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viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

JENNI'S GROWTH (commisioned story)


By Ramvo

The 15 year old boy entered the basement hesitantly. He was aware that life as he knew it was over, as he’d become the property of a rich amazon family of the suburbs. He was allowed to bring some personal items with him, but he was told that from now on his clothes, food and anything he could ever need would be provided by his new owners.
The basement looked like an ample bedroom with a private washroom and toilet. He noticed a huge bed and a tv screen and felt a little bit relieved. There was also a frig, and some other furniture and despite being underground, the basement was well-lit and looked quite comfortable as the floor was covered by a grey carpet from wall to wall. There was also a huge wall-mirror that made the basement look bigger.
In his female-dominated world boys like him were treated as personal toys, whose only purpose in life was to entertain and serve their much bigger and dominant female counterparts, and he only expected that his new owners wouldn’t be too mean with him.
He sat on his new bed and turned on the tv. He watched a reality show about 3 boys and 3 teen amazons. He got horny watching the way the girls easily handled the boys for their own pleasure and amusement. His submissive mind told him that this was the natural way of the world, and as he beheld the girls’ abundant endowments, all of them had humongous tits, wide ample hips, thick meaty legs and big but firm and well-rounded bottoms, he wished he was one of the boys in the show. All the girls in the show were younger than the boys, but all of them towered above their male partners as their turgid breasts loomed several inches over the boys’ heads. During the show the amazons were wearing only skimpy bikinis, that barely held their fleshy tits and covered almost nothing of their luscious bubble butts, while the males were completely nude.
The naughty amazons were having an eating contest and they were helped by their male partners. But this was a very different kind of eating contest, as the girls in the show wanted to prove which one of them could eat more food through their well-trained vaginas. The boy watched in awe how the boys in the show fed the girls with different fruits and vegetables, but instead of placing the food in their mouths, the boys shoved the food through the girls’ huge pussies.
The girls actually seemed to gain weight and grow, most of it on their legs, hips and butts, as they munched and swallowed the food the boys were pushing through their naked cunts, and by the end of the contest, which was won by a huge black-haired teen amazon that took an entire watermelon through her distended womanhood, all of them looked thicker and a few inches taller than before!
The boys were told to use some measure tapes to verify how much bigger the amazons had gotten, and indeed their hips, thighs and butts had grown a few inches, making them look even curvier and appealing, and they also now towered over the dumbfounded boys several inches more!
The next part of the show was a contest too, where the boys had to carry the girls on their backs while being on their hands and knees. The one who could carry his amazon for a longer distance would win. As the boys plundered on all fours, struggling after only a few seconds, the girls laughed and spanked the boys’ skinny asses encouraging them to carry on. The boy got excited watching how the girls’ huge asses covered the boys’ backs completely while they tried unsuccessfully to keep on moving.
After a few moments it was clear that the girls were too heavy for the boys, as one by one fell on the floor crushed by their immense bodies. The teen amazons laughed and mocked the boys for a few minutes and then, they punished them by sitting on their chests and bouncing up and down their meaty buttcheeks on their flattened bodies, until the boys were panting and crying for mercy.
In the last part of the show, the girls sat their toyboys on their huge and thick thighs and gave them pony rides that ended with the boys cumming, and splashing their loads on the girls’ thick and succulent legs. The amazons just laughed at the boys while they smeared their faces with their own cum.
After watching this hot show, the boy turned off the tv and waited anxiously. About ten minutes later he heard footsteps coming down. He stood up and saw that the footsteps were caused by a young and beautiful blonde girl.
“Hi! My name is Jenni” the blue-eyed girl said, “what’s your name?” she asked as she approached him walking confidently. Even at her young age, Jenni was looking directly at him with a predatory smile painted on her beautiful face.
“Hi-hi I’m Bob” he answered noticing that despite being younger and barefoot, the girl seemed to be already a few inches taller than him. She was wearing only a black top and a tight short of the same color, that showed her appealing fresh thighs and tight rounded ass.
Despite her young age, Jenni’s legs were long and well-muscled and her butt looked already full and firm. She had small breasts and narrowish hips, and her blonde curly hair fell on her shoulders, making her look innocent and seductive at the same time.
As Bob appreciated the young amazon she placed her hands on her waist and looked down at him smirking and making him feel uneasy. She was so gorgeous that he was sure that she could be starring in the reality show he was watching a few moments ago.
“I’m 12… well, in a few months I’ll be 12” Jenni said happily as she stood next to Bob, “how old are you?” she asked making him feel uncomfortable as she visibly was comparing her height with him.
“I’m 15” Bob answered noticing that his eyes were at the same level of her chin.
