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miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013



By Ramvo

Tom was waken up by a noise coming from his son’s bedroom. It was about 8 am on a Saturday, too early for him to be up he thought.
He walked out of his own bedroom and headed towards his son’s. Tom found the door ajar and proceeded to take a look, what he saw took his breathe away.
His son, Tommy was lying flat on his back on his bed while his daughter Tori was on top of him, scissoring his neck with her alluring thighs in a reverse headscissors. Tommy looked desperate and subdued, crushed by her weight, while Tori giggled and mocked him cruelly. Tommy’s face was merely inches from Tori’s mammoth and perfectly rounded bottom as he was devoured by her crushing thighs. His eyes were fixed on his sister's alluring derriere as she was only wearing a flimsy night gown and a tiny g-string that disappeared between her massive and well-muscled buttcheeks.
“Pleaaaase! Tori let me go!” Tommy implored his baby sister, but the dominant brunette girl just giggled mischievously “you’re killing me, I’ll do anything you say!” the older boy begged as his neck was compressed painfully by his sister’s powerful gams.
“Come on big bro try to get free” Tori teased him as she wiggled her wide sexy hips from side playfully, and his imprisoned head along, “I can’t believe it… you’re grown man and you can’t escape from your baby sister’s legs” she added enhancing his humiliation. The teen amazon was looking back at her beaten brother with a smirk on her gorgeous face. She delighted herself watching him trying in vain to pry open her mighty thighs. His hands looked so tiny on the vast and smooth surface of her legs as he unsuccessfully tried to free himself from her flesh-vice.
Watching how small Tommy’s head looked between Tori’s amazonian thighs, Tom knew his son was no match for his much younger baby sister, even though she was in her early teens. When Tommy returned from college he found himself constantly tormented and teased by Tori, who’d blossomed into a huge and curvaceous amazon, almost 2 feet taller and about 100 pounds heavier than him. She was just too big and too strong for him, but it was also clear that he found his sister quite attractive as he had a visibly boner inside his pants, Tom noticed. Maybe he was aroused because deep in his mind he wished to be subdued and taken by a horny, dominant amazon just like Tori, or maybe he just liked Tori’s long succulent legs, huge turgid tits and her big and rounded ass!
“I bet you just like to be between my big legs and be punished by them” Tori said when Tommy began rubbing her thighs instead of trying to pry them apart "mom has told me that boys and men love to be taken over by strong amazons" she ended and she began crushing Tommy's neck one more time making him groan in pain and discomfort. But despite this, Tommy continued massaging his younger sister's thick thighs in complete adoration.
“You can rub my legs, but if you want to get free you know what you have to do Tommy-boy…” she added while Tommy kept rubbing and massaging her meaty thighs in earnest.
“Ok” Tommy said resigned and then, Tori grabbed him by his hair and pulled his head forwards forcefully.
“Start kissing Tommy-boy” Tori ordered as she plastered her big brother’s face on her ample rump. The young teen giggled mischievously as she forced her brother to kiss her inviting asscheeks one by one several times.
“I want to hear your lips smacking my ass big bro” she said as she kept tormenting Tommy. He had no choice but to obey his dominant baby sister as he puckered his lips and kissed the smooth and vast surface of Tori’s buttocks painstakingly.
“You can rub my butt too…” Tori said while making Tommy kiss the lower part of her moon-halves over and over “I know you like it too...” she sighed as Tommy complied grabbing and stroking her muscular meat-hills.
Tom beheld his son worship his daughter’s big and enticing behind in awe. Tommy seemed to enjoy rubbing and massaging Tori’s curvy and firm buttcheeks as he was forced to kiss their surface over and over. Meanwhile, Tori looked back at Tommy with a satisfied smile painted on her beautiful face. She was in complete control as she relished her big brother’s submission. It wasn't the first time Tori had put Tommy through his paces, as she enjoyed showing her superiority wrestling him and making him submit over and over just by using her mighty legs. Having her big brother helplessly trapped between her crushing legs, groaning in pain and begging for mercy, always made her feel in control and very horny, and she used to make him please her orally after being completely tamed by her. She also liked to sit on him, engulfing his face between her muscular asscheeks or under her naked pussy. She enjoyed riding Tommy's face for long minutes, rubbing his nose and mouth on her fragrant anus or on her moist pussy, until he was gasping for air and then, she'd make him tongue her until climaxing on top of him.
