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martes, 16 de abril de 2013



By Ramvo

I woke up after being unconscious for a while wondering where the hell I was. It seemed that I was trapped on a hot viscous surface and lost in complete darkness. My skin was stuck on a strange furrowed hot surface, and although I was able to breath easily the odor was very intense and the humidity too high. I had no idea where I could be and I tried to move my extremities to get out of my prison. However, as I started to move my arms, the surface on which I was on, started to tremble. All my body was soaked in a weird slippery sticky fluid. Its smell was kind of familiar though, but I couldn’t remember where I had smelt it before. I moved again and with great terror I noticed that the place where I was started to contract itself, holding me at the same time. I tried to defend myself with all my strenght but the surface kept on holding me tighter and tighter, until I realized that I was being sucked inside the place where I was laying on. What I had thought that was a wrinkled surface suddenly became a huge crater opening and closing around myself sucking me in!!!
Rhythmically, the huge black hole opened and closed, squeezing me and taking me inside an enormous bottomless tunnel. After struggling desperately and uselessly for some minutes, my resistance ended, and I felt my body being devoured little by little by the inmense gap. After a while only my chest, head and arms were left outside it. As my skin was wet with the strange slippery fluid, it was even harder to try to hold on something and avoid being totally eaten alive. I felt my lower body coated by a dense layer of a soft and hot substance. The feeling would have been pleasant if I could have moved loosely and the temperature wouldn’t be so high. It was a nightmare for sure, but the sensation was very realistic. I took a look around as the gigantic opening stopped sucking me in for a moment. I was very disturbed by the fact that the strong smell was familiar to me in some way. Suddenly, what I looked below petrified me... with great horror I noticed that I was surrounded by a intricated pubic hair jungle, and that without a doubt I was being sucked in by a mammoth anus!
With renewed might and despair I tried to escape, but the sphincter was much more powerful than my tiny being. I kicked and beat everything around me to free myself, but the inmense hole kept holding me strongly. I got exhausted in a few moments and then I felt the huge anus starting to relax and contract around me again. I was sucked inside the anus deeper and deeper, but this time its movements were slower... as if the gigantic hole were relishing my body. Piece by piece I was devoured by the hungry orifice, until only one of my tiny hands was left outside its wrinkled surface. I screamed in agony but nobody could hear me.
I was unconscious for several minutes, and when I regained my senses I found myself completely inserted in an enormous rectum. The air as very dense and barely breathable, however, my mind slowly got clear and I started to recall what had happened before.
Sally, my girlfriend got mad at me as she saw me with another girl again, and simply, by using some kind of spray she shrank my body until I was less than a half inch long. After this, she placed in one of her fingertips and squashed me against the outer ridges of her anus.
Sally is a 6’2’’ tall gorgeous black girl, with silky and chocolate colored skin, leggy and owner of a well rounded and muscular ass. She is the typical afroamerican girl, with wide hips and rather small breasts. Her solid and thick butt cheeks delightfully move upside and downside as she walks, and they are always the point of all stares no matter where she is. She wears tight jeans, spandex shorts and tiny thongs and g-strings almost everyday as she knows her voluptuous behind is mesmerizing. But no matter what she wears, it always gets sucked into her crack, I never thought that someday I would get sucked into it too. Caught helpessly inside her intestines, I regreted all the bad times she went through because of me.
I considered my situation and thought about what Sally would do with me. I wasn’t able to do anything at all, her sphincter was hermetically sealed and my hits would never be sensed. I already knew that she liked back door action, but I never realized how much she was fond of anal sex. Slowly I fall asleep, hoping that after a while, Sally would ejected me from her body and that I would be normal again.
I was waken up rudely by the inmense flesh walls around me. The muscular layers started to squeeze me again, but this time I was being moved outside Sally’s rectum. Closing my eyes I refused to struggle, which was useless anyway, and I let the powerful muscles defecate me little by little into the real world.
Sally took me from her rear opening with one fingertip and got me close to her face. My size was so tiny that I only was able to see her colossal white teeth mischievously smiling. I yelled with all my strenght begging for mercy, but my voice was overpowered by her thunderous laughter. Next, Sally washed my body with some very cold water and passed me to someone else. I never was able to recognize who the other person was, however. I later figured out that it was another girl. She took me carefully using two fingers and placed me in the tip of her gigantic and pink tongue. Wet by her saliva I saw Sally getting on a huge bed on her knees and elbows. Turning her face in order to see the other girl and smiling all the time Sally rised her wide hips and spread her legs. Her huge crack became wider and I realized what was in store for me. I screamed again but it was useless.
