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lunes, 22 de abril de 2013



By Ramvo

I had only “dated” Melissa for a couple of weeks but my poor ass felt so sore, that I had no choice but to pay a visit to the clinic inside the campus.
After filling a form and handing it to the receptionist, I sat anxiously for several minutes waiting for a doctor when a huge, black haired nurse appeared in front of me.
She was as beautiful as she was tall and, although she was wearing a standard nurse uniform, even the hat, there was nothing standard about it! It looked so tight fitting that it seemed that it was painted on her curvy amazonian body, her big turgent boobs were protruding almost out of it, and it ended so high that it showed almost all of her long, glorious, mammoth thighs. Her waist was so narrow and her hips so wide and appealing that I thought that I was having a wet dream. Her legs looked so powerful, meaty and muscled, and yet so feminine and sexy, that I shuddered nervously as she got closer to me, walking seductively on her high white pumps.
“Doctor Green?” she asked looking down at me bewildered face.
“Yeah… yess” I stammered looking at the two huge flesh pillars in front of me.
“I’m nurse Kathy” the towering amazon said “please follow me to the examining room”.
She dwarfed me completely as I stood up in front of her, almost hitting my head with her massive boobs. As I looked up at her smiling face and her beautiful hazel eyes I realized in awe, that with her white pumps she had to be almost two feet taller than me!
“Just follow my tail” she said looking back and winking an eye at me playfully.
The towering nurse turned around and I followed her mesmerized by her beauty and size.
I followed this hot towering nurse to the examining room completely enthralled by her big swaying asscheeks just inches ahead of me. They looked so rounded, muscular and inviting that I was drooling like a dog. Their size was incredible as they seemed as big as two basketballs!
We arrived to the examining room and she told me to take off my clothes and while I was doing this she began filling my register. When I was completely naked she asked me to sit on the examining table. I blushed in shame totally exposed in front of this amazonian beauty. I covered my crotch as my cock had stayed erect despite my embarrassment!
“So doctor Green…what seems to be the problem?” she asked staring directly at my eyes.
“Well… you see I…” I mumbled as I started to panic. I didn’t know what to say! How could I admit in front of her that since I’ve met Melissa, my towering dominant princkazon “girlfriend”, I’ve become nothing but a toy for her to use and abuse as she pleased?
How could I say to her that I’ve become quite familiar to her hung enormous shecock and that she used to gag me and impale me with it on a daily basis?
How could I acknowledge that I was Melisass’ willing slave and that she treated me like if I was nothing but her massive shecock worshipper and cum receptacle… and I loved it!!
I blushed even more pondering my possible answers.
“Yes..?” she said politely waiting for my answer.
“Well… I’ve been dating this girl…” I continued whispering my words completely ashamed of myself.
“She… belongs to this sorority…” I said as she kept looking directly at me making me feel so uncomfortable.
“The PI Alfa sorority?” she asked smiling broadly at me with a knowing face.
“Yess!” I said.
“I see” she said nonchalantly “Don’t you worry little man. I used to belong to that sorority a couple of years ago…” she added.
Oh shit!! I thought, as many alarms rang inside my mind.
“And what’s the name of your mistress… I mean girlfriend?” she asked mischievously.
“Melissa” I said and I noticed a spark in her beautiful eyes.
“No more words needed” she continued “now lay face down on the table while I check your mistreated behind”
I complied obediently, waiting for her inspection to begin.
“Oh Jesus!” she said examining my butt.
“How bad is it?” I asked her, worried by her reaction.
“Well… I know Melissa likes it raw, but you have to start carrying some lube in your pockets for your own good little man” she said teasing me.
“I’m going to put some ointment in it to soothe the pain” she continued.
I took mental notes as she began to apply a cream to mitigate the pain in my sore anus.
“She’s quite a big girl isn’t she?” she asked teasing me while inserting one of her fingers into my rectum.
“Well, yeah… quite big” I answered her, quivering in pain and pleasure as her finger probed inside me.
“I’ve heard she’s about 10 or 12 inches long and very thick” the nurse added.
“Yeah, something like that” I said moaning.
“For how long have you been her slave… I mean boyfriend?” she asked still massaging my rectum with her finger.
