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martes, 16 de abril de 2013



By Ramvo


It’s the first day of the fifth month in the Gargantua forest and in the nearby Giantess village the giant women have begun the spring festival, and it meant that all those young giantesses that had reached certain age would be instructed in the arts of love. An older giantess would be the one in charge of instructing them correctly. But first, the giant girls would have to accomplish a special task. Each young giantess should hunt and catch ten men in order to begin their instruction properly. A few days earlier, dozens of little men had been captured only to be used in this particular initiation ritual. The male prisoners had been fed and taken care of adequately, and all close contact with other giantesses had been strictly forbiden too. And by this way, the giantesses made sure that all men were kept “virgins” for the teen giantesses until the ritual.

In the forest’s border six restless and beautiful teen giantess were chatting and giggling nervously, they couldn’t wait anymore to start the hunting and their initiation. The six gorgeous giantesses were almost naked, as the only thing they’re wearing was a special leather belt hanging from their hips. Such belt was the place where the giant girls should tie their tiny preys after catching them one by one. And in order to catch them, the young giantesses had a net and several ropes made of leather too. A couple of older giantesses were carrying the cages where the men to be hunted were safely kept.

“This is so exciting! At last we’ll have our own men” a pretty redhead giantess with blue eyes and pointy nose said, “and at last we’ll be able to play with them” she added, and the other five teen giantesses chuckled mischievously

“I’ve heard my older sister using her men several times. And by the way she moans, I’m sure that it’s something delightful” said a magnificent blonde giantess “in the mornings, she comes out from her room smiling and glowing, but when I ask her what she does with her men, she just giggles and says that she can’t tell me yet”.

“It’s true, my mother always tells me to wait for the initiation ritual in order to know how to use men properly. She plays with her men too, and she keeps many of them, but she doesn’t let me see her when she plays with them” a gorgeous raven haired green-eyed giantess said.

“It’s great that this year the instructoress will be Tonya’s sister” said another blonde giantess, who was the twin sister of the one who’d talked before, “I’m sure that we’ll learn a lot from her”,

“I couldn’t agree more” Tonya replied, she was the tallest of the young giantesses and she had long brown hair and her eyes were shaped and coloured like almonds. “My sister plays with men every night and even during the days, she’s an expert in using men for sure.

“Well, once, I almost saw one of my older cousins playing with one of them” said a beautiful giantess with asian features.

“AND WHAT DID YOU SEE!!?” all the other giant teens asked excitedly.

“It really wasn’t much... one moment my cousin had a man in her fist and the next moment I couldn’t see him anymore. She turned around and the little being had disappeared completely!! I only heard her moaning”.

The other teen giantesses sighed disappointedly as the secret wasn’t revealed to them yet. The only thing they knew was, that their huge bodies were quite appealing for the little creatures. They had noticed many times their mothers, older sisters and cousins taking advantage of their female charms to control their tiny pets. Plenty of times, they watched the men of some older giantess walking behind her obediently, as it looked like they were completely mesmerized by her ondulating butt!!

“I’ve seen my mom using her body with them” said the gorgeous black haired giantess, whose name was Roala, “she just has to turned around and show them her ass to make them obey all her wishes without protesting”.

“That’s right” said Nila the redhead giantess, “my mom uses her tits with her men too”.

“It’s so curious. It seems that they get haunted when they behold our bodies or something like that” said pensively Uami, the exotic giantess with fine asian features.

Despite their age, the six teen giantesses were very well endowed. All of them already had the particular big breasts and wide hips of the giantesses race. Some of them were more voluptuous than others, but all had reached the necessary ripeness required to begin to play with men, in other words their toys or pets to be.

They’d spent a few weeks practicing the best way to hunt and capture men using the nets and ropes they were carrying. And also they practiced the way to tie them to their leather belts, specially designed for such purpose.

“Attention girls, walk over here. The ritual is about to begin” Tonya’s older sister said (and instructoress this year), an impressive giantess named Ayla.

All the girls walked swiftly towards Ayla and then, they remained silent, waiting eagerly.

“In a few moments we’ll open the cages containing the men. You have to wait until I give the signal in order to go after them and hunt them. Some giantesses are placed in the borders of the forest, helping us to avoid the men escape from you. Don’t forget that you have to capture ten of them before you can return here and continue with the ritual.

All the young giantesses nodded silently as they were listening to Ayla.

“When you return with your ten men, you will put them inside these other cages I have here. One for each of you, your name is on one of them so you won’t get mixed up. They are specially made to keep your preys safely. Then, you’ll wait until all the others had returned to continue with the ritual, understood?” all the giantesses nodded anxiously, they couldn’t wait to begin with the hunting.

“Very well. Now, we’re gonna let the men out of the cages”.

The two older giantess carrying the cages bent down placing them on the forest’s ground. Then, they opened the cages’ gates and lifting the cages a little, they pushed the tiny men outside.

The little beings came out stumbling and rolling. All of them were naked and confused. They had been captured violently, but later the giantesses had cleaned them, fed them and kept them sane and safe.

Then, Ayla walked in front of them. All the men rised their heads as high as they could trying to see her face, they got astounded when they noticed her beautiful features, but they also shook in fear as they saw that she was wearing a necklace made of many human skulls.

The gorgeous giantess spoke to the frightened trembling men.

“Listen to me carefully pets. Today is a very special day for us the giantesses, and for you, insignificant creatures too. Today, you’ll meet the giantess who will be your owner and mistress for the rest of your lives. But first, you have to run into the forest and there, the giantess who catch you will be your new owner. You will forget about you lives as they were, because from now on your fate is sealed, you will be ruled by the wishes, whims and desires of the giantess who’d capture you first. These are the six teen giantesses who will run after you” Ayla said, showing the smiling young giantesses to the little men. The men felt a little bit uneasy as the young giantesses were looking at them greedily.

However, they were shocked by their awesome looks too. All of the giant girls were gorgeous, huge and perfect goddesses from head to toes. The girls giggled amusedly as they noticed how the men were looking at them, almost drooling, and they struted and swaggered in front of them mesmerizing the tiny beings even more. The blonde twins, Samy and Tamy, turned around showing their huge and perfectly rounded asses to the men who couldn’t say a word. The other girls did the same, shaking and moving their hips seductively making the men fix their eyes to their butts. Tonya took her huge breasts and held them a few moments as she winked an eye at them. Some of the men felt an urgent desire to run... but only towards the feet of the giant girls to be captured inmediately.

“As you may have noticed, you are very lucky slaves. In short time you’ll become the toy of one of these young girls and then you’ll be able to enjoy their voluptuous and virginal bodies too. But you must never forget that your lives depend on your blind obedience towards all of her commands. We the giantesses do not tolerate any insubordination from our pets. And you will be cruelly sacrified if you ever dare to defy your mistress... I could see how you beheld my necklace. It’s made of the skulls of all the men who’d died being my toys. But you don’t have to worry, none of them was sacrified. All died of natural cause and after pleasing and serving me for many years... Good, now it’s time to begin. When I blew this ceremonial horn you must run towards the forest as fast as you can.” Ayla finished her speech.

The men nodded silently, a little bit relieved, and they prepared themselves to escape to the forest.

As Ayla played her ceremonial horn, all the little men ran swiftly to the dense forest in all directions. Next, Ayla began to count and when she counted until one hundred, she played her horn again. It was the sign all the giant girls were expecting. They also ran into the forest, laughing and screaming excitedly.


Markus was captured along with his older brother and other young men from his village. At first, they thought that the giantesses would eat them, however as the giant women didn’t eat any of them, they wondered about their fate. He had listened many times the legends about the giantesses and about what would happen to the unfortunate men captured by them, but he never believed a single word. Some legends said that the giantesses catch men to devour them, and others said that the giantesses enslave men and some others that the giantesses use men as toys or pets to amuse themselves, but he never heard before that the giantesses could be so attractive. Now, he was completely in love with one of them. It was the gorgeous giantess with cinammon coloured skin and long shiny black hair. Her huge and firm breasts as well as her vast and perfectly rounded buttcheeks took his breath away. From the very first moment he was pushed outside the cage, he noticed her from all the other beautiful giantesses.

