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viernes, 7 de marzo de 2014



By Ramvo

On the first day of the summer, Will walked alone into the forbidden forests. He’d been told by the elder from his village that nobody who dared going deep into those forests had ever returned. The legends said that strange and evil creatures dwelled in these cursed forests, and that these abhorrent beings liked to enslave and torture humans.
But Will, being a young hunter and warrior and quite reckless, wanted to prove his courage by going into the forbidden forests and return unharmed. Little he knew, that he’d been watched since his feet touched the soil of the dark and cursed forests. The fool boy was going directly into a trap from which he would never be able to escape.
As he got himself deeper and deeper into the dark forest, he couldn’t see a huge pair of feet behind the trees he was walking by, until it was too late.
“Got ya” was the last thing he heard before giant fingers clamped around him, trapping him mercilessly. He tried to free himself, but he was no match for the gargantuan creature that had just caught him.
The creature’s hand was so huge that his entire torso and abdomen were trapped inside her unyielding fist. While his arms and legs dangled free, he tried with all his might to punch and kick the huge hand and fingers around him but to no avail.
As his body was lifted effortlessly from the ground, he noticed that the colossal being had two huge and turgid tits and that all she was wearing a skimpy loincloth around her generous hips. Her crotch was covered by the loincloth, and he couldn’t see the other monster dwelling there.
“Don’t fight me little man, you can’t escape” the giantess said to him as she lifted his body to her face. Will stopped fighting as he appreciated the beautiful face of the giant creature. She seemed to be only a teen as he beheld her juvenile features… a huge giantess teen!
She had long blond hair that fell past her shoulders down to her back, an oval face with high cheekbones and a cute upturned nose, thick sexy lips and gorgeous green eyes. Will noticed her perfect teeth as she was smiling broadly, inspecting him.
“You seem to be in good shape” she said “I think I can train you to be my slave… What’s your name? Mine is Kirina” the giantess said, but seeing that Will didn’t answer, she began squeezing his body inside her fist even tighter. Will began groaning in pain, feeling his insides almost bursting as the giantess looked at him intently.
“Answer me worm! What’s your name?” Kirina said angrily, “I can turn your puny body into pulp if I want” she added as Will fought to breathe feeling all his organs almost exploding inside him.
“Wi-Will” he finally said gasping, and Kirina mercifully let him breathe again. Will was red as a beet, as he tried to catch his breathe inside Kirina’s mighty fingers.
“Good, Will, I can’t wait to take you to my home and play with you” she added smiling mischievously “but first, I want to show you something that will take your air away again…” she ended, and she began to lower Will until he was in front of her skimpy-clothed crotch.
Will watched in awe how Kirina’s crotch bulged visibly. He didn’t have time to react as the giantess moved her loincloth aside freeing the biggest cock he’d never seen. It looked like Kirina was hiding a whole tree inside her tight loincloth!
While Kirina giggled amusedly watching his reactions, Will stared, frozen in terror, at her immense glans just inches from his face. Just the tip of Kirina’s cock seemed to be bigger than his own head, and the rest of her member much longer and thicker than his whole body!
“Do you like it?” Kirina asked huskily as she began jerking her shecock with her free hand while Will watched in mute terror, “this cock of mine will rule your world from now on, slave” she added, licking her sexy lips. Then, Kirina slapped Will's face a few times with her glans making him yelp in pain.
Will felt completely subdued and soiled as his face was beaten by Kirina's dickhead. It felt so hot and hard, that Will lost all hope that he was going through a bad dream.
“C’mon, why don’t you give it a kiss?” she asked rather rhetorically as she pushed Will’s face on her engorged glans.
As he got his face plastered on Kirina’s hot and huge glans, Will fought to breathe as her gigantic meat-tool began leaking precum abundantly. She rubbed his tiny nose on her cock-slit humiliating him and making him smell her strong scent for several moments.