“Well Bob you’re a pretty small boy, but don’t worry, I like small boys” she said turning around and sitting on the bed “my mom says that soon I’ll be starting to grow, and that also I’m gonna get much stronger” she added as she motioned Bob to sit next to her. Bob walked towards the bed and sat next to Jenni. Her luscious body was making him horny despite the age and height difference between them.
Sitting next to her Bob felt even more intimidated, but he was thankful that she was a very pretty girl and she seemed to be nice.
“My mom also says that I have to train you to please me” Jenni said moving her arm around Bob’s shoulders and getting him closer to her in a dominant hug. He noticed her strength as she held him close to her young amazonian body, and knew that maybe she even was already stronger than him!
Deep in his mind, Bob wanted nothing more than to worship and please Jenni, but he struggled with his feelings because he didn’t want to be owned and ruled by such a younger female.
“Let’s play some games and get acquainted” Jenni said standing up suddenly, “let’s arm-wrestle and see who is stronger” she said standing up and walking towards the center of the room. Bob noticed her cute and enticing bubble butt bouncing up and down in front of him and followed his new mistress like an obedient puppy.
The young amazon rested her alluring body on the floor and extended her arm waiting for Bob. He laid in front of her and extended his own arm, taking her hand with his. Her hand was a little smaller than his he noticed, but as they began wrestling he realized that beating her wasn’t going to be easy.
Bob tried his best and won the few rounds they arm-wrestled but Jenni didn’t feel disappointed.
“You’ll see little boy that in a few weeks I’ll beat you” she said standing up “I’m already taller than you, and in short time I also will become much stronger” she added in a confident tone that annoyed Bob.
Then, they began leg wrestling, as they positioned themselves on their backs on the floor, and this time Bob couldn’t win a single time.
Bob had a hard time trying to hide his hard-on as he felt Jenni’s meaty leg in close contact with his. Her thick thighs were simply breath-taking, long, well-muscled and with a layer of baby fat that made them look fresh and quite feminine, and Bob wished to kiss and fondle her remarkable gams, but Jenni just wanted to prove her superiority.
“My legs are already stronger than yours” Jenni said triumphantly as she stood up after beating him many times, “now I want to see how strong you are. Get on all fours on the floor Boby” she added.
Bob obeyed his younger mistress as he got on all fours on the floor and waited. To his surprise Jenni sat on his back and ordered him to carry her around the room.
“Come on horsy!” Jenni giggled mischievously, “carry me around. I’m gonna get much heavier and you’ll have to carry me then too!” she added happily.
Jenni was heavy but Bob was able to carry her for several minutes before getting tired. The boy spent long minutes carrying the girl on his back as she giggled and encouraged him to continue for more and more minutes, until he was sweating profusely and heaving.
Bob watched their reflection on the wall-mirror and despite the tiredness, the image of the young blonde teen sitting her alluring butt on him made his dick hard again.
“I’ll see you tomorrow Boby” she said after making Bob carry her for almost an hour. The dominant young girl turned around and left her new toyboy astounded and panting on the mat.
Bob was exhausted as he beheld Jenni’s rounded buttcheeks moving up and down as she walked away from him, leaving him alone and horny in the basement. He felt his dick hard inside his pants as he tried to recover from her mischievous games.
Bob’s new life began and although he was given all the food, clothes and other stuff he needed, he had to obey and play with Jenni every time she visited him in the basement.
As the first weeks of Bob’s new life passed by, Jenni grew visibly stronger, heavier and taller. Besides their arm and leg-wrestling matches, Jenni began lifting and carrying Bob in order to show him how strong she was getting.
It was easy for the young amazon to lift and carry Bob for several minutes around the basement, but on the other hand, it got harder and harder for Bob to do the same with her, as she gained several pounds every week!
She kept making him carry her on her back for long minutes too, but it got harder and harder for Bob to withstand her growing body.
As time passed by, Bob marveled himself how Jenni’s enticing ass covered more and more of his back, as he was forced to plunder around the room on all fours.
Jenni began to develop a very sexy and curvaceous figure, as her hips and breasts were getting fuller and rounder, and her legs thicker and stronger but yet quite feminine and appealing. Bob also noticed that her already enticing butt was getting bigger, fuller and even more rounded, and every time they played he tried to grope it or rub it casually.
Luckily for him, the first weeks her attitude towards him remained the same as she continued playing with him in a friendly way. But she also got more dominant and bossy, as she realized she could handle her toyboy easier and easier.
Bob couldn’t believe how fast Jenni was growing, as only one month after his arrival she was already a head taller than him, and about 40 pounds heavier, making her stand over 6 feet tall and over 180 heavy!
She liked to compare her body with Bob every day she visited him, and she always giggled at his surprised face as he realized how much bigger than him she was getting.
She had given him a measuring tape to record her growth and compare her body with him. Jenni was growing and getting heavier day by day and Bob got more intimidated by her amazonian body, specially her thick legs, humongous tits and curvaceous bottom, as time kept passing by.
