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viernes, 26 de julio de 2013


By Ramvo

Little Jim was thrilled and surprised at the same time. Giny, the young and impossibly tall teen daughter of his neighbors had showed up at his house asking him to play a friendly basketball match. The gorgeous Amazonian girl was wearing only a sport bra that barely contained her big firm breasts, and a too tight too skimpy yellow spandex short that seemed to be painted on her wide inviting hips.
The smiling blonde giantess looked down at him excitedly. She had to be about two feet taller than him as he was staring mesmerized at her big juvenile boobs exactly at the same height of his flabbergasted face!
“Hi Jimmy” the voluptuous teen goddess said looking down at him confidently “I’m so glad you’re back. We can have so much fun together again” Jim could only nod in disbelief as the 15 year old girl had grown a lot since the last time he saw her. Even before he left she was a head taller than his scrawny body, but now she was simply huge. Her hands were so big that she could handle the basketball easily using only one of them.
Jim couldn’t say a word, his mouth was open but he just couldn’t mutter a single syllable beholding Giny’s astounding features.
The young amazon laughed at him amused at his reaction “I’m much taller now and I’m still growing…” she said looking at his trembling face “and I do lots of exercise too! I play volleyball and basketball and I’m in the school’s swimming team. I bet you won’t beat me this time… c’mon let’s go to the court at my place” she ended and turning around she walked away nonchalantly towards the court in her house’s garage. Jim literally lost his breath beholding Giny’s massive muscular asscheeks in front of him and about the same height of his chest; her flawlessly rounded meat-hills jiggled and moved up and down rhythmically and almost tearing apart the spandex short that tightly enclosed them. Her alluring mammoth flesh-spheres seemed to be as big as the basketball she was holding in her hand, and her tempting meaty legs looked like colossal flesh pillars, well-muscled but not overdone and much thicker than his skinny ones. He was sure that one of her fleshy powerful thighs was bigger around than his own chest and he got excited picturing himself squeezed tightly between her mighty gams!
“And well…” the teen amazon asked Jim, turning her head to look at him smiling boldly.
Three years had passed since he had left his house to go to a fancy college and as soon as he’d returned the gorgeous amazon teen next door showed up. He was sure she had a crush on him back then. They used to play basketball matches frequently, Jim generally won most of them, but as time passed by it got harder and harder for him to beat the competitive young blonde.
Jim followed her obediently to the court having a raging erection inside his underwear. Luckily he was wearing his sport clothes as he was preparing himself to work out at his house’s basement, but he was afraid the young teen would notice his boner. He’d tried with all of his will to gain some muscle over the years working out on a daily basis, but he’d remained short and skinny, and now compared to Giny he felt so minuscule and completely outmatched.
“Are you happy to see me too?” the teen goddess asked him playfully to his dismay “don’t worry I’m happy to see you too. Come here big boy get ready to have your ass kicked by a teenage girl!” Jim was so ashamed that he blushed, but he had no choice but to start playing with the towering girl in front of him.
As soon as he got closer to her huge body he couldn’t help staring at her enthralling huge boobs again, mesmerized by their size and roundness. He pictured himself with his face buried between her mammoth breasts this time, but his lusty thoughts were abruptly interrupted by Giny.
“My face is up here champ” the amazon teased him holding his chin with a couple of fingers and making him look up at her beautiful smiling face. Her gorgeous hazel blue eyes and thick sexy lips made the little guy dizzy and horny at the same time… he couldn’t believe his luck!
But despite this, he blushed again and Giny looked down at him with a glorious smile painted on her full sexy lips. He felt so tiny and humbled next to her and his mind struggled as lust filled his brain mixed with feelings of desire of being taken by this towering giantess. He had always dreamt about women taller and bigger than him, but he never dared to approach any. He liked to surf through the internet looking for sites about giantesses and femdom, and now he had the chance to make his submissive fantasies come true with her gigantic and sexy teen neighbor!
As he couldn’t mutter a word, Giny bent over slightly, kissing him softly on his dry lips, he felt like he was going to pass out. He couldn’t believe her boldness.
“You know, I had I crush on you...” the towering blonde said to him when their lips parted “and now I’m sure you like me too, right?” she asked looking intensely at his eyes.
