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jueves, 27 de abril de 2017



By Ramvo

The next day, Belle arrived to Jake's apartment early in the morning and she went inside using the key his mom had given her last night. The horny teen princkazon had waited until Jake's mom left their apartment to surprise her unwilling cum-receptacle in bed.
She opened Jake's bedroom carefully and smiled as she watched Jake sleeping peacefully on his bed. She wasted no time and approached him while freeing her mighty anaconda from her tiny g-string and tight cut-off jeans shorts. Jake had his mouth open, as he was snoring, and Belle took advantage of this. She stood next to his bed and began rubbing her turgid glans on his open lips. The teen princkazon smiled mischeavously as she coated Jake's mouth with her viscous precum until his lips were glistening.
After a few seconds she couldn't hold herself anymore and she began to shove the tip of her huge shecock through Jake's open lips. But she had to pinch his nosetrills as his mouth wasn't opened big enough to take in her engorged tip. Jake didn't wake up but opened his mouth wider allowing Belle to enter his wet mouth easier.
To Belle's amazement, Jake began nursing on her tumescent shecock. It seemed that he was having a dream about her as he sucked and sucked making Belle's cock grow even bigger inside his oral cavity.
Belle held Jake's head still as she began thrusting her shecock a few inches in and out of his mouth, getting more and more excited. She realized that Jake wouldn't be able to throat her in this position, so she maneuvered his smaller body carefully in order to get deeper inside him. She placed him across his bed leaving his head at the edge and proceeded to insert herself completely inside her prey's oral cavity inch by inch. Belle marvelled herself as she buried her long meatstick completely and Jake didn't seem to react at all. She noticed Jake's throat bulging visibly as she had fed him all of her member again and then, after enjoying the tight embrace of his mouth and throat for a few moments she began fucking his mouth slowly.
The horny princkazon pumped her erect rod in and out of Jake's mouth rhytmically as her big testes slapped his nose and forehead. Belle was in heaven as she relished the tight embrace of Jake's throat and mouth and began moaning loudly while rubbing her huge tits.
When Jake finally woke up, he found his head hanging from the edge of his bed as Bell's balls almost blocked his sight as they smacked on his nose and forehead. He gagged on Belle's huge slab of meat and tried to move but the huge teen held him down by his wrists easily while she kept pistoning in and out of his mouth faster and faster.
"Hold still bitch..." Belle said as she noticed his puny efforts to free himself, "I'm almost there..." she added as she merrily skull-fucked him. Jake was in agony as Belle had her way with him, but he couldn't help getting excited as he noticed the reflection on the mirror on the wall in front of him. He beheld his small head framed by Belle's huge and sexy teen thighs and her big and  rounded asscheeks above him trembling and shaking as she violated his mouth. The perfect roundness of Belle's big muscular butt, and her thick enticing legs made him have an erection despite the pain, helplessness and humilliation he was going through.
"I see you're liking this" Belle said "your tiny cock is getting hard... Your mom was right, your place is under my mighty shecock" she added as she buried herself to the hilt making Jake thrash helplessly between her amazonian legs. At the same time, the dominant teen grabbed Jake's cock and began jerking it making her powerless toy go through heaven and hell.
While tears began to roll down his face, Jake could do nothing but endure his torment. His young princkmistress was using him for her pleasure just like a living sextoy. As Belle's huge nutsack kept smacking on his nose and forehead, leaving traces of her sweat on him, he felt his jaws about to dislocate but he couldn't voice his protests as his mouth was filled and massaged roughly by her hard-as-steel and impossible huge shecock.
Jake had to fight for every breathe as Belle began to insert herself as deep as she could, smothering him with her huge hairless testicles, and moving her mighty flesh-stick in tight circles inside him, expanding and stroking his throat and mouth violently.
"Now that you can throat me, making you blow me is so much better" the teen blonde said throatily, "I can do this all day long..." Jake trembled in fear as he pictured himself being used and abused by Belle in this way anytime she fancied. But then he remembered that today she was going to take his anal virginity and being skull-fucked didn't seem so bad now!
