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martes, 16 de abril de 2013



Part 1: Romina

By RamVO

"Hello! My name is Romina and I’m a teen princk amazon or princkazon" the beautiful blonde said to the camera smiling. "That means that I’m a girl with a very big candy stick between my legs". The camera moved down passing her humongous naked breasts, her narrow waist, her wide luscious hips and her flat belly to the long thick cock hanging down between her big hairless balls.

"And this is Ray" she continued, pointing down to her feet where a small naked older guy was kneeling subserviently, holding tight and rubbing one of her massive sexy thighs. He was staring in awe at her long meat stick and balls just inches from his face. He looked so tiny compared to her amazonian frame and as he waved to the camera you could see fear and excitement on his face.

"My twin sister Regina is recording this movie" she said and the camera moved to a large mirror on the wall showing an equally hung and impressive blonde girl smiling and waving.

"Ray’s our little boytoy." she said nonchalantly "he’s about twice my age but I’m gonna show him who’s the boss around here" she added.

"Ray and I are gonna have so much fun together" she continued grabbing him by his hair and making him stand on his feet. She was at least one foot taller than him and about 50 pounds heavier. But she wasn’t fat at all! She looked muscular, but still with some baby fat in her luscious mammoth thighs, her tummy and her big rounded butt, she was well endowed and hung. Her mighty shecock was about 12 inches long and at least 5 inches thick. Her sperm-filled shaved testicles looked as huge as tennis balls.

The guy’s head didn’t reach the top of her shoulders as he faced her, staring mesmerized at her huge naked tits.

"I’m gonna kick his tiny ass" she continued talking to the camera "I’m gonna squeeze him like a toothpaste and bend him like a pretzel, and then I’m gonna make him worship my amazonian body thoroughly… He’s gonna suck lots of shecock and kiss lots of booty" she said rubbing her big cock with one hand while she held Ray tightly with her arm around his skinny shoulders, she smiled mischievously to the camera.

"He’s gonna learn how to handle a real cock and not his pathetic little wiener" she giggled as he blushed looking to the floor in shame. "I mean, look at this tiny thing" she said reaching down and engulfing his penis and balls with one of her huge hands.

"His minuscule balls look like tiny marbles" she teased him cruelly. Then she took her mighty shecock and began slapping his penis and balls playfully as he whimpered in pain.

"This is a real cock" she hissed to him "a really big and thick shecock". She slapped him for about a minute giggling and teasing him meanly while he tried helplessly to escape from her, but she held his smaller body tightly.

Then the match began. The young blond cockgoddess handled him quite effortlessly. He looked so pitiful and embarrassed as the hung giant teen tossed him around the room. He was absolutely no match for this towering beauty. The teen amazon girl wrestled naked, as well as him, and her huge veiny cock stood erect and threatening the whole match.

Romina put him in a variety of devastating holds making him beg and cry in pain time after time: scissoring him with her powerful meaty thighs or twisting his outmatched body with ease. He was overwhelmed as her huge tormentor squeezed his abdomen or chest painfully with her meaty delicious thighs. She would also squeeze his neck and as he cried in agony she rubbed her hung cock all over his face covering him with precum. She made him kiss and lick her big balls on his face. She yawned apparently bored to the camera while her little victim between her powerful legs struggled and suffered trying to escape from his meaty prison helplessly hold after hold.

She mocked him constantly too, as she said to the camera many times that she couldn’t believe how a grown man like him couldn’t handle a much younger teenage schoolgirl.

"Look at this" she said teased him while squeezing his chest with her impressive mammoth thighs "You’re a grown man, and I’m only a teenage schoolgirl many years younger… and you can’t do anything to stop me from having my way with you".

She would squeeze painfully his balls and cock too, engulfing them easily with one of her big hands.

"I can’t believe you call yourself a man with this tiny equipment" she teased him cruelly. "My cock and balls were much bigger when I was only ten" she added giggling and humiliating him.

