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viernes, 7 de junio de 2013



By Ramvo

I was sitting comfortably on the living room’s couch watching TV, as usual, when Becca, my towering teen stepdaughter, appeared in front of me unexpectedly. She was wearing only a tight pink top that barely contained her firm humongous tits and a pair of tiny denim shorts that seemed to be painted on the vast expense of her perfectly rounded mammoth buttcheeks. I stared in awe at her huge well-muscled amazon thighs just inches in front of me while she had her hands on her narrow waist in a very dominant pose, looking down at me smiling mischievously.
“Hi daddy” Becca said merrily above me “give me the remote!”
“No! I’m watching something” I said trying to sound authoritarian but she only giggled at me mockingly and turning around she sat on my surprised face nonchalantly. I had no chance to react as my face got buried under her vast denim-clad butt.
“No Becca please your mother mmmph” was all I could say before her amazonian ass fell on me trapping me helplessly.
Grabbing my hair Becca giggled and shook her ass from side to side getting my face deeper and deeper into her asscrack.
I struggled to breath and tried to lift her but her weight was too much for my weak bod and after only a few seconds my lungs were burning and my face was crushed painfully under her mighty vast rump. She kept giggling on top of me annoyingly while I suffered and writhed beneath her.
As I couldn’t endure more her crushing weight on my face I had no choice but to give her the remote and she dismounted herself from my mistreated face, but to my surprise she sat on my lap covering my completely with her breath-taking amazonian butt.
“You like this daddy?” she teased me as she wiggled and rubbed her succulent mammoth bottom on my crotch squashing me and giving me a lapdance at the same time.
Feeling her young, firm lavish ass flesh on my lap made me have a raging erection despite her crushing weight. Her blonde hair covered my face as I smelled her sweet perfume all around intoxicating me with lust and desire. Despite she was only in her teens and I was over twenty years older she was in complete control of the situation, driving me crazy with her superior statuesque amazonian body.
“We can have lots of fun before mom arrives” she said to me while she kept ondulating and shaking her wide hips and butt teasingly on my erect cock and sore balls.
“I know you like this… having my big teen booty so close to you” she whispered “I like it too. I know you’ve been spying me while I’m in the shower daddy…” I gulped in fear and shame as I knew she was right “I know you like big girls with something extra” she continued taunting me as she unzipped her shorts and released her huge throbbing anaconda.
Becca was a young well-built towering princkazon. I knew this by “accident” one day when I caught a glimpse of her alluring curvy body when she was taking a shower. As she was soaping and rubbing her amazonian frame I delighted myself watching her jiggling, rounded meat-spheres and her long, thick inviting juvenile thighs when suddenly she turned around displaying her colossal meaty shecock and her big shaved cannon balls in all its glory. My jaw almost hit the floor as I realized that her shecock had to be at least 15 inches long and about 5 or 6 inches thick, and the big testicles hanging below were the same size as tennis balls. She was even more endowed than her mother, whose cock I was made to suck and worship every day!
From that day on I tried to catch her on the shower or changing her clothes as she never closed the doors completely. But now I realized that she knew very well that I liked to see her naked, specially her curvy succulent bottom and her long mighty shecock.
“I know you love your girls huge and hung daddy, like mom… or me” she continued teasing me as she grabbed on of my hands and put it on her long thick shecock dominantly. It was so big around that I wasn’t able to encircle it completely with my outsized hand!
She put one of her big hands on mine on her hard-as-steel swollen member and began rubbing herself making me give her a handjob. She kept wiggling her meaty asscheeks giving me a hot crushing lapdance while she rubbed and massaged her mighty member slowly using my trembling sweaty hand.
“I have a big cock, right daddy?” she asked me playfully as she let me heft and hold her hot throbbing princk. It felt so smooth and heavy at the same time that I couldn’t believe that such beautiful young girl could have such a imposing meat-pole too. I couldn’t say a word as she kept rubbing her intimidating shecock with my small hand subduing me.
“I think it’s even bigger than my mom’s and it’s hard all day long” she said huskily “I jerk it and cum many times every day but it’s always hard… I’m glad you like it too, we’re gonna have lots of fun together you’ll see…” she ended as I continued rubbing her love-stick and her ample butt kept massaging and squashing my crotch.
