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viernes, 14 de junio de 2013


By Ramvo

Brian didn’t know if he was in love with Juanita or with Juanita’s huge juicy shecock. The university student’s mind was a mess whenever he was choking and gagging on the young latina princkazon’s enormous member.
Less than two weeks had passed since the towering mexican teen arrived to his elegant residence on one of the fanciest suburbs around, and he’d already been reduced to a willing shecock worshipper.
Juanita was insatiable, as Brian found out a little too late, her mighty imposing shecock was always hard and eager to be kissed, sucked or rubbed. And he grew used to swallow all of her copious load or to be facialized several times every day or night as she fancied.
The cinammon-skinned amazon had stormed into his life unexpectedly wearing a too short too tight and too revealing French maid dress that displayed her long thick meaty thighs and enticed her narrow waist and wide curvy latina hips (Brian still didn’t know how she could hide her enormous fleshy monster inside such tight-fitting outfit).
Her curvaceous shape as well as her imposing height, were the first things that struck him as she stood at the door’s frame waiting anxiously for Brian to let her in. He couldn’t know that he was already lost as she sauntered past him dwarfing his much smaller body and his jaw almost hit the floor beholding her immense and firm buttcheeks wiggle and sway rhytmically, tightly embraced by the almost torn black maid dress. He noticed very well though, that her huge turgent tits hanged above his head as she walked through the door and approached him coyly holding a small bag containing all her belongings.
“Chupa güerito chupa” she used to whisper sweetly as he impaled himself willingly on her throbbing shecock and looked up at her with glowing puppy eyes. Juanita liked to pet and mess his hair playfully as he sucked, kissed and nibbled all of her meaty stiff shecock and encouraged him to take more and more of her succulent colossal meat-stick into his slutty mouth. But sometimes she’d just push herself through his lips stretching them out painfully and gagging him cruelly while looking down at him with a mocking smile on her full red lips. Twisting his ears and making him cry on her shecock, Juanita liked to punish Brian this way whenever she felt he deserved it or when she just wanted to have a quick party inside Brian’s mouth.
But Juanita enjoyed herself punishing Brian in many more ways than just forcing him to devour her thick dark anaconda. She liked to sit on his pleading face smothering him with her ample rump for long minutes until he was red as a radish and he begged her to stop squashing him like an insect, or she’d spank him roughly reducing him to tears in minutes and then she’d comfort him cradling his beaten body inside her Amazonian arms like a little baby, and then she’d put between his trembling lips a fleshy huge pacifier for him to suck and nibble. She also enjoyed thoroughly putting him between her massive thighs and squeezing all the air out of his lungs flattening his upper body mercilessly. She delighted herself watching his expressions of fear, humiliation and despair as, little by little she compressed his body between her mighty gams and he groaned, begged and cried suffering helplessly the excruciating pressure applied by her young teen mammoth legs on his bones and flesh.
The firsts few days since her arrival passed without many incidents. Brian liked to see his towering latina maid clean the rooms and wash the dishes always trying to catch a glimpse of her huge succulent amazonian ass and full tits. He always got an erection beholding her boobs, legs and butt as she worked around and he always cummed, jerking his cock at night, picturing himself burying his face between those remarkably breasts or groping and rubbing that vast inviting ass.
As days passed by, Brian’s confidence increased and he began walking or standing closer to her, always getting excited by the way she dwarfed him and then, he also began slapping her awesome big butt playfully more and more often. At first Juanita blushed in shame not knowing what how to react but then, as she began feeling more comfortable with her boss she only giggled and shook her hips from side to side letting him spank her magnificent broad bottom lightly.
When she was washing the dishes he liked to stand behind her and hold her wide hips with his arms, marveling himself that he wasn’t able to encircle her enormous firm meat-spheres completely. Meanwhile, Juanita giggled amusedly feeling her tiny boss trying to embrace her ample hips and butt unsuccessfully. She’d shake her hips rubbing her mammoth buttcheeks on Brian’s chest several times as they both laughed and enjoyed themselves.
Juanita had realized that Brian was no threat to her as she’d noticed his submissive nature. Her much bigger body excited and scared him at the same time and as he became bolder he began groping and rubbing Juanita’s thighs and buttocks more than playfully.
