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miércoles, 21 de agosto de 2013


 By Ramvo

Fabiana liked to wander around on Rio´s beaches wearing only a flimsy g-string that covered almost nothing of her sexy and vast buttcheeks and displaying her humongous breasts nude, looking for a foreign submissive guy to take him over completely and satisfy her lust abusing his unwilling mouth and ass. The horny and dominant princkazon knew that her abundant endowments, specially her huge and firm “bunda”, were enough to seduce any male on her way, but she wanted only old and scrawny tourists, and Larry being an older and shorty “gringo” was her perfect prey.
The teen towering shecock goddess was casually walking on the beach that day when she noticed him. He was following her closely staring mesmerized at her mammoth and voluptuous behind, trembling and shaking seductively a few feet in front of him and at the same height of his chest! The girl was enormous and her big frame completely dwarfed his body and Larry loved it. He’d gone to Brazil looking specially for girls with awesome behinds, but never in his wildest dreams he’d considered finding such a huge young amazon with an astounding derriere just like the one he was following. Her long black hair fell past her shoulders down to her narrow waist, making her ample hips look even wider and sexier; and her legs were breathtaking as well. Her thick, meaty thighs looked so strong and feminine at the same time that Larry couldn’t help picturing himself between those remarkable gams, squeezed and completely subdued by this towering and curvy young girl. But most of all, Larry wished nothing more than to kiss and worship her perfectly rounded and muscular tanned butt.
Larry was so absorbed gazing at her enthralling asscheeks, moving up and down rhythmically like a pair of big ripe rounded fruits ready to be eaten, that he didn’t noticed when the teen amazon turned around to face him. Fabiana knew that she had him already under her spell as the older and smaller man was drooling behind her beholding her astounding and lavish bottom.
She was gorgeous too he noticed, as he beheld her perfect features while she was looking down at him smiling amusedly. She had deep blue eyes, thick sexy lips and a cute upturned nose. He tried not to look at her naked breasts but they looked so big and firm that his eyes went from her smiling face to her chest inexorably.
“Hello I’m Fabiana” the towering amazon said to Larry merrily.
“Hi-hi… I’m Larry” he answered stuttering and feeling completely overwhelmed. The incredibly tall and young girl extended her hand to greet him and her huge hand engulfed his much smaller one completely. He also noticed that she’s quite strong as she squeezed his hand a couple of seconds painfully.
“And… where are you from Larry?” she asked getting closer to the nervous older guy in front of her, dwarfing him completely.
“I… I’m from the States” he answered noticing that his sweaty face was at the same height of her enormous and turgent tits. Her dark engorged nipples looked so big and tempting that he pictured himself sucking them like a hungry baby. He couldn’t help having a raging boner inside her shorts watching in awe at her big hanging tits.
“And how do you like Brazil so far, Larry?” the young amazon said turning around and shaking her alluring meat-hills sexily a few inches in front of the older man.
“It’s just… beautiful!” he answered gasping and trembling while Fabiana teased him with her curvy behind for a few more seconds.
“Well, I’m so glad you like it so far” she said happily “and… how do you like this?” she added, bending over lightly, displaying her massive ass to her unaware victim and Larry, losing all sense of self-control and self-esteem, couldn’t help getting closer and kissing Fabiana’s abundant asscheeks ardently.
The towering teen giggled amusedly as Larry pressed his lips on her enticing butt, kissing her big meat-spheres one by one. Fabiana let him fondle and massage her muscular glutes as well, knowing that he was already under her spell. Unaware of the predicament he was getting himself into, Larry spent several minutes worshipping Fabiana’s mesmerizing moon-halves. He just couldn’t believe the firmness of her muscular bottom as well as the silky touch and smoothness of her juvenile skin. And the size of her buttcheeks was simply breath-taking, as his hands looked so small on their vast surface while he rubbed and massaged them in earnest. The old tourist delighted himself planting little kisses on her curvy and tanned behind too, trying to press his lips on every spot of her plenty bottom.
“Why don’t we go to the sea and have more fun?” Fabiana said after letting Larry enjoy her ass. She turned around and taking Larry’s hand she led him to the shallow waters of the sea. The older guy was so enthralled with her body that he couldn’t say a word and followed her willingly.
Fabiana took her new prey to the sea until her bare chest and only his head could be seen out of the water. The horny princkazon grabbed him by his hair and pulling him to her chest she made him suck and nibble her swollen nipples.