Finally after several minutes of making me please her mighty love-stick with my hand, Becca lifted her big booty from me and turning around she displayed to me her hung colossal shecock. It looked so big and threatening that I literally lost my breath considering its length and girth.
I looked up at my princkazon stepdaughter and as she was smiling down at me I could only see lust in her beautiful blue eyes.
She held her mighty member with one hand and began rubbing it leisurely for me.
“Show me yours daddy” she said “I know I made it hard too…”
“Becca please…” was all I could say as she began slapping my face roughly with her erect member. She grabbed my hair and kept smacking my cheeks painfully over and over with her hard stiff love-stick and I found myself completely helpless to stop her from hurting me in this way for endless unbearable moments.
“Bad bitch, bad bitch” she said to me while she kept slapping and hurting my face with her mighty meat-stick “you have to do what I say daddy. I’m much bigger and stronger than you and if you don’t obey me I’ll punish you in so many ways that you’ll spend the whole day crying like the little bitch you are!” she ended as I sobbed in silence realizing that she was right. This towering princkgoddess had reduced me so easily just by using her long thick shecock to slap my face, reducing me to tears that I feared of what she might do to me next if I didn’t comply. But despite the pain and humiliation I was excited at the same time, my cock had stayed erect the whole time my dominant stepdaughter punished me with hers and I realized that she could control me easily with her huge amazonian body and her big powerful shecock.
I had no choice but to obey her and as I unzipped my pants and released my own erected dick Becca giggled softly looking down at me mockingly “It’s smaller than I thought” she said meanly.
Then she knelt in front of me and grabbing my puny cock she placed it along with hers. As she put my dick next to her rigid impressive member comparing them, she grabbed both of them using one of her big hands. I couldn’t believe that her mighty shecock was about three times the length of mine and about four or five times thicker!
“Look at this” she said laughing “mine is much bigger than yours daddy, look!” Becca enjoyed herself comparing our cocks together for long minutes measuring them with her hands and fingers as she made sure that I was completely humiliated and soiled by her cruel remarks.
Then, putting our members’ tips against each other, her glans looked bigger than a tennisball outsizing my much smaller one so easily that I blushed in shame, she covered mine almost completely with her fleshy foreskin. Becca laughed out loudly as it looked like her mighty massive shecock had just devoured my much smaller dick!
After this embarrassment, Becca placed her hung shecock on top of mine and I marveled myself sensing its heaviness and its hot smooth surface for some moments and then she began slapping my dick with hers brusquely. Making me flinch in pain and yelp every time her heavy enormous cock hit my much smaller one loudly, Becca chuckled and relished her superiority over me as her hung meat-pole dominated and hurted my own puny cock mercilessly over and over.
“This will be the natural way between us daddy” she said as she grabbed my cock and began rubbing it along with hers “as my cock is muuuch bigger than your puny little thing I’m gonna be the one who’s gonna do the fucking and you’ll be the one who’s gonna do the gagging and the screaming” she added looking at me intensely and licking her lips in anticipation.
I moaned enjoying her hand and her big cock on mine rubbing me dominantly as she kept talking “I’m gonna have your mouth tightly around my shecock and your nose pressed against my tummy night and day daddy, and I’ll have your ass too…” she continued making me shudder in fear and excitement.
“But I know you’ll end up loving it like you love being mom’s screaming slut” Becca said squeezing my cock and hers strongly “I’m tired of raping boys. I want a grown man capable of taking all I have to give… and I have a lots and lots to give daddy” she ended winking an eye at me and releasing my dick, she stood up in front of me.
“I know you want it daddy” she said licking her red sexy lips “C’mon give it a little kiss on the tip” she sighed as she began rubbing her shecock’s glans on my trembling lips smearing them with precum. I tried to refuse but she held the back of my head firmly with her other hand as she plastered the swollen head of her love-stick against my puckering lips.
As I didn’t want to be slapped again by her shecock, I had no choice but to obey my towering dominant stepdaughter and I began planting kisses on the silky smooth surface of her shecock’s head. Smiling broadly, Becca looked down at me and after letting me kiss her glans for a few moments, she pinched my nose shutting it completely and she began inserting her hung meat-pole inside my unwilling mouth.
