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viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

MEGAN & MIKE (commissioned story)


By Ramvo

The princkgiantess opened her big full bottom for her tiny son. She was completely naked kneeling on her vast bed and her son was trembling and drooling in anticipation as his mother’s colossal behind loomed above him. He couldn’t help it… just by staring at the immense flesh semi-spheres above him made his minuscule dick hard as steel!

His mother’s ass was so firm, well-muscled and rounded that he didn’t mind anymore being pushed inside her hot damp bowels through her tender puckering anus. He’d learnt to enjoy being swallowed alive by his mother’s hungry butthole on a daily basis.

But at first Mike was disgusted at this. His loving mother had assured him that the only reason she was going to lodge him inside her intestines was for his own safety. He fought with all his might the first time his mother devoured him anally as tears ran down his face. But her mother was far too strong and huge for him as she easily shoved him inside her hot loins. He remembered the feeling of having his smallish head crowned by her tight sphincter and then being pushed inside relentlessly bit by bit. His mother had grabbed him by his flimsy ankles and began pushing him into her enveloping rectum little by little as she didn’t want to harm her beloved and only son. His screams were soon muffled by the warm tender flesh of her sphincter as it kissed his face and head methodically. Once Mike got completely wrapped by his mother’s living walls he realized that he could breathe the hot damp air inside her rectum and that being a living suppository wasn’t that awful after all! His submissive male mind soon took over as he began feeling excited being used as a living anal toy for his gigantic mother and thinking about his mother’s succulent massive cheeks around him made his tiny pecker hard too. Tiny Mike had always loved his mother’s ass after all. The mammoth perfectly rounded swaying moon-halves of her mother always had made him drool and horny and now being devoured by the small muscle ring between them was almost like a dream come true.

Although Megan indeed loved her son, she also enjoyed the feeling of having his tiny body deeply inside her rectum moving and thrashing and causing her gigantic shecock to throb and spill some precum. Since the first time she had her soon eaten alive by her sphincter Megan jerked and rubbed her enourmous member and feeling his tiny movements inside her loins made her shoot her huge load. She enjoyed herself all day long having her son deeply inside her gargantuan body as her own shecock stayed erect and excited.

Knowing that her son was in love with her magnificent derriere, Megan used to play with him a little before shoving him into her embracing bowels. But first she liked to give her son a little show. She would place him on her bed and kneeling above him she liked to caress and spank softly her mighty rump showing her tiny son the sexy firmness and muscularity of her bottom. She would contract and move her well-muscled buttocks as he stared drooling and mesmerized at his mother’s remarkable assflesh looming above him. He would jerk his dick as his mother carried on shaking and moving her wide hips from side to side making her ass tremble and jiggle a little.

“Come and give mommy’s ass a kiss” she used to say to him as he got up and approaching her imposing frame he would press his lips tightly against the warm soft surface of his mother’s butt. Megan let him kiss, lick and grab all that he wanted as she jerked her huge shecock feeling her tiny son’s ministrations on her inviting gigantic bottom. Mike was in heaven as he used his whole body to caress his mother vast ass. He loved to cover with his saliva all of the soft skin around him and the he would poke his dick on his mother’s back entrance playfully. Her pink anus was as big as his head as Megan used to contract it squeezing his tiny dick over and over playfully. Mike liked to rub his cock on the soft wrinkled surface of his mother’s tight sphincter and his mother let him do that enjoying the tiny feelings on her anus and then as Mike’s excitement grew and grew, he would inexorably cum splashing his tiny load on her mother’s anus. Giggling softly, Megan used the tip of one of her fingers to spread her son’s cum all over her butthole making it shine with his semen.

Once Mike had finished cumming on her sphincter, Megan would proceed to insert him little by little through her cum-covered muscle ring. The first times she had to grab him and push him inside using her fingers but now as he liked it more and more being inside her rectum, she’d use her finger only to oil up and distend her anus and then she’ allow her son to get inside by himself.

