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viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013


Part 1
By Ramvo

Hank didn’t know what had happened to him. He woke up completely nude inside a strange white colored chamber. Last afternoon he was fishing in a nearby lake (and having a few beers) and the last thing he could remember was a bright light shining on top of him from the sky.
As he tried to remember more, the roof of the chamber he was in, moved away and a huge grinning face appeared above him. The gigantic creature was clearly female, with long, light-purple hair, full sexy lips and beautiful almond-like eyes. Her skin was pale and smooth… she was the most beautiful being Hank had ever seen in his entire life!
Hank was staring at this heavenly creature mesmerized by her size and beauty when she moved her huge hand inside the chamber, grabbing Hank’s minuscule body. He was completely engulfed by her warm gigantic hand as she moved him close to her smiling face.
The beautiful alien spoke to him softly in a language he couldn’t understand. He noticed her white perfect teeth as he moved him even closer to her face. The giant alien licked his face with her big tongue soaking him completely with her warm saliva.
Then, giggling naughtily the giantess moved him below to her enormous hanging breasts. Hank was rubbed against the soft smooth surface of her tits and nipples as he felt he had just died and gone to heaven.
The giantess put his tiny face on one of her dark pink nipples. Although her nipple was as big as Hank’s entire head he tried to suck it eagerly. He opened his mouth as wide as he could, tasting the soft warm flesh of her colossal, succulent tit. The enormous creature sighed, pleased by Hank ministrations on her tit and after a few moments, she moved him to her other nipple, and he was happy to suck and nibble on that gigantic nipple as well.
Hank enjoyed himself sucking and nibbling all the tit flesh that he could for long minutes until the giantess alien moved his trapped body to her flat firm belly. She massaged Hank’s tiny body in circles on her tight smooth belly for some moments and then giggling mischievously she moved him down to her crotch.
The giantess seemed to be completely nude as to Hank’s horror he noticed that this gorgeous, enormous, female alien had a huge swollen cock and two huge hairless balls hanging below too!!
The giant alien placed Hank on her hung cock holding him tightly with her hand around it as she began to jerk it.
She sighed and moaned lustily as she used her big hand and Hank to pleasure herself. The princkgiantess used his helpless body on her shecock rubbing him energetically on the hot, smooth surface of her erect member over and over.
Meanwhile, Hank tried to fight her, but it was in vain as he could do nothing but close his eyes in shame while his whole body was used to please his gigantic mistress’ throbbing shecock.
His face, as well as his whole body, was rubbed and massaged violently on the soft surface of her massive cock, he felt so helpless and used that he began to sob in silence as the giantess alien kept pleasuring herself with him.
For long minutes Hank was rubbed on the giantess’ swollen cock as he had become nothing but her plaything and sextoy. Soon he was drenched in sweat as the heat caused by the friction was taking its toll. He felt dizzy too as the giantess alien moved his outmatched body faster and faster on her shecock. He felt so minuscule and humiliated as he realized that her cock was even bigger than his entire body!
Finally, after several minutes, that seemed hours to Hank, the giantess princkazon cummed. She held Hank squeezing him inside her enveloping hand on her shecock, as he felt how her hung member ejaculated shot after shot her seed powerfully.
The giantess held him strongly on her still erect member for a few minutes more, as she relished the last moments of her orgasm. Then, she placed Hank’s face on the tip of her shecock and rubbed him, smearing his face completely with the last drops of her thick cum.
She giggled naughtily as his face got covered with her thick viscous semen and he tried to breathe desperately. Then, she opened her hand and placing his battered body on her palm she used her other hand to hold her swollen shecock as she began to smack Hank playfully with her massive meat pole.
He was far too weak to resist her assault, as her heavy, hung member crushed him repeatedly while he heard her giggle at his predicament. She rested her long, thick shecock on him and he noticed that it was too heavy for him to lift!
She rubbed her huge love-stick on his puny naked body stroking him entirely as he realized that her shecock was erect and ready for action again.
But this time, the giant princkazon moved him to her backside. Hank marveled himself at the size and shape of her perfectly rounded gigantic bottom. Her massive, trembling buttcheeks looked so huge and inviting that, despite all the shame and humiliation he had been through, he had an erection.
But Hank realized in sheer terror that his gigantic mistress was going to shove him headfirst into her butthole!
The giantess alien spread her mighty buttcheeks with her free hand and began pushing Hank into her crack. The little man screamed in desperation and fought with all his force but to no avail as she simply began opening her puckering sphincter with his head. As most of his body was soaked in cum and sweat, Hank’s head slipped inside the giantess muscle ring easily. He tried to scream for help but his mouth got filled with the moist tender flesh of her anus inexorably.