“Ummh… just a couple of weeks” I groaned noticing her remark and embarrassed that my own cock was now fully erect thanks to her ministrations.
“I bet you’ve learned to love her shecock” nurse Kathy said whispering as she was getting excited too.
“I’m sure she makes you worship her hung meat stick every day” she added while rubbing her own amazon shecock with her free hand.
“Yeah… I kiss it for her and…” I said, getting more and more excited.
“And you suck it too?” she asked.
“And you swallow..?”
“Yesss… I swallow it all!” I admitted, remembering the salty taste of her hot viscous shecum inside my mouth.
“Good boy… a shecock slave like you needs his dose of princk protein every day” she sighed as she began to move her finger in and out of my anus “What else does she like?” she asked playfully.
“She likes it when I lick her balls… when I suck them for her, and she likes to put them inside my mouth…” I said panting.
“That’s nice… tea-bagging is so nice…” the nurse said moving her finger faster, “And I bet she loves to force her shecock past your throat too, right?”
“Yeahh… she likes that too” I groaned again.
“You’ve learned to accommodate her huge sausage inside your throat haven’t you?” she asked me excitedly.
“Yess… I’m able to throat her cock… now” I moaned.
“I bet she makes you practice every day” she said knowingly.
“Yes… at least twice every day” I said feeling my sore throat too.
“Good boy, good boy. What else does she like?” the nurse asked joyfully.
“She likes to take photos with her cellphone…” I answered her, sighing in sheer pleasure as her long finger touched my prostate.
“Photos? Really? Photos of what?” she asked surprised by my answer.
“She likes to take pictures of me when I’m sucking her” I said moaning “She makes me look up at her when I’m throating her cock and then…”
“And then…?” she said impatiently.
“She takes pictures of me when my nose is pressed against her tummy” I moaned.
“That’s so nice!” she said merrily “What else?”
“She likes to take pictures of my open mouth filled with her cum and… when my face gets covered by her cum too!”
“So… she likes to give you facials?” she asked giggling.
“Yeah… she likes that” I said panting.
“I bet you look so cute when your face is glazed like a donut…” she whispered into my ear as she kept stimulating my prostate and fucking me with her finger for several seconds listening to my moans and sighs. “And I’m sure she loves to fuck your ass even more…” she added biting my ear sensually and rubbing her own, huge erect shecock faster and faster.
“Yeah… she fucks me every day… several times” I said in sheer ecstasy.
“I can see… your poor tiny butthole has been mistreated by her huge amazonian shecock pretty bad” she continued saying while fingering me and massaging her swollen excited hung member too.
Remembering all I had been through since I met Melissa and feeling Kathy’s big finger inside my rectum made me cum inevitably on the surface of the examining table.
I sighed in ecstasy as the nurse keep moving her finger around my ass for a couple of more minutes.
Then, without saying a word, she moved in front of me and shoved her own hung erect shecock inside my open mouth. Her thick rounded tip filled my mouth as I sucked it eagerly. She was as hung as Melissa: about 10-12 inches long and more than 5 inches thick!! She was already very excited so I only sucked her for a couple of minutes when she exploded inside my mouth shooting her hot cum past my throat.
She moaned enjoying her orgasm but she left her big thick shecock inside my mouth for several seconds as I kept sucking it willingly. She told me to swallow all her shecum and I complied submissively.
“I knew you were a shecock slave boy” she said in a very dominant tone looking down at me with hungry eyes “I know your hands are quite full with Melissa but I think we still can have some fun together right now” she added smiling down at my shecock stuffed face.
“Don’t worry slave I’ll go easy on your sore butt” she said, smiling naughtily noticing my concerned expression.
Then, after removing her still erect hung member from my mouth, nurse Kathy lifted me easily from the examining table by my armpits.
She kissed me forcefully on the lips some seconds and then turning around, she lifted her tight uniform a little, exposing completely her own huge erected member. And then, she sat herself comfortable on the table and began setting me on top of her crotch. I trembled in fear and excitement as I felt like a tiny toy between her big amazonian arms.
Handling my smaller body effortlessly she placed my shaky legs around her waist and began impaling me with her long thick meat stick.
She put her big hands around my waist, encircling it almost completely, as inch after inch of her meaty love stick penetrated my butthole inexorably and expanding my rectum painfully. Kathy kept eye contact with me the whole process of my impalement as she maneuvered my outmatched body down easily.