Mike always got excited too, watching his mother insert one and then another of her long fingers inside her puckering anus and moving them around in tight circles making sure that her anal cavity would be open and relaxed enough for him to enter crawling. She liked to oil her son too as she’d grab him and smear his body completely with the lubricant and her anal fluids. She giggled mischievously as she liked to apply the oily substance specially on her son’s head and face. Mike felt so helpless and used that he enjoyed too, being completely covered by her mother’s juices and the lubricant. He was thrilled and shivered in anticipation knowing that soon he was going to be eaten alive by his mother’s hungry asshole.

Then, Megan would place Mike next to her asscrack and feeling that her butthole was relaxed and well-lubed she would part her flesh semi-spheres widely and waited for her son to enter her gaping anus.

As her tiny son began moving his body through her distended sphincter Megan relished his body as he entered her world and disappeared from sight. Once his shoulders had passed the entrance of her butthole, Megan would squeeze his body with her rectum walls playfully and then she would shove him inside little by little just by contracting her powerful rectum and sphincter. Taking her erect hung member with one of her hands Megan began rubbing and massaging herself spilling precum as her beloved son was been devoured by her intestines.

Bit by bit Mike was sucked inside his mother’s hot, enveloping bowels until only his tiny wriggling feet remained outside her hungry sphincter. Surrounded by darkness, Mike quivered and trembled in fear and excitement. The hot, damp atmosphere was overwhelming making his breathing difficult but as days and weeks passed he had gotten used to it and now he even was able to enjoy his anal captivity. His mother had told him that it was safer for him to be lodged inside her gargantuan body than to live in the outer world. As he got used to his new environment he was not sure if his mother was just protecting him from the dangers of the outside world or she just liked to shove him inside her bowels as and keep him there for her enjoyment. He could hear her moans and sighs of pleasure as he was deeply embedded inside her. He was sure that she jerked her hung shecock feeling his tiny body move around her embracing rectum and he liked it too. Many times a day he had cummed inside her loins splashing his seed on the tight living walls of her intestines as the feeling of being nothing but a suppository for his gorgeous mother made him horny.

Thinking about her glorious, vast ass around his insignificant being used to make him lusty as well, and he liked to rub himself against her rectum many times making her mother tingle with excitement.

As weeks passed by, Megan felt that she had done the best for her son as she kept him inside her bowels on a daily basis, night and day. She also enjoyed herself feeling him helplessly trapped inside her butthole as her hung meat-stick stayed erect and throbbing all day long. She would often pat or caress her own massive ass whenever she relished her son’s movements inside her gigantic body making her hornier and hornier. Although she considered herself a caring mother, she was also a natural-born dominant princkgiantess that enjoyed nothing more than to subdue, humiliate and take control over smallish helpless men.

She delighted herself grabbing little men and using them to rub and massage her hung shecock everyday. She loved to put them on the broad veiny surface of her mighty love-stick and squash them mercilessly between her big hand and her thick rod pleasing herself. She liked to cover them with her viscous load as she moaned in ecstasy and then, she enjoyed herself watching them trying to breathe and to escape desperately under layers and layers of her hot cum. The world where she and her son lived was dangerous as it was populated by titanic dominant princkgiantesses and tiny vulnerable men that were nothing but prey and toys for the much bigger and horny females.

At night, while she had her soon deeply lodged inside her loins and she was masturbating using a tiny male on her mighty shecock, she would often think of the dangers of the world and she’d consider other ways of keeping her son even safer.

After cum-bathing one of her own toyboys she had reached a conclusion: although her ample sexy butt was a safe place to keep Mike, far from other lusty princkgiantesses, she thought that her big, hanging testicles would even be a safer place for her beloved son to dwell in.

“Hell no!” Mike screamed after hearing his gigantic mother proposition “I’ve got used to be inside your ass but your cock… that’s too gross!” he said looking angrily at Megan.