The giantess didn’t stop at all, as inch after inch of Hank’s overwhelmed body was inserted mercilessly into her hot, enveloping rectum. While he was pushed deeper and deeper into her loins, the alien princkazon began jerking her gigantic shecock relishing the feeling of Hank’s body moving through her sphincter. His whole body was kissed, licked and rubbed by her anus and the embracing walls of her rectum as he was shoved deeper and deeper quite easily.
Finally, only Hank’s feet were outside her body as he had now entered a whole new world, devoured alive by the giantess’ tight sphincter. His body was crushed and massaged by her rectum walls as she enjoyed her tiny captive inside her butt in utter pleasure. The heat was suffocating but despite the pressure and humidity he was able to breathe. Darkness surrounded him as he felt like he had been swallowed by a gigantic hungry snake.
But the giantess wanted to enjoy her new toy even more, as she grabbed his ankles with her fingers and began pulling him out of her distended anus. She pulled his body out up to his shoulders and then she shoved him back violently as she began fucking her butt with her living plaything while rubbing her erect mighty shecock.
Hank felt as a mistreated doll as his gigantic tormentor kept moving him in and out roughly of her now relaxed anus. The alien giantess showed no mercy as she used him only for her pleasure.
For long minutes Hank’s body was used to please the anal cavity and rectum of the giant alien princkazon. He could only close his eyes in shame as there was nothing he could do to stop her from abusing his being. Her fluids as well as her viscous cum helped to soothe the friction but Hank felt that his skin was burning. In and almost out his body went as the horny alien used him as an anal dildo while her excitement grew getting her closer and closer to another climax.
Finally, after waves and waves of pleasure went through her gargantuan body the giantess alien cummed screaming in ecstasy. She pushed his battered body completely inside her bowels crushing him with her rectum’s walls as long ropes of her cum exploded from her mighty swollen shecock.
Now Hank had been completely swallowed by her hungry butthole and he felt so miserable and soiled as he had just been used as a living anal dildo for this gigantic alien goddess.
But his imprisonment didn’t last long. He was pushed out of her body by the contractions of her bowels as he was literally crapped out. A giant hand held his bruised body and he noticed that it was a different giantess who as holding him tightly among her fingers now.
The new giantess alien was smiling at him playfully.
“I see you’ve survived my sister’s lust little earthling” she said to him licking her fleshy sexy lips. She looked very similar to the other giantess princkazon but her hair was a little darker and she seemed to be older too.
“While she was playing with you I learnt your language so you can understand the reason of your abduction” she continued looking at him intensely.
“My sister and I are the last ones of our species. Our planet was hit by a dying star and we were the only survivors. Our race has both sexual reproductive organs female and male, but my sister and I can’t reproduce by ourselves because we only have female cells. In order to continue with our race we need male cells. We scanned the galaxy trying to find the closest kind of being in order to interbreed and continue with our dying race. And so, we found your tiny race in this blue planet…”
The giantess gave Hank a long lecture of the complex genetics and breeding of their gigantic kind which only confused him even more. He could only understand that he was needed for their alien race to continue.
“Your precious sperms are going to play an important role in the continuation of our race” said the giantess to Hank who looked at her in disbelief.
“We need you to ejaculate inside our bodies in order to obtain your male seed and to fecundate our female ones” the giantess alien continued “we need you to get excited by being inside our anal cavities and to shot your cum along with my sisters’ or mine. And to do so we’re going to shove you deep inside our rectums attached to our male organs and to make you ejaculate along with the one of us who is penetrating the other one”.
Hank’s face distorted in horror as the giantess continued with her explanation “We need to obtain your male sperms and mix them with the female sperms of one of us to fecundate as many cells as possible. You have already survived being inside my sister’s rectum so you’ve proved to be physically capable of interbreeding with us, we only need you to cum too. But don’t you worry, we’ll be very careful and we’ll try to make this experience as pleasurable as possible as you’ll have to be able to shot your sperm inside our bodies whenever you’re required to”.
“The first step is to make you excited by being in close contact with our bodies. You’ll find out that this experience will be very enjoyable if you play along” the giantess alien said to him smiling broadly “you have no choice anyway”.
Hank was speechless! He was gonna be used as a sperm donator for these gargantuan aliens and there was nothing he could do about it. His small body was going to be shoved inside the huge aliens’ loins time after time in order to fecundate their cells and to continue with their race!
The new giantess continued talking to him “By the way, my name is Inao and my sister’s name is Wnai. We know you’re called Hank… so after the introductions, let’s begin with phase one of your training” the giantess ended her speech as he maneuvered Hank with her giant hand.