“Yeah… sure you’re… gorgeous” Jim finally said mumbling. He was so embarrassed next to Giny and what bothered him the most was her self-confidence.
“Great! I knew it. I’m sure we’re gonna have lots of fun together!” she ended and turning around she left her overwhelmed opponent astonished and horny as hell.
As they began their friendly match, Jim didn’t care any more if she noticed his erection. He was sure Giny enjoyed teasing him with her big body, specially with her remarkable butt and turgent tits, but she also enjoyed making him feel small and outmatched. She liked to hold the ball up with one of her hands making impossible for him to grab it, even jumping as high as he could. The young amazon laughed at him seeing his puny efforts and encouraged him to try harder.
“Come on Jimmy jump higher” she teased him mischievously “try harder little man!” When he jumped the towering teen would move her chest a little forward rubbing her tits on his face playfully. He blushed but she only giggled and kept teasing him more and more.
“If you can’t take the ball from me, maybe you can grab my tits instead” she said once “don’t worry they don’t bite” he felt ashamed and humiliated but he kept jumping and rubbing his face on her firm breasts.
After letting him massage her tits with his face a few more times, Giny turned around and bent over presenting her huge firm butt to Jim while holding the ball securely away from him. This time Jim rubbed his chest on her mighty rump several times trying to take the ball from her, but she only chuckled and shook her hips and ass from side to side making him hornier and hornier.
Feeling so close to her massive colossal meat-hills was like a dream come true for Jim. He tried to hold her ass embracing her wide hips with his arms playfully. Her hips and buttcheeks were so big around that his arms couldn’t encircle them completely!
While Jim tried to hold Giny’s ample butt the best that he could, the young amazon turned her head to look at the little guy behind her pleased with herself. She was glad that he seemed to like her a lot, specially her astounding booty, and she couldn’t wait to make him worship it properly!
As they kept playing Jim began slapping and rubbing Giny’s meaty asscheeks playfully making the teen giantess giggle. She liked to tease the little man with her remarkable delicious bottom while she scored point after point.
After less than 15 minutes the first match ended 21-0 and Giny sauntered around the court giggling and mocking his outmatched neighbor while he was panting and sweating profusely with his hands on his trembling knees. Jim couldn’t believe that his younger opponent could kick his ass so easily. The height difference was evident and she was well skilled too but it was clear to Jim that she was in a much better physical shape than him.
Taking advantage that Jim was already tired, Giny moved behind him and before he could react the mischievous amazon put Jim’s head between her mammoth powerful thighs.
In just a second, Jim found himself prisoner of Giny’s huge legs. He put his smallish hands on the vast naked surface of her marvelous thighs trying to free himself but to no avail. The huge teen only chuckled at his puny efforts as she put her hands on her waist and looked down at him dominantly.
“Can’t escape little man?” the amazon asked mockingly and moved her hips and Jim’s imprisoned head from side to side teasing him. Realizing that he could never escape from between her huge flesh-pillars Jim only rubbed and massaged Giny’s meaty thighs hoping that she’d free him soon from this humiliating situation. Despite being held against his will, Jim enjoyed himself feeling Giny’s mighty gams around his head while he was stroking them. He felt so minuscule and powerless between her succulent legs that he had a raging erection in his pants. Being dominated this way by a much younger but much bigger girl excited him so much that was afraid he’d shoot his load inside his pants in any moment!
Luckily for Jim, Giny only held him between her legs as she didn’t crush her tiny neighbor with them. The young amazon just wanted to show him how strong she was compared to his scrawny being. He could feel the power of her amazing thighs despite the smoothness of her tender juvenile skin.
Finally, after several minutes of holding him tightly using only the strength of her mammoth thighs and proving how helpless he stood against her, Giny released Jim and giggling playfully she threw the basketball at him powerfully almost knocking the air out of him.
“C’mon let’s play another match” the towering blonde said merrily to Jim who was trying to recover from her assault “if I win again you’ll have to kiss me” she ended, winking an eye at Jim who felt like the luckiest guy on the world!
The second match went as the previous one. Giny scored point after point and Jim just couldn’t do anything to stop her as she was too tall and too strong for him. But during this match Giny grew bolder as she began groping and squeezing Jim’s crotch playfully every time she scored. Seeing this, Jim became bolder too as he began spanking Giny’s ass and kept rubbing his face on her huge turgent tits every time he tried to take the ball from her.