“Well… you have no choice anyway little man” she said nonchalantly “remember that the only reason I’ll do this is for you own safety. There are dozens of horny girls like me around that would love to use you as their sexual toy. I don’t want you to end your days inside another giantess’ ass or squashed by her shecock” she continued as she held her son inside her tight fist.

“Look. I know that every little men’s fate is to become the sexual slave of a princkgiantess like me, but I’ll keep you safe from other lusty giantesses as long as I live. Besides my cock and balls are just other parts of my body and you’ll grow used to be close and inside them as you did with my butt” Megan ended her speech as her son looked at her in disbelief.

Winking and eye at her terrified son, the giant princkazon moved him down towards her crotch. Her enourmous, thick shecock was erect and throbbing as Mike beheld it in utter fear. His mother placed him on her shecock’s swollen tip as she prepared herself to swallow him alive again but through another hole.

“First I want you to feel what would be like if you become the slave of another princkazon” she said to her son as she placed his body between the palm of her huge hand and her hot, hard-as-steel member “you’re gonna be rubbed and stroked roughly against her powerful shecock whenever she fancied, and there won’t be a single thing you could do to stop her from having her way with you” she added as she began masturbating herself using her son’s quivering body.

“She’ll use and abuse your tiny body every single day wearing you out little by little” Megan continued as she pressed her son’s body on her shecock harder “She’ll shove you inside her tight, hot, hungry butthole too. But she won’t be as gentle as I am. She’ll just push you inside her bowels and then she’ll use your body to fuck her anus for long endless minutes. She’ll crush you inside her loins making you beg and scream in agony and she’ll delight herself feeling you helplessly trapped deeply inside her. She’ll toy with your puny body for a long time squashing you and crushing you with her bowels mercilessly. You’ll end up soaked in her anal juices and then she’ll make you clean her anus too. After masturbating her shecock using you on her hand she’ll drown you in her viscous load as her cum will be the only food you’ll eat for the rest of you pathetic life. She’ll only laugh at your pleas for mercy as she’ll pee on your battered body too and the only water you might ever drink would be her hot, golden streams” Megan said as she was getting more and more excited.

Rubbing her tiny son on her mighty shecock and thinking on all the things another horny princkgiantess would do to him, and that she had already done to other tiny males, made her excitement grow inexorably. Meanwhile, Mike was rubbed, massaged and stroked vigorously on her mother’s love-stick listening to her words and her sighs of pleasure.

Precum began to leak from her opening shecock’s slit as Megan rubbed her son on her hung member faster and faster until screaming in sheer ecstasy the giant princkazon began shooting her copious load powerfully. While Megan shoot her cum and enjoyed herself, Mike was literally crushed between his mother’s hand and her throbbing meat-pole. He was covered by her sweat as well as his own as his skin was burning due to the friction he had just endured. The pressure was excruciating as his mother kept him tightly flattened on the hot surface of her still erect cock for a few more moments as she licked her full sexy lips enjoying the aftermath of her climax.

After her explosive orgasm Megan released her son’s body from her still erect cock and grabbing him by his wrists she held him dangling in front of her smiling and sweaty face. She looked at her beloved son with dreamy eyes as she spoke softly to him.

“Feet-first of head-first?” she asked him teasingly as she licked her full red lips in anticipation. Mike was trembling in fear as his battered body had just been used to please her gigantic mother’s cock. He couldn’t say a word as he dangled helplessly from her mother’s huge fingers and she looked at him intensely.

“Well…let’s try feet-first first” Megan said giggling as his beaten son remained silent waiting to be eaten alive by her mighty shecock.

Megan moved his son’s body towards her crotch again as she put his tiny feet on her cock’s slit. Mike was too tired to fight her and knowing that it was useless anyway he only began to sob in silence. Looking down under his mother’s huge cock, Mike beheld her hanging immense balls.

“Say hi to your new home” Megan said merrily as he noticed her son looking down at her testicles. Mike was too scared to say a word as his mother patted her big balls playfully and then, she began putting his tiny feet inside her cock mercilessly.

