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martes, 6 de agosto de 2013


By Ramvo

The camera zoomed in, showing a gigantic, tanned and perfectly rounded ass leaning on the soft surface of a vast bed. The remarkable enormous butt belonged to a curvy giantess who was kneeling on the bed comfortably. The giantess began slapping and rubbing her meaty moon-halves playfully showing the firmness of her succulent buttflesh to the camera.
I stared mesmerized at the screen, watching in awe at the image of my gigantic mistress’ magnificent derriere while she held me tightly inside her sweaty fist. She wanted to show me our last session before uploading it to her website.
After playing with her own booty for a few more minutes, she parted her asscheeks widely showing a tiny man trapped beneath her enormous meat-hills. He was panting and sweating profusely looking like he’d spent quite a lot of time crushed under her vast inviting bottom caught between her luscious, well-muscled asscheeks.
“You look so cute under my ass… slave” she said huskily looking at me with hungry eyes “but having you squirming and wiggling inside my butt is even better” she added as she licked my head and face thoroughly with her huge wet tongue. 
“I want you to behold your domination” she said while she kept licking me whole body lustily “I want you to see how puny and helpless you look when I use you for my pleasure…”
After soaking me completely with her saliva we continued watching the clip. I couldn’t help having a raging boner watching how this beautiful horny giantess dominated me using her lavish bottom. I felt a mix of lust and humiliation knowing that I was only a pleasure toy for her to use and abuse in any way that she wanted, and most of the times she wanted to have me deeply lodged inside her ass, squeezing my tiny body powerfully with her rectum walls and enjoying my struggles to survive, or violently moving me in and out of her hungry anus, fucking herself anally.
As soon as he felt free, the tiny man began kissing and licking all the abundant ass flesh above and around him as his little hands grabbed, groped and massaged all the ass flesh that he could too.
Watching that particular scene made me wish I were caressing and massaging my owner’s delicious buttflesh once more. Despite she treated me as a sexytoy I always was thankful when she let me worship her awesome perfectly rounded ass. I specially enjoyed when she placed me inside her tight underwear and between her warm mammoth asscheeks. I always cummed when she walked around rubbing my whole body roughly with both of her muscular moon-halves at the same time, or when she jogged I’d end up drenched in the sweat from her enveloping asscrack. At the end of her workouts she always made me lick the sweat from her moist anus thoroughly and then she’d rub my bruised body along her crack for several minutes.
After letting her minuscule prisoner enjoy her glorious behind for a few minutes, the giantess released her meat-spheres and the rounded buttcheeks closed around her tiny pet, burying him and enclosing his body in hot darkness again. Then, she began wiggling and shaking her alluring butt on his tiny frame, giving her living toy a rough ride while she chuckled naughtily. 
After a couple of minutes the giantess placed a finger under the tiny man’s head and parting one of her cheeks widely with her other hand, she forced the man’s face against her dark puckering anus. She rubbed his tiny face roughly against the tender surface of her sphincter as she giggled above him. She kissed all of his face with her moist anus squeezing her sphincter around his head rhythmically for several times. 
“Do you like to be kissed by my butthole?” the horny giantess asked me hoarsely and giggled naughtily when I blushed in shame, but I nodded, accepting that I actually enjoyed when her fragrant, tender anus enveloped my face completely. When she did that I always felt like she was kind of branding me. Pleasing her musky, delicate orifice had become one of my main tasks since I first served my giant mistress. I’d spent a lot of time kissing and licking its wrinkled, hot soft surface and I’d been devoured alive by it many times too!
The little man’s face got completely smeared by the giantess’ sweat coming from her butthole as she pressed him tightly against her sphincter for several minutes. 
I remembered very well that while she enjoyed plastering my face against her anus and I struggled to breathe, every time I opened my mouth to catch some air a tiny little piece of her tender soft sphincter’s flesh filled my mouth inexorably!
She giggled and sighed in pleasure enjoying his face and head in her orifice as her anus slowly relaxed and opened taking more and more of his head inside. He put his hands on her immense flesh-globes trying to stop being devoured alive by his mistress’ hungry anus but he was no match for her, as he was swallowed alive little by little by her rear entrance and pushed into her rectum.
