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viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013



By Ramvo

Ron arrived at his girlfriend’s house about 3 pm for her birthday party. The 25 year old guy was nervous and excited because his much younger teen girlfriend, Wendy had asked him something quite embarrassing for her 15th birthday… she said that she wanted his ass!! 

He still remembered the first time he met his girlfriend Wendy. The young teen was simply beautiful, her hair was long and blonde and her eyes hazel blue, but she was huge too. She had two be about two feet taller than Ron as his face was at the same eight of her humongous tits. But what had enthralled him more about her were her thick meaty thighs and her perfectly rounded ample butt. Since the first moment he saw her, Ron had fallen in love with Wendy’s abundant endowments, and he didn’t mind anymore if he had to take all of her incredibly long and thick-as-a-can shecock through his lips and down his throat to make his voluptuous and dominant princkazon girlfriend happy.

He used to grab one of her mammoth thighs tightly and stroke it tenderly while Wendy rubbed her enormous shecock on his face. Her thighs were so meaty and vast that just one of them was bigger around than his own puny chest. And her skin felt so smooth, juvenile and silky that he couldn’t help having a raging boner every time he hugged one of her thighs despite having her huge princk lodged down his throat. The young princkazon let her much smaller boyfriend enjoy thoroughly her sexy powerful gams, while she enjoyed making him suck and lick her engorged meat-stick. She also liked to have Ron between her powerful legs, compressing his body in a tight body scissor, while she plastered her big hairless balls on his sweaty face. She enjoyed crushing his ribs and midsection with her meaty thighs making the small guy scream, but muffling his cries for mercy with her big scrotum.

Wendy liked to sit on his face too, sometimes riding it for several minutes enjoying his nose on her tight pink anus and her big turgent balls, and other times, Ron would be told to lick and kiss her butthole while the teen princkazon jerked her member dripping precum all over her subdued boyfriend’s chest and abdomen. Wendy’s ass was so vast and her crack so deep that Ron’s face always got completely engulfed between her massive asscheeks every time she sat on his face. And his tongue always ended up sore and tired after rimming and licking Wendy’s butthole for long and suffocating minutes. But Ron didn’t complain as he had the chance to massage and rub Wendy’s magnificent derriere for long minutes too. The little man liked to grope and spank her plentiful ass, marveling himself of the firmness and muscularity of her awesome behind and the silky touch of her skin, while his tongue dived deeply inside her rectum making her moan and sigh in sheer pleasure.

She liked how small he looked compared to her and he liked it too, feeling completely overmatched by his younger but much stronger and taller girlfriend. She also liked when he sucked her engorged nipples while giving her a handjob. She used to have him completely naked sitting astride one of her big thighs with his mouth sucking and nibbling one of her tits and holding and massaging her erect shecock with one of his smallish hands. She’d bounce her powerful leg up and down rhythmically giving him a hot pony ride while she’d squeeze and jerk his much smaller cock too. Ron enjoyed these pony rides so much, feeling the direct contact of his nude skin with Wendy’s delicious leg, that he’d cum inside her hand after just a few minutes of being moved up and down playfully by her well-muscled thigh. And he didn’t mind that Wendy made him lick his own semen from her big hand after cumming this way. She just giggled, looking at her tiny boyfriend lick her hand clean while she kept the other one on one of his outsized hands making him rub and jerk her own love-stick. 

Other times she liked to grab his cock and putting it along her much bigger one, she’d rub them together making him moan in pleasure while subduing him with her beefy one-eyed monster. Looking at her huge shecock side by side with his own always made him shudder in excitement and fear… her member was simply colossal. Wendy’s shecock had to be more than two times the length of his own dickie and much more thicker, and he had to use both of his hands to hold it completely when he was asked to give her a handjob! 

She’d playfully slap his overmatched cock with her meat-mastil making him wince in pain. She did this not to hurt him, she just liked to show him who was in charge making him feel the girth and weight of her monster shecock on his defeated dick. Then, she’d squeeze both of their cocks together strongly making him feel how powerful and unyielding her engorged member was compared to his. The beautiful blonde liked to keep eye contact with Ron all the time she dominated him showing the superiority of her mighty shecock.

