her delicate but hungry anus.


By Ramvo


Timmy was completely exhausted and tamed. He was laying down on a soft surface, it was dr. Kilmister’s underwear, and he was caught inside one drawer in her bedroom. His life had completely changed since last friday afternoon when his mother left him inside the gigantic butt of dr. Kilmister. His memories were, at the same time blurry and precise. His body had been used and abused by the giantess dr. in all kind of ways, and he had never thought before that there were therapies so humilliating and degradating.
Since he and the giantess dra. were left alone, he became her sexual toy. Dr. Kilmister used him not only for her own pleasure, she used him with other women, who went to her house to get some fun from the shrunken boy.
However, his training as a living dildo began with dr. Kilmister’s assistant. She was a young and beautiful psychology student, who helped dr. Kilmister to develope her therapies of shrinking and punishment. Her name was Jenny and she was a petite blonde only 5'2'' tall, but she was well endowed with a couple of big boobs (too big for such a small girl) and a mesmerizing bubble butt, that Timmy would have loved to grab if he weren’t only a couple of inches tall. He found out later that Maggy (dr. Kilmister) and Jenny were lovers too!!
Jenny arrived at Maggy’s house ten minutes later after Timmy’s mother had left him. And both women inmediately, and excitedly, began with Timmy’s therapy.
The first session of his therapy took place in Maggy’s bedroom. The two women, after making out for some minutes, got each others undressed. First Maggy helped Jenny to take off her tight miniskirt and blouse, then she took her tiny black g-string off of her perfect round butt cheeks. Later, Jenny helped Maggy, but as the height difference was so great, Jenny had to climb up Maggy’s large bed to reach and unbotton her bra.
Meanwhile Timmy watched both giantesses from the surface of Maggy's bed in bewilderement. He was excited and confused, seeing the way both girls caressed, fondled and kissed each other as well as the perfection of their bodies, so different one from the other but equally appealing and seducing, it was making him hornier and hornier. .
After a long long kiss, both giantesses turned their heads to look at the tiny helpless boy, they were smiling mischeavously and Timmy felt uneasy.
Dr. Kilmister lied down on her bed and took him carefully with her tree sized fingers from the bed.
“Now Timmy the therapy starts” she said getting him close to her shiny lips and sweaty face. “In this couple of days you’ll learn to respect and obey women. First, you’ll be taught a deep lesson in female anatomy. But before that, let me introduce you to Jenny my assistant, she is my lover too, as you’ve already realized for sure. She will be very important in your therapy, so you’ll learn to obey her every whim too.”
Dr. Kilmister passed Timmy, who was petrified in horror and desbelief, to Jenny, who took him and got him close to her smiling face.
“Hi Timmy I can’t wait to begin with the first session of your therapy. You’ll see that if you behave and obey you won’t suffer too much, and you might even enjoy the ride” she said giggling mischeavously. Then she licked his body from head to toes, leaving a light layer of salive all over his terrified body.
“But enough talking... let’s begin with the action”.
Jenny kneeled on the bed and in front of Maggy’s awesome body and then they kissed briefly but intensely. Next, Jenny used Timmy in one of her hands to rub the huge tits of her lover. She fondled softly the huge mammaries, moving Timmy in tight circles on the silky skin of Maggy, meanwhile they kept kissing each other. Dr. Kilmister sighed and moaned loudly. Timmy was pressed against her warm and firm breasts many times, and then he was made to kiss and lick the huge nipples for long minutes.
“C’mon Timmy, you have to make a better effort. Try to get one of them inside your mouth. I know you can’t get it completely inside but you can try harder” Jenny said giggling. Timmy opened his mouth all he could and Jenny pushed him against one huge nipple. His mouth was filled then with the tumescent, warm flesh of one of Maggy’s dark erect nipples.
Then Jenny fondled Maggy’s soft but firm belly, she pushed Timmy against the powerful abs during the process, and he felt the muscular tone and fitness of Maggy’s gigantic body. Jenny playfully inserted Timmy’s head in Maggy’s belly button several times. He was ordered to kiss Maggy’s belly button too.
After this, Timmy was placed exactly on the opening of Maggy’s pussy and his skin felt the roughness of her lightly damp pubic hair
Jenny pushed him softly until his body was caught helplessly between Maggy’s pussy lips. Jenny looked at him amusedly. He couldn’t move, he was trapped in Maggy’s wet vulva and he screamed terrified at Jenny who kept looking and giggling at him. He was living a nightmare, he was nothing but a living toy for these gigantic women. They could use him in every way they wished and he couldn’t do anything to help it. Jenny put one fingertip on him, covering all his face and his screams of terror were muffled inmediately.
