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viernes, 5 de julio de 2013



By Ramvo

Theresa was comfortably lying facedown next to her house’s pool while I was trapped beneath her in a reverse headscissors, massaging her bubblicious huge ebony butt. My teen towering mistress giggled and moved her ample bottom from side to side enjoying herself while I groped and rubbed her big meat-hills painstakingly. She squeezed my face and neck playfully with her succulent mammoth thighs while my smallish hands grabbed all of her lavish firm tender ass flesh that they could. Her dark skin felt so smooth and silky to the touch but at the same time, I was able to feel the powerful muscles beneath the light fat layer of her massive young bottom. Her ass looked so incredibly huge and rounded from my point of view, only inches from my astounded face, that I had a raging erection despite being crushed by her amazonian weight. Showing her dominant nature she’d already got me naked pulling down my shorts down to my ankles.

“You sure are an assman, right poolboy?” she asked me playfully looking back at my face caught between her enormous meaty teen thighs.

“Yesss” I answered her enthusiastically as I kept my hands full of her abundant assflesh. I had arrived to her parent’s huge house only to clean the pool, but now I was lying beneath her, helplessly trapped and eagerly worshipping her big teen booty.

“I can feel you tiny pecker on my tummy” she added giggling amusedly “I guess you like your girls big and dominant, right little man?” she teased me as she shook her ample hips from side to side and my imprisoned head along.

“Oh yesss” I said with my hands full of her tantalizing buttflesh.

Less than an hour ago, I was doing my best to clean her parents’ pool when this teen black towering amazon appeared and sauntered casually by my side and asked me to put sun blocker on her luscious back. After taking off her tight top and releasing her humongous breasts she let me rub her back while she was lying on her towel next to the pool and then, wiggling her vast firm ass playfully she’d asked me to rub and massage her buttcheeks too!

I spent a lot of time on her magnificent bottom rubbing it and spreading the sun blocker thoroughly. She was only wearing a tiny flimsy g-string that was literally devoured by the deep crack between her perfectly rounded meaty asscheeks and my smallish hands ached as they worked on the unyielding vast surface of her appealing meat-hills. To my amazement, her butt muscles felt so hard and tight in contrast with the feminine smoothness of her skin that I was drooling in lust, while massaging her mammoth teen flesh-spheres methodically. Displaying her awesome muscle control she began contracting her muscular buttocks one at a time giving me a hot mesmerizing show.

“Kiss my booty, pool boy” she said without looking back at my surprised face. I hesitated for a moment but then I complied planting my lips on the smooth surface of her buttcheeks one by one. Theresa giggled softly as I kept pressing my lips on her astounding behind many times. She moved one of her hands back and petted my head as I kept smacking her remarkable butt for long minutes.

“Good boy, good boy” she whispered as I worshipped her ass with total adoration “now lick my booty too...” and as I complied submissively my aching tongue went through all the vast expense of her succulent ass over and over covering all of it with my saliva.

I worked my tongue from the higher part of her massive thighs, paying special attention to the lower curvature of her delicious buttocks, to the lower part of her back several times making her giggle and moan pleased with my ministrations. After kissing and licking her asscheeks thoroughly I began working on her deep asscrack. I kissed and licked the inner parts of her massive glutes while my hands caressed and massaged her thick muscular thighs and hips. I couldn’t believe that she had such wide hips compared to her much narrower waist!

Theresa moved away her tight g-string with her fingers allowing me to go even deeper between her buttcheeks.

“Kiss my butthole boy” she commanded and after parting her perfectly rounded meat-hills I planted my lips on her dark puckering orifice pleasing her. She sighed as I kept my mouth pressed tightly on the ridged and soft surface of her tiny anus worshipping her back entrance. By this time she had total control over me. Her huge amazonian flesh-spheres were all I care about in this world and I worked on them and between them like an obsessed man pleasing my ebony mistress.

“Rub your nose on it” she added sighing lustily and I complied again rubbing and massaging her relaxing sphincter with my nose, smelling its acre odor over and over. Her scent filled my lungs and intoxicated my brain making me try harder and harder to please all of her whims.

After enjoying my nose on her asshole for several minutes sighing and moaning, Theresa stood up from the towel and handling my body easily, she put me in the reverse headscissors where I was now, under her considerable weight and still worshipping her astounding teen bottom.

After many minutes of letting me enjoy her magnificent behind, my huge teen black mistress began squeezing my neck with her mighty thighs. She grabbed my ankles using only one of her big amazonian hands while she used the other one to rest her chin on and look back at me.

“Noooo!! pleaseee!” was all I could say as the pressure exerted by her vast thighs increased more and more.

