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martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013



By Ramvo

After making Brian wash both of her big balls with his saliva, Juanita made him kiss and lick her enormous meat-stick thoroughly. 
“Worship my love-maker little master” she said huskily while rubbing her threatening shecock on his sweaty face “show me your for love for it or I’ll squeeze you like a tooth-paste” she ended and Brian obeyed her subserviently. Despite the humiliation and her threat, Brian got excited as he pressed his lips firmly on the hot and unyielding surface of Juanita’s huge member. Brian marveled himself and watched in awe Juanita’s meat-rod as her cock looked incredibly huge, much longer and thicker than his own dick. As his tongue went on its vast surface over and over, wetting it with his spit, he couldn’t help having a raging boner feeling so small compared to his teen latina maid. He tried his best to please her as he used his lips and tongue to caress and tickle her erect member making her moan softly.
Meanwhile, Juanita looked down at the little man between her meaty amazonian legs. He looked so tiny and pathetic compared to her, as he was trying to hold her hung shecock with his smallish hands and kissed it ardently. The young dominant princkazon licked her lips in anticipation knowing that Brian was already under her spell. Her master was now her willing cock-sucking slut and in short time she will have him throating her huge anaconda. She sighed excitedly picturing Brian’s nose pressed on her tight soft belly while her invading member was lodged deep inside his loins.
Juanita let him worship her mighty shecock for several minutes enjoying her domination over him until her engorged love-stick was wet and shiny with his saliva. Then, pinching his nose tightly she began inserting her member through his lips, distending them painfully.
“Suck me now” she ordered as her glans filled his mouth making his cheeks bulge again “use your tongue too…” she added releasing his nose and looking down at her prey with hungry eyes. As Brian applied suction on the swollen tip of her shecock and his tongue tickled and caressed its soft spongy surface, he kept his hands on her meat-rod massaging and rubbing it firmly. Brian felt completely shecock-owned as his smallish hands tried to encircle Juanita’s mighty shecock unsuccessfully and his mouth sucked making his teen princk mistress moan louder and louder. She squeezed her thick thighs around his neck strongly, making Brian scream in agony and enjoying his muffled voice on her glans. Giggling mischievously, she used her powerful teen thighs to make him scream several more times enjoying his muffled screams on the swollen tip of her love-stick.
Feeling Brian’s tight mouth around her cock and his outmatched hands on its length rubbing and massaging strongly made Juanita become more and more excited. She was already leaking precum copiously and Brian was taking it down his throat when she felt her orgasm rising inside her body.
“Yesss! Keep sucking yesss!” she screamed in ecstasy as her throbbing member began shooting her load inside Brian’s mouth powerfully “take it all little master swallow all of it!” she moaned holding his head tightly and filling him to the edge. Her abundant cum was too much for him as he wasn’t able to gulp it all down completely and white perlish drops began to flow from her outstretched lips abundantly. Brian was taken completely by surprise as her cum began to fill his body inexorably. Juanita grabbed his head forcefully keeping him firmly in place as she finished injecting all her shecum inside him. He didn’t have time to brace himself as she made him swallow most of her copious load for long minutes. 
Once she was satisfied, Juanita removed her glans from inside Brian’s mouth and looked down at him with glowing eyes.
“Did you like it?” she asked Brian merrily and as he nodded she rubbed her semi-spent shecock all over his face, wetting it with his own spit and the rest of her load, “get used to the taste” she purred “there’s plenty more where it came from” she ended as she kept massaging Brian’s face with her pleased love-stick.
“Yes… I liked it” he answered savoring the last drops of Juanita’s cum in his abused mouth. Brian’s mind was a mess. Despite Juanita had just raped his mouth, his own dick was hard and throbbing. Being handled and humiliated by his teen towering maid had revealed his submissive nature as he wanted nothing more than to please and obey his gigantic princkazon mistress. Her huge lovely shecock was simply breath-taking and the taste of her thick cum wasn’t as disgusting as he thought it would be!
While his thoughts struggled inside his mind, Brian began rubbing and caressing her vast powerful thighs as she kept his head imprisoned between them.
“You’re so sweet” Juanita purred looking down amusedly at the little man grabbing and massaging her powerful and sexy legs “do you like my legs?” she asked playfully letting Brian enjoy the silky touch of her juvenile amazonian thighs.
“Oh yess!” Brian answered completely enthralled at Juanita’s charms “they’re so big and sexy” he continued and he began planting little kisses on the smooth and vast surface of Juanita’s gams.