Jake couldn't help it and cummed splashing on Belle's hand. The huge princkazon laughed heartedly while smearing his chest with his own semen.
"You're a perfect sub" she said happily "hold on... I'll cum soon too!"
After a few more minutes of abusing her smaller lover, Belle finally cummed as she injected her thick fluids deep inside Jake's esophagus.
"C'mon take it, bitch! take it all! Drink it all!" Belle roared as her fluids filled Jake's body. The towering teen shot her load for several moments as she buried herself completely inside Jake's aching mouth and throat. Jake closed his teary eyes and held his breathe as he was forced to take Belle's entire lenght while she filled him with her hot salty load.
Belle let go of Jake's hands as she began to play with her turgid tits and rubbed her erect nipples moaning in ecstasy.
"Ohh yeah! Your throat is so tight!" she screamed as she poured the last drops of her viscous cum inside Jake. 
Belle kept her pleased anaconda inside Jake as she enjoyed the aftermath of her climax while the little older man struggled to breath under her amazonian frame.
After she was completely satisfied, Belle dislodged her spit-soaked member from his insides giggling mischeavously. While Jake tried to recover from Belle's assault, she rubbed her spent member all over his face smearing him with his own spit.
"Did you like your breakfast?" Belle asked mischeavously while slapping Jake's face with her wet shecock. As Jake didn't answer, Belle encircled his neck with one of her hands and began strangling him mercillesly.
"I said did you like your breakfast?!" Belle roared while her hand squeezed Jake powerfully.
"Ye-yes... I liked it" Jake muttered while trying to breathe.
"You must answer me and obey me little slut. Remember that you're too small and to weak to fight me" Belle said while letting Jake breathe again. "Now, kiss my ass".
The dominant teen turned around Jake displaying her glorious behind for him to worship. Jake puckered his lips and began planting little kisses on the lower part of Belle's beefy asscheeks. While Belle giggled above him, Jake marvelled himself of the firmness and smoothness of her amazing glutes. 
While her big buttcheeks loomed above him, Jake couldn't help getting aroused again. Belle made him kiss and lick her ass flesh for some moments more and then, after spreading her muscular ass-halves widely, she told him to kiss her moist anus. 
Jake had no choice but to obey his teen mistress and began kissing and rimming her pink sphincter makiing her tremble and sigh contentedly.
Darkness envelopped Jake as Belle let go of her asscheeks and shook her wide hips from side to side rhytmically.
"Oh yeah! this is so great. Get your tongue as deep as you can!" Belle moaned excitedly while Jake's tongue probed deeper and deeper inside her loins.
Belle enjoyed Jake's tongue inside her rectum for some moments more as her shecock grew harder and harder. But she didn't want to cum again so soon, so she told him to stop and then sat comfortably on his chest pushing the air out of his lungs and letting her shiny, spent shecock and balls rest on Jake's sweaty face, covering it completely.
"Lick my balls!" Belle commanded and Jake had no choice but to obey his teen princkmistress. As his tongue began stroking her cum-filled testicles, the naughty princkazon purred in satisfaction.
"That was great" Belle said merrily as she crushed Jake's chest with her ample and succulent buttcheeks, "but I bet filling  your ass with my beefy shecock will be even better!!" she added making Jake shuder in sheer terror.
"You must understand that I'm gonna take your anal virginty today and there's not a single thing you can do to stop me" the dominant teen said as she noticed the fear in his face.
"I'm too big and too strong for you little man, and my cock is much bigger than yours. So the natural thing is for me to dominate you, and you to be my sex toy and cock-sheathe" she said giggling,
In order to show him how stronger she was compared to him, Belle began wrestling Jake on his bed after taking off his pajamas and underwear.