Kirina sighed contentedly as she rubbed Will’s face on her tumescent tip for several seconds, soaking him with her viscous precum. The horny princkgiantess relished her domination over her tiny toy as she forced him to swallow her copious precum. To Will, Kirina's slit was like a big mouth with thick lips as he was forced to kiss it several times.
The little man closed his eyes in shame while Kirina kissed his entire face with her shecock-slit several times, while giggling amusedly. His face was already soaked in her sticky precum when she positioned his face so that his mouth was directly at her wet slit.
"Stick your tongue inside and move it around" Kirina ordered and Will complied obediently, kissing her slit and sticking and wriggling his tiny tongue inside her slit. The giantess purred in satisfaction feeling Will's tiny tongue probing inside her slit and pleasuring her colossal shecock through its orifice.
“Do you like the taste?” she asked the troubled little man mischievously, “from now on you’ll only eat and drink whatever comes out from my cock…” she ended as she kept jerking her shecock and rubbing Will’s head and face on its shiny tip for several minutes.
After making Will swallow lots of her salty precum, Kirina produced a long rope and tied her new toyboy along her gigantic princk. Kirina secured Will with his back on the veiny surface of her shecock, and with his arms and legs behind him and around her girth. She wanted her new toy to be able to look at her face as she walked towards her home.
Will found himself completely immobilized as his body was tied tightly around the girth of Kirina’s enormous flesh-stick, as she’d tied his arms and legs quite firmly too.
“I’ll keep you safe from falling here” she said chuckling naughtily. Will was able to see her gorgeous face, framed by her humongous tits as she smirked down at him. The dominant gigantic teen winked an eye at his mute face as she kept him in place strongly.
After she finished tying his body, Kirina delighted herself making her shecock twitch and move as well as Will’s body.
“You look so good there” she moaned “trapped mercilessly on my member... As you can notice your tiny body is even smaller than my mighty shecock but still we can have lots of fun anyway...” she ended as she began walking through the forest and taking her helpless prey with her.
During the whole way to her home, Will was held tightly on Kirina’s fleshy pole and he was bounced rhythmically from side to side along with it as she walked, and a few times, she encircled his body with her hand jerking her shecock and squeezing him powerfully.
Kirina lived alone in a cottage deep inside the forbidden forests, and by the time she got to her home, the cruel giantess was determined to start using her new toy to please her.
She untied Will from her shecock and holding his body inside one of her hands, she kept his head still with the other one. His arms and legs were free but he couldn't do anything to stop his gigantic mistress from abusing him.
The horny giantess took her new plaything to her ample bed and proceeded to dominate him with her huge log. Kirina placed him standing on his feet on the surface of her bed between her knees while she kneeled above him. She shook her hips to her side slapping her living toy with her meaty flesh-stick, knocking his head with her turgid glans powerfully.
"Let's play a game little man" Kirina said "it's called slap the worm" she giggled as she put her hands on her waist and looked down at Will amusedly.
Will was caught by surprise as Kirina laughed loudly mocking him but, as soon as he stood up, Kirina shook her wide hips again making her strong cock beat his chest pushing him to her bed once more.
"Try to escape little man" Kirina said as she kept beating his whole body with her aroused member while she shaking her wide sexy hips from side to side. Will tried to avoid getting hit but time after time, Kirina's glans smacked his head, face or chest making him fall down on her bed.
Kirina had a great time playing with her toyboy as she amused herself beating and slapping him with her meat-stick and Will, besides suffering the painful smacks of her shecock all over his body, had to hear her maddening giggles and cruel remarks.
"I'm not using my hands" she said smirking at him "I'm only using my cock to beat you... and you can't escape!" she said as she moved and shook her hips beating Will on his back with her thick anaconda and making him trip and fall down again.
"You can't escape worm" she said joyfully as she smacked his head making him fall and roll on her bed "you're helpless against me and my shecock" she giggled again.
