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jueves, 7 de noviembre de 2013


By Ramvo
I was lying flat on my stomach while my huge and gorgeous princkazon girlfriend straddled my thighs and pistoned her huge throbbing member in and out of my sore ass. I could see her big turgid tits above me, shaking and trembling, on the mirror in front of us as she laid comfortably on top of my overwhelmed body and her invading shecock ravaged my insides. She held my arms at my back keeping me firmly and dominantly in place as she enjoyed bashing my bowels.
“Yesss! Oh baby yesssss!” she screamed loudly as she poured her hot load inside my expanded guts after several moments of enjoying the friction between my butthole and intestines and her imposing meat-stick. I felt her powerful shots as she injected her sticky shecum for a few minutes. 
"You're the best piece of ass I've ever fucked baby" she said feeling satisfied while she nibbled my shoulders painfully. She relished her intense climax a few more moments and I still could feel her twitching member deep inside pushing the last drops of her seed far beyond my sore rectum.
Finally, she dislodged her semi-erect meat-mast from my torn insides leaving my abused anus gaping. I closed my eyes and focused trying to shut my aching hole but to no avail! I gasped feeling her hot seed leaking out from my distended sphincter as I lay on our bed sweating and panting trying to recover myself from our morning quickie. I’d already cummed too, and my dick and abdomen were wet and sticky with my own load as she had crushed me down on my own mess while she fucked my ass in earnest for long enduring minutes. She knew very well how to use her imposing 16 inch long meat-monster to make me cum, stimulating and massaging my prostate roughly, as she put me through heaven and hell every time she impales me with it.

Since we’ve become boyfriend and girlfriend, or more accurately princkazon and cock-sheath, I had no break as she used my butt and my mouth as cum-receptacles on a daily basis.
Her name is Olga and she’s as beautiful as well-endowed. Like all princkazons she’s incredibly tall, strong and curvy. Her long, feminine and well-toned muscular legs make my own look like scrawny twigs. Each of her meaty thighs is thicker around than my own midsection, and her well-muscled calves are bigger than my thighs! Her tits are so huge too as they’re bigger than my own head! Her perfectly rounded and lavish butt drives me crazy with desire as I enjoy nothing more than to worship her remarkable bottom everytime I have the chance.
She knows that her booty mesmerizes me and she let me caress and massage her abundant ass-flesh and huge tits before subduing me with her stiff and imposing princk.
But despite being a horny dominant, shecock goddess she tries to be nice and considerate with me as she always uses lots of lube when she inserts her huge meat-rod through my butthole, and she doesn’t make me throat her as she just lets me worship her imposing love-stick with my mouth and tongue while holding her enormous cannon balls with my smallish hands. But every time I suck her shecock I try to take more inside my mouth as I know she wants to bury herself completely deeply inside me. She always encourages me to take more of her joy-stick while she looks down at me with hungry eyes and relishes the tight embrace of my wet mouth around it.
After about two months of intense and daily training I’m able now to take half of her tumescent member inside, I feel so proud!

I felt so worn-out, covered in my sweat and hers, that I had to remain on our bed while she takes a shower and gets ready to go to her workplace. I just can’t believe her stamina as she’d already fucked me three times during the night, and she still had wanted to ravage my ass once more before going to work.
Speaking of her work, my towering princkazon girlfriend is a renowned porn star specialized in hardcore and fetish films. But she wants to retire though, as she’s preparing her personal website with lots of pictures, videos and stories. I should mention too, that I’m helping her prepare all the stuff for her upcoming site as I co-star in her video clips in different outfits and situations.
After a few moments, Olga stepped out of the shower and began to dress while I still rested on the bed. I watched her big and alluring body as she put her skimpy clothes on, and I felt my cock getting back to life little by little.
“I gotta hurry up baby. I have three scenes today” she said as she struggled to tuck her huge anaconda inside her tiny underwear. She put one tight black blouse, a short miniskirt of the same color, and a pair of high heels that enticed her long, well-muscled legs and made her look like a true giantess.
“There’s still some pizza in the frig” she said as she combed her short black hair “let me know if you want me to pick some food before getting back” she added as she applied some light make up on her gorgeous features.
“Ok” I said still feeling exhausted “I’ll check in my place if I still have some food left” I added.
