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jueves, 18 de abril de 2013


By Ramvo

I arrived to Melissa’s sorority house for our date, holding some flowers in my hand. I pushed the ring bell and waited nervously.
After some seconds, the huge door was opened by a blonde towering amazon. Her beautiful face looked stern but when she looked down at me she smiled broadly.
“Hi! I’m Inga!” she said to me joyfully “and you must be Melissa’s boyfriend”.
I could only mutter some words as she completely engulfed my hand in hers. She was wearing a tight yellow blouse and a very short black miniskirt that showed almost all of her long luscious milky thighs.
“I’m a foreign student, I come from Sweden” she added as she took the flowers from my other hand and smelled them.
“Come on in” she said turning around “Melissa will be ready in a few minutes”.
I walked behind Inga, following her inside the huge mansion, mesmerized by the swaying of her wide hips and the rhythmical movement of her massive but muscular asscheeks. Her miniskirt looked like it was gonna be torn by her perfectly rounded amazonian globes in any moment!!
She instructed me to sit on the living room while Melissa got ready for our date.
She put the flowers on vessel that was on a little table in front of me, bending over for a few seconds. I looked in awe at her vast inviting rounded butt just inches from my face. At that moment, all I wanted to do was to bury my face between those remarkable ass cheeks!
She turned her face and looked at me smiling. I blushed immediately as she giggled amused by my reaction. She moved her wide hips from side to side teasing my with her big flesh spheres.
After teasing me for some seconds she stood up turned around. She approached me and looked down at me grinning. She looked huge from my point of view. She put her hands on her hips as she stared down at me in a very sexy and dominant pose. Her broad smile made me uncomfortable as I felt like a tiny mouse about to be eaten by a huge grinning cat.
Then, big Inga sat next to me on the couch. She turned her huge frame to me smiling mischievously. I felt so minuscule next to her and I just couldn’t stop staring at her big tits as they were inches from my astounded face. She giggled amusedly looking down at my bewildered expression, her big full breasts moving up and down as I kept looking at them for another moment. Then she made me look up at her beautiful blue eyes and nordic features lifting my face with one of her big hands.
“You know…” she said to me seductively “all the girls who belong to this sorority share their stuff… and their boyfriends” she added looking down at me for a few seconds eagerly. I gulped down knowing that she was right.
The living room of the sorority house was huge but she sat so close to me that I felt a little dizzy: This gorgeous amazon was like a dream come true to me: she was tall, very tall (more than a foot taller than me!); she was well built but curvy (as she practiced basketball and volleyball in her native country); her waist was narrow but her hips were wide, feminine and seductive; her legs were muscular but not overdone; she had big turgent boobs and a big, luscious, perfectly rounded and muscled ass to die for.
As I stared at her gorgeous features for a few seconds not able to say a word she continued talking: “I noticed how you checked my ass … and now my boobs” she giggled “but there’s something special I wanna show you” she said pulling out her big erect shecock from her tight black miniskirt moving aside the tiny pink thong she was wearing.
I stared in awe at her thick long joystick for a few seconds as it sprang free from its tight pink prison. It had to be 10 or 12 inches long and so thick that I shuddered in fear. She giggled a little as she noticed my worried expression, and began rubbing her big tool with her hand looking down at me intensely. I couldn’t mutter a word as she played with herself for a few seconds.
Then she leaned closer to me and as she grabbed the back of my head she kissed me passionately on my lips several seconds. She took one of my small hands with one of her amazonian ones and put it around her mighty shecock. I couldn’t believe that my tiny hand wasn’t able to close around her thick veiny member!!!
Her meaty shecock felt so hot and hard as steel in my hand as she kept kissing me, violating my mouth with her tongue. She began moving my hand up and down around her swollen member making me give her a handjob as she kept her dominant kiss on my lips.
After some minutes, she finally stopped ravaging my mouth and freeing one of her big tits from her stretched bra she moved my head close to her chest and put the fat nipple in my mouth and told me to suck it.
As I sucked her swollen nipple like a hungry baby she kept moving my hand on her mighty shecock rubbing it’s soft veiny surface over and over.
“Yeah baby” she sighed “suck my tit… it won’t be the only thing you’ll be sucking today!!” she added grinning down at me.
I felt so scared and excited at the same time, as I knew what was in store for me. This huge beautiful amazonian girl looked so young and innocent, but she had just forced me to give her pleasure by stroking her mighty shecock with my outsized hand!
After some minutes, she moved my head from her tit and pushing me down harshly, she inserted the tip of her hung member inside my mouth. I couldn’t breathe as she pinched my nose painfully and the big swollen head of her cock filled my mouth completely. She ordered me to suck and I tried my best, but it wasn’t easy at all as the tip of her huge member was as big as a tennis ball!
Mercifully, she let go of my nose and I was able to breathe again. She grabbed my hair and began pumping her thick member just a few inches in and out of my mouth. But it was so thick that it wouldn’t pass my throat easily. Every time I gagged on her shecock she would pull it out my mouth and slapped me roughly with it on my face. I had teary eyes and begged her to stop but she only giggled cruelly and kept raping my mouth.
