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martes, 16 de abril de 2013


By Ramvo
With one knee on the bed and one foot on the floor, Tina manipulated her new husband in and out of her anus. Increasing and decreasing the speed, the little body appeared and disappeared from the rear opening. Tina was in paradise, with her eyes closed and a smile on her lips, she enjoyed each milimiter of the tiny being in her rectum. She tried to hold herself so as not to reach an orgasm too soon, so she started to move the little man slowly in circles. She felt her anus opening more and more, making easier the action between her buns. She had one hand on the bed and bending over she used two fingers of her other hand to handle her toy by his ankles. Her sphincter began to open and close rhythmically around her couple, she knew that the climax was very near. And when she reached it, she moaned pleased and stucked the little living dildo completely in her bowels.
Soaked in sweat, Tina lie on her bed face down while regaining her breath. The beatiful 6’3’’ tall blond smiled satisfied with her new husband (or new sex toy) performance. She knew that she had to take him out or he would die, but the feeling was very pleasant. She closed her eyes and squeezed her sphincter a few seconds. She sensed his very minuscle movements and she contracted again repeating the game a few more times. Finally she felt no reaction and waited a few more seconds. Then she got up, and kneeling on the bed she started to pull out her toy.
With one hand she opened her muscular and well rounded buttocks and with the fingers from the other one she started to dig inside herself. She felt panic when she couldn’t find her slave, their honeymoon was not over yet and she wanted him alive. During her orgasm, she inserted the little being deeper than what she had thought. She started to push her bowels until a tiny foot appeared in the opening of her ass. Taking it carefully she pulled her husband’s limp body out of her. Little by little the diminutive being came out from the dark tunnel, completely wet with her anal fluids and the special lubricant Tina had used on him to make sure he would slip easily in her rectum.
After pulling him out completely, Tina checked the little body laying on the palm of her hand. Using her fingertip she softly pressed his chest making sure he was still breathing. She noticed his weak but constant moving up and down of his chest and she smiled reliefed, she was still able to enjoy what was left of their honeymoon with her husband.
Tina took him with her other hand and stucked him again in her rectum, but feet first this time. She had no problem inserting the little 2.5 in body in her loins, because he was already soaked by the oily lubricant and her rectum was still lubricated and relaxed. She was careful enough to leave the tiny head outside, which was framed by the furrowed folds of her anus. Using a hand mirror and opening her butt, she observed the minuscle face barely noticeable on her anal opening and smiling she sent him a kiss with her other hand. She let her amazing buns close and laying on the bed she felt asleep in a few minutes.

Walter woke up and found himself surrounded by a complete and warm darkness. His body was totally caught and he was not able to move his arms. However the feeling was not unpleasant, his soaring body felt safe and protected by the silky and soft surface that enveloped him, it was like a warm, fragrant but mainly “alive” sleeping bag. His mind started to get clear, and he slowly recognized the place where he was and remembered what had happened a few days ago. Her young and gorgeous wife had used him like a sex toy again, and he had fallen unconscious because of the physical exhaustion he was submitted to. At 64 years old he no longer had the resistance and strength typical of his youth. He wished his wife wouldn’t be so fond of anal sex. The feeling of her sphincter around his neck made him remember how helpless he was in his new condition. Being transformed into a living suppository was not what he had in mind for his honeymoon, however his wife didn’t kill him and she had assured him that he was going to be kept alive and in well condition. The veteran multimillionaire had fallen in love with a girl 35 years younger than him, and that had proved to be an expert in witchcraft, and the worst thing was, that she was a nymphomaniac for sure. Their honeymoon, in the caribbean paradise where they were, was not over yet and nobody would suspect that he was completely defenseless inserted inside her wife’s intestines.
He tried to move a little in order to be more confortable, the pressure around his neck let him breath, but his legs and arms were numb. He kicked the rectum walls trying to make his blood run through his legs, but he ceased to do it because the huge darkness surrounded him started to move and shake. He thought that it was ironic that the part of her wife’s body that he liked the most became his no way out prison. He remembered that the first thing he noticed about the young Tina was her magnificent and rounded butt. He liked to fondle, kiss, nibble and even softly spank that delicious behind. But due to his present size, it would take days to kiss the whole area of her huge meaty hills, and even his strongests hits wouldn’t harm the tanned surface of her buns at all. And for sure his bites would be like flea’s stings on her fragrant flesh.
After a few seconds the movement around Walter stopped. Tina was asleep for sure, he thought. Suddenly his body was powerfully squeezed for some seconds and he hold his breath in expectation. Little by little Tina’s rectum started to relax and Walter breathed reliefed. He didn’t want to wake up his wife, and be used as a dildo again. He was very tired and really needed to rest. He fell asleep while remembering what had happened and how he was transformed from powerful businessman into a simple pleasure toy of a lusty young girl.
Three days ago the newly wed couple had arrived to the most beautiful beach in the world. All the people were astonished when they saw such a young and beautiful woman with an old and not too attractive man. However, when they found out who the husband was, they understood that the reason of the matrimony of the gorgeous Tina and the ugly Walter Lombardo was his wealth. And that was exactly the reason which made Tina accept Mr. Lombardo’s romantic propositions... but there was something more.