When she finished, she watched herself on the mirror for a few seconds. I stared in ecstasy as her beautiful white palish skin contrasted with her dark outfit. When she was satisfied with her looks, she turned around and moving behind me she bite my ass quite hardly. I yelped taken aback and she giggled amusedly.
“Take care of your cute booty babe” she said nonchalantly while I rubbed my sore behind. Then she moved around and stood in front of me. She lifted her tight miniskirt, her bulging crotch was only a few of inches from my sweaty face. I looked at her clothed meat-monster in awe a couple of seconds. Olga made a light coughing noise and I, knowing very well what she wanted from me, moved a little forward and puckering my lips, I kissed her impressive love-stick lovingly a few times. Despite her mighty shecock was semi-flaccid, I trembled in fear and excitement acknowledging the power of Olga's huge piece of meat over me.
She giggled again and then, feeling pleased with my submission she fixed her miniskirt down.
“See you later! I love you!” she said merrily after I’d kissed her meat-mast goodbye. My towering prickazon girlfriend stepped out of the flat that now she shared with me, whistling happily. I watched her immense but firm buttocks move up and down rhythmically as she walked outside our “love-nest”. I felt so lucky, but the pain in my ass reminded me that I had to pay a high price in this relationship.
After Olga left our flat I was so tired that I fell asleep as soon as I closed my eyes. I had a few vivid dreams before waking up a few hours later. In one of them, I was completely nude and my arms and legs were tied around a gigantic cock that seemed to be twice my body size! I was kissing and licking the warm and soft skin of the cock when a huge hand enveloped my whole body and began rubbing me on the immense member. After some rough moments of being stroked along the huge shaft, the hand released me leaving me sweating and panting. Then, the giant creature held me by my waist using just two fingers and I could notice that it had long and red-painted nails! The giantess began moving my body on the vast lenght of her shecock slowly and rhythmically and every time my face reached her glans she'd press me tightly on its hot and smooth surface. I was having a great time as my own stiff cock and balls were rubbed and massaged on the smooth surface of her mammoth shecock deliciously over and over.
She began moving me faster and faster on her gigantic princk and after some time, the giantess shot her copious load covering me completely in her hot shecum. I struggled to breathe as I found myself soaked in her thick fluids.
After this, the princkgiantess untied my soaked body from her pleased cock and began inserting me through her puckering anus. She held me tightly inside her fist while she used her free hand to part her gigantic ass-halves. I watched her pink butthole in awe knowing that I was going to end up swallowed completely by it!

I screamed for help but all I heard were her thunderous laughter and sighs of sheer pleasure as she began to work my feet through her tight sphincter. I was completely immobilized and helpless inside her huge hand as she moved my body in tight circles and her hungry asshole devoured more and more of my tiny being. In short time I was eaten up to my waist and the princkgiantess began to jerk her shecock again while holding me tightly, half-inside her  hungry butthole. She squeezed me and toyed with my body using her powerful ring muscle making me scream and beg for mercy over and over. The princkgiantess just giggled amusedly as she dominated me using only her strong sphincter to squeeze my body, forcing the air out of my lungs roughly for long agonizing moments.
Then, she began moving me in and out of her distended anus while she kept jerking her enormous member furiously. As the cruel princkgiantess got more and more excited I was taken deeper and deeper inside her hot loins. Finally, she screamed loudly as she began to shot her load and I was pushed completely inside her rectum with one powerful shove. Darkness surrounded me as I tried to scream for help but deep inside her bowels nobody could hear me. I couldn't move and breathe was almost impossible as my whole body was thoroughly massaged and squeezed by her strong intestine walls. I could feel every time she shot her shecum as I was compressed even tighter inside my flesh prison making me scream in agony over and over. Despite the pain and humiliation I could feel my stiff cock being rubbed against her soft intestine walls as she relished my tiny body inside her hot cannal. Confined deep inside her gargantuan body, I could hear her moans and sighs of pleasure all around me as she enjoyed her climax for long agonizing moments for me.

I woke up covered in sweat and with a hard-on.

I took a shower and examined my sore body. My skin was covered with bruises and bites due to Olga’s tough love-making. After I finished, I put some clothes on and took a piece of pizza from her refrigerator. I watched the news while munching the cold pizza and sipped some soda and then, I turned the dvd player on and played a film from Olga`s collection.
It was the first movie she ever filmed, and it always made me horny as hell. She looked so young, beautiful and even innocent that I felt my cock twitching inside my pants.