Several times Jim crashed against Giny’s imposing physique and he always ended up knocked down on the floor. Before helping her tiny opponent to his feet Giny liked to put one of her huge feet on his chest. While Jim was panting trying to recover from the collision Giny’d look down at him dominantly and smiling contentedly with her hands crossed on her humongous breasts in a very domineering pose.
At the end of the match the young amazon left her outsized opponent completely exhausted lying on his back on the floor. Giny had won 21-0 again without much trouble and seeing Jim panting on the floor, the naughty teen took advantage of this and sat on his chest heavily. Jim could do nothing to defend himself as the huge girl on top of him crushed his chest with her ample succulent ass and although his arms and hands were free, he was far too weak to stop Giny from having her way with him.
Crushing his outmatched body and giggling mischievously, Giny moved forward on Jim’s body until his face was just a few inches from her crotch. Her huge thighs framed Jim’s face as he felt completely helpless and tiny again, compared to the amazonian teen sitting on him.
Looking down at her tiny prey with hungry eyes Giny put her hands on her waist making Jim feel completely owned and dominated. She squeezed her thighs together compressing Jim’s face playfully as she licked her lips in anticipation.
“Do you like this?” Giny asked Jim as she looked down at him dominantly.
“Oh yesss!” he answered as his teen mistress sat comfortably on him.
“Good! Now kiss me!” the lusty teen ordered Jim who looked up at her hesitantly.
“Kiss my crotch little man, submit to your teenage conqueror!” Giny added hoarsely and Jim obeyed his mistress as he began planting little kisses on her spandex-clad pussy subserviently. Jim’s mind was in turmoil as he obeyed Giny’s commands feeling excited and humiliated at the same time. He knew he couldn’t do anything to stop her from having her way with him as she was too strong and too big for him, but he also enjoyed the way she had made him submit to her will and please her clad pussy orally.
Completely subdued under her, Jim kept kissing her crotch for several minutes as he noticed that it was getting soaked with his saliva and her juices. Feeling horny and in complete control over her outsized prey, Giny held Jim by the back of his head plastering his face on her soaked crotch for several seconds sighing and moaning. She was getting more and more excited as she grinded Jim’s face with her crotch moaning loudly. Ondulating her hips obscenely she held Jim’s face still with both of her hands while using his nose and mouth to rub and massage her clit and pussy lips for long minutes. The horny teen amazon delighted herself for many minutes using Jim as a sex toy, holding him by his ears forcefully and stimulating her soaked vagina and moaning louder and louder.
Enclosing his head completely between her thick thighs and burying his face in her crotch Giny climaxed, screaming in ecstasy and pushing his mistreated face as deep as she could into her moist clad vagina. Jim had to endure the overwhelming pressure from his mistress’ powerful thighs at the sides of his drenched face, as he felt like her mighty gams were going to crush his skull like a ripe fruit. While Giny licked her lips relishing her first orgasm using Jim as her sex slave, the little guy screamed in pain and agony hopelessly trapped between her squashing legs but his voice was completely muffled by Giny’s crotch. The young amazon enjoyed the voice vibrations coming from his smothered mouth too.
“That was great” Giny said to Jim looking down at him with glowing eyes “I’m sorry if I got carried away but feeling your face on my pussy was just awesome” she ended while Jim panted and tried to catch his breath under her amazonian frame.
“Are you ok?” the amazon asked him looking at  his red and sweaty face.
“I’ll-I’ll be fine” Jim answered gasping for air under his owner’s crushing weight.
“Great! You’re a trooper.  I think I’ll keep you under my booty for a few more minutes… it just feels so good!” she added giggling mischievously and moving forward, the towering amazon buried Jim’s astounded face under her vast spandex-clad bottom. Jim felt completely helpless again as Giny held his hands out and put him through his paces under her huge and delicious derriere.
Jim struggled to breathe under Giny’s mammoth butt while she rocked her hips rhythmically on top of him. His nose and mouth was perfectly sealed by her tight shorts and her crushing weight. The lusty teen kept her beautiful eyes closed as she enjoyed Jim’s face thoroughly for several minutes. She smeared his face with her juices and his own saliva as she rode his face in earnest rubbing and massaging him with her clad pussy and buttcheeks.
After a couple of minutes of riding his abused face, she decided to change her position on her little pet.