More days and weeks passed and Jenni’s body kept growing and gaining weight. After two months of his imprisonment Bob noticed in awe that his face was at the same height of her growing tits, and she was about 100 pounds heavier than him!
She liked to wear skimpy outfits that enhanced her curvy and bodacious body and Bob always got a boner just by looking at her astonishing endowments. But he also had the chance to rub and massage her remarkable thick legs and full butt as Jenni began asking him to massage her body after their still friendly games.
When she was about 6’5’’ tall and about 250 pounds heavy, Jenni began taking Bob into full wrestling sessions, but it was clear that he was no match for her as he always ended giving up after just a few moments of being squeezed or twisted like pretzel.
She liked to scissor him between her meaty thick legs, making him submit after only a few seconds of squeezing him with them, or she’d put him in a variety of wrestling holds than enhanced his humiliation and helplessness.
But despite the pain caused by her crushing legs and being twisted and squeezed mercilessly, deep inside Bob’s mind he enjoyed their wrestling matches as he had the chance to rub Jenni’s huge thighs and big jiggling flesh-spheres.
He couldn’t carry her around the room on his back anymore, as he always got crushed on the floor by her huge and alluring ass after only a few seconds after she’d sat on him. Jenni liked to pin Bob on the floor with her amazonian booty, and she amused herself watching him squirm under her ample buttcheeks trying to lift her and get free in vain.
Bob noticed in fear that Jenni was becoming more dominant towards him, and he couldn’t do anything to stop her as her hour-glass body was too heavy and her legs and arms too strong for him to handle.
Jenni’s progression into a more dominant role towards her pet was slow at first, but as she noticed how weak he was now compared to her, she decided to take advantage of this and train him harder to get used to be teen-handled.
After every time he submitted to her superior strength, she liked to sit on his stomach and chest pushing the air out of his lungs powerfully and making him feel even more minuscule and owned under her heavy body.
She also noticed that the smallish boy always got a boner when she had him between her legs, or when she was sitting her ample ass on him, and having him helplessly squirming under her began to get her excited as well.
When Jenni wrestled Bob, she liked to wear only a flimsy two-piece bikini that showed plenty of her huge boobs and covered almost nothing of her massive asscheeks as it got swallowed deeply inside her asscrack. She liked to let Bob grope her legs and butt while she had him trapped in a lock or between her consuming thighs, and she also liked to make remarks of how skinny his legs were compared to hers, or how easily she could make him submit just by using a fraction of her strenght.
After squeezing his body and making him submitt, Jenni instructed Bob that he had to kiss her thighs or calves, and thank them for not hurting him anymore. Seeing her little pet kiss her legs and thank her limbs made Jenni feel even more dominant and in charge, and she giggled contentedly watching Bob submit to her superior physique over and over.
One time Jenni was rubbing his sweaty face with her thick thighs while sitting on his chest, massaging his nose and mouth dominantly, and noticing that Bob liked this, she moved forward and covered his face with her clothed crotch. Feeling his face on her snatch caused Jenni a pleasure she’d never felt before, and she began rubbing and massaging Bob’s face with her pussy every time she sat on him.
Meanwhile, Bob had to endure Jenni’s weight on top of him for long minutes as she pleased herself with his whole face, but despite the pain and immense pressure on him, he enjoyed stroking her big legs and astounding bottom enveloping his face, and he always got a boner whenever his teen mistress sat on him dominantly.
As her body kept gaining weight and height, Jenni’s lust also began to grow, and she found that playing naughty games with her toyboy was a good way to explore the feelings and sensations she was starting to have. She specially liked to rub her pussy on her little slave’s face, enjoying delicious waves of pleasure for several minutes while Bob squirmed helplessly under her heavy being.
Bob’s face always ended up soaked in Jenni’s pussy juices after being rubbed and massaged by her cunt for long minutes, and as she got more dominant and confident, her moans and sighs of pleasure also got louder and louder.
One time, when she was already 6’8” tall and almost 300 pounds heavy, Jenni had Bob in a reverse headscissors as she was lying on top of him and had his head helplessly trapped between her incredibly thick thighs. She also had grabbed his skinny legs using one single hand to grasp his ankles, immobilizing him completely.
“Do you like what you see Boby?” Jenni asked him as she noticed that despite being crushed by her weight, Bob was massaging her huge asscheeks enthusiastically.
“Oh yesss!!” Bob answered looking directly at her vast and firm bottom just inches from his face “I like it a lot…” he added rubbing and stroking her meaty moon-halves in earnest, causing Jenni to laugh heartedly. The young amazon moved her ample hips from side to side playfully, and Bob’s trapped head along, making her big asscheeks jiggle seductively and showing how helpless Bob was, as she enjoyed his hands stroking her remarkable butt.