The movie started showing Olga sitting on a hammock completely nude. She was smiling and swinging her big body playfully while a dark-skinned male entered. He was nude too, and his big black cock stood erect and imposing. They talked a few moments casually and then, Olga stood up from the hammock. Her tall frame dwarfed the man as he stepped back, taken aback. She seemed to be at least a foot taller than him, as she smiled down to see his troubled face. He looked utterly ashamed when he noticed that her shecock was much longer and thicker than his own huge member.
Olga put her hands on her waist and began shaking her wide hips from side to side, smacking her threatening member on her thighs and making a loud clapping sound. After her little show, Olga giggled amusedly as she put one of her hands on the top of the actor’s head and pushed him down to his knees. The male began jerking and kissing her mighty shecock eagerly while she looked down at him with a big smile painted on her gorgeous face. There was a close up showing the man efforts as he opened his mouth to take her entire glans inside.His cheeks bulged visibly as he began to apply suction on Olga's swollen member making her sigh and moan contentedly.
I skipped forward until the scene when the man had already taken about half of her shecock through his mouth as he closed his eyes and tried to breathe. Olga put her hands on the sides of his face and began moving her pelvis forwards and backwards fucking his mouth in earnest. My own cock was stiff and throbbing inside my pants watching Olga using the man’s mouth making him gag with her impaling rod while she chuckled mischievously. The poor guy looked up at her face pleadingly but she kept stretching his mouth and throat for long moments.
I skipped forward again to another scene where the black man was on his hands and knees and Olga was pumping his ass with her hard monster. His face was distorted in pain and tears were rolling down his cheeks while Olga held him forcefully by his hips and was demolishing his insides thoroughly. I looked at the guy’s face and recalled how my face always ended up soaked in my sweat and tears when Olga used my bumhole for her pleasure. She spanked him roughly a few times and I cringed on my seat feeling excited and mesmerized by the action going on in front of my eyes. It was almost surreal to watch such young and innocent-looking girl fucking a professional porn actor's ass at her will. The man looked so princk-owned and dominated that  I felt a little jealous.
After some minutes, Olga removed her colossal member from his loins leaving his anus gaping, I knew that feeling too! She turned the man around and putting his feet on her shoulders, the beautiful princkazon proceeded to fuck him missionary style now.
Olga shook his smaller body powerfully as her pelvis smacked on his asscheeks over and over. She grabbed his cock and jerked him while she kept thrusting her shecock in and out of her distended anus ferociously. After a few more minutes the man cummed soaking Olga’s hand who giggled watching the subdued male contorting in pain and pleasure while being fucked harshly in the ass. After a few more minutes of violently fucking the man, Olga removed her member from his intestines and began jerking it rapidly.
Olga began moaning loudly as her plentiful load began splashing on the man’s abdomen, chest and cock. She cummed for about two minutes, soaking the man thoroughly with her copious semen. Even his face was hit a few times as her sticky fluids covered his eyes, nose and mouth.
The movie ended showing Olga’s shiny and spent, but still imposing love-stick resting on, and dwarfing, the man’s dick, both covered with her whitish juices. Her big and shaved testicles could be seen too, as they outsized the actor’s nuts at least three times!
I took the dvd out of the player and put another one. This film was made in Japan and was one of my favorites as it displayed Olga’s dominant nature in all its glory. In this film Olga faced two small Japanese guys in a wrestling match. She was wearing a skimpy black bikini that barely contained her huge tits and the bottom was swallowed literally between her immense and alluring flesh orbs. She was so tall compared to the men that their heads were well below her hanging tits! Her crotch bulged visibly as she put both men through their paces as they were too small and too weak for her. She had a great time squeezing, twisting, bending and smothering both males using her abundant endowments and incredibly strength. Olga tormented both guys at her will and I felt relieved that she had never been that rough with me.
She particularly liked to sit on them, rubbing her huge clothed anaconda and balls on their imploring faces, or literally swallowing them between her massive and enveloping buttcheeks. I watched in awe how she rode their faces over and over leaving them panting and begging for mercy. I knew how they felt as Olga likes to ride my face too making me tongue her butthole and lick her big testes for long minutes before shoving her meat-mastil down my throat.