Giny turned around on top of her toyboy and placing his head between her meaty thighs she put Jim in a reverse headscissor. Giny’s rounded moon-halves were only a couple of inches from Jim’s worn-out face and although he was exhausted he wasted no time as his hands began to grab, massage and rub her lavish butt-flesh immediately.
Meanwhile, Giny turned her head to see her little captive and smiled pleased as Jim enjoyed groping her mammoth ass.
“Do you like my booty?” she asked him teasingly as she shook her hips from side to side, as well as his imprisoned head, making her ass-flesh jiggle and tremble in front of him seductively.
“Oh yeahh!” the little man under her answered as he kept rubbing and massaging her succulent buttcheeks in complete adoration.
Giny kept moving her hips from side to side and then she began contracting her strong butt muscles giving Jim a hot steaming show. The little man felt like he’d died and went to heaven as he delighted himself feeling Giny’s ass contract and relax for long minutes. He just couldn’t believe the size and firmness, as well as her muscle control, of her sexy bottom while he rubbed and stroked her rounded buttocks like an obsessed man.
She let her little pet enjoy her remarkable derriere for several minutes and then, lifting up from him and sitting backwards, Giny engulfed Jim’s face completely inside her butt. The teen towering amazon just sat on her toy’s face letting him get acquainted with her awesome behind.
Although Jim was struggling to breathe under Giny, he didn’t care at first, feeling elated and completely subdued by her marvelous and huge bottom.
Giny shook her hips accommodating her prey deeper into her asscrack until she felt his nose plastered against her tender moist anus. She sighed pleased, as she rocked her ass stimulating her sphincter with Jim’s nose over and over for a few moments.
Then, she grabbed both of his ankles with one of her huge hands and pulling his legs backwards forcefully the horny amazon bent the little man in two while she kept moving and shaking her ass on his face, enjoying his nose on her back entrance and not caring at all about his desperate struggles to breathe.
Jim was completely smothered and subdued as he tried frantically to breathe between Giny’s huge consuming buttcheeks. The air from her asscrack was all he could breathe as his lungs began to burn. He panicked feeling buried under layers and layers of delicious but smothering feminine ass-flesh. He grabbed her meaty cheeks and spanked them but she didn’t seem to notice as she was enthralled with the feelings coming from the deep contact between her orifice and Jim’s nose.
Giny rode Jim’s face this way for several minutes before noticing his desperate struggles under her. Giggling mischievously the horny teen lifted her vast ass from his face a few inches letting her prisoner breathe.
“Sorry, but your face makes a very nice seat for my booty, are you ok?” she said to Jim who was panting trying to catch his breath. His face was red and sweaty again, but beholding her perfectly rounded and firm buttcheeks above him made him forget for a moment about his torment.
“It-it’s okay” Jim said feeling horny again.
“Good” Giny said “now kiss my booty” and Jim complied subserviently puckering his lips and planting little kisses on the broad surface of his mistress’s amazonian bottom.
Satisfied with his submission, Giny stood up from his flattened body. Feeling free after long excruciating minutes, Jim was able to breathe normally again as he panted for a few minutes lying on the floor.
The naughty amazon helped her spent small toyboy to his feet. Jim was astounded and exhausted. In just a few minutes he’d become the eager sexual slave of his teen towering neighbor as he realized that she could do anything she wanted with him. Giny was now his mistress and owner as Jim’s submissive nature took over completely and he was willing to obey her wishes and commands.
“If I win this match you’ll have to worship my booty” Giny said merrily once they started playing again and Jim was holding her ample hips and rubbing her chest on her vast flesh-hills one more time.
“Ok” Jim said feeling the tightness of her lavish succulent ass-flesh. Her buttocks felt so firm and tight but at the same time they jiggled and trembled every time she ran and jumped scoring more and more points.
He was in heaven as every time Giny bent over protecting the ball he rubbed and spanked lightly her massive meat-hills making her flesh tremble a little. Giny just chuckled and let the little man had his way on her astonishing ass knowing very well that now he was under her spell.
“You’re gonna have to kiss my ass” the blonde amazon said happily every time she scored as she shook her vast rump from side to side in front of Jim’s face making him drool. He didn’t care if he had to kiss Giny’s remarkable behind at all, he just wanted to be in close contact with his mistress’ amazing juvenile body, specially her big, glorious rounded moon-halves.
