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viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013



By Ramvo

I was in heaven as Tanya sauntered casually around the gym with me holding her awesome, mammoth teenage thigh tightly. The towering blonde amazon giggled looking down at me amusedly. I looked like a little child embracing her vast succulent gam with my arms and legs as she moved me along her bigger body effortlessly. As she walked dragging me around the gym I rubbed and massaged her huge thigh, feeling its soft surface as well as the powerful muscles beneath. I couldn’t believe that her thick thigh was as wide, or maybe wider, than my own chest and her calves were thicker than my scrawny thighs!
I rubbed my cheek against her lovely meaty thigh and then I began planting little kisses on its smooth surface too. She petted my head lightly pleased with me as she observed our reflection on one of the gym’s wall mirrors. It was such an overwhelming and exciting view as I looked so smallish compared to this tall statuesque young girl that I felt scared and excited at the same time.
Tanya was huge. She had to be at least two feet taller than me and about 100 lb heavier. Although she was in her teens her body had already blossomed into a voluptuous, colossal sexy woman with alluring curves in all the right places. Her big full tits were about the size of my own head and they looked firm and bouncy at the same time. Her long muscular legs were meaty, thick and well-muscled, but they still had a layer of baby fat that made them look utterly sexy and tantalizing.  Her generous rump was her best feature though, as her perfectly rounded flesh spheres were as big as basketballs. The way she moved her muscled cheeks as she walked, swaying and trembling made men around her drool and literally lose their breathe. She knew that her amazonian legs and ass were the parts of her big juvenile body most men were attracted to, so she used to wear tiny little shorts made of denim or spandex that looked like they were painted on her luscious, vast bottom and showed all of her thick sexy thighs too. When she walked around nonchalantly and her big delicious flesh-spheres bounced up and down rhythmically, her tight shorts looked like they were going to be ripped apart by the powerful muscles of her mesmerizing curvy derriere in any moment.
She liked to lure little men using her remarkable, broad buttocks as she did with me, bending over in front of me displaying her enormous butt in all its glory only inches away from my astonished face over and over. She was sex-motivated and power-driven as she enjoyed nothing more than to dominate and use her men as willing or unwilling sex slaves over and over. She delighted herself sitting on their smallish male preys and riding their noses and mouths for long minutes as her huge butt engulfed their  faces completely. She amused herself watching their puny efforts trying to escape from behind her mammoth ass as she wiggled and shook her wide hips on top of them. She enjoyed making them worship her pussy, licking, kissing and tonguing her hot young cunt for endless moments and then, she would make them kiss and tongue her tight tender butthole too. She was a natural-born dominant amazon as she liked to control and punish her little male pets at her will. This teen towering girl liked to crush, squeeze and subdue her men using her young powerful thighs too, making them cry and beg for mercy. She would spank them until they were sobbing loudly like little children and then she’d comfort them making them suck and nibble her engorged nipples one by one.
While holding her mammoth thigh tightly I looked up and stared mesmerized at her huge, perfectly rounded spandex-clad buttcheeks. They looked so big, full and inviting that I began kissing the massive buttock above my head in complete adoration. Suddenly, Tanya grabbed the back of me head and held me firmly in place as my lips were smashed tightly against the flimsy material covering her ample sexy ass. She made me smack the curvy lower part of her amazonian asscheek several times giggling playfully as I complied enthusiastically.
She shook her wide hips from side to side playfully making her meaty lavish globes jiggle and tremble, while I kept worshipping her muscled buttcheek.
When she was satisfied, Tanya began with her bodybuilding routine. She was far too strong for me and I just could stare mesmerized and astounded at her amazing teenage body moving and working on the machines and weights.
Too warm up her powerful muscles the young blonde amazon used my tiny frame as I felt like I was just another dumbbell for her to use. She placed me across her shoulders as she squatted and knelt effortlessly several times. 
Then she would encircle my waist with her big hands as she began to move me up and down easily to warm up her mighty arms. She giggled heartedly as she noticed how effortlessly was for her to lift my body from the ground and push me up to the ceiling time after time!
Then, as she began pulling and pushing the weights around, Tanya allowed me to rub and caress her powerful thighs and calves every time she finished a set. I was literally drooling as my smallish hands massaged her muscular legs and she giggled looking down at me amusedly. She placed me on the benches too as she sat on my chest and belly covering my body almost completely with her abundant, luscious buttcheeks. She let me spank and fondle her succulent flesh semi-spheres lightly as I tried to encourage her to workout harder. I delighted myself watching her ass meat jiggle and tremble on me as she proceeded with her set of exercises. Tanya smiled down at me and chuckled as she enjoyed sitting comfortably on my puny body for long minutes.
