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martes, 16 de abril de 2013


By Ramvo

Taking me carefully with two fingers, Cindy, my girlfriend, watched me mischeavously.
“Well, I never thought this could work so nicely”, she said “that spray worths its weight in gold”.
The size of my body had been shrunk by that pungent spray to only 1 inch long!!!
A few minutes earlier I arrived to her apartment as she had promised me a “special exercise session”. I never thought that “special” meant shrinking to such a tiny minuscle size.
You see, my girlfriend is an amateur bodybuilder and expert in fitness and nutrition. She’s a gorgeous blonde with blue eyes and her astounding body is always wholly tanned. She’s 6’3’’ tall and with high heels her height increases to almost 7 feet!!
Her long, superb muscled legs are magnificent, her breasts are breath-taking, her waist is incredibly narrow as her hips are wide and her buttocks are big, perfectly rounded, very firm and extraordinary muscular. Her measures are 38-28-44. When I got to her apartment she was dressed accordingly to the ocassion, in a very sexy way: she was wearing a tight pink sport top, a tiny thong of the same color and a pair of sneakers. She had her hair fixed in a pony tail and a bandana placed on her forehead.
“I’m gonna put you in a safe place” she said to me, “so, I’ll be ready to start my routine, and you’ll have a first row seat”. I was very confused and didn’t really know what she meant nor what just had happened to me.
She tooke me to a room in her apartment that has a modest but well equiped personal gym. She lifted me to her face. She was smiling in a way that worried me a lot.
“You know” she said “my butt is a very sensitive place of my body, specially my tight hole. When we made love I use to thrust one of my fingers inside my anus and this increases a lot the pleasure I feel. And I’m curious about what it would feel to have a whole man inside of me, stimulating that special spot of my body”. I watched her in horror, What the hell was she talking about?!!
“I guess now I’m able to find out” she continued winking an eye at me, “do’nt worry I won’t hurt permanently... I asssure you that you’ll survive, and maybe you’ll enjoy it a little bit”.
And with no further words she moved me towards her backside. Trapped by two of her gigantic fingers I gazed at her inmense muscled mountains in awe and the flimsy pink fabric getting between them. I tried to free myself with all my might, but she didn’t even notice my strugggling and despair.
Using her free hand she took her thong and set it aside from her crack. I felt very excited with the sight in front of me: two gigantic bronze colored globes, perfectly rounded trembling slightly as she giggled. Nevertheless, when I watched the dark crack separating them I realized horrified what she had in mind.
I fought against her fingers even harder but to no avail. She giggled and said “You’ll be in heaven, you’ll see” and she let me fall between her warm ass crack and her thong.
I fell from her fingers and into her buns ‘til I reached the bottom of her thong. By the smell and heat of the place I realized that I was very close to her rear opening, I found myself tighly trapped by her mighty vast cheeks. When she let her thong go, my minuscle body was forced deeper towards her sphincter.
Helplessly caught, I couldn’t see anything and it was hard to breath because my mouth got filled with her tender moist anus flesh. Nor the smell neither the taste were unpleasant, however the temperature was very high as well as the humidity. I felt her getting excited and heard a soft moan from above.
Then, to my surprise, I felt the pushing movement of a gigantic finger on me. It seemed that she was trying to push me ever further into her anus. A little time later I was wholly sunk in the furrowed surface of her fragrant orifice.
Cindy began her routine when she felt I was trapped in her tender flesh, unable to move and unable to escape. She started to stretch her legs and arms slowly. As she was very careful doing her exercising it took her 15 minutes to complete the warming. During all this time I was kept trapped in the outer side of her sphincter. Her butthole got wet as little sweat drops appeared on its surface soaking me.
The huge movement and strenght applied by her butt on my tiny being increased little by little. She began to work out using the weights of her personal gym. I was able to notice when she began to squat as my body was stretched and squashed rythmically between her marvelous buns. Each time she lowed her hips I was able to breath easily and even move a little, but when she lifted her body her cheeks pushed me and squeezed me mercylessly.
Then I felt her sitting down and it was like having a ten thousand tons mountain on me. However I didn’t die squashed like a bug as I was well protected in her anal opening. Her anus was getting hotter, viscous and sticky and I was now completely soaked by the sweat flowing from its surface.
Cindy was getting hornier and hornier and began to squeeze me with her tight orifice, sometimes she stopped doing an exercise and using her muscles she would force all the air from lungs out. I screamed in agony as loud as I could but I was helpless. After this, she would relax her sphincter and she’d insert me deeper into her rectum using one of her fingers.
Two hours later Cindy finished her work out routine, she sat on a bench and opened a bottle of water. At that moment I was completely exhausted and subdued, my body had been squeezed and crushed by an inmense power and I found myself almost totally devoured by her wrinkled anus. Indeed, only my head and chest were outside her hot sphincter.
Cindy rested for a few more minutes and smiled thinking about the tiny man stuck between her buttcheeks. Now she was going to take a bath and she would take her new pet with her.
She got up and bent over lightly, then she began to take the tiny man out of her rump. Using her fingers she probed the outer ridges of her sphincter and caught a minuscle arm. She carefully withdrew her shrunk boyfriend from her loins and got him close to her face.