She only giggled mischievously as the pain became unbearable. My mind struggled trying to understand how such young beautiful girl could cause me this amount of pain with her thick sexy legs.

As she kept the vice on my neck and head and the pressure increased even more, tears began to roll from my eyes. I realized that this gorgeous teen amazon was capable of turning a grown man into tears in only seconds just by squeezing him between her huge succulent legs.

“Come on little man try harder!” she encouraged me knowing very well that I was helplessly trapped and at her mercy “I’m only a teenage girl and you’re a grown man. I can’t believe you can escape from my legs” she added mocking me while I suffered beneath her.

My hands try to pry open her thighs but it was completely useless as she just looked at me amusedly while she crossed her ankles squashing my jaws and neck in the process.

Totally defeated and humbled I was dizzy and began losing consciousness little by little while my teenage tormentor kept tormenting me between her mighty gams and as she began moving her wide inviting hips from side to side playfully, she moved and shook my outmatched body along like a rag doll. My arms flipped from side to side violently while she laughed looking back at me. I was only a toy for her to use and abuse and she made sure that I’d understand that I was no match for her making my puny body shake and wiggle against my will only by working her inviting hips.

Theresa enjoyed herself crushing my neck and flattening the rest of my body under hers for long excruciating minutes. Mercifully for me, after making sure that I was fully aware of how helpless I stood against her she stopped squeezing me, and I was able breathe normally again recovering from her assault.

My eyes were teary and sweat covered my trembling face as I panted and groaned beneath my big teen mistress. Although she was only a much younger girl, she had to be two or three times stronger than me and she was about 2 feet taller and over a hundred pounds heavier than my scrawny being.

This huge towering ebony amazon was well endowed everywhere as her body was a perfect astounding combination of curves and muscles. Her humongous tits were full and turgent and her mighty meaty legs were long, thick and well-muscled. They still had a layer of baby fat that made them look utterly sexy and fresh. To my amazement only one of her mammoth succulent thighs was bigger around than my own torso and even my own puny thighs were thinner than one of her beefy muscled calves!

Her astonishing massive ass was her best feature though. Her huge firm meat-hills wiggled and trembled erotically as she walked around moving her muscled perfectly rounded asscheeks up and down rhythmically, mesmerizing and grabbing everybody’s attention around her. Her waist was so narrow that her hips looked even wider and absolutely sexy and appealing.

“Please Theresa no more!” I begged her but she only laughed at me mockingly when she began squeezing my neck again in intense jolts of female power.

“Oh poor little man, big bad girl is hurting you?” she said mocking me while another powerful jolt from her thighs made me scream and beg for mercy.

I spanked her immense flesh-spheres trying to make her stop but I only hurt my smallish hands and she kept giggling and squeezing me painfully. The excruciating pressure made me dizzy again and darkness began to fall upon me.

When Theresa noticed that I was in the verge of unconsciousness, she fortunately released my head and neck and giggling mischievously she raised her big body from me and taking off her g-string she parted her enormous asscheeks and sat down on me backwards, engulfing my face completely between her abundant buttcheeks.

As she shook her hips from side to side accommodating me deeper into her asscrack, Theresa sighed enjoying my nose being pressed tighter and tighter against her tiny puckering orifice. I felt completely helpless beneath her ample rump as she began riding my face roughly.

Moaning and panting my ebony mistress enjoyed herself stimulating her anus and pussy on my nose and lips over and over. Darkness surrounded me as her sweaty buttcrack was all around me and her scented butthole and moist pussy were rubbed and stroked all over my face.

As I was trapped under her mammoth ghetto booty Theresa moaned relishing her domination over my outmatched body and feeling my nose on her anus and my mouth on her pussy. My face had literally disappeared, eaten alive by her mammoth consuming ass.

I struggled to breathe held captive beneath the ample butt of my ebony teen mistress while she began twisting and spinning her wide hips on my face massaging my nose and mouth brusquely. In a few seconds her juices began to flow wetting my mouth and chin as her excitement grew.

“You make a good chair…” she said huskily as she kept smothering me under her vast bottom mercilessly “I can spend the rest of the day sitting on your puny face but I have better ways to use you” she ended as she parted widely her buttcheeks showing me her tiny wet anus.

I panted trying to catch my breath but I was told to kiss and lick Theresa’s sphincter and defeated again I had no choice but to obey her as I didn’t want to be smothered by her huge ass again.

I kissed the tender soft surface of Theresa’s butthole while she giggled above me and then sticking out my tongue I began to make tight circles on the wrinkled surface to please my gigantic mistress. She sighed her approval as I kept moving my tongue stimulating her asshole and planting little kisses on its warm surface.