"This will be more fun if both of us are naked" Belle said as she discarded her skimpy outfit. Jake had no time to admire Belle's magnificent body as he was immediately put through his paces.
After only a few moments, Jake was completely dominated by his teen tormentor, The towering young princkazon handled Jake smaller body easily as he put him in several painful holds. Besides the pain and shame, Jake felt utterly helpless and minuscle at her hands and legs.
Belle made sure to keep Jake in each hold several minutes to show him how weak he was compared to her. She lifted Jake and slammed him on the bed and jumped on his body pushing the air out of his lungs violently. She smothered him with her big tits making him struggle to breathe while she giggled amusedly on top of him.
She also scissored his body with her long and well-toned thighs, making Jake implore her to stop as he felt his body being turned to pulp. Belle giggled and ignored his pleas as she enjoyed her domination over him. She sat on him and encircled his neck with her mighty gams and pressed making Jake groan and whimper in agony. The little man put his hands on her big sexy thighs trying to part them, but he was just too weak to free himself from her mighty thighs' crushing embrace.
"Your cries annoy me" Belle said naughtilly as she placed her nutsack on his mouth muffling Jake's pleas for mercy. She kept Jake in this position for several minutes as she crushed his neck and smothered him with her big hairless balls.
When Belle noticed that Jake was about to pass out, she lifted her nutsack from his mouth and pinching his nose, she pushed her balls inside making his cheeks bloat noticeably.
Belle laughed at Jake as he struggled to keep her cum-filled balls inside his mouth.
"You look so funny" she said as she began slapping his cheeks with her erect shecock. Belle slapped Jake's face quite roughly using her engorged member, but he couldn't complain as his mouth was filled with her big balls.
After some moments, Belle withdrew her balls from Jake's mouth and continued wrestling him. Jake was put in several more painful holds and body scissors as he was thoroughly dominated and subdued by a gorgeous girl much younger than him!
Finally, Belle put Jake in a reverse head-scissor as she lyed on top of him. In this position Jake was able to admire Belle's remarkable behind as she moved it from side to side playfully. Jake couldn't help himself as he put his hands on Belle's perfectly rounded and well-muscled buttcheeks and began rubbing them fervently.
"I know you're an ass-man, Jake" Belle said teasingly as she turned her head to look at her prey, "while you're playing with my ass you can lick my balls too..." she added as she pulled Jake by his hair until her big testicles got plastered on his mouth and nose.
Belle purred in satisfaction as Jake began kissing and licking her scrotum. She felt her shecock getting harder and harder as the little man did his best to please her.
Jake also noticed Belle's shecock growing as it was plastered on his neck and chest. He could feel it throbbing and getting hotter and hotter!
Jake was forced to worship Belle's balls for several moments before she released him from his fleshy prison.
Belle let Jake rest for a few moments as she exited his bedroom. When she returned she had a bag with her.
"We can have lots of fun before your mom returns" Belle said happily "I've brought some toys we can play with" she ended as she handled Jake the bag. As Jake opened it his eyes grew with disbelief: there were dildoes of several shapes and sizes as well as anal beads, and a couple of tubes with lubricant.
"I've brought these toys to help your ass prepare for my dickie" she said winking an eye at his terrified face, "but I like to play with some of them too" she added nonchalantly as she turned around and sat on Jake's face engulfing it completely inside her deep asscrack.
Belle giggled as she shook her meaty butt from side to side playfully pushing his face even deeper between her marvelous moon-halves.
She pressed his nose against her tender anus and began rubbing it leaving her scent all over him.
After a few moments, Belle lifted her astounding behind letting Jake admire her perfectly rounded flesh-spheres.
Jake lost his breathe as he beheld Belle'e huge and perfectly rounded ass just inches from his face. Belle giggled amusedly as she began contracting her strong glutes giving Jake a hot steamy show.
"Do you like my ass, Jake?" she asked playfully, "you can touch it..." she ended and Jake wasted no time as he began groping and rubbing Belle's astounding derriere making her giggle.