Then, she would move one of her massive asscheeks over my face and ordered me to kiss it. I obeyed her willingly every time as I smacked her delicious generous buttcheeks countless times.
Moving around the machines and dumbbells, Tanya would rub the crotch of her spandex short on my face several times too as she grabbed my head with her big hands and massaged my nose and mouth playfully with her hot sweaty spandex-clad pussy. She also liked to put my bony neck between her powerful thighs as she held me prisoner for a few moments. Luckily for me she was in a playful mood, as she just crushed my neck and head lightly, but still I was able to feel the immense strength of her mighty thick legs.
When she began squatting heavier and heavier weights she told me to stand behind her and put my hands on her ribs to “help her” on the upward movement. I was flabbergasted as she started squatting 250 lb easily. Every time she ended a set, she told me to kiss and rub her meaty buttocks as I complied obediently again, smacking and stroking her remarkably bottom over and over. I lost count of how many sets she did but the last weight was over 750 lb! I was happy to oblige as I kept kissing and worshipping her glorious well-muscled asscheeks after each astounding set. I tried to close my arms around her wide hips and ass, as I kissed and fondled her asscheeks, but to my bewilderment her sexy hips and big rounded buttocks were too wide for me to embrace around completely!!
Tanya was glowing as she finished her workout. She took a bottle of water and told me to lie on my back on one bench. The blonde amazon sat on my face engulfing me completely with her mammoth spandex-clad asscheeks as she giggled and shook her hips accommodating me deeper into her sweaty asscrack. Tanya relaxed and drank some water while she smothered me with her lavish butt. I struggled to breathe but my giantess tormentor only laughed at my puny efforts to lift her and kept resting her heavy body on me nonchalantly for several moments. Mercilessly she moved forwards a little letting me breathe again and then she pulled her short downwards a little showing me her sweaty asscrack.
She ordered me to lick the sweat from her ass and I complied obediently licking and kissing all the ass flesh in front of my face. My tongue moved all along her crack licking her salty sweat while she giggled naughtily. Her huge flesh globes looked so full and inviting that I literally drooled all over their surface. She contracted her butt muscles teasing me as I kept kissing and licking her moon-halves and crack for long minutes.
Then, Tanya parted her meaty moon-halves widely using her hands and she engulfed me completely inside her hot asscrack. My face literally disappeared as it had been devoured by her huge asscheeks down to my ears and I found myself completely surrounded by darkness and her soft warm ass flesh.
She giggled mischievously as I tried desperately to breathe as she was in total control over my outmatched body. She began riding my face roughly using her vast curvy butt to dominate me and control my breathing. Her tiny puckering anus kissed my face thoroughly as she rode my face mercilessly for long minutes covering me with her fluids too. Tanya enjoyed and relished her power over me as her mammoth succulent ass squashed my face and I fought helplessly to escape from beneath it but to no avail. My smallish hands tried to open her asscheeks but she grabbed them and she kept massaging and rubbing her astounding butt on my nose, mouth and forehead for countless times. She shook and contracted her mighty buttocks on me making sure that my nose was tightly pressed against her damp anus. Once in a while she’d move forward a little letting me breathe, and every time she did this I had to kiss her butt many times to thank her for not suffocating me with her enormous derriere. Then, giggling naughtily she’d move her hips back engulfing my face and smothering me with her hot butt flesh again. Tanya liked to shake her hips from side to side and my imprisoned face with it while I lied on the bench hopelessly and unable to stop her.
She ordered me to lick her tender pink anus as she opened her buttcheeks using her hands and I complied submissively moving my tongue in circles on her back entrance. While I rimmed her and shoved my tongue into her rectum little by little Tanya licked her lips and moaned softly enjoying my ministrations on her tight sphincter. I don’t know for how long she made me worship her butthole but my tongue got very tired and I felt my mouth dry as she kept riding my face and enjoying my tongue, probing deeper and deeper into her relaxing anus.
When she was satisfied she stood up from my face and turning around she moved downwards her tight spandex short completely showing me her naked perfectly shaved, glistening pussy. Sitting on me again she began riding my face in earnest for long minutes. Completely engulfed by Tanya’s pussy I struggled to breathe as she sighed above me. Her weight on me was almost unbearable as the towering young amazon used my face for her pleasure. She grabbed my hair roughly as she massaged and rubbed her hungry pussy on my nose and mouth covering me with her juices. I could only close my eyes as my amazonian mistress enjoyed stimulating her engorged clit with my nose and lips me over and over.