“Very good Timmy, now you’ll be used to please a woman like you’ve never dreamed before. Don’t try to fight because it is completely useless and you could get hurt. I'll try to do this as easy for you as I can, so you won’t get hurt, but I can’t make no promises.”
Jenny took him from Maggy’s pussy and she straightened his tiny body in order to insert him completely into the cavernous vagina that was now wide open, ready to swallow him whole. He was inserted feet first, and as his legs and the rest of his body followed his feet, Jenny amused herself at the look of the helpless tiny boy hanging from the pussy lips.
“You’re nothing but a doll to us Timmy, a toy. You have to understand it if you wanna survive this therapy and live on. From now on you will not disobey us at all or you’ll be punished inmediately, and I can assure you that there are worse places where you can get inserted, much worse places” she said blinking an eye at him as she kept on pushing him inside Maggy’s huge hungry pussy.
She pinned his arms to his sides and using one figertip on his tiny head, she shoved him inside the pussy tunnel up to his neck. Jenny was enjoying herself, she relished the power she had on Timmy: a real tiny living man ready to be used and abused by her and her lover, and she would used him every way she wished time after time during all the therapy.
She finally inserted him whole into Maggy’s pussy with a vigorous push. Dr. Kilmister was moving her wide hips from side to side enjoying the little intruder inside her loins. Jenny lied down on Maggy’s body and they kissed and fondled each other for long long minutes. Meanwhile Timmy fought against the muscular walls that pushed and embraced him tightly. He kicked and beat everything surrounding him, without knowing that the more he moved and fought, the more excited Maggy’d got and her pussy tunnel would squeeze him even harder. After several minutes the walls embracing him compressed his minuscle being so hard that his legs and arms were pinned against his sides mercylessly, he tried to yell but all the air in his lungs was pushed outside violently by the contracting pussy tunnel. He thought he was gonna die inside the hot darkness surrounding him. The lubricant fluids covered his body completely as he began to choke and cough, he was going to get drowned in Maggy’s pussy fluids in any moment.
Dr. Kilmister’s intense orgasm almost killed Timmy. He was pushed outside her pussy tunnel  dragged by a wave of her pussy juices, and he stayed hanging outside her satisfied vagina with his feet still caught by her pussy lips. He was soaked in her pussy fluids, he coughed and breathed heavily as he was almost drowned by her salty liquids. Jenny took him with her fingers, moving him close to her face.
“I can see you had a rough ride, but at least you’ve survived. You just have to get used to it, being used by us without protesting. Now it’s time for another ride, but I’m sorry to tell you that this time you’ll be set inside a much uncomfortable and nastier place”.
Dr. Kilmister turned herself around on the bed and she offered her big and attractive butt to Jenny and Timmy. She spread her legs and raised her hips sensually as she turned her face to watch them. Timmy screamed again in agony as he saw the giant butt cheeks moving from side to side in front of him.
“Awww, he’s affraid of my big booty” Maggy said giggling, “don’t worry Timmy, you’ve already been there, although never in the way you’ll be in a few moments. My tight butthole is hungry for you and it will eat you whole. Just move the way you moved inside my pussy and everything will be wonderful... for me!!!” she said and the two girls laughed outloud.
Timmy was placed in her buttcrack and Jenny began to rub Maggy’s huge flesh spheres and she spanked them playfully too a few times. Maggy shook her huge ass opening and closing her buns and squeezing Timmy between them.
Dr. Kilmister was visible excited by having tiny Timmy between her mammoth beautiful cheeks. She sighed and moaned loudly as she crushed the tiny boy mercylessly.
Meanwhile Timmy screamed and fought desperately, but all his efforts were in vain against the two perfectly rounded, muscled moons that pushed and crushed his body playfully. Sweat was running through the buttcrack and it soaked Timmy, who was firmly secured between Maggy’s enormous flesh hills.
Jenny kept rubbing and fondling her lover’s big butt heartily. She knew that her time of enjoying the tiny sex toy would arrive and she relished thinking in everything she would do to him... after all it was for his own good.
Timmy was placed very close to Maggy’s sphincter, he could sense the heat coming from it and its characteristic scent. He knew he was going to be shoved inside, and he was fighting with all his might to avoid it. Of course it was usless, and to make thing even worse, Jenny giggled at her hopeless efforts to free himself from his meaty prison.