Despite Belle's crushing weight on his chest and abdomen, Jake was enjoying himself as he stroked and massaged her firm and curvy butt at will.
After some minutes, Belle ordered Jake to kiss her beefy moon-halves and Jake wass happy to oblige as he began planting his lips on the smooth and soft surface of Belle's flesh-spheres.
Belle turned her head to behold how her little lover was worshipping her breathe-taking ass. She purred in satisfaction as he covered the ample surface of her rump with his spit.
"Good boy, good boy" she said as Jake kept kissing her rounded butt in earnest. Jake kissed her ass fervently for several minutes until Belle was completely satisfied. Then, she opened her flesh-orbs and told him to kiss her tender pink anus.
"Kiss it! Worship my butthole!" Belle told Jake as she parted her beefy moonhalves widely, "make it loud... louder!!" she commanded as Jake obeyed him puckering his lips and planting them on her tender rosebud making a loud kissing sound.
"Good, now use your tongue. Lick my butthole. Push your tongue inside as deep as you can" she ordered.
Jake spent several minutes licking, kissing and rimming Belle as she held her meaty buttcheeks apart for him.
Jake began moving his tongue in tight circles on Belle's anus making her moan and purr. Then, he began shoving the tip of his tongue through her opening entrance making her moan louder and louder.
Feeling his tongue probing deeply inside her loins got Belle's member hard and ready for action again. Belle got very excited as she began to jerk her enormous shecock and her precum began to fall on Jake's abdomen.
After several moments of worshipping Belle's anus, the naughty princkazon handled Jake a string of beads and ordered him to push them one by one trough her relaxed sphincter.
While Jaked began shoving all the beads inside her tight anus one by one Belle moaned and giggled. 
"Mmmmh... it feels so good!" she said excitedly as Jake pushed the beads through her tender rosebud one at a time. Belle kept her meaty moon-halves wide open as she enjoyed the beads going deeply inside her rectum and her domination over Jake
When he finished, Jake was told to pull all the beads out Belle's butthole using his lips.
"Take the last one with your lips and pull them out" she said nonchalantly as she kept her massive asscheeks open. Jake obeyed Belle as he used his bruised lips to take the bead that was at the entrance of her sphincter and began pulling.
When Jake had taken the last bed from Belle's butthole, the cruel princkazon turned around and ordered her prey to open his mouth.
"Put the beads inside your mouth" Belle said and Jake had no choice but to obey his teen princkmistress. Closing his eyes in shame and helplessness, Jake put the greasy and warm plastic spheres inside his mouth while Belle looked down at him intently.
Giggling naughtily, Belle placed her hands on Jake's mouth, shutting it completely, as the smaller man kept the anal beads inside.
"Taste my ass, little man" Belle said cruelly, "move your tongue, I want you to clean my beads with your spit". Belle kept her anal beads inside Jake's mouth for several minutes until she was satisfied.
Watching Jake debase himself made Belle so horny that her shecock began dripping precum on his chest.
She maneuvered his body once more as she placed his head on the center of his bed.
"I'm gonna skull-fuck you again!" she said merrily as she straddled his head, "Open up!". Jake had no choice but to obey his teen princkmistress as he parted his lips, Belle wasted no time and filled his sore mouth with her monster shecock.
Belle held his head tightly against her as her balls rested on his chin. Jake's nose was pressed on her flat tummy as she moaned in delight. Then, the horny princkazon let go his head and moving forward she took his hands and placed her big body on him.
The dominant blonde began fucking Jake's mouth again as she pushed her weight on him almost crushing his skull. Jake felt his eyes bulging out as Belle moved her hips forwards and backwards on top of him. He found himself completely helpless again as Belle skull-fucked him at will. His nose was sore as it was constantly hit by Belle's flat abdomen while her invading rod stroke and expanded his mouth and throat powerfully. Her huge balls smacked his chin over and over while Belle had her way with him one more time.