When she was satisfied, Tori released his head and taking one of her feet she pressed her muscular calf on the back on Tommy’s head, burying his face in her asscrack.
“Hold your breathe Tommy-boy” she said as she smothered Tommy between her big flesh-globes “now breathe…” she added giggling as Tommy complied.
“How does it smell?” she asked naughtily “I haven’t showered yet…” she chuckled as she tormented her helpless big brother pushing his nose into her clothed anus. 
Tommy closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. While he had his nose on her anus and his mouth on her pussy he felt her scent fill his lungs and his brain. Her crushing weight on his body didn't matter to him anymore as he inhaled and sniffed Tori's sphincter and womanhood over and over. The older male felt completely owned and abused but he didn't mind, he just enjoyed the moment savoring his baby sister's domination over him, it wasn't the first time and for sure, it wouldn'te be the last one either.
After making Tommy breathe from her ass a few moments, Tori used her free hand to move her tiny g-string aside.
“Lick my pussy” she ordered. Tori closed her eyes in sheer pleasure as she felt her brother's tongue began probing inside her pussy. In short time her juices began flowing drenching Tommy's mouth and chin. She bite her lip and sighed as she relished his wiggling tongue getting deeper and deeper inside her.
Tom held his breathe as he watched his older son tongue his baby sister’s hungry cunt. The young amazon had her eyes closed in ecstasy as her brother pleased her for several minutes. Apparently, Tommy was having a good time too, as his boner got even bigger and Tori grabbed it and began jerking her brother’s dick slowly.
Tommy moaned into Tori’s pussy as he kept serving her with his tongue and she squeezed and toyed his dick. The teen giantess giggled mischievously as her big hand engulfed Tommy’s member and balls completely.

Tom knew the feeling of being completely subdued and owned by a big and horny, dominant amazon. His wife liked to make him worship her pussy and ass on a daily basis, day or night whenever she fancied. He’d become quite skilled in pleasing her with his tongue, and she seemed to be always in heat and eager to take Tom for her own pleasure. He also had to endure some punishments, as his wife also liked to squeeze him with her mammoth thighs making him beg for mercy, just like Tori had done with Tommy, or be roughly spanked whenever she felt he deserved it.
While Tom beheld Tommy lick and kiss Tori’s pussy, he felt his own dick grow and grow. He was glad that his wife was away for the weekend in a congress, as he kept witnessing his older son’s submission.
In their female-dominated society, it was common and accepted that young amazons would start their sex life experimenting with their older brothers, or even their fathers. The teen girls always grew more than one foot over their male counterparts and they also were much stronger and naturally dominant. As her mother was well over two feet taller than his own 5’6” height, Tom knew that his daughter would grow as tall, or even taller than her. Tori also inherited her mom’s huge bouncing tits and her big and perfectly rounded ass.
She had long and muscular sexy legs too, and she knew very well how to use them to subdue and control her big brother. Tommy’s height was the same as his father’s, and despite he liked to work out he was completely overwhelmed by his baby sister’s considerable strength.
Tommy’s face was already soaked in Tori’s pussy juices as he worked his tongue in and out and in tight circles inside her hot love-canal. He had to gulp down most of her juices as his tongue kept pleasing her over and over.
Tori kept scissoring his neck and every time he stopped to take a break, she’d squeeze him powerfully making him groan in pain and continue shoving his tongue deep between her fat pussy lips.
While Tommy endured stoically his sister’s crushing weight on his overwhelmed body and her clamping thighs around his sore neck, he rubbed and massaged her meaty buttocks in earnest. Tori’s lavish ass-flesh was so enticing that Tommy still had a raging boner despite the pain and humiliation he was feeling.