“I love it when you try to fight me” the giantess said to me “feeling your puny struggles when my butthole is eating you alive always excite me so much…” she added getting clearly horny as we both beheld my submission on her computer’s screen. I’d wondered many times before how would I look when she was pushing me into her consuming rectum through her distended anus and now, I had the chance to see it firsthand and it was so exciting and demeaning at the same time, that I almost cummed while I was being held tightly inside her fist!
Her once tight muscle ring opened little by little as she moved his head on its soft surface in tight circles over and over. The horny giantess was enjoying the whole process as she sighed while her relaxing anus took more and more of her tiny captive inside. Luckily for her prey she wasn’t too rough as she took her time relaxing and massaging her back entrance with his head in earnest.
When she got all of his head (my head) inside, she pulled him out with a sudden movement making an audible “plop” sound. The tiny man was panting and crying while his owner giggled mischievously showing his tiny soaked face to the camera. Then, she pushed his head inside again and then pulled it out after a few seconds once more. She displayed her gaping anus in front of him and to the camera, and he could only close his eyes in shame and tried to brace himself every time his head was shoved inside and pulled out roughly countless times. She also inserted one of her fingers through her distended sphincter and moved it around making more space for her helpless toy, and after relaxing her orifice this way, she’d rube his head with the tip of her fingertip covering his face with her sticky anal fluids while she laughed at him cruelly. As her anus was gaping and relaxed she’d enjoy spinning her toy’s body while his head was inside her loins.
When she put me through my paces this way, I remembered the amateur videos I used to watch where horny girls shoved lubed dildos through their buttholes and showed their gaping orifices to their online followers. But in this video I was the dildo and my mistress’ viscous anal juices covered my entire head.
After playing with her pet this way for several minutes, the naughty giantess kept his head inside and began contracting her strong muscle ring, squeezing tightly his neck. She released his tiny body as she kept puckering her sphincter toying with her living dildo making him fight and struggle frantically between her massive asscheeks every time her muscles squeezed his mistreated neck. Feeling her tiny prey’s head inside her delicate orifice sent waves of pleasure throughout all of her gargantuan body, and squeezing his neck strongly made her feel in complete control over him. The cruel gigantic domina parted her buttcheeks widely showing her minuscule toyboy in her asscrack squirming in vain with his head hopelessly trapped inside her devouring anus.
My mistress laughed loudly beholding my tiny body between her huge asscheeks and my puny efforts to free my head from her hot orifice.
“See how funny you look!” she said mocking me “you shake and move your tiny arms and legs wildly but you only tickled my ass”.
I watched the scene in awe beholding my debasement. The little guy punched and kicked the giantess lavish ass-flesh with all his might, but she only giggled at his scrawny struggles and shook her vast butt from side to side shaking his body violently like a dog shaking a small bone.
Then, she let her muscled buttocks close around her prey, enveloping completely his “headless” body, and began contracting her glutes compressing his body powerfully several times. 
She pushed the air out of my lungs roughly every time she squashed my body with her mighty buns and I only could breathe the hot humid air inside her bowels. I screamed many times but my voice could never be heard as my head was trapped mercilessly inside her anus.
After enjoying his tiny head and squashing his body for a few moments, the giantess grabbed him by his chest and started pushing him deeper and deeper, shoving his body into her loins relentlessly. The little man could only kick his legs frantically as he inexorably entered her body bit by bit.
The giantess was panting now as she relished her prey getting deeper and deeper inside her tight rectum. Her living walls around him were sucking him inside too as they enclosed his helpless body tightly until only his thrashing legs could be seen hanging outside her distended anus as she’d devoured her living anal toy up to his knees.
She released his legs and let him fight for some minutes for her enjoyment. His frantic movements caused her great pleasure as he fought desperately to breath inside her bowels and tried to push the crushing walls of her rectum but to no avail. He was now buried alive inside his gigantic owner’s bowels fighting to survive knowing that she was enjoying his puny efforts. 
Watching all of this made my giant mistress so horny that she began fingering herself. As her pussy lips were getting wetter and wetter she also started smearing my head and face with her juices giggling mischievously.