Will lost track of time as he was repeatedly beaten by Kirina's enormous shecock. He was sore and humiliated as Kirina smacked him using only her erect meat-pole for several minutes, and by the time her cruel game had ended, he was sweating profusely, and he noticed many bruises covering his skin.
Finally, Will stayed lying on his back on the bed, panting and heaving as his cruel mistress laughed above him. 
"You're so tiny that you're no match for my cock. Let's see what you can do with my big balls" Kirina said moving forward and burying Will under her heavy and huge scrotum. 
The little man found himself completely covered by her huge ball-sack as he was pinned on her bed heavily. His face was smothered by the hairless and wrinkled surface of her sack, and he found that breathing was getting harder and harder. He tried with all his force to lift her nut-sack but it was too heavy for him. He struggled in despair for several minutes as Kirina's testicles crushed his body and her scent filled his lungs.
Meanwhile, Kirina enjoyed her little toy squirming under her big cannon-balls. His tiny struggles sent sparks of pleasure from her balls as she moaned contentedly several minutes and not caring at all that Will was getting out of air. She kept mocking him, as he couldn't do anything to defend himself while being buried alive under her heavy and huge scrotum, for long humiliating moments.
When she noticed that he'd stopped moving, she mercifully lifted her sack  from his face allowing him to breath again. While Will panted and heaved, as he had the rest of his body still crushed under Kirina's testicles, his vision was completely blocked by the huge meat-log throbbing above him.
"You're too weak to escape from my balls" Kirina said after a few minutes, teasing him, "you're so useless, but don't worry, you'll see that I still have many ways to play with your puny being" she ended as she finally lifted her huge scrotum from his flattened body.
Will didn't have time to enjoy his freedom as he was pinned on her bed again, but this time by her erect and immense meat-stick. Kirina used her shecock to slap his face, chest, belly and crotch several times making him whine in pain as she giggled cruelly above him. 
"I'm going to fuck you" she said without any emotion making Will shake in terror under her impressive member "you'd better stay still if you don't wanna get hurt" she ended.
Then, Kirina placed her hands on the bed as she began pushing and pulling her inviting hips, and moving her shecock forwards and backwards on Will's body massaging and stroking his chest and abdomen quite roughly. Her glans pushed and smacked his face every time she moved forwards, and his tiny balls and dick got crushed and squashed as she grinded him down on the bed over and over.
Will couldn't scream to protest at all as her dominant shecock pushed the air out of his lungs roughly as it pounded his entire torso and belly in any direction that she fancied.
As she settled into a rhythm, the horny princkgiantess fucked his entire body this way for many minutes. She powerfully rubbed and stroked him with her throbbing member pinning him down and mistreating his body over and over. The helpless man was overwhelmed as the lusty giantess increased the tempo and kept demolishing his smallish body on her bed and all he could hear were her moans and sighs of sheer pleasure above him. 
Feeling her orgasm getting closer, Kirina encircled one hand around Will and her shecock, as she began using his body to jerk herself. 
As he was powerfully moved and rubbed along her huge princk, Will was smothered by Kirina's fleshy stick as he could barely withstand the friction and pressure on his body. He got soaked in her sweat as the naughty giantess increased the speed making him feel completely subdued and abused.
Caught between her dominant member and her clamping hand, Will could only brace himself hoping that she'd cum soon. Luckily for him, after a couple of minutes Kirina cummed and Will was able to feel her powerful shots making her shecock twitch and shake, and his mistreated body along.
The princkgiantess screamed and moaned loudly enjoying her climax while she kept her toyboy on her shecock crushing him strongly with her unyielding hand. Will felt all his bones breaking as Kirina squashed his body, squeezing the last drops of her abundant load out of her anaconda.
"Oh yeahhh, that was great!" Kirina said as she finally opened her hand letting Will fall on her bed. He was exhausted and covered in bruises and her sweat, as he panted trying to catch his breathe and recover himself. 