As Tanya’s excitement grew more and more she told me to stick out my tongue and spreading her pussy lips she began moving her wide hips up and down on my face shoving my tongue deeper and deeper into her moist vagina countless times.
Screaming in ecstasy, Tanya reached and orgasm as my tongue was deeply shoved inside her vagina. She sat on my face heavily as she grinded her crotch on my soaked face relishing her sexual and physical dominance over me and my probing tongue inside her gargantuan body.
After smothering me with her drenched pussy for a few moments Tanya stood up from my trembling body and told me to sit on the bench as the young amazon wanted to use my oral talents once more.
“Lick and kiss little man!” she told me huskily and I had no choice but to comply as I began kissing her sweaty pussy lips. I took my time kissing her fleshy pussy lips thoroughly one by one all along her slit before sticking out my tongue and moving it up and down on her excited vagina. Tasting the salty sweat on her lips my tongue moved in all direction cleaning her scented teen pussy methodically until it was covered with my saliva. Her pussy juices began to flow copiously as my towering mistress got more and more excited enjoying my lips and tongue on her vagina.
Tanya sighed as she put her huge hands on the top of my head smashing my face tightly against her hungry pussy. I paid special attention to her engorged clit as my tongue rubbed it vigorously for several seconds and then I began to probe inside the warm moist surface of her pussy canal. I put my hands on her naked buttcheeks feeling their smooth, soft surface as I grabbed the hard muscles beneath. I couldn’t believe the size of her meaty cheeks as my hands could only grab a small part of them at a time. The skin of her rump felt so silky and feminine and her flesh so luscious and plenty that I couldn’t help having a raging erection inside my pants as my saliva coated her pussy lips and vagina.
Spreading her lips with one of her hands Tanya used my nose to rub her excited clit again while she smashed my face roughly against her crotch. Moaning softly Tanya grinded my face against her hot cunt for endless moments, while I tried desperately to breathe some air. Mercifully she released my head letting me breathe again, but I had to keep kissing and probing with my lips and tongue all around her pussy.
I felt so small in front of this huge, teen amazon as she used my face on her pussy and I knew I couldn’t do anything to stop her from having her way with me. Her long, meaty legs looked like flesh pillars as I sat between them licking and kissing all the pussy that I could. I was fortunate that she didn’t want to squeeze my weak body using her mighty gams as they looked so powerful and vast that I was sure they could break me in two effortlessly.
Listening to her moans of pleasure I knew I was doing my job right. She grasped my hair painfully as waves of pleasure went through her towering amazonian body. Her juices covered my sweaty face as I kept moving my tongue as deep as I could inside her teen fresh cunt.
I also licked and lapped all over my teenage mistress’ crotch exciting her more and more as she closed her beautiful eyes enjoying my ministrations on her clit, lips and vagina.
As her excitement grew and grew, Tanya began sighing and moaning loudly as she grasped my hair pulling me deeper into her pussy. I could barely breathe as she plastered my face against her young cunt enjoying my mouth and tongue stimulating her soaked vagina.
Finally, after long minutes of being smothered by her pussy Tanya reached an orgasm. Screaming in ecstasy she smashed and rubbed my face forcefully against her crotch as wave after wave of pleasure went through her huge amazonian body. Her fluids filled my mouth and washed my face as she moved my head on tight circles against her big pussy.
As her juiced coated my face Tanya held me against her cunt savoring the aftermath of her climax.
“Good boy” she said looking down at me with dreamy eyes. I was still between her mammoth thighs as she held me by the back of my head “you’re such a good little pussy licker that I will give you a reward right now” she ended as she released my head and turning around the blonde young goddess displayed to me her huge, curvy naked butt.
Without saying a word I began kissing, licking and nibbling softly all the ass flesh in front of me that I could. I was like a starving man munching on Tanya’s astounding rear as she giggled above me pleased at my submission.
I enjoyed myself for long minutes worshipping Tanya’s ass trying to cover all of its vast expense with my saliva. Her jiggling immense buttcheeks became my whole world as I planted kisses all over their smooth tanned surface painstakingly. Meanwhile, my hands were all over the back of Tanya’s meaty thighs rubbing and massaging them methodically. My eager tongue went downwards on her curvy meaty buns, licking specially the lowest part where her mammoth thighs began, and then upwards thoroughly up to where her luscious back began over and over until my mouth felt dry but I was too excited to stop worshipping my young mistress’ ass.
After letting my tongue wander all over the broad expense of her marvelous asscheeks for several minutes, I began to kiss the inner part of her butt as I pressed my lips lightly on her deep asscrack. I planted kisses all along her crack grabbing and opening her buttcheeks lightly and then I began probing deeper using my aching tongue.
