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jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013



By Ramvo

The bell rang and all the students left the classroom. All left except one. Her name was Lory and she stayed sitting on her place looking directly at me with a mischievous smile painted on her gorgeous face.
I trembled in fear and excitement as she stood up and approached me slowly and seductively. She sauntered towards me confidently as I stared in awe at her huge full teen breasts, almost ripping apart her tight shirt, as they moved up and down rhythmically, and her long and well-muscled legs barely covered by the short miniskirt she was wearing. I stayed sitting on my chair frozen by fear as she approached me.
I gulped down as I beheld her statuesque frame getting closer and closer to my desk. She was one of my science class students and although she was quite brilliant, she was also a young and horny teen domina that enjoyed putting me through heaven and hell, and there was nothing I could do to stop her!
I felt completely intimidated and dwarfed as the blonde towering teen stood next to me, smiling down from her considerable height. Her thick sexy thighs were in front of my face as I looked at them feeling my cock rising inside my briefs.
I knew I was under her spell and that I was just a toy for her to play with, as she put her hands on her narrow waist and addressed me.
“Hi professor, are you free for a personal tutoring session?” she asked teasingly as she lifted her miniskirt and showed me her naked glistening pussy. I stared a couple of seconds mesmerized while she opened her moist pussy lips with a couple of fingers showing me its pink walls and engorged clit.
“No, Lory please, not here!” I said trying to stop her from abusing me one more time.
“C’mon just give it a little kiss” she purred “I know you want to…” she ended as she placed one of her big Amazonian hands on the top of my head, pushing me towards her naked and inviting cunt.
I placed my hands on her big and alluring thighs, marveling myself of their smoothness and silky touch, trying to push her away but she was too strong for me. I knew I was already defeated looking at her hungry vagina getting closer and closer. It didn’t matter that this young teen girl was about half my age, she was in total control over me and she knew it.
She knew how to use her superior physique to control me and punish me as I’ve already suffered many times being squeezed, twisted and facesat by her many times before. She liked to place me between her sexy and powerful legs squeezing my ribs, my chest or my neck, almost knocking me out and reducing me to tears in only a few minutes. She only giggled and mocked me while she put my through my paces over and over. After leaving me breathless and beaten, she’d sit on my face making me tongue her pussy for long minutes before being completely satisfied. I always felt so minuscule and owned when she sat on my chest, crushing me down, and she rubbed her enticing thighs on my face playfully before making me lick and kiss her vagina. My face always got soaked in her pussy juices after pleasing her this way for long minutes, and she’d moan loudly plastering my face tightly on her cunt whenever she reached an orgasm. After her climax, I had to lap all her fluids from her wet vagina and kiss it goodbye before she let me go.
Some other times, she’d put me in a reverse headscissors and while she mocked me she’d shake her amazonian butt, and my imprisoned head, from side to side mischievously, showing how powerless I stood against her. I had to kiss and lick her rounded meat-hills for long minutes and if I ever stopped worshipping her ass, she’d squeeze my neck so hard that in just a few seconds I’d be crying openly in pain and begging her to stop.
After worshipping properly her astounding derriere, which meant covering all of its vast expense with my saliva, she liked to sit on my face backwards, smothering me under layers and layers of sexy and muscular ass-flesh. While I struggled to breathe under her consuming ass, she’d just giggle at my puny efforts to free myself. She’d lift her mammoth butt from my face once in awhile letting me breathe, and I had to kiss both of her asscheeks loudly several times thanking her for not making me pass out.
After imprisoning my face inside her deep and dark asscrack for long minutes, she’d start riding it roughly. She enjoyed rubbing my nose on her puckering anus and my mouth on her pussy lips for some time, and then she’d order me to start worshipping her scented asshole.
While my face was completely enveloped by her huge and firm moon-halves, she’d moan in pleasure feeling my tongue probing deeper and deeper insider her pink sphincter. Trapped in darkness I knew that I had to rim her anus until she reached an orgasm and only then, she’d release me from my fleshy, lavish prison.