“If you score once I’ll give a blow job” the ardent amazon said to Jim who looked at her in disbelief. After hearing her offer Jim tried harder, not only grabbing Giny’s hips and ass, but the towering girl was just too much for Jim as she’d already proved her superiority over him many times before.
Finally, the match ended 21-0 again and Giny was smiling broadly looking down at Jim, who was panting and sweating profusely completely defeated and humiliated by his teen towering neighbor. To Jim’s shame Giny wasn’t even sweating!
“Time to kiss some tush Jimmy!” the blonde amazon said merrily turning around and bending over displaying her mammoth ass to her beaten opponent.
“I want to feel your lips on my ass little man” Giny said huskily as she pulled her tight shorts downwards releasing her glorious meat-hills to the little man behind her.
Jim stared in awe at the marvelous and huge naked white flesh-globes in front of him, he couldn’t believe that the skimpy short she was wearing could contain such huge amount of lavish sexy butt-flesh. He approached Giny’s bottom slowly while she looked back at him smiling and waiting for him to start worshiping her astounding derriere. She slapped her buttcheeks playfully making her flesh jiggle and shake teasing him, while Jim positioned himself behind her amazonian body.
As he pressed his trembling lips on Giny’s succulent asscheeks one by one, planting little kisses on their broad warm surface, Jim held one and then another of her colossal thighs massaging his teen mistress’ legs eagerly.
Giny giggled pleased as her new pet kissed her big butt in total adoration while his smallish hands rubbed and caressed her thick thighs.
Jim was lost in desire and lust. Giny’s mammoth butt had become his whole world as he worshiped it forgetting about everything else. He enjoyed himself for long minutes kissing the smooth, soft surface of his teen’s mistress glutes one by one smelling their scent and closing his eyes in ecstasy. Meanwhile, his hands were full of her juvenile thigh’s flesh. Her mighty legs’ skin felt so soft, fresh and silky but the muscles beneath were simply unyielding and felt as hard as steel.
The blonde amazon was elated too. She had just turned her little neighbor into her willing “asskisser” just by proving her superiority to him once more. Giny closed her eyes and licked her lips contentedly feeling Jim’s mouth pressed tightly on her butt over and over as he continued worshiping her luscious ass for long minutes.
Feeling completely enthralled and subdued, Jim began kissing her asscrack too, holding her massive asscheeks together with his hands making sure to kiss both tantalizing flesh-orbes at the same time. The little man delighted himself holding and grabbing Giny’s well-muscled buns and compressing them together tightly as his hands were now full of her firm and luscious buttflesh. Meanwhile, Giny was relishing her domination over her outsized slave. Feeling his wet mouth on her crack, she knew that he was ready to be tamed completely.
“Now stick out your tongue little man” the young amazon said huskily to her willing slave “lick my ass, spread your saliva over it!” and Jim obeyed her subserviently licking the sweat from her perfectly rounded moon-halves thoroughly one after the other.
As Jim licked Giny’s butt covering its vast expense with his own saliva she giggled and shook her ample hips from side to side playfully. Jim was completely spellbound licking and tasting his teen mistress’ ass while massaging her powerful thighs at the same time.
He lost control of his lust when his tongue began licking Giny’s asscrack thoroughly probing deeper and deeper. The blonde teen began moaning getting more and more excited feeling Jim’s wiggling tongue going between her rounded globes and feeling his face completely buried inside her sexy mammoth butt.
Jim grabbed both of her buttocks and opening them wide he began kissing her tender puckering orifice in complete abandon. The blonde amazon grabbed Jim’s hair and began pulling his head roughly against her crack plastering Jim’s mouth on her delicate fragrant anus over and over.
“Kiss my butthole, show me how much you love it!” she said hoarsely while she jerked her little ass-slave’s head between her huge glutes devouring his face and keeping his lips in close contact with her pink sphincter.
Meanwhile, little Jim tried his best to please his giant owner’s back entrance. He puckered his lips and kept smashing them on the tender surface of Giny’s anus while his head was roughly moved forwards and backwards by his mistress’ big amazonian hand.
“Get your tongue inside… french-kiss my butthole” the horny blonde commanded as she pushed her willing slave tightly against her butt and Jim began rimming her anus obediently.
