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lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013


By Ramvo

Jeff was washing the breakfast dishes when Janette, his teen step-daughter entered the kitchen whistling nonchalantly. She was wearing a short mini-skirt that showed all of her thick and well-muscled juvenile thighs and barely covered her glorious and perfectly rounded amazonian ass.
“Hi daddy” the towering blonde said approaching Jeff from behind.
“Hi Janette” Jeff answered absent-minded.
“I hope you’re not too busy…” she said as she rubbed her huge breasts on the back of his head obscenely “I had a long day at school…” she added licking Jeff`s ear “I’ve been thinking about you all day long daddy…”
Jeff trembled in fear knowing very well what Janette had in mind. The enormous teen princkazon held Jeff by his waist and began humping his ass rubbing and massaging her stiff shecock and making him implore for mercy.
“Please Janette, don’t…” he begged her, but Janette’s huge shecock was already leaking precum inside her tight underwear in anticipation. Jeff could feel her throbbing member on his ass, it was already hard and fully erect!
Then, to Jeff`s dismay, the huge horny teen began to unfasten his belt forcefully.
“No, Please stop!” Jeff implored her, but Janette only giggled mischievously as she used his own belt to tie both of his wrists tightly. Jeff tried to resist and fight his amazonian step-daughter but she was far too strong and too big for him. She handled him easily as she tied his hands and pulled down his pants and underwear down to his ankles.
“No Janette! Please you’re mother…” Jeff implored her, but the teen princkazon had already moved her tight g-string aside to free her stiff meaty one-eyed monster.
“Hush daddy. Mom won’t be back for awhile” she said lustily “this will be our little secret daddy…” she added, rubbing her huge love-stick and slapping her step-father’s nude asscheeks with it.
“Don’t you want a blowjob instead?” Jeff said pleadingly trying to negotiate with the horny teen.
“Sure. After I fuck your ass…” Janette answered nonchalantly as she kept slapping his asscheeks with her engorged and throbbing shecock a few more times.
“I’ve been wanting to bury myself inside your tight ass all day long daddy…” she whispered huskily as she began to rub her huge anaconda along Jeff’s asscrack “I’m gonna make you scream like the little bitch you are, and there’s nothing you can do stop me!” she added to Jeff’s horror.
Jeff couldn’t move as he was sandwiched between Janette’s big body and the sink. He felt completely helpless and tears began to roll down his cheeks and Janette began poking his anus with the engorged tip of her anaconda making him yelp and beg for mercy.
“Open up for me daddy… open your ass for your little girl’s huge cock” Janette grunted as she finally inserted the tip of her mighty shecock and began to mercilessly distend Jeff’s anus with her glans.
“Noooo! Janette Please!” Jeff begged while he was slowly and painfully impaled by her shecock, but Janette was too enthralled with her domination over him.
“Oh yeah! I got the tip already in…” Janette said hoarsely “Be patient daddy, I still have many more inches to get inside” she said licking her lips in anticipation.
Janette was in heaven as she had her daddy completely helpless and at her mercy. The older little man in front of her couldn’t do anything to stop her and she knew it, as she watched him squirm in agony with the tip of her shecock inside him, distending his tight sphincter cruelly.
The teen princkazon moved her engorged member in tight circles inside Jeff’s asshole trying to open it even more for her sexual assault. Despite her mother used to fuck her daddy’s ass every night, his sphincter enveloped Janette’s shecock so tight that she moaned and sighed savoring every bit of his impalement.
“Don’t resist me daddy. It will only be worse for you…” Janette roared as she kept feeding her shecock inside Jeff’s ass stretching it out more and more painfully “take it like a good bitch… like the good shecock-worshipping bitch you are!” she ended as she relentlessly shoved more and more of her imposing meat-stick inside Jeff’s overwhelmed body.
Jeff felt Janette bashing his insides methodically as the excruciating pain made him grit his teeth and grunt in discomfort. He was kept firmly in place by Janette, who held him tightly by his waist as her huge princk impaled him pitilessly.