As she plastered my face on her moist pussy, she giggled and sighed contentedly while I began kissing it submissively. My smallish hands began to rub and massage her meaty thighs in earnest while I debased myself orally pleasing her. Her legs were like flesh pillars, so big and sexy that they always made me drool in desire. But they’re lethal weapons too, as I’d already felt their power crushing my body to pulp and reducing me to tears many times before.
“Oh yeahh! I know you love my pussy... Show me how much you love it professor!” she said huskily as she kept her pussy lips open for me “stick your tongue out” she ordered and I complied subserviently as she began to move my face on her pussy, pleasing herself with my tongue in her vagina and my nose on her clit.
She rubbed my face roughly on her cunt for several minutes as she masturbated herself soaking my face with her juices in the process.
While I listened to her moans and sighs of pleasure, I moved my hands from her thighs to her perfectly rounded and massive butt.
I delighted myself caressing and massaging her ample and meaty asscheeks while she used my face on her pussy. Her big butt was simply breath-taking, perfectly rounded and muscular but with a layer of fat that made it look utterly appealing and enticing. Her mammoth asscheeks felt so big, soft and smooth in my hands as I grabbed them that, despite the pain and humiliation, I felt my cock rock-hard inside my pants.
Lory grabbed me by my hair painfully as my tongue ached and I kept working it through her slit over and over while she soaked me in her sticky fluids. I gulped down her juices as she got more and more excited and my probing tongue got deeper inside her hot love-canal.
I knew that I had to satisfy her lust or she’d punish me, and I tried my best to make her cum before my next class. I tried to ignore the pain in my tongue and the lack of air as I kept massaging her excited pussy ardently.
She’d already trained me well in servicing her orally as my lips and tongue were more than acquainted with her hungry orifices.
Lory began moaning louder and louder as she held my head forcefully on her pussy. I kept servicing her for several minutes more until she exploded on my face, moaning and sighing contentedly.
She kept my face on her pussy though, as she relished the aftermath of her climax, messing my hair and twisting my ears painfully.
“You’re a good pussy licker professor” she purred as she freed my face from her satisfied cunt “lick my juices now” she told me and I complied feeling completely dominated.
“Good boy, good boy” she said as I finished my task leaving her pussy lips coated with my saliva, “kiss it goodbye” she ended and I obeyed her once more, plastering my sore lips on her satisfied pussy.
After feeling completely satisfied, my amazon teen mistress turned around and displayed to me her huge and inviting ass. I stared in awe for a few seconds, beholding her firm and sexy big rump just inches from my wet face, but I knew what to do as I began kissing her big moon-halves in earnest several times making her giggle. Kissing and licking her remarkably bottom was always something I enjoyed despite she often made me do it as a punishment. I took my time trying to press my lips on every inch of her astounding buttcheeks from the upper part of her succulent thighs to the part of her back where it began to curve. I lost all sense of self-respect as I worshipped Lory’s butt like and obsessed man. Her amazing ass was like a god to me as I kept pressing my mouth on its smooth surface while my hands massaged her succulent and plenty flesh-globes.
I placed my hands on both of her meat-hills pressing them together and began kissing all of her crack fervently. I opened my mouth and began tonguing her crevice, soaking it with my spit from top to bottom over and over.
Then, I parted her beefy asscheeks widely with my hands and pressing my nose tightly on her tender rosebud I took a long, deep sniff. Lory sighed and giggled amusedly as the strong scent of her anus filled my lungs and intoxicated my brain.
After this, I started to kiss her tight pink anus enthusiastically.
“Next time you’ll be spending a lot of time here…” she said huskily as I rubbed her anus with my lips. I let her massive buttcheeks close around my face as I pressed my lips on her lovely sphincter even tighter and began using my tongue to spread my saliva on its wrinkled and tender surface. I pushed her mammoth meat-spheres at the sides of my face as I began french-kissing her lovely butthole making my teen amazon mistress shudder in pleasure. Little by little, her once puckering orifice began to open due to the ministrations from my aching tongue, and after a couple of minutes, I was able to stick it almost entirely insider her hot and tight cannal.
