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viernes, 24 de mayo de 2013


By Ramvo

The two princkazons entered the jacuzzi. Annie sat on the jacuzzi’s edge looking at me with a mix of lust and shame. She held her long, thick shecock with one of her big hands nervously.
“Come on Jack” said Lucy giggling as she positioned herself inside the Jacuzzi comfortably “Be a gentleman. Give Annie’s lollypop a kiss… we all know you want to!”
Although her shecock was not as thick as Lucy’s, it looked so big and threatening that I gulped down in fear. But staring at those marvelous and meaty white thighs and her two huge rounded breasts hanging in front of me, made me move forward to her waiting erect member eagerly.
As I grabbed her throbbing member with my smallish hands Annie sighed pleased and opening her amazonian legs even more she waited for me to start worshipping her mighty, teen meat-stick. I looked up at her angelic face, framed by her humongous tits, and she was staring at me smiling and blushing with anticipation.
I began planting little kisses on the big bulbous head of her shecock and rubbing its girth softly as she moaned and sighed in appreciation.
I licked the hot, swollen tip thoroughly too, covering it completely with my saliva as she put one of her big hands on the top of my head messing my hair a little. She held one of her tits as I continued showing my submission to her huge dominant love-stick with my mouth and hands.
“Open that mouth Jack” said Lucy joyfully “show Annie some love and she’ll let you worship her big ass too!” she added giggling.
I opened my mouth as wide as I could, trying my best to accommodate her huge shecock’s head inside. My lips stretched out tightly around it as I began sucking it eagerly.
Annie sighed in pleasure as I sucked her cock’s head and rubbed its length at the same time. She was looking down at me with hungry eyes as I pleased her swollen shecock, while she was rubbing and pinching her full nipples excitedly. I looked up at her, feeling excited and subservient at the same time as I did my best to please my teenage, dominant mistress.
While I was worshipping Annie’s hung member, Lucy moved behind me and began fingering my butthole. I couldn’t protest as my mouth was filled with Annie’s mighty shecock.
Giggling naughtily Lucy inserted one of her long fingers inside my anus and moved it around. I knew what she was about to do when she put another finger inside my opening butthole. I tried to move but Annie’s dominant nature finally showed up as she kept my head firmly on place impaled by her thick member.
“Keep sucking me… you slut” she hissed. I looked up at her pleadingly but all I could see was lust in her beautiful blue eyes. She licked her lips as she kept forcing my bulging mouth on her shecock, while Lucy knelt behind me and began inserting the tip of her huge ebony member into my ass. I tried to scream in protest but my voice was muffled effectively by the head of Annie’s erect member.
Lucy took her time inserting her enormous shecock inside me through my outstretching anus. Little by little and inch after inch my loins were filled by her erect invading monster stretching and expanding my sphincter and rectum inexorably. Meanwhile, Annie began making me bob my head up and down on her member forcefully. She grabbed me by my ears painfully as a few inches of her thick love-stick went in and out of my outstretched lips, the tip of her cock tickling my uvula.
I was completely subdued by these two dominant princkazons as I could do nothing to stop them. I was being impaled mercilessly from both sides as Lucy’s mighty shecock was pushed deeper and deeper expanding painfully my intestines and Annie was jerking my face roughly on her teen powerful princk.
After several minutes of shoving her monstrous, invading member inside my loins, I felt Lucy’s huge, heavy balls smacking against my much smaller ones as I knew she was all the way in!
“I know it’s your dream to be dominated by a big shecock” my ebony huge mistress whispered into my ear huskily while I quivered mercilessly speared by her “now you’re gonna love being dominated by two hung shecocks at the same time…”
The black towering princkazon licked and nibbled my earlobe relishing the feeling of my tight enveloping rectum and asshole on her shecock. She rubbed her big full tits on my back lustily as she began fucking my ass joyfully.
Lucy began pounding me smacking my ass with her pelvis loudly splashing water all around me, while Annie kept skull-fucking me roughly for long minutes. Both huge princkazons were sighing, giggling and moaning in pleasure enjoying their mastery and control over by overwhelmed body.
Lucy put her hands on my shoulders as her thick chocolate love-stick went in and out of my painfully expanded bowels time after time, as I groaned in pain and helplessness while Annie’s meaty love-stick filled my mouth and went down through my sore throat.
After only a few moments, Annie cummed first, filling my mouth with her hot viscous shecum to the rim. She screamed and moaned as her thick pulsating member shot her load inside my mouth and throat.
As Lucy had already cummed before, she kept fucking my ass for more time grabbing my hips and digging her long nails in my skin. Meanwhile, Annie had removed her still erect shecock from my mouth and looking down at me dominantly she ordered me to open my mouth.