The dominant teen princkazon savored her domination a few moments and then, she pushed more and more of her invading member inside her daddy’s bowels, expanding them painfully and making him cry in agony until the subdued man felt her huge balls plastered on his asscheeks.
“Aaargh! Please Janette stop!” Jeff implored and begged unsuccessfully but the horny teen just mocked him and laughed at his pleas for mercy.
“Shut up daddy!” Janette said hoarsely “I know mom fucks the shit out of you every night, and I know you love her huge shecock!” she added licking her lips and spanking him roughly a couple of times.
Jeff was standing on his toes as Janette finished feeding all of her enormous love-stick inside him. She was so tall that she had to bend a little to finish his impalement, but as soon as she felt his ass on her hips she held him by his waist and began pumping forwards violently making Jeff her bitch one more time.
Jeff grinded his teeth and closed his eyes trying to resist Janette`s sexual assault. His body was shaken aggressively, and the friction and pain inside him was overwhelming, but the worst part was that he found himself completely helpless at the hands and mercy of a much younger and horny girl.
Meanwhile Janette was having a great time ripping his insides in earnest. She thrusted her long and thick shecock in and out furiously making him grunt in pain and discomfort while she relished the tight embrace of his bowels and anus. She wanted her step-father to realize that she was in charge and that he couldn’t do anything to change this. Not only he had to suffer the excruciating pain of her shecock demolishing his insides, but Janette kept making remarks of how helpless he stood against her.
“Oh yeah! Yesss!” Janette moaned loudly “you’re my bitch daddy, you’re my bitch and you can’t stop me! How does it feel being a young girl’s bitch? You make a good cock-sheathe, oh yeah!” she added debasing Jeff while she kept sliding in and out her mighty meat-pole.
While he listened to Janette’s sighs and grunts of sheer pleasure above him, Jeff had to endure the feeling of being just a sextoy for his gigantic and dominant step-daughter. The loud clapping sound made by her hips slapping his ass strongly over and over was quite humiliating too, as the teen princkazon dag her nails into his tender skin adding a new pain in Jeff’s sore body.
“It’s sooo fucking good!! Oh daddy you’re the best ass I’ve ever fucked!” she grunted as she kept pumping Jeff from behind for long agonizing minutes “I know why mom loves you so much....”

Jeff couldn’t believe how easily this teenage girl had made him her bitch. But it wasn’t the first time Janette had turned him into her personal fuck-toy. Since the young princkazon had witnessed how her mother used Jeff’s mouth and ass for her pleasure, Janette had wished nothing more than to use him and dominate him in the same ways. She was aware too, that she was much stronger than Jeff, as she liked to prove her superiority over him wrestling him and making him scream in pain using her thick and muscular legs to squeeze his body in painful bodyscissors. She liked to tease him with her big and curvy butt too, while keeping him imprisoned in tight reverse headscissors. She’d let him rub and massage her remarkable and meaty asscheeks while she giggled amusedly lying comfortably on his subdued body.
When she began sitting on his face, Jeff’s mind struggled to cope with the humiliating feelings and the excitement he felt. He felt so powerless and confined while Janette imprisoned his face between her massive and alluring moon-halves while he fought to breathe under her. But at the same time, as Janette’s succulent asscheeks smothered him, his cock would get hard as a rock inside his pants. He knew he was a natural submissive man that craved to be dominated and subdued by huge princkazons, but being turned into a sextoy by his much younger step-daughter was a new low in his princk-dominated life.
Janette would sit on his face for long endless minutes while he was forced to rim her pink anus making her moan in sheer pleasure. She’d let him take a gasp of air once in awhile, and he had to thank her by kissing her big buttocks several times making her giggle. Some times, she’d ride his face roughly, rubbing his nose and lips on her tender rosebud, or she’d feed him her huge testicles making his cheeks bulge out painfully.