Then she would compare her much bigger and thicker cock with his, holding them side to side together and showing them to the camera zooming in. Despite all this humiliation his cock was erect but it was completely dwarfed by her mighty powerful shecock.

"Look how tiny and puny his wiener is" she giggled "I bet my hung shecock is three times bigger and than his" she added as he blushed looking down utterly ashamed.

She rubbed both of their cocks together making him moan in pleasure, she smiled sleazily over him as her thick love stick massaged his much smaller member. After pleasing him for a couple of minutes, she ordered him to give her a handjob, but as one of his smallish hands couldn’t encircle completely her girth he was forced to use both of them. She laughed loudly as he tried his best to handle her engorged member.

He sweated and struggled jerking her hung cock as she smiled looking down at him amusedly. He couldn’t comprehend how such a beautiful and young girl could have this huge, hard as steel piece of meat between her legs… and he trembled in fear and excitement anticipating how she would use this powerful shecock on him!

As precum began to flow from the slit of her swollen cock, Romina used the tip of one of her fingers to recollect it, and then she forced him to taste it by shoving her finger into his mouth.

She giggled madly as she moved her finger around inside his mouth. Then, she would recollect some more of her precum and make him suck and lick her finger again and again.

Later, she made him measure both of their cocks with his hand and she smiled triumphantly as her huge shecock was even longer and thicker than she had thought. Only one of her shaved swollen balls was bigger and heavier than both of his scrawny testicles too.

Then, she continued to wrestle him making him beg and moan in pain as he went through his paces.

At the end of each hold she made him kiss either her curvy muscular ass or the tip of her long thick shecock. She relished her complete domination over him and he had to suffer and obey her commands in silence.

She giggled naughtily every time his lips pressed against the tanned soft skin of her perfectly rounded and muscled cheeks. She grabbed him by his hair and moved him from one cheek to another making sure that his mouth was pressed tightly against her magnificent bottom. The camera zoomed in as his lips smacked on the smooth skin of her butt. He closed his eyes in shame as he was told to hold his lips against one of her moonhalves and then the other one, for several seconds. With tears on his eyes he complied obediently, his teen giant mistress was too much for him to handle.

She also made him walk around on his hands and knees like a dog pulling him by his hair. After walking him around the room a couple of times she told him to kiss each of her feet. The poor guy reached down and began kissing her toes one by one as she giggled mischievously above.

"Good doggie, good doggie" she said teasing him. He had never felt this level of shame in his life before. Never in his craziest nightmares had he dreamt that he’d become the pathetic little toy of an oversized horny girl with a giant erect cock ready to be lodged inside his throat or his bowels!

After he had bathed her toes with his tongue, she made him stand on his knees in front of her and then she shoved inside one and then another of her huge sized balls inside his mouth. The teen amazon stood proud and tall with her hands on her hips looking down dominantly at her pathetic older toyboy, as he held her big testicles inside his stretched mouth, looking like a squirrel with his cheeks bulging with nuts… two oversized nuts, his tiny hands on the smooth surface of her mammoth thighs. Her huge shecock covered his face as she rubbed it on his forehead and hair.

"I like to cover his wimpy face with my big cock" she said smiling to the camera "he can see how a real cock looks like… and feels like" she added chuckling.

After the camera had recorded from all angles, specially from her point of view, his embarrassed expression while holding her balls inside his mouth, she removed her saliva covered balls from his mouth and made him kiss the tip of her huge shecock, then she turned around and bend lightly at her waist.

She told him to spread her buttcheeks and worship her butthole with his mouth and tongue.

"Time to kiss tush" she said lustily looking back at him "I want my crack covered with your spit and I want your tongue deep inside my butthole".

He put his hands on each of her perfectly rounded cheeks, they looked tiny on the vast suntanned surface of her glorious bottom, and proceeded to obey her commands. His whole head was engulfed by her big meaty cheeks as he dived into her ass. She sighed as he kissed and licked her crack up and down thoroughly. Bending over she grabbed him by his hair ordering him to go deeper. She looked at the camera smiling and licking her lips as she enjoyed his ministrations.