“Do you like my shecock Ronnie?” she liked to ask him while rubbing both of their members together “do you like how it feels on your tiny pecker? It’s so much bigger and thicker than yours… This is a real cock not your scrawny, little piece of meat” she teased him while he moaned enjoying the friction between her huge piece of meat and his scrawny penis, and feeling completely overwhelmed and outmatched.

“Yesss… I love your cock. It is so big!… I love it!” he’d say and then she’d kiss him sweetly on his lips feeling pleased by his submission.

“I know you do little man” she’d say “and my big cock loves you too…”

Ron would inevitably cum on Wendy’s large member after being stroked and squeezed powerfully by her, and then he knew that he had to pay her for this, taking her monstrous member inside his mouth until her copious load filled him to the rim. He always marveled himself how small his hands looked on her shecock, as he had to use both of them to encircle it completely, and after blowing and swallowing all of Wendy’s abundant cum he wouldn’t feel hungry after many hours!

“Take down your protein baby… you have to be in top condition to keep pleasing me and take care of my big, beefy cock” the horny teen amazon said to her cum-filled boyfriend every time she shot her load through his distended lips.

She always made him kiss and lick her love-stick tenderly before shoving it through his lips distending them painfully. He also had to lick and kiss her huge hairless balls making his teen mistress moan softly. Then, he had to open his mouth completely in order to take her glans inside and his cheeks bulged making him look like a squirrel that had eaten too many nuts. Wendy liked to put one of her amazonian hands on the top of his head keeping him firmly in place while he sucked and licked her cock’s swollen tip.

“Suck Ronnie, suck” she’d say while he rubbed her member with both hands and applied suction on her glans. Her tits were so huge that he couldn’t see Wendy’s face while he stayed between her thick thighs blowing her. But he felt her hands caressing and messing his hair while she moaned and panted enjoying his ministrations.

But after a couple of minutes, Wendy would always make him take more and more of her invading shecock inside. She’d place one of her strong hands on the back of his head and she’d start pushing more and more of her huge meat-rod through his distended lips making him gag inevitably and outstretching his jaws painfully. But Wendy had trained her toyboy well (and he’d been trained countless times since the first time the young princkazon parted his lips roughly with her swollen glans!). He couldn’t believe that he was able to take all of her thick monster inside, but when his nose got pressed tightly against her soft, warm tummy and her big balls rested against his chin, he knew she was all the way inside him!

She liked to keep her fleshy love-stick buried past his throat a few moments just relishing its tight embrace plastering his nose against her lower abdomen forcefully, and then she’d skull-fuck him in earnest for several minutes until erupting inside his esophagus and filling him to the edge. Despite the pain and the air deprivation, Ron enjoyed groping Wendy’s massive asscheeks feeling them shake and push powerfully while she ravaged his mouth and throat for endless minutes. While her nutsack slapped his chin rapidly, he rubbed and squeezed his towering mistress’ moon-halves feeling their smoothness and firmness. Wendy’s perfectly rounded, firm and big ass mesmerized and seduced Ron to the point that he didn’t care that she had a cock much bigger than his, and that he had to suck and worship it every day. He knew that after pleasing her hefty member she’d let him caress and worship her mammoth bottom too. 

Some times, after shooting her abundant cum inside his loins she’d turn around and made him kiss and lick her lavish buttcheeks for a while, then he had to rim her tight puckering asshole until her shecock was hard and ready to be worshipped again. The huge teen princkazon always shuddered in sheer pleasure feeling Ron’s wiggling tongue probing deeper and deeper inside her hot rectum and she liked to squeeze it playfully with her tight muscle ring while he moved it inside her bowels. 