She was so strong that she could place both of them between her pillar-like legs and squeeze the air out of their lungs making them cry and sob openly. She just giggled amusedly watching their faces distort in pain and trying in vain to free themselves for her clamping legs. After each submission the men had to kiss her crotch and thank her for letting them breathe again.
After about ten minutes both guys were so spent that Olga proceeded to use them for her pleasure. She got completely naked and after removing the guys’ clothes as well, Olga placed them flat on their backs and sat on them. Her astounding ass was so big that it covered both of their midsections as she crushed them down with her weight. The subdued men were completely helpless and immobilized as Olga pinned them to the floor easily just by using her amazonian body on them.
She began slapping their faces with her hard meat-stick powerfully making them wince in pain and beg, but she just kept smiling down on their terrified faces while smacking their cheeks painfully and loudly for a few more minutes. She made them kiss and lick her engorged glans several times, leaving their faces covered with her shiny precum. Then, she moved a little forward and placed her huge nuts on the face of one of them making him slurp and tongue her cum-filled testes. Once she was satisfied she did the same to the other guy covering his whole face with her hanging testicles.
Then, she grabbed one of the men by his ears and made him suck her huge stiff shecock. After a few moments she released his head and grabbing the other guy she did the same, making him open his mouth and suck her wet throbbing member. Olga moaned and giggled above them while she alternated between the guy’s mouths for several minutes.
Finally, she grabbed the first one roughly and began to insert her imposing love-stick deeper and deeper making his eyes bulge. He tried to fight back but his arms were crushed at his sides, completely useless and flattened by her amazonian weight.
She didn’t stop until she buried herself completely down his throat and had plastered his nose on her soft lower belly tightly. His neck was bulging visible as her big cannon balls slapped on his wet chin over and over, she made him throat her shecock for long agonizing minutes until he passed out.
Noticing this, Olga giggled mischievously and after dislodging her wet anaconda from the unconscious man, she began to do the same to the other guy. This time though, she kept the man’s head on the floor while she straddled his terrified face. She pinched his nose and began to stretch his lips painfully as she inserted inch after incher of her impaling member through his mouth and down his throat. She didn’t stop until she’d buried all of her shecock again and the poor guy was fighting to breathe beneath her.
His neck was bulging too as she began pushing her wide hips up and down on him face-fucking him in earnest. The camera moved behind her big rump as I watched mesmerized her massive and alluring asscheeks moving and trembling while her shecock ravaged the guy’s mouth and throat in earnest. She literally pinned his head on the floor as she impaled him with her fleshy monster. The other guy remained still and unconscious under her while she took her time raping the other’s one mouth.
I lost track of time as watched this scene over and over. Olga’s butt looked so big and perfectly rounded as it jiggled and trembled above the poor guy’s face. Her meaty buttocks moved slowly and rhythmically up and down as she took her time ravaging his throat while plastering her testicles on his outstretched lips and chin time after time.
Olga slapped his face roughly every time he closed his eyes making him watch how she had fun with his helpless mouth for long agonizing minutes.
Finally after long excruciating moments for the Japanese guy, Olga dislodged her wet member from his abused and outstretched mouth. She began jerking her stiff shecock furiously while still sitting on both men, crushing their overwhelmed and outsized bodies down with her amazonian body. After a few seconds she cummed abundantly soaking both of their faces thoroughly.
The movie ended showing the abused men’s faces completely covered in Olga’s abundant shecum while she was smiling radiantly on top of them. She waved goodbye to the camera as she stayed sitting comfortably on their inert bodies.
The next part of the video started showing Olga riding on the same Japanese guy’s. She was sitting on both of their backs as they were shoulder to shoulder on all fours on the floor struggling to support her considerable weight. She had a crop and she used it on their asses if they ever stopped giving her a ride around the room. She was giggling amusedly watching the poor guys panting and sweating as they plundered carrying her on their backs. She was wearing a skimpy crotchless leather bikini, that showed her enormous and threatening shecock in all its glory, and high black boots that made her look like a scary and huge dominatrix. The Japanese men were completely naked, except for a dog collar around their necks, as they suffered under Olga’s body. After a few moments they were so spent that they couldn’t carry her around any more.
Olga took one of them and placed his body lying face-up on a nearby couch. Then, she took the other one, and after sitting herself on the same couch, crushing the first guy with her ample ass in the process; she placed him across her thighs and began spanking him with her bare hands quite roughly. In seconds the poor man was crying and sobbing like a small child as Olga continued tanning his behind while squashing the other one with her weight. She’d grabbed his hands, pulling them away and immobilizing him completely.