Jenny put a finger on his chest and began to move him downwards, making him go through the sweaty butt crack. She moved him until he found himself on the slimy surface of Maggy’s excited anus. It had already begun to open and close itself excitedly ready to devour poor Timmy alive.
“You’re completely covered in Maggy’s lub fluids, so it won’t be necessary to use another lub oil” Jenny informed him “Get ready Timmy, in you go!”. She took him with two fingers and began to push him inside the tight sphincter feet first.
Timmy screamed even louder and begged for mercy but to no avail.  Little by littly his minuscle body was swallowed by Maggy’s anus. It seemed that her dark orifice was enjoying every part of his body as it disappeared from the outter world and entered Maggy’s. The petite blonde enjoyed herself too with Timmy’s anal insertion. She listened to his cries and pleas for mercy as she laughed cruelly and kept on pushing him deeper and deeper into Maggy’s hot and damp rectum. She was very excited with all the control and power over tiny helpless Timmy, and his cries for mercy made her hornier and hornier.
Jenny finished pushing Timmy inside with a single and vigorous push of one of her fingers on the top of his head. She even left her finger inside Maggy’s rectum a few inches to make sure Timmy was properly lodged in.
Meanwhile dr. Kilmister closed her eyes and relaxed her sphincter to ease her living butt plug’s insertion. The feeling was more pleasant and more intense than the feeling when Timmy was devoured by her pussy. She focused and enjoyed Timmy’s tiny struggles to get free from her intestines. The way he was fighting and beating sent wave after wave of pleasure from her rectum and when she noticed that his efforts began to decrease, she began to contract her rectum in order to squeeze him and make him keep fighting longer. She moved her huge ass from left to right moaning with pleasure, meanwhile Jenny used her small hands to caress her buns in circular motion. In a playfull mood, Jenny opened Maggy’s ass cheeks wide and she placed her mouth at the opening of her orifice. Her lips touched Maggy’s anus as she talked to the living anal dildo.
“Timmy are you there?” she asked mocking him and both women laughed “you’re doing just fine. Keep fighting so Maggy would cum again soon and then I’ll have my chance of enjoying you”.
“Don’t rush him” dr. Kilmister said “I still can enjoy him for long time. He’s quite a fighter.”
Timmy was in hell. Jenny had turned out to be a mercyless bitch, even worse than dr. Kilmister. She laughed pitilessly at him and his suffering, this was more humilliating than being inserted alive inside an ass, he thought. He fought with all his might but he was inserted into the viscous anus anyway. And once inside, he beat and kicked the tight flesh tunnel that kept him tighter and tighter. He tried to avoid any contact of his face and the rectum walls, but all his efforts were useless again. Maggy’s rectum opened and closed rhythmical and excitedly wrapping Timmy tightly from head to toes
After long minutes his strength began to decrease and his struggles diminished as well. It was the time when dr. Kilmister began to squeeze him and crush him using her rectum to extend the time of his fighting and her pleasure. Little by little his mind changed. His situation was desperate and humilliating. His quarrelsome spirit began to be destroyed...
Dr. Kilmister reached another orgasm. The intestine walls almost flattened Timmy in the process and he passed out. But before he fainted, he realized he could hear Maggy’s pleasurable moaning reverberating through all her body. He screamed in agony for the last time and he was able to hear his voice echoing through Maggy’s loins too.
Jenny attached her lips to Maggy’s sphincter again. It opened and closed slowly and completely satisfied. She began to suck and pull his tiny inert body little by little from Maggy’s rectum. Dr. Kilmister enjoyed Timmy’s moving out herself too. The touch of her lover’s mouth on her sensitive orifice was delicious and feeling poor Timmy being pulled out bit by bit sent her more waves of pleasure.
Jenny kept sucking until her lips felt one tiny arm. She took it carefully using her mouth and she pulled Timmy completely outside of Maggy’s hot loins. Maggy turned her face and she laughed when she saw Jenny moving her head and shaking the minuslce boy hanging from her mouth, from side to side gleefully.
They had to wait until Timmy would recover his senses to carry on with the therapy and their plesure, but they didn’t mind. Jenny put Timmy on one pillow and she moved on top of her lover. Both girls began to kiss and caress each other for long minutes. The therapy was going well. In short time Timmy would never rise his voice or disobey any woman in the world.