He quickly ran towards the forest with his older brother Ulrik, but he stopped inmediately and hid behind a huge tree to see what was going on with the giantess who had stolen his heart.

“What are you doing Markus?! We must run into the forest and escape” his brother said to him.

“I know but...”

“But what?!! C’mon on or we’ll be the first ones to be caught!!”.

“I want to see where the brunette one goes to. I’d like to be captured by her. You can run if you want, but I’m gonna wait here”.

“I know that they are truly beautiful, but I’m not sure if they had told us the truth. What if they are really gonna eat us... or something worse?”.

“I don’t care. If I’m going to be eaten alive, I want to be eaten by the giantess who has stolen my heart” Markus added convincedly.

After Ulrik heard his brother’s decision, he ran to the forest resigned. The teen giantesses had excited him too, specially the redhead with the pointy nose, but he wasn’t sure about their intentions and he didn’t want to be caught too easily.

Markus waited, watching the beautiful giantess who had captivated him. As soon as he saw her running, he followed her hastily. He had to be careful, he didn’t want to be captured by any other giantess but his green eyed goddess.

The six enormous teens ran inside the deep forest swiftly but moving around carefully as they didn’t want to step on any man or to fling down a tree and crush them. Each of the giant girls had her special net in her hands, ready to catch the first man they could find.

All the men ran as fast as they could, but the young giantesses reached them in no time at all. Many of the men didn’t put any fight too, and the girls caught most of them quite easily. The men just came out from behind the trees and stood in front of the girls or they stopped their running and waited completely frozen as they heard the giant steps and laughter from behind them getting closer and closer. Then, the giant teens would simply throw the nets on them and catch them effortlessly. After this, the girls would take the men out from the nets, tie their tiny wrists together and using a longer rope they’d tie the caught man to their leather belts. This way, the captured men would find themselves safely attached to the voluptuous hips of the giant girl who had found them first, and as she began to walk again, they were swung rhythmically up and down along with her astounding body.

From inside the forest the giantesses’ screams and laughter could be heard as they were capturing their tiny preys. Markus had been following the brunette giantess for a good time and he was about to give up. He was too tired to keep running behind her, however her very well muscled buttcheeks had mesmerized him and the sight of Roala’s curvaceous ass made him continue running behind her. His legs ached terribly and breathing was getting harder and harder. Luckily, the beautiful giantess stopped on a clear spot of the forest, and he stayed exactly behind her, trying to catch his breath, but he was enraptured by the sight of her ample ass and the back of her fleshy legs.

Roala was worried. She could hear the screams of her peers as they were capturing the little beings, but she hadn’t seen any of the men yet. She turned around abruptly and she almost stepped on Markus. She stopped her movement immediately as she noticed the little creature in front of her and between her feet. At first he surprised her, but then she understood that this little creature wanted to be caught by her. He had been following her for a long time for sure, as he was panting and sweating profusedly, and it seemed that he was completely hypnotized by her meaty booty.

She didn’t throw the net on him, she just squatted and caught him with her long powerful fingers. She moved him to her face and she smiled at him seductively.

Markus smiled back at her while he was squeezed tightly inside her fist. His weariness vanished immediately and he got astounded by beholding so closely, the beautiful face of the giantess of his dreams. “What beautiful mouth and eyes she has” Markus thought, “her lips are so fleshy and her teeth so white and perfect that I wouldn’t mind being eaten by her right now”. Roala gave him a huge kiss, her lips embraced his head completely and soaked all his face with her warm saliva. After this huge erotic kiss,she tied him to her belt. She carefully tied his flimsy wrists together and then she secured him to her leather belt. Markus was left hanging freely from Roala’s hips and he got an erection when he felt the warm touch of her smooth sking rubbing against all of his body. Roala began to walk again looking for more preys and Markus was swung from side to side rhythmically. Markus closed his eyes trying to rest a little while enjoying the touch of his new mistress’ silky skin.

An hour later, all the giant girls had already caught the required ten men to return with Ayla and continue with the ritual. Just a few men had fought trying not to be hunted but none of them could escape from the enormous and beautiful teens. The six giantesses returned with their bounty safely attached to ther swaying hips, five helpless men in each side.

Ulrik was captured too, even when he tried to run faster and faster but he couldn’t escape from Nila. So, he was caught by the giantess he’d liked the most too. He was swayed by one of her inmense buttcheeks up and down and being so close to her, he noticed all the little freckles that covered her mammoth curvaceous ass. He found this irresistible and he kissed her inmense buttcheek several times, every time he could.

When all the girls were back with Ayla, she gave each of them the special cage where the men would be kept until they were needed. As the day was very hot and the teen giantesses had sweat a lot capturing their pets, they all went to the nearest river to take a bath, they left their men inside the cages in their camp on the borders of the forest. All the other giantesses were already gone, staying Ayla solely with the virgin giantesses. She had made a bonfire in the camp and was busy preparing all the stuff required to continue with the teen giantesses’ initiation.

Meanwhile, the girls were having fun in the river, swimming and bathing themselves. They giggled and yelled as they talked about how they’d caught their preys.

“It was much easier than what I first thought” Tonya said “almost all of them came to me or they just stood there, motionless before me, like waiting for me to catch them”.

“Yeah, it seems that they really like us” Tamy added.

“I’d like to know what are we gonna do with them” Uami said “I’m very anxious to find out how men are used”.

“We’ll discover the secret tonight for sure” Nila added.

After playing and bathing in the river for some time, the giant girls lied down on the river’s shore and let the sun dry their magnificent and gigantic bodies, along with their long hairs. It was well past noon and all of them were very hungry, so after drying on the shore they headed back to their camp, where Ayla had already prepared their food.

The girls ate a light meal, made only of tropical fruits and vegetables. The men would be fed later. After eating and resting for a little while, Ayla told them to listen very carefully and pay attention because their initiation was about to start.

The young giantesses sat down around Ayla and the bonefire and they waited nervously.

Ayla took some vessels from one of her bags. Inside of them were several kind of fruits and nuts that the girls had collected days before. Among them, was a special kind of wild berries that caused the giantesses a light paralysis of their tongues when they ate them. Another fruits were used by the older giantesses as cosmetics, after grinded and mixed with some oil. The giantesses who were old enough, could use this kind of substances to increase the beauty of their facial features even more.

Ayla grinded the fruits used as cosmetics and after mixing them with some coconut oil, she began to apply it on the lips of the teen giantesses using her fingers. The girls were amused and pleased as they look each other after Ayla had put the cosmetic on their lips. All of them were satisfied, this was the sign that they would be considered grown ups in their society from now on, even though they were still quite young. Then, Ayla applied another substances on their eyelids and under their eyes too. Finally, she showed them how they had to apply another kind of cosmetic on the nails of their fingers and toes, by using a kind of little special brushes.

After all the giant teens were correctly made up from head to toes, Ayla took out more items from her bags.

The girls were looking at her eagerly. From one of her bags she pulled out some strange objects that seemed to be made of wood. Ayla took out twelve of these objects and she gave two of them to each one of the girls. The girls were confused as they looked at the strange objects carefully, and they got quite surprised when they realized what they were. The pieces of wood were sculptures, carved and polished very precisely and carefully, that resembled the shape of a man’s body a lot. Although the wood sculptures were bigger than the men of flesh and bone, their resemblance couldn’t be denied. The giant girls also noticed that one of the sculptures was a little thinner and narrower than the other one. They looked at each other confused and intrigued.

Ayla took out another pair of sculptures for her and then she finally began with the education of the giant virgin girls.

“What you have in your hands are called easiers “ Ayla said to the confused girls “and they are used to open the entrance where the men are introduced. As you may have realized, there are two kinds of easiers. The biggest one is for the frontal cave and the other one is for the rear cave.”