The man was at her mercy as Olga kept spanking him for several minutes until she was satisfied. She released him and he fell almost unconscious on the floor and at her feet.
Then, she stood up and turning around she grabbed the other man and after sitting him on the couch, she began slapping his face with her mighty shecock powerfully. He begged for mercy but Olga just mocked him and after grabbing him by his hair, she beat his entire face for several minutes making him cry openly.
After beating him and rubbing her love-stick all over his teary face, Olga told him to open his mouth and as soon as he did, she plunged herself making him gag. She held him by his ears as she filled his mouth with her huge glans cruelly.
Olga didn’t give him a break as she inserted inch after inch of her engorged member through his outstretched mouth making his eyes bulge. She didn’t stop until his nose was plastered on her leather bikini and his neck bulged visibly.
Then, Olga began skull-fucking him violently. She held him by the back of his head as she kept thrusting and pushing her invading shecock through his distended lips, and every time he closed his eyes she’d slap him roughly making him look up at her gorgeous features.
After a few moments the man seemed to be unconscious too, but Olga kept ravaging his mouth and throat in earnest for about five minutes more. Then, she dislodged her wet and shiny shecock from his mouth and the man fell on the floor too. Olga just giggled as she watched both men lying unconscious on the floor and at her feet.
The next scene displayed Olga’s dominant nature as she began fucking both men. She had them lying on their stomachs on the floor and face to face, and with their hands tied tightly at their backs, completely helpless and at her mercy.
Olga chose one of them and after straddling his legs, she began poking his anus with her huge glans forcefully. The man couldn’t do anything to stop her from abusing his ass and he began crying for help, but Olga was determined to impale him with her threatening love-stick. Finally, Olga got the tip of her monstrous member inside him making the poor guy scream like a stuck pig. She immediately began pushing her wide hips forwards burying herself deeper and deeper into his painfully expanded bowels until she got her big balls plastered tightly on his battered ass. She fucked him roughly for a few moments, making him sob and groan in discomfort, and then she moved to the other helpless man. Olga did the same to the second man, first poking his asshole with her shecock and then, impaling and fucking him violently making him cry like a little girl.
She alternated between them as she impaled one man and then the other one, making them cry and beg for mercy. She straddled their skinny thighs as she pumped them from behind wildly, and while the poor guy being fucked cried and begged for mercy, Olga was smiling contentedly for the camera all the time. She moved from one man to the other one over and over, as she kept tormenting them with her one-eyed monster for long and agonizing minutes. She didn’t stop her assault until both men had their assholes painfully open and gaping.
Then, Olga took one of them and after sitting herself on the couch, she began impaling him sitting him on her huge meat-mastil. She placed the man’s legs around her midsection as she opened his asscheeks and began pulling him down distending his anus and his bowels painfully. Then, she encircled his waist completely with her amazonian hands, as inch after inch of her meaty love-stick got inside his loins. During the whole process of the man’s impalement, Olga kept looking directly at his pain-contorted face, savoring his humiliation and the tight embrace of her anus and bowels around her fleshy shecock.
Once she had the man sitting on her balls, Olga began moving him up and down on her shaft using her strong hands around his waist, making him groan in pain and uneasiness. The man still had his hands tied behind him as he was roughly fucked and used as a shecock-sheath for long agonizing minutes. Meanwhile, Olga licked her lips for the camera while her stiff member bashed the helpless man’s insides and his ass smacked her big testicles over and over.
After a few moments, Olga lifted herself, and the little man, from the couch and she kept fucking him shaking his body violently. The man was sobbing openly as Olga’s swollen member went in and out of his ass swiftly and powerfully.
She told the other man to start worshipping her ass while she had her way with her other toyboy. The Japanese man obeyed her submissively as he parted her massive asscheeks and began kissing and licking her tender sphincter. His face literally disappeared from sight, completely engulfed by Olga’s meaty cheeks.
Then, after fucking the first man until almost leaving him unconscious, Olga removed her anaconda from his insides and let him on the couch panting and sweating profusely, while she took the guy worshipping her marvelous behind.