In short time Tori was sighing and moaning contentedly as her brother’s tongue kept stimulating her clit and pussy lips. Her fluids filled his mouth and wetted his face as she got more and more excited.
“Oh yeahh! yesss!” Tori moaned “get your tongue deeper… deeper!” she commanded as pleasure danced across her gorgeous face. She moved one of her hands back and grabbed Tommy’s hair pushing him forcefully against her vagina.
Tommy couldn’t defend himself as his face was repeatedly pushed forwards and backwards on Tori’s pussy over and over. He felt completely helpless as she used her big hand to move him easily just for her pleasure.
As her orgasm grew and grew inside her, Tori began moving Tommy’s head even harder. Tom saw how his Amazonian daughter used his son as a pleasure toy, showing no mercy or consideration as he clearly struggled to breathe and she mistreated his face rubbing it harshly on her soaked cunt.
Tommy’s face got plastered on his sister’s pussy while she moaned loudly enjoying her intense orgasm. His tongue was completely inside her contracting vagina and his nose was covered by her engorged pussy lips as he had to suffer Tori’s climax for long moments.
“Mmmmmh… you’re born to worship pussies big bro” Tori said after releasing Tommy’s head “now clean my pussy big bro” she moaned and Tommy obeyed her submissevily lapping all the remaining drops of her juices from her pleased vagina.
Tommy’s face was red and he was panting but he had to spend several minutes cleaning his sister’s pussy until she was satisfied.
“Let’s see what your wiggly tongue can do inside my ass…” Tori said licking her thick lips, as she lifted her big frame from her subdued brother. She leaned back a little placing her astounding derriere next to her brother’s dumbfounded face.
As Tori sat comfortably on Tommy, covering his chest and neck completely with her ample rump, he looked incredibly tiny compared to his baby sister. Tom realized that he must’ve looked the same way when his wife sat on him right before making him worship her amazonian ass too!
His older son looked completely subdued and helpless as her sister rested her huge body on top of him, flattening his scrawny being with her considerable weight. Each of Tori’s thick sexy thighs seemed to be bigger around than Tommy’s midsection and her meaty calves looked even thicker than his skinny thighs!
Tommy’s chin was just below his sister's alluring moon-halves and he beheld in complete amazement his sister’s incredibly huge and firm behind. Tori began contracting her muscular buttocks rhythmically giving her older brother a hot show just in front of his face.
Watching this, Tom realized that his daughter clearly enjoyed her domination over her big brother both physically and psychologically. She seemed to know that her brother was attracted to her big body, and she was willing to take advantage of this and use her superior physique and strength to make him please her in any way that she wished.
“Do you like my booty?” the teen amazon asked teasingly looking back at her powerless brother while her lovely rounded buttcheeks bounced up and down on his face.
“Oh yeah, I like it a lot!” Tommy answered as he looked mesmerized at his sister’s huge sexy bottom.
“I know you do you little pervert” Tori giggled satisfied “kiss my butt for me big bro… show me how much you like it” she said and Tommy complied as he held both of her big asscheeks together and after compressing them, he began sticking his lips on their smooth surface over and over making his sister giggle contentedly.
“That’s right, smack those lips on my ass!” she said hoarsely “I want to hear how much you love my ass” she added while Tommy obeyed her kissing her astounding butt fervently.
After making Tommy kiss tush for a few moments, Tori moved her rump a little backwards making sure that Tommy’s nose and mouth were exactly at her crack.
“Now, I want you to open my ass and start kissing my butthole… but first put your nose on it and smell!” she said naughtily.
Tommy placed his smallish hands on his sister’s big buttocks and after parting them, he pressed his nose on her tender rosebud. The older boy inhaled deeply as his baby sister’s musky scent filled his lungs again.
Tori giggled mischievously as her big brother sniffed her butthole for several seconds. His nose tickled her tender rosebud sending delicious waves of pleasure throughout her body. The dominant teen girl was happy with her brother's submission as she wiggled her big butt playfully on his face a few times.