BY Ramvo


When Timmy woke up, he saw two pairs of huge and beautiful eyes in front of him, a pair blue and the other ones brown. For a moment he thought that everything had been a nightmare. The humilliation and the torture seemed to be a distant dreadful dream. However, his ears were assaulted by two thunderous laughters that brought him back to his horrible reality.

“Good to have you back Timmy” Jenny said “now it’s time for you to explore my booty” she added giggling mischievously.

“Congratulations Timmy” Dr. Kilmister said “you’ve done very good so far. I’ve never experienced such pleasure with my other patients like the one you’ve made me felt. It is my professional opinion that you were born to be an anal slave!!” and after Maggy said this, both women laughed so loud again that Timmy had to put his hands on his ears.

“You have the right size and fighting spirit to make a girl enjoy for long minutes” Maggy added.

“Do you have brothers Timmy?” Jenny asked and as Timmy denied with his head she said “well, it’s a pity, cos you’ll have to please me like you’ve just pleased Maggy. We’ll have to share you and then you’ll tell us whose tight hole you liked the most”. And both giantesses laughed again outloudly.

“Well, it’s time to begin. As you may have noticed Timmy, Jenny is much smaller than myself, so you’ll be lodged inside a tighter place for sure. But don’t you worry, you’ll help me to relax it and make it loose and so, you can be more comfortable once we get you inside” Maggy said.

Jenny lay face down on the bed and placed a pillow under her body to lift her hips and she spread her well muscled legs. She turned her face to see Timmy’s horrified face, as he was already caught and helpless in Maggy’s fist.

With her free hand, Maggy began to rub and spread some lube oil through Jenny’s ass crack. Jenny began to moan, already excited and craving to have Timmy at her will, deep inside her tight orifice.

Timmy got excited as well, as he saw Maggy rubbing and caressing Jenny’s open buttocks. And his excitement increased even more when Maggy got one of her long fingers inside the tiny pink hole.

Dr. Kilmister began to move the tip of her finger in tight circles, trying to relax and open her lover’s narrow sphincter, but Jenny interrupted her.

“Wait Maggy... first make him worship my butthole. I want to feel his tiny face against it, kissing and licking”. Timmy screamed in protest but to no avail.

“You’ve heard you mistress” Maggy said squeezing him tighter in her fist “it’s time to kiss ass”. Then, she moved him close to Jenny’s anus. It was shiny and greasy due to the lube oil.

Timmy tried to fight but he couldn’t avoid getting his face in close contact with Jenny’s anus. Maggy used her fingertip to push his head until his face got covered by the lube oil on Jenny’s asshole. Her tender greasy anus kissed his face thoroughly making him sick.

Timmy cried in agony. Big drops of lubricant oil ran over his face and Maggy pushed him again warning him to do what he had been told or he would be sorry.

“If you don’t begin to kiss and lick worm, I’m gonna put you inside our toilet and you’ll be left there the whole weekend” Maggy said to the tiny man among her fingers. “And I can assure that we’ll use the toilet many times, and you will become our toilet paper too!!”.

Before such dreadful perspective, Timmy began to give little kisses to the oily orifice.

“C’mon Timmy, don’t you wanna make me happy?” Jenny said giggling and moving her head trying to see her tiny slave worshiping her anus. “That’s better.... oohhh yesss!!!. See? It’s not that bad, isn’t it? Your tiny tongue tickles me. This is delicious, but it will be even better when my booty eat you thorougly, you’ll see”.

Timmy kissed her pink hole for long minutes and then he had to use his tongue to lick every wrinkle on Jenny’s anus. Meanwhile, she moaned and got more and more excited, knowing that soon she’d have poor Timmy completely inside of her, he in pain and she enjoying his pain.

“Enjoy my buns all you can too Timmy. I know you lik’em, they’re rounded, soft and firm. Any man would kill to be in your situation”. Jenny added excitedly.