She took one of his small hands and made him give her a handjob while rimming her. But as his small hand wasn’t big enough to handle her thick member, she had to use one of hers to help him.

"Now use your other hand to rub my balls" Romina said licking her lips and he complied submissively holding and caressing her shaved cannon balls with his free hand.

After several minutes of his worshipping, rimming and rubbing, she continued to put him in all sorts of scissors and holds. She liked specially the reverse head scissors. While she squeezed his neck with her powerful legs she would move her cock backwards rubbing it on his mouth and spreading her precum on his lips. Ray tried with all his power to open her massive thighs but it was completely useless. His hands looked so tiny on the smooth surface of her legs as he rubbed them. He couldn’t understand how such force could come from such sexy thighs. He was a grown man but this teenage girl was in control. Beneath this young dominant schoolgirl he had never felt so overwhelmed and helpless. It was just too much for his mind to comprehend.

The camera showed his overwhelmed body trapped helplessly between her broad amazonian gams. His face contorted in pain and humiliation while Romina giggled and shook his body from side to side violently with her legs.

"I like to wiggle my amazon booty inches from his face" Romina said to the camera "he’d like to grope it, but my ass is only for him to worship!!" she added crushing him and making him cry and beg.

One time she crushed him so hard with her thighs that he screamed in agony. The blonde giantess took advantage of this by shoving the entire head of her swollen cock inside his mouth. He couldn’t scream anymore as the big tip of her member filled his mouth and muffled his pleas.

"I like to watch him struggle… helplessly trapped between my amazon thighs" she said to the camera resting her chin in one of her hands "and sucking at my big lollypop" she added giggling. She rocked her wide hips and moved her big rounded butt from side to side and his tiny imprisoned victim with it for the camera for several minutes.

"He looks so cute with the tip of my shecock filling his mouth" she added looking back at him "soon I’ll have him throating my anaconda like a pro. He can’t escape and he knows it, I’m the one in charge her, but I like to see him trying. His puny efforts tickle my thighs and my balls".

She giggled amusedly as she kept crushing him mercilessly with her mighty thighs for more time. She grabbed both of his ankles with one of her big hands and soon he was completely immobilized. The poor man tried desperately to free himself from her massive sexy legs but his efforts were completely useless as she was many times stronger than him and her weight was slowly crushing his body beneath her. Finally, she mercifully let him go.

The teen princkazon moved backwards sitting on his sobbing face. She spread her rounded buttcheeks widely engulfing him completely between them. While he lay flat on the floor buried under her meaty magnificent bottom, she shook her hips accommodating his face even deeper inside her crack.

Giggling madly she rubbed her anus on his nose and mouth for several seconds. Then, she told him to start licking.

As his tongue began to probe inside her anus she moaned and rubbed her huge erect cock dripping precum on his chest and belly. The camera zoomed in and she lift her curvy glorious ass a little to show his tongue moving in circles around her pink anus.

"Fuck my ass with your tongue toyboy!!" she barked at him "get it deeper!!" she said harshly.

She sighed and licked her lips as his tongue began moving in and out her tight sphincter. She grabbed his hair roughly getting his face deep inside her buttcrack. He could barely breathe as he tried to obey his giant mistress’ commands. His tongue ached but every time he stopped moving it she pulled his hair roughly making him continue with his rimming.

"Keep worshipping my ass boy!" she told him angrily "stick your tongue and move it around". The small worn out man trapped between her massive asscheeks obeyed his mistress submissively.

Finally after ten minutes of tongue-fucking her anus, Romina turned around and sat heavily on his chest. Her long thick shecock rested on his face. His arms were crushed under her and he trembled in fear expecting what was coming next.

She pinched his nose tightly and ordered him to open wide.

"Time for your little snack" she said looking down at him excitedly. He obeyed submissively and in a single push she shoved the swollen tip of her huge cock inside filling his unwilling mouth. She ordered him to lick and suck. As he complied, she let go of his nose and began fondling her big tits. He closed his eyes in shame but she slapped him harshly a couple of times.