She observed me intensely as I moaned and sighed while her hung shecock speared me mercilessly.
I saw only lust and desire in her beautiful eyes and smiling face as my butt finally rested against her big shaved balls. She remained still a few moments just watching me quiver on her big meaty shecock.
She ordered me to cross my legs at my ankles and my arms around her long beautiful neck, and then, placing her amazonian hands under my buttcheeks she began fucking me.
Moving my smaller frame up and down easily and slowly, and enjoying how tight my bowels enveloped her raging hung member Kathy took her time fucking me.
She grabbed my ass tightly making me whine in pain as she moved my ass on her thick member up and down relentlessly. She handled me so easily that I felt like a helpless puppet in her hands.
Moaning in sheer pleasure, this big towering nurse fucked me in earnest for long minutes. Despite the pain and humiliation my penis was hard again bouncing up and down plastered against her firm flat belly.
The ointment she had put in my ass helped though, as the pain caused by the friction subsided little by little, and the sense of sheer pleasure was rising within my overwhelmed body.
Completely powerless in her hands, my mind struggled trying to understand the pain and pleasure I was feeling at the same time. This young amazon nurse was violating my abused ass and, even though I was the man, her much longer and thicker member was outstretching my anus to its limits!
After moving me up and down on her hung shecock for several minutes, Kathy began panting and sighing excitedly. Kissing me again on my lips the giant princk goddess began shooting her hot cum inside my loins. She bit my upper lip painfully as her viscous thick semen filled my bowels and some began to fall from my expanded anus.
She screamed and sighed in sheer ecstasy as shot after shot of her hot shecum filled me to the rim.
Freeing my butt, she let my asscheeks rest on her big balls impaling me completely again. She enjoyed the last moments of her orgasm closing her eyes in ecstasy as my arms left her neck and she put her elbows behind her, resting her big body on the examining table.
She looked at me with dreamy eyes with a big smile painted on her beautiful face while I quivered in pain and pleasure still stuffed by her hung member for several seconds. She looked so dominant and sexy staring directly at me and resting comfortably on her elbows, while my ass sat on her swollen balls. She made her powerful shecock twitch a little inside my bowels and I yelped surprisedly.
She giggled amusedly at my reaction and kept twitching and jolting her hung mighty member while I yelped and moaned in ecstasy.
After some minutes of this, I inexorably cummed, splashing my semen on her uniform and causing her to laugh loudly. I couldn’t believe that this amazonian hung shecock goddess had made cum just by twitching her thick long member inside me!! I felt so powerless and humiliated that I blushed in shame again.
Her black hair was messed a little and nonchalantly she proceeded to fix it with me still sitting on her hung thick shecock.
“Melissa is a lucky girl” she said to me smiling mischievously.
“But you can visit me here at the clinic any time you want… slut” she added winking an eye at me.
After fixing her hair and hat, Kathy lifted herself and me from the examining table, and she proceeded to remove her semi erect hung member from my insides.
Still carrying me on her strong Amazonian arms she kissed me passionately again for a few seconds, and then she placed me on the table again.
I was lying on the table, sweating and resting trying to recover from her assault and my own orgasm when she turned around and set her big rounded gargantuan butt on my face.
She sat on my face nonchalantly, completely engulfing me between her perfectly rounded massive amazonian asscheeks for about ten minutes while she cleaned my cum from her uniform. I struggled under her trying to breathe, but she kept me in place easily just by using her weight on my outmatched being.
“You’re a comfy seat too” she said giggling and shaking her hips getting my sweaty face even deeper inside her buttcrack, until my nose was pressed tight against her tender, fragrant anus.
“I’ll ride this cute nose of yours another day…” she sighed enjoying my nose in her butthole and her domination over my overwhelmed body for a few seconds and then, mercifully she lifted her big, mammoth asscheeks, freeing my face from its fleshy prison as I was able to breathe normally again.
As I walked outside the clinic, still feeling nurse Kathy’s hot cum boiling inside my intestines and with the scent of her butthole on my nose, I read the label of the ointment she had just handled me (and used on my abused anus!!) “Use as needed for pain”.
“Oh crap!” I thought, “I’m gonna need a refill very soon!”


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