“You’re a naughty boy Bob” she giggled, “Maybe you’d like to get a closer look of my big booty” she said mischievously. She released his legs and lifting her body, the dominant teen began sitting her immense ass on Bob’s trembling face.
As his face got between Jenni’s huge buttcheeks, the teen amazon felt a new level of pleasure mixed with a feel of complete domination over her pet. She liked to feel his puny struggles to free himself and she also liked the feeling of his nose plastered tightly on her tender anus.
Having his face completely enveloped by her massive asscheeks made Bob feel even more minuscule and dominated by Jenni. Her asscrack was so deep that his face got completely swallowed inside, and the musky odor of her anus and womanhood got Bob excited despite the pain and humiliation.
“This feels so good Bob…” Jenni sighed as she began shaking her ass from side to side burying his nose even deeper between her buttcheeks. Feeling a rush of domination and excitement, Jenni took Bob’s ankles and bent the helpless boy in two as she held his feet under her arms.
Buried under layers and layers of seductive and lavish ass-flesh, Bob was struggling to breathe, and having his body bent in two painfully, made him feel even more confined and teen-handled.
As she maneuvered him effortlessly, Bob screamed in pain but his voice was perfectly muffled by Jenni’s amazonian bottom. She enjoyed feeling his voice in her ass though, and she made him scream into her ass several times pushing his hamstrings even more towards the floor.
Jenni had a great time smothering Bob with her ample behind while he struggled beneath her. She enjoyed his nose rubbing her butthole as well as his mouth plastered tightly on her clothed pussy, and in short time Bob’s face got soaked with her juices and sweat.
She didn’t let him go after many minutes and she was satisfied, and Bob was panting and sweating profusely. She made him thank her for letting him breathe again, as he had to kiss both of her huge and perfectly rounded flesh-globes hovering over him several times.
To Bob’s surprise Jenni grabbed his erect cock and squeezed it powerfully making him cum against his will, while he was worshipping her rear. While the towering teen giggled amusedly, the boy felt completely soiled and even more humiliated under his younger mistress.
From that day on, Jenni got even more dominant and Bob had to bear her naughty nature every time she played with his helpless body. She began sitting on his face every time she visited him, rubbing her crotch on his face or swallowing it deep inside her asscrack for long minutes, or making him kiss her moon-halves and thighs. She also liked to grab his dick and masturbate him while keeping him trapped between her legs, or while smothering his face with her pussy or ass.
Bob was not allowed to wear any clothes whenever Jenni visited him any more, as the huge teen liked to have free access to his dick and balls while wrestling or playing with him.
Her growing body and strength made impossible for Bob to defend himself against her, as he now felt as a helpless and tiny toy at Jenni’s mercy. The naughty amazon began dominating him in many more ways. She liked to place Bob sitting astride on one of her meaty thighs and bounce his body up and down for long minutes. Her hands were so big now that she could easily encircle his waist with them while she easily moved him up and down just by using one of her massive legs.
Bob clearly enjoyed these pony rides as he felt like a little boy sitting on his mother legs, and he always ended up cumming after some minutes, soaking Jenni’s thigh and making her giggle amusedly.
Meanwhile, Jenni liked to make him suck and nibble one of her fat nipples while bouncing his small body up and down rhythmically for several minutes. She enjoyed dominating her tiny plaything with her luscious and big body, and she also made him massage her other tit while giving him a long pony ride.
More weeks passed by, and Jenni got so big that Bob’s head was now well below her huge tits, and her hips got so wide that he struggled to encircle them completely with his arms. She was now over 7 feet tall and 450 pounds heavy, and she could now lift her toyboy easily using one of her huge hands, but she kept wrestling him and subduing him every time she visited him. Bob also noticed that her thighs were so thick around now that one of them was even bigger and much heavier than his own body!
But her lust also grew, as she began kissing and fondling Bob whenever she had him trapped between her clamping legs. She also kept squeezing his cock and making him cum against his will, as she amused herself watching him squirm in pleasure as she easily handled and subdued him.
They now used to wrestle completely nude, as the towering amazon liked to stimulate her naked vagina stroking her fat pussy lips with his entire face, smearing it with her juices and making him lap her cunt afterwards.
When Jenni noticed how good Bob’s tongue felt on her pussy, she began making him stick his tongue as deep as he could and wiggle it around, making her shudder in sheer pleasure for long minutes. Jenni had her first orgasm this way, and this was a milestone in their relationship as she began making her pet please her with his tongue after wrestling him and while sitting on his face.
From that moment on, Bob had to serve Jenn’s pussy several times when she visited him, and she didn’t let him go until she was fully satisfied and had cummed several times, soaking his face and almost drowning him with her thick viscous juices.
But one day, after sitting backwards on his face nude for some time, the naughty teen also found that Bob could serve her rear orifice with his tongue as well, and she also began making her tongue her anus while smothering him between her fleshy asscheeks, or while having his head enveloped between her thighs in a reverse headscissors.