Then, holding apart her meaty buttocks, Tommy began kissing her puckering sphincter lovingly. As he pressed his lips on Tori’s anus over and over, wetting it with his spit, the horny amazon began sighing and moaning excitedly.
Tom beheld how his son’s face literally disappeared from sight as it was devoured by Tori’s enveloping asscheeks. The amazonian girl was moaning louder as her brother worshipped her asshole thoroughly for several minutes. Meanwhile, Tommy kept grabbing and massaging his sister’s plenty ass-flesh as it covered his sweaty face completely.
“Now stick your tongue deep… deeper!” she ordered as Tommy began rimming his amazonian baby sister “french-kiss my butthole big bro…” she added, as Tommy’s tongue probed deeper and deeper through her relaxing muscle ring.
In short time he was able to stick almost all of his tongue through Tori’s anal cavity as the little man beheld her anus began to open more and more due to his ministrations.
Tori grabbed Tommy’s hands and her buttocks closed around his face burying him completely inside. She wiggled her big butt from side to side as her excitement grew inside her loins.
“Kept your tongue inside” Tori said hoarsely and she began to move up and down her luscious ass on her big brother’s face, impaling herself with his tongue “this is sooo good! your tongue is the best big bro!” she moaned as she kept crushing Tommy’s face with her butt.
Tommy struggled to breathe but he couldn’t defend himself as Tori held his smallish hands forcefully. His face was red and he began sweating profusely while his tongue got in and out Tori’s hot rectum. Tori fucked her asshole using Tommy’s tongue for several minutes. She was in amazon heaven as she’d completely subdued her hapless brother and was using him selfishly for her own pleasure and she knew that he wasn’t able to do anything to stop her.
His helplessness excited her as well as his tongue wiggling deliciously inside her ass. And she was sure that her big brother wouldn’t be the only male whose tongue she’d enjoy in her ass and her pussy!
Meanwhile, Tom kept watching his daughter use his son as a sextoy. He knew the feeling, as his own wife used to make him feel the same way every time she made him worship her hungry vagina or her tight fragrant asshole. But this was just the way things were in their world… an amazonian world ruled by huge, horny women where men were the weaker sex and girls like Tori could rape and abuse older males for their own pleasure without any major consequence.
“Ohhhh yessss!” Tori screamed as she finally reached an orgasm. Her anus closed and opened around Tommy’s tongue as waves of pleasure went from her bottom across all her big body. She released Tommy’s hands as she pressed even heavier into his face sinking his head down on his bed.
Tori remained sitting on her brother’s face as she relished the aftermath of her climax. She was sighing contentedly while her butt smothered her toyboy. Tommy was desperate to breathe as he placed his hands on his baby sister’s lavish asscheeks trying unsuccessfully to push her away.
Tori was so elated that she didn’t even seem to notice Tommy’s puny efforts to free himself from her crushing rump. She had her beautiful eyes closed and was licking her lips as she rubbed and massaged her big turgid tits.
Tom noticed that his daughter was so enthralled with her pleasure that she didn’t mind suffocating her brother between her huge meat-hills. He remembered that many times he’d passed out as he was facesat by his wife. He had somehow gotten used to it, but his son was clearly suffering under his baby sister. He felt sorry for his son but he didn’t dare to disturb Tori as she remained sitting comfortably on Tommy’s face for long excruciating moments. Tommy’s head literally disappeared from sight as it was completely devoured inside Tori’s deep asscrack.
Several moments passed until she mercifully moved a little further allowing her big brother to breathe normally again.
“Sorry big bro” she said nonchalantly “I didn’t feel you” she giggled as she placed her ass on his chest. Her weight crushed Tommy again but at least he was able to breathe freely.
“You’re a good ass-kisser too” she said merrily “I think I’ll invite my friends over to enjoy that tongue of yours too!” she added to Tommy’s dismay. Tori bounced on her brother’s chest a few times playfully knocking the air out of him. She just giggled as her brother suffered under her. While she squashed him mercilessly, Tommy begged her to stop but Tori wanted him to realize how puny and helpless he was against her.