“Suck baby suck…” she said while plastering his face against her humongous tits “my tits won’t be the only thing you will be sucking today…” she whispered while Larry was enjoying himself with her huge and firm breasts.
While Larry was thrilled sucking and licking her nipples, Fabiana released her huge shecock from her tight g-string. She took one of Larry’s hands and made him touch her hot and hard-as-steel meat-stick.
“What the hell!?” Larry yelped feeling the unyielding and thick meat-rod of the beautiful amazon girl in front of him.
Larry was taken completely by surprise, but he couldn’t do anything to stop Fabiana. The towering princkazon was too strong for him as she kept his head between her huge tits smothering him, and his outsized hand on her big erect shecock.
“And… how do you like my love-maker?” she asked Larry obscenely while crushing his hand on her swollen member “it’s big isn’t it? much bigger than yours, I’m sure…” she ended looking down at the trembling little man dominantly.
Larry felt ashamed and excited at the same time. His submissive nature had just made him fall into her trap but, in another subconscious level he was enoying her assault as his own much smaller cock was erect inside his shorts. He felt so small and weak compared to Fabiana that he knew that she could make him do anything that she wanted. The towering princkazon licked her lips and looked at her toyboy with hungry eyes while making him rub her erect threatening shecock for endless minutes.
“No! please, let me go!” Larry begged her, but Fabiana just laughed at him while enjoying his hand on her throbbing shecock.
“Why? Don’t you like me Larry?” she teased him cruelly “don’t you want to make me happy?”
“Please… no” Larry said shuddering. He couldn’t believe that such beautiful and feminine girl could hide such a huge piece of meat inside her tiny g-string!
“I like my little toyboys just like you…” Fabiana said hoarsely “weak and submissive… deep in your mind you want a big strong girl to take you over completely”
“Keep sucking my tits!” she ordered plastering his flabbergasted face against her chest powerfully while she relished her domination over him. She knew the old man was no match for her as he couldn’t free his weak hand from her grasp and she kept rubbing and pleasing her shecock using him at her will.
To Larry’s dismay his hand was too small to encircle Fabiana’s shecock completely. She kept her huge hand around his, making him caress and massage her engorged princk over and over while she almost cut his breath smothering him between her tits for long minutes.
The horny princkazon made her new pet give her a handjob forcefully while he tried to free his head from her enveloping breasts but to no avail. Fabiana just giggled at his puny efforts to free himself from her strong embrace while her enormous flesh-mastil got bigger and bigger inside Larry’s squirming hand. He could only gasp and pant feeling completely dominated by this huge teen shecock goddess.
Getting more and more excited, Fabiana released Larry’s head from between her tits and grabbing his butt the horny teen lifted her unwilling victim easily. Using one of her hands she removed his shorts and began positioning her throbbing member between Larry’s buttcheeks.
Larry was astounded by Fabiana’s strength as he felt suspended in the water but he also felt the swollen tip of her shecock trying to open his ass.
“Please stop!” he begged her but she only laughed at his pleas.
“Shut up lover-boy” she hissed “I’m gonna make you mine right now” she said parting his buttcheeks widely, digging her nails painfully into the tender flesh of his ass, while she thrusted her hips pushing her shecock against his fragile puckering anus. Fabiana was acting like a wild beast in heat trying to nail Larry while holding his outsized body between her strong arms.
Her mighty erect shecock kept pocking his anus until his sphincter began to give and with a single powerful shove Fabiana inserted her cock’s glans completely inside distending painfully his asshole.
Howling in pain and feeling humiliated and subdued Larry tried to brace himself while Fabiana kept thrusting her hips forward shoving more and more inches of her long thick cock inside his unwilling rectum.
“You’re so tight…” she said closing her beautiful eyes and licking her fleshy lips “I’m gonna love filling you up, but I still have several inches to insert inside you” she ended as she pushed more and more of her enormous shecock inside Larry’s loins.
Larry was sobbing openly now as Fabiana had her way with him, grunting and begging every time she buried another inch of her love-stick inside him painfully distending his anus and bowels. The pain and humiliation he was feeling were just too much for him, his mind struggled to comprehend how was it possible that he was being raped by a gorgeous teenage girl, much younger but at the same time much bigger and much more endowed than him. But despite the unbearable friction in his ass and the shame and hopelessness he was feeling, his cock was rigid and throbbing excitedly.
