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viernes, 28 de junio de 2013


By Ramvo

“Hi! I’m Romina again” said the beautiful towering princkgoddess to the camera “Here we are again. Now it’s time for my sis Regina to have some fun with poor little Ray. Let’s see what’s in store today for him!!” she added joyfully and then she moved the camera, focusing on the couch where Regina and Ray were.
Regina was completely naked, comfortably sitting on the couch. She had her long amazonian arms resting on the couch sides and she was smiling broadly looking down at the small older man kneeling between her mammoth sexy thighs sucking and licking her big erect shecock. The camera zoomed in as Ray was trying to please her huge teen mistress with his already conquered mouth displaying his outstretched lips enveloping tightly the tip of her swollen hung member. He was wearing only a black leather dog collar tightly around his scrawny neck and it was attached to a leash of the same color, which Regina was holding in one of her hands. He was trying his best to please his giant cock mistress with his tiny puny hands too, as he rubbed the length of her erect meat-stick willingly.
“Hi Regina” said Romina to her sister, and Regina waved back to the camera smiling and licking her fleshy, sexy lips.
“Look at me!” Regina hissed “I want you to look at your teenage conqueror while you suck me, slut” she ended as Ray obeyed her, moving his head and eyes a little, making eye-contact with his new sex-hungry mistress. Regina was obviously having a good time watching Ray gag himself with her engorged meaty shecock.
“Well…” Regina said to the camera smiling mischievously “Ray and I will have lots of fun together. As you can see I’ll make sure that he keeps practicing his oral skills… but I also will start training him in other princkdom areas” she added winking an eye to her sister.
After saying this, Regina removed her long throbbing shecock from Ray’s mouth and after slapping Ray’s face with her heavy shecock making the little man groan in pain, she turned around on the couch kneeling on the edge, presenting her astounding, perfectly rounded, massive ass to Ray. Regina clapped her magnificent asscheeks a few times and then she told Ray to worship her big succulent butt.
“Time to worship my ass, slave” the young blond amazon ordered to the helpless man behind her magnificent derriere.
Despite all the humiliation he’d been through, Ray enjoyed himself worshipping Regina’s glorious ass, planting little kisses and licking thoroughly the soft and smooth surface of her remarkable lavish asscheeks. Meanwhile, Regina giggled, feeling his lips and mouth pressing against her tender skin, she turned her head to see her minuscule slave adoring her glorious, well-muscled butt as his tiny tongue went across its vast expense. She ordered him to rub and massage her buttcheeks as well, and Ray complied willingly.
“I think little Ray is an assman” Regina said to the camera, giggling amusedly and shaking her wide hips and rounded butt in front of her overwhelmed but willing ass-slave. Meanwhile, Ray delighted himself caressing and massaging Regina’s magnificent buttocks in earnest. He couldn’t believe that such mammoth, luscious, rounded asscheeks could be so soft and yet, they felt so firm and well-muscled at the same time. His puny hands were too small to handle such amount of succulent, warm, female buttflesh, but he tried his best anyway. Ray was getting thirsty too, as most of his saliva had been applied on the vast surface of his towering, blonde mistress’ butt painstakingly.
After feeling that all of her plenty amazonian ass was covered by his saliva, Regina ordered Ray to part her muscled buttcheeks and kiss her puckering pink anus.
Ray obeyed her commands submissively, opening widely her mammoth moonhalves and pressing his trembling lips against the hot, tender and fragrant surface of Regina’s orifice. After enjoying his mouth on her butthole kissing her back entrance tenderly for a few moments, she ordered him to start licking her tight sphincter as well.
Ray moved his tongue in tight circles around her butthole rimming her thoroughly, as he complied subserviently. Soon, he was told to move his already tired tongue in and out of her scented, relaxing anus, as he kept pleasing his teen mistress’ sphincter for long minutes. Regina told him to give her thick hung member a handjob too, as she moved her huge princk backwards for him to rub and jerk. He was told to kiss and lick her hanging pouch too.