“How is it daddy?” do you like having your girl’s big cock moving in and out of your bitchy ass? I bet you do… bitch!” she sighed while she grabbed Jeff’s hair pulling his head backwards painfully.
Jeff groaned in pain feeling completely subdued and soiled by Janette. The teen princk-mistress felt her orgasm rising inside her loins, as the friction caused by Jeff’s battered anus and bowels sent delicious waves of pleasure throughout all her big body. But the feeling of complete domination over her daddy was driving her crazy with lust as well.
“Here it comes bitch! Here it comes, take it all!” Janette screamed in ecstasy as she reached an intense climax. She grabbed and twisted Jeff’s ears painfully as shot after shot of her hot and sticky shecum was injected deeply into her prey’s intestines.
“Take it bitch! Take it all!” the towering princkazon moaned as she began to shot her copious load inside her toyboy. As her huge anaconda twitched inside Jeff’s intestines, Janette pushed her hips even harder against her prey making him yelp and cry. Jeff’s outsized body was literally lifted from the ground by Janette’s powerful shoves from her hips as she cummed for a long time inside him, filling his loins to the rim.
Jeff closed his eyes feeling utterly shamed and humiliated as his belly bloated visibly due to Janette’s abundant load. The princkazon sighed contentedly above him while she poured the last drops of her cum inside him.
“That was sweet daddy… Did you like it?” Janette purred as she rubbed Jeff`s inflated belly “take good care of my shecum daddy” she added as she bit Jeff’s earlobe hardly making him wince in pain. The dominant princk-mistress kept her meat-tool buried inside her daddy for a few more moments as she relished the aftermath of her intense orgasm.
“Feel my hard and big shecock inside your ass daddy… it rules you, don’t forget about it”! she hissed into Jeff’s ear as she enjoyed herself subduing him completely “when mom’s not around your only purpose in life will be to please and worship my love-stick whenever I fancy, got it?” she added to Jeff’s dismay.
Jeff nodded accepting his fate and Janette licked the side of his teary face dominantly.
“We’re gonna have lots of fun together, you’ll see… my cock, your mouth and your ass…” she whispered into Jeff’s ear making the older man tremble in fear.
Then, Janette grabbed Jeff’s much smaller penis and began jerking it forcefully.
“You can have some fun too daddy” she said as Jeff shivered in pleasure and pain as he still was firmly impaled by Janette’s princk.
“I know you love having a big, hard shecock deep inside your slutty ass…” she purred “I’m gonna make you cum too daddy” she ended as she kept masturbating Jeff for several minutes while she kept her rod inside his loins.
Jeff knew that he couldn’t do anything to stop Janette, and he just closed his eyes and braced himself enjoying the moment.
“Cum for me daddy” the teen princkazon said huskily “cum for your teen princk-goddess…” she added as she kept her hand on Jeff’s hard cock jerking it furiously “do you like it daddy? Do you like feeling my hand on your dickie and my big cock deep inside your ass?” Janette said as she watched amusedly her helpless daddy squirm in pleasure and pain, completely dominated by her.
His moans of pleasure made the towering princkazon giggle mischievously as she felt her daddy’s rectum and anus milking her invading member deliciously, and his orgasm grew inside his overwhelmed and subdued body.
Feeling Janette’s big hand on his cock, and her mighty member stimulating his prostate, made Jeff cum intensely as he moaned and sighed shooting his load into the palm of her hand.
“Oh yeah!” Janette moaned “your ass squeezes my cock even tighter when you cum daddy” she added licking her lips “I bet mom your loves your ass because of this…” she whispered huskily and Jeff nodded silently feeling completely soiled.
The dominant teen smeared her daddy’s cum on his face giggling naughtily and feeling in complete control over him. Jeff closed his eyes in shame feeling his own seed covering his face while his amazonian step-daughter mocked him cruelly.
Finally, Janette dislodged her wet and sticky shecock from Jeff’s insides as her cum began to leak from his sore and gaping anus.
Then, the dominant princkazon turned her daddy around and putting one of her big hands on the top of his head, she pushed him down to his knees.