“Pleaase Tori stop, you’re crushing me!” Tommy said as the air inside his lungs was pushed outside roughly by her amazonian ass bouncing up and down on him.
Finally, Tori stopped torturing her brother and after making him kiss her muscular asscheeks one last time, she dismounted herself from Tommy’s mistreated body. Tom hurried to his own bedroom before his daughter left her brother’s room.
The huge teen headed towards the bathroom humming nonchalantly. She took a long shower remembering all the pleasure she had just gotten from her helpless older brother, and she was certain that Tommy wouldn’t be the only helpless male that would become her personal slave and sex-toy. She had plans for her father too, as she had noticed how he’d been spying her all the time she put Tommy through his paces.

Breakfast passed without any major incident. Tommy didn’t mutter a single word as he ate his pancakes while Tori kept looking at him smirking naughtily.
“I was wondering if you’d still be hungry after all you ate this morning” Tori whispered into Tommy’s ear when she finished her breakfast. Tommy blushed and looked down utterly embarrassed while Tori giggled amusedly.
“Tommy’s gonna do the dishes today dad” Tori said “right Tommy?” she asked looking down at him dominantly and Tommy nodded silently.
Tom left the house in order to buy some groceries and when he returned he was greeted by another hot sight.
Tori was sitting on the living room’s couch and she had Tommy placed astride her left thigh. The teen amazon was wearing just a sport bra and a short mini-skirt while her brother was completely naked. She was giving her older brother a pony ride using only one of her powerful legs.
His small feet didn’t touch the floor as his baby sister bumped his scrawny body with her big sexy thigh easily and rhythmically.
Tommy was in ecstasy as Tori bounced his smallish body up and down easily encircling his waist with her big hands. His eyes were closed while Tori looked at him smiling satisfied. Tommy’s dick was erect as he clearly enjoyed being handled this way by his baby sister.
Tori looked at her father and winked an eye at him. Tom was flabbergasted as he kept looking, half mesmerized and half astonished, at his dominant daughter teen-handling his older son so easily.
The touch of her naked thigh on his skin felt so good that Tommy began sighing excitedly and Tori noticing this, began to speed up making him leak some precum on her leg.
Tori was having a good time too as she watched amusedly at her big brother's cock bounce up and down at her will. Tommy felt like a small child sitting on his sister's big thigh as he lost himself into moment. He sighed and moaned too as his sister controlled him and played with his body for several delectable moments.
"You're so light big bro, I could do this all day long!" she said cheerfully "and I'm sure you just love being handled this way by me, right?" she asked and Tommy nodded in compliance, as he kept enjoying being bounced by his sister's mighty and luscious thigh.
Tom realized that his wife had instructed Tori because she used to give him pony rides too, and he always loved them! Tom knew that his son was just like him, as both of them craved to be dominated and handled by huge, horny amazons, and that deep inside their minds they loved to worship their huge bodies, specially their pussies and butts.
After some minutes of being bounced up and down, the inevitably happened and Tommy cummed splashing his semen on Tori’s wide thigh. While Tommy moaned in pleasure, Tori grabbed his dick and squeezed it tightly making sure that all of his cum had been pushed outside.
“Oh my!” Tori said amusedly “you’ve been a bad boy Tommy-boy" Tori added as she used her hand to collect Tommy's seed from her leg and smeared his sweaty face with it, chuckling playfully.
"Now I’ll have to punish you for cumming so quickly” she ended, giggling naughtily.
Tori dismounted her semi-unconscious brother from her thigh and placed him effortlessly between her legs face-down. She squeezed his midsection with her mighty thighs while grabbing both of his hands over his head.
Tori looked down at his brother smiling confidently, she felt completely in control as she held his small body easily between her clamping legs.
Tori held his brother’s hands out of the way using just one hand easily as she began to compress his body with her mammoth thighs. She made sure that his cock was tightly plastered on her thigh while she began to apply excruciating pressure on him.
“Nooo! Tori please stop!” Tommy begged her but Tori just giggled mischievously. She was rubbing his ass with her free hand as she looked at her father smiling naughtily. Tom knew what she was about to do to Tommy and he felt sorry for his son but again, he didn’t dare to defy his amazonian daughter.