His lust for her body grew without control and Brian made up a plan to have his way with his giant latina maid.
It was during the Friday night of her first week with him that Brian put to practice his plan to have his way with Juanita getting her drunk first.
He invited her to join him at the living room’s couch and watch a movie on his huge flat screen.
The young giantess sat next to him shyly as he put one of his hands on her succulent massive thigh. He felt so small next to her huge frame and got very excited noticing that his head was several inches below her turgent tits and how tiny his hand looked on the generous surface of Juanita’s well-muscled thigh.
“Let’s celebrate your first week here” Brian said giving her a cup filled with red wine.
Juanita took the cup and seeing that Brian had swallowed all the wine she did the same, letting him rub the vast smooth surface of her thigh. Brian took her cup and his and filled them again with the fresh wine.
They both gulped down the cups’ content as waves of heat began running through their bodies. They began chatting casually and giggling and Brian used all of his “charms” to make her feel comfortable as the alcohol began taking its toll on their senses.
“You’re a beautiful girl” said Brian to Juanita who blushed in shame “tell me… do you have a steady boyfriend?” he asked her feeling his tongue a little numb.
“No. I don’t have one right now” the beautiful latina amazon said “I used to… I left him a few years ago in my country” she said feeling a little homesick.
“Oh, I see” Brian said feeling lucky.
“I always have with me a picture of us together” Juanita said taking out a wrinkled photo from her deep cleavage showing it to Brian “he was eighteen and I was only twelve” she added.
Brian’s mouth opened as he beheld a somehow younger and thinner Juanita standing next to a boy about two heads shorter than her huge juvenile body. She was smiling confidently to the camera and all she was wearing was a flimsy pink colored bikini that barely contained her humongous tits and seemed to be painted on her lavish wide hips, and her boyfriend had only a pair of brownish shorts on. Her legs already looked huge and powerful as her thighs were much thicker than her boyfriend’s scrawny legs and she had her arm around his shoulders embracing him tightly in a kind of innocent but dominant way. He was smiling nervously but instead of looking at the camera he was looking at Juanita’s crotch that, to Brian’s surprise was bulging visibly.
“I always had him on his knees” Juanita said a little tipsy looking at the picture with bright eyes, and Brian couldn’t understand what she meant at that moment…. But he’d sure later.
“This picture was taken about three years ago…” Juanita said to Brian’s surprise who had just realized, licking his lips and drooling in anticipation, that his gigantic maid was only 15 years old!
“I have more pictures of us together… doing things” Juanita said to Brian “I’ll show them later to you” she ended, winking an eye at her master’s face.
Then Brian made his move. Moving up from his seat, he kissed Juanita on her full fleshy lips and she let the little man enjoy her mouth for a few seconds before taking him between her amazonian arms and lifting him from the couch, the huge towering maid put his little master astride one of her vast succulent thighs handling his puny body easily.
“Wow” Brian said amazed at Juanita’s might “you’re so strong mmmph” he couldn’t end his sentence as Juanita held the back of his head with one of her large hands and smashed her lips on his mouth kissing him in such dominant way that surprised and flabbergasted Brian at the same time.
Juanita shoved her tongue inside Brian’s mouth wiggling it around playfully subduing him while she let him grab and massage her huge turgent tits with his outsized hands.
Her other hand grabbed his raging erection squeezing him a little making Brian moan and sigh in Juanita’s mouth.
Feeling dominant and in complete control Juanita ravaged Brian’s mouth for several minutes squeezing and rubbing his erected dick making him shudder and tremble. Meanwhile Brian felt like a helpless puppet in Juanita’s hands. He was so aroused realizing how easy she had put him under her control, fulfilling his submissive fantasies, that he closed his eyes and enjoyed himself grabbing all of Juanita’s tit flesh that he could while she massaged his cock.
Meanwhile, Juanita’s huge shecock was erect and looked like a mastil, barely contained by her tight black maid skirt. Feeling lusty and confident Juanita took one of Brian’s hands and put it on the engorged tip of her swollen member.
At first Brian didn’t know what he was holding (he only felt that it was about the size of a baseball and felt hard as steel), but when he opened his eyes and looked down he noticed the huge bulge between her thighs, almost ripping her skirt. He tried to scream in protest and remove his hand but Juanita kept smashing her lips on his mouth holding the back of his head tightly, and putting her much bigger hand around his, she made him rub her enormous clad love-stick against his will.