Ray’s face was completely out of sight as he dived deeply into Regina’s crack worshiping her hungry butthole thoroughly and letting her asscheeks close around him enveloping him between her mammoth meat-hills. Regina closed her eyes and licked her lips moaning softly enjoying her slave’s wiggling tongue on her back entrance. His little tongue felt so good, probing and moving deeper and deeper inside her loins, that she got very excited in short time and tiny drops of precum appeared on her swollen shecock’s slit.
In short time, Regina was panting and sighing loudly thanks to Ray’s oral ministrations on her anus and testicles, and his warm hand around her imposing shecock, rubbing it softly. She didn’t want to waste her first load on Ray’s hands so, after a few more minutes of letting her prey worship her butthole and shecock, she felt that it was time to continue with the next phase of Ray’s training.
Regina made a sign to her sister holding the camera, and she handed her a string of spherical, white beads.
Then, she ordered Ray to insert one by one the beads into her wet, tender anus. Ray obeyed her teenage giant mistress again, as he pushed one by one the little white glass balls through her distended and excited butthole and into her tight rectum. While her hungry anus devoured the beads one by one, Regina sighed pleased and kept her meaty, rounded buttcheeks wide open using her amazonian hands on each of them allowing Ray to shove the beads easily. When he finished pushing the marbles inside her ass, Regina moved her meaty shecock backwards and told Ray to start sucking the tip of her hung member while pulling the beads out of her loins one by one gradually.
Regina sighed and moaned in pleasure as the beads were pulled slowly outside her clamping sphincter one at a time making an audible “plop” sound and Ray kept his mouth busy, sucking the huge spongy head of her engorged member.
Once Ray had removed all the beads from Regina’s gaping anus he was told to put all of them inside his mouth and wash them with his saliva.
Laughing madly the princkazons watched Ray put all the beads inside his unwilling mouth. He had no choice but to obey his towering mistress as he put one by one the warm oily beads inside his mouth. Romina recorded Ray’s bulging mouth filled with the bead-string as she held his face up for the camera. The miserable man closed his eyes in utter shame as tears rolled on his trembling bulging cheeks as both girls laughed at him cruelly.
“I think he likes his snack” said Romina teasing him. To enhance his humiliation Romina put one of her hands on his mouth as he was told to move the beads around inside his mouth using his tongue.
“Taste my sister’s ass” Romina hissed as she kept her hand on Ray’s mouth closing it tightly while he washed the beads with his tongue and saliva for several minutes.
After this humiliation, Ray was told to shove the beads inside Regina’s relaxed butthole back again and after he’d completed this task, he was ordered now to take the beads out again, but using his mouth this time.
Ray opened her mammoth buttcheeks and planted his lips on Regina’s sphincter holding the first sticky bead between his lips and began pulling the string out, slowly as he was told. As the shiny beads began to appear on Regina’s anus he had to put them inside his mouth as he kept pulling the string using only his mouth and lips. Regina delighted herself clamping her sphincter making Ray’s work harder as even her rectum walls were too strong for him!
He closed his eyes in shame again, but Romina slapped his face painfully making him open his eyes as he continued his humiliating task.
After this, Regina ordered Ray to insert one of his scrawny fingers inside her hot clamping asshole as she rubbed her mighty shecock, the poor little man still had all the anal beads inside his mouth.
“Put it deep… deeper!” Regina moaned as the little man shoved his finger completely through her ring muscle into her hot loins.
“Move it around” she whispered licking her lips as her slave obeyed her “now insert another one” Regina commanded and Ray complied again distending her butthole more and more with his fingers.
After enjoying Ray’s fingers inside her sphincter moving around and stimulating her, Regina told him to remove the beads from his mouth and lick his fingers thoroughly too.
The camera zoomed in again recording the overwhelmed small man obeying his teen towering mistress orders.
After this, Regina shoved one of her own fingers inside her butthole and after moving it around for several seconds, she pulled it out and made Ray clean it with his unwilling mouth. The little man obeyed submissevily while Regina looked down at him smiling mockingly.
After this, Regina moved her finger around inside Ray’s mouth to make sure that her slave had cleaned her finger to her complete satisfaction for several seconds.