“Take it like a man big bro” she said mocking him “I’m gonna spank your ass now and there’s nothing you can do to stop me” she added as her crushing legs pushed the air out of Tommy’s lungs forcefully.
Tom held his breathe as Tori began spanking her big brother quite roughly. In just a few seconds Tommy was sobbing openly, begging his sister to stop her assault.
Tom looked down in shame as his young teen daughter spanked her older brother. It was hard to see a grown man like his son reduced to tears and so helpless against a much younger teen girl. Tori was smiling and giggling the whole time during Tommy’s ordeal and Tom remembered when his wife spanked him, luckily the last time had been a long time ago. He was careful enough not to make his wife mad, but sometimes she invented faults just to tan his behind.
The spanking lasted about five minutes and Tommy’s battered ass looked red as a beet when Tori finally stopped. She released his hands and unlocked her powerful legs letting him fall at her shoeless feet.
“Now Tommy kiss my feet and thank me for having spanked you” Tori ordered him and Tommy got in all fours and began kissing each of Tori’s toes “lick them too” Tori said and Tommy began to bath her big feet and toes with his saliva.
Tori looked down at his subdued brother smiling happily. She relished her power over him as he worked his mouth and tongue on her big feet for several minutes.
“Now kiss and lick my legs” Tori said when she was satisfied. Tommy got on his knees and began worshipping his sister’s legs, trying his best to please her. He didn’t want to enrage his sister so he smacked his lips on her calves and thighs over and over making her giggle contentedly.
Tommy forgot about his sore ass as he pressed his lips on the smooth and silky surface of Tori’s mammoth and luscious legs. He also began to rub and massage her thighs and calves ardently making her sigh and shudder in pleasure. Tommy grabbed as much as he could of her tender flesh as he continued worshipping his sister. Her legs felt so fresh and juvenile but he also could feel the power of the muscles beneath her smooth skin. Tommy’s dick was hard again while he kept groping her sisters haunches and his lips and tongue wandered around her warm and tender skin for several delectable moments.
“Good boy, good boy” Tori purred closing her eyes when he began licking the vast expense of her alluring thighs. She placed her big hands on the top of his head guiding his tongue around her meaty gams.
When he got to the inner part of her thick thighs, Tori trapped his head between them and lifted the front part of her miniskirt. She didn’t squeeze him hard though, as she grabbed his by his hair and pushed him forcefully against her naked and perfectly shaved crotch.
“Mmmmh yeahhh!” Tori moaned as she stimulated her pussy using her big brother’s face. Tori rubbed Tommy’s nose on her engorged clit for a few seconds before instructing him to stick his tongue out.
“Lick my pussy now Tommy-boy” she urged him “make me a happy teen…” she ended as he felt his tongue began probing between her pussy lips.
Tom felt his own dick hard as a rock as he watched his daughter use his son for her pleasure one more time. Tommy looked completely helpless and tiny as he was forced to stay on his knees between Tori’s engulfing thighs. He could tell that his son was doing a fine job as Tori began sighing and moaning excitedly. Tommy had placed his hands on his sister’s big thighs as he dove deep inside her hungry vagina. Luckily for him she wasn’t squeezing him now as he was just held in place by her powerful legs.
“That’s right… get your tongue inside and wiggle it around” Tori said licking her lips and holding her brother’s head firmly in place with one hand “that’s good… keep moving your tongue big bro” she ended as she began rubbing her turgid tits with her free hand.
“You’re doing fine. I’ll make you worship my pussy every day Tommy” she said hoarsely as the pleasure inside her loins grew and grew.
Tommy’s face was soaked in her fluids as he began moving his tongue in circles inside Tori’s hot vagina. After some moments his tongue began to ache and he was feeling tired, but he didn't dare to stop as Tori's legs around his head reminded him the pain his baby sister could exert on him. He just closed his eyes and kept performing trying to make his sister cum as soon as possible. He felt that he was born to please his outsized sister while his tongue moved deeper and she clamped her confining thighs even tighter around him.