She also liked to shove one of her big balls inside his wet mouth while she stroked her member getting it ready for another blowjob. At first she tried to feed him both of her cum-filled testicles, but it was simply impossible for him and she had to alternate her balls inside his mouth one at a time.

Wendy’s parents were quite liberal as her mom was a huge towering shecock goddess too, and her dad was a smallish shecock-loving male just like Ron, and they didn’t mind seeing their teenage princkazon daughter receiving a sloppy blowjob from her naked, older but outisized boyfriend in their living room. At first Ron felt ashamed when they’d ask him to stay for dinner having his face glazed by Wendy’s cum, but after a few days he’d feel comfortable sharing their food while thick drops of their daughter’s load rolled on his cheeks and fell from his face to his plate. Wendy’d always spray her semen all over his face when he stayed for dinner as she didn’t want to make him feel full and satisfied before eating.

“Doesn’t he look cute?” she’d ask her parents joyfully showing her subdued boyfriend’s face, and most of his hair, completely covered by her abundant load. 

As time passed by, Wendy began groping and squeezing Ron’s ass more and more often. She’d even insert the tip of one of her fingers inside his ass taking him aback while they’re making out. She also began sitting her boyfriend on her clothed crotch making him feel her hard, engorged member through her flimsy and bulging underwear pocking his ass while they’re having dinner. She also liked to grab his hips, encircling his waist completely with her big hands, and move him around on her erect shecock making him give her a lapdance while rubbing her big tits on his nude back.

“Do you like this Ronnie?” she’d ask him teasingly while rubbing her swollen shecock with his skinny bottom “I know you do… look at you tiny dickie” she said giggling and pointing at his erect cock. He always felt so used when she moved him effortlessly on her crotch this way, but at the same time he had a raging bonner as his submissive nature took over making him feel excited while being used to massage his girlfriend’s hard shecock. He felt like a living puppet being handled easily by his towering girlfriend. Wendy liked to grab and jerk his cock while rubbing his ass on her enormous cock and after a few minutes, he’d explode in her hand moaning in ecstasy. The teen princkazon just chuckled at this and kept his body on her lap pleasing her shecock for long minutes until exploding too, covering his ass and lower back with her hot, copious load.

But the teen goddess also liked to give her boyfriend a hot steaming lapdance once in awhile. She liked to wiggle and shake her big sexy ass in front of his astounded face making him kiss her buttcheeks several times and then she’d sit heavily on his lap and rub her meaty behind on his naked crotch slowly and rhythmically. Ron always marveled himself feeling her ample, succulent bottom crushing his body, he felt so tiny as her huge meat-hills engulfed his lap completely while she moved her wide hips in tight circles making him moan in pleasure. And after rubbing his cock with her meaty ass for some minutes, she turned around and rubbed his face with her huge swollen cock and her cum-filled balls. Wendy liked to slap his sweaty face with her shecock for a few moments and then, after ordering him to open his mouth and stick out his tongue, she’d rub her glans on his tongue bathing it with his spit until it was all wet and shiny. She also liked to shove one of her big testicles inside his mouth, ordering him to lick and caress it with his tongue, and while she kept his mouth stuffed she put her hands on her narrowish waist and looked down at him dominantly. He always felt owned and subdued when he had his mouth filled with one of her balls and she looked down at him smiling broadly.

When Wendy opened the door the day of her birthday party, she greeted her boyfriend hugging him tightly and burying his face between her humongous tits, Ron felt the lump of her anaconda on his abdomen and trembled in anticipation. She was wearing a skimpy sport bra and a short mini-skirt that showed almost all of her massive, sexy thighs, it was so tight that it seemed to be painted on her curvaceous hips and bubblicious behind. 

“I’m so glad you’re here Ronnie” she said merrily “come inside have some cake”. As usual, Wendy sat Ron on her lap while they were eating her birthday’s cake. Despite being fully clothed he was able to feel her hard turgent member on his bottom, and the mischievous princkazon kept pinching his asscheeks the whole time he remained sitting on her clothed bulging crotch “we’re gonna have lots of fun…” she whispered to his ear making him feel completely helpless.