The girls just stared at each other even more confused. They couldn’t understand yet what Ayla meant with “frontal and rear cave” nor what she meant about “introducing the men”. Ayla continued with her speech

“Your bodies are still virginal and your caves will be quite tight for sure, so it is mandatory for you to use these objects in order to keep your men alive when they are inserted the first time.” Next, she showed them another vessel that contained lots of coconuts. “It is also necessary to use oil to ease the entrance of your men. Friction can harm their flimsy bodies terribly and they won’t live much time if you don’t take care of them properly.”

Ayla milled the coconuts to get a viscous white paste. “Apply this paste to the bigger sculpture” she said to the giant girls and all of them followed her instructions obediently. They smeared the biggest of the wood carved figures with the oily paste and waited for Ayla to continue talking.

“Now pay attention” Ayla said. The teen giantesses watched Ayla and they got shocked and marveled when they saw what she did with the figure. Ayla spread her mammoth muscled legs and began to insert the wood oiled sculpture between her pussy lips.

She used one of her hands to open her lips and with the other one she began to push little by little the man-shaped figure into her  pink vagina. Without much trouble, Ayla introduced, headfirst, the wood sculpture into her fleshy canal until only its tiny feet were outside her enormous body.

“This is the way we use and play with men” she said triumphantly to the stunned girls once she had the wood toy deeply in her pussy, “their bodies fit perfectly in our caves and they produce a delightful sensation when they are caught in there”.

They young giantesses looked at Ayla, speechless. She continued with her lecture.

“Once you have some experience you’ll be able to insert them easily inside your caves and you’ll even be able to handle them inside without using your hands. Men like to be inside of us too, however at first they will be very scared and they will try to fight, so you must be very careful with them so as not to hurt them permanently. Now, its your turn.”

The girls began to toy with the sculptures in the entrance of their frontal caves, with hesitation. The sensation was somehow painful and pleasant. They chuckled nervously, waiting to see who would be the first to get the wood toy into her virginal pussy.

“It’s normal that it hurts at first and you might even bleed a little, because these figures are bigger than the real men, nevertheless when you use real men the only thing you will feel is pleasure.”

Bit by bit the giant girls began to thrust the wood carved figures into their fleshy virginal canals. They felt pain but it disappeared as pleasure began to rise. Ayla helped the most insecure girls and after a little while all the giantesses had a little wood figure  inserted in their vaginas up to its ankles.

“As excitement rises, you body will produce a sticky fluid that helps during the insertion too. Now, move the figures in tight circles inside your caves. Your canals have to get conditioned so as not to make your pets suffer too much. You can move the wood pets in and out too.”

The girls felt wave after wave of pleasure, a kind of pleasure they had never felt or imagined before. In short time most of them were moaning excitedly as they kept handling the sculptures inside their aroused vaginas. Streams of vaginal fluids came out from them, soaking the wood men and their fingers.

Ayla let the girls have fun with the figures for a long time. All the giant teens were moaning and sweating as they were busy, masturbating themselves energetically.

“You should always remember that real men are much more fragile than the wood dolls you’re using now. And so, you have to handle them very carefully and they will last many years.” Ayla said to the frantic girls.

After a while, she told them to stop, because she had to continue with her explanation.

“Now that you’ve opened your frontal cave, it’s time to pay attention to the rear cave. You may let the figures inside your caves as we go on with the initiation.” And after saying this, Ayla took the small wood doll and smeared it carefully with the same oily paste she had used on the other one.

“The rear cave is a much narrower place than the frontal one, and you must be even more careful when you use your men inside it. With time, you’d realize that almost all men dread to be inserted into the rear cave, but you have to be strict if they try to refuse serving you this way. However, there are a few of them that would even offer themselves to be introduced into the rear cave. The feelings you’ll get from your men inside this cave are extremely plesant too, but you have to open it correctly or your men will end up squashed and injured permanently.”

Ayla turned around and getting on her knees and one hand on the ground, she began to thrust the tiny wood figure into her pink anus. The girls were stunned again, as they saw the wood doll disappearing slowly inside the sphincter of their giant instructoress.

“You have to relax themselves to open the rear cave. It is harder than the frontal cave and you have to be patient. If you introduce a man too soon you can harm him forever.” She said to the girls turning her head to see their surprised and amused expressions.

After some moments, Ayla got the whole doll inside her rectum and again, only the tiny feet stayed outside her marvelous ass. Then, she turned around and sat down again in front of the girls.

“There’s nothing more enjoyable than to have a man deeply lodged inside each cave” she said to the girls confidentially, “you can feel them squirming and moving around inside your bodies, and every of their movements will be sheer pleasure for you.”

Then, it was turn for the enthusiastic girls. Each of them smeared a little doll with the lubricant paste and began to thrust it into their tight anal orifices.

It took time, but eventually all the giantesses accomplished it, they got a wood doll deeply inside their loins. Ayla helped the slower ones again and after all the girls made it, she continued talking.

“As you may have noticed, all men feel incredibly attracted to us. They find our breasts, legs and asses very appealing, however at first they will struggle desperately to avoid been inserted into your caves. It’s something natural, because they’d believe that they will die inside your bodies. Compared to us, they’re only miniscule and weak creatures, you could subdue them quite easily and force them inside your caves effortlessly. That’s ok in case you want to punish them if they ever dare to disobey you, however it is much better to seduce them. None of them can resist our charms.” All the giant teens watched Ayla intensely as she continued with her explanation.

“You’ve learned the ritual dance of the giantesses a long time ago. The rhythmic and sensual movement of hips and breasts make men go berserk, and it subdues them completely under our will. In short time, you could make them do anything, solely by shaking your tits and asses a little.” Ayla said this, emphasizing Anything to the amused giantesses.

“Now it’s time for you to subdue and seduce your men. Take your cages and set yourselves around the bonfire. Don’t draw the wood men from your bodies yet. When I begin to play the ceremonial drums, you will unveil the cages and you’ll dance in front of your men.” Ayla concluded and all the girls stood up and ran swiftly for their cages.

Inside Roala’s cage, Markus was resting along with the other nine men that had been hunted by her. They had been left in the dark as all the cages were covered by a thick fabric in order to avoid the men listen to Ayla’s instructions before the initiation. They were talking and waiting anxiously. The cages had been placed far from the bonfire so they could’ve never heard Ayla’s words. Only distant moanings and laughters could be heard. All of them were very hungry and frightened too, life couldn’t be worse. Suddenly, they were shaken violently when Roala lifted the cage and headed back to the bonfire carrying them nonchalantly.

The girls made a circle around the bonfire and placed the cages in front of them. They put the cages on some huge stones to have the men at the same height of their bellys.

When Ayla began to play the ceremonial drums skillfully, each giantess drew the thick fabric covering her cage.

All the caught men were astounded as they beheld their gorgeous gigantic mistress, and now with make up on their juvenile faces, dancing sensually in front of them. The make up on their young faces enhanced their beauty and made them look even more attractive, also all of them had put flowers on their long hair and around their necks. The world vanished to the stunned men. Nothing else mattered, but the beautiful and inmense girl dancing in front of them.

The nude teen giantesses moved their breasts and hips following the slow and rhytmic pace of the drums played by Ayla. They were smiling contentedly as they watched their tiny pets beholding them excitedly and the girls emphazised their sensuous movements driving them crazier and crazier. They turned around showing the men their huge and perfectly rounded flesh hills, and they made their buttcheeks shake and tremble, swaying their wide hips from side to side seductively.

Some of the giantesses took their asscheeks with their hands and spreaded them wide open in front of the drooling men, and some others moved one finger through their asscracks up and down slowly. Others spanked themselves softly or they squeezed and pinched their well muscled meat spheres mischievously. They were so close to the caged men, that the scent from their pussies made them dizzy with lust and desire, making them even hornier.

Facing them, they’d bent over a little and shook their mammoth turgent breasts from left to right slowly, or they’d squeeze their tits and nipples playfully. All the men were already doomed, they had been blinded by lust and the desire of touching, kissing and licking the delicious bodies of their gigantic mistresses.