Tina Osbourne descended from an ancient family of celtic witches and wizards from northern England. From her mother and grandmother she learnt how to manipulate matter and men, but she perfected the spell used to change a living creature’s size by herself. She had tested it many times on animals, but she had never used it on a human, so she smiled satisfied and reliefed when she saw her diminute and confused 2.5 in husband on the surface of their honeymoon suite’s bed. She took him carefully in her hands and explained him what her plans were. She was going to tell the local police that he had disappeared, however they were going to enjoy their honeymoon as planned. So as Walter Lombardo would never be seen again, she would inherit his $800,000,000 fortune.
The police interrogated her many times and while she was crying answering their questions, her tiny husband struggled inside her tight underwear. Many times she had to cross her legs in order to suffocate Walter, but she never wanted to kill him, she just wanted him to faint while she continued talking with the policemen. With almost half of his body inside Tina’s vagina, Walter yelled and hit everything around him. Tina was scared that his screaming could be heard by the cops, so she excused herself and went to the restroom. Once she was there she pull down the thong she was wearing and without saying a word, she completely inserted the body of her “lost” husband inside her pussy and using two fingers she closed her vaginal lips hermetically until she didn’t feel any movement. Satisfied, Tina returned with the cops and sobbing she continued answering their questions. Trying to hide the pleasure little Wally caused her when he was fighting with all his might inside her thong was hard for Tina. Among her cries she uttered some moans more of pleasure than pain. During other interrogatory, she had to slap the restless being because she felt that she was getting an orgasm in anytime. Walter Lombardo had been a semi professional boxer in his youth and he was hitting his giant wife’s pink clitoris with all his might, however her hand left him inmediately unconscious, and Tina was able to continue answering the same questions asked by the local police, who were surprised by her sudden movement. In other ocassion, the cops suspecting that something weird was happening entered the Lombardos’ suite with no warning. Tina was taking a bath and was taken by surprise so that she had no time to put her underwear on. She had to insert Wally headfirst in her rectum with a single and powerful push. The pain was so intense that the little man fell unconscious inmediately inside his wife’s bowels. Once the cops were gone, Tina pulled Wally out from her rectum. She was very worried about his condition, but the old man was tough and was still breathing. The cops would never find the multimillionaire and they never suspected that many times he was just in front of them, struggling and fighting inside Tina’s fleshy vaginal lips.