When all the guests took off, Wendy freed her anaconda from her tight underwear and using some of the cake left-overs, she smeared her swollen member with it. 

“Come on Ronnie, have some more cake…” Wendy said to her boyfriend huskily as she rubbed his lips with her cake-covered shecock, “clean my cock for me, ok?” she added as Ron began licking her mighty member bathing it with his saliva. Moving his tongue along the vast length of Wendy’s throbbing member Ron cleaned it until it shined with his spit.

“Good boy, good boy…” Wendy said merrily as Ron licked and ate the cake from the surface of her engorged love-stick “you’re gonna need many calories tonight…” she added as she messed his hair playfully.

After having cleaned her beefy shecock completely, Wendy took Ron by his hand, engulfing it completely, and led him to her bedroom. He was so nervous that he was shaking and sweating.

“Don’t worry Ronnie” she said looking down at him “I’ll try to be gentle I promise” she added licking her lips in a way that made him shudder even more. He tried to smile as he looked up at her beautiful face trying to seem confident, but he knew that he was going to get a hard workout from his towering horny girlfriend.

As soon as they were alone in her bedroom, Wendy and Ron began making out. The horny teen kissed him dominantly on his lips as he groped her breath-taking ass, massaging her firm and rounded buttcheeks in earnest. Wendy let him enjoy her amazonian bottom for a few minutes as she pressed her lips on his mouth forcefully and then, after sitting down on her vast bed, she placed his scrawny boyfriend on one of her naked and mammoth thighs. She kept kissing him while she began grabbing his ass too.

Ron’s hands were now busy with her huge tits as she shoved her tongue through his lips, ravaging his mouth. He felt that her tongue was doing what her shecock would be doing later with his ass!

Wendy took down his pants and underwear forcefully and began fingering his anus making him yelp, but he couldn’t say a word as his mouth was filled completely with her invading tongue. As he felt her big finger probing deeper into his butthole panic took over him. He struggled to free himself from Wendy’s crushing embrace but he was far too weak for his gigantic girlfriend.

“What’s the problem Ronnie?” Wendy asked noticing his discomfort “don’t you want to make me happy? I’m just fingering your tiny hole so I won’t break you in two” she ended as she began moving her finger in tight circles inside Ron’s butthole.

“It feels so tight… I’m gonna love being inside your ass Ronnie” she groaned licking her lips and distending her boyfriend’s anus more and more.

“No! please! It won’t fit!” Ron said terrified.

“Wanna bet?” Wendy answered as she shoved another inch of her finger through his sphincter increasing his discomfort.

“What if I give you another blowjob?” Ron said squirming and trying to negotiate his anal virginity with her lusty girlfriend.

“Mmmmh… I don’t think so” she said thoughtfully “well… after I get my love-maker out of your bowels I’ll feed it to your mouth” she ended blinking an eye at him and scaring him even more.

“No, please let me go” Ron begged her but Wendy grabbed both of his hands inside her free hand and kept fingering his anus.

“This is gonna happen Ronnie boy” she said looking down at him sternly “I’m gonna shove my shecock through your butthole and I’m gonna cum inside you and there’s nothing you can do about it, I’m way too big and too strong for you”

When the horny princkazon felt that her boyfriend’s asshole was distended enough, she turned him around handling his smallish body easily, and placed him on her lap. Still grabbing both of his wrists forcefully she began probing his anus with the tip of her shecock. Once she had centered his anus she began pressing him down slowly on her throbbing member.

“Noooo! Pleaseee!” Ron begged her to stop but she was too excited as her glans little by little began stretching out painfully his once tight sphincter.

“MMMhhh this is sooo good” she whispered and licked her boyfriend’s ear lustily “it’s only the tip but I’m already enjoying this…” she added as she kept licking Ron’s ear and face.

Ron was now sobbing openly while her huge princkazon girlfriend relished the tight embrace of his ring muscle on her glans for a few moments more. 