While his face was engulfed inside her amazonian ass, Bob had to spend long minutes tonguing and rimming Jenni’s tender rosebud until making her cum too, and she enjoyed shifting her position on her helpless toy’s face several times, making him worship her pussy and her musky anus many times during her visits.
But one day Jenni showed Bob a new trick her mom had taught her. Now the growing teen was well over two feet taller than Bob, almost 8 feet and 500 pound heavy, over 400 pounds heavier than her tiny toyboy. Her huge tits hanged many inches above his head, as his eyes were now at the same level of her belly-bottom, and her wide hips and narrow waist made her look like a towering ancient fertility goddess. Each of her thighs was much heavier and thicker around than him, and she amused herself watching him trying to get free while she placed only one of her incredibly thick thighs on his chest or on his back.
The young giantess had him trapped between her dominant and huge legs as usual. Bob tried to free himself but his arms were pinned to his sides strongly, and the younger girl began pressing her dominant and powerful thighs together crushing his flesh and bones painfully.
“No! Please Jenni stop!” Bob implored her but the blonde girl just laughed at his pleas. He closed his eyes in shame and pain as Jenni’s legs kept compressing his midsection and his arms. As the beautiful blonde teen turned his body into pulp, tears began to fill Bob’s eyes.
Jenni was so strong now that he crushed Bob until he was at the verge of losing consciousness and then, noticing that he’d stopped moving and complaining at all, she mercifully unlocked her legs and sat on his heaving chest.
Jenni taped his cheek until he was fully awake. Bob saw her naked pussy just inches from his face and trembled in anticipation.
“Open your mouth” Jenni ordered and Bob complied “now stick out your tongue and get it inside my pussy” she added as Bob did what he was told.
“Get your tongue deeper Boby… I want to feel it as deep as it can go” she sighed. Bob worked his tongue as deep as he could inside Jenni’s pussy and then he began moving and wiggling it around making her sigh and moan in pleasure.
Jenni enjoyed Bob’s ministrations on her cunt for several moments and then, to Bob’s surprise she clamped her pussy muscles trapping his tongue deep inside her. Bob was taken aback as he found that he couldn’t move his tongue at all, deep inside her hot loins.
Bob tried to withdraw his tongue but Jenni held it tightly inside. The teen amazon just giggled at his useless efforts and looked down at his troubled face dominantly.
“I’ve been training my pussy…” she said as Bob looked up at her dumbfounded, “I can hold your tongue inside for as long as I want” she added nonchalantly “and I can eat through it too…” she ended as Bob began to feel his tongue being literally munched by Jenni’s mighty pussy muscles!
Jenni laughed at his terror expression as her pussy munched his tongue strongly for a few moments before letting it go.
“I’m so strong now that I can easily control you just with my pussy muscles” she said to Bob, who looked up at her beautiful face in disbelief, “later, I’ll show you how I can eat through it too” she added as she smiled down on her toy.
Then, Jenni turned around on Bob’s body and trapped his head between her thick thighs. She didn’t squeeze him though, as she just wanted to keep enjoying his aching tongue on both of her orifices.
Bob spent long minutes pleasing Jenni’s pussy and anus at the same time, and every time he’d slow his ministrations, she’d crush him cruelly with her thick thighs making him renew his efforts.
After enjoying several anal and pussy orgasms, Jenni showed Bob her new skill. After getting up from Bob’s spent body, Jenni took several vegetables from the frig and moved back to Bob, who’d remained lying on his body trying to recover himself from the blonde amazon’s sexual assault.
“Take a good look Boby” the dominant teen said as she sat heavily on Bob’s chest pinning his body on the floor.
After using a couple of fingers to spread her fat pussy lips and to Bob’s amazement, she began shoving a carrot through her slit. To Bob’s amazement and terror, Jenni ate the vegetable through her fleshy canal as bit after bit went inside her.
While the carrot disappeared through her pussy, the huge teen moaned and sighed contentedly, and Bob’s eyes bulged out as he beheld in disbelief how Jenni ate the carrot through her cunt.
“See, I told you I’ve learned to eat through my pussy” she said nonchalantly as she looked down at her terrified toyboy, “and in short time I’ll be able to stick even bigger things inside…” she added winking an eye at Bob’s incredulous face.
To Bob’s shock, Jenni ate three carrots and two cucumbers through her hungry cunt and after this, and to Bob’s dismay, she took one of his hands and began sticking his fingers through her slit too.
As she shoved his fingers inside her pussy, the horny teen shuddered in pleasure. Bob couldn’t stop Jenni from pleasing herself using his fingers, as he remained lying on his bed and watching in awe how the huge amazon pushed his fingers and hand deeper and deeper until his hand was buried up to his wrist.