Olga placed the second man on his hands and knees on the floor and began fucking him doggy-style enthusiastically. She rubbed her huge boobs all over his back while her shecock expanded his bowels painfully making him cry and whine. She pushed his head down on the floor strongly and kept him there using one of her hands on him dominantly. She ravaged his ass in earnest for long minutes and used her free hand to spank him painfully several times. All that could be heard were the loud clapping sound of Olga’s pelvis smacking on her prey’s asscheeks and his cries of pain and humiliation.
After several minutes of fucking the second man on the floor, Olga dislodged her huge shecock from his battered asshole. She placed both guys on their knees in front of her while she rubbed her love-stick furiously. She made them lick her balls for a few moments until she erupted giving them both a copious white shower. She cummed for a long time, covering their faces and hair with her thick shecum completely while she moaned and sighed contentedly above them.
The movie ended showing both cum-drenched men on their knees lapping at Olga’s still stiff princk and testicles swallowing all of her semen. She slapped their faces a few times playfully while she smiled over them and waved goodbye to the camera.
I turned off the dvd and the tv and after grabbing a beer from the frig, I proceeded to work on Olga’s upcoming website. We already had lots of vids and pics and I had them sorted in different categories depending on which kind of activity was the main theme. So we had facesitting/ass worship, cocksucking, hardcore, domination/wrestling and solo videos and pics. I was considering adding a new category: “tea-bagging” as opened a video where Olga was filming POV style while I struggled to hold one of her huge balls inside my mouth. She was giggling amusedly standing above me as I was on my knees trying my best to take one of her cannon balls inside unsuccessfully. She had moved her erect shecock to one side while she kept encouraging me to open my mouth even wider to accept her already wet testicle.
I chose the video and then I opened another one where Olga was sitting on my chest rubbing her scrotum all over my sweaty face. I picked that one too and sent it to the new folder. Then, I opened the facesitting/ass worship folder and played my favorite clip. It was filmed by Olga’s webcam and it displayed her big and perfectly rounded behind completely filling the screen. She was wearing only a tiny g-string that disappeared from sight as it was swallowed deeply between her massive and alluring buttocks. She shook and clapped her curvy behind playfully a few moments and then, I appeared on the screen. After waving to the camera, I began groping and massaging her lavish ass-flesh in earnest. I got excited looking at my smallish hands on Olga’s ample behind, remembering the tightness and silky touch of her smooth skin. After fondling and caressing her alluring flesh-spheres, I started kissing and licking the vast expense of each meaty cheek thoroughly.
I spent about ten minutes just kissing and licking her enticing and perfectly rounded flesh-spheres until they’re shinning with my saliva. I worked my tongue from the upper part of her thick thighs up to the lower part of her back over and over marveling myself of the roundness of her meaty asscheeks.
Then, Olga discarded her skimpy g-string and I used my hands to part her buttocks apart widely. I began licking and kissing her deep asscrack now as my tongue went from her hanging balls to her puckering sphincter many times. I pressed my nose on her tender rose-bud and inhaled deeply while my lips kissed her tenderly. Olga just giggled as she enjoyed my ministrations on her amazing derriere. I rimmed and kissed her musky asshole in earnest making her tight ring muscle relax and open more and more. She placed one of her hands on my head as I shoved my tongue deeper and deeper into her hot rectum making her moan and sigh. When I was able to stick my tongue almost entirely inside her loins, Olga pushed me hardly against her rear keeping me prisoner between her huge buttcheeks, while enjoying my wriggling tongue deep inside her.
After several minutes of pleasing her anus and rectum this way, Olga released my head and pushed her stiff shecock backwards rubbing it on my wet lips. I immediately began sucking her glans while my hands kept stroking her rounded butt. With my mouth filled with her engorged glans and my hands caressing her big and perfect rump, Olga cummed a few minutes later. I swallowed her load as fast as I could but I got my whole face covered with her shecum as her powerful shots hit me for about two minutes.
The final seconds of the clip displayed my smiling and cum-soaked face as I waved goodbye to the camera and Olga rubbed her wet shecock all over my forehead and hair spreading her whitish semen even more.

When Olga returned, she was happy and smiling as today was her last day filming.
“Hi baby” she said merrily as she kissed my mouth and shoved her big tongue inside my mouth “today I fucked three guys and two girls, but I still want a piece of your booty…” she added huskily as she began to undress me quite roughly. I trembled in fear and excitement and let her have her way with me, as she was too strong for me to stop her anyway.


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  2. Hi! thanks, I'm glad you dig my stuff!
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