Lory shook her wide hips, and my imprisoned face, from side to side seductively as I pleased her tender orifice for several delicious minutes until she was fully satisfied.
After kissing her amazonian behind and musky anus, Lory pulled my face from her asscrack, and my tongue from her rectum. Then, she stuck one of her fingers inside her relaxed anus and coated it with a mix of my spit and her anal juices. Then, she turned around and told me to stick out my tongue. I obeyed her and she used my tongue to wash her finger thoroughly. She giggled naughtily while she rubbed her finger all over my tongue for a few moments.
“Suck it!” she said as she looked down at me with a mocking smile and I cleaned her greasy finger with my mouth until she was pleased.
“You’re a good ass-kisser too” she said fixing her miniskirt. Then, she patted my head playfully “see you soon toyboy… I mean professor” she chuckled mischievously turning around.
Then, the huge teen just walked out of the classroom leaving me breathless and speechless as I beheld her alluring legs and her astounding and barely clothed meat-hills moving up and down rhythmically.
I felt so used and soiled again, but at the same time my pants looked like a tent as I still had a raging erection!

Since I started teaching at this all-female, or should I say all-amazon highschool, my life had been turned around like I’d never thought before. Despite I am a grown man and a teacher I was forced to enter a world of teen femdom and sexual humiliation that was beyond my wildest dreams. All the students were tall, (so tall that their full, juvenile breasts hanged above my head), voluptuous, young amazons, and most of them seemed to behave around me like horny sexual predators. And besides that, the other teachers and the principal didn’t seem to care at all!
My days passed between teaching and suffering under huge smothering asses, licking young pussies and kissing tender scented buttholes, crying while squeezed between long muscular amazonian legs or enveloped by huge and rounded tits.
Some girls were bolder, like Lory who had subdued me almost since the first day I arrived. Other girls just liked to rub their humongous tits on my face as I walked through the school halls, or they’d push my outsized body with their big and firm butts.
I didn’t know how the girls had access to my personal bedroom but very often I’ve been taken aback finding one or more huge and naked amazons waiting for me inside my room! I always tried to escape of fight back but all of them were just too big and too strong for me, and they always liked to prove their superiority by dominating my overwhelmed body in all possible ways. All the girls were strong, much stronger than me, athletic and quite skilled in all kinds of wrestling, and I always ended up defeated and humiliated while they mocked me and forced me to please their vaginas or buttholes for long agonizing moments. In short time, I became an expert in orally pleasing amazons as they put me through my paces on a daily basis. Many times, I got waken up roughly by a lusty girl who had been rubbing her moist pussy on my face while I was asleep. And many times, I had to spit pubic hairs, red, blonde or black, in the mornings not knowing whom they belonged to!
I was paid very well, but in my contract it wasn’t stated that I had to be a sextoy and pleasure slave for all the girls in this high-school!

I used to go to the school’s gym during the afternoons, and I always marveled myself watching in lust and admiration the huge and sculpted bodies of the amazonian girls working out. The girls use to wear tight spandex outfits or tiny sport bras and skimpy shorts that seemed to be painted on their voluptuous curvy bodies.
They liked to tease me showing me how much weight they could lift with their arms and legs and then, they’d challenge me to lift the same weight, but I’m just too weak to compete with them. All of them laugh and mock me while I try in vain to lift the weights they easily can handle.
They enjoy using me as another dumbbell as they could lift and handle my body quite effortlessly. They’d do a huge set of squats placing me across their shoulders, or they’d tie my wrists and ankles on a bar and they’d exercise their mighty biceps moving my smallish body up and down countless times shaking me like a rag doll. After each set, I have to kiss their sweaty butts and crotches thanking them for having used me as they fancied.
One time, after about a dozen amazonian girls had finished their work out, and all of them had used me as I mentioned before, I was left alone with a huge and beautiful redhead called Megan.