“Open wide daddy, it’s time for your snack” she said merrily as inch after inch of her bulbous shecock’s head entered my mouth stretching my lips and filling me completely. I had no choice but to take it all of her swollen cock’s head as I struggled to catch some air.
She giggled softly as my cheeks bulged out and my lips were outstretched painfully around once she had me stuffed with the tip of her hung member.
“Suck it daddy, suck it like you suck mom’s!” she told me as she mercifully released my nose and I was able to breathe again. I began sucking her spongy head and she sighed pleased with my ministrations. I put my hands on her ample denim-clad buttcheeks and groped them as she giggled and enjoyed my mouth on her dominant shecock for several seconds.
“I knew you’re a natural shecock worshipper, daddy” she said moaning “All you need is to get used to my size and practice a lot. And I’ll see that you get all the practice that you need and more...” she added joyfully while I tried my best to please her.
I sucked my stepdaughter’s enormous shecock for several minutes as she pumped her impaling rod a few inches in an out of my mouth and made me swirl my tongue around tickling her glans many times too. I could feel her ample buttcheeks contract and shake over and over while she pumped her shecock as she sighed and panted above me.
“Make me cum daddy” she said huskily as I put my hands around her stiff love-stick and began rubbing it’s length rapidly. She put one of her hands on the top of my head as she watched me pump her mighty member until she exploded soaking my face with her plenty viscous load.
Becca sighed loudly as shot after shot from her throbbing member splashed against my face and big drops of her cum rolled and dropped from all over my forehead and face to the living room’s carpet.
I felt so used by this huge young princkazon while her hot cum covered my face and I knew that I couldn’t do anything to stop her as she was way too big and too strong for me to handle. Although I was a grown man and Becca a young teenager she was over a foot taller than me and probably more than 100 lb heavier. She liked to show her superiority taking things from me and holding them up with one of her hands at a height that I couldn’t get them back from her. She laughed at me loudly as she looked down at me and her big body dwarfed me. “Come on daddy jump!” she teased me as I tried to take my stuff from her vainly. One time she used a metric tape to measure one of her thick thighs and then laughing contentedly she measured my chest showing that one of her broad gams was way bigger around than my upper body!
“That was ok daddy” Becca said smiling down at my cum-soaked face “but I’m not satisfied at all. I want you to try all of my lollipop and I know that’s what you want too…” she ended as she turned around and bending over she pulled down her tight denim shorts completely.
As she bent over she displayed to my astounded cum-covered face her gorgeous mammoth ass and looking back at me, she smiled naughtily while she shook her hips from side to side making her buttcheeks tremble and jiggle alluringly. Despite the humiliation I had been through I began drooling staring at her massive and well-muscled buttocks as she gave me a hot show making her butt clap loudly.
“Kiss my tush daddy” she said and I complied obediently planting kisses all over the broad surface of her vast bottom. She chuckled amusedly as I pressed my lips on the smooth surface of her immense buttcheeks over and over for long minutes. I worshipped Becca’s butt enthusiastically as I worshipped her mother’s abundant firm bottom: licking and kissing all of her smooth butt flesh that I could and trying to wet it all with my saliva.
“Lick my asshole daddy” she told me parting her curvy asscheeks using her hands and showing me her tiny pink anus. As I began licking the tender wrinkled surface of her sphincter Becca giggled and moaned enjoying my tongue on her orifice.
While she shook her vast ass from side to side my tongue moved around her back entrance playfully making her sigh and pant loudly and her butthole began relaxing and opening little by little.
“Get it deeper daddy” she commanded as I began probing deeper and deeper with my tongue inside her hot tight rectum. When I was able to stick my whole tongue inside she clamped her back entrance tightly squeezing my tongue tightly several times. My nose was pressed closely on her sweaty asscrack as I wriggled and moved my tongue around inside her. She enjoyed my tongue in her loins for endless minutes and she began rubbing and jerking her hung shecock making it ready for her next assault on me.
Becca grabbed my ankles and pulling them roughly she moved my body downwards on the carpet until my head rested on the couch’s seat. Then, moving her mighty meat-stick backwards she placed its tip on my lips again.
“Open wider daddy” she told me huskily “this time I’m going to bury myself completely inside you…” she ended as she began shoving her thick, eager shecock through my distended mouth and down my throat relentlessly.