Brian’s mind was in turmoil. His beautiful latina maid had an enormous penis fully erected and threatening under her skirt and it seemed to be at least three times the size of his own puny dick. He panicked and tried to escape from the young princkazon but to no avail.
He had never felt so humiliated in his whole life. There he was, ridding a huge inviting female thigh and at the same time he was forced to rub and massage a colossal penis… and both body parts belonged to the same gorgeous latina giantess that was his personal maid!
“Nooo!” he yelled when Juanita removed her hand from the back of his skull “take that awful thing away from me!” but Juanita looked at him mischievously and kept her hand on his, rubbing her erected shecock softly.
“Why don’t you make me… master” Juanita said teasing him and smiling at his terrified face “I know you want it. I know your kind, you’re a natural born submissive little man that wants to be taken against his will by a huge dominant girl” she said while dismounting him from her thigh and handling his body easily she placed his overmatched body on the floor in front of her and grabbing his hair she put his head between her mammoth thighs holding him tightly in a leg scissor.
Brian tried to fight her but she was way too strong for him. As she began squeezing his scrawny neck with her mighty succulent thighs Brian felt a level of pain that he’d never felt before in his entire life. He tried to pry open her legs but his efforts were completely useless and in only seconds Juanita had reduced him to tears and he found himself crying openly and begging her to stop his punishment. Little by little Juanita poured down her astounding strength on him squeezing his neck mercilessly making him cry like a little child.
Juanita laughed at him cruelly while still compressing his neck with her thighs making him groan in pain and to Brian’s terror she lifted her tight skirt freeing her huge thick shecock. His eyes were wide as plates as he beheld in all its glory Juanita’s impossible huge cock erect as a fleshy mastil in front of his teary face. Her big shaved balls were only inches from his open mouth as Juanita held him captive in her flesh press and began rubbing her shecock’s length slowly.
“Behold your new master, master” she said winking an eye at him mischievously “from now on your only purpose in life will be to please me and my little joy-stick, although it’s much bigger than your puny own dickie” she remarked giggling.
“I said before that I was gonna show you pictures of me and my boyfriend doing things and I think now is the time for you to see them and to know what’s in store for you” Juanita said taking more pictures from her deep cleavage.
As Juanita showed Brian one by one the photos he was able to see the true dominant nature of his young huge maid. In one photo all that could be seen was her huge salami between the lips of her boyfriend impaling his face. The tip of her shecock was making his cheeks bulge and his lips looked stretched out painfully. Drops of his saliva rolled from the edges of his expanded mouth as well as tears were falling from his eyes as he was looking up pleadingly. Her huge hand was on the top of his head controlling him and making him please her. In one comparison picture, Juanita was holding his erect cock along hers as her colossal shecock dwarfed his puny erection totally. Her impossible huge member looked about three times longer and much more thicker than her boyfriend’s pitiful penis. It looked as thick or maybe thicker than a soda can! Her glans looked bigger than a baseball as it was touching his much smaller cockhead. Brian beheld the picture opening his mouth in amazement. He’d realized Juanita was well-hung but her shecock’s size was simply imposing and intimidating. In the next picture her foreskin was engulfing his dick’ tip as it looked like Juanita’s shecock was devouring her boyfriend’s outmatched penis!
In the next photo he was showing his open mouth to the camera as it was completely filled with her viscous load. Her wet shiny shecock was plastered on his right cheek as he looked dazed and was sticking out his cum-coated tongue and a pool of her cum could be seen inside his mouth and white drops fell from his bruised lips.
In the next one, he had received a facial and her shecum covered his face completely. He had his eyes closed and thick drops rolled on her forehead, cheeks and nose. He was holding her massive meat-stick with his hands and they looked so tiny as he couldn’t encircle completely her monstrous member’s girth with them.
In the next one Juanita’s face was next to his as she was smiling broadly while holding his cum-covered face with one of her hands for the camera. He looked completely defeated as his princkazon girlfriend held him by his chin.