As she saw my cum-filled mouth and cum-coated tongue she told me to swallow all of her sticky load.
“Good boy” she said as I obeyed her and gulped down all her thick shecum subserviently.
“Lucy was right. You’re a natural shecock worshipper” she said smiling down at me happily.
“I’m glad you’re the first one to serve me” she added as she rubbed her hung member all over my face “I hope you liked it too, because from now on you’ll be my willing shecock servant” she ended as she massaged and stroked my face thoroughly with her hung, still erect cock.
Meanwhile, Lucy kept fucking me from behind relishing the tight embrace of my rectum on her invading member.
“See, I told you” Lucy said to Annie merrily “he was born to suck and to be fucked by shecocks. His ass is as tight as the first time I fucked him, and his mouth was made to be filled with shecum” she ended giggling mischievously.
As Lucy remained kneeling on the jacuzzi’s floor fucking me violently from behind and Annie rubbed and slapped my face with her hung meat-rod, I felt so used and humiliated but excited at the same time as my submission fantasies were been fulfilled by these two dominant princkazons.
My mouth had just been owned by this towering, teen princkazon’s shecock, and my stomach had been filled to the edge by her hot, thick cum that my own smallish dick had stayed erect under the water during the whole time. And as my ass was outstretched by Lucy’s hung, black shecock I inexorably cummed, shooting my load into the hot water.
“Yesss!” Lucy moaned satisfied “I bet he’s just cummed” she said to Annie “I felt it. I kept stimulating his prostate with my big black cock until he shot his tiny load too. He’s addicted to my mighty shecock, and I know I can make him cum whenever I want just by fucking him in the ass. No hands needed!” she added and both princkazons laughed loudly.
Lucy kept fucking my ass for about ten minutes more while Annie had shoved her big, full balls inside my mouth and began stroking her cock excitedly, beholding how I was being ravaged from behind by her princkazon girlfriend.
Finally, Lucy exploded inside my intestines filling my loins with her thick load too. She groped my butt painfully and dag her nails in my flesh painfully as she shot her load and relished her orgasm. She kept me impaled with her mighty shecock for a few moments more as she closed her eyes and moaned in ecstasy.
“Now it’s time for Annie to try your slutty ass” she said to me hoarsely as she removed her spent member from my worn out insides. Part of her cum fell from my gaping anus as she dislodged her black anaconda and it quickly dissolved into the jacuzzi’s water.
Annie removed her huge testicles from my mouth and pulling me by the leash she led me to the huge bed in the middle of the room. I followed Annie obediently and completely mesmerized by her big swaying rounded buttcheeks in front of me. Grabbing me by my hair she positioned me on the bed’s surface.
Lucy stayed in the Jacuzzi as she watched how Annie was about to force her teen mighty shecock into my ass now.
She put me on all fours on the bed’s edge as she stayed standing on her massive legs behind me. Annie rubbed and spanked my ass several times giggling mischievously.
“Come on doggie” the teen giantess said to me lustily as she poked my distended anus with the tip of her engorged, excited member “open up your ass for my candy-stick” she said licking her lips in anticipation.
As my butthole was already well-fucked by Lucy, Annie had no trouble inserting her swollen shecock inside me.
“Mmmh… so tight” said the redhead princkazon licking her lips behind me “Lucy’s right, your ass was made to be filled by shecocks” she ended as she began pounding my aching butt merrily.
She grabbed my hips strongly as her powerful teen shecock went in and out of my distended butthole expanding my rectum excruciatingly. She smacked my ass loudly savoring her domination over me keeping me impaled on her throbbing member. Her big balls slapped against my much smaller ones as she pushed herself completely inside my outmatched, quivering body. She pulled my hair backwards painfully filling my bowels with her meaty hung member while her mighty hips pushed my subdued, weak body forwards.
“Sooo good!” she said as her invading member outstretched and ravaged my loins over and over.
I observed our reflection in one of the wall mirrors and I got excited just by seeing Annie’s vast, well-muscled buttcheeks shaking and trembling as she grinded her pelvis against my ass rhythmically. Her mammoth, succulent thighs and her big, perfectly rounded amazonian ass made my own cock stiff despite the pain and the humiliation of being taken by just a much younger princkazon. Annie was looking at our reflection too as she smiled contentedly at me while she kept fucking my ass.
“Is it good for you too, slut?” she asked me hoarsely, pulling my hair backwards roughly again. I could only groan in pain as she kept demolishing my intestines powerfully.
Then, she pushed my head downwards roughly making my butt stick out more as she kept one of her big hands on the side of my face dominantly. After plastering my head on the bed’s surface, she tied my arms behind my back using the leash.