I felt nervous and excited at the same time as the gorgeous teen amazon looked down at me with a mischievous smile on her face. Her alluring body was glowing due to her tough work out, but she still wanted to have more fun with me. She walked towards my trembling body until I had to lift my head to see her beautiful face, framed by her humongous tits hanging above me. Her big curvy body dwarfed me completely as she stood just a few inches away from me. She was wearing a tight sport bra that barely held her protruding and turgid tits, and a minuscule g-string that was completely swallowed between her succulent and massive asscheeks.
“Hi professor... do you like what you see?” she asked teasing me as she began to display her enticing body making me drool. Megan turned around and bent over showing me her wide, lavish ass in all its glory. She rubbed her immense and rounded flesh-orbs on my chest playfully as I stared at them speechless, mesmerized by her beauty and size.
“Do you like my booty professor?” she said turning her head to look at my dumbfounded face. She giggled amusedly as I couldn’t mutter a single word “I know you loooove my booty so... why don’t you give it a little kiss?” she said teasingly, moving her ample rump from side to side seductively. I was happy to oblige as I began kissing her astounding and sweaty behind ardently. I placed my hands on her curvy moon-halves rubbing and massaging them in earnest while I pressed my lips on her silky skin over and over.
“Lick the sweat from my ass professor” she ordered and I complied working my tongue on the vast expense of her freckled and lovely behind. I tasted her salty sweat as I did my best to wash all the smooth skin of her meat-hills with my tongue.
I began moving my tongue in her crack too, making her giggle and moan. I felt her tiny g-string on my tongue as I used my hands to part her alluring moon-halves diving in. I smelled her musky anus as I pressed harder on her crevice letting her massive buttocks envelope my face completely. I got covered in the sweat of her asscrack as I continued servicing her marvelous behind for long minutes.
After kissing her lovely tush, Megan put me through a variety of holds and scissors during my ordeal as I was nothing but a plaything for her. She bent me to her will, as she bent my body in all possible ways, and in short time she made me beg her to stop my torture. All I got were her giggles and mocking commentaries as she put my overwhelmed body in hold after hold.
“C’mon professor, you got to try harder. I can’t believe you can’t escape from me. I’m only a teenage girl and you’re a grown man!” she’d say enhancing my debasement.
After each devastating hold or scissors, she’d make me worship the part of her amazing body that was closest to my face. I had to kiss and lick her muscular thighs, plump butt and clothed crotch as she kept tormenting me for long excruciating minutes.
After playing with my body for some time, Megan placed me sitting on the floor while she sat behind me and closed her beefy legs around my midsection. She began compressing my body with her mighty thighs making me beg and sob like a little girl.
“Please Megan! Please stop, you’re killing me!” I said in agony while she chuckled behind me. I put my hands on her mammoth legs trying to free myself but to no avail.
To make things worst, she took off my pants leaving my erect cock exposed.
“Oh my! You really like to be treated as sex slave” she said mocking me “I bet you wet your sheets at night remembering all the pussies and butts you pleased during the day, right professor?” she added as she squeezed my cock and balls inside her big hand.
As she held my body, helplessly trapped between her massive thighs, Megan began jerking my cock enhancing my humiliation. She had encircled her strong arm around my neck tightly as she kept me close to her face while she ravaged my body. I trembled in agony while she looked at me intensely studying my reactions.
“No Megan! Please don’t do this!” I implored her but she ignored my pleas and kept masturbating me while squeezing tightly me with her mammoth legs.
“Tell me professor, what excites you more, being squeezed between a young amazon’s legs or being forced to cum against your will?” she asked me teasingly, “or maybe you get excited when a big, soft ass envelopes your face? Maybe you like to jack off picturing yourself licking some young tasty pussy or rimming a hot and fragrant butthole?” she ended as she kept stimulating my cock faster and faster. I felt quite humiliated knowing that she was right. Despite the punishments and humiliations these girls made me go through, I clearly enjoyed in a subconscious level, how I was teenhandled and sexually humiliated by them every day.
The fiery redhead giggled amusedly as she kept massaging my cock until I exploded soaking her hand.