“I’m just giving your asshole a taste of my cock Ronnie” Wendy said as she kept him on her lap and the tip of her shecock distended his anus. Despite the pain and the discomfort, Ron’s tiny cock was hard and dripping precum. Wendy noticed this and began jerking it slowly.

“You’re gonna love this too baby” she said squeezing his dick “in short time I’ll bury myself completely inside you and I’m gonna make you cum too, just like my mom does with my dad!”

After a few more seconds, Wendy began pulling Ron down, shoving her engorged meat-stick little by little distending his rectum and making him feel every inch painfully.

Ron gritted his teeth and squirmed feeling the pain and humiliation of being anally fucked by his teenage girlfriend. He’d never felt so soiled in his entire life despite he was used to have his mouth ravaged by Wendy’s shecock on a daily basis.

“My mom likes to fuck my daddy this way… she sits him on her huge cock making him moan” Wendy said as she filled his bowels bit by bit expanding them painfully “I like to watch them when they’re doing it… I’ve learned so many things!” she ended pushing another inch inside Ron making him howl in pain and tears began to roll down his cheeks.

“Awww baby don’t cry” Wendy said “we just have to get your delicious ass adjusted to my cock and then it will be much easier” she ended trying to sound sympathetic but the pain Ron was feeling was simply overwhelming.

After long agonizing minutes for Ron, Wendy had worked half of her impaling member inside his bowels, Wendy released his hands and encircling his waist strongly, she began moving him in circles pushing more and more inches of her swollen shecock inside, distending his intestines in all directions.

“Ohh yeah! this feels so good!” she screamed “you’re so tight baby…. I love your ass!!” she moaned as she fed more and more inches of her member to Ron’s battered bowels inexorably.

“Oh shit! Yesss!” Wendy couldn’t help cumming copiously inside Ron’s ass as she moved him in tight circles stimulating her shecock more and more. As she shot her load inside him, she pushed him down forcefully, burying her member completely inside him making his abdomen bloat with her abundant cum and her throbbing meat-stick.

“This is just so good..!” she moaned as Ron was impaled mercilessly on her lap “my cock and your ass were made for each other baby!” she said panting as she held him sitting on her cock and poured the last drops of her cum inside Ron’s battered intestines. As Ron felt how Wendy’s plentiful seed filled his insides to the edge he couldn’t avoid cumming too. His prostate had been so roughly massaged and stimulated by Wendy’s imposing member that despite the excruciating pain and humiliation, he shot his load wetting the floor in front of him.

“Your ass is milking my cock so good” she whispered to his ear “I know I made you cum too baby and that’s just so cool! I’m gonna make you addicted to my cock and every time I fuck your ass I’m gonna make you cum too!” she ended as she licked Ron’s ear and the side of his face lustily.

Wendy relished her climax a few moments more, making Ron move his ass on her lap massaging her balls and finally, lifting her subdued body she dislodged her semi-spent flesh-stick from Ron’s worn out bowels. Her abundant cum began to fall from his gaping anus to the floor splashing everything around.

“Next time I want you to keep my cum inside you” Wendy said as she turned her boyfriend around and placing her hands on the top of his head, she made him kneel in front of her between her astounding thighs while she sat on her bed.

“Clean my cock now” she told Ron as she pinched his nose and fed her slimy and wet shecock to his open mouth.

“This was just a little test” she said as Ron took more and more of her beefy love-stick through his distended lips. He closed his eyes in shame as he tasted Wendy’s sticky cock.

“Lick it good baby” she purred “clean your ass out of my dickie” she added mischievously as she forced Ron to suck and clean her meaty shecock until it was hard and turgent again. 

Once he had taken all of her erect member down to his throat, Wendy skull-fucked him for a few moments grabbing him by his ears painfully and smacking her big balls against his chin violently. 

After ravaging his throat this way, the horny teen princkazon removed her hard member from Ron’s throat and lifting him from the floor easily, she positioned his body on all fours on the edge of her vast bed.