“Put your legs around my waist slut!” Fabiana said to her sex-slave once she had inserted about half of her invading member through his anus, filling his rectum painfully. Larry obeyed his teen princkmistress and Fabiana wasted no time and buried herself completely inside him, plastering her big testicles against his asscheeks and making him scream and beg for mercy.
“This feels so good…” she said relishing the tight embrace of Larry’s bowels around her hung shecock and, looking down at his teary face between her breasts she began fucking her toyboy in earnest.
“Do you like this? Do you like being taken by a much younger girl with a much bigger cock?” she asked him while she kept pushing her hips forwards and backwards smacking her balls against his butt over and over  and raping his ass. Larry gritted his teeth and closed his eyes in shame and looked down feeling completely overwhelmed and dominated.
“Look at me boy” she ordered while she thrusted in and out her invading member a few inches only “look at me while I fuck your ass…” she added as Larry moved his head up to look at her beautiful eyes. He saw no mercy in her eyes, just sheer lust and a sense of domination that made him feel completely helpless.
Moving his head up with one of her hands and bending lightly she kissed him on his mouth forcefully for several seconds. Fabiana shoved her big tongue inside Larry’s mouth and he felt like she was raping him orally too, while she pummeled his ass with her swollen member.
“Gostoso! Delicia!” the Brazilian amazon moaned “this is just so good…” she added huskily while she maneuvered his body up and down on her impaling shecock swiftly, making his ass smack her big balls over and over and splashing water all around them.
Then, holding him by his waist Fabiana moved his body in circles on her mighty shecock. Larry felt like he was going to pass out due to the unearable pain in his battered asshole and bowels as Fabiana maneuvered his outsized body at her will to stimulate and please her erect princk for long agonizing minutes. The small older man was so overwhelmed, listening to Fabiana’s sighs and moans of sheer pleasure, that he felt like a helpless sextoy in her big amazonian hands.
Larry was feeling so used and soiled while the teen princkazon had a great time using his body to please her shecock but, at the same time, her huge member stimulated his prostate so powerfully, that his cock was still erect and dripping precum, despite the pain and the shame he was bearing.
“Mmmmh… I love fucking virgins…” she sighed “you’re so tight… your ass feels so good around my cock…” she added as she dag her nails deeper into his pale tender skin making him yelp in pain.
But after a few more agonizing moments, Larry couldn’t help cumming in the water while Fabiana kept handling his body easily on her shecock.
“This is just great!!” she said looking down at him “I just made you cum, right?” she asked looking at him amusedly “I know I did… your ass clenched around my cock even tighter” she said not waiting for his answer.
Taking his calves Fabiana put Larry’s feet on her shoulders, bending him painfully, and kept fucking him relentlessly but now with long, slow  and deeper thrusts making his eyes roll to the back of his head every time her member went almost out of her sore anus.
Larry quivered as he found himself bent painfully in two and crushed in his mistress tight embrace while her mighty shecock ravaged his loins. His face was distorted by the pain as he moved it up, trying to look at her beautiful eyes, but they were closed as she was completely lost in her pleasure.
Finally, after long agonizing minutes of brutally expanding his bowels with her huge love-stick, Fabiana cummed abundantly filling him completely.
“Yesss… delicia!!” she screamed while she poured her shecum inside him. Larry felt her pulsating member inside his loins as it injected powerful shots of her seed inside his battered insides for endless minutes. She relished her climax for several minutes more, crushing her victim between her strong arms and keeping her impaling member completely inside her prey and then, little by little she dislodged her semi-erect shecock from his abused butthole. Feeling strangely empty and sore, Larry thought his ordeal was over but Fabiana had other plans for him.
After raping Larry in the sea, Fabiana took the old battered man to a secluded place on the beach. She made him dig a deep hole in the sand and after putting him inside she filled it with sand again, until only Larry’s bald head could be seen protruding from the surface.
Larry was trembling and sobbing as Fabiana stood above him, looking down at his terrified face with hungry eyes while jerking her threatening meat-mastil and licking her lips in anticipation. Then, the lusty princkazon descended on his helpless victim kneeling on the sand in front of him and placing her succulent, thick thighs at the sides of his face, straddling his head. Larry was so scared, as he beheld Fabiana’s huge love-stick getting closer and closer to his teary face. Her shecock was even bigger than he’d thought as it had to be around 15 inches long and thicker than a soda can!