"Look at me fag!!" she said looking down at his desperate expression "I want you to look at me while I dominate you with my cock" she added. "Look at the teen schoolgirl raping your slutty mouth!!"

She moaned and sighed while he swirled his tongue around her cockhead and sucked the big spongy head. Then, pinching his nose again, she kept on getting the rest of her erect shecock into him.

Little by little she continued pushing her "anaconda" deep past his mouth into his throat. He felt his eyes popping out as inch after inch of her flesh stick penetrated his mouth. His jaws ached and tears began to flow from his eyes as she nonchalantly continued to stuff his face. He looked up at her begging in silence, but all he could see were her hanging turgents tits and swollen nipples.

With her other hand she held the back of his head and moved him up making him swallow more and more of her mighty shecock.

She sighed in ecstasy as he gagged and thrashed beneath her. She held his nose tightly as she pumped in and out a few inches of her shecock for a few seconds trying to go further.

"Come on slut!" she barked at him impatiently "try your best to lodge my candy stick inside your throat… I know you want it". He was fighting to breathe beneath her heavy amazon "lover" while she forced his stretched jaws wider and wider.

"Your nose will look so cute when I get it against my tummy" Romina said to him "tight against my tummy…"

Mercifully she freed his nose and pulling his head towards her belly she continued impaling him. She grabbed his ears and began pumping her wet shecock in and out. He wanted to scream but no sound could come from his outstretched mouth. Finally, with a single powerful shove she buried herself completely inside his throat.

She moaned in ecstasy as she crushed his nose against the blonde patch of pubic hair over her crotch, impaling him completely.

"I knew you could do it" she teased him from above.

"I knew you were a natural born shecock sucker" she added "all you need is practice, and I’ll make sure that you get all the practice that you need… lots and lots of practice" she sighed.

After having expanded his throat with her huge love stick, she began pumping and skull-fucking him steadily. Her aroused shecock never left completely his battered mouth as she kept beating his nose against her flat tummy over and over.

"Gag on my cock slut!" she said closing her eyes and using the smaller man beneath her as a pleasure toy "Gag on it…"

Sweating and enjoying her domination over him the teen princkazon closed her eyes relishing how his tight mouth and throat enveloped her powerful shecock tightly.

Finally, after a couple of minutes, her invading member exploded inside him and she screamed in ecstasy, her mighty amazon shecock began pouring her cum inside his sore throat and into his esophagus. Drowning beneath her he felt how her cock injected shot after shot of hot cum inside him. Soon his belly felt full as her semen filled him to the rim.

After almost five minutes of cumming, she let go of his head and resting on her hands she lied her amazonian body on top of him, savoring the last moments of her orgasm, her tick pulsating shecock still inside him.

She looked to the camera with dreamy eyes and licked her lips satisfied.

As she withdrew her still erect shecock from him, the camera zoomed in showing his sweaty battered face and thick ropes of her cum falling from his outstretched mouth. His eyes were closed as he looked like he had passed out. She sat on his chest again while she slapped his cheeks and mouth roughly with her cock, making him open his eyes and look to the camera above him.

"Wake up lover boy" she said to him "you did good and you had your reward… your salty sticky reward" she added giggling.

"This was only the first of many meals I’ll be feeding him" she said to the camera grinning broadly.

"Say something to the camera" Romina told him. "Use the tip of my cock as a microphone" she added giggling. She put the head of her shecock on his lips while he tried to speak, but his jaws had been so stretched out that he couldn’t mutter a word.

She laughed mischievously at this and told him to lick the tip of her cock instead.

"I love to take the oral virginity of my little cute boy toys against their will" Romina said to the camera smiling while Ray kissed and licked the swollen head of her shecock subserviently. He looked tiny as his head was framed by her massive luscious teen thighs.