Jenni grabbed his forearm and began moving it in tight circles fucking her pussy with his entire hand for several minutes until she cummed, clenching her powerful pussy muscles around Bob’s hand, and soaking it completely with her sticky fluids.
While the teen amazon relished her intense orgasm, Bob had to suffer the pressure around his hand for long agonizing minutes until she was fully satisfied and mercifully released his hand. After this, the mischievous amazon stood up from Bob’s flattened body, leaving him astonished and panting.
As more time passed by, Jenni grew more inches and gained even more weight, most of it on her legs, ass and hips making her upper body look thin in comparison, but now each of her tits was much bigger than Bob’s head, and her long arms were quite strong and looked well-muscled but not overdone.
She was now over 8 feet tall and almost 600 pounds heavy. She looked like a true giantess compared to Bob, as her towering frame dwarfed him completely. Her haunches looked like tree-trunks now and they made Bob’s look like flimsy twigs.
The teen giantess liked to spend time lying comfortably on the basement’s bed, and having Bob between her dominant legs pleasing her pussy or her asshole for long hours. She also liked to watch tv while sitting on Bob’s face, smothering his face with her ample and succulent bottom, making his face turn red as he struggled to breathe buried deep between her asscrack. Bob also had to feed Jenni through her pussy every time she visited him, and he marveled himself that she could take bigger and bigger things through her distended vagina as time passed by.
She didn’t stop wrestling him though, but he stood completely helpless against her now as she could handle him effortlessly. But she still enjoyed making him submit and beg for mercy after squeezing him or sitting on his face.
“I have a gift for you” Jenni said one day while she was sitting on Bob’s chest pinning him down on the floor. As usual, she was completely nude, and her big and enticing bottom covered completely his chest and abdomen, her huge flesh-orbs spilling at his sides several inches. Her moist pussy was inches from his sweaty face as Bob had been licking her cunt making her moan and tremble for several minutes. He didn’t know what to expect now from his towering teen mistress, but he couldn’t do anything to stop her anyway.
She lifted herself a little from Bob’s crushed body, and after holding him strongly by the back of his head, she used two fingers of her free hand to spread her fat pussy lips widely. Jenni centered Bob’s face and began peeing down on his terrified face while giggling amusedly.
This was a new low in Bob’s life as he began sobbing openly while Jenni’s hot urine splashed all over his face, and he had to endure her maddening giggles too.
While he suffered under his teen mistress, Jenni just laughed at him making remarks of how funny he looked, soaked in her smelly pee.
But Jenni didn’t want to waste her golden liquid showering her little prey, and the following weeks she forced Bob to open his mouth while she filled him with her hot pee for long minutes.
“From now on, whenever I visit you all the liquid you’re allowed to drink will come from me” she said nonchalantly as her bitter urine splashed on his lips and filled his mouth to the rim, “and when I finish you have to thank me and lick me clean” she ended.
Bob was humiliated beyond words, but he had to thank and lap clean his cruel mistress after every time she’d peed inside his mouth.
But Jenni had more surprises in stock for her troubled pet. One day she had one of her legs on his skinny body as she delighted herself watching him fighting in vain to lift her heavy gam.
“Come on Bobby, I can’t believe you can’t escape from my leg” she teased him while her fat but well-muscled thigh crushed him down on the floor, “you’re getting too weak or am I getting to heavy for you?” she asked, chuckling mischievously as her prey tried hopelessly to lift her astounding and incredibly thick thigh.
While Bob squirmed under her mighty dominant leg, Jenni rubbed her pussy excitedly, as she got hornier and hornier watching her helpless toy suffering under her superior body.
After some minutes of pleasing herself, Jenni finally lifted her leg from Bob and sat on his chest crushing his body and pinning him on the floor.
“Worship my pussy” she said hoarsely as she grabbed his small head and plastered his face on her wet cunt.
“Stick out your tongue and get it deep… deeper!” she roared while Bob tried desperately to please her. In short time his face was soaked in her juices, as he struggled to breath under her squashing body. But Jenni wasn’t satisfied. She grabbed him by the back of his head using both of her strong hands and began pushing him through her fat pussy lips. His face got tightly enveloped by her vagina as he was pushed through her fleshy canal. He struggled to breathe while her juices soaked him, and he tried to scream for help but his voice was completely silenced inside her hot tunnel.
Bob was too weak to defend himself and stop Jenni, as he felt how her pussy began swallowing his nose and then his mouth and cheeks.
Little by little, Bob felt miserable and wretched as his face disappeared from the outside world and entered Jenni’s, getting soaked with her hot juices in the process. As her entrance relaxed and opened more and more, her muscles massaged his face and squeezed him strongly making him grunt in pain.