Once she was satisfied, Regina moved from the couch and told Ray to place his hands and knees on the floor and as he obeyed she sat heavily on his back. He was told to give her a ride around the room supporting all of her amazonian weight with his puny arms and legs. While he plodded along on all fours Regina rubbed her erect shecock on his back and giggled teasing him.
“Come on horsey” she giggled encouraging him and slapping his butt loudly with her hand several times, making the little man try harder as the pain in his ass was worse than the weight on his back.
He collapsed often due to her weight and she punished him smacking his bare ass with her big hands. She would insert the tip of one of her fingers roughly inside his anus too, making him wince in pain and then, she’d shove the same finger inside his unwilling mouth making him clean her finger to her satisfaction. He has no choice but to comply and kept supporting her immense weight while giving her a pony ride around the room for long endless minutes. The two sisters laughed out loudly as he tried his best but often failed and collapsed on the floor crushed by Regina’s mass, and every time he fell on the floor he got his face painfully slapped by his mistress hard shecock several times making him beg and whimper.
When Regina noticed that Ray could no longer support her weight, she maneuvered his body on the room’s carpet putting him face up. Ray was laying flat on his back panting and sweating profusely due to the effort of carrying Regina’s amazonian weight around the room trying to catch his breath when a big black dildo was shoved roughly inside his open mouth.
Regina moved the tip of the dildo inside Ray’s mouth soaking it with his spit and when she was satisfied, she attached the base of the dildo to a mask and then, she put the mask on her slave’s mouth tying it around his head. Then, the huge teen princkazons turned around and squatted down on Ray’s astounded face.
Holding the black dildo between his lips Ray, beheld the parted huge moon-halves of his teen towering mistress descending on him as she shoved the dildo through her hungry anus.
Inch after inch of the sextoy went through Regina’s distended sphincter as she moaned lowering her body on Ray’s face more and more. Moving her wide hips in tight circles Regina shoved the dildo insider her rectum deeper and deeper while Ray’s head was moved along her vast glorious bottom, until darkness full upon Ray as Regina’s mammoth butt had completely devoured the dildo and her mammoth asscheeks were on his face.
Then, Regina began fucking her ass with the dildo moving her ample hips up and down on Ray’s face. The princkazon closed her eyes and moaned in ecstasy as she moved her frame up and down on the anal toy while Ray lay motionless under her trembling butt, beholding in awe her massive asscheeks jiggle and shake just inches from his flabbergasted face.
Getting more and more excited Regina began panting loudly as she rubbed her engorged shecock with one hand and relished the dildo inside her butthole sending waves of pleasure through all of her amazonian body while Ray’s face got smashed by her meaty asscheeks over and over.
Finally Regina exploded, covering Ray’s upper body completely with her copious load. She sat heavily on Ray’s face smothering him between her buttocks and thrusting the dildo as deep as it could go inside her tight rectum. His nose was now deep inside her sweaty crack as her huge ass enveloped him tightly while she enjoyed the aftermath of her climax.
Regina remained sitting on Ray’s face comfortably for several minutes more as she caressed her spent hung member and enjoyed her domination over the outsized male. Buried under his mistress colossal bottom Ray fought to breath as his nose got plastered inside her buttcrack. The camera zoomed in showing Regina’s enormous butt covering completely Ray’s head and then moving in front of them, Romina recorded Ray’s upper body completely soaked in her sister’s abundant cum.
Ray began thrashing and moving around desperately as his lungs were burning due to the lack of air. His cruel teen mistress only giggled at his puny efforts to escape from under her crushing ass and she began shaking her hips from side to side squashing Ray’s head roughly.
Finally, after several minutes of torturing her prey this way, Regina lifted her massive butt from Ray as he panted loudly trying to catch his breathe. She removed the dildo from the mask and shoved it inside Ray’s mouth again making him clean her anal toy with his tongue and lips thoroughly.
After Ray had cleaned the dildo to her satisfaction, Regina sat on the couch again placing her slave between her mighty thighs. She put his head next to her huge balls and engorged shecock as she began scissoring him with her powerful gams. Ray groaned in pain but his voice was perfectly muffled by Regina’s big pouch as she enjoyed feeling his voice vibrations on her sensitive balls. Ray put his smallish hands on the vast surface of Regina’s thighs trying to pry them open but it was completely useless as his teen mistress was many times stronger than him.