“My legs can give you lots of pleasure and lots of pain too” Juanita warned him “if you obey me I’ll let you grab them but if you make me mad I’ll squeeze you with them until you cry like a little girl!” she ended making Brian shudder in fear and excitement.
“I’ll do whatever you say” he said subserviently while he kept massaging Juanita’s delicious and lavish thighs.
“Good boy. I want you to understand that from now on your main purpose in life will be to please me in any way that I want. I’m gonna start training you so you can take my whole cock through your mouth and then, I’m gonna shove it in your ass too, making you squirm in pleasure and pain” she ended as she began smacking his face with her enormous shecock “is it clear?” she asked and Brian nodded submissively.
“Great! Now let’s have more fun” she ended and freeing her toyboy from between her amazonian thighs Juanita turned around, kneeling on the edge of the couch and presenting Brian her vast and glorious derriere.
“I want you to lick and kiss my ass” she said turning her head to look at Brian “hold my shecock too… rub it” she ended, licking her lips and waiting for her pet to start worshipping her awesome bottom again.
Brian got close to her behind and opening his arms widely he embraced her mammoth bottom while pressing his sweaty face on the soft surface of her massive and perfectly rounded asscheeks. The cinnamon-colored skin of her delicious and lavish booty was so silky and tender that he began kissing and licking all the ass-flesh that he could in total adoration.
First, he pressed his lips tightly on her well-muscled buttocks marveling himself at their size, firmness and smoothness. He felt so small and humbled kneeling behind his amazonian mistress, beholding her enormous member hanging in front of him that he got excited just by picturing himself being owned again by Juanita. He grabbed her huge piece of meat and began jerking it slowly making her moan softly while he kept kissing her remarkable bottom. 
“Si papi… así…” she whispered softly as Brian massaged her hung shecock and began licking her astounding derriere too, trying to cover its vast expense with his saliva. As her colossal member was fully erect again, Brian began licking her asscrack and her huge scrotum making her moan louder and louder. She began leaking precum, soaking Brian’s hand as he kept rubbing her shecock firmly. It felt so hard and unyielding but at the same time, its veiny surface was so soft that Brian began licking along its length, completely enthralled at his task.
“Put your tongue inside my ass now” she ordered after some moments and Brian complied, placing his hands on her ample asscheeks and opening them widely, he pressed his lips on her puckering anus, kissing her dark rosebud several times tenderly and then, he shoved the tip of his tongue inside her tight ring muscle making Juanita shudder in pleasure. He let her cheeks close around his face, as he continued jerking her swollen member and feeling completely buried between layers and layers of Juanita’s sexy and hot butt-flesh.
As his tongue began probing deeper and deeper he felt Juanita’s big hand on the back of his head and she began pressing him tightly against her dark and deep asscrack.
“Yeah, keep your tongue inside my ass… move it around!” she said huskily as she enjoyed Brian’s wiggling tongue inside her relaxing sphincter, holding him strongly with her hand and pulling his hair making him stick his tongue even deeper inside her hot rectum.
Brian struggled to breathe as Juanita used his mouth and tongue to please her anus in earnest for several minutes. He tried to move his head but Juanita was just too strong for him as she kept him enveloped by her massive and succulent asscheeks easily for long excruciating minutes.
Brian panicked as he felt his lungs burning and he tried to fight his amazonian teen mistress spanking her and Juanita, noticing his struggles let him breathe mercifully releasing his head from her asscrack.
“Sorry little master” she said giggling as she turned her head to see Brian, his face was red as a beet and he was panting and heaving loudly “your tongue just felt so good inside my booty that I got carried away” she added mischievously.
“It’s ok” Brian finally said after catching his breathe. Brian’s confusion grew as the little man felt so used and confined when his face was buried deep inside Juanita’s delicious ass, but at the same time, having the chance of worshipping her alluring derriere, kissing and licking the tender skin of her buttocks and groping all of her firm and lavish ass-flesh made his cock leak precum copiously.
“Good. Now you can continue pleasing me” she said holding her long and thick shaft and pointing it at Brian’s lips.
“Suck me again while you rub my ass now” Juanita said and Brian complied once more opening his mouth as wide as possible and taking all of Juanita’s glans inside. As his lips were outstretched painfully around the swollen tip of her member, Brian tried his best to make his teen princkmistress cum again. He didn’t want her to shove her whole member through his mouth yet as he began applying powerful suction on her big-as-a-baseball glans.