“I knew I could make you cum professor” Megan laughed loudly as she smeared my face with my own semen. I stayed half conscious due to my orgasm and the intense pain in my midsection, and I couldn’t even protest as she maneuvered my body easily.
When I got my senses back I was lying flat on my back and Megan was standing above me with her feet at the sides of my face. She was completely naked now as she looked down at me with lusty eyes.
“Time to eat some sweaty pussy professor” she said nonchalantly as she spread her labia and began descending on top of my face “stick your tongue out!” she ordered as she squatted down.
Her young sweaty snatch enveloped my nose and mouth as she ended her descent movement on me. She sat comfortably a few moments just enjoying my tongue probing between her pussy lips and my nose on her clit.
“You look so good with my pussy on your face professor” she mocked me as she placed her arms on her knees and looked down at me smiling broadly “your face makes such a comfy seat too..” she added as she rested her big body on me comfortably “I think your name will be now pussy-face!” she said giggling amusedly “professor pussy-face!” she ended as she pressed her engorged pussy lips around my nose shutting it completely. I struggled to breathe beneath her while she enjoyed her own joke.
After laughing a few moments, Megan freed my nose and began riding my face quite roughly moving up and down on me.
“Stick out your tongue” she said “I want to feel it!” I complied trying to please my teen tormentor. Megan rode my already aching tongue sighing and moaning while burying me deeper and deeper inside her hungry cunt.
She undulated her wide hips stimulating her vagina with my whole face and soaking it with her sweat and fluids in the process. She moved a little further making me use my tongue on her anus while she rode my nose in earnest.
“Lick my asshole now professor pussy-face” she said as my tongue began to stimulate and massage her tender sphincter “Get your tongue deeper… deeper!” she said hoarsely getting more and more excited.
While my tongue began to probe inside her relaxing orifice, Megan kept riding my nose roughly shaking her wide hips from side to side and forwards and backwards for long enduring minutes for me.
Breathing was so hard as I tried my best to please my teenage conqueror. I was nothing but a pleasure toy for her and she knew it. My cock was hard again despite her crushing weight on my face and her sticky fluids running all over. I gulped down her juices as she used me for her pleasure while her orgasm grew inside her loins.
Finally, Megan reached a climax as she moaned and sighed loudly and contentedly. She forced my head down even harder as she pressed down her butt on me, crushing my nose with her pussy and sticking my tongue inside her rectum a couple of inches.
“Oh yeahh!! Yess! “ she sighed as her juices coated my face. She shook me like a dog shaking a bone a she relished her orgasm for several moments. I panicked as no air was left for me to breathe, but I was too weak to push her amazonian body up and I felt darkness fall on me and the only sound I could hear were her moans of sheer pleasure above me.
I lost track of time as I was waken up roughly by Megan who was sitting on my abdomen now. She had placed her big feet on my face and was tapping my face with them to make me regain my senses.
“Wake up professor pussy-face!” she said merrily “it’s time to take a shower”.
After I had regained my senses, Megan lifted me from the floor and took me to the showers' room. In there, I was told to wash her huge and juvenile body soaping it completely. Despite all I'd been through, I enjoyed myself rubbing her huge tits and big asscheeks while Megan giggled amusedly. My hands looked so small on her firm breasts and lavish buttocks that I began to feel horny again.
While the teen amazon towered above me I did my best to clean her smooth, silky skin thoroughly. I took my time soaping her astounding bottom and full breasts as I rubbed and massaged them in earnest for several minutes. Megan made me kiss her wet pussy and ample buttcheeks several times as I did my best to wash her astounding body.
She toyed with my body too, as she put my neck between her luscious thighs squeezing me hard and making me groan in pain. She only giggled and teased while I tried in vain to pry apart her flesh-pillars.
She kept me prisoner for several minutes making me feel completely helpless and at her mercy. Then, the mischievous amazon did something that blew my mind. After freeing me from her powerful scissors, Megan placed my back against the shower’s wall and turning around she pressed her mammoth ass on my chest. I was in heaven feeling the soft and smooth skin of her ample bottom on my bare body. I couldn’t believe the perfection of her rounded buttocks as they were huge but firm and quite muscled too. At that moment, all I wanted was to be buried between Megan’s mighty buttcheeks.
