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viernes, 17 de mayo de 2013


By Ramvo

Claudia held me inside her warm giant hand while she was preparing her webcam and her laptop in order to start with her online domination session using me as her toy. She had me already naked as she'd shrunk me down to five inches too. She was wearing only a tiny white g-string and a matching bra. This beautiful amazon was in her early twenties and her voluptuous latina figure was mesmerizing and imposing at the same time. Her most remarkable asset was her big, fully rounded, jiggling Brazilian booty, as well as a pair of huge, melon-sized breasts. Her skin was sun-tanned, and her long shiny black hair fell past her shoulders and down to the middle of her luscious back. Her legs were classic female Brazilian legs too: meaty, massive and well-toned, but not overdone as they looked feminine and very appealing. Her face was gorgeous as it displayed a mixed combination of races and heritage: from European to African as well as Brazilian native Indian features. Her lips were fleshy and sexy, her nose was cute and smallish and her eyes were beautiful and hazel blue-colored.
She set her laptop on a little desk in her bedroom and once she made sure we’re broadcasting live, she began talking to the webcam on top of her laptop merrily.
“Hi everybody, It’s me Claudia, your Brazilian giantess domina again” she said smiling to her online followers “today I’m gonna use this little man for my pleasure” she said showing my imprisoned body inside her hand for the camera and licking her sexy red lips “I’m gonna use him in my pussy and ass, but first I’m gonna play with him a little. You’ll hear him cry for mercy several times, ‘cos you know I like to play rough. But remember that all of what’s gonna happen is consensual, and that this little worm is more than happy to become my plaything for me to use and abuse as I fancy” she ended, winking an eye to her online audience.
Then, she held me by my tiny wrists using only a couple of her long fingers and she began licking my naked body entirely. Claudia made sure that only her face and my minuscule body were displayed on the computer’s screen as her huge tongue went all over my skin soaking me in her warm saliva. Feeling her big, soft, warm tongue all over my body rubbing and caressing me thoroughly, made me so excited that soon I had a raging erection. Noticing this, she toyed with my erected cock and balls using the tip of her tongue and chuckling playfully as she spoke to the camera.
“See… I told you he was gonna enjoy his domination too” she said mischievously to the webcam and she kept moving her tongue in tight circles on my crotch. Inexorably, after only a couple of minutes of her ministrations on my cock, I cummed, staining the tip of her pink tongue with my load. She showed to the camera the tiny spot of my cum on her tongue and then giggling playfully she gulped it down.
“I couldn’t even taste it” she said laughing and showing her clean tongue to the online audience. Then, she took my trembling body and opening her mouth she put me inside along her teeth. She held me strongly with her perfect white teeth biting me lightly as I quivered in fear and pain. She smiled to her audience as she used her hands to take off her tight bra while holding me in her mouth using only her teeth.
After removing her bra from her luscious breasts, she took me out from her mouth showing my naked body to the webcam. There were visible marks of her teeth all over my skin! Then, she let her enormous breasts spill on the desk’s surface in front of her laptop. She placed me under one of her mammoth tits and held me down easily just with its weight. I was flattened on the cold surface by only one her humongous breasts as she giggled playfully showing my tiny helpless body trapped beneath the warm skin of her tit. Only my head could be seen through the webcam, as the rest of my body was covered by layers of layers of succulent but crushing tit flesh.
She played with me, keeping me trapped under her succulent tit and making remarks of how I couldn’t escape from under it. I tried to lift it with all my might but to no avail, as it crushed down on me mercilessly, making my breathing more and more difficult.
“You’re weaker than I thought” she said mocking me “only one of my tits is more than your puny body can handle… Come on worm, try harder!” She toyed with my overwhelmed body for several moments lifting her heavy tit a little and then letting it fall heavily on my powerless body over and over. Every time she did this the air from my lungs was expelled violently as she laughed at my helplessness.
Then, she released my flattened body from under her tit and held my head close to one of her pink erect nipples.
“Suck it!” she commanded and I was happy to oblige as I was able to breathe normally again.
I sucked, nibbled and licked all the flesh of Claudia’s dark full nipple that I could like a starving man. I also used my tiny hands to grab and rub all of her mammoth tit in front of me as she sighed pleased with my ministrations.
After enjoying my tiny mouth and hands on her tit for some minutes, Claudia moved me to her other engorged nipple. She let me play with her other tit as well for a couple of minutes, looking down at me and smiling broadly for her audience.