The other girl got close to Sally’s butt as she opened her buns wide open with both hands. I got closer and closer to the dark anal gap where I had already been, until the huge tongue squashed me against its surface. Sally’s friend started to move me in tight circles on the furrowed surface using the tip of her tongue. I was half drowned with her saliva and I felt the sphincter starting to get excited and opening little by little. After a few minutes the tight hole became a bottomless cave much bigger than my whole body. The other girl kept moving me in circles around the excited anus some more minutes, pleasing Sally and torturing me, until she finally started to push me inside Sally’s rectum. Her mighty tongue manipulated my body inserting me in Sally’s intestines and once again I found myself caught and defenseless. The girl pushed me deeper and deeper for several minutes until her tongue wasn’t able to reach me. Then, the anal opening started to close slowly and I got surrounded by the suffocating darkness once more. At least this time my body wasn’t as sore as the first time, because Sally’s sphincter didn’t squeeze as before, but still I couldn’t do anything to free myself.
After a few moments Sally ejected me from her bowels. My body was kissed and licked thoroughly and with deliberation by the viscuos anus as I was defecated again. Sally’s friend picked my limp exhausted body up from the dark gap and placed me on one of Sally’s huge meaty hills. They were talking for some time while I tried to catch my breath with my whole body sticky and attached to the soft and warm skin of my girlfriend’s enormous buttock. After a few minutes, the girl returned her attention to me, and wetting her fingertip with saliva she took me once more. Sally wasn’t satisfied yet. I was manipulated again in tight circles on her anus, but this time the girl used her fingertip to play with me. I was flattened against her sphincter and breathing got very difficult for me. Sally’s friend first made my body go through her huge crack several times, and later I was trapped again among the outer pleads of her sweaty anus. Once the girl was sure that I was helplessly caught, she removed her finger and opening Sally’s butt cheeks she got closer to watch me. With a big smile, Sally’s friend watched as Sally’s anus started to swallow me again little by little. Sally wanted to entertain and amuse her friend, so she took a long time to insert me completely inside herself. Every time she contracted her anus’ muscles a part of me disappeared in her rectum, however between every contraction several seconds passed by. I felt like her anus was relishing, tasting and enjoying my body as my diminutive body was devoured bit by bit. And sure she was having a great time, all her body was trembling and shaking with pleasure as her sphincter played with my outmatched tiny body effortlessly. Her delight was evident as she moaned and sighed contentedly during all my deliberate insertion process. Finally, after long minutes of torment all my being disappeared until only my minuslce sore head was left outside the dark hole. The other girl had a terrific time too, by watching my suffering and my utter impotence as I wasn’t able to avoid being manipulated and eaten alive by an anus. She was gleefully giggling all the time.
After being completely sucked in for some minutes inside Sally’s rectum, I was pushed outside once again by a mighty contraction of her muscular walls. Sally’s friend took me again with her fingertip and got me close to her smiling face. This time I even didn’t have time to beg for mercy as she dropped me inside her mouth. She played with my body inside her mouth squashing me with her tongue and drowning me with her saliva. I thought that I would die drowned or that I would end inside her stomach, and that I would be slowly digested by her gastric juices, however after a while she spitted me out violently. During the time I suffered inside her mouth, Sally’s friend used a dildo in order to open Sally’s anus even wider, so, it looked like a cosmic star-eating black hole to me. After removing the dildo from Sally’s bowels, she attached her lips to the very excited and opened sphincter and I was powerfully threw inside the dark tunnel along with a stream of warm saliva. Through the distended anus I saw the amused smiling girl looking at me, and then with great panic I watched her starting to stuff the dildo inside Sally’s rectum again. I was squashed and cruelly rubbed against Sally’s rectum walls several minutes as she enjoyed many violent and intense anal orgasms. I fell unconscious as my suffering ended quickly.

The tiny being was inserted inside the more distant corners of Sally’s intestines. Sally’s (ex)boyfriend would never got out alive from her bowels again, and one day later, she defecated him along with her feces. As she kissed him goodbye she waved her hand, watching the diminutive shit-encased limp body moving in circles and disappearing trapped in the toilet’s water vortex.


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