“It’s been a good workout, and having you in that special part of my body really got me very horny” she said to him “but now it’s time to relax and take a warm bubble bath. But first I have to adjust your size a little bit”.
She took a strange coloured jar and let a drop from it fall on her tiny boyfriend. The little guy grew until his body was 4 in long.
“This size of yours is perfect for what I have in mind” she said smiling mischeavously to the tiny man.
Next, she took him in one hand and carried him to the bathroom where the tub was already filled with warm water and bubbles.
“Because of your size it’d be dangerous if you take a bath with me, so I’ll keep you in a safe place” she informed me. Already naked she got inside the tub and got on all fours and with her free hand she opened her awesome buns wide, meanwhile she used her other hand to insert me completely in her rectum.
It took her some minutes to get my little body inside her intestines, but her moaning made me realize that she’d enjoyed the whole process. First she stuck my feet and my legs with only two pushing movements, and when I got inside till my waist she started to move me in circles until my shoulders were clamped by her tight anus. Then she let me hang there a few seconds and suddenly she placed one of her huge fingers on the top of my head and she started to push.
She was so much powerful than me that she pushed me completely inside of her effortlessly, and she even got her finger inside her rectum a couple of inches.
The outside world light had vanished for me and now I found myself lodged in a hot, musky and suffocating place. My whole body was trapped like if I was inside a giant, wall-pulsating coffin. Indeed her rectum muscles began to push me and hold me tightly at the same time.
Cindy turned around in the tub and laid down to enjoy her bubble bath. With the little being inside her loins kicking and struggling she felt her excitement grow higher and higher. She began to rub her clit and moan. Her boyfriend’s struggles in her rectum were driving her crazy and in a few minutes she reached a great orgasm.
And after a few more minutes after her climax, she realized that if she wouldn’t take her tiny slave out of her, he’d probably die suffocated.
She flexed her rectum muscles and then pushed the minuscle man out of her body.
Into the water the little body went as he came out from her body bit by bit, first the head, then the neck and shoulders and finally and with a powerful push, his whole body was forced out of her. She watched amusedly how his tiny body went through the water a few inches like a little torpedo.
Cindy found this very amusing and she decided to do it again. So she took the tiny pet again stuck him in her rectum again.
Once more she started to push him outside her body, but now she wanted to expel him with only one movement. So she applied her strength on his minuslce being and pushed her muscles. The tiny guy was ejected out of her anus at a great speed, and swimming through the water he reached her knees.
Cindy amused herself using her tiny boyfriend many times this way. She tried to send him farer and farer from her body as she tried to break her own records until her pet almost touched the opposite part of the tub.
Her tiny boyfriend was completely tamed and helpless as he was mercylessly inserted and ejected again and again. Cindy’s anus was very lubricated and relaxed, so it was easier and less painful to be inserted in her sphincter, but the ejection movement was the opposite. His body was squashed and pushed powerfully into to the bubbled water. He realized that he was nothing but a toy to Cindy, and that she was able to do whatever she wanted with him. He was helpless and defenseless against her, as his tiny size and might were nothing compared to hers. His humilliation rised as he was manipulated effortlessly by her anus, he was nothing but a tiny toy to her orifice too! He couldn’t avoid being devoured by it or later being pushed by its contractions outside violently.
After long minutes of playing with her tiny slave, Cindy decided to finish her bathing. She took the tiny man and washed him carefully then she placed him out of the tub. She dried herself using a yellow colored towel, then she dried him too. After this she tied his hands and feet to two long threads.
“I thing I didn’t dry my crack very well, so it will be you job to dry it completely” she informed him joyfully as she lifted him by the two threads stretching out his limbs. Pulling the threads she began to rub the tiny guy between her curvy and muscled buttcheeks. Cindy bent over increasing the space bewtween her mammoth buns as she worked the little body up and down her asscrack, drying herself using her pet fondly.
Her boyfriend’s minuscle body was moved up and down through her crack, rubbed and massaged against her warm and sweet scented anus continously until it was dry.
When Cindy was satisfied she walked to her bedroom, carrying the minislave deeply between her trembling meat hills. Her bodybuilder buttcheeks were so enormous and powerful that they kept the little body by themselves. Cindy felt that with every step she took, her cheeks pushed her boyfriend deeper and deeper against herself, she made sure that his face was trapped against her rear opening, so she ordered him to lick and kiss her wrinkled orifice with passion.
The miserable tiny man was pushed up and down violently by his gigantic girlfriend’s mighty cheeks, however he would fall down and die if her buns wouldn’t keep him safely in place.
He kissed and licked the warm moisted orifice for long minutes as his body was held firmly by her muscle hills. His tiny tongue went through every crevice of her anus and even dared to go inside of her a little bit as the taste wasn’t unpleasant.
Cindy put on a tiny white g-string as she wanted to keep her boyfriend in her butt for long time. Then she laid down on her bed to take a nap. She had the most pleasant dreams and a smily face as her boyfriend kept licking, kissing and fondling her rear opening thoroughly.



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