“Stick one finger inside my ass…” Juanita purred as Brian sucked and slurped on her engorged glans, and began shoving the tip of one of his fingers inside her anus “move it around too…” she added licking her lips and enjoying Brian’s little finger inside her tight anus. 
While his mouth got completely filled with the head of Juanita’s shecock, Brian shoved his finger deeper and moved it inside her hot rectum making his mistress moan and sigh.
“Put another finger inside… like that… good… now take them out and lick’em… now, shove them deeply again” Juanita sighed pleased while Brian obeyed her, tasting and licking her ass from his fingers and pushing them through her gaping anus again stimulating her sphincter over and over.
Juanita purred and moaned, relishing Brian’s ministrations on her rear entrance, she began pinching her engorged and dark nipples and her juicy love-stick began pouring precum inside his mouth copiously. Her little toyboy was doing fine she thought, in short time she will have him throat her shecock completely and impaled mercilessly by it too.
After several minutes, Juanita dislodged her shecock from Brian’s mouth and turned around taking him aback. The teen towering princkazon lifted her toyboy easily from the ground and placed his outmatched body across her meaty thighs. Juanita began pulling his pants and underwear down and Brian realizing what was coming next for him, began thrashing and fighting her, but the huge teen was just too much for him. She just giggled at his puny efforts and grabbing both of his wrists with one of her hands, she immobilized him putting his hands behind his back as she pulled down his clothes down to his ankles.
“You’ve been bad little master” she said licking her lips and looking at Brian’s naked ass “I’m gonna have to punish you” she ended placing Brian’s midsection between her thick thighs and compressing him mercilessly.
As she applied the body scissors on her pet, Brian’s lungs and stomach were squeezed so powerfully that he felt that the air inside his body was pushed out violently making him groan and beg for mercy.
“Please let me go…!” he grunted as tears filled his eyes but Juanita kept squeezing him relentlessly. He felt that his body was going to burst in any moment due to the huge pressure applied by Juanita’s sexy but killing legs.
“I want you to realize how puny and helpless you stand against me little master” she said teasing him “I can easily control you and punish you just by using my legs…” she ended as she kept him prisoner between the flesh press of her thighs. She squeezed her legs even tighter making him groan and cry openly. Brian felt utterly helpless and humiliated as his body was cruelly compressed and squashed by a much younger girl. He couldn’t use his hands to defend himself as Juanita held them together quite easily on his back, and this humiliated him even more.
“Pleaaaase! I’ll do whatever you want, just let me go, pleaaaase Juanita, I can’t take anymore!! Brian begged and Juanita, chuckling amusedly stopped squeezing his body and opening her legs she let him fell on the floor in front of her. 
Brian was dizzy and panting trying to catch his breath and Juanita took advantage of this as she wanted to please her hung shecock with his ass now. Handling his body effortlessly again, the horny princkazon placed his defeated toyboy flat on his stomach on the floor while she straddled his skinny thighs and began stroking her erect shecock on his asscrack.
“This is gonna be just great” Juanita moaned and licked her lips in anticipation as she rubbed her throbbing member on Brian’s asscheeks “I’m gonna stuff your ass now… and there’s nothing you can do about it!” she ended as she rubbed her engorged meat-stick on Brian’s asscrack powerfully.
“No! please no! Juanita you’re gonna kill me!” Brian screamed for mercy but Juanita was acting like a wild beast in heat and she began poking his anus with the tip of her stiff love-stick.
“Try to relax little master” she groaned “I’m gonna fuck your ass and nobody is gonna come to help you…” she added as she guided her swollen glans inside Brian’s crack.
Using both of her thumbs to open Brian’s asshole, Juanita began pushing her shecock through his sphincter. Her weight was more than enough to keep her prey down as she took her time enjoying every minute of Brian’s first ass’ impalement. 
Brian couldn’t defend himself as Juanita crushed down his body and her thumbs exposed his anus painfully. He tried to keep his sphincter shut but Juanita began pushing her engorged member powerfully and to his dismay, his anus began to give little by little until with a single powerful shove Juanita distended his ring-muscle forcefully and painfully burying the tip of her love-stick inside him a couple of inches.
“Aarggh… no more please!!” Brian groaned in agony and struggled under her, but Juanita didn’t stop at all as she kept pushing her hips forward burying more and more of her invading meat-rod inside his tight rectum.
“Yeahh! I knew you’d be tight...” Juanita said triumphantly “I’m gonna love being inside your ass day and night little master” she added as she pushed more inches of her monstrous shecock inside Brian’s bowels expanding and stroking them devastatingly.