Completely immobilized and at her mercy, Annie pounded my ass for endless excruciating minutes. She was thrilled, mastering and using my body only for her pleasure, the teen princkazon savoured her domination over my outmatched being and the tight embrace of my bowels on her powerful thrusting shecock getting more and more excited, until her thick load exploded inside my rectum.
She cried and panted in ecstasy again as she grinded her pelvis against my butt, shooting her hot cum deeply into my worn out bowels. I closed my eyes in shame again, feeling like a cheap whore being impaled over and over and loving it.
After enjoying her orgasm for a couple of minutes more, Annie dislodged her huge anaconda from my insides, and maneuvering my trembling body easily she placed me on my back on the bed’s surface. Then she moved on top of me and set her heavy full bottom on my sweaty face. My face was deep inside her hot asscrack as she grinded it on my nose and mouth. She wasn’t satisfied until my nose got plastered against her scented, tight sphincter. Then, moving and twisting her hips she began riding my nose violently. As she smashed my nose against her anus, Annie enjoyed herself feeling me under her complete control and her semi-erect cock sprang back to life. I was barely breathing as my nose got deeper and deeper inside her muscle ring and her huge scrotum covered my mouth smothering me completely.
“Lick my asshole boy” she ordered me, parting her enormous pale, moon-halves widely with her hands “kiss it too… show me your love for it” I obeyed my teenage princkgoddess subserviently, planting little kisses on the tender surface of her pink anus, and sticking my tongue out rimming her tight tender sphincter thoroughly.
“Make my shecock hard again…” she added as she began jerking her hung meat-stick with one hand and pinched one of her engorged nipples with the other one.
As I moved my tongue in tight circles pleasing her opening sphincter Annie moaned and trembled above me enjoying how I worshipped her butthole thoroughly. As her anus relaxed more and more I was able to stick almost of my tongue inside her hot rectum. Annie grabbed both of her ample meaty asscheeks with her hands and positioning herself squatting over my face she began riding my tongue powerfully. Her perfectly rounded freckled buttocks smashed against my sweaty face as she moved her hips up and down impaling herself with my aching tongue.
“Keep your tongue out!” she ordered me as she moved her hips on top of me still body for long minutes. The towering redhead princkazon enjoyed herself stuffing her rectum with my tongue and squeezing it playfully with her strong muscle ring until she began panting and sighing excitedly.
Lifting her huge frame a little Annie shoved the engorged tip of her love-stick inside my mouth. I sucked her eagerly as my teenage princkazon mistress giggled softly watching her bulbous shecock head filling my mouth and expanding my cheeks.
But she wanted to pound me again with her erect and throbbing love-stick. She moved my inert body placing my hips on the bed’s edge and lifting and spreading my legs she stood with her feet the floor in front of me pocking my sore anus with the tip of her mighty member.
My hands were still securely tied at my back as she parted my buttcheeks with her shecock and began inserting it inside my rectum powerfully. While inch after inch of her thick, long cock disappeared between my asscheeks, Annie watched me intensely, looking down at me with a big smile painted on her beautiful teenage face.
“You like this, don’t you slut?” she asked me naughtily as another inch of her enormous member was shoved inside my loins and I groaned in pain and excitement “You love being taken by a much younger girl with a much bigger cock than yours right?” she continued teasing me as I nodded.
“Say it!” she commanded looking down at me dominantly “say that you love my cock in your ass you slut!”
“I love your cock inside my ass!” I said while she kept impaling me mercilessly.
“My teenage, big shecock…” she added as she pushed another inch inside my rectum.
“I love your teenage, big shecock inside my ass!” I answered as she smiled satisfied and shoved another thick inch of her hung member inside me.
She kept pushing her muscular buttcheeks until her big balls slapped against my ass as she was all the way inside me again!
Grabbing my hamstrings, Annie began fucking me as her thick rod filled my bowels painfully over and over.
I could only endure the situation as I was used roughly once more as a sexual slave for this young, horny redhead princkazon.
She pounded me fast and powerfully as her big testicles smacked my ass repeatedly making a loud clapping noise.
Putting my legs on her shoulders, she lent her big frame on me and she kissed my lips dominantly shoving her big warm tongue inside raping my mouth. I was overwhelmed feeling her amazonian weight crushing my trembling body, and her probing tongue as she kept contracting her vast muscular buttcheeks moving her hung member in an out steadily.
After her dominant kiss, Annie embraced my puny body tightly and lifting me easily from the bed she stood up still fucking my ass. I was bent painfully as my feet were now at the sides of her head and she crushed me against her huge body strongly. My face was smothered by her huge, full tits as she carried my subdued body around the room easily.
Breathing was very difficult as I was completely immobilized with my hands tied tightly behind my back, and my legs and upper body crushed by her amazonian arms. My complaints were effectively muffled by the warm flesh of her tits as her shecock kept fucking my asshole.