Long minutes spent Timmy worshipping Jenny’s anus, kissing and licking its wrinkled but tender surface using his sore tongue. It seemed that Jenny was close to an orgasm. Her sphincter began to open little by little and Timmy was able to have a look at the dark hot tunnel where he’d be inserted later. Maggy moved his face in circles too, in order to make him lick all the skin surrounding Jenny’s excited butthole. Jenny was moaning loudly when Maggy decided that it was time to continue.

“O.k. I think it’s been enough of kissing and licking” Maggy said “we have to keep on opening Jenny’s butthole so it can lodge you thoroughly”.

She moved Timmy away from Jenny’s crack and tied him to her middle finger using a thin thread. Timmy got very tired with his assworshiping and his head was covered with the oil. In his mouth, he had the taste of the oil and Jenny’s anus. He thought he could never get rid of such disgusting taste.

Once Maggy had him firmly tied to her finger, Timmy was used again in Jenny’s butt. First, Maggy caressed her lover’s buns heartedly. She rubbed and fondled Jenny’s muscular meat hills over and over, and at the same time Timmy was crushed against the soft surface of Jenny’s buttocks. His arms were placed at the sides of Maggy’s finger and his legs were tied together, he couldn’t move a muscle while he was crushed against Jenny’s magnificent fleshy spheres. To his dismay, he noticed that he was getting used to his present state of helplessness. He’d be used in more humilliating ways many more times, and he just couldn’t do anything to help it. He began to sob, but the giantesses never noticed his sorrow, they were enjoying themselves, giggling and getting more and more excited. His tears also covered Jenny’s awesome ass and crack as they were mixed with the lube oil.

After some minutes, Maggy began to introduce her middle finger, and Timmy, into Jenny’s hole. Little by little and inch by inch, her finger along with Timmy disappeared inside the tight orifice. Then, Maggy moved her finger in circles, crushing Timmy against the soft living walls of Jenny’s rectum. It was getting loose bit by bit, soon it would be ready to swallow completely her tiny prey. Timmy’s situation was far beyond humilliation, now all his body was in close touch with Jenny’s intestine, and her rectum embraced and hugged him playfully.

Maggy spent long minutes relaxing her lover’s anus. And long minutes spent Timmy in close contact with her intestine walls. Jenny’s pleasure lasted several minutes as she felt her anal toy inside her loins moving around, making her hornier and hornier.

Finally, Maggy untied Timmy from her middle finger and dangled him by one of his legs in front of Jenny’s gaping anus. It was now wide open, it looked like a huge dark-pink cave pulsating rhythmically and ready to devour him completely.

“Timmy it’s time to go spelunking” Maggy said dangling him in front of Jenny’s butt, “as you may notice Jenny’s tight little hole is now pretty relaxed, so it can eat you quite easily. But I’ll give you a chance, if you don’t want me to force you inside, you may get inside by yourself”. And she let him fall between Jenny’s legs. Meanwhile, Jenny used her hands to spread her rounded buttocks wide open as she waited eagerly to have him inside herself.

“C’mon Timmy, I can’t wait any more. Get yourself inside or I’ll do it, and I promise you that I won’t be gentle!!!” Jenny said.

Timmy walked towards her ass and got close to her open orifice. It looked dreadful and dangerous, but somehow appealing. The heat coming from it and the smell were now familiar, however he knew very well what was in store for him once he were inside.

Little by little he began to get inside the horrible cave, it was slowly closing around him, embracing him firmly. He dragged himself inside up to his knees, only his tiny calves and feet could be seen hanging outside Jenny’s sphincter. He waited, the air inside was very humid, hot and pungent. In total darkness he tried to catch his breath, however Jenny couldn’t wait any longer. She used her fingertips to push Timmy completely inside her rectum. He was taken aback and yelled in protest, he listened to his voice echoing through Jenny’s inmense body. He knew his fate was sealed.

Jenny began to squash him, forcing him to move and fight. Timmy soon began to kick and punch everything around him. He cried in agony many times as he felt that Jenny’s rectum would crush him to death, and he could hear her moans reverberating through her body. Many times he thought he would faint due to the inmense strenght applied by her rectum walls against him, he was handled easily as he was completely at her mercy. Jenny had to make great efforts to hold herself and not knock Timmy unconscious too soon, she wanted to have several anal orgasms first.

Inside Jenny’s body he was only a pleasure toy and he had to behave accordingly or he would be punished in terrible ways. Timmy couldn’t think like he used to anymore, now his mind was getting used to blind obedience. Subconsciously, the memories of pain and humilliation were deeply recorded, these memories would remind him what could happen if he ever disobeyed a female command.