Finally, after a few more minutes of pushing powerfully, Juanita’d shoved the entire length of her princk inside him as her big balls got plastered on his asscheeks and testicles tightly. While Juanita moaned and closed her eyes in ecstasy, relishing the tight embrace of Brian’s intestines and anus around her meat-rod, he suffered and thrashed beneath her, closing his eyes in shame and grinding his teeth trying to withstand the humiliation and the excruciating pain in his ass.
Then, after a few moments of just enjoying being buried inside her little master’s tight loins, Juanita began fucking Brian’s ass in earnest thrusting her shecock in and almost out of his body slowly and rhythmically. While Juanita used his bowels to stroke and massage all the length of her shecock, Brian’s teary eyes rolled up to the back of his head every time she buried herself to the hilt.
For some time, the only audible sounds were her moans of sheer pleasure and his grunts of pain and discomfort as she fucked him in a slow agonizing pace for some moments. But then little by little, Juanita increased the speed, smacking her pelvis against Brian’s asscheeks powerfully making a loud clapping sound.
Juanita placed her hands on his back as she ravaged Brian’s intestines for long agonizing minutes, fucking him violently while pinning his body down on the floor with her weight. Brian lost his breathe and began sweating profusely as the huge pressure inside him made him groan louder and louder.
She kept pistonning in and out of him faster and faster, knocking the wind out of him and shaking his body like a helpless rag doll. But somehow, all the violent stimulation inside his loins made his dick grew until it was erect and dripping precum on the floor and, to add to his debasement, Juanita began moving her hips in tight circles expanding his bowels even more making him shudder in pleasure as his prostate got massaged powerfully by her swollen shecock. The pain in his bowels and anus was surpassed now by the pleasure he was feeling due to Juanita’s expert ministrations and he began moaning too, as his dick was pressed and stroked roughly on the floor by his body and Juanita’s weight.
“I’m gonna make you cum little master. I know you’re enjoying my big cock in your ass… and as time passes by you’re gonna enjoy it more and more” Juanita whispered huskily as she kept grinding his prostate with her mighty member making him moan like the little slut he was now. She pinched and spanked his asscheeks painfully too and this made Brian cum so hard that he moaned loudly.
“Yes, little master cum for me… cum for your teen conqueror!! It feels so good right?” Juanita asked him naughtily as Brian’s sphincter clenched around her member even tighter due to his forceful ejaculation, “you’re now my little putita” she giggled as she continued ravaging his insides roughly. 
It was a new low for Brian. He’d never thought he could cum so hard by having a huge cock inside his bowels expanding and stroking them painfully and, while Juanita kept pounding his ass on top of him, he felt like he’d become her personal fucktoy and pleasure slave… and he loved it!
Juanita grabbed his wrists and held them on his back forcefully while she kept pistoning in and out of his battered ass for long minutes. He could hear her groans and sighs above him getting louder and louder as his body was painfully crushed and squashed by Juanita. His legs and hands were numb and breathing was getting harder and harder as the teen princkazon got closer to another climax.
Finally, Juanita cummed, screaming and moaning in sheer ecstasy and Brian could feel her hung princk twitching and jerking with every shot of cum she injected inside him. While she poured her abundant load inside his battered bowels, she kept fucking her boytoy but with long and slow strokes making him grind his teeth again and wince in pain every time her balls smacked his asscheeks loudly. 
When she finished injecting her shecum inside him, she released his hands and laid her big frame on top of his outmatched body covering him completely as Brian felt her huge turgent tits on the back of his head and her shecock was still buried deeply inside his loins. She was panting and sighing relishing the last moments of her orgasm while she crushed down his body with hers.
“That was great!” she said finally “your ass is the best little master” she added as she grabbed his hair and began licking the side of his face and one of his ears dominantly “I own your ass now… my little putita… It means little whore” she whispered to his ear and Brian indeed felt like a whore while his princkmistress licked his face and kept her shecock lodged deeply inside his sore ass.
But Juanita wasn’t completely satisfied as she moved her big frame to one of her sides, moving Brian’s impaled body along. Putting one of her strong arms around his neck and squeezing him tightly, the hung latina pulled her prey’s head a little backwards and kissed his mouth forcefully.
While her tongue ravaged his mouth, Juanita grabbed Brian’s wet and spent cock and began jerking it softly.