“Get ready for my cock again baby” she whispered as she opened his asscheeks using one of her hands and began poking Ron’s anus with her swollen glans “this will be great…” she ended licking her lips in anticipation.

Ron’s sphincter was already sore and distended by Wendy’s previous assault as the bulbous tip of her shecock passed through his ring rather easily but Ron still gritted his teeth and winced in pain.

“In this position I’m gonna fill you completely baby” Wendy said as she grabbed Ron’s skinny hips and began pushing and shoving inch after inch of her invading flesh-stick. She didn’tmake any pause this time, as she violently kept pushing her wide hips forwards burying more and more of her “womanhood” inside Ron knocking the air out of him.

Wendy’s subdued boyfriend could only close his eyes and clench his fists until his knuckles were completely pale, feeling how his insides were painfully filled and expanded again by her monstrous shecock.

When he finally felt Wendy’s heavy balls resting against his much smaller ones he knew she was all the way inside his torn bowels.

“I’m all the way in baby” she said lustily, bending over and biting the back of Ron’s neck.

“I’m gonna fuck you good baby” Wendy said throatily as she beheld her tiny boyfriend completely impaled under her “I’m gonna turn your insides out and make you scream for mercy” she ended, making Ron tremble in fear but he had no time to brace himself as Wendy began pistoning her mighty member in and out of his ass fast and violently digging her nails on the tender skin of his hips.

“Now I know why my mom loves doing my dad doggy-style” she said huskily as her pelvis smacked Ron’s opened asscheeks powerfully over and over making a loud clapping sound “this feels so great I could fuck you this way for hours baby” she added terrifying her boyfriend even more.

Besides the agonizing pain inside Ron’s ass, Wendy kept leaning on him biting his ears and back painfully over and over, and as her excitement grew she also began spanking him powerfully adding another painful piece to his debasement.

“My mom always spank my dad when they’re doing it this way” she said as her big hand’s palm smacked Ron’s butt over and over painting his palish skin red “it makes her feel in complete control over him… and now I know why” she ended as she kept fucking and spanking Ron roughly.

Listening to Wendy’s moans and sighs of sheer pleasure, and feeling her enormous shecock distending his bowels violently made Ron’s cock erect again, and he felt it being pushed in all directions as Wendy kept smacking his ass with her pelvis roughly. When Wendy stopped moving her hips and began pushing and pulling his defenseless body on her cock, encircling his waist with her amazonian hands, Ron began leaking precum again. He closed his eyes and saw in his mind Wendy’s huge and delicious butt shaking and trembling as she fucked his ass in earnest. Picturing Wendy’s alluring and massive bottom as she ravaged his insides made Ron get excited despite the agonizing pain in his bowels and anus.

“How is it Ronnie boy?” Wendy asked as she began pushing her huge member in all directions inside Ron massaging and stimulating his prostate powerfully again.

“I’m gonna make you cum baby…” she purred as her shecock probed all of his bowels’ corners and edges making him shudder in pleasure “I’ll make you addicted to my cock… after today you’re gonna dream of my cock buried deeply inside your ass… and you’re gonna wet your sheets at night” she ended as she kept pumping her cock in and out Ron’s distended bowels grinding his prostate in the process.

To Ron’s dismay, he thought that she was right. His cock was dripping more and more precum while Wendy ravaged his bowels relentlessly and waves of pleasure went through his subdued body as the young princkazon nailed him powerfully.

“Ahhhh!” the little man moaned as he finally cummed staining Wendy’s bed with his ejaculation.

“I knew I could make you cum this way baby!” Wendy said triumphantly “and it feels so good too. Your ass squeezed my cock even tighter… I’m gonna cum soon too. Be ready to be filled again!” she said as she placed on of her hands on Ron’s head pushing him down forcefully on her bed and making his ass stick out even more.

Wendy literally pummeled and grinded Ron’s ass for a couple of minutes as her hips slammed his buttcheeks violently over and over while she kept his head down placing one of her strong hands on the side of his sweaty face.