Then, she took a small bottle out from one of the desk’s drawers and putting me on the palm of one of her huge hands, she poured the bottle’s content on my body. After soaking me completely with the viscous substance, she stood up showing her remarkable meaty thighs to the camera. She put one of her feet on the chair she was sitting on, displaying her thick, succulent thigh to the webcam and then she used my body to rub the soft, smooth skin of her tanned gam thoroughly. She massaged my tiny body tightly on her powerful thigh making sure that no spot of her perfect skin was left without oil. She wasn’t satisfied until all of her delicious thigh and calf were thoroughly oiled and shiny. Then, she lifted her other Amazonian leg and pouring more oil on me she used me in the same way on it. I got so excited and amazed as she used me to oil her luscious legs over and over that my dick was erect again! Her skin was so soft and feminine but her muscles felt so toned and mighty beneath it that I was literally drooling on her legs’ surface and my tiny erect cock spilled some precum on them too.
After several minutes of using my willing body to oil both of her meaty, luscious thighs and calves, Claudia placed me in front of her laptop and turning around she displayed to me, and to her online fans, her vast, perfectly rounded buttcheeks. She giggled playfully as she made her huge, suntanned moon-halves jiggle and clap as she shook her wide hips sexily. Her tiny g-string was literally devoured inside her dark asscrack as she kept giving me and her audience a hot exciting show. She contracted her wonderfully rounded buttocks too, together and one at a time several times, as she proudly demonstrated the tight firmness and superb muscle control of her massive, inviting bottom.
After her little show, she grabbed me and oiling my body again she used me to massage and rub her mighty muscled asscheeks. She moved my willing body on the vast expense of her succulent bottom in circles caressing her glorious booty, while I was in bottom lovers’ heaven!
Giggling playfully she squashed my body between her hand and the soft, smooth surface of her magnificent rump for several minutes until it was well-oiled and shiny too. She held me by my ankles and made me move on the perfect curvature of her buttocks, between her gluteus and her thighs several times. Claudia delighted herself watching my tiny frame on her big rounded cheeks holding me upside down as she moved my body up and down on her curvy behind. I felt so minuscule and helpless as my whole body was used on Claudia’s mighty butt but I was excited at the same time just by being rubbed and stroked on her lavish, succulent warm ass flesh over and over.
She put me along the lower part of one of her beefy buns, between her cheek and her upper thigh, and moving backwards her leg she crushed my body powerfully. I screamed in agony as she kept moving backwards her mighty thigh and I was stuffed in the middle of a delicious but squashing feminine meat sandwich. It felt like my body was placed inside a huge fleshpress, compressing and flattening me mercilessly, and I was too scrawny to stop it or escape from it. The pressure on my body was excruciating every time she lifted her mammoth leg behind her as she kept the upper part of her leg and the lower part of her buttcheek squashing me for several seconds while I was held tightly and barely able to breathe. Meanwhile, Claudia chuckled and delighted herself enjoying the view of my little body being literally mashed between her thigh and buttcheek on her laptop’s screen.
She moved me to her other asscheek and did the same as she dominated me only by using her huge strong muscles to squeeze my battered body harshly. I was so exhausted now that I could only groan in pain every time I was squashed between her mighty amazonian muscles. But despite the agonizing pressure on me, her skin felt so silky and smooth around me that I was marveled that such sexy luscious asscheeks and thighs could exert that amount of pain on me too.
After dominating my body with her mammoth juicy buttcheeks and thighs as long as it pleased her, Claudia placed my crushed body inside her deep dark buttcrack. She held me captive between her g-string and her warm crack tightly as she bent showing to the camera my butt-imprisoned body. I felt like I had been devoured by her huge booty as my body was kept strongly in place by the lacy g-string. Buried alive beneath countless layers of sexy female ass flesh, darkness surrounded me and her scent filled my lungs.
Giggling playfully, my gigantic tormentor parted her buttcheeks widely using her hands displaying my trapped, motionless body as she shook her wide hips sexily from side to side. My trapped body was moved and shaken powerfully as she released her cheeks and began clapping them for her audience again. The sound was overwhelming and deafening, as her huge, flesh semi-spheres hit each other powerfully on my trapped helpless body. I screamed begging her to stop but my voice was completely muffled by the powerful clapping sound of her gigantic buttcheeks colliding with each other.