But the horny giantess wasn't satisfied as she took Will inside her hand again, placing him face to face with her still hard and tumescent member.
"Now it's time to worship my log" she said huskily as she got her slave close to her glans. Will couldn't believe that Kirina still wanted to use him to please her flesh-stick, as he was held tightly inside her fist. His arms and legs were free again, but he was too spent to put up a fight.
"First put your tiny hands around my glans and kiss my slit tenderly" Kirina told him. The little man obeyed her as he placed his hands on the sides of her huge cockhead and pressed his lips on its slit, kissing it several times as her salty cum covered his nose and mouth.
Will marveled himself of the size of Kirina's cockhead as he held it with his smallish hands while he kissed its slit over and over. It was so hard, hot and huge that he felt like he was kissing a huge eyeless head.
"Stick your tongue inside again" she purred as her toyboy complied subserviently, getting his tongue through her wet slit and wiggling it inside. While he pressed his lips on her slit, Will did his best to please his gigantic tormentor, moving and shaking his tiny tongue inside her hot glans for several minutes, making her sigh contentedly.
As she forced her tiny prey to make out with her glans for several minutes, Kirina began squeezing his body tighter and tighter getting more and more excited.
Kirina stopped squeezing his body as she maneuvered his arms inside her fist, keeping his head still with her other hand.
“Now open your mouth, I'm going in!” she ordered. Will couldn’t believe that Kirina was going to try to shove her colossal anaconda through his mouth. At first he didn’t react but as she squeezed his chest inside her fist tighter and tighter, he was forced to open his unwilling mouth. 
Kirina plastered her glans on Will's face, trying to push herself through his tiny mouth.
“Good, now open wider…” she urged him. Will opened his mouth as wide as he could but still, it seemed impossible for him to take her outsized glans.
Kirina began pushing her shecock on Will’s trembling face. At first she couldn’t accommodate her thick tip into his mouth, but after several tries she was able to push her tip through his painfully distended lips. Kirina squeezed his body strongly as her huge glans dislocated his jaws distorting his face in pain.
Will’s eyes seemed to pop out as he was forced to take Kirina’s glans. It was a painful and humiliating experience as bit by bit Kirina pushed herself into Will’s outstretched mouth. She didn’t stop at all until the whole tip went through his mouth and down his gullet, crushing his uvula and expanding his throat painfully.
Will was barely conscious now as his dislocated jaws were stretched out even further and further. Kirina stretched Will’s body placing him straight in front of her flesh-mast so she could enter him easier, as she kept filling him completely with her monstrous princk.
Will looked like a serpent eating a too big prey inside his body, while Kirina stretched out his legs and purred joyfully.
The unbearable pain in his mouth and throat and Kirina’s fist squeezing his chest made him pass out, but this didn’t stop the cruel giantess as she continued pushing and pushing until her glans had expanded and filled Will’s esophagus too.
Noticing that he’d passed out, Kirina released his legs and watched amusedly how her princk filled his body and easily held him in place.
To the horny princkgiantess, he was nothing but a tight cock-sheathe for her to enjoy, as his body was suspended above the air just by her erect member.
She beheld his cock-stuffed body move and shake at her will as she twitched her shecock playfully several times.
She made sure that he was still breathing and proceeded to use him for her satisfaction. She beheld amusedly how her invading shecock expanded his chest and belly making his body take its cylinder-like shape.
She encircled his chest and abdomen with one hand, feeling her member inside, and began moving his body forwards and backwards on her shecock, relishing the tight embrace of his mouth, throat and esophagus around her invading princk. Still, more than half of her gargantuan member was outside his inert and stuffed body, but she kept using him roughly to jerk her member for several minutes getting more and more excited.
Wanting to go deeper, Kirina grabbed Will by his legs and pushed herself even deeper into him. She kept handling him only by his legs as her glans reached his bowels and crushed his insides powerfully.