The giantess parted her asscheeks widely displaying to the camera the man’s tiny legs kicking and moving wildly in her crack. When she felt his efforts began to decrease, she’d clamp her rectum’s walls on him strongly making him move again desperately. Every time she crushed his body with her bowels, the air inside his lungs was pushed outside violently causing him to scream for mercy and fight harder, trying to stop being squashed inside the horny giantess’s body.
While he suffered half-eaten by her tight consuming sphincter, the voluptuous giantess was sighing and moaning in pleasure making her little slave shake and struggle desperately at her will, only by contracting her rectum and ring muscle on his puny body.
Eventually, the little man got too tired to fight her and stopped moving at all. Noticing this, the giantess held him tightly by his legs and began moving his spent body in and out of her distended butthole. She used her other hand to part her mammoth asscheeks, showing to the webcam how she used his tiny worn-out body to fuck her asshole in earnest for long excruciating minutes.
I clearly remembered the pain and humiliation I felt when she used my body as an anal dildo. Besides almost being squashed alive by her mighty living walls I had to endure being roughly thrusted in and out of her gaping anus for long minutes until she reached an anal orgasm.
She pushed me completely inside her rectum while she moaned and sighed enjoying her climax for long endless minutes. Meanwhile my whole body was squeezed and massaged powerfully by her contracting rectum as her orgasm faded little by little. I cried and begged for mercy inside her consuming bowels, but of course nobody could hear my pleas and my mistress was too busy enjoying the aftermath of her climax to listen to her little anal toy’s cries.
After some more unbearable minutes of desperate struggles inside her, she mercifully pulled my spent body out of her pleased sphincter. I was completely covered by her thick viscous juices as she held my inert body upside down by my feet.
I beheld my outsized body dangling helplessly from the giantess’ fingers with a mix of fear and excitement. The little man on the screen kept his eyes closed clearly ashamed of what have just happened to him, but I couldn’t stop watching myself as my giant tormentor delighted herself making my tiny body dangle hopelessly from her fingers. She was smiling broadly displaying my abused body as I was moved and shaken and big drops of her juices fell from my bruised being.
Watching this made my mistress even hornier and she moved me to her naked crotch and began rubbing me on her wet pussy lips forcefully. Remembering all the pleasure she had when she used me on her devouring sphincter made her excitement grew more and more and she moaned and sighed rubbing my subdued body on her excited vagina. She paid special attention to her engorged clit as she massaged it using my face. She placed a finger on the back of my head as she pushed and moved my skull on her excited clit over and over.
After this, the giantess moved her prey under one of her massive buttocks and sat on him flattening his body. While he struggled to breathe buried under countless layers of her delicious but crushing butt-flesh, she produced a long black dildo and after lubing it properly, she began stimulating her anus with it. Little by little the horny domina shoved her anal sextoy inside her ring-muscle while she crushed her toy under her mammoth buttock.
She moaned and panted excitedly as her anus devoured her plastic toy and his living toy’s body was crushed by her enormous buttcheek.
After she’d pushed the whole dildo inside her ass the giantess mercifully moved his worn out body from under her colossal asscheek.
Giggling naughtily the giantess held the man’s tiny hands with a couple of fingers and using a thread she tied him by his minuscule wrists. Then, she did the same tying his flimsy ankles with another piece of thread. She held both threads with her hands as she began to rub the minuscule man along her deep asscrack. His body was thoroughly kissed and rubbed by the giantess’ anus and pussy lips as he was moved along and plastered on her crack and crotch many times. He looked shiny was her juices covered him soaking his little body.
After this, she removed the dildo from her insides and tied her living toy around its greasy surface. She showed her gaping anus to the camera again and giggling naughtily she began inserting her lubed anal toy with her captive’s body tied around it.
Darkness surrounded me as she pushed me inside her moist pussy while she watched my whole body being devoured alive by her gaping anus tied helplessly on her anal toy on the computer’s screen.
She delighted herself moving the dildo and my tied body in tight circles inside her rectum. She moaned feeling my tiny body against her living walls and then, sitting backwards, she placed the dildo on the bed’s surface and began moving her wide sexy hips up and down fucking her butthole in earnest.