The teen princkazon crushed his neck and jaws in powerful jolts of her meaty pillar-like legs and between them, Ray had to lick and kiss her big nuts. The mischievous young domina looked down at Ray amusedly as he tried his best, worshipping her sperm-filled testicles trying not to get crushed by her meaty thighs again.
Regina played with Ray this way for a few more minutes until she decided that it was time for her to ravage his ass. She closed her legs tightly crushing him relentlessly now, pouring down her strength on her helpless victim inexorably.
After only a few seconds, Regina made Ray pass out just by crushing his head and neck with her powerful mammoth thighs. Noticing this, she lifted herself from the couch, leaving Ray’s unconscious frame kneeling in front of the couch with his head resting on its seat. She moved behind him and she tied both of Ray’s hands tightly on his back with the leash, and then kneeling herself too, Regina proceeded to rape Ray’s ass.
Lifting Ray’s hips a little, she spread Ray’s buttcheeks with her thumbs and pressed the swollen tip of her big engorged shecock against his exposed butthole. Ray’s sphincter was no match for her powerful huge shecock as little by little and push after push of her powerful wide hips, his tight anus began to give. She kept pushing her hips and shoving her hung member violently until with a lucky mighty trust the tip of Regina’s hung shecock entered him distending his fragile butthole making him regain his senses rudely and scream in agony.
“Yesss!” she hissed “your ass feels so good… you’re now my bitch!”
Regina wasted no time and with powerful thrusts she shoved more and more of her long thick love-stick into his unwilling sore sphincter, expanding his bowels painfully and making him cry in pain and humiliation.
“It’s so tight and feels so good... I like to make him whine like the little slut he is” she said looking at the camera while she pushed another inch of her invading member into Ray’s expanded bowels.
“In short time I’ll have this little bitch completely impaled by my big cock” she added, looking at the camera with hungry eyes “and then, the real fun will begin” she ended as she pushed her hips forwards powerfully making poor Ray groan in agony loudly.
She enjoyed herself through his whole ordeal as she giggled and smiled to the camera. Meanwhile Ray cried and sobbed in pain and humiliation, not able to move or shake off the huge towering shecock amazon that was impaling him mercilessly behind him. Regina held his hips tightly as inch after inch of her excited long member invaded Ray’s rectum impaling him cruelly.
“So good” she whispered closing her eyes in ecstasy relishing the tight embrace of Ray’s bowels on her swollen shecock.
The camera showed her massive, perfectly rounded asscheeks move and tremble with every powerful push she made, inserting herself deeper and deeper into Ray’s bowels.
Feeling her big shaved balls smack his much smaller ones, Ray realized that she had just pushed herself completely inside him. He howled in agony while she relished his tight rectum and colon stretching and enveloping tightly her hung invading member.
“I like to see him squirm and wriggle as he’s got my hung shecock deeply inside him” Regina said huskily and looking down at Ray dominantly “he can’t escape from my big cock as I have him now completely speared. Now I’ll make him scream like a stuck pig” she ended as she proceeded to fuck Ray’s butt.
She bite his ear lustily and slapped his ass a couple of times loudly relishing her sexual domination over him, and then she began to fuck him violently from behind. His small body was completely trapped under her as she pistoned in and out her long shecock violently through his distended bowels and outstretched butthole. Like a wild beast in heat, this towering teen shecock goddess rammed herself and thrusted her pelvis against his puny, sore ass powerfully and mercilessly for long excruciating minutes. With tears on his face, Ray sobbed and begged her to stop, but she only giggled and licking his teary face she kept impaling him wildly.
Enjoying Ray’s bowels enclosing tightly her hung meat-stick, Regina held his hips roughly digging her long nails into his pale skin making him groan in pain. She grabbed his hair pulling his head backwards painfully and spanked his already sore ass in earnest many times as her throbbing member ravaged his insides for long excruciating minutes.