The giant girls with the biggest breasts, the blond twins Samy and Tamy along with Tonya, lifted their heavy tits to their mouths and licked their erect nipples for long minutes just in front of their caged desperate slaves.

The most daring used a couple of fingers to caress their pussy lips sensually, wetting their fingers with their fluids, and then they’d lick the fingers slowly too.

Markus, together with the other nine pets belonging to Roala, was frantic. None of them had seen a woman that could be compared to their gigantic brunette. She excited them with her curvaceous body, and her long silky black hair. The rhythmic movement of her wide hips had mesmerized them completely. She smiled and winked an eye at them seductively, while they were yelling and howling desperately and impotent inside the cage. But when she turned around and contracted her vast flesh moons just a few inches in front of them, the men were about to go completely crazy. All the men had fallen under her charm hopelessly. Their minds and wills were completely tamed and subdued to her wishes, they’d do anything for their young mistress and they’d do it eagerly.

The other giantesses had accomplished the same as Roala with their respective pets. Now, all the caught men were chained and linked to their gigantic gorgeous mistresses for the rest of their lives whether they wanted it or not!!!!

After a while, Ayla stopped playing the drums and told the girls to cover the cages again. The men were very disappointed and yelled expressing their feelings., but they couldn’t help it, and they were left horny and in the dark again.

“Very well” Ayla said to the giant teens “now that your men had been subdued it’s time for you to brand them” and after saying this she passed each giant teen girl a special vessel. “Inside this vessel you should place all your men and then, you are going to pee on them. And by this way, they will be branded forever as your particular scent will never let them forget who they belong to.”

The girls looked at Ayla a little bit confused, but they’re willing to accomplish the next part of the ritual. Each giantess took their men from the cages and the little creatures were placed inside the vessels. When all the men were inside the vessels, the giant teenagers moved them between their meaty legs and under their pussies.

Before the giantesses released their urine, the men saw their gigantic captress smiling at them maliciously from far above, as they opened their pussy lips with a couple of fingers. Then, the only thing they could see was a huge yellow stream falling upon them. The girls giggled mischievously, looking at the men who tried to dodge their warm smelly pee. The soiled creatures listened to their mistresses laughter as they were soaked in their golden liquid. At first the men tried to wipe the urine from their bodies and specially from their faces, but the giantesses peed a long time and they were almost drowned in their salty fluid. The pets yelled in agony begging for help and mercy but the giant brats only looked at them amusedly.

The girls had a great time watching their pets coughing, spitting and trying to swim as they were completely covered by their warm pee.

Some of them used a finger to sink the pets who were protesting more, and they’d left the protesting pets under the pee for long seconds.

“It’s always a good thing to give your pets this kind of shower often, so they won’t forget who’s in charge.. or just for fun” Ayla adviced the  amused girls. “Now take them out one by one and dry them before putting them inside the cage again.”

The humilliated men were roughly drew from the vessels and shaken by the giantesses before being put back in the cages. The girls dried them using the fabric that covered the cages, but before drying them they had fun shaking their tiny bodies from side to side to wipe the excess of pee running through their skins as big drops.

After all the men were caged again, Ayla told the girls to cover the cages again.

“Now sit down on the ground and put the cage between your thighs, it’s time to feed your pets” Ayla said, and then she gave each girl another clay vessel containing a bunch of wild berries, the kind of berries that caused the giantesses’ tongues to be a little numb. “Feed them with these berries. You already know that these berries make our tongues a little bit numb, but in your pets they will have a much bigger effect. In short time, they will be completely paralyzed, and breathing will be the only thing they’ll be capable of doing. The reason to use these berries with your pets is, besides having fun with them, to show them that they can survive inside your caves. Once they are paralyzed from head to toes, you’ll be able to play with them at will. The effect lasts a few hours and during this time you’ll be able to play with some of them without any trouble.” Ayla concluded.

The giantesses unveiled their cages and dropped the berries over their tiny pets. As they had spent many hours without eating anything, they didn’t hesitate and ate the special berries with gluttony. Although the berries’ sour taste seemed a little strange to them, they ate a lot of the exotic fruits. The girls had a lot of fun again, as they watched their little slaves eating eagerly the berries they had offered them from their fingers.

A little while later, all the men began to feel a little bit weird. Each of them got paralyzed from head to toes, slowly and hopelessly. Their arms got glued to their sides and their legs were attached tightly together, they were only capable of breathing and winking. When all men were in a state of total defenselessness, Ayla indicated the giant teen girls that they could play with them without problem.

Then, the excited giant girls chose a pet and drew him out from their respective cages. After carefully smearing them with the lubricant oily paste the giant teeneager proceeded to have fun with them.

First, they drew the wood man from their pussies and began to thrust the real man into their frontal caves. The paralyzed men inside the cages beheld powerlessly how their friends disappeared inside the cavernous pussies. Headfirst, the little pets were swallowed alive by the young horny giantesses’ hungry vaginas. They couldn’t even scream or do anything to escape. Some of them cried silently, as they listened to the pleasure moans from their gigantic mistresses, using their mates to please themselves. However, their feelings were diverse. In one hand, they wanted the giant girls, they couldn’t think of a woman more appealing than the giantess who’d caught them, but in the other hand, they knew that they’d spend they rest of their lives as simple pleasure toys, they would be used whenever their mistress wished and the way she wished.

While the girls thrusted their pets in and out their vaginas excitedly and increasing the speed, they licked their lips and looked at the rest of their caged slaves greedly. They were choosing the next one, the one that would be inserted into their rear caves.

Roala picked up Markus. She took him out from the cage and after lying face down on the camp’s ground, she drew the wood doll from her rectum. She smeared the paralyzed pet very carefully from head to toes with the lubricant paste and then, she moved him to her anus. She began to shove him inside her inmediately. Markus briefly gazed at her wonderful and vast meat spheres, before she began to force him inside her delicate orifice. The inmense brunette girl set herself in such way that she assured the rest of her pets to see closely from the cage, how she was inserting Markus inside her rectum. She set on all fours, with her plump gigantic butt exactly above her miserable slaves. And they were able to see Markus being slowly devoured headfirst by Roala’s sphincter, as it was opening wider and wider to lodge him better.

Markus was eaten up to his ankles by Roala’s relaxed sphincter quite easily, and she began to play with him moving him in tight circles inside her oily anus, while she thrusted the other pet in and out her vagina.

At the same time that Markus was used intensively inside Roala’s rear cave, his brother Ulrik was the first pet gorgeous Nila had chosen to be inserted into her frontal cave. The beautiful redhead giantess introduced him wholly into her by a single thrust, and after this she began to move him around by his ankles, as she was trying to estimulate the sensitive upper wall of her pink pussy canal. The last thing from the outter world Ulrik saw, was the red jungle of Nila’s pubic hair in front of him.

Other girls were using only the little heads of their pets to please themselves, they rubbed them quite roughly against their swollen clits for a long time. This was what the twins Samy and Tamy were doing. Each of them was having lots of fun having a man deep inside their enormous bubble butts, and using another one to caress their excited wet clitoris. Tonya, meanwhile, was massaging one of her pets on her nipples, getting more and more excited.

Markus thought that he’d die inside Roala’s dark hot tunnel. After she moved him in circles for a while in the entrance of her rectum, she shoved him completely in, and he spent a long time deep inside her intestine listening her pleasure moans echoing through all her inmense body. Roala enjoyed him for a long time, feeling his tiny body deep inside her ass was the most thrilling experience she’d ever had. The gigantic brunette had lots of fun squeezing him tightly using her intestine’s walls. Markus felt the giantess’ rectum holding him tighter and tighter, playfully but overwhelmingly at the same time. Roala’s rectum compressed his overmatched body with a powerful hug, that made him fear for his life. All his being was manipulated at will by the giant girl’s rectum and he realized how insignificant he was compared to the colossal brunette. He wanted to scream, but he couldn’t open his mouth, he barely was able to breath the hot, musky and humid air inside Roala’s loins. Although her intestine walls were very soft and smooth Markus was too scared to notice it, he only felt the powerful grip on him.