Holding him strongly, Giny enjoyed Jim’s tongue going in and out of her tight sphincter. She delighted herself as waves of pleasure went from her orifice to the rest of her amazonian body. Her pussy was soaked in her juices too, as the little man began moving his tongue in tight circles pleasing and relaxing her pink anus.
Meanwhile, Jim struggled to breathe as his face was completely surrounded by Giny’s abundant meaty buttcheeks. His nose was crushed on her deep hot asscrack as he kept moving his tongue in and out or in circles around her muscle ring. He tried to move his head backwards to get some fresh air but Giny was just too strong for him, and the towering teen kept him firmly in place for a long time making him please her asshole until he was exhausted and panting.
Every time she felt his efforts began to decrease, she’d contract her strong and well-muscled buttocks around his head powerfully making his breathing even harder. Little Jim had no choice but to keep rimming and french-kissing his horny mistress’ sphincter the best that he could while breathing the little air between her massive cheeks.
He knew he was completely under her power now, buried alive inside her meaty engulfing bottom. He felt like he was just a pleasure toy for his much younger owner whose only purpose was to please her and satisfy her lust. But despite all of this, Jim was very excited and horny too, his cock was erect inside his pants while he was forced to serve Giny’s hungry anus sticking his tongue completely inside and moving it around until it ached.
Feeling Jim’s tongue probing deeply inside her rectum Giny’s pleasure increased more and more getting her very close to an anal orgasm. She began squeezing his tongue with her anus, as her excitement grew, holding it tightly insider her loins for several seconds several times.
Finally, Giny reached an intense anal orgasm and screaming in ecstasy she pushed Jim’s head forcefully keeping him strongly in place between her muscular buns. Then, the young amazon began contracting her asscheeks rhythmically on Jim’s face engulfing him completely inside her deep crack. As hot darkness surrounded him and his face was massaged roughly by Giny’s mighty buttcheeks, Jim felt so used and dominated that he cummed inside his pants without even touching himself!
While she relished her climax, Jim groaned and moaned inside Giny’s crack making her sigh and giggle mischievously. Now she was sure that Jim had become her willing slave for her to use as she fancied. Keeping his face tightly against her crevice, Giny delighted herself rubbing his nose on her sensitive sphincter and sroking his mouth with her wet pussy lips.
Lost in her pleasure, Giny held Jim by the back of his head and pushing him strongly the naughty towering blonde kept him forcefully in place without letting him breathe.
Jim began to struggle trying to free his head from his fleshy prison but to no avail. Giny only giggled at his puny efforts while he desperately tried to breathe but his nose was completely plastered against her musky butthole and his mouth was sealed by her pussy lips.
Giny moaned and sighed enjoying the useless struggles of her new pet between her devouring buttocks. Jim was so desperate that he spanked Giny’s vast ass many times but she kept him strongly in place as she didn’t even seem to notice his desperate efforts. She kept him prisoner in her amazonian butt using only one of her strong hands on his head while she began pinching her engorged nipples with the other one.
Jim began losing his senses little by little and his struggles decreased as the lack of air took his toll on him. Noticing this, Giny mercifully let his head go and Jim fell on the court’s surface panting and sweating.
“Oh my! That was fun wasn’t it?” the towering blonde said turning around and pulling up her tight shorts to see her mistreated toyboy, “Sorry, I got carried away again” she added looking down pitifully at Jim who was recovering from her assault.
“I’m gonna make it up to you, I promise” the teen amazon said to Jim and taking his trembling hands she helped him to stand on his feet again.
“Ok no problem” Jim said feeling battered but excited at the same time. The gorgeous huge girl in front of him was like a dream come true and he wanted to show her that he could please her in any way and endure her dominant nature.
“I really like you and I want you to realize how much fun we can have together” Giny said looking at Jim intensely “I think you’ve realized that I’m the one in charge and from now on you’re gonna have to obey me and do what I say” she said to Jim who looked down and nodded. Despite the fear and humiliation Jim felt excited at the same time. Giny’s colossal body was amazing and her gorgeous features made him horny and eager to obey her every command. His submissive nature had taken over and now he felt like he was living one of his hidden fantasies.
“Good” Giny said as Jim accepted her domination over him and helping him to stand on his feet again “let’s go inside my house to have more fun!” she ended merrily as she took one of Jim’s hands engulfing it completely inside one of her much bigger ones.