"I like to bury myself into their throats very deeply and cum inside their bellies" she added. "I like to make them look up at me while they gag on my shecock. It shows that I’m the one in command and that they can’t do anything to stop me".

"They are forced to realize that they belong to me and that my pleasure comes first and last" she continued talking to the camera. "It is too much to handle for their tiny male minds".

"Soon little Ray will crave nothing but my big shecock and the taste of my shecum" she added shoving the tip of her swollen cock inside his mouth again.

"And I’ll be feeding him my precious cum night, day and morning! He’ll be gagging on my shecock whenever I fancy… and he’ll love it!!"

But his ordeal wasn’t over.

The worst for him though was his spanking. She put him on a couch with his upper body resting on its surface and his face buried in one of the cushions. She had him over her left knee and his skinny legs were trapped between her massive ones. His butt was perfectly framed and completely naked for her assault. The amazon rubbed her long impressive cock over the surface of his ass and crack teasing him to fuck him raw.

"Mmmh… this virgin butthole looks so inviting" she said to him mischievously. "I’d love to bury myself into your bowels too… making you scream like a stuck pig, but we flipped a coin and your ass belongs to my sis" she added looking to the camera and winking an eye.

He whimpered and sobbed while her mistress played with his outmatched body. She inserted her middle finger into his anus making him scream painfully. She giggled as she moved her finger in and out roughly violating his ass, then she made him clean her shoving her finger into his unwilling mouth. She pushed her finger in and out of his mouth several minutes making sure that he tasted his own ass. The camera made a close up to his desperate face as her finger went in and out his mouth.

Then she spanked him mercilessly for about 5 minutes. All the time she held him by his hair pulling his head backwards painfully.

At the end of the spanking she placed him on the floor between her mammoth thighs and held his head securely with her hands as the camcorder zoomed in for a close up. He was crying uncontrollably. He looked into the camera pitifully for a few seconds and then she shoved her powerful cock into his unwilling mouth. She kept her big hands on his head as she began to fuck his mouth again while sitting on the couch.

"Practice time!!" she said to him merrily "eat my shecock, eat it all!" she groaned in pleasure while he was forced to swallow her hung member. The poor man was completely helpless and couldn’t do anything to stop the teen amazon princkgoddess who was fucking his mouth and stretching his jaws mercilessly. She twisted his ears painfully forcing him to open his battered jaws wider while lodging her huge lovestick deeper into his throat.

"He looks so cute from here…" she said looking down at the little guy between her massive amazonian legs "subserviently swallowing my huge shecock".

He stared back at her seeing her gorgeous face framed by her huge turgent tits… but he saw no mercy on her beautiful blue eyes.

"But he looks even cuter when his nose is pressed tight against my tummy" she added winking at the camera.

After ten minutes of skullfucking her helpless prey the girl removed herself from his outstretched mouth and slapped his face again with her strong cock several times. He sobbed as a mix of his saliva and her precum fell from his mouth. Then she grabbed him roughly by his hair and put him on the couch with his back against it and his head where she was sitting while fucking his mouth. Then she placed her knees on each side of his head and riding his head she ordered him to open his mouth again. She placed the swollen tip of her cock between his parted lips and began to shove her thick shecock inside his open mouth bit by bit until her huge balls rested against his saliva and cum covered chin.

She fucked his mouth again, slowly this time, as the camera recorded how she inserted herself into his throat until her big balls rested on his chin each time. Her big glorious ass moved rhythmically up and down as every inch of her manhood penetrated his mouth. Her testicles slapped against his chin as her thick rod stretched his throat ruthlessly. She looked back smiling between her huge hanging tits as her amazonian cock moved in and out of his outstretched lips. She speared his mouth cruelly, holding her huge member all the way inside his throat for some seconds and then moving up and almost out of his mouth. Her spit covered rod never left completely his mouth as she made sure that every inch of his mouth and throat was completely fucked and violated by her thick member.