Wnai was lying face down on a huge white surface that looked like a gigantic bed to Hank. She was looking back at her sister and the tiny male in her hand and she was smiling and giggling in anticipation. As Inao held him inside her warm hand and moved him closer to her sister’s mammoth body, he realized how attractive Wnai was. Her legs were long, meaty and well-muscled. They looked so fresh and juvenile that Hank thought she could only be a teenager… a gigantic teenager. Her hips looked so wide and inviting as she moved them erotically from side to side making her astounding buttcheeks tremble and jiggle lightly. Her ass was perfectly rounded and her moon-halves looked so massive and well-toned at the same time, that he began to drool excited by this view. He only wanted to grab and kiss those glorious, colossal asscheeks in front of him!
“We know the male gender of your race is very attracted to the female’s behind, so you’re going to find that our race is very well endowed and attractive in this area!” Inao said to Hank as she began to rub Hank’s now willing body on her sister’s remarkable vast bottom.
Hank felt like he’s just died and went to heaven again. His body was massaged and rubbed on the soft smooth surface of Wnai’s butt over and over as the two giantesses giggled playfully.
Inao held Hank by his waist using only a couple of her long fingers as she methodically rubbed him against her sister’s rounded asscheeks. It seemed that she was polishing her sister’s butt with his minuscule body and he felt so excited and horny as his tiny erection was massaged on the firm surface as well!
The tiny man smelled, groped and caressed the smooth, pale skin of Wnai’s asscheeks as he enjoyed its soft, warm surface but feeling the firmness of the muscles beneath at the same time.
After being moved around on the vast surface of Wnai’s buttcheeks for several minutes, Inao placed Hank between the massive flesh globes of her sister and began stroking him on her warm asscrack too. She moved him along her sister’s crack intensely as his whole body and face were rubbed and kissed by Wnai’s wet, puckering sphincter time after time. Inao pressed Hank’s head on her sister’s anus softly as she gave directions to her tiny captive.
“Kiss and lick little man” the giantess said “You’re already acquainted with it, but you have to get used to my sister’s sphincter very well as you’ll have to spend a lot of time lodged inside it” she ended, and Hank was happy to oblige as he began to worship Wnai’s anus thoroughly. It was as big as his entire face and he enjoyed himself licking and kissing its wrinkled, tender and hot surface for several minutes. As he kept his ministrations on Wnai’s butthole he remembered that he had just been devoured by this same hungry hole moments before. He trembled in fear recalling its tight embrace and hotness but he found that his mind was changing, as now he was very eager to please it. He even thought that it wouldn’t be so nasty to be inside Wnai’s tight enveloping rectum again as he grabbed and rubbed with his smallish hands all he could of the warm ass flesh around him!
Meanwhile, Wnai was sighing and enjoying herself pleased by the little being worshipping her anus. She squeezed her tight muscle ring several times as she kissed Hank’s face with her butthole too. She delighted herself feeling his little face as it was smacked by her excited sphincter time after time.
Inao let Hank worship her sister’s butthole for several minutes and then she pushed his head lightly making it enter her sister’s distended anus a little.
“Inhale deeply” she said giggling as she held his head trapped by Wnai’s muscle ring. He obeyed her as darkness surrounded him and he felt how his head was held tightly by Wnai’s strong sphincter. The younger giantess squeezed his head playfully a few times as she relished the feelings of his head inside her anus.
Despite the strong smell and the pressure on his head, Hank was so excited by being surrounded by Wnai’s gigantic, succulent ass that he inexorably splashed his cum on Wnai’s buttcrack. After noticing this, Inao removed his head from her sister’s butthole and let his tiny body rest on the soft, hairless surface of Wnai’s scrotum.
Hank lied comfortably for a few moments on the smooth, warm surface after enjoying his own climax, without knowing that he was resting on Wnai’s gigantic balls.
“Well, now that we’ve proved that you can actually enjoy being used on my sister’s sphincter we can pass to phase two of your training” Inao said to Hank as he noticed that it was Wnai’s big balls where he was resting. In horror he also noticed that Wnai’s huge cock was erect and throbbing just a few inches from himself!
“During this phase you’ll have to learn to enjoy being used on my sister’s huge male organ as well” Inao said to Hank who was now trembling in fear, anticipating what was coming next for him.
He could do nothing as Inao grabbed his exhausted body and placed him on the hot, hard-as-steel surface of Wnai’s excited love-stick.
“Begin worshipping” Inao ordered him as he was plastered against Wnai’s enormous cock firmly.


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