Jim followed his teen mistress obediently staring mesmerized at her swaying mammoth buttcheeks and drooling in anticipation.
Once they were inside her house, Giny headed directly to her bedroom taking Jim with her. The teen amazon took off her skimpy clothes as well as Jim’s and as soon as they were both naked, she wasted no time and began dominating Jim with her superior  and nude physique. The towering girl enjoyed herself putting little Jim in a variety of devastating wrestling holds and leg scissors making him cry and scream for mercy over and over while she just giggled and looked at him smiling broadly.
She delighted herself bending Jim in multiple ways or compressing his abdomen and chest with her mighty thighs or squeezing his neck making him dizzy. She also rode his face many times, massaging it with her naked pussy over and over, or engulfing him completely between her huge hanging tits or between her massive buttcheeks, plastering his nose against her moist anus making him struggle to breathe. Giny made sure that her toyboy realized that he could never escape from her crushing thighs or her smothering ass.
After every hold or scissor Jim had to kiss and worship either Giny’s pussy or butthole for long minutes, and after an hour the submissive little man was already exhausted.
Noticing that both of them were quite sweaty and Jim was completely spent, Giny decided to take a shower with Jim in her own bathroom.
Jim was told to wash and rub every inch of Giny’s magnificent and huge body and he did his best soaping and washing her thoroughly, paying special attention to her big turgent tits and her rounded meat-hills. The young amazon let him enjoy himself caressing and massaging her body as she giggled amusedly watching her tiny slave trying to reach every spot of her alluring curvaceous body. Then, Giny washed Jim too. The mischievous amazon grabbed Jim’s cock and balls several times making him moan in pleasure.
“If a give you a handjob you’ll have to pay a price little man” Giny said to Jim while engulfing his penis and testicles inside her huge hand “are you ok with this?” she asked looking down at him intensely.
“Yeahh… sure!” he answered excitedly feeling horny as hell and Giny began jerking his tiny pecker with her hand giggling naughtily. After only a minute, Jim cummed in her hand soaking it with his load.
Giny let him enjoy his orgasm for a few moments and then maneuvering his body easily, the young teen placed him kneeling on the shower’s floor between her colossal legs while she stood up above him.
Without warning Giny began peeing on Jim. The little man couldn’t defend himself from the hot golden stream falling on his head and chest as Giny urinated for a long time while looking down at her prey with hungry eyes. The salty liquid made his eyes burn as tears began to roll on his cheeks. During his whole ordeal the blonde amazon looked down at him with her hands on her waist in a very dominant pose smiling broadly. Jim saw no mercy in her beautiful eyes as her pee splashed all over his trembling body.
It was the lowest point in Jim’s life. He felt completely soiled and abused as he was instructed to clean Giny’s snatch after she ended peeing on him. Jim had to lick and swallow the remaining drops of her urine from her pussy lips. Feeling horny and in complete control, Giny grabbed him by his hair forcefully and burying his face in her wet blonde bush, she made him stick out his tongue and worship her pussy until climaxing, soaking his face with her pee and her pussy fluids.
After orally pleasing his teen mistress again, Giny put on a flimsy black g-string that literally disappeared inside her deep asscrack devoured by her vast buttcheeks and a top of the same color while Jim was told to remain naked.
“You must stay nude inside my room” Giny said to the trembling little guy “from now on you belong to me and you will do what I say” she added looking down at him from her superior height.
Jim had no choice, feeling completely humiliated in front of her and he nodded accepting his submission under his young mistress.
“Good” she said satisfied “I have a gift for you” and then, the towering teen produced a couple of items from one of her drawers. Giny told Jim to kneel in front of her between her mammoth thighs while she sat at her bed.
Giny showed him his gift and to Jim’s dismay it was dog collar which Giny put around his neck smiling broadly.
“It`s suits you just fine” she said merrily then, while she attached the leash to the collar she kept instructing her smaller toyboy “I want you to wear this collar when you’re in my room too” completely embarrassed, Jim just moved down his head as tears filled his eyes.
Noticing this, Giny tried to comfort him “Don’t worry little man, you still will have the chance to worship my big body and please me every day. You’ll see that we can have so much fun together…” she said lifting him from the floor and putting him astride one of her big thighs.