She pulled me out of her pussy and made me watch her awesome meaty ass shake and tremble as she sighed and panted while she rode her dildo and my helpless body. 
Moaning in ecstasy she increased the speed on her toys as waves of pleasure went from her rectum to all of her body. She made the bed rock and creak as her meaty ass-globes hit the soft surface violently over and over. 
Then, she moved up and squatting down on her toys, she began moving her ass up and down keeping her dildo still on the bed’s surface. In short time she began moaning and panting getting more and more excited enjoying thoroughly her dildo and her living toy going in and out of her rectum.
Finally the giantess reached an anal orgasm and screaming in ecstasy she shoved both of her toys completely inside her bowels. 
After a few moments of savoring her climax, she pushed her toys out of her loins. Her tiny captive was barely breathing as she untied his battered body from the greasy dildo and giggling naughtily she showed him to the camera.
I looked completely exhausted and defeated as my inert body dangled helplessly from my mistress’ fingers while she was smiling broadly to the camera. But my submission wasn’t over yet. 
The giantess laid down on her side on the bed and holding up one of her buttocks, she positioned my body between her asscheeks on the entrance of her gaping anus. She began inserting me through her sphincter again but this time feet-first. 
Holding my tiny legs tightly she pushed me inside her rectum up to my waist and then, she began contracting her rectum’s walls sucking me in bit by bit. I was too tired to fight as my body was swallowed alive by her hungry anus once more. Parting her buttcheeks widely she looked down at my helpless body smiling amusedly as she used only the strength of her anus and rectum to devour my whole body. As I beheld my body went deeper and deeper into her body my giant mistress began pouring some lube on my body in her fist. Watching my submission had made her very horny and now she was ready to take me inside her bowels again!
“Time to go anal spelunking again toyboy!” my giant mistress said, licking her lips in anticipation when only my head could be seen framed by her distended anus on the screen. The horny giantess moved me to her back and spreading her buttocks she began thrusting me through her anus head-first. 
The young lusty giantess used my oily body to fuck her butthole again, moving me in and out roughly, while she watched the final moments of our last session on her computer’s screen.
After only a couple of minutes on stimulating her sensitive sphincter and rectum walls with my worn-out body she cummed, screaming and shoving me deeply into her consuming bowels. 
Meanwhile on the screen, the giantess put one finger on the top of her living dildo’s head and pushing lightly, she shoved him deeper inside her asshole until only his tiny hands remained outside her closing anal ring. The cruel giantess delighted herself contracting powerfully her rectum walls making her tiny slave move his hands frantically while she giggled amusedly. She toyed with her slave this way for several minutes, showing to the camera his imprisoned hands protruding from her asshole as they squirmed desperately every time she squashed his body with her rectum and, at the same time, she enjoyed thoroughly his desperate struggles inside her bowels. His frantic kicks sent waves of pleasure from her rectum to the rest of her colossal body every time she squeezed him powerfully with her living walls.
After torturing her toy, compressing him mercilessly with her rectum, the giantess pushed him out of her butthole up to his chest. She parted her rounded meat-hills widely showing to the camera his shiny battered body, completely soaked in her anal fluids, dangling helplessly from her anus. The giant domina shook her vast ass from side to side playfully making her tiny slave move like a pendulum in the middle of her asscrack. After laughing at her minuscule prey hanging hopelessly between her mammoth buttcheeks, the giantess began shoving him back inside her loins. She pinned his arms tightly together using a couple of her fingers and pushed him inside her tight rectum little by little until he couldn’t be seen anymore. She even inserted one of her fingers a couple of inches making sure that her toy had been completely swallowed inside her anal cavity. After this, she waved goodbye to her online followers, parting her alluring, firm asscheeks, showing her asscrack and no trace of her anal slave on her now closed and unyielding sphincter. After slapping her meaty bottom playfully a few times, making her lavish ass-flesh jiggle and tremble seductively, the satisfied giantess turned off the camera. 
As the screen went black I found myself deeply lodged inside my gigantic mistress’ rectum, struggling to breathe and survive in the hot, damp environment of her intestines just like I’d ended our last anal submission session!!


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