She continued moving Will’s body faster and faster feeling her climax approaching. She didn’t care that her mighty love-stick had crushed his inner organs, as she increased the tempo enjoying wave after wave of sheer pleasure.
When she exploded, Will’s body was thrown away due to the strong shots coming from her gigantic shecock. His inert body landed on her ample bed as the naughty giantess moaned and sighed contentedly watching the thick ropes of her cum drenching her pet from head to toes.
The little man got completely covered and soaked in Kirina’s abundant cum, but he’d been treated so roughly that he didn’t regain his senses until several minutes later.
When he finally woke up, Will was placed between Kirina’s huge and perfectly rounded asscheeks. His arms and legs were tied, and his face was plastered directly on her musky anus as his body was held tightly in place by her skimpy loincloth. His whole body ached, specially his jaws and inner organs but he marveled himself that he was still alive!
Kirina was lying on her bed taking a nap, and recovering from the intense climax she’d just experienced using her new pleasure slave for the first time. Luckily for Will, she was lying face-down on her bed and his body wasn’t crushed by her gargantuan weight.
Will tried to move his head trying to free himself, but he felt one of Kirina’s huge fingers on the back of his head pushing him down strongly and rubbing his face all over the wrinkled surface of her tender anus. As her pink sphincter kissed his whole face, Will struggled to breathe again, but found himself completely immobilized and trapped deeply inside Kirina’s asscrack.
“I bet you’re wondering yourself why you’re still in this world” Kirina asked Will as she delighted herself feeling his face helplessly trapped in her fragrant rosebud.
“I belong to a race of ancient beings that once ruled the world you live in” she said as she kept enjoying Will’s face and head on her tight sphincter, “and we have the power to extend the life of simple creatures like you” she added shaking her wide hips from side to side and Will’s body along.
“I can make you live for a long time as long as you keep pleasing me…” she added “but in time, I’ll wear you out and consume you” she ended making Will tremble in fear.
“But don’t worry, we’ll have many moons to know each other better, and I’ll sure make the best of the time I can keep you with me” Kirina ended as she began to push Will’s head deeper and deeper into her puckering orifice.
Kirina discarded her loincloth and, handling his toy by his torso, she kept pushing Will inside her up to his neck. Now his whole had been swallowed by her tight anus and he found himself surrounded by darkness as he tried to scream in pain in agony. He could listen to her moans of pleasure all around him as she mercilessly continued pushing him inside her loins.
The cruel princkgiantess felt his shoulders tightly enveloped by her anal ring and shuddered in pleasure. She grabbed him by his legs, and moving her huge body to her side in order to shove Will easier inside her rectum, Kirina continued pushing him deeper and deeper inside her relentlessly.
The dark and damp atmosphere around him made breathing very difficult, but still he was able to feel the pain of being eaten alive by Kirina’s hungry asshole. Her intestines massaged and clamped around his body tightly, as he felt himself buried alive in a furnace-like tunnel.
When Will was devoured up to his chest, Kirina began moving him in tight circles enhancing her pleasure and squeezing his body cruelly with her anus and rectum. She sighed and moaned contentedly while the little man cried and sobbed in despair inside her.
After a few moments, she continued pushing him inside her until only his feet dangled freely from her closing anus. With his arms and legs strongly tied, Will wasn’t able to fight to get free and he just wanted to pass out again.
“I know you can hear me little man” Kirina said as her clear voice surprised Will, “you’re gonna spend lots of time in the place you’re in, so you’d better get used to it…” she ended as she grabbed him by his ankles and after pulling his body out a little, she pushed him inside until only his feet remained outside again, then she did the same pulling him out up to his thighs and pushing him inside again. She rhythmically began thrusting him forwards and backwards inside her orifice, stroking and pleasing her anus and rectum with his whole body for long delicious moments.
While Will suffered inside her, as he was thoroughly and roughly massaged by her intestine walls and the friction burnt his skin, Kirina was in heaven as she enjoyed her helpless toy inside her loins.