After some painful moments for Jake, Belle cummed inside him again, making his belly bloat with her copious load. Belle had a lot of fun with Jake during the morning as she made him blow her a few more times. The little man lost track of time as she was forced to worship Belle's shecock and ass over and over countless times.
When Jake's mom arrived she found Belle sitting comfortably on Jake's face on the living room's couch. The teen princkazon was completely naked, as well as her subdued lover. She was rubbing her enormous member while Jake struggled to breathe under her magnificent rump. With his face completely swallowed into Belle's deep asscrack, Jake didn't hear that his mom had arrived. His nose was almost sealed by Belle's fragrant anus and his mouth got covered by her huge nutsack. Once in a while Belle would move her ass to one side allowing him to take a short breathe before being smothered again by her rounded and muscular buttcheeks.
"Hi Belle. I see you're already having fun with Jake" his mom greeted her.
"Oh yeah. I've been putting his mouth to good use while you're away" Belle answered merrily,
"I see..." Jake's mom said as she approached them. Belle lifted her amazonian behind a little allowing his mom to watch his son's face. He looked completely helpless and defeated as he was finally allowed to breathe normally.
"Hi Jake" his mom greeted him "you should consider yourself very lucky to have such a nice ass on your face" she added happily, "Show Belle your appreciation. Kiss her asscheeks and thank her" his mom ordered him.
Jake couldn't believe his ears. His own mother was telling him to kiss his tormentor's butt and to thank her for letting him doing so!!
Jake closed his eyes in shame and puckered his lips as he kissed the smooth surface of Belle's marvelous asscheeks one after the other several times.
"Thank you, thank you,,," he was forced to say after every time he pressed his lips on the perfect surface of Belle's breathe-taking moon-halves. Belle giggled amusedly while Jake debased himself. Finally, his mom told him to give a long kiss to Belle's puckering anus.
Belle parted her asscheeks widely letting Jake get his face inside her warm and sweaty asscrack. Jake lifted his head and pressed his lips on the sensitive surface of Belle's sphincter. His mom placed one hand in the back of his head and pushed plastering his mouth on Belle's orifice. He felt utterly soiled and completely helpless as he was forced to kiss his princkmistress butthole for what seemed an eternity.
After this, Jake's mom began instructing Belle in order to anal fuck her son properly. Belle took Jake to his bed and put him on it face up. Then, following his mom instructions, she sat on his face again, making sure to bury his face completely inside her crack.
Belle took his ankles and bent Jake in two. She held him by his hamstrings placing her elbows on them and leaving Jake's ass completely exposed. Jake began to complain and fight to get free but to no avail as he was held easily by Belle.
"Very good. Now take one dildo spread some lube on it and shove it inside his ass" Jake's mom said nonchalantly. 
Belle began inserting one of her dildos inside his ass as the little man thrashed and screamed in agony beneath her. After several minutes of dildoing his ass Belle was ready to take Jake's ass.
The horny princkazon sat on his bed while Jake was lying flat on his back at her feet. She positioned his body, as his mom instructed her, bending him as she held  his ankles with one hand while rubbing her shecock with the other one. She placed her big feet on his hands immobilizing him, as she controlled him completely making him feel totally helpless once more. She pushed his knees towards his chest leaving his ass exposed and vulnerable.
"That's great Belle. Make him feel completely at your hands" Jake's mom said excitingly as she recorded the whole action.
She began to slap his balls and cock with her erect member playfully making him groan and whince in pain.
"Look Jake this is a real cock, not the little worm you have between your legs!" Belle said cruelly while she kept beating Jake's penis and balls with her impressive slab of meat. 
After some minutes, Jake's mom continued with her instructions.
"Now, Belle start pushing the tip of your cock" Jake's mom said. Belle held his ankles strongly with her hand and did as his mom said.
Jake closed his eyes and grinded his teeth while Belle's cockhead began entering him, distending his anal ring forcefully. Jake gasped and began sweating profusely as Belle's glans outstretched his anal ring mercilessly. 