“Take it baby, take it all!” she groaned as she increased the speed turning Ron’s insides into jelly and shaking his body like a dog shaking a bone.

“Oh yeahh! This is the best!” she moaned as her shecum began to fill Ron’s bowels powerfully and grabbing his hair, she pulled his head back making him groan in pain and discomfort.

Wendy shot her load copiously again, filling Ron to the rim and making him shudder in pleasure and pain as her throbbing shecock injected her seed deeply inside his loins. She kept pumping Ron slowly for a little while more, making sure that all of her semen was deep inside her battered boyfriend.

“Don’t move!” she ordered as she removed her deflating member, and after taking one bowl from one of her drawers she placed one of her hands on the lower part of Ron’s back gently pushing his ass down and pouring all of her shecum into the bowl.

Her seed filled the bowl to the edge and when she was sure all of it was now outside her boyfriend’s distended bowels, she took the bowl from under his ass and put it to his trembling lips.

“Drink it all baby. Don’t spill a drop or I’ll spank your ass” she said merrily but Ron was too afraid of the possible consequences of making his amazonian girlfriend mad and took all of her cum down his throat.

“Good boy, good boy. Take it all like a good slut” Wendy said, reassuring him as Ron gulped down the semen that had previously inflated his belly and impregnated his bowels. When he finished Wendy carefully scooped the last drops left on his lips and after ordering to open his mouth again, she shoved her finger inside.

“Lick it all baby. All of my cum is just for you” she said as Ron licked her finger clean.

When she was satisfied with Ron’s performance, the teen princkazon placed him flat on his back on her bed and straddling him she sat on his face, engulfing him completely between her massive and sexy asscheeks.

She made him kiss and lick her tender asshole making her shecock hard again little by little. 

When her enormous shecock was hard and ready to be shoved inside his bowels again, she lifted herself from his red face and turning around she placed his feet on her shoulders and began fucking him again, missionary style this time. As she wildly pumped her engorged member in and out of his battered asshole, Wendy bent her boyfriend in two painfully until his feet were at the sides of his face, crushing him with her body and kissing him forcefully on his lips. She held his wrists with her strong hands immobilizing him completely on her bed, as her powerful hips slammed his ass and her shecock went in and out of his bowels violently.

“Look at me baby, look at your teenage conqueror while my big cock owns your ass…” she said holding him down and making him open his eyes to look at her beautiful face above him. She smiled down at him and licked her lips as her member ravaged his intestines mercilessly over and over.

Wendy took her time fucking Ron’s ass this time, keeping eye contact with him all the time and he was able to see pleasure dancing on her face while he squirmed beneath her amazonian frame. 

Wendy began moving her hips in tight circles making Ron shudder in pleasure as her invading shecock stimulated his sore prostate once more.

“Cum for me baby! Cum for your princkazon girlfriend!” She said huskily as she grabbed Ron’s tiny cock and began jerking it until he exploded wetting her belly. Wendy giggled mischievously watching Ron moan while he cummed under her with her thick shecock completely buried inside his ass. Then, grabbing him by his hamstrings, she continued fucking his already well-fucked ass for several minutes more shaking him like a rag doll.

When she felt her orgasm building up, she dislodged her anaconda from his bowels and sitting on his chest she told him to open his mouth, and then the horny teen princkazon made him throat her while plastering his nose against her flat soft tummy, until she exploded injecting her load down into his esophagus.

After fucking Ron this way, and making him swallow all of her load, Wendy made him rim her anus again until her shecock was hard once more, and then she shoved it inside his butt, repeating the cycle so many times and trying him in all the positions her mom had taught her, that Ron’s anus was gaping and leaking cum profusely by the time she was fully satisfied.

From that day on, Wendy ravaged Ron’s ass on a daily basis and some times, while she was casually pumping him on their living room doggy style, her parents would join them as her mom would put his dad on all fours too and both princkazons enjoyed fucking their toyboys while watching some tv show.


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