Tina never meant to kill her new husband. The old Lombardo was a man with a great sense of humor, very tender and sweet with her. She had loved to spend long minutes after making love talking with him and laughing at his jokes and memories. Tina really enjoyed his charismatic personality, furthermore the gifts he had given her during the four months before the wedding were awesome and expensive. However, she wanted to have total control of his industries and business, and the only way to accomplish this was either killing him or making him disappear. She had chosen the last option. Maybe as time pass, he would get used to his new condition, and she would have enough confidence so as not to keep him with her all the time... maybe.
 Besides, she had never hurted anyone on purpose, being cruel wasn’t in her nature. But something that always had turned her on was having control over people. With her prior couples she always had behaved very dominant sexually, and now having a helpless little man at her mercy, she couldn’t avoid using him to obtain pleasure even through his suffering. She just loved to feel Wally’s little struggles inside her body. The way he fought and kicked everything around him caused her intense and multiple orgasms. Besides, she made him lick and kiss her feet, nipples and clitoris for long time. Sometimes she forced him to nibble her anus too, while being squeezed by her glorious and muscular buttocks. The first times she had used him as a dildo, Wally fought with all his might yelling and threatening her. She remembered his expression of utter fear, helplessness and humilliation after being pulled out from her vagina those first times. His diminute body was completely soaked with her vaginal fluids and had some of her curly, golden pubic hairs attached. Half drowned, coughing and spitting, the submitted ex powerful entrepreneur hanged from Tina’s fingers like and old misused rag doll. Although she felt very excited with the power she exerted on him, she consoled him with sweet words and tender and sincere kisses. As time went by, and after being used more frequently, Mr. Lombardo was getting resigned and accepting his fate. After all, it was not so bad to be the sex toy of such a beautiful girl like Tina. Her long shapely legs, her turgid and firm breasts, her long golden hair, her angel face but mainly her curveous butt had become his new habitat. Being inserted inside her juicy and pink vagina, although suffocating and hot, was turning to be an almost pleasant experience. He was getting used to the odor and taste of her lubricant fluids, as well as to the way she manipulated him with her mighty fingers sticking him in or pulling him out furiously, or softly moving him in circles.
However, he still wasn’t used to be inside her rectum. Her anus’ taste disgusted him at first, but little by little he had to accept her huge anal sex appetite. It was very different to be trapped inside her rectum: it was much hotter and tighter than her pussy. Sometimes the pressure on him was so intense that he feared his ribs would break. It was much more difficult to breath inside there too.
The morning after the anal experience narrated at the beginning of this story, Tina woke up and after forcing her husband out of her tight sphincter, she took a bath in the suite’s tub. She washed Wally too, and later she used him to wipe dry her pubis and crack. Her husband’s body got inmediately wet by the humidity on those parts of her huge body. After having breakfast, Tina strolled around the hotel and bought some souvenirs while keeping Wally caught between her vaginal lips and her tight underwear.
Back in the suite, Tina used him to please herself by sticking him deeply in her vagina. After reaching several orgasms she decided to go outside and take a sunbath on the suite’s terrace. Totally naked and laying facedown on a towel, Tina ordered Wally to spread some tanner oil on her ass. With his body soaked in oil, he proceeded to massage the giant muscular hills of his wife for over an hour. Once she was satisfied, she took the tiny man and forced him between her buns until he was lost from sight. Then, gorgeous Tina started to play with him tightening and relaxing her glutes. Wally felt his body being squeezed mercylessly several seconds leaving him out of breath. When Tina got tired of playing with him this way, she took Wally out of her crack and turned herself around face up. This time she put him in her pussy and told him to nibble her clit. Wally was already tired but he had no option. He didn’t know what she could do to him if he refused to obey her, and he didn’t want to find out. Tina reached several orgasms this time too, and she thought that her husband was lubricated enough to insert him through her butthole effortlessly. She remembered that the first time she used him anally, she had inserted a good size dildo in her rectum before, in order to open it and not to hurt him too much. She even put Wally next to the dildo to show him that if such a big dildo had entered her rectum, he would slip in easily. The plastic dildo was twice the size of the shrunken Wally and much more wider, however he begged her not to put him inside herself this way. Tina simply kissed him covering all his face with her lips and lifting and spreading her legs she proceeded to insert him between her buttocks. After this first experience, Tina decided to smear his little body with lubricant everytime, because poor Wally’s skin was hot red due to the terrible friction against the rectum walls. In other time she inserted him completely after ordering him to move and kick with all his strength, however Wally got tired very soon, and a very alarmed Tina had to push him out of her anus after a couple of minutes of sensing no movement inside her intestines.
But this time, Tina simply opened her buttocks with a hand and inserted him with a single push leaving outside only his head and shoulders. Then, she put a fingertip on the top of her living dildo’s head and softly pushed him deeper inside. Wally felt completely devoured and a terrible heat and humidity wrapped his body again, he was defenseless once more. Only his head was left outside her sphincter, and Tina started to play with him again. She inserted his head completely inside and then she pushed it out with a little effort while fingering herself. Sometimes she moved his tiny head in circles caressing all her anal opening. Finally, after cumming a few times she was satisfied and fell asleep making sure her husband was still breathing. Poor Wally was almost unconscious and fell asleep too.
After sunbathing for a couple of hours, Tina pulled out Wally from her body and washed him. She got dressed and went to the hotel’s restaurant. One more time she carried her husband with her, but this time Tina put a tight one piece swim suit on, so if someone would watch carefully a tiny bulk could be noticed barely moving in front of such swim suit.
During the afternoon and once she had fed Wally with some crumbs she had taken in the restaurant, Tina decided to go to the hotel’s disco and have some fun. She loved dancing but Wally didn’t share the same passion for it. She took a shower and put on only a light white dress and a g-string of the same color. She didn’t want to leave her husband alone yet, so she resolved to put him in a safe place. Wrapping him carefully from shoulders to toes using a silk thread, Tina removed her g-string and placed Wally exactly between her buns. She put her g-string on again, and it fit her so tight that held the tiny body firmly in place by itself. However, Tina wanted to be sure that her husband wouldn’t fall and get crushed in the disco, so she started to walk around the room and shake her hips from side to side, and once she was completely sure that Wally wouldn’t fall from her ass she smiled content and proceeded to go to the disco. Wally’s minuscle body was buried between her delicious buns and in total darkness. He didn’t know what was in store for him and he started to panic when he felt how he was crushed rhythmically by the two huge meat semispheres. Although he was able to breath, he soon found himself completely coated with the sweat coming from the inmense crack in which he was trapped. He knew that Tina was doing some kind of physical effort, but it was only when he heard the loud music when he realized that his wife was dancing. Wally thought that his wife wanted to have sex with a man in the disco, but nothing was further from the truth. Tina had decided to be faithful to her husband while he was alive, she just wanted to have a good time dancing the cumbias, salsas and the rest of the tropical music, typical of the place they were in. Tina danced for almost 4 hours. It was 1 AM when she resolved to go back and have some rest. She had to reject the romantic propositions of half a dozen men, who were astonished by her magnificent body and the way she danced. Poor Wally was subjected to a intense physical effort, although he could only move his fingers and toes, his body was shaken and compressed mercylessly song after song. He drank big amounts of the salty sweat running through Tina’s huge crack in order to calm his thirst caused by being in such a hot place. The air suddenly had gotten too humid and some times during the night he fainted for a couple of minutes. Finally the temperature decreased and he realized that Tina had returned to their suite. Tina took out her white dress and removed her g-string to check Wally’s state. When she noticed his regular breathing, she put him back in her butt and putting the white g-string on again, she lie facedown and fell asleep almost inmediately.