He gagged and tried to move but she kept him in place pinning him down easily with her awesome luscious thighs on his sore shoulders, she kept pounding his face on top of him with her magnificent muscled buttcheeks jiggling seductively while he thrashed and shook helplessly beneath her.

She fucked his throat slowly and rhythmically, for about ten minutes until she finally cummed. She screamed and sighed joyfully as long ropes of her semen left her member violently. Part of her semen filled his mouth and the rest splashed all over his face and hair.

After cumming for several minutes into his mouth and all over his head, she ordered him to open his mouth and the camera zoomed in to show his cum-filled mouth and tongue, giggling she made him move his tongue around and play with her semen for some time, she grabbed his chin opening his mouth wider and spat inside, and then she instructed him to swallow it all. With tears on his eyes he obeyed silently, gulping down all her cum and spit. She ordered him to open his mouth again showing to the camera that he had taken all inside him.

"Good boy" she teased him "only sluts swallow…"

Smiling naughtily, the gorgeous amazon grabbed his hair and held his face up for the camera. The camera zoomed in recording his empty mouth and cum covered face. He closed his teary eyes in shame as she held him for the camera several seconds.

After all this humiliation, she stood up and placed him again on the couch with his head on the seat and then she sat on his face. She opened her cheeks widely making sure his face was engulfed by her perfectly rounded amazonian cheeks, and then she set heavily on top of him. He thrashed and moved around as he suffocated slowly beneath her perfectly rounded asscheeks. He placed his hands on her butt trying to lift her but of course it was useless. She grabbed his hands making his escape even more difficult. Meanwhile she giggled and shook her large ass from side to side as the poor guy tried to breathe but to no avail.

After some painful minutes of desperately trying to escape from his gigantic flesh prison, he stopped moving. The girl kept shaking her big curvy butt on his face for some time smiling for the camera, and then began to rub her still erect cock as his desperate efforts had made her horny again.

Finally, the cruel young amazon stood up and left the poor little guy unconsciously lying on the couch and barely breathing. But she was not over yet… her gigantic cock had stayed erect and was ready for more. She placed him lying on his back on the floor and sat on his chest, she played with her prey for some minutes rubbing her cock all around his face and slapping him with it too. The camera zoomed in as she placed her big balls covering his mouth and nose posing dominantly on him with her hands on her hips.

"Well, it looks that our little match is over" she said to the camera nonchalantly "guess who won" she added looking down at the unconscious little guy between her mammoth thighs.

"But I still can have some fun with him…" Romina added giggling mischievously.

Then she pinched his nose and when he opened his mouth to breathe she shoved her swollen member inside again. She inserted her cock entirely into his throat as she lied on top of him. She moved forward putting her hands on the floor and then she began to move her hips up and down on his face. She fucked his mouth and throat relentlessly this way, covering his small body with her huge amazonian frame.

The camera moved on top of her, recording her wide hips and big rounded butt going up and down violently on his face. She sighed as her big spermed filled nuts slapped his chin time after time. She was sweating profusely as her efforts drew her close to her second orgasm. She settled herself on her elbows as her wide hips kept pounding her victim’s face tirelessly. She began to pant and sigh louder and louder until she climaxed on top of his battered body. She cummed inside his throat this time, and after some minutes of screaming in ecstasy and filling his belly with her seed she removed her huge love stick from his still unconscious body. She had dreamy eyes and smiled widely for the camera while moving back and sitting on him. She sat on his chest comfortably while she finished taking out her huge shecock from his throat, and cum began to erupt from his open mouth.

The little guy lying flat on the floor began to cough and spit cum regaining consciousness. Noticing this, Romina lifted him by his armpits and sitting on the couch she put his battered body between her awesome mammoth thighs again. She made him look to the camera and wave goodbye. Ray smiled vacantly to the camera zooming in, showing long streams of semen dropping from his ajar mouth and his cum-covered face framed by Romina’s big hands.

He waved goodbye as the image faded and the last thing one could watch was his wet shiny cum-covered face and two huge swollen cocks slapping his cheeks.


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