The towering teen put one of her thick sexy thighs on Jeff’s shoulder keeping him firmly in place as he looked up at her pleadingly. Feeling her huge and feminine gam so close to his face, made Jeff shudder in desire. Her legs looked so big, muscular but yet feminine and fresh that he’d always got horny whenever he had the chance to look at them. And since Janette began wrestling him, he had the chance to rub and massage them too while being hopelessly squeezed and trapped between them.
But he knew that his amazonian step-daughter was going to use him and humiliate him once more. He remembered one time when Janette had him imprisoned between her sexy legs in a tight neckscissor. She was lying comfortably on her side while Jeff struggled to free himself from her clamping thighs. She giggled at his puny efforts while she slapped his face with her shaft playfully. He felt so minuscule and dominated as he tried in vain to pry apart her powerful amazonian legs. That time, she made him lick her big balls for a long time while squeezing him strongly with her mighty haunches. After that, she shoved her glans inside his mouth and made him suck her until she splashed her load all over his face.

“Do you like my legs daddy?” Janette asked huskily as she rubbed Jeff’s cheek with the inner part of her smooth and well-muscled thigh “I bet you do… I’m sure you loooove my big legs” she added as she kept rubbing his face with her ample thigh making Jeff crazy with desire.
“Kiss my big thigh daddy… show me your love for it” she told him and Jeff obeyed her subserviently as he began to plant little kisses on the broad surface of Janette’s alluring thigh. For a few minutes Jeff was in heaven as he worshipped Janette’s leg in earnest. Her leg felt so heavy on his outmatched body, and he felt so dominated and dwarfed by his step-daughter that his cock was stiff inside his pants.
While Jeff worshipped her thigh, Janette began massaging Jeff`s other cheek with her wet shecock. She smeared his face with precum as she giggled amusedly watching her daddy kiss and lick her meaty thigh.
Then, the mischievous teen slapped Jeff’s face with her still stiff member a few times making him grunt and wince in pain. She chuckled amusedly watching her helpless daddy close his eyes in shame as her thick member mistreated his face painfully.
“Clean your ass from my cock daddy” Janette ordered a few moments later, as she made him open his mouth and lick her slimy member with his tongue.
While Jeff licked her mighty shecock, Janette watched him from above smiling contentedly. The dominant and cruel princkazon knew that she still have time to have more fun with his step-father before her mother arrived, and she was determined to make the best of it.
After letting Jeff lick her meat-stick for some minutes, Janette moved her thigh down from his shoulder and grabbed him by his ears twisting them painfully, she made him open his mouth.
“Open you bitchy mouth daddy!” she ordered “I’m going in…” she ended as she began to insert her shiny shecock inside Jeff’s mouth violently.
Jeff gagged as Janette’s invading member distended his lips and expanded his throat mercilessly. He closed his eyes in shame and pain while Janette pushed her hips forwards burying herself deeper and deeper inside him.
Jeff’s hands were still tied as Janette kept his head still and shoved inch after inch of her meat-stick through his outstretched lips, crushing his uvula and distending his throat powerfully. His neck bulged painfully, as the teen princkmistress kept thrusting forwards her ample hips roughly making her victim gag and sob silently.
After long excruciating moments, Jeff felt Janette’s huge hairless testicles resting on his chin as she’d fed him all of her love-stick. He looked up and saw Janette’s smiling face framed by her big boobs above him. He saw no mercy as Janette winked an eye at him and licked her lips, relishing his wet and tight mouth around her throbbing shecock for a few seconds.
Then, Janette began skull-fucking him harshly as she held him by the back of his head and thrust forwards and backwards her hips slapping his chin with her big balls over and over.
“Oh daddy your mouth is the best too!” Janette grunted as she kept roughly massaging Jeff’s throat and mouth with her meat-tool for a few more moments.
As her huge anaconda went in and out of his mouth and throat, Jeff struggled to breathe as Janette showed him no mercy pinching his nose painfully and making him gag on her throbbing shecock over and over.