Little by little her tiny orifice relaxed and began distending as my tongue worked hard on the tight ring muscle of my teen black mistress. Moaning and panting Theresa enjoyed my ministrations on her back entrance for long endless minutes.

My tongue ached as I kept pleasing her anus painstakingly and soon I was able to probe deeper and deeper through her anus with the tip of my tongue and into her tight rectum.

“Get it deeper and move it around!” she ordered me and I complied shoving my tongue deep inside her hot rectum as her anus had relaxed enough for me to enter her. She began moaning louder and louder while I wiggled my tongue inside her bowels getting her closer and closer to an anal orgasm. Waves of pleasure ran through her amazonian body as she squeezed her ring muscle clamping my tongue tightly inside with her sphincter, holding it for several seconds and then setting it free for me to move it deep inside her loins again.

She lifted her body from my smashed face and after commanding me to stick out my worn out tongue completely she parted her asscheeks widely and squatted down on my face inserting my tongue through her anus. Theresa closed her eyes as she moved her wide hips down shoving my tongue deeply into her rectum and her vast meat-spheres were all I could see trembling and shaking above my face. She held my tongue inside her loins as she shook her hips, and my face, from side to side engulfing me completely between her warm lavish butt flesh.

She pleased herself with my tongue this way as she let her buttcheeks close on my face again and I had to grab her big meaty buns and open them to continue stimulating her butthole until, screaming and squeezing my tongue tightly, my amazon owner reached an orgasm. I felt like a helpless rag doll again as she shook her ass from side to side violently relishing her climax and my trapped tongue inside her loins. She sat heavily on my face and darkness fell upon me again, and I found myself buried under acre and acres of her delicious ass flesh, but breathing became almost impossible for me as her weight crushed my face brutally.

Theresa enjoyed the aftermath of her orgasm on top of me while I shook and thrashed beneath her desperately trying to breathe. She didn’t seem to even feel my feeble struggles as she licked her sexy fleshy lips and caressed her big body for endless minutes.

When my desperate movements decreased as I began to faint due to the lack of air, Theresa dismounted my face and turning around she sat on my chest.

“Come on, wake up!” she said to me tapping my cheeks lightly “we’re not over yet toy boy” I opened my eyes and regained consciousness little by little while her heavy body crushed my chest.

When Theresa noticed that I was fully awake she moved her body forwards trapping my arms under her legs and burying my face now under her wet shaved snatch.

She began riding my face again rubbing her clit on my nose and lips roughly. In only a few seconds she had my face soaked in her thick viscous juices as she moved her hips forwards and backwards on my face. I could only close my eyes in shame as my towering teen mistress used my face to please her for long minutes.

Moaning and sighing loudly Theresa rode my face smearing me completely with her fluids and making me beg her to stop as my face was violently massaged and stroked. I felt completely helpless again as I found myself trapped under her again and used to satisfy her sexual desires.

“Time to eat some pussy loverboy!” she said merrily as she opened her pussy lips and engulfed my trembling face inside her hot vagina.

I felt already exhausted when I began worshipping Theresa’s pussy but I couldn’t stop because every time I took a few seconds to rest my tongue, she’d clamp her pussy lips shutting my nose and making me beg for air.

She lifted my head easily plastering my face against her moist vagina and making me kiss and lick all the pussy flesh that I could. Theresa smashed my nose and mouth on her cunt holding me tight and then she began moving my head in circles using me to rub her sensitive parts while she moaned in ecstasy. She told me to stick my tongue out as she maneuvered my head on her young hot pussy. Grabbing my ears roughly Theresa began jerking my head pushing my tongue in and out of her pussy canal and rubbing my nose on her clit as her excitement grew more and more.

Finally, screaming in sheer pleasure Theresa cummed almost drowning me in her hot abundant juices. She held my head tightly against her crotch for several minutes as I was told to lap all of her fluids cleaning her pussy thoroughly while she enjoyed the last moments of her orgasm.

After making me lap her pussy until she was satisfied, Theresa released my head and she maneuvered my body tying my hands with her g-string and placing me on the floor face-up.

Then Theresa placed her feet at the sides of my face and looking down at me naughtily she squatted down on me.

“Open up” she told me “and drink everything or I’ll spank your sorry ass so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a week” she threatened me as I opened my mouth and her pee began falling inside my mouth splashing my tongue and face.

Her hot golden liquid filled me to the rim as her bladder must’ve been full. I drank for a long time while she smiled and looked down at me intensely. I felt completely soiled and humiliated as I drank her salty urine and I was told not to spill a single drop.

Then, I was told to clean her crotch as Theresa sighed pleased feeling my tongue all over her wet pussy.