After what seemed an eternity, he finally was removed from the insides of the gorgeous giantess. Roala fished him out from her bowels with a couple of fingers, and then she got him close to her radiant smiling face.

“You’ve pleased me pet” she said to him with a profound, charming voice, as he hanged inertly upside down from her fingers, “You’ve pleased me a lot, and I’m sure that I’ll enjoy your minuscle insignificant being inside my booty plenty of times from now on.” Her smile haunted him too. She winked an eye at him seductively, sent him a kiss and then she put him back inside the cage with the rest of her little slaves.

Markus forgot all his suffering as soon as he saw her mammoth mistress’ beautiful dark green eyes... he would like to be inserted inside her tight sphincter again eagerly, and all the times she’d like him to!!!!

Meanwhile, Ulrik was manipulated by Nila inside her excited vagina. He was completely soaked in her fluids as he thought he’d be drowned in any moment. Nila’s pussy compressed him so tight that the air inside his lungs was pushed outside violently several times. The red haired giantess moved him around inside her fleshy canal in all directions and she moaned and sighed loudly, getting closer and closer to an orgasm. When she reached it, her powerful pussy pressed Ulrik so strongly that he felt all his bones become dust. Luckily, Ulrik survived the experience without major harm and he was pushed outside her hot humid pussy by a stream of her vaginal fluids. He lied there inertly at the entrance of Nila’s frontal cave, caught by her red rough pubic hair. Nila was satisfied for the time being, and she put him back in the cage with the other paralyzed pets.

The young giantesses had the greatest time playing with their pets for the first time. The echoes of their moans and screams were heard across all the forest during that night, feeding even more the legends about them.

After the girls had reached many orgasms with the first living, although paralyzed, toys they’d chosen, Ayla began to teach them another way to enjoy their tiny slaves.

Ayla gave each girl a small wood object, it was shaped as a circle and on its surface it had two narrow wood poles attached. The distance between the two poles had been perfectly measured to assure that the giant teens could enjoy two tiny slaves inside both their caves at the same time. This time, Ayla told the girls to put the wood device on the camp’s ground, and that they had to tie two of their men firmly to the poles.

The two unfortunate men chosen this time beheld, after being tightly tied to the poles and completely smeared with the lubricant paste, how the gigantic girl placed them between her flexed legs and exactly below her ass, and then, how she began to squat and sit on them as she was inserting a tiny pet in each of her caves at the same time!!!

The giant girls took their huge muscled buttcheeks with their hands, opening their asses widely to ease the insertion of the man destined to the rear cave, and they spreaded their pussy lips too, to ease the entrance of the one who’d be swallowed alive by the frontal cave.

The giantesses’ enormous butts and cunts descended inexorably and heavily on the defenseless men, devouring them completely at the same time. Darkness enveloped both men tied at the wood devices as they were engulfed, one by the distended anus and the other one by the well lubricated pussy of the aroused giantesses, who now were ready to play with them for a long time.

They were squeezed and rubbed mercylessly inside the hot tunnels and against the living pulsating walls over and over for what seemed to be an eternity. Thanks to the lubricant their skins weren’t harmed severely, but the titanic weight of the giantesses made their bones crackle many times, and they were almost drowned by the girls’ body fluids soaking them from head to toes.

The forest’s ground quaked and trembled when the giant girls began to enjoy their little toys. As they increased their pace, their inmense buttcheeks clashed agaisnt the soil stronger and louder, and making all the trees around the camp creak and shake. The noise they caused was deafening and they scared all the creatures of the forest many miles away.

The beautiful giantesses moaned and sighed as they were riding rhythmically on their wood devices, swallowing and drawing the men tied to the poles again and again endlessly. Some of them moved their voluptuous hips in circles too, trying to increase the contact of their slaves with their warm sensitive canals.

Meanwhile, the men inside the cages watched terrified, how their friends were used and abused brutally by the horny giant teens. Most of the giantesses were on their knees riding on their tiny slaves, but some giant girls prefered to squat on their men, and simply moved their curvaceous huge asses up and down, thrusting them in and out their excited caves for a long time.

Finally, and after many more climaxes, the girls stood up, leaving their two men tied to the poles on the ground, exhausted, bruised and soaked in their female juices. Big dropes of lubricant, mixed with the girls’ body fluids ran all over their inert bodies, while they panted heavily.

After checking the state of their men, the giantesses untied them and put them back in the cages. Then, they covered the cages once more with the thick fabric, and the men were left alone in the dark again, but now they were paralyzed and scared to death.

Then, Ayla adviced the girls to sleep, because in the next morning they’d continue to play and enjoy their tiny living toys in another ways. The six teenage giantesses lied down to sleep close to their cages and around the bonfire. They slept like logs, sexually satisfied and tired after many orgasms., anal and vaginal ones. The giantesses dreamt about their tiny pets and all the fun they’ve had with them so far.


It was after the sunrise of the next day, that the caged men finally were able to move their limbs again. Little by little they regained their sensibility and were able to talk about this awful experience. They were quite surprised that the men who had been inserted into the giantesses so brutally last night, were still alive. The four used men in each cage looked weary and bruised, but strangely, none of them had permanent injures.

Markus narrated his experience to the other men, leaving them astounded.

“At first; it was something dreadful” he said, “I thought I’d die inside her butthole, but it wasn’t so bad really. The smell and heat inside her bowels were overpowering, but after some minutes they didn’t matter to me anymore. What really was tough was the friction on my skin as she rubbed me intensely against her rectum. Sometimes I felt like I was burning, but luckily it wasn’t so. After all, I think it wasn’t too bad.”

The rest of the men couldn’t believe his words. Despite they’d been so frantically abused, the used men survived the ride and some of them even wanted to be toyed and mistreated by the giantesses again!!!

Their bodies were covered by bruises, all their muscles ached and their hairs and skins were sticky due to the dried giant girl’s body fluids, but the already used men were happy and longed for more, specially Markus.

The teen giantesses waked up a few hours later. They were smiling and radiant, and the first thing they had in mind that morning, was to play with their men again.

Ayla was already awake and she was preparing more stuff to continue instructing the girls in the art of getting pleasure from their living toys. This time she passed every girl a long thin rope made of a very strong fabric, and then she told them to tie two of their pets, one after another along the rope.

“Now you’ll experience with both your pets another way of feeling pleasure. Secure them tightly to these ropes before starting. Fine, now you have to take each end of the rope with a hand and placing it between your legs, you’re gonna rub them against the entrance of your caves. Put a hand in front of you and the other in the back, and begin to move the rope forwards and backwards grinding them softly. Feel their tiny bodies tightly in touch with your pussy lips and deep between your buttcheeks. Open your legs a little to ease this movement.”

The two chosen men this time were used to rub and stimulate the giantesses’ pussies and buttholes externally, staying outside their huge bodies and hungry caves. Their feet and hands were tightly tied to the long ropes, and they were left hanging in the air and between the giant teenagers’ enormous and fleshy thighs, as the giantesses held both ends of the rope. From below, the sight was marvelous, as their gigantic rounded buttcheeks and inviting pussies were all the tied men could see. Their partners inside the cages watched in awe, and some of them with envy, how the giantesses began to brush the tied pets against their pussy lips and, how the men were swallowed literally by their mammoth buns, as they went through their asscracks over and over. The giantesses were getting hornier and hornier, meanwhile the tiny pets disappeared many times from the outside world, devoured alive by their huge and appealing flesh hills. Inside their deep asscracks, they were thoroughly kissed by the girls’ humid sphincters, and then, they were half eaten by their wet pussy lips countless times.

The giantesses increased the pace and the men felt their skin burning by the friction caused by the teens’ rough pubic hairs. Although the girls’ skins were the softest smoothest things they had ever been in touch with, the men got harmed. The giantesses were excited and some of them began to moan. Luckily for the men, their asscracks and pussies were sweaty and damp as their fluids began to run. This relieved the friction on their skins a little.