In another one he was on his knees in front of her. Juanita had taken this photo from their reflection on a huge mirror. His smallish hands were on her meaty thighs and she was rubbing her meat-pole with one hand as he had her big balls inside his mouth making him look like a squirrel with too many nuts inside his bulging mouth. In the next one Juanita was bending over lightly while her boyfriend was behind her kissing her firm abundant butt. She was smiling to the mirror as she held his head tightly on her magnificent bottom with one of her hands.
In another one Juanita was sitting on her boyfriend’s chest as his face was framed by her amazing meaty thighs. Juanita was rubbing his lips with her swollen shecock and her balls rested on his chin. In the next one she was holding him by the back of his head while impaling him with her long thick love-stick still sitting on his chest. She was skullfucking him as his mouth was distended and looked filled by her meat. He had his eyes closed and tears fell from them as he looked red and terribly uncomfortable while Juanita had her way with him.
As Juanita showed him the photos Brian’s concerns increased as he knew he was going to be put in the same shameful situations in short time.
“Paco was a great guy” Juanita said “he could take almost all of my princk and he loved it! I still remember the first time I made him give me a handjob. We were at the movies and I was too horny. My cock made my dress’ crotch bulge and I caught Paco looking at it excitedly. He didn’t want to touch it at first, but he had no choice as I squeezed his hand painfully and made him rub and massage my cock until I exploded soaking his hands completely. After this, every time we were watching a movie I had his hands around my love-stick. Then I made him kiss it and lick it too and then I had him gagging on my cock whenever I wanted… he was so sweet and he looked so cute slurping on my cock” she added as she began rubbing her engorged shecock on Brian’s trembling face.
“I wanted to find another boy like him and I’ve found you! My new little boyfriend” she ended looking down lustily at Brian, helplessly trapped between her mighty gams, who shuddered in fear and excitement at the same time with her hung shecock rubbed all across his terrified face.
In the last few pictures Brian’s concerns grew to utter panic as they showed Paco anally impaled by Juanita’s hung shecock. In one photo she had him sitting on her imposing member holding one of his legs out spreading them while she was sitting on a bed behind him taking the picture from the mirror in front of them. She dwarfed him completely as her humongous tits could be seen at the sides of his shoulders. He looked in pain, as his face was sweaty and contorted, and excitement at the same time as he was jerking his own much smaller erect dick while riding Juanita’s thick member. In the next one she had him on his hands and knees on the bed. She was standing on the floor behind him grabbing his hair making him look at the mirror while fucking his ass. He clearly looked in pain but to Brian’s amazement his cock looked erect too, shaken powerfully by Juanita’s mighty thrusts.
“I used to make him cum pumping my shecock inside his tight cute booty” Juanita said licking her lips and showing Brian the next picture where she was fucking Paco missionary style. She was leaning on him holding his legs on her shoulders while she was jerking his dick with one of her hands and taking the picture with the other one. She was kissing his mouth forcefully and his arms were around her neck. He looked completely subdued as his big princkazon girlfriend pumped his ass mercilessly on top of him.
The last picture showed Paco’s gaping anus leaking thick drops of Juanita’s shecum. He was on his hands and knees on the bed while Juanita’s face was next to his ass spreading his buttcheeks displaying proudly her boyfriend’s well-fucked butthole. Her long black hair looked messed a little as she was glowing and smiling broadly for the camera.
Juanita was clearly horny rubbing her engorged meat-pole on Brian’s face while he was hopelessly trapped and close to her big full testicles. Without saying a word she pinched Brian’s nosetrils cutting his air and squeezed his neck powerfully with her muscled thighs. He had no choice but to open his mouth and Juanita immediately shoved one of her sperm-filled balls inside, stuffing him and making his cheeks bulge.
“Now it’s time for you to please me little master” the young latina princkazon said lustily “don’t worry, in little time you’ll learn how to suck me properly and then I’m gonna make you cum every time I fuck your slutty ass too!” she added to Brian’s dismay, looking down at him with predatory eyes.

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  1. I love your writing Ramvo, especially the princkazon stories, fantastic!

    Any chance of Mexican Service Part 2 anytime soon? I'm looking forward to reading what Juanita has planned for Brian :)

  2. hi!! thanks for your comments. I'll be posting the second part in the near future!! cheers!