However, Timmy’s therapy wasn’t over yet. Maggy and Jenny still had many evil games to play with poor Timmy for the rest of the weekend.

Meanwhile, Jenny was moving her gorgeous butt from side to side enjoying tiny Timmy inside her rectum and Maggy’s tongue in her pussy, she had moved below Jenny and kept herself busy licking and kissing her lover’s pussy passionately, at the same time she grabbed Jenny’s buns and played with them opening and closing them playfully.

Jenny experienced many orgasms, anally and vaginally crushing Timmy mercylessly everytime. Finally, she defecated him, and she held him using a piece of toilet paper. Timmy didn’t faint this time, and he noticed how Jenny wrapped him with the toilet paper and she put him inside a drawer in Maggy’s bathroom, as if he were nothing more than a lifeless object that is put away after it has been used. And an object he was for the giant women, a tiny object whose only purpose is to cause them pleasure whenever they wished. He slowly fell asleep, sobbing and crying silently, and hoping to survive the whole weekend at the mercy of his two gigantic horny mistresses.

Maggy and Jenny went to bed to sleep together like they’re used to. Both of them had wet and delicious dreams recalling the pleasure they had with tiny Timmy inside their bodies.

Next morning, they got up and went to the bathroom to shower together. They took Timmy out of the drawer where they kept him and spoke to him.

“We hope you had a good rest last night” Jenny said “today your therapy continues and I have to tell you that this time we’re gonna be even meaner with you” she added giggling and making Timmy shake with utter fear from head to toes.

“Oh don’t listen to her, Timmy” Maggy replied “She only wants to scare you. You just have to obey us and you’ll see that everything turns out just fine” she said winking an eye at him.

However, her words didn’t soothed him, he thought the worst had already happened, but he was wrong...

The two beautiful gigantic women were already naked and ready to shower together. Jenny held Timmy in her fist and was squeezing him playfully while Maggy opened the shower faucet and was testing the water.

Jenny was looking at him mischievously, making him very uncomfortable. She was licking her lips sensually, terrifying her minuscle prey more and more.

When the water was ready, both giantesses got inside the shower and began to rub and fondle each other.

“Come on Timmy it’s shower time” Maggy said “and you need to get cleaned because you smell like ass” and both women laughed outloud sarcastically.

“But firs you’ll get a special shower” Jenny added and placed him between her legs and under her pussy. She held him there holding him by his tiny hands with a couple of fingers and opening her pussy lips with her other hand.

Timmy didn’t know what was gonna happen until he saw a huge golden stream falling upon him. Jenny’s smelly warm urine fell for long time soaking him and almost drawning him. But the most humilliating part was that Jenny kept giggling the whole time the golden shower lasted.

His eyes got very irritated with her urine and his tears got mixed with her golden liquid. It was the most humilliating experience of his life so far...

Once she finished peeing on him, Jenny lifted him and got him close to her face. Timmy couldn’t look at her face due to his deep humilliation, but he knew that the evil beautiful giantess was looking at him smiling all the time.

Jenny shooke him playfully and splashing some pee drops to the shower walls.

“It wasn’t so bad, right?” she asked him “I’m affraid to tell you that this was the first but not the last special shower you’ll get this weekend. So, you’d better get used to it, understood?”.

But Timmy was so ashamed he couldn’t answer to Jenny, he kept looking downside avoiding his mistress eyes.

“I SAID UNDERSTOOD!!? ANSWER WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU INSECT!!” she yelled at him shaking him violently.

“Y-yes” Timmy answered completely humilliated and scared to hell.


“Yes... mistress” he said and moved his head downside again.

“That’s better. Now, it’s time to lather us and shower, but you must never forget that there are much worse things that can happen to you if you disrespect us” Jenny finished her admonition.

Timmy was lathered and used as a soap to rub their silky skins. And he spent a lot of time cleaning their pussys and the cracks of their voluptuous butts.

At the end, Jenny put him in Maggy’s sphincter. She got him inside feetfirst up to his waist and she left him there hanging freely between Maggy’s mammoth buns. She giggled amusedly beholding him, she kept Maggy’s buttocks apart with her hands, and he was humilliated beyond belief again, helpless and inside a woman’s sphincter again. Then, Jenny let Maggy’s asshalves close and Timmy found himself engulfed in warm darkness. The giantesses got out of the bathroom and headed to the bedroom to dry themselves. All the time both girls spent drying their bodies, he was stuck this way, half-inserted in Maggy’s dark anus.