“Let’s have more fun putita” she said huskily while her hand, little by little, got Brian’s dick back to life “you’re gonna love this…” she added as she placed her big meaty thighs around his scrawny legs immobilizing him completely. Feeling her huge and dark-colored legs tightly around his scrawny twigs, made Brian shudder in excitement again as he beheld her amazonian thighs in awe, compressing dominantly his own pale legs. Her thighs looked so thick and meaty that just one of them seemed to be much bigger around than his two skinny legs put together!
Juanita began pounding Brian’s ass from behind again as her imposing shecock had never left his bowels. She only pulled out a few inches of her meat-mastil and then, she’d push violently forwards shaking his body powerfully and making him groan in pain and pleasure.
Feeling completely shecock-owned again, Brian began moaning into Juanita’s mouth as her warm tongue filled his oral cavity. Having her big hand squeezing and massaging his dick strongly while her love-stick rubbed and stroked his prostate with every powerful shove, made Brian began leaking precum abundantly.
After only a few moments of having his mouth and ass ravaged and his dick stroked strongly Brian cummed again, wetting Juanita’s hand who laughed heartedly at this, while her enormous shecock kept stroking his prostate roughly.
“Yes putita cum for me… cum for your shecock goddess” she said lustily while her hand squeezed the last drops from Brian’s spent dick.
Juanita smeared Brian’s face with his own cum and made him clean his hand thoroughly licking all the remaining drops on her palm and fingers. And then, she began pummeling his ass from behind while keeping him in her tight embrace.
She still had her arm around his neck dominantly, keeping Brian firmly in place, while she used her free hand to hold his hips as her mighty shecock went completely in and almost out of his worn-out anus. She began moaning too as she whispered some words in Spanish into Brian’s ear and he knew that she was getting closer and closer to another intense orgasm.
“Oh yess! putita yesss!! I’m cumming inside your ass again!” Juanita screamed in ecstasy finally, after ravaging Brian’s bowels for long agonizing moments. As she poured and shot her load inside his body again, she placed her free hand on his belly feeling how her huge member made it bulge visibly. Brian’s intestines got filled again very quickly and thick drops of her seed began to fall from his expanded anus to the floor behind him. 
After enjoying her the aftermath of her orgasm for a few moments, Juanita dislodged her still hard member from Brian’s ass and she giggled amusedly watching a thick stream of her cum flowing freely from his gaping anus.
“Open your ass for me putita” Juanita ordered Brian and he complied parting his buttcheeks with one of his hands and exposing his well-fucked asshole to his princkmistress. Then, Juanita shoved her shecock inside his sphincter powerfully using her hand to aim it at his rear entrance. She kept her colossal member inside for a couple seconds and then, she withdrew it suddenly, making Brian moan and wince as he was taken aback while she giggled amusedly at his reaction; then she shoved it again and pulled it out almost immediately making him groan and wince once more.
She kept shoving in and pushing out her hung love-stick rapidly, toying with his asshole and giggling at his groans and grunts for several minutes while the little man began squirming and grunting as his rectum got suddenly stuffed with her engorged meat-stick and suddenly empty over and over.
“This is so much fun… I could do this for hours!” Juanita said mischievously to Brian’s dismay as he closed his eyes in shame feeling how the teen princkazon used his worn-out rectum and anus as toys for her cock.
“In… and out!” Juanita said chuckling every time she surprised and teased Brian with her mighty shecock, shoving it deeply and pulling it out unexpectedly, and every time she did this, Brian felt a little piece of his bowels going out with her invading princk.
“But I want to try your throat now” she said finally, after pushing in and pulling out her love-maker from Brian’s gaping anus forcefully one last time.
Handling his body easily, Juanita lifted herself and Brian from the floor and then, she placed Brian’s head between her thick mammoth thighs while she sat comfortably on a nearby couch.
She squeezed him tightly with her amazonian thighs again making Brian grunt in pain and discomfort. The little man placed his hands on Juanita’s thighs trying to open them but it was completely useless as the teen princkazon kept him tightly scissored between her succulent gams quite effortlessly.
“I want you to keep your mouth open and look at the tattoo on my belly” Juanita lectured him after torturing her toyboy for a few moments with her crushing legs “I’m gonna shove my big cock completely inside you now” she said as Brian took her glans inside his mouth. Juanita placed her big hands on his head and began moving him strongly towards her crotch, burying herself inside Brian’s mouth little by little. He looked up and tried to concentrate at her tattoo, it was a cute fairy that had a huge meat-rod between her legs he noticed, but feeling his jaws stretching out painfully and tears flowing from his eyes, as he took more and more of her throbbing member deeper and deeper inside him, didn’t help at all.