The giantesses kept moving their tied toys between their legs forwards and backwards wildly for a long time. They felt an orgasm approaching them inexorably. At the same time, the men’s faces got covered by the sweat and the sticky fluids coming from both aroused caves.

“Try to feel their tiny faces when you make’em go through your cracks and pussies” Ayla said to the excited girls, “caress your caves’ entrances intensely and you’ll reach a climax soon.”

The girls followed her instructions and kept manipulating their toys firmly. Each giantess focused on feeling the minuscle head of their pets as they were kissed by their buttholes and vaginas.

Finally, all the girls reached an orgasm, their moans and screams terrifying everything around them.

The giant girls let their ropes go and they left the men in close contact with their damp nether regions. Although the girls didn’t hold the men anymore, they were firmly held in place, one half-eaten by pussy lips and tangled in a jungle of pubic hair, and the other one deeply buried in a dark warm chasm, in the middle of two colossal twin muscular moons and in tight contact with a moisty pleased sphincter.

The girls giggled as they realized that they didn’t have to take the ropes to keep their pets in place, and they had a great time walking slowly around the camp, holding their men in their pussies and between their buns.

“It can be real fun to play with men this way” Ayla said, “you even can use them under your skirts during the days and in the middle of the village, and nobody will ever know that you’re carrying a couple of your men with you.”

The girls kept walking around and marveling themselves for long minutes. Between their soft, meaty buttcheeks was inmersed a helpless man, carefully placed where he caused them great pleasure. And meanwhile, there was a trapped man between their pussy lips, stimulating their frontal cave at the same time.

The caged men watched the giant girls have lots of fun this way for a long time. They felt envy of both of them, the one stuck inside the gigantic ass and the one between the wet pussy lips. But at the same time, they’re certain that they were nothing more than toys to these gigantic horny brats. Impotence and fear overwhelmed them, they could never defend themselves against the giantesses, they were just too huge and powerful compared to them.

Markus however, only wanted to be in the spot where the man inside Roala’s ass was at that moment, deeply buried by her rounded buttcheeks. He beheld jealously, how Roala’s ass consumed the man countless times, and he vehemently wished to be caught as the other man was, helpless and profoundly inmersed in Roala’s smooth delicious body.

After having fun this way for a long time, all the girls pulled their men from their cleaves and put them back inside the cages. Ayla said that she was going to prepare breakfast, and asked the girls to go to the nearby river to wash themselves and have some fun with their men.

Each girl took her cage and headed towards the river joyfully. After swimming and washing themselves thoroughly, the giantesses got their men out of the cages dropping them into the water. They giggled as they saw the tiny creatures splashing and swimming between their feet. The gigantic girls tooke their ten pets and walked to the deepest part of the stream. The water reached up to their thighs, and they decided to sit down and watch their little pet swim around their mammoth breasts. But the men got very scared, the river was too profound and the stream too strong for them. The men moved close to the giantesses’ tits, they tried to grab their silky wet skins, as they fought to avoid been dragged by the river. The feeling of them trying to hold on their breasts and nipples tickled the giantesses and amused them, but as they saw that the men were quite frightened, they decided to return to the shore. There, they sat down again and put the men between their enormous delicious thighs. There, the men were perfectly safe and the girls had a good time watching them swim and play around. The men didn’t lose the chance to get in touch with their gigantic mistresses, they rubbed and massaged their smooth mammoth thighs many times. The feeling was exquisite, the young giantesses’ skin was so soft and smooth, but at the same time the power coming from their titanic muscles was incomprehensible for the men. They still had some baby fat on their voluptuos bodies, and this made them look even more appealing and charming to the horny men. All the men realized that their mistresses were quite young, they for sure had been too tender a couple of years ago, but the girls were so mighty and inmense compared to them, that this didn’t relly matter, as they could’ve never force the girls to do anything.

The girls began to play with their pets. They lifted them by one leg and then they let them fall, splashing loudly into the water. The girls also dunked them and moved them around under the water like a child playing with toys in a pool. Sometimes they brushed the men against their rock-hard nipples, and then they’d let them fall into the water mischievously.

“Weee, look how they swim!!” Tonya screamed, “it’s so great to have pets”.

“Yeah, and besides the pleasure they make us feel, we can play with them in many other entertaining ways” Uami answered, she was having fun by letting her men fall from her juvenile nipples countless times.

“This is wonderful... having our own men” Samy said, “and there’re still things about them we have to find out.”

“They’re so tiny and helpless... and soooo cute!!” Roala exclaimed.

Meanwhile, she playfully crushed Markus against her soft belly and she giggled as her tiny pet tickled her bellybutton.

“Poor tiny little men” Tamy said, “they need big girls like us to protect them, but who’s gonna protect them from us!?” Her friends laughed loudly at Tamy’s question. It was true, nobody could ever defend these men from their mistresses’ lust!!

Finally, the girls decided to lie down on the sandy edge and let the sun dry their astounding bodies. They put the men on their bodies, and they let them explore at will. Their tiny steps on their silky skins tickled them, and their wondering around amused them greatly. This time, the men enjoyed themselves walking freely on their mistresses’ landscape bodies. They touched and fondled everything they wanted, specially their mammoth breasts and the huge proud nipples crowning them, they were as big as their heads.

“I think one of my pets wants to eat one of my nipples” Tamy said amused.

“Well, right now I’m squashing some of mine between my tits and they seem to love it” Nila said, as she playfully pressed a few of her pets between her gigantic freckled breasts.

The other girls placed a man by their nipples, and told them to nibble too. Their tiny mouths could never hurt the girls’ nipples, and the giantesses began to get a little bit horny while other men went over their long fleshy legs, and other ones were exploring their pubic hair jungles detailedly. The softness and firmness of their juvenile skins was, what the men liked and enjoyed the most. Their muscles were so mighty to them, their size was beyond their understanding and the girls’ bulk was just too intimidating for their tiny minds. But, at the same time, their curvaceous female shapes enthralled them deeply.

Roala decided to lie face down on the sand, and she gathered and placed her tiny pets on her back. The men headed inmediately towards her gigantic wonderful ass and they began to rub, kiss and lick its smooth tender skin frantically. Roala felt her tiny servants’ attentions and she turned her head to watch’em amusedly. Most of her men lied on her vast ass facedown and moved their tiny legs and arms in all directions, sensing her tanned skin’s soft warm touch with all their bodies. The gorgeous brunette began to shake her ample hips from side to side slowly, and she entertained herself seeing her men trying to hold on her butt’s surface and help falling down on the shore. However, some of them fell down, but she picked them up and set them back on her glorious vast ass. Some of Roala’s men wanted to explore her asscrack too, but only Markus dared to. He set himself between the two delightful and huge flesh spheres and crawled through Roala’s cleft slowly. It was hard, but Markus got himself deeply into her dark warm, and wet chasm. Enveloped in this warm darkness between his mistress’ rounded buns, Markus enjoyed intensely. He felt himself helpless, mercylessly trapped and completely subdued. And all this made him shiver with excitement. He knew that the colossal brunette could crush him with her monumental cheeks easily, and the fear he felt before this situation, as well as the might imposed by her titanic ass, excited him strangely. Despite this fear, his excitement and desire were bigger, so he decided to keep crawling on, until finding the dark hot orifice that had devoured him wholly last night.

When he reached Roala’s delicate sphincter, its characteristic scent excited and intoxicated him at the same time. He was drunk with lust and desire, and the little male delighted himself fondling and licking its tender but furrowed surface for a long time. As he was busy worshipping Roala’s damp anus vehemently, he got very excited, feeling himself so tiny and defenseless next to his mistress’ tender but mighty sphincter. It was able to swallow him completely and toy with his overmatched body at will.

Roala felt Markus amatory efforts tickling her tight butthole, and chuckling she began to squeeze him contracting her inmense cheeks playfully.