Annie was elated as she realized how easily she could handle my smallish body and she kept violating my ass relentlessly. She giggled playfully seeing our reflection on one of the big wall mirrors as her long thick flesh-stick went in and almost out of my ass.
She moved me on her meat-pole up and down while holding me tightly in her masterful embrace. Annie’s shecock ravaged my loins as she squeezed me in her arms passionately and I felt like a little puppet being moved against my will as she made me ride the length of her shecock over and over. Watching our reflection, Annie relished and enjoyed her domination over me as she moved me effortlessly up and down on her mighty member. As she got more and more excited the teen princkazon felt so masterful and dominating as she realized how easily she could handle and subdue my body at her will.
Finally, after long moments of using my distended bowels to stroke and massage her mighty shecock, Annie shot her load filling me again as she screamed joyfully and squashed my helpless body in her hug.
I was barely breathing smothered between her huge luscious tits and I felt how the air was expelled roughly from my lungs as she compacted my imprisoned body me with her arms mercilessly.
Annie left my body impaled on her still erect shecock as she freed my head from her enveloping breasts.
“That was sooo good!” the teen princkgoddess said smiling and looking down at my face framed by her turgent, rounded tits “I’m so glad Lucy presented us as now you’ll become my shecock’s sheath too”.
Still painfully bent in two, Annie carried me around the room several times giggling mischievously. Her still erect cock was inside my loins as I was speared and crushed at the same time. She and Lucy laughed loudly seeing our reflection on the mirrors as I looked piteous, hopelessly trapped between her arms and impaled by her thick love-stick. I could only close my eyes in shame as this towering young princkazon had humiliated me beyond words.
Finally, after showing how helpless I was in her hands, Annie dislodged her shecock from my insides and placing me on the bed she shoved her throbbing member inside my unwilling mouth one more time.
“Clean your ass from my cock boy” she said smiling down at me as I complied subserviently. Her hot cum leaked from my gaping asshole as I tasted the salty sticky surface of her glans.
Once she was satisfied, Annie placed me on my left side as she positioned herself behind me. She wanted to make sure that I would be able to see how she was going to penetrate me again. I looked at our reflection on one of the mirrors beside the bed as she began poking my aching ass with the tip of her engorged member. Once the head of her cock entered my outstretched anus, she lifted my right leg with her right hand as she snaked her left arm around my neck dominantly. I could feel her huge breasts on my back and her breathing on the back of my head as she began thrusting her wide hips against me, shoving more and more inches of her meat-pole inside my expanded bowels.
She bit and licked my ear lustily as I felt her big swollen balls slapping against my buttcheeks.
“Slut…” she whispered into my ear huskily as she began pistoning her mighty shecock in and out of my battered rectum slowly.
Crushing my neck with her left arm as she pinched one of my nipples painfully Annie ravaged my loins roughly for long minutes shaking my body as my hands remained tied tightly on my back.
“Open your eyes cocksheath!” the teen prickazon behind me ordered me as she held my right hamstring up opening me more for her invading rod “I want you to behold how a young teenage princkazon rapes your slutty butt” she said as she licked the side of my face with her warm tongue dominantly.
Her sperm-filled balls smacked my ass loudly for several minutes as she kept fucking me enjoying her complete mastery over me. She got more and more excited watching our reflection on the wall mirror as she enjoyed stretching out my bowels from behind me over and over.
Finally, feeling that she’d cum in any second, Annie removed her powerful shecock from my insides and climbing on top of me the towering redhead princkgoddess positioned her throbbing cock in front of my sweaty and surprised face.
My face got covered by layers of her hot viscous load as shot after shot of her cum exploded from her shecock slit. Screaming in ecstasy and holding my head still by my chin, Annie coated my face completely with her seed. I closed my eyes in shame as my teen mistress enjoyed herself glazing my face thoroughly.
Thick drops of her cum rolled from my forehead, cheeks and nose as Annie shot ten or twelve times hitting my face accurately.
Finally the teen princkazon let my head go as she relished the last moments of her climax. Lucy was standing beside us and she was laughing loudly watching my cum-covered face.
“You look so cute!” she said to me merrily “just like a glazed donut” the ebony princkazon added as she grabbed my hair and looked down at my face amusedly.
The two dominant princkazons laughed at me for several minutes as they made me look at my reflection on one of the mirrors. I felt so ashamed and soiled that I wanted to close my eyes but every time I did one huge engorged shecock would slap my face painfully.
After the facial, I spent the rest of the night being dominated by Lucy and Annie as they took turns raping my already well-fucked ass or making me gag on their huge shecocks over and over. I could only whimper and groan in pain as I got filled with their load many times and I felt my stomach bloat painfully as they feed me with their copious salty seed countless times too.


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