As my tongue went through Tanya’s deep, warm asscrack she began sighing and moaning softly. Putting one of her hands behind my head, she pushed me against her bottom powerfully. My face was completely engulfed by her smothering ass flesh as my lips began kissing her sweaty fragrant anus. Darkness surrounded me as my face disappeared, swallowed alive by Tanya’s big, luscious derriere.
Enjoying my ministrations on her rear entrance, the towering, teen domina shook her hips and my imprisoned face playfully for several seconds. She delighted herself watching our reflection on one of the gym’s wall mirrors as my tiny head was shaken powerfully from side to side by her astounding succulent ass. I felt so minuscule and dominated as she moved her hips rhythmically while I was held captive of her mammoth jiggling buttcheeks. Despite I was barely able to breathe I had a raging erection, as I enjoyed being completely mastered by this gigantic teenager’s bottom.
Tanya parted her moon-halves using her hands and ordered me to press my nose tightly on her tiny puckering butthole. As I complied subserviently my amazon mistress giggled mischievously feeling my nose on her back entrance for several seconds. She told me to rub my nose on her pink anus while she contracted her ring muscle kissing my nose with its soft wrinkled surface many times
“Kiss and lick!” she ordered me after smelling her scented sphincter having my nose plastered against the tender flesh of her pink anus. I obeyed her subserviently as I kiss her puckering butthole tenderly many times and then I began probing inside it deeper and deeper with my spent tongue.
Tanya’s bumhole began relaxing and opening little by little as I focused all my attention in pleasing her delicate sphincter. She sighed and panted relishing my tongue probing deeper and deeper into her rectum through her distended and excited butthole. I began moving my tongue around in tight circles as Tanya released her huge meat-hills around me as I was trapped deep inside her buttcrack again. Enveloped completely by layers and layers of delicious butt flesh I kept moving my tongue inside Tanya’s sphincter for many minutes pleasing and stimulating her anally. She bent forwards lightly as she told me to stick out my tongue and holding me by the back of me head she began fucking her butthole using my tongue. My head was pushed and shoved roughly against her mammoth butt as she enjoyed my tongue going in and out of her distended anus over and over. Tanya closed her eyes and licked her full sexy lips as she relished my tongue being shoved as deeply as I could into her rectum and then she’d hold me buried inside her crack while I wriggled my tongue all around her excited gaping sphincter.
As she felt that my tongue was getting more and more tired, Tanya parted her big meat-spheres again and told me to stick one finger inside her saliva covered anus. I obeyed her submissively as I began shoving one of my fingers into her muscle ring. Her sphincter was already excited and distended as I pushed my finger completely into her hot rectum. She ordered me to move my finger in tight circles deeply buried inside her ass and a few moments later she told me to stick another finger through her anus too. As I pushed two of my fingers inside her distended sphincter Tanya grabbed my hair and began moaning excitedly.
Feeling closer and closer to another climax, Tanya squeezed and held my fingers with her strong muscle ring several times until finally my teenage amazon mistress reached another orgasm as she moaned and sighed loudly still holding my fingers tightly deep inside her rectum.
After enjoying her anal orgasm Tanya turned around and told me to lick the fingers that I had just shoved inside her butt. Watching me intensely my towering domina smiled satisfied as I licked my fingers thoroughly cleaning her fluids and tasting her ass.
Tanya pulled her tiny spandex shorts up on her generous hips and ass and looking down at me mockingly she just turned around and sat on my face once more. My whole face got buried inside her deep hot asscrack as she got comfortably on top of me.
She didn’t release me this time as she planted heavily her humongous butt on my sweaty face smothering me relentlessly. My nose and mouth were perfectly sealed by her flimsy spandex short and no air could I breathe through all the layers of layers of her fleshy muscled ass. I tried desperately to lift her ass but it was impossible, she was too heavy for me and I could only spank and grope her mighty bottom frantically.
Tanya just giggled at my puny efforts and grabbing my wrists she left me completely helpless against her. Painful seconds went by as my lungs were on fire and I tried hopelessly to get some air from beneath my teenage tormentor’s massive enveloping ass but to no avail. Buried under her immense flesh-spheres and surrounded by hot darkness I began losing consciousness little by little.
As her victim’s struggles decreased, Tanya enjoyed herself feeling in complete control of the older weaker man beneath her huge body. She shook and twisted her wide hips plastering her mammoth butt on his face and making sure that he had passed out.
The young cruel amazon lifted her big frame from his inert body and turning around she sauntered out of the gym whistling nonchalantly. The smallish battered man remained laying on the bench barely breathing and unconscious.


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