“Why are you giggling Roala?” Uami asked her, intrigued by her joyful laughter.

“Because one of my little men is in my booty” Roala answered, “and he feels sooo good!”.

The other giantesses laughed loudly, amused by Roala’s answer, and proceeded to lie facedown too and thrust a man between their mammoth buns, to feel the same as Roala.

Although Markus was squeezed and shaken by the meat walls at his sides, he kept his worshipping devotedly. He kissed and licked the entrance of Roala’s dark anus until it was completely soaked with his saliva. Using his tiny tongue, he went over every of its furrows and wrinkles many times. He pushed his little face to her anus’ viscous center, and then he introduced his minuscle tongue into her damp sphincter as far as he could countless times. At the same time, he caressed softly everything surrounding him, moving his hands in tight circles on Roala’s butthole. The gorgeous giantess showed him her gratitude by contracting her anus rhythmically on him, and sometimes trapping playfully his tiny head with her powerful rim.

For a long time all the giant teenagers enjoyed a tiny helpless creature caught between their huge muscular buns, feeling horny and amused at the same time. But suddenly, Ayla called the girls, and they, a little bit disappointed got up and placed their pets back in the cages.

Roala drew Markus from her asscrack and moved him to her smiling face.

“I knew it was you...” the beautiful brunette said, “I think you’re one of those toys who enjoy being caught inside an ass, right?”. Markus nodded vehemently in agreement and smiling back at her gigantic mistress. Even though he was tired by his worshipping, and his face was soaked in his own saliva and Roala’s fluids, the tiny pet was extremely happy and satisfied, because he’d been between her seductive cheeks, pleasing his young enormous mistress for a long time.

Roala laughed sincerely when she saw his effusive answer. Markus was tightly engulfed in her fist, and only his little head stayed outside her powerful grip. Roala looked at her tiny prey directly at his eyes, he looked so insignificant and helpless trapped inside her fist, and continued talking.

“Well, you can be sure that from now on I’ll keep you deep inside my warm booty plenty of times and every day, pet. And perhaps, I’ll even use you to wipe myself after doing my business, wouldn’t you like that slave?” she winked an eye at him, and after giving him a wet big kiss, she put him back in her cage.

The teen giantesses walked towards the camp, where Ayla had already prepard breakfast. All of them ate with gluttony and after finishing breakfast, they sat around Ayla to continue with their instruction.

The first thing they did was apply the make-up on their juvenile faces again. And after this, Ayla began with her instructions once more.

“There are many other ways we can use and get pleasure from our men. Sometimes it’s fun to get together with another girl and enjoy with her and some tiny pets.” Ayla said to the interested girls.

“You can play lots of different games with your pets and use them in so many different fashions too, that depends on your imagination and creativity. Now, get together with your best friend and take a couple of men out.”

The girls got in couples this time. The pretty redhead Nila with the voluptuous Tonya; the curvaceous brunette Roala with the exotic Uami, and Ayla decided to help personally the ardent blond twins Samy and Tamy.

“You got to chose who will be the first one to please and the first one to be pleased” Ayla said, “the one to please first, in other words the active one, has to take both men and use them to fondle her partner, after the passive girl had reached an orgasm, the roles will be interchanged."

Following Ayla’s instructions, one girl of each couple lied face up while the other, with both men in her hands, began to fondle and pet her friend’s body thoroughly. The teens giggled and screamed contentedly while giving and receiving caresses. The tiny beings tickled their skins and excited them at the same time. Nila was rubbing Tonya’s big heavy tits softly, while Uami went over Roala’s legs and belly. And at the same time, Ayla entertained herself fondling both twins, and focusing mainly on the inner part of their exquisite meaty thighs. After some minutes, Ayla told them to concentrate on the caves and so the girls did, and in short time, all the girls’ pussies were wet and aroused, ready to devour alive the first little slave they could get.

Next, the girls being fondled lied face down, and their partners delighted themselves massaging and rubbing the little pets on their supreme butts. All the active giantesses scoured the men on the vast meat spheres, moving them in circles on tons of delicious female flesh. The males were crushed lightly against the powerful buttcheeks for long minutes as the giantesses were getting more and more aroused.

As Ayla did, all the girls forced the men on their friends’ asscracks and had lots of fun watching them, helplessly trapped between two enormous majestic balls of femenine muscle and fat.

“It’s so funny” Nila said, “when I leave them between Tonya’s buns, they can’t even move.”

“Maybe they’re very happy where they are” Uami answered, “the two pets in Roala’s ass truly seem to be having a great time.” All the girls laughed at her comments and beheld their defenseless slaves caught in their friends’ asscleaves.

Roala and Tonya began to squeeze their men contracting their mighty cheeks and both Nila and Uami laughed even more seeing them being buried alive by layers and layers of marvelous female flesh. The insignificant males were squeezed and mistreated time after time by their mishievous mistresses only to amuse themselves. However, they weren’t suffering that much. It was great to be completely surrounded by the girls’ firm asscheeks countless times. Each time the giant teens contracted their rears, the little pets were left in the dark and under tons of exquisite female flesh.

After some time, Ayla told the girls to stimulate their friends’ rear caves too. And this time all the active girls began to softly brush their partners’ anus using the men’s heads.

“Start little by little, and don’t forget to use the lubricant paste. Remember that their little bodies are too flimsy, so you have to thrust them inside bit by bit and kindly. Move them in circles first to ease their entrance.”

Ayla was having a great time too, as she used a couple of men to arouse and distend the giant blond twins’ pink buttholes effortlessly. She shoved their little heads deeper and deeper into the twins’ rectums, who were moaning with delight, as their pets were slowly devoured by their musky orifices. When the older giantess got the men inside Samy and Tamy up to their waists, she told the girls what was to be done at that moment.

“Once you got a man up to his waist inside your friend’s booty, use the other one to please her frontal cave. The girls lying down should rise their hips a little to ease the men’s sinsertion. You can play him around in the entrance of the cave, or you can also thrust him in and out slowly. After some minutes, you can move them faster, but at first be very careful with them.” Ayla adviced the young giantesses.

The active giantesses were thrilled, as they saw the tiny slaves fight. They tried hopelessly to avoid being devoured by the huge distended sphincters and their screams and protests were so funny. The pets kicked and punched their fingers and hands, but they couldn’t help being swallowed up to their waists by the giantesses’ aroused dark holes. None of them wanted to be inserted into the girls’ sphincters, they weren’t like Markus, who longed to be forced again into Roala’s tight spicy orifice, and he watched with envy how the other man was thrusted inside her  warm rectum.

Once the active girls had inserted the pets into their friends’ anus up to their waists, they focused on their vaginas. The men were held by their legs and played around in all directions inside the fleshy pink tunnels, and the active giantesses increased the pace as soon as they noticed that the pets were soaked in their friends’ juices. All the lying girls were moaning loudly, while their partners stimulated them this way. The pitiful men were rubbed against their swollen clits and then they were thrusted in and out, or moved around in circles. After some minutes, the men hanged from the active girls’ fingers inertly and exhausted. They looked like mistreated rag dolls, soaked in pussy juices, but they didn’t spend much time outside the girls’ bodies. They were swiftly thrusted back inside the excited vaginas again, pleasing their huge mistresses for a long time.

“Now, shove both men completely into their caves” Ayla said, “and after doing this, it’s time to change places. The lying girls pick another couple of pets and the active girls should lie down and enjoy.”

And so, the former active girls lied down and enjoyed intensely their tiny pets, handled by their partners, who lodged a couple of men deeply inside their gigantic sexy bodies, one in each cave.

This time the twins Samy and Tamy had to fondle Ayla, and she had a great time as the blond giantesses massaged and rubbed her astounding colossal body for long time.

All the giantesses, including Ayla, reached orgasms and they kept their pets inside their rectums and pussies, pleasing them even more time.