“I know you love my booty professor” she said mischievously “I’m gonna give you a special treatment just for being a good pussy-licker and ass-kisser” she ended.
The naughty teen amazon began rubbing and shaking her alluring moon-halves on my trembling body. I placed my arms around her wide hips and marveled myself that I couldn’t encircle her completely!
She grabbed my hands and bent over trapping me between the wall and her big booty pressing her well-muscled ass on my chest strongly. Megan shook her lavish bottom and my imprisoned body playfully several minutes making my cock grew harder and harder.
“Do you like it professor? Do you like to have my teen booty on your body?” she asked me, but I was too enthralled to answer feeling her marvelous naked rump on my body massaging and rubbing it in earnest. Megan just giggled and kept her “special treatment” on me for long delicious moments.
After this, she released my hands and moved her succulent derriere a little forward. I was so excited that I grabbed both of her asscheeks with my hands and after parting them widely I began kissing and licking her deep and wet asscrack.
My amazon mistress giggled and shook her ass from side to side slowly enjoying my mouth and tongue in her crevice. She put one of her big hands on my head, pushing my face deeper into her parted buttcheeks forcefully. Megan began moaning as she rubbed my nose on her anus and my mouth on her pussy.
She made me worship her ass for a few minutes and then, turning around my teen domina lifted my body easily from my armpits and placed my back on the shower’s wall. I was looking directly at her beautiful face as I was more than 2 feet over the shower’s floor. Then, she lifted one of her alluring legs and sat my ass astride on her thick thigh. The touch of her naked thigh on my equally naked body made me shudder in excitement. She kept me there a few moments, supporting my whole body just with the power of one of her amazonian legs and encircling my waist with her big amazonian hands. I felt like a helpless tiny toy in her hands as Megan was so tall that my feet dangled freely over the wet floor.
She began bouncing her leg up and down giving me a pony ride. My cock was hard and leaking precum as I closed my eyes completely enthralled and enjoying the touch of her bare skin on my body. Noticing my hard-on, Megan grabbed my cock and began jerking it roughly. I moaned in pleasure while she giggled amusedly watching my reactions closely. She put her other hand around my neck squeezing me tightly as she jerked my cock and kept moving my body up and down with her leg. I felt so owned and dominated that in short time I felt my own climax rising inside me.
After a couple of minutes of feeling completely tamed and subdued, I cummed on her hand again and she smeared my face with my own load once more.
Giggling naughtily, Megan began squeezing my neck harder and harder. I placed my hands on hers trying to make her stop but she was far too strong for me. She just giggled at my puny efforts to free myself as breathing became impossible for me. Little by little, I began to lose my senses and darkness fell upon me. As I passed out all I could hear were her maddening giggles around me.
I lost track of time as I regained my senses and found myself completely alone and lying on the showers’ floor. I slowly got up and went to my locker to put my clothes on. My neck, as well as my whole body, ached and I just wanted the day to be over.

When I returned to my bedroom, feeling sore and soiled. I was so tired that all that I wanted was to sleep for 10 straight hours. To my dismay, I found a huge and naked teen ebony amazon lying on my bed waiting for me!
She was grinning as she motioned me to approach her. Without saying a word, the black amazon sat on the edge of my bed and opened her thick, feminine legs. Looking at me intensely, the young ebony goddess opened her pussy lips and waited for me.
I entered my room feeling already defeated. I knelt in front of her and she grabbed my head and pushed my face forcefully against her hungry vagina. I began lapping her moist cunt as she closed her thighs around me head imprisoning me between her alluring legs. She took my hands and placed them under her massive buttcheeks immobilizing me completely. I felt completely helpless again, kneeling between her long and thick legs, pleasing her pussy while she smiled and looked down at me dominantly.
As I kept tonguing her pussy, making my ebony teen domina moan and sigh contentedly, I knew I was going to have a long, hard time of teen domination and sexual submission again!


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