“Do you like my shecock Larry?” Fabiana asked his hopeless victim as she began rubbing and massaging his face with her hard meat-stick smearing his forehead and cheeks with precum “I know you do… whore… why don’t you show me how much you love it. Come on bitch, kiss it!” she hissed as she made Larry plant little kisses on the hot, veiny surface of her throbbing member for several minutes.
Larry worshipped Fabiana’s intimidating cock and every time he tried to close his eyes in shame, she’d slap him roughly with her hard meat-tool making him open his teary eyes again.
“Open your eyes slut and kiss your teenage conqueror!” she barked at him as he was forced to press his lips on the vast surface of her engorged candy-stick over and over, “good… now lick it too!” she added and Larry used his tongue to bathe his teenage mistress’ cock, making it shine with his saliva.
After a few moments of making him worship her imposing shecock, Fabiana pinched his nose shut and shoved the swollen tip of her mighty member into his unwilling mouth stretching his lips roughly and filling his oral cavity completely.
“Lick and suck!” she commanded and Larry obeyed his teen mistress as he began pleasing the tip of Fabiana’s shecock the best that he could. While Larry sucked and swirled his tongue around her glans, Fabiana pinched her engorged nipples and moaned enjoying her sexual oral assault on the old foreign man.
“Suck harder bitch!” she ordered “I want to cum in your slutty mouth!” she added as she began jerking her excited meat-stick rapidly. After only a few minutes of enjoying his mouth and tongue on the tip of her member, Fabiana cummed, shooting her copious load into Larry’s mouth.
“Yeahhh! Take it all whore!” Fabiana screamed as she poured her cum inside her victim’s mouth filling it completely.
After powerfully injecting shot after shot of her seed, Larry’s mouth got entirely filled with her plentiful cum as white perlish drops began to fall from the corners of his painfully outstretched mouth.
“Open your mouth” Fabiana told Larry after enjoying her climax and retrieving her satisfied anaconda from his mouth “good bitch, now swallow it all!” she said after inspecting Larry’s cum-filled mouth.
She made him open his mouth again, making sure that he’d taken all of her abundant cum down his throat and then, the dominant teen princkazon spitted on his mouth too.
“You’re a good bitch, that was your reward” she said mocking her helpless prey between her thighs cruelly. Then, the towering princk goddess turned around and after parting her alluring meaty asscheeks widely she pushed Larry’s face inside, burying him completely in her warm buttcrack.
“Sniff my ass” she said huskily as she let her beefy buns go, trapping Larry’s face between layers and layers of her delicious and lavish assflesh. Fabiana began rubbing her tiny puckering anus on Larry’s nose making him smell its musky scent and enjoying how his nose tickled and stimulated her tender butthole.
“Now lick my asshole bitch!” she said after massaging his nose roughly with her dark sphincter for a few moments. The poor old buy has to stick his tongue out and began licking and rimming his mistress delicate anus. While his tongue moved in tight circles around the wrinkled surface of her sphincter, the huge princkazon began rubbing and jerking her mighty shecock getting it hard and ready for another assault on her powerless victim.
“Get your tongue inside… deeper!” Fabiana said hoarsely getting more and more excited as Larry’s tongue began probing deeper and deeper relaxing and opening her ring muscle little by little. Larry did his best to please his demanding mistress despite almost being suffocated between her massive buttocks. Her perfectly rounded ass was so alluring that he didn’t mind that his tongue began to ache due to his efforts to please her anus.
“Move your tongue inside!” she said when Larry was able to stick his tongue completely inside through her distended sphincter. Pressing his nose tightly against her sweaty asscrack, Larry moved and wiggled his tongue deep inside Fabiana’s rectum making her moan and sigh while his face was enveloped by her meaty asscheeks.
Fabiana was in heaven feeling Larry’s tongue deep inside her hot loins while she shook her ass from side to side panting and moaning. Her meat-mastil was completely erect now, as drops of her precum began to fall on the sand in front of her.
The towering princkazon lifted her body from the sand and turning around she straddled Larry’s head again.
“Open again slut!” Fabiana said pointing the tip of her throbbing member at his lips. She wanted to fuck his mouth again, but this time she wanted to go all the way and feel the tight embrace of his throat.