She kept clapping her mammoth buttcheeks for a couple of minutes more, that seemed like hours to me, and then mercifully she set me free from her enveloping asscrack putting me on the desk’s surface.
I was dizzy and felt sick as I sat on the desk trying to recover from this rough ride while Claudia removed her g-string from her awesome amazonian body.
After getting completely naked, Claudia wanted to play with me using her huge booty for more time.
“Lie down on the desk… place your feet towards me” she told me as I obeyed her submissively. Then, she sat on my tiny frame spreading widely her asscheeks. Hot darkness surrounded me again as I was buried alive inside her warm crack once more. A few seconds later I felt how she released her cheeks around me trapping me completely. Then, she stood up from the desk holding me tightly inside her crack using only her muscular buttocks. Claudia laughed loudly as she saw on the screen her huge rounded butt and no sign of my tiny being, as my body had been entirely devoured deeply inside her asscrack. She moved a couple of her fingers along her crack making sure that I was buried inside as deep as possible, held captive by her vast muscular semi-spheres. Then, she enjoyed herself contracting her powerful cheeks on me, squeezing my poor body over and over.
I tried to scream again as I was in agony one more time between her mammoth beefy cheeks. Eaten alive inside her dark hungry asscrack I thrashed and fought with all my might but her meaty buttocks embraced my body so tightly that I couldn’t even move my arms or legs. I felt like I was going to pass out again as her mighty ass muscles squashed my bones and flesh roughly for endless minutes.
Mercifully, she relaxed her butt muscles and parting her asscheeks she released my mistreated body. I lied exhausted on the desk’s surface for several seconds as she giggled from above looking down pitifully at her battered living toy.
After letting me recover for a couple of minutes, Claudia turned around and stood naked in front of me as her huge shaved pussy was all that I could see. She spread her fleshy labia with a couple of fingers and I was able to see the dark pink walls of her glistening, inviting vagina just inches from my astounded and overwhelmed being.
“Time to worship some pussy” she said to me lustily as she grabbed my trembling body and began grinding me against her fleshy pussy lips. She made sure that the webcam was broadcasting my tiny body being rubbed and massaged against her huge wet pussy as her thick fluids began to cover my body. My whole body got enveloped by her huge labia as she used a couple of fingers to keep my body in tight contact with her crotch. She moved me up and down along the wet opening of her pussy making sure that all of my skin was kissed by her moist vagina, soaking me in her juices during the process.
Claudia sighed in pleasure as she grinded my head and face against her clit getting more and more excited. I was barely breathing as her fluids covered my face and her tender flesh smothered me relentlessly.
Then, she moved me away from her tender pussy a little bit and using her other hand she parted her pussy lips widely, showing me and the online audience the hungry dark-pink canal of her vagina.
“Crawl inside toyboy” she said excitedly as a looked terrified, at the seemingly bottomless dark passage between her pussy lips.
I approached her opening slowly, and as I got closer and closer to it, fear invaded me. I began to move inside her flesh cavern little by little as Claudia moaned and panted. Darkness enveloped me as I moved inside up to my shoulders, I was able to breathe despite the humidity and tightness of her canal but I hesitated and stayed still.
But she wasn’t satisfied at all as she grabbed my hips tightly and pushed me deeper into her body. The horny giantess didn’t stop until only my feet could be seen outside her engorged pussy lips. Completely overwhelmed, I was devoured by her hot enveloping cunt as she pushed me relentlessly inside her loins. She enjoyed herself feeling my frantic movements inside her tight canal as she displayed to the webcam my tiny body eaten alive down to my ankles by her moist glistening vagina. Surrounded by a hot, damp, darkness I thrashed, screamed and fought with all my force inside her fleshy walls trying to escape but to no avail, as she only relished my struggles inside her gargantuan body. Breathing was getting more and more difficult for me as her juices began to flow abundantly bathing my body wholly.
She showed my shaking feet sticking out of her hungry pussy to her online followers, as I tried desperately to escape from the tight embrace of her vagina. The beautiful latina giantess delighted herself crushing my body with her mighty muscles making me move and shake even more frantically inside her pussy canal.