After enjoying her daddy’s mouth for some time, Janette removed her wet love-stick from his mouth and lifting his body easily, she carried her helpless victim to the living room.
The huge princkazon released her daddy’s hands and sat comfortably on a couch. She placed her helpless daddy kneeling in front of her and between her alluring thighs. She took his hands and lifting herself a little she placed them under her massive asscheeks immobilizing him with her weight.
As he felt completely helpless again and at her mercy, Jeff felt the smooth and tender skin of Janette’s perfectly rounded buttocks on his hands. His mind struggled to cope with the lust he felt, as his hands were crushed by her sexy and big moon-halves, and at the same time, Janette debased him slapping his face with her hard member harshly making him grunt in pain.
He felt so owned and minuscule as he stayed kneeling in front of his towering step-daughter, who looked down at him smiling and holding her huge princk inches from his face. Her meaty and sexy legs were at his sides and this made him feel horny but at the same time, he couldn’t avoid looking at her imposing flesh-pole in all its glory just in front of him!
To Jeff’s surprise, Janette began jerking her shecock in front of his face making him look straight at it. He stared in awe at her impossibly huge and turgid member as she masturbated it rhythmically, giving him a hot steaming show.
“Look at my cock daddy, it’s sooo big… Do you like it?” she asked huskily as she rubbed her mighty member slowly and seductively “I know you do… all cock-loving sluts like you love seeing a big cock being stroked” she added as Jeff gulped and stared mesmerized at her huge glans just inches from his face.
After a few moments, the horny teen grabbed her daddy by the back of his head and pushed him against her crotch. She lifted her immense shecock and plastered Jeff’s face on her hairless scrotum.
“This feels so good…” Janette purred as she smothered Jeff with her huge cannon-balls “wash my balls daddy” she said after making him struggle to breathe for a couple of minutes.
Jeff obeyed his dominant step-daughter as he licked and kissed her cum-filled testicles soaking them with his saliva. Janette purred and moaned happily as she kept jerking her mighty member and her daddy used his tongue to wash her testes entirely.
She fed him one of her huge balls stuffing his mouth while she laughed at him and kept stimulating her throbbing love-stick. Then, she forced her other testicle inside Jeff’s mouth distending his cheeks painfully and making them bulge visibly. She laughed heartedly as his daddy looked like a squirrel with too many nuts inside its mouth!
After a few moments of making her daddy worship her balls, Janette removed them from his mouth and ordered him to move back, as she pointed her meat-tool straight at his troubled face.
“Don’t forget daddy, this cock rules you!” she said hoarsely as she massaged her princk in front of Jeff’s face and precum began to leak from it.
“Give it a little kiss daddy” Janette said and Jeff obeyed puckering his lips and sticking them lightly on its tip. It felt hot and wet as Jeff kept kissing it and its musky odor filled his lungs and intoxicated his brains, while Janette giggled and sighed contentedly.
“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue” Janette ordered and Jeff complied subserviently. Janette bend over a little and spat on Jeff’s tongue a couple of times making him feel even more humiliated.
Then, Janette placed her engorged glans on his wet tongue leaking precum on it while she kept jerking her shecock leisurely. She rubbed her glans on Jeff`s tongue making him swallow her precum and she licked her lips sighing and moaning.
“It feels sooo good daddy” Janette moaned as she kept jerking herself and washing Jeff’s tongue with her salty and copious precum “
After a couple of minutes of molesting Jeff’s tongue with her glans, Janette released his hands and made him jerk her mighty shecock with them. She shoved the tip of her anaconda stuffing his mouth, while his hands rubbed and massaged her length.
“Make me cum bitch” Janette purred as she placed her arms on the sides of the couch and looked down at the smaller and subdued man between her amazonian legs.
Jeff’s hands were too small to encircle her girth completely as he tried his best to make his step-daughter cum inside his mouth. Janette made him look at her beautiful face as he kept jerking her love-stick and his mouth sucked her glans.