“Oh yesss! Get in there deeper little boy!” Jenni moaned as her vagina opened even more taking Bob’s entire face inside. The little boy tried desperately to free himself, her but her huge hands kept him firmly in place, as she continued shoving his face up to his ears inside her hot tunnel.
Bob couldn’t believe it. Jenni was so big and strong now that she was going to push his head completely inside her hungry cunt!
While he struggled to breathe, darkness surrounded him completely, and all he could hear were Jenni’s moans and sighs of pleasure.
Sensing that Bob was at the verge of unconsciousness, Jenni mercifully let his head go. His drenched head fell on the floor heavily and before he could react, Jenni took one of his arms from under her massive thigh and began shoving it inside her soaked tunnel now.
“Make a fist!” she ordered and Bob obeyed her thanking that he was able to breathe free again. While he was panting under his mistress’ huge butt trying to catch his breathe, Bob noticed how big her glistening pussy was now. She could easily shove his entire head inside her without problem!
Jenni began pushing Bob’s fist and then his forearm inside her pussy, and when she had it up to his elbow, she began moving it in circles around sending waves of pleasure throughout her big body.
The huge teen closed her beautiful blue eyes and licked her sexy thick lips as she was now using Bob’s whole forearm and hand to please her hungry cunt. The troubled boy could just stare in awe as his amazonian mistress devoured his arm and used it at her will for her satisfaction.
“Mmmmh yeah… this feels so good!” she moaned as she crushed Bob under her heavy frame while relishing the friction between his forearm and her pussy canal.
Her strong pussy muscles squeezed his forearms and hand powerfully, as wave after wave of pleasure went from her vagina to the rest of her huge body. Bob was afraid that she could munch and eat his whole arm using her vagina, as she’d done with carrots and other food before, and he trembled in fear and excitement watching Jenni getting hornier and hornier.
As she got more and more excited, Jenni started pushing Bob’s arm deeper inside her until it was swallowed up to his shoulder. Bob felt once more like a helpless toy at Jenni’s mercy as she kept stroking her insides with his limb. Her moans of pleasure were deafening as the dominant teen amazon felt her climax rising inside her loins.
Finally, after several minutes of fucking her pussy with Bob’s entire arm Jenni cummed, screaming loudly and crushing his arm and hand with her powerful pussy muscles.
Meanwhile, Bob had to endure her orgasm under her squashing weight, as the towering teen relished the aftermath of her climax for long minutes.
But Jenni wasn’t completely satisfied as she pulled his soaked arm out of her pussy, and turned around on Bob presenting him her broad bottom.
Despite the pain and humiliation he’d been put through, her incredibly big and perfectly rounded buttcheeks took Bob’s breathe away, as he beheld them trembling and shaking inches above his sweaty face.
“Open my asscheeks and lick my asshole Bobby” she ordered, and her little prey obeyed her submissively taking her big and meaty moon-halves with his smallish hands, and after parting them widely, he began rimming her pink rosebud.
As Bob worked his tongue inside Jenni’s sphincter, the huge amazon got excited again, and after moving forwards on his body and clamping her thighs around his head strongly, she began pushing it through her engorged pussy lips again.
She had him in a reverse headscissors as she began to shove his entire head through her pussy again using her mighty and thick thighs.
Bob couldn’t stop her as her legs pushed him deeper and deeper inside until he was devoured up to his neck. His whole head got squeezed powerfully by her muscles as he tried in vain to breathe inside her cunt. Meanwhile, Jenni shook and trembled in pleasure as she used her toy’s head to fuck her cunt. She took him inside up to his ears, as she squeezed him with her legs while enjoying his face rubbing her insides.
His hands tried desperately to pry open her thighs, but his efforts were completely useless as her vagina devoured him once more. He tried to push her immense buttocks away too, but her pussy muscles closed around his face tightly and kept him firmly in place.
Jenni’s moans and sighs of pleasure got louder and louder as she shook her prey’s head inside her cunt. She didn’t even notice his futile struggles as she was too enthralled with her lust.
Bob felt darkness falling upon him one more time, as he spent several minutes trying to breathe insider her hot fleshy tunnel, and when she cummed, she shook his body like a dog shaking a rag doll. Feeling his lungs burning, Bob mercifully fell unconscious but this didn’t stop Jenni from continue pleasing herself with his abused head.
After some moments, and noticing that Bob was unconscious but still alive, the giantess pulled his head out of her pussy and stood up taking her inert toy with her. The kinky teen wasn’t satisfied and she wanted to try new things with her mistreated pet.
She sat on the bed while placing Bob’s head between her legs, and after tying his hands at his back, the blonde teen began shoving his head inside her pussy once more. She grabbed him by his hair with one hand while keeping open her pussy lips with the other one, as she began pushing him inside her forcefully.
Little by little Bob’s head and neck disappeared through Jenni’s distended and huge pussy. It looked like Bob was swallowed alive by an anaconda, but instead of being a snake what was eating him, it was Jenni’s hungry vagina what was devouring him alive!