Once the engorged tip of her shecock got inside him, Belle wasted no time and began pushing more and more of her unyielding meat-rod through his sore butthole relentlessly.
Belle watched Jake's pain-contorted face intently as she inserted her throbbing meat-stick through his aching butthole. She relished his pain as she enjoyed the whole experience. She knew she was in command and that the little man was just a toy to play with.
"Mmmmh... this feels so good!" Belle moaned as she pushed another meaty inch of her monster through Jake's distended butthole making him yelp and complain loudly.
"Please! I can't take anymore, you're too big, Belle" Jake implored, "mom tell her to stop! Please!"
"You have to get used to Belle's size, Jake" his mom said to him reassuringly, "just try to relax and Belle will do the rest" she added as she did a close-up of his red and sweaty face humiliating his son even more.
Inch after inch of her gigantic flesh-stick went through Jake's distended sphincter. It took time but Belle enjoyed every second as she smiled and moaned joyfully the whole time.
Despite the excruciating pain, Jake was able to take inside his loins Belle's entire lenght. The teen princkazon purred in satisfaction as she saw her huge dong completely swallowed by her tight ring.
"See, I knew you could do it!" Belle said merrily "you're the perfect sheath for my shecock!".
Once Belle's balls had rested on Jake's much smaller ones, she stood up and began pushing forwards and backwards  her wide hips fucking Jake and making him cry and whine like a little girl. 
Belle held Jake by his hamstrings, bending him even more, while she kept feeding him her tumescent member.
The naughty princkazon smiled for the camera and licked her lips while her shecock went in and out Jake's ass making him scream in pain and helplessness.
As Belle increased the tempo her erect flesh-stick pistoned in and out of his expanded butthole faster and faster and her big balls began to slap his nutsack powerfully. Jake felt like he was going to pass out in any moment. 
She bent his body pushing his knees down to his chest as she pistoned in and out faster and faster. Her huge nutsack crushed Jake's as he was fucked furiously. He felt like a ragdoll at the hands of his huge and dominant teen princkmistress.
"After having your ass properly expanded you must learn to ride her shecock too, Jake" his mom said nonchalantly.  Belle lyed down on his bed waiting for him expectantly.
"Come here baby. Come here and ride me" Belle said naughtily as she rubbed her glistening flesh-rod with one hand and winked an eye at him.
Completely defeated, Jake positioned himself on top of his princkmistress' bigger body. Her cock was completely erect and ready to go deep inside his bowels again. Jake straddled Belle placing his knees at the sides of her hips and began lowering down his aching ass.
"Spread your asscheeks and get the tip inside" his mom told him. Jake nodded in silence as Belle smiled and licked her lips barely waiting.
"Come on Jake, sit on it!" Belle said jokingly making Jake's mom laugh heartily.
"I know your hole is still in pain, so try little by little" his mom said as Jake began descending on Belle's flesh-pole. The helpless little man closed his eyes and gritted his teeth in pain and discomfort as Belle's cockhead began to enter him. As he began sitting on Belle's imposing member, he felt his mistreated butthole being stretched roughly. He opened his eyes and noticed Belle smiling and looking at him with predatory eyes. She blew him a kiss while another inch of her shecock went through his back entrance. Despite the unbearable pain, Jake got excited as he stared at Belle's huge and firm tits in front of him.
"Do you like my tits Jake?" she asked naughtily, "you can play with them after you get my whole dickie inside you..." she added as she began rubbing her voluptous breasts playfully.
"Mmmmh... this is so neat!" Belle said as she closed her eyes, feeling Jake's anus around her engorged glans enveloping it tightly.
She couldn't wait anymore as she grabbed Jake's buttcheeks and after spreading them even wider, she began pushing him down making him protest in pain. Belle's shecock felt like an iron-bar to Jake as it went deeper and deeper inside him, stretching out his anus and expanding his rectum powerfully.