After they dried themselves, both girls got dressed. Both of them put tight, black sport tops on. Jenny put a tiny spandex short on, which looked like it was painted on her astounding flesh moons, while Maggy chose a short black leather miniskirt that barely covered her huge rounded ass. None of them was using underwear, because they knew, it was gonna be useless for what they had in mind for Timmy the rest of that saturday morning.

They had breakfast in the dinning room as they chatted cheerfully. Meanwhile, Maggy enjoyed her tiny prisoner between her inmense muscled hills.

Once in a while she contracted her sphincter, squeezing him and forcing him to move and kick and causing her more pleasure.

Finally, they finished their breakfast and both walked towards the bedroom, ready and eager to continue with the therapy of tiny, pitiful Timmy.

Timmy saw the daylight again when Jenny opened Maggy’s buns with her hands.

“Well Timmy it’s time to continue. I hope you’re ready”. Next, she took him out of Maggy’s anus, who moaned softly when Timmy was removed out of her loins.

“This time you’ll have the honour to be squashed under our pretty asses. You’re gonna spent a long long time in direct touch with our rears, but we’ll place you in such way that you won’t suffer any permanent damage, you’ll see”.

Jenny took him with her fingers and moved him towards her back. She set aside the thin spandex from her rounded butt and she let him dangling from her fingers a few seconds. Timmy found himself directly above Jenny’s huge and beautiful ass. He beheld her perfect flesh spheres that were slightly opened and he felt the warmth coming from them too. Suddenly, he wanted to touch, kiss and lick her gigantic moons. He knew he’d suffer a lot under her inmense weight, but this didn’t seem so awful anymore... he wanted to be slave of that ass forever, he wanted to worship it like if it was a god and then be inserted into Jenny’s tight anus again!!!

“It is my turn now, so ready or not, down you go little one” Jenny said to him letting him fall and trapping him snugly between her soft ass skin and the tight spandex short.

Timmy got set in the lowest part of Jenny’s right buttock, in the spot where she’d apply all her weight being sat down. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to crush him yet. First, she would exercise herself a little.

Maggy laughed outloud when she noticed the tiny lump beneath Jenny’s short. And she laughed even louder when she beheld it moving up and down rhythmically as Jenny began to walk. Timmy was now nothing more than a little pimple on Jenny’s ass.

Timmy was completely immobilized when Jenny let the spandex fabric go against her butt. He couldn’t move a single muscle and his breathing became complicated. He was perfectly attached to her dainty butt skin and he felt how he was rudely moved up and down and left to right as she was walking sensually. He listened to some music and then he realized that Jenny was doing a rutine of aerobic exercise. Jenny’s buns were quite firm and well muscled whereas her skin was smooth and silky. Timmy got excited a little but he also noticed that he was nothing more than an insect compared to the blonde’s magnificent behind. Jenny could easily kill him by sitting down on him, and she even wouldn’t notice him!

Jenny moved around dancing to the music, she tried to feel tiny Timmy against her ass. She moved her legs up and down and swayed her hips trying to sense her helpless prey. In short time she began to sweat and she knew that Timmy would soon get soaked in her sweat too.

The heat increased drastically where Timmy was. He began to sweat too, but in a few seconds he found himself drenched in Jenny’s butt sweat. His thirst was unbearable so he had to drink some sweat coming from Jenny’s bun to soothe it.

Jenny’s routine lasted over an hour and during all this time the minuscle being was shaken violently over and over again. He had no will anymore, he felt like all his body followed blindly the movements performed by the gigantic ass where he was kept prisoner.

Jenny sat down on a couch and rested for some minutes that were like an eternity to Timmy. Timmy thought he was under a mountain, Jenny’s inmense weight crushed him mercylessly for long minutes, and his breathing was now even more difficult. Flattened and helpless Timmy felt his death was near. Meanwhile, the blonde giantess shook her butt on the couch from side to side, smiling and knowing that this would increase Timmy’s suffering under her ass.

She bent slightly forwards and she slapped her butt and Timmy playfully.