“I can make my toy move inside me at my will only by squashing him with my pussy muscles” she said giggling to the webcam “can you see his tiny feet thrashing around? That’s because I’m crushing him right now” she added, opening her pussy lips widely with a couple of fingers for her followers, as she flattened my body with her meaty pussy walls cruelly. I screamed in agony as the air inside my lungs was forced outside my body powerfully time after time she contracted her pussy muscles on me.
She enjoyed my movements inside her pussy for several seconds more crushing me viciously, and then grabbing my ankles tightly she began to move me in and out her vagina fucking herself using me as a living dildo.
Moving my outmatched body easily in and out her wet pussy, Claudia showed no mercy as I was only a sex toy for her to enjoy whenever she wanted. Luckily, I was already drenched in her juices as the friction was bearable while she maneuvered me faster and faster in and out of her hot, flesh cave. Then, she began moving me in tight circles deeply inside her cunt too, as she licked her lips and panted feeling her excitement grow and grow. She made my body move upwards many times too caressing and rubbing her g-spot with my head and face.
Finally after long minutes of using my entire body to stimulate and rub her pussy walls and g-spot, Claudia reached an orgasm screaming in ecstasy, while she shoved me completely inside her devouring cunt. I was shaken and squashed terribly as wave after wave of pleasure went through her colossal body. Her grip on me was so tight and the heat had become unbearable as I tried to breathe and survive inside her crushing, pussy canal for long minutes.
Some minutes later I was almost unconscious as I was pushed outside her body by her mighty, vaginal muscles. The cold outer air embraced me, waking me up while I lied on the desk breathing desperately and soaked in her fluids.
She made the webcam zoom in, showing my tattered body completely covered by her pussy juices to her followers. As I tried to recover from her assault she spoke to the webcam.
“This toyboy was so much fun inside my pussy that I think I’ll keep him as my dildo from now on” she said smiling broadly “but now it’s time for him to go spelunking” she ended, winking an eye for her audience.
Claudia turned around again displaying her colossal meaty ass for me and her followers one more time. Despite all I’ve been through, I stared mesmerized and excited at the huge succulent buttcheeks jiggling and trembling above me once more. She opened her vast firm cheeks with her hands showing me and her followers her tight puckering anus. She poured some oil on one of her hands and she began to spread it all over the vast expense of her glorious, mammoth butt. Her shiny perfectly rounded ass looked so hot and inviting, that I got an erection just by looking how she rubbed and massaged her meaty, firm, tanned moon-halves oiling her rump completely. She stuck one of her middle fingers through her asscrack oiling it thoroughly too and then, she began to insert the tip of her finger into her anus distending it little by little. As she pushed more and more of her finger inside her tight sphincter she began to move it around in tight circles, making sure that her butthole would be relaxed and lubed enough to devour me.
After a couple of minutes of lubing and relaxing her sphincter, she grabbed my body with her other hand and giggling mischievously she oiled me using the same finger that had been inside her asshole. She specially rubbed my surprised face, smearing it completely with lube.
“Lick!” she ordered me, as I complied licking and tasting the oil from the tip of the finger she had just shoved inside her anus. She chuckled naughtily at me as I cleaned the surface of her finger’s tip with my tiny tongue until it was oil free.
Soaked with the oil and her anal juices I was trembling in fear as I was fully aware of what was in store for me!
But Claudia didn’t want to just shove me inside her rectum. She pulled a string of white spherical beads from a drawer and while she held me inside her fist she turned around and began shoving the little white plastic spheres into her well oiled and distended anus. I stared, astounded and excited at the same time, how her hungry sphincter devoured one by one the string of beads until only one of them remained outside her gigantic booty.
“Pull’em out toy” she told me as she placed me on the desk in front of her buttcrack. She opened her buttcheeks widely using her hands and bending lightly she presented her crack to me and her online followers. Claudia closed her eyes and licked her lips in anticipation waiting for me to pull the beads out from her stuffed rectum.
I approached her oily butthole as I had no choice but to obey my gargantuan mistress. As I held the bead that had stayed outside her body and began pulling she squeezed her sphincter making my task even more difficult and humiliating. I pulled with all my might trying my best to take out the first bead but I was completely powerless as her muscle ring was too strong for me!
“Come on worm, try harder. Pull those beads out of my butt. I can’t believe that you can’t even put up a fight with my asshole!” she said giggling and mocking me. I tried even harder but the slippery bead’s surface and the power of her clamping sphincter made my job impossible. After a couple of minutes of struggling I was sweating profusely as I tried in vain to pull the bead-string from inside her loins. She laughed amusedly looking back at me while holding her meaty cheeks open wide with her hands.