Little by little Megan pushed his son’s feet and then his legs inside her cock relishing every part of his body as it was swallowed alive by her ravenous meat-stick. Inside her mother’s cock was to tight-fitting for his body as he found that his feet and legs were now completely immobilized.

Until he was up to his hips devoured by her pulsating shecock, Megan, showing lots of body control began shoving inside her the rest of her son’s body by only contracting the walls of her urethra.

Mike cried for help as he was slowly eaten alive by his mother’s hung member. Her cock’s slit opened wider and wider as his body was sucked inside hopelessly. He felt that a huge snake was devouring him alive as her mother’s member got stuffed with his tiny quivering body. Meanwhile, Megan sighed in pleasure staring at her son’s body disappearing inch after inch inside her loins but by a different entrance. She began rubbing her mighty love-stick again as she closed her eyes in sheer joy. The domination she was exerting on her son was overwhelming as it made her hornier and hornier.

When Mike’s head was sucked inside with an audible “slurp” sound and only his trembling arms and hands remained outside her shecock, Megan began panting and moaning as she pinched her engorged nipples enjoying her son’s body, imprisoned helplessly inside her swollen member.

Mike could only sob in silence as his mother grabbed her shecock with her tiny son imprisoned inside. She giggled softly as she could feel the smallish body of her son within her engorged member. She began rubbing herself and little by little Mike’s arms and then his flimsy hands disappeared through her huge shecock’s slit.

Megan was in heaven. Her tiny son had just been devoured alive by her mighty hung cock and the sensations she got from his wriggling body were driving her crazy with lust. She tried to keep him inside but as she reached an orgasm without even touching herself her tiny soon was expelled roughly from her pulsating love-stick.

Mike landed on his mother’s huge bed a couple of feet away from her exploding shecock. His mother was laughing loudly as she picked him up and inspected him closely. He was completely soaked in her viscous shecum as he dangled from his mother’s fingers. Big white drops fell from his inert body while Megan held him making sure that he was ok.

He seemed to be in shock and his mother blew some air to him to wake him up. As he felt his mother’s warm breath Mike regained his senses little by little.

Once she was sure her son wasn’t harmed, Megan began shoving him again inside her semi-erect cock but now headfirst.

Mike was too spent to fight his gigantic mother as he was pushed through her cock’s slit relentlessly again. Meanwhile, Megan didn’t stop until her son had disappeared completely from the outside world and entered hers. Mike’s subdued body went through his mother’s insides until he found himself lodged inside her huge scrotum. Surrounded by darkness and the sounds of her gargantuan body Mike could only whimper and wait for better times to come as he was now held prisoner next to his mother’s mammoth testicles.

Smiling satisfied, Megan touched and caressed her big shaved balls feeling the tiny frame of her son deeply embedded inside her scrotum. Saying goodnight to her huge sack and her minuscule son Megan turned around and began sleeping peacefully in short time, feeling that she had just done the best to protect her only son.

As days passed by, Megan kept her son inside her scrotum most times, and she’d only take him out to feed him and clean him, and then she’d use him on her hung shecock to masturbate herself or to please her tight butthole before shoving him inside her body again. Mike got used to his new life as he had no choice anyway. He enjoyed being outside his titanic mother and she’d let him play with her tender sphincter a little, shoving his tiny dick inside and cumming on its wrinkled surface before being shoved completely into her rectum several times. Megan liked to feel her son between her mammoth asscheeks as his tiny struggles only tickled her anus and after letting him splash his minuscule load, she enjoyed herself using him as a living anal dildo for long minutes.

Then, she liked to place Mike between her palm and her hung erect shecock and jerk herself until cumming in copious amounts and finally, she’d shove him inside her scrotum through her distended slit.

Mike would spend most of his life now inside his mother’s hanging scrotum and Megan was proud of herself, feeling like a protective, caring but dominating gigantic princkmom.


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