While all I could see were her plenty, jiggling meat-spheres trembling above me and her big shaved scrotum in front of me, my lips were stretched out painfully again as she pushed inch after inch of her hung stiff love-stick inside my mouth. I thrashed and wriggled beneath her as she took her time impaling me with her shecock and I felt my jaws almost dislocating and burning in pain. My throat was expanded agonizingly as her glans went through it crushing my uvula and tears began to flow from my bulging eyes.
Becca grabbed my neck squeezing it and feeling how her cock inflated it roughly. She giggled mischievously and kept moving down her mammoth ass and her cock on me while I suffered beneath her. I put my smallish hands on her succulent thighs trying to push her up but to no avail. She only giggled at my puny efforts and kept spearing me cruelly.
As her colossal butt got closer and closer to my face I quivered in pain being impaled by her thick invading rod.
It took her time but eventually Becca buried all of her meat-mastil inside me. Her big balls rested on my nose smothering me as she sighed and giggled looking back at me between her muscular thighs.
Putting her hands on her knees Becca began fucking my throat slowly and rhythmically moving her ass up and down making her curvy buttcheeks tremble and jiggle only inches above my stuffed face.
I lost all track of time as my dominant stepdaughter ravaged my mouth and throat in earnest. I closed my eyes in shame and sobbed in silence as she enjoyed herself feeling my throat enveloping tightly her hung shecock.
“Daddy your throat and my cock were made for each other” she sighed as she kept pumping merrily “it feels so tight and warm!”
“I know your ass will be better but this is just awesome, do you like it too daddy?” she asked me knowing that I wasn’t able to say a single word, completely filled by her hard throbbing invading member.
She moved her hips in circles making my head move along her impaling cock several times and she giggled mischievously seeing my head move around at her will and realizing how easily she could control my overwhelmed body.
As her balls hit my nose and forehead over and over Becca’s excitement grew more and more. Dominating my outsized body and raping my unwilling mouth drove her crazy with lust and desire as she increased the tempo and her big butt moved faster and faster over me.
Finally, Becca exploded deep inside me filling me to the rim with her copious hot load. She sighed and moaned in sheer pleasure as powerful shots from her pulsating shecock injected her seed into my helpless body.
She shoved her hung member completely inside me smothering me with her huge hanging balls as she savoired her climax groaning and panting for endless moments. All I could see were her huge curvy buttcheeks above me shaking and trembling and her dark asscrack as she finished ejaculating inside my throat and esophagus.
After a few more minutes of having her shecock completely buried inside me, Becca finally dislodged it from my insides and turning around she looked down at me with glowing eyes and smiling broadly
“That was great daddy” she said happily to me. I couldn’t close my mouth as it had been stretched out so badly that I wasn’t even able to say a word neither. She giggled at my disgrace and patted my head roughly with one of her hands.
“Poor daddy can’t say a word? Now its time for me to own your ass too daddy!” she added as she maneuvered my helpless body easily.
After pulling down my pants and underwear down to my ankles she placed me on all fours on the living room’s carpet while she sat at the couch behind me.
Becca wasted no time as she began poking my ass with her still erect eager shecock. I tried to move and escape from her but she kept me in place easily by grabbing my cock and balls and squeezing them painfully.
“Stay still daddy” she said lustily while I howled in pain “don’t move or I’ll squash your tiny balls to pulp!”
I had no choice as she kept her hand enclosing tightly my sore balls and dick and she used her other hand to force her hung shecock through my unwilling butthole.
After several attempts Becca finally shoved the engorged tip of her meat-pole inside my anus. I screamed in agony as she chuckled and moaned behind me.
“Don’t try to resist me daddy… it’d only be worst for you!” she said harshly as she began pushing more and more of her huge glans through my painfully distended sphincter.
Feeling her hard, impossible huge shecock going through my stretched ring little by little expanding my rectum and filling me completely where her mother didn’t reach made my eyes teary and my teeth screeched as the overwhelming pain invaded me and the friction seemed to burn my bowels to ashes.
But Becca wanted to fuck his daddy’s butt and there was no way I could stop her from ravaging my loins. The huge towering princkazon shoved inch after inch of her thick veiny member inside me relentlessly sticking me like a pig, while she enjoyed every second of my humiliation.