Once she was satisfied, Theresa walked away from me and returned with a chocolate bar and a lollipop she had taken from her purse.

To my amazement, Theresa squatted down on me again and as her mammoth buttcrack was only inches from my face I beheld how she began inserting the chocolate bar inside her puckering anus while she had the lollipop inside her mouth.

Giggling mischievously, Theresa shoved the chocolate bar inside her sphincter little by little until it was completely devoured by her tight ring muscle, she even pushed one of her fingers inside making sure that her butthole had taken all of the fudge. Despite all I’d been through I got excited enjoying Theresa’s show as my dick had a raging erection. After the chocolate bar was completely buried inside Theresa’s rectum she took the lollipop from her mouth and began rubbing her clit with it.

The ebony towering amazon sighed and moaned as she rubbed herself with the lollipop and as her juices began to flow coating the candy she alternated shoving the lollipop inside my mouth and rubbing her clit and pussy lips over and over.

Every time she stuck the lollipop through my lips she liked to move it around my mouth making sure that I had cleaned her juices from its surface and then she’d use it again on her moist vagina stimulating her clit. Some other times she’d order me to stick out my tongue completely and she’d rub the lollipop all over it, cleaning her fluids from the sticky surface.

Finally, when the last remains of the lollipop were swallowed by me, Theresa grabbed her meaty succulent buttcheeks and parting them widely she aimed her butthole at my face.

“Don’t move and open your mouth!” she ordered me as the melt chocolate bar began falling from her orifice on my terrified face into my unwilling mouth. Theresa panted as her bowels pushed the fudge out of her body and thick warm pieces dropped on my mouth and tongue heavily.

I had to munch and swallow all of her bittersweet gift as it dropped on my mouth while Theresa laughed loudly at my disgrace. Tears rolled down from my eyes but Theresa kept looking down at me mockingly while she stuffed my mouth with the melt chocolate bar. Finally, when the last piece fell on my tongue and I ate it, my teen black mistress ordered me to shove my tongue into her anus and clean all of the remaining chocolate melt on her sphincter and rectum. She sat on my face again spreading her legs over my head and shoving my face deep between her huge meat-hills and pushing my tongue as deep as possible through her hot sticky asshole. My nose got plastered against her pussy as my jaws ached being pushed down painfully by her meaty flesh-globes, and my tongue got buried deep inside her loins. I had to wriggle my tongue around inside her tight rectum several minutes cleaning the last fudge remains making her giggle and moan on top of my defeated body. She delighted herself pinching her dark engorged nipples and contracting her rectum walls on my tongue many times as pleasure went from her asshole and pussy through all of her big amazonian body.

After she made sure that I had cleaned all the melt chocolate from her insides and her distended butthole, Theresa maneuvered my body again lifting me from my position on the floor nearby the pool.

I found myself now put facedown, as well as her, with my arms tied behind my back and my smallish body between her huge thighs and my face on her huge mammoth ass.

Giggling naughtily she made me worship her magnificent bottom while squeezing me lightly with her meaty muscular thighs. I had no choice but to kiss and lick the vast expense of her curvy meat hills in front of me as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sun on her back and my mouth on the smooth silky vast expense of her ass.

With my hands securely tied behind me, I was hopelessly trapped and subdued by my black teen mistress as she squeezed me with her thighs every time I stopped moving my tongue or kissing her lavish moon-halves.

Pulling me by my hair forcefully Theresa buried my face between her huge buttcheeks as she squeezed them lightly enveloping my face completely with her young tender ass flesh. I smelled her scented sphincter completely surrounded by hot darkness and began kissing and lapping again as my mistress ordered me to please her rear entrance once more while she took a nap.

When Theresa woke up she removed from her ass and after untying my hands she took me to the pool.

When we were in the pool she made worship her ass and please her pussy again, threatening me drown me if I didn’t do a good job. To show her superiority over me again, she put my head between her mammoth thighs under the water and while she squeezed my neck painfully she almost drowned me too.

I had to lick and kiss Theresa’s butt and pussy for long endless minutes underwater. She kept her big hands on my head pushing me down forcefully while I pleased her. If I pleased her she’d let me breathe for a couple of minutes before dunking me again under the water’s surface.

I could only put my smallish hands on her thick succulent thighs or on her curvy massive asscheeks as she made me serve her vagina or her ass over and over.

I don’t know for how long Theresa used me as her sex toy, but at the end, I was so exhausted that she just left me lying on the pool’s side panting and sweating trying to recover from her amazonian sexual assault. I just knew that the next time I had to clean her pool I was going to be put through my paces again and again as now I was her property!!


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