“Look at me bitch” she said lustily “look at the teen girl you’re blowing…” she added slapping his cheek painfully.
Jeff grunted and looked up at the gorgeous features of his step-daughter. She was smiling and licking her thick sexy lips as he worshipped her meat-rod.
Jeff lost track of time as all his world became the big and fleshy tip of Janette’s shecock inside his abused mouth, and her hot and hard-as-steel love-stick in his outsized hands. He felt lucky as Janette didn’t skull-fuck him this time, as his hands massaged and rubbed all of her length and his mouth sucked her spongy head.
Janette’s moans and sighs of pleasure were all he could hear, as he kept masturbating and sucking her for long endless minutes.
Janette looked down at his dominated daddy grinning satisfied. He looked so small and subservient kneeling between her mammoth thighs, as his hands struggled to masturbate her imposing flesh-stick properly.
Finally, Janette erupted inside his mouth shooting her copious load and filling him to the rim. Jeff struggled to take all of her cum as her big shecock jolted and twitched wildly inside his hands.
As Janette moaned and sighed she held Jeff’s head strongly and kept him firmly in place as her abundant load filled his loins for several minutes.
“Take it all bitch! Swallow all my shecum!” she roared as she injected her seed deep inside Jeff’s body making his belly bloat.
The last shots of her seed covered Jeff’s face as thick whitish drops rolled all over his cheeks and nose. Janette used her semi-spent shecock to collect all her shecum from Jeff’s face, and then she fed him it making him lick the broad surface of her wet love-stick until it was completely clean and shiny with his spit.
“Good bitch, good bitch” Janette purred as Jeff licked and swallowed all of the remaining drops of her abundant load from her immense meat-tool until she was completely satisfied.
After her daddy had drained her shecock, Janette released his hands and placed him on the couch. She put his head on the seat, with his terrorized face looking up as she parted her meaty asscheeks and descended on him. Jeff stared in awe and admiration as his step-daughter’s lovely amazonian ass covered him, burying his face under layers and layers of succulent teenage ass-flesh.
“Hold your breathe daddy…” Janette sighed as her huge rump engulfed Jeff’s face completely. She didn’t stop until she rested her whole weight on his head and his nose got plastered on her musky anus.
“Mmmmmhhh… daddy your face feels so good!!” Janette moaned as she rubbed her moist asshole on Jeff`s nose over and over.
Meanwhile, Jeff struggled to breathe under his dominant step-daughter. He fought with all his might but to no avail, as he was completely overpowered by Janette one more time. He tried to lift her big body as he placed his hands on her well-muscled buttocks but she was just too heavy. His tiny efforts just made Janette giggle amusedly as she rubs her fleshy shecock slowly.
“Don’t fight me daddy. You can’t win…” she says as she keeps sitting on her step dad’s face until his movements begin to decrease.
Imprisoned in darkness, Jeff began to lose his senses due to the lack of air, and all he could hear were Janette’s sighs and moans of pleasure above him as she smothered his face in earnest.
When Janette felt that her daddy stopped moving at all, she lifted her big booty from his crushed face. The cruel teen just made sure that he’s still breathing and then, she headed towards her bedroom whistling nonchalantly leaving her prey lying unconscious on the couch.

The older subdued man was roughly waken up by a huge and hard shecock slapping his face.
“Hi baby, did you miss me?” said Jeff’s wife as she rubbed and slapped her engorged monster all over his face. Jeff opened his mouth to answer her but as soon as he did, his wife shoved her enormous glans inside silencing him completely.
“Here we go again…” Jeff thought as he closed his eyes and relaxed his throat accepting more and more of his wife’s invading member through his stretched and sore lips.


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  1. Fantastic! Utterly great! So much of dominance and humiliation! And of course as always most appreciated by me is facesitting scene, it's very well written because of detailed description!! As always wish you goodluck in writing, and want more amazonian facesitting and butt crushing from you! ;)

  2. oh more Daddy and daughter please!!! great stuff!!!