When he was devoured up to his shoulders, Jenni lifted his smallish body from the floor, and after positioning him straight at her open canal grasping him by his ankles with one hand, the cruel girl began shoving him deeper and deeper.
As more inches of Bob’s body entered hers, she released his ankles and closed both of her huge hands around his chest encircling it completely, as she forcefully kept feeding him to her cunt. Bit by bit and after several minutes, Bob’s shoulders and chest disappeared through Jenni’s distended slit causing her great pleasure and a rush of sheer domination.
However, Jenni noticed that her toyboy was turning blue and not wanting to spoil her fun by suffocating him inside her consuming pussy, she pulled his soaked body out of her loins.
The cruel teen laughed heartedly as she saw her toy’s head and face completely soaked in her pussy juices. Thick drops of her fluids covered his face and fell from his hair to the floor, and realizing how helpless he stood against her, Jenni felt hornier and more in control than ever.
After taking out his whole body, and making sure that he was still breathing, Jenni turned him around, and grasping his ankles with one hand and opening her pussy lips with the other, she proceeded to shove him through her vagina feet-first now.
Once again Bob’s body began to disappear through Jenni’s distended pussy making her sigh and shake in pleasure.
His feet, and then his calves and thighs were swallowed by her snatch, and when he was devoured up to his waist Bob regained consciousness.
At first Bob didn’t comprehend was going on, but as he felt his feet and legs tightly enveloped and crushed inside a hot and wet tunnel, he realized that Jenni was swallowing alive through her huge pussy.
“No please Jenni! What are you doing?!” the little boy screamed in agony as inch after inch of his abused body went through Jenni’s fleshy tunnel while she closed her hands around his chest holding him in place strongly.
“Please stop! Let me go!” He implored her, but the young amazon was too enthralled to listen to his complaints and cries for mercy.
With his hands securely tied at his back, Bob couldn’t do anything to stop Jenni from swallowing him alive. He felt in sheer terror how she relentlessly kept feeding him to her pussy.
Once Bob was inside her up to his abdomen, Jenni began contracting her muscles, as she began shoving him deeper and deeper inexorably just by using her well-trained vagina. While she pinched her engorged nipples and closed her eyes in ecstasy, Bob went deeper inside her inch by inch, feeling his flesh and bones being pressed cruelly by her powerful pussy muscles.
As more and more of his body was taken inside, Bob was forced to bend his legs as Jenni accommodated his body inside her womb, forcing him to take a fetal position. The heat of her body surrounded him as he was forced deeper and deeper inside Jenni’s pussy and womb.
“Oh yeah! oh yeah!” was all Jenni said while she continued shoving Bob inside her just by contracting her mighty pussy muscles.
Meanwhile, Bob felt completely defeated and humiliated, as he realized that Jenni was taking his body deeper just by contracting and squeezing him her amazonian muscles. Her fleshy walls closed around him rhythmically and strongly, squashing him while eating him alive.
The smallish boy squirmed and thrashed with all his might trying to get free, but he couldn’t avoid being devoured inch after inch inexorably, until only his neck and head remained outside Jenni’s outstretched pussy.
“This is so gooood!” Jenni moaned as she petted Bob’s head playfully, “you feel so good inside Bobby that I think I’m gonna keep you there for a long time…” she added making Bob sob desperately.
Feeling him kick and fight deeply inside her, sent Jenni waves of pleasure throughout her whole body. And the feeling of complete domination and control made her rub her engorged clit too, while enjoying her pet’s desperate struggles inside her loins.
After several agonizing minutes for Bob, Jenni reached and orgasm making her big body tremble in sheer pleasure and shaking her victim from side to side powerfully. Bob had to suffer her climax for many minutes as her muscles squeezed him almost turning his body into pulp inside her, and her fluids soaked him completely almost drowning him.
After relishing the last moments of her orgasm, Jenni placed one hand on the top of Bob’s head and pushed him completely inside her body using only her fingertips rather effortlessly.
“Bye bye Boby” was the last thing Bob heard as he got shoved totally inside his younger mistress.
The little boy disappeared from the outside world as he got inside his teen but huge owner completely making her sigh satisfied.
Jenni stood up and watched her reflection on the big wall-mirror. Her belly was bloating visibly and she could notice Bob’s tiny feet and fists, pushing and kicking inside her.
She rubbed her expanded belly, feeling her little pet inside squirming and thrashing in despair, and laughed heartedly. Then, the cruel young amazon just turned around and walked out of the basement, whistling nonchalantly and carrying her little victim inside her.
While Bob struggled hopelessly inside her outsized body, Jenni went to her bedroom to take a nap. But she couldn’t sleep easily, as the young giantess was excited because she knew that next week she’d be getting a new tiny slave to play with!


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