Suddenly, he remembered that only a few moments ago Juanita’s shecock was deeply buried inside his ass and he thrashed and gagged in disgust, but Juanita held his head with her hands and kept him firmly in place.
“Just keep looking at the fairy putita… clean your ass from my cock” Juanita said lustily while shoving another inch of her monstrous shecock inside Brian’s already stuffed mouth. Juanita’s tattoo looked bigger and bigger as Brians face got closer to her flat smooth belly. He felt his eyes bulging out as another inch of thick shecock flesh invaded his unwilling mouth. Juanita held his head easily using both of her big hands as she relished the tight embrace of Brian’s throat around her hung member. He couldn’t do anything to defend himself as he was forced to take more and more of her love-stick through his stretched mouth, and every time he closed his eyes in shame, Juanita would pinch his ears painfully making him yelp and look at her tattoo.
“You’re gonna need lots of practice to take all my love-stick inside your mouth… but I’m gonna see that you get all the practice that you need and more” Juanita said winking an eye at Brian’s terrified face. The gorgeous latina princkazon took her time burying herself through Brian’s distended lips and she savored every minute of it as she enjoyed thoroughly how his tight wet mouth and throat stroked and squeezed her huge invading shecock.
“Your mouth is like heaven” she moaned while she squeezed his neck with her powerful thighs, enhancing the pain and humiliation he was already going through “it’s so tight… in short time you’ll be a skilled shecock-swallower” she ended closing her beautiful eyes and squirming in sheer pleasure. 
Finally, after long excruciating minutes for Brian, Juanita had his face plastered on her lower abdomen and his nose tightly pressed against her sexy tattoo. He also felt her huge sperm-filled ball resting on his soaked chin…he couldn’t believe that he had taken in all of Juanita’s huge anaconda!!
“Ay Dios!” Juanita groaned “I knew you could take it all inside putita” she added looking down at Brian’s stuffed face between her huge firm tits, his neck was bulging visibly too and he felt like he was going to pass out in any moment. 
“Let me take a picture of the first time you throat me putita… the first of many more to come” Juanita said licking her sexy full lips as she took a photo using her cell-phone “you look so cute between my thighs and with all my shecock inside you” she added as she took a few more pictures. Brian closed his eyes in shame but Juanita squeezed him tightly using her powerful gams “open your eyes… I like them, now smile for the camera putita” she said huskily. Brian tried to comply, but he couldn`t smile having his lips completely outstretched around her hung member. Juanita laughed at his puny efforts to smile and took a few more pictures of his shecock-stuffed and distorted face.
After taking several photos, the towering princkazon began pleasing herself with his mouth and throat in earnest. She grabbed him by his ears and began pulling a few inches of her enormous member out and then she buried herself deeply inside her overwhelmed toyboy plastering his nose tightly on her belly over and over. Brian felt completely helpless one more time as she bobbed his head slowly and rhythmically violating his oral cavity and smacking her big cum-filled balls on his chin countless times..
Completely immobilized by her mighty thighs, Brian could only watch in mute horror how he was used to please his teenage latina maid. In only a few moments, she had made him her bitch as she was far too strong for him, and he felt so tiny too, being caught between her huge meaty sexy legs and having her monstrous shecock completely buried inside him.
Juanita took her time ravaging Brian’s mouth and throat for the first time. She moaned and sighed as she now used only one of her big hands on the back of his head and she pinched her engorged fat nipples with the other one.
Meanwhile, Brian put his hands on Juanita’s ample hips and began rubbing them despite the discomfort and humiliation he was going through. Taking advantage of this, Juanita grabbed his hands and lifting herself a little she placed them under her mammoth buttcheeks flattening them and imprisoning Brian completely.
As she began moaning louder and louder Juanita felt another orgasm coming soon. She began moving Brian’s head on her impaling shecock faster and faster making him gag in pain but she was too enthralled in her pleasure to notice her toyboy’s distress.
Finally, after skull-fucking her little master violently, the towering princkazon exploded powerfully again, filling Brian’s stomach to the rim as she shot her load into his esophagus. 
“Yesss! Yess!” she screamed in ecstasy one more time as she kept moving Brian’s head on her throbbing member for several minutes more until she was thoroughly satisfied.
As she dislodged her spent spit-covered member from his throat and mouth, Juanita giggled mischievously watching Brian’s belly bulging out due to her abundant load.