“Shut up slut! I know you love shecock…” she hissed forcing me down on her long meaty tool again “all the guys who come to this house do. All of you like to be taken against your will by a younger and stronger amazon girl with a big hard dick between her legs” she added excitedly as her long thick member ravaged my throat painfully.
“And we all love to take your tight virgin holes one by one” she continued, pumping her cock roughly into my unwilling mouth. “We love to outstretch your jaws, to ravage your mouths and throats, to slap your crying faces with our mighty hung shecocks and to impale you like the slutty pigs you are!!” she added panting.
“We love to make you kiss and worship our amazonian butts and cocks, and to force our big balls into your unwilling mouths!!” she continued getting more and more excited.
“We love to humiliate you and dominate you with our big shecocks” she muttered as her huge love-muscle expanded my throat relentlessly. My jaws were so stretched out that I felt that I’d never be able to close my mouth again!
“And we love to pour our cum inside you... filling your bellies and bowels to the rim!!!” she said screaming in ecstasy as her hot thick semen erupted into my mistreated throat.
“You’re just cum vessels for us to fill…” she whispered, sighing and moaning in sheer pleasure.
She held my head down on her hung meat stick as her orgasm ended a few minutes later. I tried to swallow all of her cum but it was a lot, and most of it fell on the living room’s carpet.
After relishing her orgasm for a few moments, she pulled my head up and looking at me intensely the teen blonde giantess inspected my abused mouth. Her cum was dropping from my outstretched lips as she put a finger inside my mouth and moved it around playing with her cum and giggling softly. After some seconds, Inga ordered me to swallow and I obeyed her gulping down her thick semen subserviently. Then she ordered me to open my mouth again making sure that I had taken all of her shecum inside my being.
Excited by my submission, Inga kissed me again dominantly smashing my sore lips with her fleshy sexy ones. Some seconds later she moved my head back to her still erect shecock and held me down on her crotch again.
She took off her bra and grabbing my arms she began tying my wrists together with it on my back. I couldn’t do anything to stop her… this young gorgeous amazon was far too strong and too big and horny for me to fight her.
“But you’re not a virgin anymore…” she added as she handled my outmatched body easily. “Melissa has told us how she has impaled you with her shecock every time you take her on a date”.
“She said that you are a natural born sub. And that nothing makes you hornier like being taken by a huge erect shecock!” she added as her hung shecock had remained erect and frightening.
“After two months of dating and going to the movies every week you haven’t watched any movie scene, have you?” she asked teasing me. And I knew she was right! Every time Melissa and I had gone to “watch” a movie together I ended up gagging on her hung cock the whole show, as she cummed and shot her thick salty seed into my sore throat 3 or 4 times per movie.
After tying my hands behind my back tightly, Inga lifted me from her still erect member and began removing my belt and pushing down my pants harshly.
I begged and cried but she only laughed at my pleas.
“Shut up slut!” she barked at me, roughly pulling my pants and underwear down to my ankles and tying them together with my belt. “It’s time for you to scream like the whore you are” she added excitedly.
I was so afraid of this horny teen giantess that I tried to escape from her with all my might but not only my hands were tied tightly on my back, I was just too weak for her as she maneuvered me so easily.
Giggling madly she lied my outmatched body on the couch and bent me painfully until my tied feet were inches over my sobbing face, leaving my ass naked and exposed for her assault. Then, she removed her tiny pink thong from her luscious hips and ass, and shoved it roughly inside my mouth using her free hand, muffling my cries for mercy.
“Don’t wanna hear your slutty cries for help…” she said cruelly.
Holding down both of my tied ankles with only one of her big amazonian hands, Inga began to open my butthole with the tip of her swollen shecock. Completely immobilized and sobbing in silence under her, I struggled in vain waiting for her attack.
With a single powerful shove, she inserted the whole head of her mighty cock opening my anus roughly. I screamed in agony but my voice was silenced by the silky thong inside my mouth
“Yessss…” she sighed in ecstasy “your ass is mine little whore” she said looking down at my terrified face “don’t try to resist… it only will be worse for you” she teased me cruelly.
Soon, she began inserting inch after inch of her big meat rod into my unwilling rectum with mighty pushes from her wide hips, impaling me mercilessly.
Finally, after a couple of minutes of thrusting, she buried herself completely into my rectum, lodging her hung shecock inside my outstretched bowels. I groaned in pain feeling her big balls resting on the surface of my ass as she relished her domination over me for a few seconds.
Bent backwards painfully I couldn’t do anything to stop her from raping me. I felt so helpless and humiliated that tears began to flow from my eyes.
Then the pounding began.
She fucked me violently as she drived her powerful thick shecock in and out of my butt like a piston, the friction making me whine in pain sorrowfully. Her big swollen balls slapped against my ass over and over as she fucked me in earnest.