“You feel so good inside me” Kirina said huskily “I think I’ve found a new home for you” she mocked him, as she continued pulling his body out a little and pushing him deep inside her over and over, using his mistreated being for her pleasure.
Little by little she increased the tempo and began moaning louder and louder. She grabbed her erect shecock with her free hand and began jerking it while enjoying her living anal-toy going in and out of her tight tunnel.
Will lost track of time as he was swallowed alive by Kirina’s asshole again and again for long excruciating moments. His whole body was covered by bruises and her thick anal juices as she mercilessly kept playing with him in her rear entrance.
Kirina’s moans got louder and her bowels clamped around him even tighter, squeezing and crushing him powerfully, and Will knew that she was going to reach another orgasm in any moment.
When she finally cummed, Will was shoved completely inside through her ring-muscle. He closed his eyes in pain and anguish as he was able to hear his mistress’ moans and sighs of sheer joy all around him for several minutes. Kirina’s bowels crushed his body so strongly that Will felt the air inside his lungs being pushed out violently. He felt like he was going to pass out again but he remained conscious the whole time Kirina cummed with him devoured alive by her intestines.
Little by little the pressure around him began to decrease as he was able to breathe a little better, but still he was helplessly trapped inside her consuming body.
After enjoying her climax, Kirina pushed Will out of her insides slowly, making sure to enjoy his puny body the whole time. She amused herself getting his body outside her butthole little by little, as she only used her intestines and anus to get him out.
She squatted on her bed as she opened her big and meaty moon-halves and pushed her living toy outside her bit by bit. As his feet and then his legs appeared through her anus, Kirina shook her succulent ass from side to side, moving his inert limbs along and making her laugh heartily.
After a few moments of playing with her spent toy this way, Kirina continued pushing him out her anus until only his head stayed inside her. She amused herself again making his body shake at her will as she moved her vast rump from left to right mischievously.
After some moments of tormenting Will, using her butthole and her meaty derriere, Kirina let his motionless body fell on her bed and between her huge feet, as he was literally crapped out. Will was completely soaked in her anal fluids and felt like all his bones were broken, but to his surprise the pain began to cease and decrease after a few moments.
In his position he was able to see for the first time Kirina’s big and perfectly rounded asscheeks hovering above him. They looked so enticing and feminine despite her immense shecock and testicles dangling above him too.
Kirina shook her big rump from side to side playfully as she gave Will a hot view of her alluring bottom. Her curvy meat-hills shook and tremble so seductively that Will forgot for a moment the torment he’d just suffered inside them.
“Remember that you’ll be food for my ass whenever I want little man” Kirina said naughtily as she inserted one finger through her gaping anus. Will watched in awe how Kirina’s finger disappeared through her anus as he hopelessly pictured himself going the same way over and over for the rest of his life.
After terrorizing her plaything this way, Kirina removed her finger from her wet asshole and suddenly let her giant butt fall upon Will. As he was crushed mercilessly under her bottom, Kirina moved her hips in circles grinding his body on her bed brutally.
He felt his body turning into pulp as Kirina methodically squashed him under her, while she was giggling amusedly the whole time. He couldn’t breathe at all and he felt his organs almost exploding but after a few moments, Kirina lifted her big butt and turned around to address him.
To his surprise, the pain began to decrease after a couple of seconds as he watched Kirina’s beautiful face hovering above his mistreated body.
“See, I told you. I can heal you so I can play with you again” Kirina said taking his body inside her fist, “but now I guess you’re thirsty” she added smiling mischievously at him.
Will couldn’t say a word as Kirina placed him inside a huge glass and to his terror, the princkgiantess began peeing inside it. He stood up but he was pushed down powerfully due to the abundant yellow stream falling upon him.
As he was showered in her golden and hot urine, Kirina laughed at him watching him trying to cover himself and avoid the huge cascade that was almost drowning him. When she ended, Will was up to his neck in her pee as his eyes burnt and he desperately tried to keep his head out of her fluids.