“The fun isn’t over yet” Ayla said, she was sweaty and content after many orgasms, “you can make your pets keep on moving inside your bodies, prolonguing your pleasure considerably. What you have to do is squeeze the muscles of your caves, forcing them to move and defend themselves. Generally, after being inside for some time all men are too tired or scared, and they stop moving around in short time. However, with some motivation they will be active again causing us great pleasure. It’s very pleasant to spend a night with a couple of men profoundly inserted in each cave, moving and fighting delightfuly.”

The giant teens followed Ayla’s advice. They sat down on the camp’s ground and began to contract and squeeze their muscles, squashing their pets and making them react and move. The giant girls squeezed their thighs and buttcheeks powerfully and marvelled themselves as they felt their tiny slaves moving around again. They began to fight and defense themselves against the mighty living walls squeezing and tormenting them.

“Hold your legs together and tighten intensely” Ayla said, “this way you’ll make your pet lodged in the frontal cave move. And then, squeeze your asscheeks together to make the one in the rear cave fight back too.”

“It’s true” Uami said delighted, “I thought my pets were sleeping but now I can feel them writhe and squirm inside me.”

“This is the greatests” Tonya said, “I can feel them struggling inside me every time I squeeze. Besides pleasant this is fun too.”

The giantesses enjoyed intensely while the miserable men suffered and fought. They felt their overmatched bodies being crushed mercylessly over and over, the air inside their lungs was expelled violently every time the girls contracted their muscles, and all their bodies were wrapped and mistreated by their fleshy canals for an eternity. They screamed in agony, they were almost drowned in their viscous body juices too, and they begged for help and mercy desperately. But they only heard the moans of pleasure and the giggling of their gigantic owners echoing through all their bodies.

All the teen giantesses enjoyed tormenting their pets for a long long time. But, luckily for their minuscle slaves, Ayla indicated them that it was enough, as they shouldn’t abuse their pets the first time they’re used.

“You must not used them too much the first times. Once they get more used to their new roles in life, you’ll be able to enjoy them inside yourselves for many hours, but now it’s enough.”

The giant girls were disappointed, but they stopped squeezing their pets and began to take them out their rectums and vaginas. But to make it more interesting, Ayla said that the girls should help each other to fish their men out.

It took a little while as their pets were quite deeply inside their glorious bodies, but they finally were able to pull them out. The mistreated men hanged pitifuly upside down from the girls’ tree sized fingers. All of them were bruised, exhausted, soaked but still breathing.

“Sometimes it’s better to tie them with a thin thread, leaving it oustide your caves, then you can use it to pull them out easily” Ayla said, “tie their ankles together and when you’re done with them, pull them softly outside your caves. When they get stuck too deep, it can be real hard to draw them without hurting their delicate bodies, specially from the rear cave.”

The giant girls took good notice of Ayla’s advices while they placed their abused pets back in the cages. Now, the teen giantesses were ready to go back to their village.

Inside the cages, the men were shocked again as they saw their mistreated partners. They marvelled themselves to see them alive and not too injured.

“It was awful” one of Markus’ partners said, “I almost died drowned in her fluids, and she squeezed me so tight that all my bones were almost grinded. I begged for mercy, but she only laughed and moaned... it was so humilliating.”

“Her ass was even worse” said the man who was inserted into Roala’s rear cave, “first they let me half in, and then I was completely shoved inside, she almost crushed me to death. I could feel how she played with me using her bowels. It was so hot and humid inside... and suffocating. She enveloped me wholly with her rectum, and I had to struggle and fight every time her intestine hugged me. It’s the most degradating experience I’ve ever had, being inside her ass... even worse than being inside her cunt.”

“I think that the worst thing is that we’ll only be toys for them for the rest of our miserable lifes” said the first one who talked, “they’re gonna use us in all the degradating way they could imagine as long as we stay alive, and only to amuse themselves... and we’ll never have a chance against them, they’re just too huge and mighty for us.”

“Well, I think that it won’t be too bad” Markus said to his worried partners, “after all, you’ve survived the experience and your bodies will heal... eventually, and the most important thing is that our mistress is very beautiful, the most beautiful of all the giantesses. I wouldn’t mind if she subdues me and plays with my body for the rest of my life. I would do anything to please her” he concluded, and all his partners looked at him as if he’d gone insane.

The monumental girls fed their men with fruits they dropped into the cages again, and while the pets were eating they picked up their stuff and got ready to return to their village..

As part of the initiation ritual, the giant teens had to enter their village wearing their enslaved pets as ornaments. And so, each giantess put her men on different spots of their gigantic voluptuous bodies.

They placed one man on each of their huge erect nipples, glueing him with some resin. Then, they made a chain with some men tying their feet and hands together and they placed this living chain between their legs, tight on their succulent pussies and huge butts. Then they tied this chain to a special waistband Ayla had given them.

Roala made sure to have Markus comfortably and deeply buried between her gigantic rounded hills and very close to her delicate sphincter, as he’d lik to she thought, and she was right!!

Meanwhile, Nila put Ulrik between her pussy lips and got him firmly attached to her soft hairy cunt.

Next, the girls placed one man on each of their asscheeks, glueing them on their inmense flesh spheres with some resin too.

Finally, they put the rest of their pets in some special ritual necklaces. These poor men were folded in two and then tied to the necklaces. The giantesses tied their ankles with their wrists together using a single thread very carefully, and after this, they tied the men to the necklaces, leaving them hang freely. The girls giggled amusedly seeing how their tiny pets hanged on their necks, completely helpless with their feet and hands tied tightly together. These unfortunate men swayed rhtymically from side to side as the girls walked through the forest and towards their village. They looked like tiny fruits hanging from huge moving trees.

Markus was completely immobilized. His feet and hands firmly tied and secured , but he was happy as he felt the enormous hug of Roala’s inmense buns on him. Her warm wet sphincter was kissing him thoroughly and he found himself surrounded by its strong characteristic scent. He shivered and delighted himself, remembering how he was inserted in there, and he wished to be put inside her hot tight rectum pleasing her once more. He sensed the huge movement of her buttcheeks going up and down rhythmically around his outclassed body, and he rejoiced himself feeling so insignificant and helpless compared to her astounding gigantic butt again.

At the same time, Roala walked along with the other giantesses, wearing their pets on their mesmerizing bodies as living ornaments. She was happy and smiling contentedly, as well as her friends, she already was considered an adult with all the corresponding rights.

She also was smiling because she felt Markus deeply placed between her asscheeks, and she was thinking in all the enjoyment and delight she’d have once in her house. Ayla had said to them that men who liked to be inside the rear cave were extremely uncommon, and she thought that she was very lucky to own one of them, deeply lodged in her asscrack at that very moment. She knew she would intensely enjoy having this pet profoundly inside her rectum, and she’d make sure to have him in there all possible time, and she was sure too, that her moisty fragrant anus would devour him countless times everyday of her tiny pet’s life. But she’d make sure to take good care of him too, and to feed him adequately so she could keep him alive and healthy for many years.

And Markus would become her favorite pet. He’d spend the rest of his life in tight contact with her damp musky sphincter, because she only would take him outside her astounding ass to feed him and wash him. From that day on, Markus was introduced inside Roala’s rectum everyday, and he spent the nights worshipping her dark orifice thoroughly, licking and kissing its soft moisted surface devotedly. Sometimes, if she was in a mischievous mood, she used him to wipe her anus, or her pubic hair after peeing. But Markus was eager to please his mistress the rest of his life and lived happily the rest of his days.

Ulrik served his giant mistress eagerly too. Although he was not a buttman as his younger brother, Nila got used to place him between her freckled cute buttcheeks countless times. And he got used to please her, squirming and writhing inside her tight hot sphincter or inside her hungry wet pussy continously too. His cute red-haired goddess became fond of him in short time, and she kept him by her (in)side for many years.


When the young giantesses entered their village, they were greeted by their friends and relatives cheerfully. They already considered grown ups in their society and since that day, they had the right to own men and play with them as they wished.

Their younger sisters, nieces and cousins asked them what they had done with their men, but the girls only giggled and told them to wait for their own initiation ritual...












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