“You won’t be hungry for awhile putita” she said mocking him cruelly as she slapped his face with her pleased and wet meat-stick several times. To his dismay, Brian thought she’s right as he’d never felt so full and satisfied in his whole life!


Days passed by and Juanita kept training Brian who found himself enjoying more and more her domination over him. His ass still hurt as hell every time Juanita ravaged his bowels but the young princkazon was very skillful and always made her little pet cum by massaging his prostate roughly with her mighty shecock. The first times this happened, Brian felt quite humiliated, but little by little he began to enjoy having Juanita’s huge shaft inside his bowels expanding them powerfully and making him ejaculate inexorably.
“Did you like it putita? Did you like having my hung cock inside your ass… making your tiny dickie cum?” Juanita used to ask him huskily after he'd splashed his load “I love making you cum… you ass milks my cock soooo good and you moan like the putita you are” she said as she kept pounding him mercilessly.
But Juanita liked to please her little master in other ways as she began sitting him naked on her glorious thighs and giving him long pony rides. He enjoyed thoroughly her pony rides, specially feeling her huge and sexy thighs on his pale naked skin. Feeling like a little boy with his feet dangling a several inches over the floor, Brian closed his eyes as his mistress bounced his overmatched body using only her legs and encircling his waist with her big hands while he sucked one of her dark fat nipples and rubbed her hung love-stick. Some times Brian got so excited by the sensation of being moved up and down by her powerful legs that he’d shot his own load, splashing Juanita’s meaty and lovely thighs. 
She also liked to put Brian through heaven and hell using her alluring legs. She began wrestling him every afternoon proving her physical superiority by twisting his scrawny body or squeezing him powerfully with her sexy legs. Brian acknowledged her wrestling skills as his body was bent and twisted painfully like a pretzel in many different holds making him feel completely helpless and at her mercy. 
At the end of every hold, when Brian was openly begging and crying for mercy, Juanita would release his body and he had to kiss and lick her astounding ass or suck her engorged shecock depending on which part of her amazonian body was closer to his teary face. As time passed by, Brian began enjoying her scissors as well, as long as she didn’t squeeze him too strongly, and his favorite was definitely the reverse headscissors. Juanita used to lay on top of his body crushing him down and putting his neck between her thick sexy thighs very close to her breath-taking meat-hills, and while she held him prisoner this way, he had a great time rubbing and groping her abundant ass-flesh. Juanita liked to wiggle her delicious butt, and his imprisoned face along, from side to side playfully showing him how helpless he stood against her. Then, after letting her toyboy enjoy her perfectly rounded and lavish ass, Juanita’d move her shecock backwards rubbing Brian’s lips with its swollen tip, and he knew that he had to open his mouth and began sucking his princk mistress' tool or she’ll squeeze him painfully making him sob like a little girl.
Juanita also liked to sit on Brian’s face, some times as a punishment and some times as a reward. Having his face completely engulfed by her prominent and thick asscheeks always make Brian feel so owned and tiny that he couldn’t help having a raging boner. Many times, after being fucked roughly by Juanita, the towering princkazon liked to have her asshole rimmed and worshipped as she rubbed her spent shecock back to life, while smothering her fucktoy with her abundant moon-halves. 
Brian returned to his classes and every day when he returned home, Juanita had his dinner ready. After he’d finished eating his what she'd cooked for him, Juanita always asked him if he wanted dessert, which consisted of her huge and swollen princk and some chocolate or syrup spread on its vast surface.
Brian had to lick all the liquid chocolate or the syrup from Juanita’s cock and then, when she was sure that he had cleaned her member thoroughly, she’d shove her glans inside his mouth making him suck the spongy head of her throbbing meat-rod until erupting inside his mouth and feeding him with her copious thick load.
Some other times, she liked to shove a chocolate bar inside her rectum and Brian had to swallow it all as she crapped it out directly in his trembling mouth. And then, he had to lick her anus thoroughly taking all the remaining traces of fudge from inside her loins with his tongue.
Juanita began sharing Brian’s bed too and he had to spend most of the night having her impaling member buried inside his loins, as she fucked his ass at least three times before falling asleep, and in the mornings after waking up, he’d find that her semi-erect member was still lodged in his bowels!