“You’re gonna stay there for a few minutes slave” Kirina said as she shook her huge princk and the last drops splashed on Will’s teary face.
As he was sunk into her warm urine up to his neck, Will struggled to free himself but his arms and legs remained tied tightly. Kirina began to play with him sinking him completely inside her urine for a few seconds before letting him stand again.
The cruel giantess laughed amusedly watching Will cough and spit desperately after being sunk into her golden liquid for several seconds. She placed the tip of one of her huge fingers on the top of his head, as she kept him in her urine almost drowning him, and then she’d remove her finger letting him move and stand again, repeating the cycle over and over to her amusement.
But the last time, Kirina didn’t remove her finger as she kept her toy sunk beholding his tiny struggles to survive. Will fought with all his force as he shook his body desperately, but Kirina kept him in her urine cruelly, she just giggled at his puny efforts humiliating him even more.
For long agonizing moments Will tried to stand and breathe again but his gigantic mistress sank him in her urine until he stopped moving at all and only then, she took him out of the glass and after blowing her breathe at his body, he began to breathe and move again.
She chuckled mischievously as she watched him vomit her urine while holding him in her hand.
He began to feel better little by little as he was renewed by Kirina’s powers. But he contemplated his new life as a helpless toy at the hands of a naughty giantess and began crying openly.
“Shut up worm, now I’m gonna use you to please my cock again” she said as she untied his arms and legs and moved to her bed again.
Kirina laid on her bed and placed Will sitting on the tip of her huge and erect shecock. She held her erect member still using one hand while encircling his body with the other one, as she began moving him in tight circles on her engorged glans.
To his dismay, the cruel princkgiantess began pushing him down on her member trying to impale him and enter his tiny anus. Kirina was watching him intently as she handled his body effortlessly, this time she wanted to spear him with her meat-pole and there was nothing he could do to stop her.
“Please don’t! you’re gonna kill me!” Will beseeched her but Kirina just laughed at his pleas and kept pushing his ass down on her glans, until his anus began to stretch out painfully.
“I’m gonna fill you with my cock…” she hissed as she squeezed his torso, pushing the air out of his lungs, and kept pushing him down. To his bewilderment, her mighty meat-mast began agonizingly expanding his minuscule asshole more and more.
Will howled in pain and misery as Kirina began to shove her glans through his distended anus. Kirina didn't stop as she kept plunging herself into Will's torn sphincter relentlessly. She held his legs apart using a couple of fingers as she lowered him more and more on her immense shecock.
In short time, Kirina’s glans had entered Will’s butthole completely as he felt torn and ripped apart. But her shecock didn’t break him in two, as he’d expected, it kept entering and filling his body completely and crushing his organs violently.
Kirina released Will’s body as she watched him squirm as he’d taken her entire glans through his asshole. Kirina made her erect flesh-stick twitch and move shaking Will’s helpless body along making her giggle as her victim sobbed openly.
“You’re gonna ride my cock and there’s nothing you can do to stop me” Kirina said to Will’s dismay “but don’t worry, I’ll fix you after I tear your insides” she added winking an eye at him.
After this, Kirina encircled Will’s chest with her hand and began pushing him down further, expanding his body cruelly and crushing his inner organs with her unyielding shecock.
Will couldn’t believe how he was still alive as Kirina’s impaling shecock kept entering his abused body. He felt his chest and abdomen almost exploding as her thick member stuffed his body and she squeezed him inside her hand strongly.
Kirina relished Will’s body tightly enveloping her huge anaconda as she moaned and sighed joyfully. Will felt like he was nothing but Kirina’s cock-sheathe as his body was expanded around the girth of her mast. Breathing was too hard and his organs ached in such way that all he wanted was to pass out or die, but to his amazement he remained conscious and suffering.