The next morning, Tina used her husband to please herself again. After taking him out from her ass, she used him to masturbate herself by rubbing him against her pussy lips. The touch of the silk thread around his body was something new and pleasant for Tina, she thought that maybe it would be more convenient to always tie him before using him. She rubbed the tiny cocoon against her clit and her outter lips until it was totally soaked in her vaginal fluids. Then she inserted him many times too having more orgasms. After this, she took her motionless husband to the bathroom where she had a refreshing shower and washed him carefully too. Wearing only a rope and still with water rolling on her tanned skin and hair, Tina sat comfortably in front of the tv set and started to comb her hair and later to polish her finger nails. She had a now fully awake Wally under one of her feet and she rolled him lazily forward and backward on the rugged floor. She moved him softly in circles too being carefully so as not to crush or harm him. Wally was exhausted and had no will to fight back so he was inexorably moved around by Tina’s foot, after all he had no choice. His only wish was that their honeymoon would end already and to have a quick death. But he was worried by the fact that his wife seemed to want him alive for a long time. He regreted of being such a great sportsman during his youth and having an extraordinary physical condition despite his age. Any other man of the same age would have already die of weariness for sure. Once Tina finished fixing her finger nails, she put a black top on and a tight spandex short of the same color. She wanted to try the hotel’s gym and she recalled that she hadn’t worked out for some days, one of her favorite activities. Wally wasn’t surprised when Tina tied him again with the silk thread and put him back in her crack. But this time, Tina wanted to be sure that her husband wouldn’t die crushed by her own butt, so she placed him exactly against the outer ridges of her anus. Wedging him deeply in her rectal opening, the young woman buried his body in her tender and fragrant flesh using two fingers. The little runt inmediately recognized the place where he was by the intense odor of her sphincter. Tina took a bottle of water, a little towel and strolled to the gym. She worked out for more than two hours, and she exercised her legs and glutes mainly. Wally was crushed and squeezed again, but he suffered no permanent damage because he was well protected lodged deeply in his wife’s ass. Although he felt a terrible pressure on his body when she sat down, Wally didn’t suffer too much. The worst part was when Tina did her squating routine. He felt how his body was devoured by the viscuous sphincter everytime Tina lowered her hips. She also felt the tiny man inexorably entering inside herself more and more, but she couldn’t do anything about it in the gym. So she decided to leave him there until she returned to the suite. Once Tina finished her routine, Wally was inside her anus up to his waist. He was not able to move his extremities and he was being pushed by his wife’s mighty buttocks inside her dark hole. To make things worse her anus was well lubricated by her sweat and seemed to be getting wider and wider. Finally Tina returned to the suite and pulled Wally out from her ass and after she untied him she washed him tenderly.

The rest of their honeymoon passed in the same way. The old multimillionaire was always in touch with his giant wife’s delicious flesh or used as a sex toy. The local police was completely confused and had decided to close the case, suspecting that Walter Lombardo had died and his body would never be seen again. Three days later Tina left the hotel and went to the airport with her luggage. Once in the air, she went several times to the restroom and one time, one of the airline hostess could hear two voices coming from inside:
“I love you baby”
“I love you too sweetheart”.



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