She pinched his nose again as Larry beheld in sheer terror how inch after inch of her invading shecock went through his parted lips distending them painfully. Fabiana licked her lips and moaned as she pushed more and more of her flesh-stick inside her victim making him gag while impaling his face.
Her incredibly huge meat-rod outstretched his jaws and stuffed his throat mercilessly and the worst part was that while he suffered and quivered beneath her, Fabiana was enjoying the whole process moaning and relishing his tight mouth and throat.
Larry felt so helpless again as she abused his mouth that he sobbed in silence while Fabiana’s invading member got deeper and deeper. He was able to see how her flat tummy got closer and closer to his face as she shoved more and more of her impaling shecock through his parted lips.
“Gostoso!! Delicia!! Mmmmh siii!! Assim!” was all Larry could hear as Fabiana kept stuffing his mouth slowly but relentlessly. The cruel princkazon felt so powerful and enthralled with her pleasure while she fed Larry inch after inch of her colossal member and she didn’t mind all the pain she was causing him.
It took time but eventually Fabiana buried all of her long and thick member inside Larry, expanding his throat and making his neck bulge. When he felt her big balls resting on his chin, he knew that she had fed him all of her fleshy love-stick.
“You look so cute between my thighs and with all my cock inside your mouth” she mocked him while she looked down at his stuffed face “and it feels so good too…” she added as she rubbed her bit turgent tits and relished his tight throat enveloping her shecock.
Fabiana lifted her big body a little and put her hands on the sand, and after adjusting her knees at the sides of Larry’s face, the horny princkazon began fucking his mouth at a slow pace, stretching his throat painfully and making him feel like a helpless toy at her mercy again.
Her muscular and rounded asscheeks moved up and down rhythmically, making her big shaved testicles slap against his chin over and over as she only pushed and retrieved a few inches of her engorged cock ravaging his throat in earnest.
In short time, Fabiana began moaning as she pushed her wide sexy hips up and down on her helpless prey feeding him all of her shecock and relishing her domination over him. Meanwhile, Larry struggled to breathe as his nose got pressed against Fabiana’s soft abdomen over and over and her impaling member distended his throat cruelly. The teen princkazon enjoyed herself for several minutes as she moved her hips in circles too, making Larry’s stuffed head move along.
She giggled amusedly as she beheld his head being moved forcefully by her mighty princk. She knew that he was completely at her will as she savored how her thick member massaged and rubbed his throat.
Getting closer and closer to another orgasm, Fabiana began fucking Larry’s mouth faster and faster until she erupted inside his body shooting her load into his esophagus.
“Oh yesss, yesss delicia!” she screamed in ecstasy as her copious load filled his stomach completely.  Larry could only close his eyes as her pulsating member poured her cum inside him making his belly bloat painfully. His nose got completely plastered against her tight belly and her huge balls rested on his chin for long minutes as she finished cumming inside him.
After several minutes of enjoying her orgasm, Fabiana finally dislodged her spent shecock from Larry’s well-fucked mouth. She placed her big cannon-balls on his face smothering with her scrotum. She made him lap at her balls enjoying the aftermath of her climax for a few minutes and then, she stuffed his mouth again but now using her turgent testicles.
She was glowing as she looked down at her prey’s face framed by her succulent thighs, his mouth was bulging out visibly as he held her two huge-sized balls inside.
“That was just great bitch” she said smiling down at him “I think I’ve had enough of your slutty mouth and ass. But I have another gift for you before you go to your country” she added as she withdrew her spit-covered balls from his battered mouth.
Standing up from the sand, Fabiana placed her big feet at the sides of Larry’s head and began peeing on him. As her hot salty liquid began to fall on top of his head, Fabiana giggled amusedly watching him trying to defend himself closing his eyes and mouth. She peed for a long time soaking his head and face completely and big drops of her urine rolled on her forehead and cheeks. His eyes ached, burnt by her golden liquid despite he tried to close them tightly, and all he could hear was her urine splashing on his head and her maddening giggles.
“Goodbye bitch” she said when she finished and she just turned around and walked way, leaving her raped prey buried in the sand up to his neck.
The last thing Larry saw of Fabiana was her mesmerizing behind. Watching her two huge and perfectly rounded asscheeks moving up and down rhythmically as she sauntered casually, made him have another boner despite all the pain and humiliation he’d been put through by this dominant and lusty teen shecock goddess.

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