“I can fell my cock inside you… filling you” Kirina purred as she crushed Will tightly inside her fist “I’m gonna stuff you completely and then I’ll use your puny body to jerk myself” she said to his utter terror.
Kirina kept stuffing Will with her mighty shecock until he felt her glans crushing his lungs. Then, the horny princkgiantess began moving Will’s body along her impaling member with her hand jerking herself in earnest and making him scream in agony.
While Kirina moaned in pleasure masturbating her shecock using his body around it, Will could only scream for mercy and gasp for air. As she got more and more excited savoring the tight embrace of his stuffed body around her girth, she began pushing more and more of her impaling member inside him expanding his esophagus and throat violently.
When he felt her glans pushing at his throat, Will began gasping for air and he felt his eyes almost popping out his face. Every time Kirina’s cockhead filled his throat, almost ripping it apart, he felt his neck bulging and expanding painfully, and his collar about to be broken and snap by the powerful shoves coming from inside his own body.
As Kirina increased the tempo, the friction and crushing pressure inside Will made him pass out mercifully, but the naughty giantess kept pleasing herself using his body as she felt her climax getting nearer and nearer. The lusty giantess was in a bliss as she beheld Will’s arms and legs shake violently, while she maneuvered his body with her hand encircling his torso and abdomen tightly.
Will looked like an inert puppet inside Kirina’s huge hand as she used him to rub and stroke her throbbing and giant shecock over and over. His head was shaken in all directions too, as she kept pleasing herself with him for long delicious moments. His body had taken the shape of her flesh-stick as it tightly enveloped it, and the naughty giantess kept pleasing herself with her mistreated toy for several moments.
Kirina finally cummed as her glans went through Will’s opened mouth, expanding his throat and dislocating his jaws again. She shot her abundant cum through his painfully outstretched lips as her pulsating shecock had gone through all his spent body.
The cruel giantess screamed loudly enjoying her orgasm and her thick cum was shot above Will’s head as she squeezed his body with her hand, feeling her powerful shots going inside and through his speared body.
Kirina cummed abundantly and for several minutes as her enormous shecock made Will’s body shake and throb along with her mighty shots.
When her orgasm finally ended, Will was completely covered in her cum as she began to dislodge her semi-spent member from his torn and outstretched body. He was barely alive she noticed, as his insides had been completely crushed by her thick penis and her glans had snapped his neck, but after blowing her breathe at him, the little man regained his senses little by little.
In short time Will became conscious, as he felt the pain decrease one more time. Kirina was holding him inside her fist again as she addressed him.
“So this will be your new life slave” she said as she lifted him up to his gorgeous face “your only purpose will be to please me in any way that I wish, and every time you pass out or get hurt, I’ll heal you so I can play with you again and again and again…” she said making her prey shudder in terror inside her tight fist.
And so, Will was never seen again by any mortal as he became the plaything and property of a huge and horny princkgiantess, that was willing to use him in her impaling shecock or inside her hungry asshole day and night, and fed him her cum and pee for the rest of his miserable life!


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  1. This is hot! I like giantess ;) The scene, where she forced him to kiss her cock-slit, is awesome! But I think, the story had not enough dialogue. Will not say much and almost no resistance.

  2. hi, thanks for your comments! stay tuned for more!!

  3. Outstanding story!! The scene of staffing little man with giant penis expands the boundaries of GTS storytelling, if ya know what I mean;))) Can I also give some advise? I think you should describe more details about the feelings of your characters. For example, you write: "he was completely crushed and enveloped in her butt flash", but reader will imagine this more realistic and will believe in it if you describe what exactly he and she are feeling, for example:"his nose was smashed and aching and he felt like his cranium was gonna flex and become more flattened, he began to see blue stars while his lips were dragged and squeezed in puckering form deep between her sweaty asscrack with some slurpy liquid sounds"... With that these stories of yours will become somethin without a rival!! Good luck!)))

  4. hi! thanks for your comments, I'll take them into account!