He felt like a mistreated ragdoll whose only purpose in life was to be used and abused by his giant shecock mistress. Escaping was impossible as his hands were tied tightly behind his back and she kept spearing him cruelly with her thick mighty shecock for long endless minutes. He was nothing but a fucktoy for her to use and abuse as her pelvis smashed against his battered butt making a loud humiliating noise. He was crying and sobbing under her while Regina moaned and sighed in pleasure above him. But despite all of this, his own cock was erect as it was smashed against the couch every time Regina pushed and thrusted powerfully her pelvis against his ass!
“I love how his ass envelopes my big cock” Regina said to the camera smiling “Soon, he’ll become used to my hung shecock inside his bowels and I’ll use him for my pleasure over and over. He’s nothing but my bitch and he knows it!” she added rubbing her huge turgent tits on Ray’s sweaty back obscenely.
Ray suffered beneath Regina’s big frame as she massaged her big, firm teen tits on his back, then, she let go of his hips and lying back, she rested her body on her hands behind her. Resting comfortably with her hands on the carpet, she began fucking Ray now, with long slow thrusts. The camera zoomed in focusing on her big meaty shecock going in and out his outstretched anus over and over as Regina sighed getting more and more excited. She was sweating profusely now, feeling closer and closer to her first orgasm inside Ray’s tightly enveloping asshole.
Noticing his puny erection, Regina began grinding her cock against Ray’s prostate moving her hips in tight circles making the little man moan in pleasure now.
“This little bitch likes my cock” she said as she kept stimulating Ray’s prostate with her mighty meat-pole “his little dickie is hard and ready to explode. I’m gonna make him cum just by fucking him hard in his slutty ass!” she ended as her imposing member kept rubbing Ray’s insides for a couple minutes until she made him cum against his will.
“OH Yeahh… fuck!!” Regina screamed in sheer ecstasy as her own hot, viscous shecum began to erupt into his distended bowels. Ray felt so miserable and soiled as he felt her swollen member injecting powerfully shot after shot of her hot load into him inflating his belly, he felt like he was nothing but this giant teen’s cum receptacle. But, at the same time Regina’s hung love-stick had just made him cum so intensely that he was afraid he’d become addicted to her immense thick shecock!
Ray’s teen amazonian mistress enjoyed her orgasm for several minutes filling his loins to the edge with her abundant viscous load. She grabbed him by his hair roughly and turning his sobbing face to hers, she kissed him passionately on the lips dominantly. She bite his lips painfully as he groaned and whimpered, feeling completely princk-owned by this towering blonde shecock goddess.
“Good slut” she whispered into his ear lustily “was it good for you too?” she teased him as she noticed that he had splashed his own load on the couch. She laughed at him mockingly as he closed his eyes in shame.
“This bitch sure love my cock” she said to the camera as she began removing her long still erect shecock from his insides. The camera made a close up of his abused ass, showing copious streams of Regina’s shecum falling from his abused gaping anus. Regina grabbed his asscheeks, parting them widely for the camera showing his distended cum-filled sphincter as both twins giggled madly.
After displaying his puny princk-owned asshole to the camera for a few moments, Regina stood up and grabbing Ray’s hair, she made him turn around still kneeling on the carpet. She ordered him to open his mouth and, as he complied subserviently she shoved her still erect hung shecock into his unwilling mouth. She made him clean his ass from her shecock several minutes gagging him with her meat-pole mercilessly. Sobbing in silence, Ray had to lick and suck Regina’s cock again tasting the salty savor of her shecum and his ass too.
After she was satisfied, she lifted his overwhelmed body from the floor by his armpits easily, and sat him on the couch’s edge. She knelt in front of him and after kissing him on his lips passionately she spreaded his legs widely and began poking his abused anus with her still swollen meat-stick.
His hands were still tied behind his back as he watched in horror how she began forcing her long meaty shecock inside his bowels through his distended sore butthole once more.
Smiling broadly for the camera, Regina took Ray on the couch now. She made him look up at her smiling face as inch after inch of her enormous member entered him until her big shaved balls were plastered against his aching asscheeks. Regina held Ray by his hamstrings opening his legs as she pistoned her member in and out her slave’s butthole. With his shecock-stuffed bowels, Ray tried his best to resist Regina’s assault, clenching his fists behind his back and gritting his teeth.