Jim was astouned by her strenght once more as Giny had just lifted him from the floor so effortlessly. He felt like a small child, sitting on the vast surface of her mammoth succulent thigh. The little man just couldn't comprehend how such young and beautiful girl could control and master his body so easily. He enjoyed the contact between his naked body and Giny’s smooth mighty thigh for several seconds before she kept instructing him.
“You just have to get used to the idea that you’re my toyboy and that you must obey my every whim or you’ll get punished” she said looking at him intensely. Jim trembled in fear thinking of the possible ways Giny could punish him and that he was just too weak to stop her.
“Ok, now lets have some more fun” the teen amazon ended as she grabbed Jim’s cock and testicles engulfing them completely inside her big hand while she used the other one to push Jim against her humongous breast.
“Suck me baby!” she said huskily while her warm hand jerked Jim’s member vigorously. Jim lost all of his fear as he removed the flimsy cloth covering Giny’s fat nipple and began sucking and nibbling like an obsessed man.
Giny began sighing in pleasure as her pet sucked her engorged nipple. The dominant teen let him enjoy her naked tit as her warm hand stimulated his outsized cock for a few minutes until Jim cummed in her hand again. Jim moaned loudly while holding Giny’s nipple inside his mouth and finally the spent little man collapsed resting his head on his owner’s bossom panting and sighing.
Giny giggled softly and licked her hand taking all of his cum inside his mouth.
After this, Giny had her way with Jim during the rest of the afternoon: she rode Jim’s face over and over making him lick her pussy and butthole countless times, cumming on his face and leaving it soaked in her juices. But she put him through his paces too, squeezing his body like a toothpaste between her powerful legs making him beg and scream for mercy and showing him time after time how weak and helpless he stood against her.
Jim’s mind was a mess as he clearly enjoyed being subdued by Giny’s huge and curvy body, he also feared her strength and devious ways and how easily she could make him cry like a small child. Being between her thighs was like being in heaven and hell at the same time. He loved the huge size, specially how small his hands looked on their vast surface, and feminine shape of her legs as well as their smooth and silky skin, but he feared the power of the muscles beneath as they could easily squash his body. Time after time the air inside his lungs was pushed outside roughly by Giny’s almighty thighs and while darkness surrounded him, he could only hear her giggles and teasing words.
Giny liked to make him dizzy crushing him between her legs and while he was half-conscious she’d rub her naked pussy on his nose and mouth or she’d engulf his whole face between her mammoth asscheeks kissing his nose with her moist pink anus.
The towering dominant teen also made him go on his hands and knees as she walked him around her room like a dog several times, and at the end of each walk he was told to kiss and lick every one and each of her toes.
“Good doggy, good doggy” Giny said to Jim whenever he bathed her toes with his tongue and saliva.
At the end of the first day of his submission Jim was so thirsty, as he had not been allowed to drink anything during the whole time he was kept in Giny’s bedroom, that he begged openly for some water. The mischievous amazon took him to her bathroom and placing his head face-up on the toilet. She made him open his mouth and while she stood above him she made him drink all her salty warm pee. Opening her moist pussy lips and looking down at the little sobbing man between her long legs, the cruel teen watched her overwhelmed prey drink all of her urine.
“This is how you’re gonna get your water inside my room, do you like it?” she said mischievously while her pee filled Jim to the rim. His face was soaked with her golden liquid and his tears as he was made to drink for a long time. But despite feeling utterly humiliated and soiled by his huge giggling mistress, Jim got a boner just by beholding Giny’s massive ass above him.
When she finished peeing into his unwilling mouth, Jim was humiliated once more as he had to thank her for letting him drink her pee.
Finally, Giny let her toyboy go to his house but he had to kiss goodbye her pussy, her butthole and both of her luscious meaty asscheeks. Feeling completely owned, Jim obeyed his teenaged mistress planting little kisses on her wet vagina, on her musky fragrant sphincter and finally, on the broad surface of her alluring curvy flesh-hills. Giny made him kiss each cheek at least ten times before being satisfied.
The little man went to his house feeling sore, soiled and completely worn-out. His trembling legs led him to his bed where he fell almost unconscious. He wished he were in a better physical shape because the worst of all was that he had to go to Giny’s house the next day to play another “friendly basketball match”!


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