Once Jake asscheeks rested on her balls, Belle ordered him to begin bouncing up and down while she crossed her arms behind his head and enjoyed herself watching her little lsex slavefucking his ass with her impaling shecock.
Jake began riding Belle's mighty member as he bounced up and down on top of her. He closed his eyes in shame as Belle watched him debase himself.
However, after some minutes, Belle grabbed Jake by his waist and began pushing him up and down on her engorged shaft. 
"You're not doing it right!" Belle said angrily, "I'll have to show you how to ride my shecock properly".
Jake closed his eyes as he was manipulated easily by his teen tormentor and, as Belle increased the speed, he felt his insides almost burning due to the friction.
For several minutes all that can be heard inside Jake's apartment was the sound of his ass smacking on Belle's huge nutsack, her moans and sighs of plesaure and his complains of sorrow and pain. During his ordeal his mom recorded all the action from different angles, humiliating Jake even more as he was forced to open his eyes and smile for the carmera.
He felt like a helpless rag doll at the hands of his immense teen princkmistress while his body was moved up and down roughly and her shecock went in and out of his mistreated rectum.
Finally, after long painful moments for Jake, Belle cummed inside him filling his bowels with her hot load again. The teen prickazon moaned loudly as her throbbing member sent shot after shot making Jake's abdomen bloat.
In the next position, Jake was put on his hands and knees on his own bed while Belle stood on the floor behind. This time the dominant princkazon pushed almost all of her shecock with a single shove, making Jake yelp in pain and surprise.
"Your asshole is already open" his mom said reassuringly, "you can take Belle's shecock much easier now" she ended while Belle kept pushing until she'd buried her entire length inside Jake's rectum. Jake tried to crawl away but Belle held him by his shoulders and pulled him back easily pushing more inches of her meat-stick in the process.
Jake felt that Belle's member expanded his bowels and crushed his organs mercilessly as she remained still a few moments, just enjoying the tight embrace of her anus and intestines around her turgid flesh-stick. Jake could feel Belle's shecock throbbing inside his intestines as she had filled him completely, he felt impaled and subdued while his princkmistress used him as a cock-sheathe.
Belle moaned contentedly as she began pumping Jake's ass roughly and her balls slapped his much smaller ones. She grabbed him by his hips as she began to use him once more to please her enormous shecock. Jake's mom took several pics depicting Belle fucking his son doggy-style. Belle particularly enjoyed pulling his hair backwards dominantly while pumping his asshole and she also liked to spank him loudly leaving, her large hand printed on his sore ass. 
Jake lost track of time as his ass was violated by Belle's tumescent member in many more positions and places inside his own apartment. Belle took him missionary style burying his face between her huge tits; then she made him straddle her and ride her shecock while she sat comfortably on a chair; she nailed him against the wall, both facing the wall and facing her. She also fucked him while lifting him and holding his body effortlessly between his crushing arms. She made him kneel on the floor while she knelt and penetrated him from behind.
In between positions Jake had to worship Belle's anus and lick and suck her balls and shecock in order to get it ready for another round. At first he refused to suck his ass off Belle's shecock, but the princkazon spanked him putting his smaller body across her muscular thighs until he was reduced to tears and he never dare to complain again.
After being fucked many more times, and in any position his mom could think of, cum dripped from Jake's battered ass abundantly. His mom collected it in a glass and Belle forced him to swallow all of it.
Jake closed his teary eyes in shame and dispair as he was utterly humiliated one more time. While the disgusting fluids filled his mouth and went down his throat he had to listen to Belle's humiliating giggles all the time.
"I'm gonna make you drink my cum like this every day!" Belle said while Jake finished drinking her still warm semen.
His mom took several pics of him drinking Belle's thick fluids and the last one showed him opening his empty mouth as he had gulped down all of Belle's shecum that once was inside his bowels!
From that day on, Belle fucked Jake wherever and whenever she fancied even in the pool.


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