Noticing how powerless I was, even against her butthole, she thankfully relaxed her muscles a little as I was able to pull bit by bit the bead-string from her relaxing anus.
Little by little the first bead appeared framed by her pink anus and Claudia moaned joyfully as it left her body with an audible “plop” sound.
“Take that bead and keep pulling toy” she ordered me. I had to hold the bead that had just been inside her anus with my already oily hands and start pulling the string out of her dominating sphincter again. It was hot and even more slippery than the other one, but I held it as tight as I could and kept pulling.
It took me several minutes, but I was able to pull out the entire string of anal beads from her tight butthole. Every time a bead left Claudia’s anus she sighed relishing the delicious feelings in her butthole and rectum and I had to grab the same bead that had just left her hot sphincter and pull again. I lost count but there were about eight or ten white spherical beads warm and oily, lying on the desk and around me.
When I finished my task, Claudia turned around and giggling madly she grabbed me and wrapped my exhausted body using the anal beads. I struggled in vain as she held me tightly inside her hand as she enveloped my outmatched body completely with the spherical oily beads.
She showed me to the webcam holding me tightly in her fist as the warm, oily bead-string was coiled around my helpless being.
She held me like this for the camera for several seconds giggling mischievously showing how helpless I was in her hands. I felt so soiled and helpless that I closed my eyes in shame as she displayed my humiliated bead-trapped body to her online fans.
After displaying my bead wrapped body for several seconds to her fans, she took out more stuff from one of her drawers. I could see that it was a big black dildo and that it was attached to a square flat surface. She unwrapped my body and to my disgrace she made me kiss and lick all the anal beads! She looked down at me with a cruel mocking smile on her beautiful face as she placed the beads in front of my ashamed face and I had to press my lips on their greasy warm surface and then lick them one by one too.
After this humiliation Claudia used a flimsy thread to tie me tightly on the dildo. She placed my back on the dildo’s surface, as I noticed that it was about and inch larger than my smallish body, and then grabbing my tiny hands she put them behind me and proceeded to tied them together securely. After she had made sure that I was completely immobilized on the dildo she placed me on the desk’s surface in front of her webcam. Turning around, Claudia showed her astounding massive ass to me and her followers again.
She parted her asscheeks widely and giggling naughtily she began to descend on me and the dildo. I screamed in vain as her humongous full bottom above began to move down on me little by little. Once she felt the tip of the dildo on her back entrance, Claudia wasted no time as her oily hot sphincter devoured the dildo and my imprisoned body inch after inch.
My head passed through her distended anus without much trouble as hot darkness surrounded me and her rectum walls closed tightly around me. I struggled with all my force but I just couldn’t untie my hands while my body was been eaten alive by her hungry butthole. Breathing was very difficult as my face, and then my whole body, was rubbed, massaged and kissed by her hot intestine walls.
Meanwhile, Claudia closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure relishing her tiny toys being devoured by her hungry sphincter and shoved deeply into her bowels. It took her only several seconds to have me and the dildo completely inside her tight enveloping rectum as I was already oiled up and her sphincter was relaxed and well lubed too.
Once she had sat her immense rump completely on the desk’s surface, she released her rounded muscular buttcheeks and began moving her wide hips up and down on the dildo and my trapped feeble body. I felt like I was lodged inside a hot, damp living furnace as her bowels moved up and down around me powerfully.
The webcam behind her showed her huge curvy inviting ass shaking and trembling as she fucked her butthole using me and her dildo. Claudia put her hands on her thighs as she focused all of her force on her hips going up and down on the dildo and my body wildly. While I was roughly rubbed and massaged against her thick, hot rectum walls pleasing her I felt like I was going to pass out in any moment as the friction, the hot damp environment and her drowning juices worn me out little by little.
The latina giantess shook her hips from side to side and moved them in tight circles on me and the dildo trying to feel and enjoy as much as she could of her tiny anal toys deeply lodged inside her. She sighed and panted excitedly as pleasure grew inside her loins inexorably.
She lifted her big frame from the desk and using one of her hands she began moving in and out of her butthole the dildo and myself roughly. She bent forwards a little and using her other hand to spread her curvy butt she moved her dildo and my helpless body in tight circles around her distended anus as she kept stimulating her sphincter and her rectum for long agonizing minutes.