“Mmmh daddy, this is sooo good. Mom was right, your ass is still tight after all these years of fucking it” she said licking her lips and relishing the tight embrace of my bowels around her invading shecock “sooo good…” she added moaning while she pushed another inch inside making me groan in protest and quiver in pain.
She let go of my balls and cock and grabbing my hips tightly she began moving my body back towards hers impaling me more and more. She remained sitting comfortably on the couch’s edge while she maneuvered my body backwards little by little shoving more and more of her mighty shecock inside my battered bowels.
“Nooo, Becca Please, I can’t take no more!!” I screamed in agony but she only giggled cruelly behind me.
“Come on daddy take it like a grown man. I’ve fucked much younger boys and they don’t cry like you!” she said nonchalantly as another inch of her meat-stick invaded my rectum painfully.
“I know deep inside you’re enjoying this” she added while she dug her nails in my tender flesh, and I dug mine on the carpet, “I like it too… I like to hurt you and make you scream like the little slut you are daddy. Your ass feels so good…” she sighed as she kept pulling my body towards hers making me scream and wince in pain.
Finally, after endless excruciating minutes her big balls slapped against my much smaller ones as she was all the way inside my painfully expanded bowels. Becca slapped my ass harshly a couple of times and then, encircling my waist completely with her large amazonian hands she began moving me easily forwards and backwards on her mighty shecock fucking me roughly.
She fucked me at a slow pace enjoying the tightness of my bowels on her shecock making her balls smack against mine loudly. Shame, fear and pain overwhelmed me as my huge towering teen stepdaughter had her way with me and I was absolutely helpless against her. I heard her groans and sighs of pleasure behind me while tears of pain and humiliation rolled from my eyes to the carpet.
Impaled mercilessly I tried my best to endure the situation but Becca’s love efforts were too much for me to bear. My teeth screeched loudly and my nails dug deeper into the carpet as the excruciating friction burnt my insides.
After fucking me this way for several minutes, Becca lifted me from the floor without taking out her shecock and made me sit on it. While I quivered in pain and cried like a stuck pig, Becca rested comfortably on the couch and relished the tight embrace of my rectum on her impaling member in this new position.
Then, Becca grabbed my scrawny thighs and began moving me up and down on her engorged love-stick while she pumped her pelvis rhytmcally too, making me feel like a helpless puppet in her hands.
She shook my body roughly like a ragdoll moving me up and down at her will on her hung shaft while she bit my earlobe and sighed behind me. She rubbed her humongous tits on my back lustily while she kept saying words to my ear that made me blush and close my eyes in utter shame.
My arms and legs moved at all directions as I tried to brace myself and endure Becca’s assault the best that I could but she kept shaking me pushing her hard shecock into me so violently and deep that I panted and screamed in agonizing pain.
To make my humiliation even deeper, Becca began jerking my own cock, that despite all I had been through had stayed hard.
“You love this daddy, don’t you? I can see you do” she whispered into my ear lustily while squeezing and massaging my own puny cock “you love having me deep inside you, raping your ass… I know you do. Mom has told me how you cum every time she has you stuck in her shecock too, right mommy?” I opened my eyes and saw, to my dismay, my huge princkazon wife at the living room’s entrance watching us intensely. She was rubbing her own enormous shecock and licking her full sexy lips clearly enjoying my degradation at her daughter’s hands and shecock.
Despite being observed by my wife and having my stepdaughter’s invading cock ravaging my insides my excitement grew more and more and inexorably, I cummed splashing my tiny load in Becca’s hand while her mother got closer to us. Becca put her hand on my mouth making me clean my own cum from her sticky fingers.
Then, without saying a word, my wife shoved her huge swollen shecock inside my mouth stretching out my lips painfully while her daughter keep moving me up and down basting my insides with her stiff member. I was forced to suck my wife’s shecock while Becca expanded my bowels painfully over and over for long agonizing minutes.
Finally, Becca exploded inside me injecting shot after shot of her profuse load for a couple of minutes and her mother had me gagging on her cock, skull-fucking me relentlessly grabbing me by my ears painfully and burying herself into me until her huge balls slapped against my chin countless times. I looked up to see my wife’s beautiful face framed by her big full tits and all I could see was lust in her fiery beautiful eyes.