As his towering dominant mistress nailed him again roughly, Ray’s puny cock slapped against her flat tummy making her giggle amusedly.
After fucking him in this position for several minutes, Regina let go of his skinny legs, and closing her amazonian arms around him she lifted herself and her puny fucktoy from the couch, still with her swollen, invading shecock impaling him.
Ray was astounded and humiliated at the same time, with his face deeply buried between her humongous tits and Regina demolished his insided again, holding his weight easily and moving his puny body up and down on her dominant member. She grabbed him by his asscheeks digging her nails into his tender flesh making him whince in pain and holding his outsized body still, as she thrusted her pelvis violently forwards and backwards over and over making him whine in pain and pleasure, as to his dismay his puny cock was erect again. She moved his head up from her cleavage and kissed him roughly on his trembling lips as she held him tightly in her dominant embrace while her swollen shecock ravaged his loins giving a hot show for the camera.
After moving his outmatched body up and down, impaling him cruelly with her cock for several minutes, Regina dislodged her raging shecock from his expanded bowels and handling him easily, the towering dominant princkazon maneuvered his body upside down, and shoved her member into his surprised mouth. She placed his trembling legs on one of her shoulders as she began to fuck his mouth and throat in earnest. Pushing her powerful sexy hips forwards and backwards like a piston, Regina expanded and filled Ray’s mouth and throat aggressively with her invading shecock. She kept his head firmly in place with one of her hands as she buried herself down (or up) his outstretched throat over and over gagging him mercilessly.
She enjoyed herself watching her reflection on a big wall mirror in the room as Ray closed his eyes in shame feeling even more humiliated and owned, gagging on her long, thick slimy shecock. Her big balls slapped against his forehead over and over and he felt his nose pressed tightly against her big hanging scrotum every time she buried herself into his throat completely.
Regina exploded inside Ray’s mouth filling him to the rim as she held him upside down between her powerful arms. As shot after shot of her shecum filled his insided the towering prickazon moaned and sighed in total ecstasy relishing her orgasm and feeling in complete control over Ray, while he squirmed, helplessly trapped upside down in her dominant embrace.
Regina delighted herself trying Ray anally in so many different positions and cumming inside his bowels so many times that her thick viscous semen dropped from his gaping anus into the room’s floor abundantly. In between every anal-assault she made him clean her cock with his mouth or lick her tender sphincter until her member was engorged and eager to take his battered ass again.
She fucked him against the wall lifting his hips and shoving her shecock roughly. She did him on all fours making him bark like a dog while she pounded his ass. She made him sit on her swollen member while she lied comfortably on the couch and finally she took him missionary-style laying her huge body on top of him smothering with her fleshy breasts and pumping her mighty shecock in and out his abused butt.
The final shot showed Ray getting a golden shower. He was kneeling on the floor between Regina’s massive legs. She was holding her spent shecock with one hand rubbing Ray’s lips with the tip.
“Open up and swallow all of it” Regina told him huskily. As soon as Ray parted his lips a cascade of her warm salty urine began to fall from her thick shecock, filling his mouth and splashing his face.
“Don’t waste a drop” the teen princkazon said as she kept peeing into Ray’s trembling mouth. He was forced to take all of her pee for long humiliating minutes as her bladder must’ve been full. Ray felt so low that tears began to flow from his eyes. He tried to close his eyes in shame but he was ordered to open them and look up at Regina’s smiling face above him.
“From now on the only drink you’ll have will be our pee” Regina said to him “and your only food will be our thick protein-rich shecum” she added giggling. Ray felt completely doomed as her urine kept falling into his mouth and down his throat endlessly.
His belly was bloating by the time Regina ended and both girls laughed at him mischievously. Then, he was told to lick her shecock’s head cleaning the last drops of her urine from the slit.
The movie ended showing poor Ray getting slapped again by two huge erect shecocks as the dominant twin princkazons abused his face while giggling and mocking him naughtily.


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