He gulped down his sister’s juices several times as he continued pleasing her feeling that she was at the verge of an intense orgasm.
“Ohhh God yeahhh!” Tori screamed in ecstasy while pushing Tommy’s face against her pussy powerfully “Mmmmmh so gooood!” she roared as her fluids covered her brother’s face completely.
Her legs clamped around Tommy’s head strongly making him groan in pain into her excited canal. She didn’t seem to notice his discomfort as she kept him tightly pressed against her for several moments. Tommy fought to breathe and tried to free himself but Tori was just too enthralled to notice his puny struggles. Her superior strength kept his overwhelmed body firmly between her legs as waves of pleasure traveled all inside her big body for long excruciating minutes.
When her climax finally ended, Tori eased the pressure around Tommy’s head and ordered him to clean her pussy one more time.
"Clean me now big bro" she purred "you did just fine. I guess I won't spank you anymore today" she ended as she felt her submissive brother's tongue licking her juices from her pleased pussy. 
While her brother lapped at her satisfied cunt, Tori looked at her father with dreamy eyes and smiling sleazily. Tom trembled in fear knowing that he too would be lapping at his daughter vagina eventually.
“Take a good look Tommy-boy” Tori said as she pushed her brother’s head backwards a little. She opened her pussy lips using two fingers while grabbing Tommy’s hair “this pussy rules you” she added as Tommy fixed his eyes on his sister’s moist vagina “kiss it goodbye now” she told him and Tommy complied smacking his lips on her tender flesh one last time.
“Now you’re free to go” Tori said lifting her big brother from the floor by his armpits effortlessly “but don’t go too far... I may need you again soon” she added winking an eye at him. Tommy turned around to walk away and Tori slapped his naked ass one more time making him yelp in pain.
As the young amazon giggled mischievously, Tommy rushed himself to his bedroom. He felt completely spent and he didn't want to be used by his sister anytime soon.
“Hi daddy” Tori said looking at Tom, who hadn't stopped witnessing Tori's sexual domination over Tommy. She was smiling confidently as she stood up and fixed her tight miniskirt around her wide and appealing hips.
The huge brunette walked towards his father swaying her hips rhythmically and seductivelly, making her own father shudder in fear and excitement.
Tori walked by his father dwarfing him with her amazonian frame. Her big boobs were at the same level of his eyes, and she chuckled amusedly as she noticed how he’d fixed his eyes on them. She brushed his face lightly with her tits as she walked by his side casually. Tom moved his head away taken aback but he couldn't say a single word.
“See you later daddy” Tori said merrily as she turned around and went to her own bedroom. Tom gulped down as he beheld his daughter’s huge and rounded asscheeks move up and down enticingly, almost ripping apart her tight miniskirt, as she walked away from him.
For a brief moment, Tom wished nothing more but to bury his face deep between Tori’s alluring moon-hills and worship her astounding derriere fervently.


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  1. That is just the best story of yours!! I love it so much, and wish for big continue, the big and detailed one!!! The most spectacular moment for me is when his sister is sitting comfortably after her orgasm with his face tucked deep inbetween her huge ars crack and even doesn't notice his struggles to free himself from under her bottom!! It's just amazing! I'd like to read about her and het mother (which of course is owner of even bigger ass) and herself using their two little men (father and son) as a sextoys and butt cushions and humiliate the apart and together with their heavy bottoms and pussies in many different ways!! Oh, please, write this continue for me!!! It'll be awesome!!

  2. That is just the best story of yours!! I love it so much, and wish for big continue, the big and detailed one!!! The most spectacular moment for me is when his sister is sitting comfortably after her orgasm with his face tucked deep inbetween her huge ars crack and even doesn't notice his struggles to free himself from under her bottom!! It's just amazing! I'd like to read about her and het mother (which of course is owner of even bigger ass) and herself using their two little men (father and son) as a sextoys and butt cushions and humiliate the apart and together with their heavy bottoms and pussies in many different ways!! Oh, please, write this continue for me!!! It'll be awesome!!