Brian got used, little by little to have his anus and rectum painfully stretched out by Juanita’s imposing member as his princkazon maid fucked him enthusiastically in every position and in every place inside his house she could possibly think of. In short time his knees’ skin was hurt due to the friction as Juanita’s favorite position was doggy-style. But she also liked to have Brian flat on his back while she effortlessly held his feet at the sides of his face, bending his body painfully in two, and she rammed her hung shecock in an out of his sore ass violently. 
After a couple of weeks of being completely owned by Juanita he couldn’t remember the last time he masturbated, as his balls got drained every time she fucked his ass stimulating his prostate powerfully. Juanita giggled every time she made her smallish master cum by fucking his ass, and she moaned too as his anus and rectum squeezed her member even tighter when he was forced to ejaculate by her invading meat-stick.
Juanita began showering with Brian too, as she liked how her little boytoy rubbed and soaped her huge tits, glorious ass and long thick thighs in complete adoration. Then, she made him lick and kiss every inch of her curvy amazing body for long minutes starting with her feet, and then she liked to skull-fuck him for several moments until exploding and giving him a hot copious white shower. To enhance his debasement, she began giving him golden showers too, as she made him kneel in front of her while her urine splashed all over his head and body. Despite his eyes burnt with her pee he liked to see her gorgeous smiling face above him as she soaked him completely with her hot golden liquid. When she was finished, he was told to lick the remaining drops of urine from her glans and then, she liked to slap his soaked face with her semi-erect member while she looked down at him with a mocking smile on her face.
Every morning, after having a rough quicky on his bed Juanita liked to shove her glans inside his mouth and take a leak filling him to the rim with her abundant and bitter morning urine. After swallowing down all of her copious pee, Brian had to kiss Juanita’s shecock and rump goodbye, and he spent most of his classes daydreaming of his lusty and dominant teen maid and her huge dominant shecock. He couldn’t wait to be back at his home and worship her enormous princk, meaty ass-halves and anus for long hours during the afternoons and nights.
During the weekends, Juanita only fed him her abundant shecum as she let his ass rest for a couple of days. Brian got used to his cum diet and he even felt completely satisfied after having his stomach completely filled with Juanita’s thick seed, but he knew that by Monday’s morning his throat would hurt like hell. Juanita liked to sit him on the floor and place his head on the seat of his couch while she stood dominantly above him with her meaty sexy legs at his sides. 
“What do you want putita?” Juanita liked to ask him as she looked down at him with her hands on her narrowish waist.
“Your cock… please, Juanita I want your cock” Brian’d answer losing all sense of self-respect and acknowledging the power of Juanita’s huge member over him. 
“I’ll give you all the shecock that you want and more putita” Juanita’d say pleased with his answer and began descending on him, captivating Brian with her curvy and glorious bottom and her erect shecock. As Brian watched in complete fascination Juanita’s astounding ass descending on his face, he’d rub and caress her muscular and smooth thighs and calves trembling in anticipation.
She liked to tease him with her big hairless balls as she rubbed them on his face and then, he had to open his mouth and stick his tongue out to bath her huge testicles thoroughly with his spit. Then, she’d sit on his face parting her massive asscheeks widely and after telling him to stick out his tongue again, she liked to ride his face shoving his tongue as deep as possible through her tight anus. While Brian’s tongue probed deeper and deeper into her hot rectum she’d use his hands to rub and massage her erect shecock dripping precum copiously on his chest.
After several minutes of having her musky asshole properly worshipped, Juanita began inserting her huge anaconda through his parted lips, burying herself completely inside him, expanding his throat painfully until her tongue-bathed balls covered his nose smothering him. She’d squeeze his neck tightly feeling her cock lodged inside, as her erect love-stick made his throat bulge visibly and then, she’d fuck his mouth and throat moving her wide sexy hips up and down on top of his face.
While her erect member ravaged his throat and mouth, Brian liked to keep his eyes open beholding Juanita’s big and sexy assflesh shaking and trembling above him while he rubbed her thick thighs in complete adoration. Her perfectly rounded and mammoth meat-hills always got his dick hard and Juanita liked to squeeze his erection too, while she pounded his face slowly and rhythmically.
Juanita always took her time fucking Brian’s mouth in this position as she relished every minute of his throat tightly enveloping her invading princk and feeling her balls smacking his face over and over.
And every time she cummed in this position she’d sit heavily on his sweaty face smothering him with her huge testicles for long minutes while she injected her copious load through his throat making his belly bloat visibly.
And so, Brian got used to have his daily and huge dose of teen, latin shecock as he’d become Juanita’s willing cock-sheath and cum-vessel for her to use and abuse in any way that she fancied!


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