Several moments later my wife cummed too, inflating my belly with her seed, while Becca kept me sat on her still erect shecock.
“You look so cute with a cock inside your ass and a cock in your mouth” my wife said as she removed her huge meat-stick from my abused throat.
“From now on you’ll be our little fucktoy” she added as she rubbed her still rigid member on my face massaging it roughly “your only purpose in life will be to please Becca’s cock as you’ve pleased mine since we got married” she said stuffing my mouth with her big shaved balls.
“And if you ever complain I’m gonna spank you and leave your ass red and sore for a week!” she ended putting her hands on her waist and looking down at me dominantly. I nodded resignedly looking up at her face while still holding her cannon balls inside my mouth and massaging them with my tongue.
After this, Becca dismounted me from her shecock leaving my mistreated anus gaping and leaking her cum on the carpet. Both princkazons laughed cruelly at me as I tried to recover from Becca’s assault on my ass.
The rest of the evening Becca tried me in so many positions and places around the house that I lost count. Her mother gave her directions of how to use my outmatched body to increase her pleasure or degradate me even more, and some times she’d join us sticking her hung member inside my mouth or rubbing and stroking my face with it. My face got splashed several times with their loads making me look all glazed and shiny and some other times they’d made me swallow their combined seeds until I was filled to the rim and my belly bloated out painfully.
To my dismay the day ended with a last terrible humiliation. While I was on my knees in front of my mistresses I was told to open my mouth once more. Then, my wife got close to my trembling sticky cum-covered face placing the tip of her shecock between my lips and to my horror she began peeing inside. Her salty warm urine filled my mouth as I was ordered to keep my mouth open and take it all. I closed my eyes in shame as she kept peeing for at least a couple of minutes. Meanwhile Becca laughed loudly looking down at me taking all of her mother’s golden liquid.
When my wife was done she made me give her cock a last kiss and lick the last warm drops from her glans and slit. Then Becca approached me too holding her shecock with one hand and looking at me with hungry eyes.
Becca peed inside my mouth too splashing my cheeks and chin with big drops of her warm liquid. She peed for a longer time than her mother had as her bladder must’ve been full. She told me to look up at her while her salty pee filled my mouth and went through my throat and I complied subserviently. My gorgeous stepdaughter looked down at me dominantly with one hand on her waist and the other one holding her cock on my open wet lips while tears rolled from my eyes.
When Becca finally ended, their urine had filled me to the edge too. After my debasement I had to say thank you to Becca and her mother as they looked at me mockingly.
From that day on I became the sexual slave of my wife and my teen stepdaughter. They made me stay naked the whole day and I wasn’t allowed to clean their cum from my face whenever they facialized me. They liked to shower with me making me give them blowjobs and then they’d shower me with their golden liquids. Their loads became my food and their pee became all I could drink as they wouldn’t give me any food or water anymore.
During the nights they’d took turns using me to please their abundant succulent asses. They’d tie me securely in such way that my face was always buried deep inside one hot buttcrack. I had to lick, kiss and rim their buttholes or they’d squeeze my face painfully or smother me with their mammoth fleshy butts. I’d please Becca or my wife in this fashion until my tongue ached and they’d fell asleep peacefully and satisfied
The worst part was whenever they felt that I needed something else to eat besides their copious loads, they’d shove a whole chocolate candy bar inside their hot rectums and after a few moments of warming it up, they’d make me eat the semi-melt fudge directly from their sticky assholes. I had to part widely their rounded meaty buttcheeks and lick and eat the warm chocolate bar little by little as they literally crapped it out into my mouth. I had to stick my tongue completely inside licking the last remains of the fudge from their gaping sphincters and rectum’s walls for long humiliating minutes while they giggled and relished my degradation. To make sure that I had eaten all of the fudge they’d stick a finger inside their buttholes and after moving it around for sometime they’d make me lick it until I got it completely covered with my saliva.
And so, my life as a deadbeat continued, but now I’d become the cock servant of two horny towering princkazons who enjoyed using and abusing my mouth and butt night and day, and although it was painful and degrading, I got free, plenty, white viscous meals several times every day and all the warm salty water that I could possibly drink!


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