“Look at me slut!!” she said excitedly “I want you to look at the young teen girl raping your ass!!”
I saw no mercy on her gorgeous eyes as she looked down at me lustily licking her lips, enjoying her complete domination over me.
During my whole ordeal she made eye contact with me as she kept making remarks of how I was been violated and dominated by a much younger girl.
The big sorority house was in complete silence except for the sound of her balls smacking against my ass, my groans of pain, her cruel remarks and sighs of sheer pleasure.
Despite the pain and the shame my own smaller cock stood erect. Fucked by her hung powerful shecock and crushed by her weight, I felt excited and embarrassed at the same time. My mind struggled to comprehend how this beautiful young girl could have such a huge thick cock between her luscious meaty thighs.
“I knew you’d love this” she said noticing my puny erection. “Melissa has trained you well. You’re addicted to shecock!!” she hissed grabbing my cock with her free hand and squeezing it tightly.
I moaned in pleasure when she started to jerk my dick, despite all the pain in my stretched anus and rectum.
“Cum for me slut!” Inga said to me pounding my ass brutally and jerking my dick faster at the same time.
After some seconds, I cummed in her hand, splashing my semen on my belly. Inga, giggling mischievously, recollected my own cum and smeared my face with it. “Now you look like the whore you are” she said meanly “with cum on your face and a cock in your ass…”
She kept fucking my sore ass with her hung shecock for several minutes more before exploding inside my bowels. Moaning in ecstasy, and crushing me down, Inga poured her hot thick cum inside my loins for almost two minutes filling my bowels to the rim. I felt so used and soiled as I had become just a pleasure toy of this oversized teen horny girl lying on top of my helpless body.
Relishing the last moments of her orgasm she squeezed and slapped my butt painfully several times.
Finally, she removed her long still semi erect shecock from my butt, as cum began to flow from my gaping anus.
Smiling and satisfied, she untied my wrists and ankles and pulled up my pants and underwear.
“Such a good cum-vessel!” she said to me smiling broadly, messing my hair a little with her big hand. She removed her wet pink thong from my mouth and put it on her curvy jiggling amazonian butt again. Turning around she set her big amazonian ass on me, sitting comfortably on my beaten body.
Finally, Melissa walked down the stairs as she was ready for our “date”. I was still lying down flat on the couch as Inga sat nonchalantly on top of me. Her big rounded muscular ass covered completely my chest and belly.
I was barely breathing crushed under her amazonian weight as she polished her nails whistling as if I wasn’t even there. She had her legs crossed and her smooth massive thighs and calves were only inches from my face, as I stared at them astounded by their beauty and size. Her legs looked so feminine, meaty and succulent that I couldn’t understand how was it possible that she had just raped me with the huge thick manly cock between them!!
I was trying to recover from her assault but having her huge body resting on me made it very difficult. Then, suddenly Melissa’s smiling face appeared above me.
“I see you two got acquainted” she said teasing me.
“Oh yeah…pretty well acquainted” Inga said looking down and smiling at me.
“But now he’s ready for your date” Inga added lifting her huge frame from my flattened body letting me breathe normally again.
Before I could stand up Melissa grabbed me by my hair and lifting Inga’s miniskirt made me kiss her luscious rounded asscheeks.
“Kiss Inga goodbye boy” she said giggling at my surprised expression. I had no choice but to comply so I started planting kisses on the soft smooth surface of her amazonian milky moon halves.
Subserviently, I spend several minutes with my lips pressed tight on the skin of Inga’s remarkably rounded bottom while she and Melissa giggled mischievously. After all the suffering I had been through, I enjoyed worshipping Inga’s amazonian curvy butt.
Finally, and to my chagrin, Inga opened entirely her buttcheeks with her hands and made me give her a black kiss. As Melissa moved the tiny wet pink thong aside, I smelled the acre odor of Inga’s butthole and submissively pressed my puckering lips on the tender surface of her pink anus. She sighed pleased with my humiliation and letting go her big rounded muscular cheeks, my face got completely engulfed by her massive ass. I kissed her fragrant sphincter for several seconds until Melissa pulled me free from my hot, succulent flesh prison.
Turning around Inga put the swollen tip of her shecock on my wet lips.
“See you around… vessel!!” she said as I kissed the tip of her hung shecock goodbye, and the two huge princkamazons laughed at me joyfully.
At last, Melissa and I left the sorority house heading to the movie theatre. Inga stood in the frame of the house’s door waving goodbye at us and winking an eye, signaling me to call her. I shuddered in fear feeling my aching ass and throat.
“We’re late for the movie” I said looking up to Melissa’s beautiful face, as my own face was at the level of her well endowed jiggling breasts. She embraced my shoulders dominantly with one of her long strong amazonian arms.
“We’ll see another movie” she answered looking down at me smiling. “It really doesn’t matter which one…” she added licking her lips lustily. I felt fear and excitement as I knew I was heading to another session of serious shecock worshipping!!!



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