I was shaken, squashed and pushed roughly in and out of her hot scented sphincter as I was nothing but a pleasure anal plaything for my lusty gigantic mistress. As I tried to scream for help, my mouth got filled with her hot anal fluids and oil and I had no choice but to endure this situation with my mouth as shut as I could!
Finally, after many endless unbearable moments of using me to please her anus and rectum painstakingly, Claudia reached an anal orgasm. Her rectum walls closed even tighter on me as the air in my lungs was pushed outside powerfully. She sighed and moaned as her intestines held me captive for several seconds, squashing my body mercilessly, and waves of pleasure ran through her huge trembling body.
After enjoying her anal climax for a few more minutes, moaning and rubbing her meaty asscheeks, my gigantic mistress dislodged me from her hot insides. I felt like a mistreated rag doll as she untied me from the sticky dildo. Her juices had soaked me completely and I looked shiny and battered as she displayed me to her webcam. Claudia smiled mischievously to the camera as she held my worn out body by my wrists with a couple of her fingers, showing me proudly and satisfied to her followers. She shook my inert soiled body from side to side playfully as she giggled and talked to the camera.
“This little man was born to be my living anal toy… He felt so good and wiggly inside my butthole, that I’m gonna have to keep him deep inside my bowels for a long time… and many times!” she said winking an eye and licking her fleshy lips.
“I think he’s rested enough. Now I’m gonna show him how Brazilian girls dance” she ended and turning around she displayed her astounding ass to her webcam again. Parting her buttcheeks using one hand she began shoving me inside her anus with the other one, one more time. She inserted my body easily into her devouring anus feet-first now, as I was too tired to even groan in protest.
Claudia pushed me inside her butthole up to my chest, leaving my arms and head dangling freely from her clamping sphincter. She opened her ass widely and giggling mischievously she shook her hips from side to side showing my tiny body being moved along her magnificent behind.
Then, she turned around and put some music using her laptop. The Brazilian funk rhythm began playing through the laptop as my giant mistress danced and shook her inviting hips sexily.
She danced in front of her webcam parting her buttcheeks and showing my dangling body as I was shaken and moved by her gigantic ass in all directions. While my minuscule body hanged from her ass, half-eaten by her sphincter, Claudia enjoyed herself dancing and sauntering around her bedroom showing her dancing skills to her followers.
Bending over she made her amazonian curvy bottom move up and down and side to side sexily dancing to the music and giving me an unbearable powerful ride. Then, she clapped her buttocks powerfully hitting me with her perfect flesh spheres over and over knocking the air out of me and squashing me harshly.
Claudia put her knees on the chair’s seat in front of her desk as she shook her wide hips from side to side showing my half-eaten body to her online followers. She looked back at the laptop’s screen as she giggled mischievously watching how my body dangled from her asscrack devoured up to my chest by her enclosing anus. She enjoyed herself closing her sphincter powerfully around my chest several times seeing how I groaned in pain and tried to escape from its tight embrace helplessly.
For several minutes I dangled helplessly from Claudia’s behind as she danced and walked around as she moved her hips to the music. I felt so humiliated and soiled again as I could do nothing to stop her from shaking my overwhelmed body at her will. She clamped her sphincter tightly on me making me groan as she continued dancing joyfully for endless minutes.
When the music finally ended she put the tip of one finger on the top of my head and pushed me inside her hot rectum until only my tiny hands could be seen outside of her butt, framed by her puckering sphincter.
She made her mighty buttcheeks clap as she held me captive, deeply inside her hungry anus. She parted her moon-halves widely again displaying her asscrack and my minuscule hands to her online fans.
Finally, I was wholly swallowed by Claudia’s butthole as she used only her rectum walls to suck my trembling hands in with a “slurp” sound. I was completely powerless and immobilized as it felt like a huge animal had just eaten me alive and the hot muscular walls contracted mightily around me shoving me inside her body deeper and deeper.
Smiling satisfied, Claudia shoved one of her fingers into her closed anus making sure that I was been deeply lodged within her loins. Then, she let her succulent buttcheeks close as I was buried alive inside her bowels.
Turning around, Claudia waved goodbye to the camera as the image faded away and I was been held captive, helplessly trapped deep inside the hot, damp, enveloping intestines of my gorgeous, gigantic latina mistress.


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