“I hope you’ve enjoyed at least a little bit this ordeal. I can assure that there are men who would do anything to be in your place” Jenny said giggling while rubbing her right buttock in tight circles on Timmy

“That’s right worm. You must understand that I am a goddess for you, and you must worship me, specially my booty. And if you don’t obey me, my booty will punish you mercylessly”.

After saying this, the blonde giantess remained sitting on poor Timmy for some more minutes, and she kept shaking her butt once in a while to make her statement clear and remind Timmy who was his owner. Finally, after a long torture, Jenny took him out of her ass and passed him to Maggy.

“I guess this has been quite rough for you, right?” she said holding him in fron of her smiling face. “You have to hang on some more, ‘cos now it’s my turn” she added winking an eye at him. Timmy was all red, bruised, exhausted, subdued and soaked in Jenny’s ass sweat, he had no strenght to fight anymore.

She placed him on the seat’s surface of a stationary bicycle she had on her bedroom. Timmy was panting, he was completely spent and he could only scream when he saw Maggy turning around and lifting her tight miniskirt. The gigantic woman spreaded her vast asshalves with both of her hands open wide to devour him thoroughly.

Maggy sat down comfortably on the bike’s seat and she felt her ass swallowing the tiny being completely. Her huge wonderful buns covered the seat wholly, however she wanted to feel Timmy in close contact with her crack and her anus. She moved her ass to adjust her position over her helpless tiny slave. Once she felt that he was exactly between her buns and against her dark hole, she began to exercise herself on the bicycle.

Maggy delighted herself doing exercise and tormenting Timmy with her awesome behind. She felt her anus embracing and subdueing him completely, she relished every minute of his humilliation. She felt so powerful as she was dominating Timmy using only her sphincter.

Meanwhile, Timmy felt all his body being kissed by Maggy’s slimy anus. He was overwhelmed by the smell, it filled all his senses as it intoxicated her brain. Being under her crushing weight, he found himself again uncapable of moving a single finger. The pressure on him was a lot more intense that when he was under Jenny’s butt. But he realized that as she began to pedal and move her muscled legs, he had a little bit of freedom to move his arms and legs.

Bit by bit Maggy’s sphincter began to get excited, and Timmy felt how it started to open and close rhythmically over him. Slowly, it began to embrace him tighter and tighter, then it would release him, and then embrace him again. Maggy increased the speed of her exercise, and in a few minutes Timmy was again soaked in sweat, but this time it was sweat flowing directly from Maggy’s asscrack and from her tender anus.

The heat began to suffocate him once more, and this time he had to drink some drops of anus sweat to calm his thirst. At first it was disgusting, but he had to resign himself and lick the large drops of sweat on the soft skin of Maggy’s anus.

Maggy was pedaling at a great speed, she was very excited and at the verge of a very intense orgasm. She felt her anus opening widely to swallow Timmy alive again. She thought about his suffering, he had to be fighting and kicking trying to avoid being devoured by her delicate butthole.

Finally, Maggy reached a huge orgasm when she felt that her anus had eaten Timmy completely. She moaned softly for some seconds as she rested on the bicycle.

Timmy fought with all his remaining strenght, but he couldn’t avoid being devoured. When he licked the sweat on her anus, his tiny head got suddenly trapped by her sphincter. And once his head was inside of her, her insatiable anus began to eat him inch by inch. He punched and kicked it, but her hungry sphincter enveloped him wholly sucking him inside her loins. He was well lubricated with her sweat and he only was able to scream in agony as he was inexorably inserted inside Maggy’s rectum one more time.

After resting some more minutes, Maggy lifted herself from the bike’s seat and turning around she verified that Timmy had disappeared from the outside world. She moved a finger across her asscrack and as she found no trace of Timmy on the surface of her anus, she smiled satisfied. She felt the tiny slave inside herself and a wave of plesure and power went through her astounding body. At first, she didn’t want to get him inside her intestines, she only wanted to crush him using her marvelous butt. But she got carried away, she was too excited and she couldn’t stop the sucking action of her sphincter on poor tiny Timmy.

She opened a bottle of water and drank a little of the refreshing liquid. She giggled mischievously thinking of Timmy, being so impotent he couldn’t defend himself against her mighty anus. Her anus had just eaten him by accident!!

She got up and walked towards her bathroom swaying her wide hips slowly and rhythmically from side to side. She relished her minuscle pet, mercylessly caught inside her bowels.




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